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Yan Kai
14 December 2005, 08:38 AM
A scream echoed down the long dark corridor. It was a scream of terror and sadness. Seira Zorai stopped in her tracks. What the Sith? Looking ahead into the darkness she saw nothing, but clutched the grip of her pistol tighter.

After waiting a minute or two, and hearing no noise, she continued down the hallway. She could tell that the target was just ahead, no more than four-hundred meters. Judging by the spine-chilling scream someone had just died, otherwise the target would have kept silent.

Seira ran as quietly as she could down the hallway, but her footsteps echoed loudly down the walls. But she had to be close enough to risk light now; Seira flicked on her glowrod and a white light spread throughout the hall.

There, up ahead, was the target, lying curled up on the ground quivering next to another. Seira saw the face of the other being and recognized it as one of her men, he was dead. Seira leveled her blaster at the target and began to approach slowly. “Don’t try anything or I swear I’ll blow your head off,” she threatened. The target didn’t move. So far so good. Seira thought. Nervously she crouched down next to the target and put the muzzle of the blaster to its head. Seira took a deep breath and pulled the trigger.

Jax Nova
14 December 2005, 01:46 PM
So... is this a new story or the continuation of the other one?

Yan Kai
14 December 2005, 04:57 PM
New story. As you will see in my next post it takes place about 1500 years after my first the other two. It takes place during the Rebellion era. The other two are over, I probably won't continue them in the near future. Arrey and Jace are dead. Maybe I'll wright a story that takes place before either of those that has the past experiences of Arrey Sisek, I don't know...

Yan Kai
14 December 2005, 07:03 PM
I misspelled write. I'm an idiot

Jax Nova
15 December 2005, 11:31 AM
Ah. I see. Well, it's a good start.

Not an idiot! I misspell enough words to fill the great rift valley!

Siriously, it's something you have to work on if you have trouble at it. (I should know)

And hey, I personaly don't care if you misspell a word, as long as the story is good.... which it is so far, so keep it up!

Yan Kai
15 December 2005, 02:51 PM
Ha ha, that's a good one. Well, here's the next post. What did you think about the way the "Do You Dream of Darkness Story" ended?

Yan Kai
15 December 2005, 02:52 PM
Seira dragged the body towards her ship, the Wailing Widow. As she did so she pulled out her comlink. “Jekko, get the ship up and running, I want to get outta this Sith hole as soon as possible.”

“Yousa gotten it boss!” came the Gungan’s reply. Seira put the comlink back on her belt and continued to drag the body. The target was a Lusa, a species that looked nearly identical to humans other than a few details. She had light blonde hair, so light that it could pass for a completely white color. Her solid lavender eyes were wide open, which caused Seira at first to believe that the stun bolt had killed her, but after closer examination she saw that the target was still alive. Small pale purple tattoos lined either of her bare arms and her neck, Seira hadn’t had time to look closely at them and figured that she could later, when they were safe in hyperspace.

The ramp hissed open when they neared the Wailing Widow and Seira picked up the Lusa and hurried aboard. No sooner had the ramp shut when ship violently turned and started to head towards space. Seira balanced herself against the wall and looked at the door to the cockpit in annoyance. Jekko Doatri was among the most reckless pilots in the history of the galaxy. Seira made her way to her own private quarters and lay the Lusa on her cot. She pulled out her liquid cable dispenser and began to tie the young female in place in place.

The Lusa suddenly jerked and began to scream. Seira jumped back in surprise. She drew her blaster and aimed it at the girl. “Stop!” she shouted.

But the Lusa’s screams only intensified. With an amazing display of strength she snapped the cables as if they were made of string. She sat up and looked around, shocked. At that moment Jekko ran in, projectile rifle in hand. “Whaten be da trouble here?” He asked, then saw the Lusa. “Yousa bringen dat girl aboard da ship?” Jekko said surprised. Seira’s original mission had been to kill her.

“Yes I brought her aboard,” Seira said, not turning around. Then she flicked her pistol back to stun. But before she could fire the Lusa grabbed both of her arms and shook her.

“He’s dead! I killed him!” she cried. Her eyes flared a bright green. “Why did I kill him?” she screamed in Seira’s face. “Why!”

Seira started to feel a cold pain moving up her arms and into her body. She tried to struggle out of the grip but couldn’t. The suddenly Jekko leaped in the air and brought the end of the rifle down on the top of the girl’s head. She immediately fell unconscious. Her limp body dropped of the side of the cot and onto the ground. Jekko looked over and Seira. “Mesa very sorry but mesa couldn’t let hers hurten you. One bombad lady dat girl is.”

Seira nodded slowly. “Go ahead and lock her in the cargo bay. Anything goes wrong go ahead and jettison her. I’ll meet you in the cockpit shortly.”

“As-en yousa wish Captain.” Jekko turned and walked out door, carrying the Lusa over his shoulder. Seira dropped down on the cot in exhaustion.

Yan Kai
19 December 2005, 05:17 AM
As she lay on the hard cot she thought over the events of the last few days. Nearly a standard week ago she and her crew were hired by the Empire to find this girl. She was given a physical description and twenty-thousand credits so Seira didn’t ask much else about her. Her orders were simple, kill the Lusa. But then, two days later, she got a message warning her to not even bother with this girl, as a Lusa she was extremely dangerous and unpredictable in her actions. Her species was wiped out by a planetary bombardment by the Republic during the Clone Wars and she was the sole survivor of the catastrophe, being off planet at the time. The message also informed Seira that this girl was insane, but to make that insanity deadly it was paired with unnatural abilities, mind powers, and other strange physical powers. The message also stated that already another was searching for her, one who should not be trifled with.

But, as usually happens, Seira’s curiosity got the best of her and she tracked the Lusa down to the Outer Rim world Nata’kia, a gray desert planet full of ruins of past civilizations. Half of Seira’s crew of eight had disappeared and were never seen again, the other half of the crew were the ones who stayed with the ship.

Seira mentally swore at herself for continuing to pursue the Lusa, a gesture that cost four beings their lives. She shook her head, no, those beings had joined up with her knowing of the risk of investigating the paranormal. Seira knew that she couldn’t blame herself, it would only distract her.

She slid off the cot and entered the washroom. She stared at her dirty and bloody face for a moment in the mirror, then turned on the water. Like all Falleens of the female gender she had light green skin. Her long black hair was pulled tightly back behind her head other than a few strands which hung constantly over her face. Black work goggles sat atop her head, and underneath was a small headset, allowing quick communication with her crew. Unfortunately that headset had broken nearly four years ago in a swamp on some forsaken planet somewhere beyond the Outer Rim. She had never got around to fixing the headset but still wore it because she liked the look.

She put her hands in the warms water and washed off the dirt and grime from her face. When the blood was washed away only a few small cuts adorned her skin. After drying off her hands and face with a towel she made her way to the cargo bay.

Halfway there she ran into one of the members of her crew, he was a human, old and gray. He was her linguist, a professional in archaic languages. He also doubled as their janitor (Seira was efficient). “So I’ve heard you brought a killer on board,” he said gravely, but there was a twinkle in his eye, like there always was.

“Why yes Draff, there is,” Seira said as she walked past him, “and she must get to the cargo bay to question a prisoner so be on your way.” Seira walked on down the hallway, leaving the Human behind.

Seira reached into her belt and pulled out her comlink. “Sigone, come on down to the cargo hold, bring Sihiris with you.”

“Yes ma’am,” came the Zabrak’s reply. As Seira reached the cargo hold Sigone and Sihiris were moving down the hallway from the opposite direction. Sigone was a tall Zabrak, muscular and broad shouldered. He had a look of experience and wisdom in his face. He was a warrior, and the only member on her crew that Seira trusted more was Jekko.

The other was much shorter, even slightly shorter than she was at about one point seven meters. He was a human, and very quiet and never seemed to have an expression on his face. Seira didn’t know really what he did, she had picked him up as a mechanic during a mission earlier that year and he seemed to pretty much be able to handle anything, from flying the ship to repairing the hyperdrive (which seemed prone to damage).

“What do you want ma’am?” Sigone asked her.

“Just come with me,” the Falleen said. “If she makes a sudden movement, blast her. Don’t use stun either.” Before the others had time to ask who she was referring to Seira hit the button and the door to the cargo hold slid open. She walked in.

The Lusa was the only thing in the large cargo hold. She was backed up in a corner; and around her lavender eyes was red from crying. As Seira and the other two walked in she sunk even farther back into the corner.

“Don’t worry, we won’t hurt you,” Seira assured her. Just ignore these to gun-toting mercs, she thought.

“You may not hurt me,” the Lusa murmured to her. “But I will hurt you.”

Jax Nova
29 December 2005, 01:49 PM
sorry.. been buisy and away.

The ending of your other story (to answer your question) was interesting. Not where I would have expected it to end, but not a bad place. Did leave a few things hanging though. Besides that it was a great job.

This one looks like it is turning out to be a real good one allso! keep it up!

Yan Kai
2 January 2006, 07:41 AM
I'm going to leave this one hanging for awhile. In the meantime I will start posting a story that takes place shortly before "The Days of the Old Republic."

I'm glad you liked this one