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15 December 2005, 09:04 PM
Get this
This guy tha plays in our group was invited along by another and promised to not to be a .......well.
He does came about 1/3 of the time and insists that WE play his character and if the gets robbed and insulted because HE wasn't ther to play in the first place.
Now he doesn't play his character anymore...he takes things personal and destroys the game for everyone and then trys to get a the guy who started our little D6/D20 in the first place (ME!). Says I destroyes the game and we would be better off without me...what a *&$#@!&
A man ( if you can call him that) that doesn't turn up...crys about everything that doesn't go his way and destroys the groups ship and getts our cargo inpounded for nothing (tells a IMP that its illegal goods)
then jumps world.
What should I do?:o

15 December 2005, 09:06 PM
I'm still annoyed

15 December 2005, 10:55 PM
Well Raneth, you may be upset about how things turned out, but here at the HoloNet, we like to keep things clean as far as vulgar words and expressions as well as personal attacks. It's better left personal than in the open :)

16 December 2005, 04:49 AM
Pretty simple.

If no one likes him and no one wants him to play, kick him out.

16 December 2005, 10:30 AM
I would talk to the other players individually and find out if they still want him there, then if they don't, don't have him get invited again.

16 December 2005, 12:52 PM
I wouldn't count the last game he played in, and I wouldn't let him play in any more.

16 December 2005, 05:25 PM
Definitely stop letting him control the story. Actions like turning in his group and getting the ship blown up and the like are all motivated from out of character. His character has no reason to do any of that, even if he as a player has such a reason.

I agree with throwing a player like this out of the game. If he can't contribute or stay quiet, he's just creating drag. You don't need drag. The other players don't need drag. Drop him.

As for his actions...

NOBODY would turn themself in to the empire. So, even if you're a stormtrooper with the approximate IQ of a lime, why would you take someone seriously who tried? Tell him to move along and if he doesn't, call over your squadmates and give the nuisance a good beating, then throw him in the night lockup with the most stink-infested alien you can find.

Now take that and apply it generally to all of his actions. Think of any reason why he might not succeed and apply it. He wants to destroy the ship? What's his starship repair roll? What's his specific plan of action? Doesn't have one? Well, roll the dice... oops you didn't tell him that the difficulty was 50 and that he's at a -12 modifier. Oh well, you're the GM, you get to decide those sorts of things and you're not obligated to share if you don't feel like it. So, he fails. And what's more, he missed the difficulty by 10 or more (roll behind a screen, he'll ALWAYS miss by 10 or more). In that situation I'd HAVE to apply a critical failure result, it's just not optional. So, instead of blowing up the ship, he only manages to kill himself in some horribly embarassing way that he won't live down even in a future incarnation, should there be one.

17 December 2005, 11:44 AM
Man, GM's can be ruthless when crossed... :vader:

As Jericho_Narcas suggested, you could omit that gaming session from the record, but maybe leave the experience points for those who behaved like civilized folk. It pays to reward those who hold true to the spirit of the game.

Game? Did I say game? Oh yeah! This is all just a game! A (relatively) brief diversion from our otherwise hectic and tiresome lives. Those who take role playing that seriously need a break. A long break. Scientists should develop a patch to help fight what people like that have.

Seriously! He shows up a third of the time and expects everything to be exactly as he left it? Sounds to me like he is a victim of the "saved game" disease. We live in a society where so often we can drop what we're doing, no matter how important, then come back later and have it exactly as it was before. I regret to announce that this is not the case. If this guy is so bent on having this luxury, invite him to go to his gaming console du jour and play to his heart's content.

Okay, I think I've got most of that out of my system.

Another avenue you can go, Raneth, is rather than erase what happened in the last adventure, use it as a springboard for new beginnings. So the cargo was impounded? Steal it back. So the ship was destroyed? Buy/steal/make/borrow a new one, or get public passage off-planet. So the offending character ran off? Let him go and live a short, miserable existence constantly in fear of retribution, or track him down and bring retribution on him yourselves. That's up to the characters, really. The game isn't ruined just because one... ahem, yeah... thinks it is. The game is ruined when people stop having fun, and from what it sounds like that wasn't your fault.

Now, as far as personal insults. Those are between you and him. He has this opinion that you ruined everything. You can take that as an indication that you're washed up as a GM and should hand in your dice, or you can let it slide. If he has a problem with you, it's his problem, not your problem, and not the Holonet's problem. When it comes to affairs in the Star Wars universe, this place is a valuable resource. When it comes to the real world, with real people and real problems, your conscience should prove a much more reliable guide to your solutions. I encourage you to not confuse us with your conscience, and make the decision you feel is right concerning your relationship with this player. As far as the game is concerned, it seems pretty clear that he's causing more trouble for the group than they'd like, so get their feelings about whether or not the offender should be invited any more.

17 December 2005, 01:57 PM
Everything Jedi_Shadow said.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Wade Trenor
17 December 2005, 10:45 PM
I'm a part of the group Raneth plays in. The situation arose from emotional issues from outside the game (very unsportsman like!).
Anyhow, the GM decided to continue play after the shambles the character left behind, and we had to pick up the pieces. It sucked pretty bad when the Rebels got involved and the ship and cargo were destroyed.
One bright thing though was the troublesome character managed to piss of the GM with his actions, and the new NPC crew he hooked up with has turned on him. Even better, there's a squadron of TIE fighters heading his way plus a squad of stormtroopers...
It remains to be seen whether he'll return to play next time. :D :tieln: :stormtpr:

18 December 2005, 04:12 AM
Is this guy a friend?

If not, tell him he's not welcome in YOUR game. Lifes too short to put up with time wasters.

If he is a friend it makes it more tricky. You'll have to have a word out of game and tell him the trouble he's causing. If it was a one off I'd let it pass. But once it becomes a regular feature then you have a problem.

Personally I see myself as experienced enough as a GM to deal with most in-game problems. And I'm not afraid to rewind a scene or even an adventure. But I play with friends, and we respect each other enough to not screw up someones game on purpose.

If the problems are out of game, like they sound, then they should be dealt with out of game.

Remember, this game is for having fun B)

18 December 2005, 05:24 AM
Feed him to the Rancor. ;)

19 December 2005, 11:42 PM
we don't play that often....maybe once a month.
Thats what makes it so disapointing that he did it.

20 December 2005, 04:18 AM
Friend....or no friend.

There is no "Kinda".


21 December 2005, 09:52 PM
not then
He only comes for the game when I think about it.
All the other times he brushes us off.

21 April 2006, 04:09 PM
Remember, No one is beyond redemtion. Maybe with a bit of work You could make him into a proper roleplayer. Espesially if this is stemming from out of game issues. A good is example of a sudden chang is in the 5th Narnia Book with the cousin.
Just My 2 creds

21 April 2006, 04:18 PM
Okay I have to ask and I dont know how appropriate this is. How old is this guy? Whats the age of your group? He sounds really imature. My group used to kick total butt until we let this one guy play. He played only twice and it left such a bad taste in everyones mouth that we dont play hardly at all any more.

In D&D we had a guy that was a paladin and we all got captured and turned into slaves. Well these guys that captured us were mass evil and carved a pentagram and some sort of evil symbols into the paladin. Instead of just playing the guy and turning it into something his character had to over come and having fun with it, he poutted like a baby and got his character killed on purpose. It ruined it for everyone.

I guess when its your buddy you can always just say dude you are being a jerk and he can just take it or leave it. When its some dude you dont care about then you can just say Blow.

Wade Trenor
22 April 2006, 10:04 PM
The guy is 26 years old (which is the groups' average age). The problems with this guy stemmed from a lot of miscommunication and bad roleplaying. :wookiee: The campaign is still in it's infancy, but because of scheduling issues, we've been playing it for about two years!

The guy forgot what the mood of the game was, but luckily, a member of the group was able to put him in line and the GM is planning to be stricter with this kind of character abuse in the future.

Bob Boop
24 April 2006, 12:08 AM
just do the righ thing man