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Yan Kai
5 January 2006, 09:31 AM
“You will scream, and I will laugh,” the small girl murmured softly. “I will burn each of your limbs off and smile as you writhe on the floor in agony. You will ask for mercy but I will give you none.”

“Cute,”Jaggen Raisch muttered. The small girl who stood in front of him was a human, or at least near so. She had long black hair that framed a pale innocent face. She was thin, very thin, obviously malnourished. Her pale blue eyes were set deep in her skull with dark circles surrounding them. She was no older then eight, most likely younger. Jaggen looked up at the doctor who had brought her to him. He was a professional psychiatrist, an older man in his late fifties. “And you say that this is lord Drurenn’s daughter?”

“That is correct,” the man answered, wincing slightly at his patients violent words. “Obviously she still needs intensive psychiatric care, but Drurenn insisted that she return to him at once. And I’m not one to argue with types like him.”

“Right,” Jaggen agreed. Lord Drurenn was a powerful business man who made his financial empire in the Corporate Sector. He was notorious for his lack of compassion and respect for anyone that he dealt with. He was a cutthroat business man who had his mind set only on the acquirement of credits. He had made his fortune on the development of Jedi combat armor, a useful asset to the Guardians of the galaxy. At the moment, and for the past decade, the Jedi were fighting the dark lords known as the Sith. Evil beings spread throughout the galaxy on a constant quest for greater power. The Jedi welcomed any protection they could get from the crimson blades of the Sith. Turning his mind back towards the task on hand Jaggen once again looked at the young girl. “Where do I sign?”

The psychiatrist held up a clipboard. “Right here if you would sir.” Jaggen obliged and when he finished he took the girls hand and turned to leave.

“One more thing sir,” he heard the psychiatrist call out behind him. Jaggen half turned around. “Be careful, she’s unpredictable and strange things happen around her.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” he replied, and then continued
walking. The girl, still holding his hand followed.

Jax Nova
5 January 2006, 10:58 AM
Interesting begining. Makes the reader want to know what's going on and to me that's a good thing.

Yan Kai
5 January 2006, 01:37 PM
A little over half of an hour later Jaggen sat down in the pilot seat of his RT-1100. It really wasn’t his, it was actually his boss’s. The girl sat down next to him in the co-pilot’s seat. Since her words in the Hospital for the Mentally Impaired she had said nothing. As Jaggen powered up the transport he glanced over at her. “Ready to see your father, Arrey?” he asked, not really caring if she was or wasn’t.

“No,” she replied in her quiet voice. “I hate him and I want
to kill him when I see him.”

Jaggen turned back towards the viewport, not sure how to respond to that. Carefully he lifted the ship off the landing platform and eased the controls back, pointing its nose towards the sky. Despite the girl’s young age and apparent weakness he couldn’t help but glance over at her, just to be sure she wasn’t moving towards him. She just sat still, no expression on her face whatsoever.

Jaggen had worked for lord Drurenn for a long time. He had acted as a bounty hunter, catching those who owed money. He had spied on other companies, and had even stolen documents and the sort. Jaggen had done whatever Drurenn required of him for six years now. But never was he assigned to this sort of job, nor was he prepared for this disturbing little girl. His employer’s daughter. He had never seen any evidence of her existence before now, and after he delivered her he hoped that he would never see any again. Everything about her, in the hour or so he’d known her had a haunting affect on him. Her appearance, her manner, her words, and her silence all disturbed him.

Of course, he thought, she was insane and was sent off-planet by her father to one of the finest mental hospitals in the galaxy. He glanced over at her again, and then quickly looked back out the viewport. She was staring at him. Her blue eyes wide. She did not look at him out of curiosity, nor out of distrust, it seemed that she looked at him for the single purpose of putting him on edge.

She succeeded.

“Uh...hey,” Jaggen said. “Do you need something?”

“I want a drink of water,” Arrey murmured, not taking her eyes off of him. “I want it cold.”

“I should have a few canteens back there in the cooler,” Jaggen said, motioning with his thumb. “You can grab one.” Was it just him or did her eyes have streaks of yellow going through them?

Arrey stood up and walked towards the back of the cockpit. Jaggen let a sigh of relief escape from his lips. He heard the cooler open behind him, a moment later the girl’s soft voice followed. “The water isn’t cold.”

Jaggen rolled his eyes.“I’m sorry Arrey, you’ll just have to drink it the way it is.”

“I want it cold Jaggen.”

Wait, when had he told her his name? “Um... I can’t make it cold so you can drink it or go thirsty.” He shook his head, annoyed. Then remembering who her father was he looked over his shoulder at her. She was standing there, looking down at the canteen, her face was expressionless. There wasn’t much piloting to be done while the ship was in hyperspace so Jaggen got up and walked over to the cooler.

He knelt down next to it and studied it. Quickly he identified the problem. “The blasted power to this thing is offline. Just take a seat and I’ll have it fixed in minute.” Arrey nodded. She let go of the canteen and watched it drop to the floor. She then turned around and walked back to the copilot’s seat. Jaggen needed his toolkit. He stood up and looked at the small girl sitting patiently. “I’m going to be right back, don’t touch anything.”

“I won’t, I promise.”

“Great,” Jaggen hurried out of the cockpit and to the supply closet. Quickly he grabbed his toolkit off the shelf. But right as he was turning back towards the cockpit the ship lurched. Jaggen stumbled against the wall. They had just exited hyperspace! What the Sith did she do? He dashed back into the cockpit. Arrey was sitting there screaming, she had good reason to do so. Jaggen would probably skin the little witch alive.

“What’d you do?” he shouted.

“I didn’t do anything!” Arrey protested. “It did it all by itself!”

Jaggen looked out the viewport to see what she was so terrified about. As he did so, his heart nearly stopped.

Yan Kai
5 January 2006, 01:38 PM
I'm glad you like it Jax, any input is great.

Yan Kai
6 January 2006, 02:02 PM
Jaggen’s mouth dropped open. He tried to move back but his feet were frozen in place. Floating in the middle of space ahead of them was a giant. A phantom, he stood at least four-hundred meters tall. His ghostly white robes and features were those of a man, long dead. A man who had lived a torturous life and had ended it. A long black staff was held in the phantom’s hand, the staff was taller than he was. Never in all his years of flying through space had Jaggen seen anything of this sort. He was terrified, and at the same time he was awed at this amazing sight. Minutes passed by, no one move. The silence was finally broken by Arrey small worried voice.

“Jaggen, we should leave here.”

“Yeah,” Jaggen mumbled. “I guess should.” He started to move cautiously towards his seat. But the moment he moved the great being’s staff lowered. He froze. The end of the staff was leveled directly at his ship. “Arrey,” he murmured, not wanting to alert the giant ghost, although he knew that sound couldn’t travel through the vacuum of space he thought it best to whisper anyway. “I want you to take the controls of the ship and I want you to aim the gun at this thing. Then you blast it okay?”

Arrey didn’t move.


She still didn’t move. Jaggen took a deep breath and slid into his pilot’s seat. He cringed, waiting for the ghost to destroy them. It didn’t move. Slowly he turned the ship, hoping to go around it. As the viewport moved across the stars a large dead grey planet came into sight. “What the Sith?” Jaggen thought. There was no record of any planet being located here, nor did it appear on the sensors. In fact, if it wasn’t sitting directly in front of them Jaggen doubted that he would have seen it.

Quickly he pushed the thrusters up to maximum and the ship roared towards it. “Hold on to something!” he shouted at Arrey, and then realized that he wasn't strapped in. Suddenly a huge bright purple beam of energy shot past there ship and into infinity. Another beam fired, this one was closer. The ship shook violently and the shields dropped. The beam continued until it smashed into the planet, leaving a devastating scorch mark that was clearly visible from space. Jaggen swallowed hard and pushed the thruster to maximum. He stayed focused on his destination and was determined to reach it in one piece.

Jax Nova
6 January 2006, 02:55 PM
So this is the background of Arrey? That's cool.

Yan Kai
9 January 2006, 01:32 PM
Jaggen opened his eyes. They had made it, crashed landed on a barren world. He saw a dark grey landscape stretching out before them, no sign of civilization of any kind. He looked over at Arrey. She was leaning against the seat, her head was cocked to one side and her eyes half closed. When she noticed Jaggen looking at her she opened her eyes all the way, “Jaggen, I’m still thirsty, have you fixed the water yet?”

Jaggen stood up and shook his head, ignoring her remark. Then his eyes fell on a silver and black cylinder lying on the floor, it was a lightsaber. “That’s mine,” he heard Arrey murmur. It floated through the air and came to rest in her out-stretched hand.

“Oh no,” Jaggen mumbled. He knew what she was, she wasn’t just some poor insane helpless little girl. She was a Sith apprentice, poor, insane, evil, and quite able to handle herself. In a flash his blaster was in his hand. He knew better than to fire at Arrey, no, instead he fired a series of shots at the viewport. But the glass didn’t shatter. Arrey didn’t flinch, she just stood, watching him.

“Don’t try to run,” she mumbled, her head cocked to one side and a mournful expression on her face. “I promise I won’t hurt you...yet.”

Jaggen knew better than to believe her, but what choice did he have? With a sigh he holstered his blaster. “What now?”

“We get out.”

He obeyed and walked towards the ramp, not making any sudden movements. The girl watched him for a moment, then followed.

Yan Kai
10 January 2006, 01:54 PM
It was cold outside of the ship. Harsh winds penetrated Jaggen’s simple spacer’s jacket and he shivered. The girl, Arrey, didn’t seem to notice the temperature. Her intense eyes seemed focused on a single spot in the distance, but when Jaggen followed her gaze he saw nothing. “We need to go that way,” she murmured softly. “He’s calling me from over there.”


“My master,” Arrey said, looking over her shoulder at him. The look in her pale blue eyes caused Jaggen to shudder. He then almost smiled, here, a seven-year-old scrawny girl was forcing an experienced operative into submission. He would have smiled if it wasn’t so true. Arrey Drurenn was a Sith, an apprentice most likely, but still a Sith. And if her master was anywhere nearby, Jaggen knew that he would want to be on good terms with this girl.

“Lead the way,” he said with a shrug, trying to reassure himself with a careless manner. It didn’t work.

But Arrey shook her head, her face looked worried. “I don’t want to lead, it’s getting dark.” Jaggen looked up at the sky and could see she was right. It had been broad daylight minutes earlier, but already the sun was setting, the days must me short on this planet. He also observed Arrey’s child-like fear of the dark. She was a Sith, yet she still succumbed to the fears of any other human child of her age. She was a dangerous warrior, yet still a child. Jaggen knew that he had to remember that. Arrey was still only a child.

It was pitch black by the time the two had reached the small village. The reason why he hadn’t seen it when they were still near the ship was because it was built into the ground. The doors and air-holes were set on the ground, facing up at them, not very practical except for purposes of stealth. The people of this village did not want to be found.

Arrey walked up to one of the doors and pulled it open. Nimbly she descended down the ladder into a dim, candle-lit room, Jaggen followed. The room was made entirely out of brown stone. Tall black poles ascended from the ground. On the top of each pole was a ring of long twisted spikes, and a candle was set in the middle. A single hallway was the only exit from the room. Jaggen peered down it but it was to dark to see anything. Arrey just waited, a worried expression on her face. Jaggen could understand why, the whole aura surrounding this room was one of fear and uneasiness.

At that moment, without warning, and tall dark figure stepped out of the hallway and into the room. He was roped all in black; a giant he stood over seven feet tall and had a strong formidable appearance. A hood was pulled over his face, which was masked in some sort of demonic skull. Red eyes glowed, casting crimson light on the reflective silver that the mask was forged out of. Long curved silver spikes protruded from the being’s elbows and knees. A black and gold lightsaber handle hung from his black leather belt. “Did you complete your task young Arrey Sisek?” the being said in a low raspy voice that sent chills down Jaggen’s spine.

Jaggen could plainly see that Arrey was terrified. “Yes master. He is dead.”

“Very good, no longer will the Jedi be equipped with the armor that lord Drurenn created,” he said. Then he turned towards Jaggen. “I would kill you where you stand, but you still have a purpose to serve. Return to your master’s place of business, destroy all files and records of the girl and of the armor.”

Jaggen stood straighter with all the courage he could muster. “Is she saying that lord Drurenn is dead? Because she has not been out of my sight since I picked her up from the mental hospital and she has been nowhere near the planet that lord Drurenn that lives on. She could not have killed him so I am afraid that I do not understand the instances which you speak about.”

The tall being nodded his head slightly, “You cannot understand nor do you need to. Beings such as yourself should not question or attempt to comprehend the ways of the Force and of the Dark Side. Now leave and return in four days, or I will go personally to kill you.” Jaggen hurried towards the ladder. Then started to climb. He then stopped and turned around, two problems prevented him from doing as much.

“My ship is inoperable and there is a creature in space that nearly destroyed us, I cannot survive another trip by it.”

“Your ship is already repaired and you need not worry about the other, “the tall being answered. “This creature that you speak of is one of the beings of the old galaxy. It fears me as you do and should. It will not get in the way of my plans.”

Jaggen nodded quickly and began to open the door. He wanted to get away from these two Sith as quickly as possible. But as he started to climb out the Sith Master’s raspy voice spoke again, “If you fail to do as I requested, do not believe that you can hide from me. You will die.” Jaggen nodded and stepped out into the cold night air. Shutting the door behind him he started back towards his ship.

After the man was gone Arrey turned back towards her master. “If the beings of the old galaxy do not get in the way of what we do then why did it try to hurt us?”

“It was not going to kill you my apprentice, it was simply following my orders.” her master replied, not bothering to look down at her.

“Why would you tell it to do that?” Arrey asked.

“One purpose was to make certain that his ship landed on Visgor, the second purpose was certain your fear of me.”

She bowed low, and her small voice quivered. “I understand Master Valozan.”

Yan Kai
11 January 2006, 11:39 AM
The minute that Jaggen stepped outside of the house he was sprinting towards his ship. He needed to alert the Jedi of these two Sith. They posed a considerable threat to the Jedi’s success in the war. They would send a team or two to deal with the problem, then everything would go back to normal for everyone. Except lord Drurenn who would never get his darling daughter. Jaggen knew that Arrey was his employer’s child, he had to show the proof to the head of the mental hospital to be able to retrieve her. But somehow, during her stay there someone had used the Dark Side to twist and corrupt her fragile mind. Someone who was able to get into the institution and out.

As he ran a moving shape caught his eye. It was a figure. Jaggen could barely make out its silhouette against the light of the full moon. He immediately slowed down to a cautious walk. His fingers gripped the handle of his blaster pistol and he drew it from his holster. Carefully he reached into one of his utility pouches and pulled out his glowrod. He aimed it at the figure and switched it on.

White light flooded into the beings face and it jumped back, shielding its eyes. Jaggen raised his weapon and fired quickly, knowing that he temporary blinded the other. The figure was dressed all in black, with gold and blue pieces or armor strapped onto his body. Over his face he wore a solid gold mask with a single slit for the eyes. A dark blue, almost black cape was draped from his shoulders, and a long gold rifle was held in his hand. Each shot slammed into either piece of golden shoulder armor, and the figure dropped the weapon and fell to the ground.

Still aiming his blaster at the figure Jaggen approached him carefully. “Don’t try anything buddy, you move you die.” The figure twisted and flipped up to his feet. Jaggen saw the two black burn marks in the armor an his shoulders, he opened fire with his blaster pistol, hoping to his an unarmored section of the other being. The being twisted his body to the side and the laser, which would have scored a direct hit, only grazed him. He jumped into the air and somersaulted, his oppnonent landed directly in front of him and seized his blaster. He then brought up his knee to Jaggen’s rib cage, Jaggen coughed and dropped to his knees.

The other dropped the weapon. “This isn’t what you think,” the figure said in a inner rim nobility accent. “I’m not your enemy.”

Jaggen coughed, “Is that so, is that why you were stalking me in the dark? You were trying to help me?” he let his sarcasm
show. “Prove it.”

A bright orange bar of light activated from the man’s hand. It was a Jedi lightsaber. Jaggen mentally swore to himself for assaulting the Jedi. “Is this enough?” the Jedi said.”

“Yeah, that works.”

“Good,” the Jedi de-activated his blade. “What are you doing out here?”

“Actually I was on my way to alert you guys, the Sith are here,” Jaggen stood up, grimacing from the pain.

“I know, I was following you in the hopes of you leading me to it. I was not aware of who you were. But I can see now that it was the will of the Force that we met,” the Jedi said.

“Yeah, whatever you say,” Jaggen muttered. He believed in the Force, and he believed that the Jedi were good beings. But he disliked the fact that they were always serious, and incorporating the Force into every other sentence. “I guess you are pretty lucky that we collided. You would never have found the Sith’s hideout otherwise. It’s about the kilometer southwest,” Jaggen said. “Shouldn’t be hard to see, especially for one who has the Force.”

“Thank you,” the Jedi said bowing his head slightly. “Without the will of the Force we would have never met at this opportune time in this exact place. I believe now that it is the will of the Force that you continue on with me, I sense that you still have a part to play in this.”

Jaggen suddenly stopped believing in the Force. “Sorry, can’t help you. I’m on a tight schedule and must be on my way.” He turned towards his ship and began to walk, picking up his blaster as he went. “
“As you wish,” the Jedi said from behind him. Then both continued on toward there own, and opposite, paths.

Yan Kai
11 January 2006, 05:35 PM
The following is the end of this story, I'll continue it later in "The way of the Sith";)

Yan Kai
11 January 2006, 05:36 PM
Jaggen reached his ship at the crack of dawn; and true to the Sith’s word, it had been miraculously repaired. There was a small figure in a black robe standing at the base of the ship. Jaggen knew who it was before she spoke. “I have to come with you Jaggen, that way I get to kill you if you try to run from my master’s orders.”

Jaggen hated the way she said “get to kill you.” He wondered how she had arrived before he did, he wondered why the Sith master forced them to crash land here if he was just going to make Arrey leave again, and Jaggen wondered about the way of the Sith, if Arrey was just going to try to kill him after this was all over....

Jax Nova
17 January 2006, 03:43 PM
nice story!