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15 December 2005, 06:05 PM

Encryption code 9836820
The following message is from……...failed.

Congratulations, you have been hand-selected for your unique abilities to participate in a covert operation on the planet Exxalis. Our network has revealed that you are present in this quadrant of the galaxy and it would be well worth your time to meet our contact on the planet Exxalis. Please be present tomorrow at the Bouncing Mynock cantina in the Capitol District of Fremorn at 1900 to meet our representative. The identification word will be “sunset.” Attached is 500 credits as an advance payment. Thank you for your interest.


Two days ago you received that message. Now, each of you are on the planet Exxalis, it being only a short trip from where you were. Each of you is unaware of the others. The planet Exxalis is a spaceport planet on the Outer Rim, known for the most part as a stop-off on your way to somewhere else, usually the Corporate Sector. Located in the “upper-right” of galactic star charts near Yavin and the ever-shrinking Imperial Remnant. At this point in time it is under the governorship of Moff Fc Hmosh, a relatively young and inexperienced former military officer who is struggling to keep his planet from the hands of the New Republic. It is also a fairly dusty planet, the freelancers notice, it’s climate warm and arid, with almost no extreme weather, making it ideally suited to it’s purpose as a spaceport.

The Fremorn spaceport is massive, serving thousands of incoming and departing ships every day. All around each of the freelancers are travelers of every imaginable species each attending to their business. A few are holding signs printed in two or more languages that say “Need Credits.” A Xexto is arguing loudly with a Quermian over a taxi-speeder. A pair of stormtroopers walk over to settle it before it comes to blows. There are also a number of street vendors, but the vast majority of the beings present are simply spacers and passengers, just passing through. Across the way, between the Guided Tours desk and the Voyager Speeder Rentals is a round desk labeled Information. A few questions and a short walk later you’re standing in front of the Bouncing Mynock Grill and Cantina.

The Bouncing Mynock is a located on an out of the way street a few kilometers from the spaceport. It is a brown building with large blue neon sign announcing its name. The cantina has large panel windows in front allowing full view of the interior. Inside are several tables and a bar with stools.The floor of the establishment is a dark orange, scrubbed but not all that often. The furniture is grey and uncushioned. This does not look to be one of the rowdier establishments, however. It is relatively well-lit, allowing to see all of the patrons.

There looks to be accomodations for nearly sixty beings, but there is roughly a quarter of that here tonight. A large, dark-haired human, burly and surly is behind the counter serving drinks. A poorly dressed Ithorain is sitting on one of the stools. Three spacers are occupying a table, a dark-skinned human, a Lepi and a short Kitonek drinking, laughing and carrying on. A cute, pixie-like Balosar with red hair has a table to herself with a half full glass sitting in front of her. At another table a man with a tired worn face with defeated eyes is sitting, his graying hair mostly concealed by a gray cloak. Four Elomin are at another table jabbering in their own language, ignoring everyone else. At a table near them sits a Falleen female in spacer’s garb, but with polished nails and made-up hair. At the bar is a ordinary-looking man in gray and navy. Last of all, is a young farmboy is slowly draining the half-empty bottle in front of him, his face the picture of shame. None of them gives any of the freelancers more than a passing glance.

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15 December 2005, 09:50 PM

My character is sitting in one of the booths, enjoying some good Bantha steak, and eyeing the farm boy. His face is expressionless as he wonders what in the galixy could make this young boy's face so shameful. Maybe he crashed his fathers speeder, or maybe he was part of some gang that was teasing stormtroopers, and almost got caught. Maybe it was just the fact that he wasn't supposed to be here in the first place. Whatever it was, he keeps a blank expression the whole time. But "he" has a name. His name is Rann Talon. He is about 2m tall (6ft) and a heavy build. Not fat, just the kind of build you see on bodyguards. He has black hair, cut in military style, and green eyes. His whole life, ever since his father and mother died, he had devoted his life to combat. He had attended various military academies. He usually had a blank, un readable expression, but when he makes friends and is comfortable around them, he is known for his humor. And now he is waiting.....

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16 December 2005, 04:25 AM
With a soft....thunk... the door was pressed open...and in stepped something you might expect in a horror holovid. a bipedal lizard...six and a half feet tall..two hundred and fifty pounds of raw muscle. His scales were a deep black..such as that they absorbed the light that hit the creature and appeared to be rock hard.

He was possessed of a formidibal natural arsenal..claws that looks as if they could rip through a storm troopers armor with little problem...a tail that could crack a mans head open..and teeth that looked like razor sharp daggers capable of dealing some serious damage. In essence..a typical Barabel. The network of scars...a mix of blaster burns and vibroblade wounds...only served to prove that this paticular specimen was most likely a nasty customer in a fight.

The voicz said to come here....1900 hundred hourz......time iz almost up... Shaka thought as he glanced around.....spotting nothing of note. In most cases...patience wasn't the Barabels strong suit..except when on the hunt. With agitation the big lizard strode up to the bar....he was also hungry...it couldn't hurt to grab a bite to eat could it?

Raw nerf zeatk. for Shaka... he hissed to the bartender

16 December 2005, 06:51 AM
Meanwhile, outside of the Bouncing Mynock, a silhouette rested on the wall of the building leading to the bar checks again the time on its datapad – while still focused on observing the entrance of the Mynock, trying to take note of those entering. It appears that arriving a few minutes earlier may yet pay off.
So… I guess everyone that was supposed to arrive already did. Well, no point in standing here, time’s up. I better go inside and see about this ‘representative’. If I could just think up of a good way to catch his attention… The thought trails off, as the cloak-adorned human begins to go down the building, approaching the neon-lit area in front of the Mynock. He smiles and winks an eye on a passing Twi’Lekkian woman. Then he looks left and right, coughs and enters.
When he is seated inside, near the other anonymous guy in gray and navy, he looks discreetly around to make sure he didn’t draw no-one’s attention. At least not more than necessary. He then smiles again, though smiling with only the right half of his lips.
Ah, well. Maybe let’s try the direct approach. Those guys must be all already in, so… okay
He then leans over, inviting the barkeeper with a gesture to come over, then – as the barman begins to pay attention to him, he turns his head to the rest of the interior. He speaks as if to the barkeeper, but an acute listener would notice that he is saying his words a tad too loud, and directing them more to the patrons of the bar.
Say, I ain’t from around this place, would you be so kind as to tell me at what time the sunset is? ‘Cuz by my piece it’s – here he theatrically looks inside his coat as if checking the watch, twisting his lips and making a funny grimace – 1900 and, you know, I was supposed to meet a fellah somewhere out here before the sunset. So, is there time for a drink for me, or not?
By now, probably most of the bar’s patrons have noticed the previously non-descript guy in an indigo cloak, shining officer’s boots and a suit that looks a bit after the Coruscanti fashion. He is human, judging by his face one could say about 30, average built, average height. He’s got thinning dark blond hair and his features are rather sharp. After he finishes his speech, he keeps looking at the clientele, trying to assess who may have reacted to the word ‘sunset’, repeated twice. Noa Faleur giggles inside, thinking Yep, an Ortolan in a porcelain shop.

17 December 2005, 01:52 PM
The bartender gives the Barabel a wary look and glances up at Noa in response to the inquiry. His face is gruff and exasperated, as if to say "Why does everyone have to use my bar for their damn secret meetings," and he shoves a finger at the man in the gray cloak. There seems to be no discernable reaction from anyone in the cantina but the the man in gray. He looks up, and his gray eyes acknowledge Noa. The man beckons Noa over and then shouts to the bartender "Hey Werd, let me get five sunset daiquiris." He grins slightly at this, as if taking pleasure in his lack of subtlety, and watches for who else might respond.

17 December 2005, 02:05 PM
Anath walked into the bar and laughed inwardly, "oh look, plenty of targets" his gun hung from his side. he sat down and ordered a large glass of whatever they had on tap.

17 December 2005, 02:21 PM
The Barabel looked to the bartender...then to Noa.......He comez to meet a zomeone at 1900 hourz... he growled....and as the bartender pointed to the grey cloaked man....the bipedel lizard prowled towards him....violet eyes glittered menacingly.

A loud and vicious snarl suddenly emerged from the Barabel. ... This was intended to test the mans nerves and courage...if he didn't cringe back. Shaka would settle into the booth. his voice it's typical hiss.

You called Shaka...now this one wizhes to know why....

Or on the otherhand...if he did cringe back.. Shaka would simply turn away...with the biting comment.

Barabelz do not work for cowardz.......

17 December 2005, 02:46 PM
Anath notices a couple of men standing outside and saw they were starting to fight, he walked outside and decided to try and break them up but the bartener and some weird looking twi'leks tried to stop him.

17 December 2005, 06:33 PM
Rann switches his gaze over to the hooded figure, then around the cantina to see who else had noticed the word. So as not to draw attention to himself, he slips out of his table and sits down opposite of the hooded figure, paying no attention to the growling Barbel. He wanted to settle this. He wanted to know why he was called to an imperial back water plannet on such a low information basis. He was glad he had been hand picked, but the whole thing seemed, to him at least, a bit shady.

So whats the deal?He says in a low voice

I was called here to meet you? Are you the representative? Because if not, i've wasted a whole lot of my time. This better be good

He continues to look straight at the hooded figure, not as a challange, but as if seeking the answer to this mysterious calling to this backwater plannet.

17 December 2005, 06:48 PM
nath decides to walk inside, again and
occ- can i roll a spot check to see what he notices?
occ-i spot checked a d20 and rolled a 16, dont know if he notices anything though, up to the gm.

17 December 2005, 08:50 PM
Anath sees a diplidated serving driod come wheeling out, "Five sunset daiquiris," it vocabulates as it places the neon orange beverages on the table in front of three humans and an intimidating Barabel. "Whose tab should the cost be attributed to?" A man in gray raises his hand absently and faces Shaka. (Go ahead and join the party if you're looking to, Anath)

He looks up at the hulking Barabel and narrows his eyes, and glances over at Rann. His face breaks into a slight smile once again and he stands “Just the sort of fighters I need. Treshigin, Rols Treshigan.” He begins to extend a hand to Shaka, but catches himself; instead bowing (thinking just how close he came to losing his hand) and extending a handshake to Talon and Feleur. “Sit down, have a drink and I’ll explain.” He leans forward and his face hardens into seriousness. “First, don’t get the wrong idea, there’s nothing hand-picked about you. You are simply four names selected from a random list of anonymous mercs and oddjobs. I needed anonymous firepower, and you were lucky." He smirks. "I don’t have a lot of your type on my payroll and when I need commando ops done I have to outsource."

“Essentially the op is this: tomorrow morning at a certain location an exchange of goods will take place. The exchange is scheduled for 0800. There may be one or more armed escorts present. Kill or incapacitate all parties to the trade, collect the goods and deliver them to my network. There will be two cases,” he looks each of them in the eye, “ and I would prefer their contents remain secret.” Treshigan pulls an envelope from his coat and puts in on the table. “The specifics are here, along with your payment. 3000 a piece now, and another 3000 after the cases are delivered. Are we clear?”

(Ask your questions)

“Then there’s a motel near the exchange point I’d recommend,” Treshigan pulls out a flyer, “one of my network is a luggage assistant there. From there you might take a look at the site and he’ll be able to keep you informed of any further intel we might obtain during the night. ” Then in a way that might remind any vet of Jan Dondonna, “And may the Force be with you.”

During Treshigan’s talk all those sitting present cannot help but notice the intent ear the Balosar seems to have toward the conversation at their table. Impossible to tell what's been heard, however. Noa, on the other hand, realizes that she has been paying attention to nearly every word.

OOC: I’ll have everything in the intel packet compiled by tomorrow. Very late now…

18 December 2005, 06:49 AM
Anath walks over his leather suit(think Anakin skywalker) swishing behind him. He had a large smile on his face "so we get to kill alll of these people?" "becasue if we do, count me in.". he taps the DC-17M, on his side "killed a clone for ths, i think I can kill any one you need me to.

18 December 2005, 09:44 AM
The following is the contents of the data disk in the envelope:

Location: The exchange is scheduled to take place at 0800 in an alley adjacent to the Fremorn opera house. The alley is on the north side separating the opera house from a high-end apartment complex. There is one entrance into the alley from the street, the other side is fenced off. Over the fence is another alley that leads to the rear of the opera house. There is also a side entrance to the opera house located in the alley. Note: on Exxalis 0800 is approximately dawn.

Parties: There will be two parties to the exchange: one will be an unknown alien race, the other is a corporation called RENinc. RENinc. is a engineering corporation that develops various different goods, including military arms. They are headquartered in the Corporate Sector, but have a large laboratory located on Exxalis. They may have access to security professionals and advanced weaponry. The objects of the trade will two metal cases.

After the retrieval is made, deliver the cases to members of the network in service hangar 48 at the Fremorn spaceport. The hangar will be shut down for repairs but the doors will be open. Go there directly after the hit to receive the rest of payment due.

18 December 2005, 09:47 AM
Anath looks around at his comrades "well lets getmoving on this pick up, shall we?" he looks around and starts to drink alot more, " so whats everybodys name?, im anath"

18 December 2005, 10:58 AM
After returning Rols' handshake with a firm, yet not overtly strong, hand, Noa seats himself at the table, poised to listen to whatever Rols has to say. He also marvels himself at those that are to be his companions on this mission. Listening to Treshigans briefing, he keeps nodding his head several times, eyes lowered on the table.

Anath... he says quietly when Rols is finished, looking up at the leather-clad man. Anath, - he repeats before continuing - if there's one thing that I've learned during my life - and I've been around for a ... decent while - it's that one shouldn't be too - how to put it? - brief in one's preparations for a task involving a ... potential fatality. On Esseles we have an old saying for that: nor timidly, nor rashly. Noa smiles here. Pleased to meet you, my name's Noa Flowerr. Here he looks questioningly at the others, before casting a brief glance at the Balosar girl.

He then proceeds to take out his datapad and scribble a question on the screen Don't look around. You recognise the Balosar girl? Anywhere near remotely familiar to you? , which he then give to Rols to look at, while saying in his normal tone of voice: I've been also thinking of staying in this place here, thought it looked like a good place. But that was of course before you told us where we're going to stay . All the while Noa is saying this, he hopes that Treshigan's bright enough not to ask anything like "But there's no adress here?!".

18 December 2005, 02:46 PM
Noa, how are you doing?, well I think we have all the intel and weapons we need, so why dont we get a ship, discuss battle plans and squads and get ready to make some serious credits." "I think you and I are going to get along well, Noa." Anath drains his drink and grabs another off of a tray nearby, he also begins to examine his blaster "so what are our other comrads names?"

18 December 2005, 11:06 PM
Rann looks around the faces before answering, his face blank and expressionless. He eyes Anath suspiciously, wondering why this young fighter was so straight forward.

Name's Rann Talon. He says looking at Anath. He pauses for a few seconds before continuing.

Thats all I have to say about myself for now..

He had a feeling that he was going to get along with this crew fine, but he wanted to play it safe for a while untill he knew them a bit better.

Rols, do we have a name on this friend of yours at the hotel? Is there a certain way we can contact him?

19 December 2005, 04:06 PM
Treshigan eyes Anath.How much of this is an act and how much of it is actual psychosis? Either way at least one of these jokers will have the stones to get it done; well, two assuming the Barabel isn't a fake. Moral compunctions make me uneasy.

Treshigan takes the datapad and reads the note calmly. "It's a little distant from the Opera house, and since is Mid-Year's Festival tomorrow you might run into traffic." he says, and takes a drink. His glass hovers in front of his face for a second longer thatn necessary as he studies the girl behind him in the reflection. "You wouldn't want to be late." He jots something down and hands it back to Noa. The reply on the datapad reads: Never. Who is she?

"His name's Kbin. He's the electrician, a Sullestan." Treshigan answers in response to Talon's question.

19 December 2005, 04:45 PM
Anath looked around cooly from his seat"Hey you all look like great guys and everything but when do we get to shoot stuff?" he siad twirling his DC-17M from his hand. "I'm gonna get paid to get this cargo and kil as many people as possible, so, can we go now, or are we gonna "stratagize" all day?" Anath looked around the table to see what everyone else thought.

20 December 2005, 06:36 PM
Rann eyes Anath with slight disgust.

I dont mean to be unpleasant, but there is one major rule i've learned from this galaxy and that is you never have enough preperation. Preparing is the thing that might save your skin some day. In fact, it's saved mine dozen's of times. I can see your anxiousness to get out onto the field, but tomorrow will come when it comes. So why dont you sit down, and make sure Rols dosn't have anything else to say.

His face had turned a different expression. It wasn't an expression of unpleasantness, but that of determination. He knew Anath was a good fighter, and would probably prove himself a dozen times over. But he thought he still had a little tenage arrogance left in him...

20 December 2005, 06:39 PM
"I'm young, strong, and I've got a DC-17M so, I'm just ready to shoot stuff,not to be evil or anything, but I like killing so," "Lets get to chillin' and killin' " He then broke into laughter in his seat, looking around for some support.

20 December 2005, 11:40 PM
Seeing this outburst of energy, Noa sighs loudly, his head falls down on his chest, then as he lifts it up he looks Rols in the eyes and begins to shake his head, speaking up:
Anath, Anath... If the Esselian saying doesn't get to you, maybe the Corellian counterpart will - that is: use your head, when it's your head that's at stake, okay?
Then playing with the now empty glass of daiquiry, he looks at the rest of the group, especially at ... ah, yes, Shaka.
Well, on the other hand, we seem to be quite finished, don't we? Maybe the kid's right, right? Then as if remembering, he scribbles something on the datapad again and gives it to Treshigan to look at.
A comlink code, in case there's a major shift of plans.
But besides his comlink code, there's also a message - She's been listening in to us. All of it.

21 December 2005, 04:14 PM
Treshigan's face turns grim, "Dammit." He writes three letters on the pad: I-S-B. The girl suddenly finishes her drink and stands to leave. Treshigan stands as well. "We'll find her," he says darkly. "My network is watching, she won't get a block."

Shaka stands as well, This one would join you on the hunt, but hunting harmless femalez iz hardly a hunt, iz it?

Treshigan replies, "And that's precisely why the New Republic will never defeat the Empire. Because they don't understand that some things must be done no matter how distasteful they are. I can't very well ignore a possible enemy informant, can I? But what would they have me do, let her go? Ask nicely not to share what she heard?"
He turns to walk away, "I'll let you know what she knows,” and leaves."

With an amazing spot check, Rann notices the merry men begin to exit that the man in gray and navy, the Falleen, and the farmboy have all left during the conference and two new faces have entered: a pair of dark-skinned humans in expensive cape talking in muted tones.


That night, in the motel, there's a knock on Noa's door. It's a large Sullestan in coveralls. “A message from the General,” he recites. “The Balosar was indeed an informant for the ISB. Unfortunately, her mind gave out before we were able to glean any further information from her No comlink was discovered on her person, however, so our meeting may still be safe. Nevertheless, we still advise you to pack heavy, the ISB is not to be taken lightly, especially here. Moff Hmosh was a former officer in the Bureau and puts a great deal of emphasis on intelligence. Be careful.” The alien looks up and down the hallway and walks away.


Next morning…

21 December 2005, 04:21 PM
Anath looks outside, after spending the night in the bar, o well he thouight, guess i'll have to find those friends of mine. He finds Shaka "hey whats up? how soon will we get to hunt, you think?" he laughs, extending his version of the olive branch

22 December 2005, 01:20 AM
Rann wakes up with a sore neck. Man! That was the hardest pillow i've ever slept on! he thinks as he rubs his neck. He squints and looks around the room. The lights had automatically come on. He had set them the previous night to come on at 0500 hours, so he had some time to wake up and meet with the others before the handoff. He was sort of aprehensive about today. He had been in a couple of fights before, but never with other people by his side.
He got up and stretched. He went to the wall and turned on the water at the sink. Washing his face, he looked in the mirror. He ran a hand over his unshaven face and sighed.
This is going to be a long day he thinks as he donnes the undergarmet that goes with his armor. Deciding not to put the armor on just yet, he punches the security code by the side of the door and walks out, hoping to find the others....

22 December 2005, 12:42 PM
Anath looked at Rann as he stepped out of his door, "Great accomadations, arent they" "think we'll do more than just talk today?" I really hate this whole not shooting thing, its staring to anger me, Anath thought,. I was pretty sure he said we're gonna get to shoot but sofar, none of that. Hew alked down the halkl and grabbed an ale before waiting for his comrades in arms, somewhat any way.

23 December 2005, 07:14 PM
Speak for yourself replied Rann to Anath's question.

If you read the breifing, then of course we will be doing more than talking. I really doubt the targets are going to just hand over the goods with a "Here ya go. I never ment my alligence to RENinc anyway" Naw, they are going to put up a big fight i expect.

At this, Rann grins. He walkes into the reception area where he waits to meet with his other comrades for a pre-fight breifing, and then suit up with his gear...

26 December 2005, 07:31 PM
Early morning in Fremorn. The party is walking out on the street at dawn. Even at this early hour there a number of beings out and about. A number of them, mostly the locals, are wearing some kind of pointed holiday hat, presumeably in celebration of the Mid-Year Festival. Most however, being off-worlders, are ignorant of the customs of Exxalis. The sun is not over the horizon as of so far, but the first rays of light are beginning to evaporate the thin fog that has settled on the city. The shops are opening up, and it appears that a number of street vendors are setting up booths. A sign (in 12 major languages) announces main street as the location for the Mid-Year Festival Parade. The vendors have anumber of different wares, including local clothing, the pointed holiday hats, food, crafts, and programs.

Gathered in front of the opera house is a group of 20-30 beings, chiefly male, wearing the holiday hats. The opera house is not open yet, but a sign announces: "Now Playing: Uhl Eharl Khoehng". A chattering Bimm approaches the rough looking group of freelancers and cheerfully offers them some of the holiday hats. "Buy some hats? Cheap! Possibly group rates for four, hmm?" The time now is 0730.

OOC: Here's the map. A little crude, but it's better than nothing.

27 December 2005, 12:20 AM
After spending a mostly sleepless night, his imagination running rampant and producing images of ISB agents eluding Rols' people, coming back to wreak their revenge on Noa, he gets up early, feeling not in his best shape. His hand went numb from clutching the ELG blaster and Faleur spends a while straightening and closing his fingers in an attempt to bring life back to that hand. He then washes quickly and cleans the room of signs of his presence, a thing that has grown to become habitual for him. Next, he checks out and goes to meet the rest of his group.

Some time later, having arrived at the Opera house, his train of thoughts is broken, when a Bith offers them festival hats. Smiling slightly, thinking I've always liked Biths, he is glad to have been offered them. He was considering getting those hats, as they would provide some camouflage. However, before taking a hat, he takes the liberty to ask the Bith whether he knows what's the significance and the meaning of those hats - afterall, he wouldn't like to be made a fool of.

2 January 2006, 05:45 AM
The Bimm looks up at him somewhat quizically, as if he had never actually considered the significance of the hats himself. "Umm, they're festival hats. See? like this," indicating his own. "And, they're cheap. Maybe knock another credit off the price, hmm?"

Rann turns to the other and speaks in a low voice, "The way I figure there are two ways to do this: first we have the 'lie in wait' way, where we bury ourselves in garbage or whatever in the alley and ambush 'em when they walk in. Or, we could do it the dash in screaming way. That particular school of thought would suggest we camp out about a block away and when the time is right we run ito the alley and rely on the shock value of the assault." He unzips his jacket and pulls outis weapon. "I'm going to find a post." Rann trots toward the alley. Inside is a dumpster and a side door into the opera house. It's unlocked. A decent spot check reveals that the locking control has been tampered with recently. The time now is 0755.

2 January 2006, 07:06 AM
"Hmm, I like that whole shoot first, dont ask questions approach" he says and goes to a nearby building he thinks is deserted
spot check:rolled a 15, not sure if there are any mod's.

5 January 2006, 05:41 AM
At 0759, a speeder pulles up with three humans aboard dressed in discrete business attire. One of them has a thin metal case. They exit, and the speeder drives down the block slowly to aviod hitting any of the merry-makers. The three men walk into the alley watching Rann carefully, with failed Sense Motive checks obviously assuming him to be some sort of drunk, hanging out in alleys like this. It's easy to see for everyone except Rann (because he's in the alley), two more humans have made their way up the fire escapes to the roof of both the opera building and apartment, one on each roof. These men are dressed in the pale green of local law enforcement complete with the heavy sidearms usually worn by the police types. Another speeder begins to approach, now it is about a block away. Within are four beings of an unknown alien type (I don't remember seeing any Knowledge[alien species]). One of the business types lights up a cigarra.

5 January 2006, 02:50 PM
Anath watches from a distance and backs away into the shadows, waiting for something to happen, he pulls out his DC and aims it at the man with the case.

5 January 2006, 07:42 PM
Rann is immidiately suspicious because of the door tampering. He silently presses his ear to the door. With his acute hearing he listens.(listen check)
Phhhhh Choooo Phhhhhh

Suddenly he is on the alert. He had heard that filtered rythmic breathing of terror once. A Stormtrooper! He was shocked. Could they be walking into a trap? Were his friends in danger?

He saw the speeder pull up and the men in suits get out. His mind flashed quickly to the stormtrooper or troopers. Maybe the empire wanted whatever was in that metal case as bad as Rols did. He turned with his back to the men approaching and leaned heavily against the wall with his right hand, so it appeared he was a sick or drunk old tramp. With his left, he tightened his grip on his weapon, leaving it in front of him so the weapon would not be visible to the men approaching. Then he waited... waited for the proper time to strike.....

6 January 2006, 04:30 AM
Having bought the festival hat, and put it on, Noa waits in the crowd, attentively following the events, then - as he notices the speeder with the four alien beings inside - he tries to secretly get close to the speeder. Just in case, he holds one of his hands inside his cape, gripping his blaster. He'll try to follow the alien beings, should they leave the vehicle.

6 January 2006, 05:41 PM
The alien speeder stops about a half block away, and the four exit. They are tall and appear to be amphibious. Their skin is blue-green and scaly, and they have large sucker-like mouths. Their limbs are thin and fin-like. They wear minimal clothing, but all four appear to be armed. Three have ranged weapons of an unknown type, the fourth carries a medium-sized blade with a serrated edge. The fourth also carries a large metal case.

The four aliens walk cover the ground quickly from the idling speeder to the alley, weaving thier way through the crowd. The one with the blade walks ahead of the rest, and walks straight up to the businessmen. It opens the case to show the contents to the businessman. The man nods and opens his own small case to reveal 16 credit chits encased in foam (only Rann and Shaka can see this, Rann because he's close, Shaka made the spot check). They both shut the cases and trade. A small child screams in delight as the parade begins.

Suspense music plays, and choppy handheld camera work begins...

6 January 2006, 07:07 PM
Anath decieds this is it, he fires a few shots from his DC-17(should I roll this or do you want to?)

11 January 2006, 07:04 AM
WHOA! - flashes through Noa's mind - Got really hairy real quick! .
He then tries to be hidden behind the corner at the entrance to the alley, readies his blaster making sure to put it on stun. He also observes the reaction of the crowd.
After that, he quickly tries to remeber if the aliens have locked somehow the doors to the speeder, ready to lean over the corner and pop a shot at one of the armed aliens.

11 January 2006, 07:06 AM
(I'll roll it)

Anath's lasers fly into the mans chest burning him down. He falls and the case hits the duracrete breaking open and spilling out datacards and vials of a thick green liquid out onto the street. The other two men yank out pistols and train them on the aliens. The guys on the roofs pull small carbines from under their coats. The aliens draw, two of them vs. the RENinc men, two tun to face out of the alley toward the shots.

(See OOC for initiative order)

11 January 2006, 04:48 PM
Anath smiles, haha this is why I'm here then he walks to the edge of the doorway and sets his sights on his second vitim, ooc-- thats whoever you want me to aim at next, i dont really care who it is.

13 January 2006, 04:14 PM
Rann quickly turns around and sprints to the nearest dumpster. He crouches and fires at who ever is the closest. It appears that this is the second man in a suit with a metal case.

(darkforce can you roll attack?)