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17 December 2005, 03:24 PM
Praxis. A planet caught right in the middle of the Empire's stranglehold. Recently appointed Governors are extending their reach, and pushing their limits. Governor Keish'reck Has placed his planets under direct imperial order: AKA: The imperials make the rules, but are above the Law. But, four wealthy Barons, Baron Praxis, Baron Eider, Baron Reidell, and Baron Si-Eshell, have created a underground city, and are doing all they can to keep this last vestige of hope alive: But they are running out of troops, of money, and heroes. They need a band of dedicated soldiers to keep this dream alive. who will answer the call?

Campaign specs: No more than six heroes
Starting Level: 5
Character Backgrounds a must: PM me.
Character stats must be rolled.
No Jedi. Force adepts are acceptable.

GM Note: I work a slightly different system. You say what you want to happen, and I will tell you what you need to do to get it done, and the precise result: Example: As an attack, you might try drop kick your opponent: I tell you that a jump check (DC 5) is required, that success or failure will result in your character being prone, but you deal a unarmed attack damage with D6's instead of D4's, and a melee attack roll is still required.

As you see, this system is work intensive on my part, but the result is a very different system than normal, and much more fun for the players. Please bear with me, as I have not GM'd a Play by Post in some time.

19 December 2005, 11:26 AM
Perhaps more information...
Praxis is a planet orginally ruled by a blood line fo the same name. It was colonized early on, and is within the expansion region, but access to the planet is difficult, as gravitic anomalies are rife throughout the area of space. Praxis is, however a parts producer of the well known Gencore planetary defence shield generators. As a result, the planet has become exceedingly wealthy, something which the empire noticed very early on. Once the governors were put in place, the Praxis blood line was stripped of their title, and reduced to a Baron. This was the beginning of the Praxis revolt, and the eventual construction of Praxis City. Because the city was so well fortified, and it wasn not really doing anything to interfere with imperial control, Governor Bassi, Praxis' first governor, tried to keep the whole ordeal under wraps. Needless to say, he was found out, and replaced with Governor Keish'reck. Keish'reck immidiately put an assault force against the city, and a near-constant war has been going on ever since. In fact, it is rumored that the empire uses this as a place to train new recruits, as the whole battle is is going nowhere, and it has done very little as far as productivity is concerned. The imperials have tried, many times, to insert a sabatour or informant into Praxis city, but Baron Praxis has formed an organization to deal with the threat. These elite troops are given licence to deal with anyone in the city, on grounds of suspiscion alone. Baron Praxis has made the city safe, but many view his rule to be harsher than the imperial one...

5 January 2006, 04:47 AM
OOC: Okay, all players will hear see, or read about the following statement made by Baron Praxis: How they hear about it is up to them, And thus, they will end up knowing about Praxis city.

IC Baron Praxis: He is making the speech from a podium overlooking a crowd of citizens of Praxis city. "I am proud to announce the entering of our second year of resistance against tyranny." the crowd roars it approval, and the Baron smiles, he cybernetic eye flashing in the light, and continues to speak. "For over a Standard year, this city has been standing firm against the reppressive Imperial forces, but our strength comes from our citizens providing what this city needs. Our strength lies in every one of you!" The crowd cheers again, as the Barons voice swells, as his passion sweeps over the crowd like contagion. "But, there are some among you who would throw away everything we strive for," He says, his voice dropping until it is nothing more than a harsh whisper amplified by the various speakers that surround the crowd. "They may be friends, comrades, neighbors: they may be working in the very next room to you to dismantle our beautiful dream! But we must not let that happen!" His voice rises to a thunderous pitch, but that is nothing compared to the deafening roar as the crowd begins to show their passion. "So I appeal to you: Do not let your feelings destroy this city! make certain that any and all suspicious activity is reported. Because it only takes one, to let this city fall, and let the tyrannic grip of the Empire engulf us all. We have seen it, felt it, heard of it, some have lived it, others we know and love have given up their lives on these very walls defending against it.Do not let this become our future. Protect Praxis city with your lives, and it will see to it that you will not have to!" As the Baron steps down from the podium, he does so massive cheers, as the citizenry, filled with zealous righteousness, return to their lives.

5 January 2006, 05:04 AM
But, aside from the revelry, a small ship drifts, unpowered, through the underground lake by Praxis city. Anxious passengers look out at this city of refuge, as the ship drifts perilously close to imperial mines, but manages to slip though, and into the harsh artificial light of the the Praxis city port. As the ship is safely moored by wating deckhands, passengers, some starved, others eager, others still in a daze, step off and onto firm ground again. A human deckhand mutters to his friends,
"Another batch of blaster fodder." they nod grimly, knowing full well that less than half of the refugees would survive the month. The Baron demanded one day a week of active military service, up on the walls, and most of the refugees seemed be old or young. All the eager had come and gone: now the others came in an attempt to supplement the forces. So far, the city had been fine. protected by shield generators they had stored away, Praxis city was only vulnerable to ground assault, and the ceilings of the caverns were too low for traditional mechanized invasion. It had been a well planned defense. But the Imperial army had too many troops. this city would eventually be breached, unless something drastic happened. But as the deckhands stared at the disembarking passengers, they couldn't help but feel that no one on this ship would change things. No, these were those resigned to their fate. But the next ship might bring something different...

5 January 2006, 06:16 AM
[As Maikel scrubs the blood from his hands after tending to the wounded that have come in recently he catches a glimpse at the holoview that is mounted on the wall. Thru the haze of static from the disrepaired holos and the on and off sound he catches most of the speech. He wispers to himself so no one can hear.]

Maikel "Damn fool. Does he not know what this will do? People watching everyone looking and reporting things that are not there. I feel for these people. No one on the outside cares and no one on the inside is thinking straight. Sometimes I don't think I am thinking straight. I guess someone has to care, even if it is for just the wounds sustained in this."

[Maikel throws the soiled, bloodied towel into a bin full of the same and heads enters information on his datapad and checks the information from the medical journals contained within. Sighing to himself he goes back into the room with the patients to continue work.]

5 January 2006, 01:44 PM
Errol sniffed derisively at his food, and pushed the plate away, where his rodian counterpart, scooped up the untouched meal, and began wolfing it down in a style only a rodian could.
"How abeet that speech?" The rodian said, his basic twisted and ungainly as his eating habits. Errol shook his head.
"Pathetic. Too plastic. Only those too ignorant to realize that can't help anyways." The rodian coughed hard as he was slapped on the back. The rodian turned, his long slender fingers clenched, but at the sight of his possible target, the rodian paled, and scooped up a last bite before scooting hastily out of his chair. The new arrival was over two meters, and could have been human, but thick, armor choated all but his face, which was missing a good chunk of his left cheek. The result was one of the most grisly smiles Errol had ever faced.
"Sig." Errol said. "I thought we had an agreement." You couldn't tell from his tone, but Errol's eyes gave away his icy anger. Sig nodded, a sign of acknowledgement, and then deferral.
"I hate to do this to you Errol," His tone said otherwise however. "But I have on choice." Errol paled, realizing just what Sig was talking about.
"Sig, listen, we can talk this out. It was an accident, I swear it was!" Everything on his face beamed honesty. It almost looked like Sig believed him, but then eyes hardened.
"Sixteen." Errol went even paler, if that were possible. "Sixteen times I've bailed you out." Sig continued, his hand coming to rest on the table. An additional finger had been placed on his cybernetic hand, adding to his truly fearsome appearance. "But this can't be excused. You killed him. I saw it myself." Errol's eyes began dancing around the cantina nervously, searching for an escape route in case it came to that. He knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Sig could destroy him without raising his heartbeat. "There is a good side to all this." Sig said,smiling so his slid cheeks back far enough to show most of his blackened teeth.
"At least you retire undefeated." Errol knew what retire meant. He panicked, and tipped the table onto Sig's lap, and then dashed for the door. In one smooth motion, Sig drew out a speacialized stun rifle, and shot Errol in the leg. Errol jerked, his leg instantly numb, and nearly fell. Sig went to collect him, when, through some superhuman means, Errol regained his footing, and half fell onto a swoop. Sig cursed, and shot again, but his shot bit the dirt beneath Errol, and before Sig could take another shot, Errol had zoomed out of sight. Most of the citizens tried to not stare at Sig, but Sig was used to the looks. He lef the cantina, and returned to his residence, he was stopped by no one, but he had to stay out of sight, for moral's sake. A patriot he was: A poster boy, he was not.

5 January 2006, 06:47 PM
[Returning to the medbay set up in an old building with power couplings and ducting going all thru the whole place. Stretchers are set up all over the place to accomidate the injured and dying. The drone of the generator to the cryounit of the morgue drowns out most of the groans moans and other sounds of the wounded.]
It will be the end of the week soon. That means incinerator day. Not enough room down here to bury the dead. We have to burn them. Either give the ashes back to the families or spread them in rememberance if they had none. End of the week. Sigh* They only let us power it up once a week to conserve energy. "Takes a lot less to freeze them than fry them." the maintanence told me when I asked to power it up more than one day a week. Kreeton. Another Sigh* I don't know why I sometimes catch myself looking down on these people. I'm no better. A fugitive. Hunted. Whether my crime was real or not they believe it was and that is all that matters to them out there. That they think I am a murderer...... Well at least I can make a difference here
I don't think this city will hold much longer. Either the forces outside or the forces inside are going to ripe her apart.

5 January 2006, 10:11 PM
[Maikel gets his things together to head to the small one room dwelling he calls home. The resistance was kind enough to set him up with for his work at the medbay. Not that they could pay him so this is the next best thing. Food and Shelter. That is what he has been limited to from a career that would have had him eventually at the top of his field. Gathering his coat he turns to the medic on duty.]

Maikel "I am heading home for some rest. My comlink will be on and I will keep it with me if an emergency comes up. You know where everything is."

[He pulls on his coat and pulls out his hold-out blaster. Checks the unused weapon to make sure it still had a full power pack even though he never fired it and heads out into the air of the city.]

6 January 2006, 04:49 AM
OOC: This would be a good point to insert a character...

As the harsh artificial light flickers overhead, the resounding fwummps! of heavy blaster fire echoes through the city. But the PA system crackled on, as as it did, the lights dimmed as the additional power drain upset the delicate balance of power distribution.
"Calling any and all available personnel: There has been a disaster at the port. Imperial troops have snuck into the city, and civilians are asked to either withdraw, or arm yourselves. They are lightly armed, but calualties are mounting. Praxis city needs you to respond." With that, the citezenry changed like they had been struck with a lightning bolt. No longer were they mulling around like a headless womp rat caught between two delicious smells. Suddenly, grim purpose arose in their eyes, as they realized that this last line of defense could be breached in any moment. The sounds of blaster fire grew louder, and a sense of urgency rose, thick and clear into the air...

6 January 2006, 04:57 AM
[Maikel sighs to himself and pulls his coat tight around him and dashes in the direction of the blaster fire. He might not be of any help to fight them back but at least he will be able to help any that are injured in the firefight and get them early treatment before they reach his dilapitated medbay. Those crucial seconds between when they get injured and reach the medbay are precious. He takes a turn around a corner and heads first in the direction of the medbay to retrieve his medical equipment.]

6 January 2006, 08:23 AM
"Hey GET UP!!" yelled the captain. Socrets opened his eyes and took a deep breath. He grabbed his blaster from under his pillow and headed to the entrance.
"We're here, already. Now get out before I throw you out," snarled the captain. Socrets grabbed his equipment and walked off the ramp and rubbed his eyes. He pulled out a copy of the message he received and looked over it one more time to see if there was any contact information.
Nope. No contact information. Great.
Behind him, the familiar sound of a ship taking off faded.
Well, guess I'm stuck here for a while. Socrets walked past a holonet news terminal and too a quick glance at it to see some local big shot say something about standing against Imperials and blood and death and oppression and power. Socrets took a quick look to see if there was a cantina nearby. Unfortunately, while looking for it he heard the two things he didn’t like to hear after a nice break: explosions and blaster fire. Figuring something bad had happened, Socrets did the thing he knew how to do best in an unknown situation. He pulled out his heavy blaster pistol and ran in the opposite direction as fast as he could without a backwards glance.

7 January 2006, 05:46 AM
As socrets runs through the city, he sees the general populace running the opposite direction. he rounds a bend, makes hard contact with a soldier in blue and black armor, carrying a imposing blaster rifle, of a make Socrets is unfamiliar with. Socrets feels a bruise starting to swell, but before he can say anything, the soldier plucks the blaster from Socret's side, and thrusts it into Socrets hand.
"You seem to be going the wrong way." He says, his voice harsh but unfiltered, pointing towards the chaos.
"Guard!" a voice rings out from behind Socrets. The guard attempts to ignore the call, but the voice repeats it once again. A hand grabs Socrets on the shoulder, and whispers into his ear, "Just play along." And the the man steps past Socrets, and goes face to face with the guard. "Do you know who this is?" the Guard evidentely recognizes the speaker, and begins waving his hands in a defensive manner, trying to explain.
"Kaj sir, this man is showing unpatriotic mannerisms-" Kaj cuts him off with a quick gesture.
"On MY orders, captain, My orders. So unless you want to try and explain why you stopped our new recruit who had specific orders, and who, incidentailly, already outranks you," He said, stabbing his finger at the guards chest armor. "Then I suggest you move along!" The guard triple-times it around the corner, and Kaj turns to face Socrets. "Sorry about that." He said, his voice sincerely apologetic. "A new arrival, I'm guessing." He said, his eyebrow dipping. "Do you know anyone named Socrets? He should have arrived on the same ship as you. I'm hoping that he didn't get involved with that firefight by the port, so I'm wondering if you know where I can find him?"

7 January 2006, 07:20 PM
Klamath comm device suddenly beeps, message was one he waited since he fall asleep after a 2 day duty. And it come far too soon, only 6 hour of sleep, after a two days, who could take it anymore? He glances around the room and find most of his stuff on the floor. Which bunker was that, 36 or 86, he was not sure color of markins was seriously damaged by fire.
He stayed in bed for a minute longer and answer the comm. After a brief instruction he take a shower to clear his mind.
This will be tough, another Imperial group managed to enter inner city parameter. Maybe was Baron right, maybe there are traitors among us? but peace was far from him in those days so he jumps into his gear and run out of bunker.

Worn out faces of citizens turned into soldiers without their will, feed themself and watching him. He spare a moment to look them closely but noone familiar was around. Tell commander thanks for accomodation for tonight! he shouts to young man and continue on foot toward meeting place....

7 January 2006, 08:39 PM
Socrets rubbed his bruise underneath his black hair. I'm gonna feel that one in the morning. It was like running headfirst into duracrete.
"Yeah, thanks for the save. Anyway, as for whether or not I know a guy named Socrets.. Of course I do. He'sme. I'm assuming you're either the guy who sent me the message about some job here in Praxis?," asked Socrets.

8 January 2006, 05:28 AM

Kaj's face breaks into a surprised smile.
"Well, I guess that's something to be thankful for. Well, I hate to do this to you, but your first mission is here faster than I expected." He pulls out a blaster of a simlar design to the guard's, and then begins walking explaining what the mission is as they go, while the echoes of blaster fire and distant explosions grow ever closer...


Klamath had recieved his instructions, but that didn't make it any easier for him to get there. His bunk, was, unfortunately, on the opposite side of the firefight from the HQ. As he reacehd the back line, he saw far too many bodies, and too many standing stormtroopers for his- or anyone else's- liking. The stormtroopers were setting up a parimeter, fanning out in squads of three. Dispite his vision still blurry, Klamath noticed what could only be a doctor, trying to move an injured civilian out of the line of fire. The a trio of stromtroopers noticed, and raised their blasters...

A ring of combat has formed, radiating from about 20 metres in front of the assault ship.

There are 31 uninjured stormtroopers: 18 have fanned out to the north, to secure the rest of the port coast. The other 13 have taken up defensive positions against the civilians, who are being steadily forced back to cover.
An E-web is mounted on top of the assault ship, and is firing deeper into the city.
The three stormtroopers who have noticed our doctor are standing in a flank formation, with one in the center, and one to either side. They are abut 28 meters away from the doctor, who has cover (1/4) around a building and is attempting to drag an unconscious citizen who has taken wound damage (-5, unstable) behind cover.
Klamath is 20 meters away from the stormtroopers, and is currently unnoticed, as all stormtroopers are focused on forcing their way deeper into the city, and Klamath's quarters open behind the stormtroopers.

8 January 2006, 06:38 AM
[Struggling to get the body under cover to get treated Maikel thinks to himself I am going to get shot out here!! What am I thinking?? Stupid!! Stupid!! Not ever having been one that had to do a lot of manual labor and kept in shape playing blastball with fellow doctors left him a little less than qualified to hall limp, dead weighted (no pun intended) around a battlefield.]

OOC: Can someone ventilate the guys with the blasters that have no respect for the medical profession? :rolleyes:

25 January 2006, 01:32 PM
Suddenly, a blast echoes through the chaos, as the assault ship is engulfed in flames. The stormtroopers turn, caught suddenly without cover. This moment of distraction was dear, however, and the citizens of Praxis made sure that every stormtrooper knew it. An overwhelming reduce the stormtroopers to nothing more than smoke and plasteel. Amidst the wreckage of the destroyed assault ship, comes a man, clearly not an imperial. Staggering out of the water, he raises his hand to the crowd, who, evidently, recognize theman, for they break out into an exhausted, but hearty, cheer. As peace resumes, the injured are rushed to wherever they could fit them. The man, known as Kaj, calls for a handful of assistants (This is where all of you come in- No exceptions) to give him a hand shoaring up the defenses. Admist the flames and smoke, rises out a select few, and even Kaj did not know just how important these few would become...

OOC: Okay, let's try and have everyone check in in before Saturday: I want to have a full weekend of action- Trust me, it'll be worth it)

25 January 2006, 05:44 PM
Stepping out of his cover, Socrets took a look at where the assault shuttle was and the various dead stormtroopers. You know I almost feel sorry for them. Almost. Now where did that Kaj guy go? Socrets stared at the rubble for a few seconds and listened to the various screams. What have I gotten myself into now?

25 January 2006, 05:49 PM
[Looking around at the dead and dying and hearing the call for defense, Maikel gets this crossed look on his face when someone comes and tells him to get to an emplacement.]

"I am not a soldier and if I don't help these people here there will not be anyone to defend.!!"

29 January 2006, 10:55 AM
Klamath cheers for Kaj, he know this man well, real fighting comarade. To see him in this situation was comforting. He take care of Imp in best posible maner - blasting them.

He walks toward him:well done mate just in your style!

31 January 2006, 03:27 PM
Kaj laughs and accepts the cheers with modest nod of his head. Collecting his volunteers, he smiles broadly, and the mood rises until it would be a celebration, were it not for the sober reminder of wreckage and fading life around them.

"Well, I'm glad that you are available. I am known as Kaj, and I would like to, before anything else, give you my hearty thanks for taking the risks you did." He rummages into his coat, drawing forth a green datacard for each of you. "This will get each of you into the industrial section, which is where we are heading." Kaj pauses, and glances at his wristlink*. "From there, we have to head to the upper levels. We've had a incident, and our sentries are either injured or dead. It could be Metalheads, or an Imperial insurgence mission. Stick tight, and we should be back in town before you know it." Kaj looks each of them in the eye, his impossibly dark blue eyes resonating confidence and control. "Just so that you know, I am not a man of empty thanks. I believe that even here, better things await. I will see to any needs that you might have after this is taken care of, and then we will see if we meet again from there. Now, let's improve our lives." He sets off, and they follow, some uncertain, others perhaps still in shock, but all ready for whatever might come their way.

* The Wristlink is essentially a text comlink built into a wrist brace. These are wired to a central dedicated console, which provides constant updates on various hotspots in the city.

31 January 2006, 04:28 PM
Socrets puts on his Wristlink and examines it a bit as he searches for his hipflask on his side but finds it to be missing as he follows his host.

Uhh. I need a drink and that stupid flask has gone missing. Third one in sixty days, I swear I'm gonna go even more broke if I have to replace these everytime. He rubbed some dust from his right eye. "Ummm. For those who have an a small clue on what's going on, exactly what are metalheads and what the sith is going on besides the obvious?"

31 January 2006, 07:14 PM
[Looking momentarily stunned like they had fired point blank in his face he looks first at Kaj and then at the comlink in his hand.]
"W-w-wait!! I have injured here to treat that won't last more than a couple of minutes without aid and you want me to go wondering off with you to some place to do whatever? Who do you think you are? Just to let you know commander-of-all-that-is I don't know the first thing about combat except that it sends plenty of people my way."

1 February 2006, 06:11 AM
Kaj nods sympathetically, stopping to face Maikel, his own face showing his underlying disgust of all the fighting.
"True enough, Doc. But if our sentries are down, then this could happen again. I hate to tell you this, but we will have to leave these ones where they are. Another imperial ship could be on its way already, and we need to get all the shore batteries functioning." Kaj gestures broadly to the chaos all around them. "We have to make sure this does not happen again. Don't worry, nobody is askng you to kill, only to save lives." Kaj claps Maikel on the shoulder, and smiles, and whispers in his ear,
"Frankly, it's refreshing to meet someone who doesn't enjoy all this."

1 February 2006, 04:41 PM
Klamath takes Wristlink and fidle with it for a while, examining how it works...

1 February 2006, 07:30 PM
[Looking back at the injured behind him and then looking around for a brief second. With a heavy sigh of resignation he looks back at Kaj and with a quiet voice with the sound of tons on his shoulders.]
"What is it you need me to do?"

7 February 2006, 06:43 PM
Socrets fiddles a little bit more with his wristlink before turning his head to face Kaj.

"Hey Kaj, am I correct in assuming that you aren't the biggest gundark here? And besides the obvious, why exactly are my services needed? If there's one thing I hate more than being sober, it's not knowing what the heck is going on and being smack in the middle of it. And, more importantly, who in the force are these other guys?!"