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18 January 2006, 08:49 AM
(Not sure if this is the most appropriate forum, but it's not exactly RPG-related, and they're only mentioned in Ep4 thus I type here...)

Just wondered what everyone's thoughts were on the Bothan :bothan: spynet. Most (all?) sources I've seen state that the spynet consists solely of Bothans.
Surely this can't be so?
If I were an Imperial governor, one of the first things I would do as soon as I was given the job would be to round up all the Bothans within my juristriction...and kill 'em*.

The way I see it, the spynet may be run by Bothans (as if they'd have it any other way:rolleyes: ) but surely it must employ other races for the actual information gathering and datatheft. Wouldn't you agree?

( * skin 'em too and furnish your new palace with their hides. Perferably before killing 'em. Keeps the fur fresher. :tarkin: )

18 January 2006, 09:03 AM
Well, I think the HG talks about this a little bit. IIRC, the SpyNet is by and large composed entirely of bothans, however, non-Bothans DO work for the SpyNet. Seems there's a difference between membership and employment. Basically, in typical Bothan fashion, the furry, long-eared snoops will take your info, and pay well for it, but it's rare that they'll consider you an equal.

As far as Bothocide...I'm sure someone in that jurisdiction would escape back to Bothawui, and sell this juicy tidbit to Rebels or someone similarly fond of Imps. Also, the Empire occasionally makes use of the SpyNet's vast resources. It was not until just after ANH that the SpyNet showed any strong Rebel leanings (mostly due to their new head honcho, IIRC).

To paraphrase from the HG, "Nobody likes dealing with the Bothans, but nobody wants to be the only one without access to the SpyNet, so everyone keeps dealing with them."

Hope I helped! :D

19 January 2006, 04:49 AM
From the HG:

Strongly anti-Imperial, the Bothan Spynet operates in almost total secrecy, with agents of a variety of species located all over the galaxy.

And more, the thing coldskier wrote about:

Working for Melan [i.e. the head honcho] is a vast network of spies and informants [...]. Though many of these operatives are of other species , few of these hold positions of authority in the spynet.

So, there ARE members of other species who DO have at least some authority, rare as they might be.
And yes, Ronin, I've always viewed it that way: the Bothans themselves wouldn't be able to operate the spynet effectively, because each and every Bothan would be a persona non bloody grata anywhere near Imperials. But since not all Bothan spynet operatives are Bothans, Bothanicide is not as legitimate as the Imps would like it to be.
On a side note to this, I make my Imperial Intelligence types work Gestapo-esque, not NKVD-esque. Gestapo types would need at least SOME proof (I may be wrong with this, but that's a topic for a different discussion). NKVD types would need only their paranoidal hunch to grab all the Bothans they'd need (something like "Hey, this one looks like the one we're looking for... We'll forge his documents and it'll BE the one we're looking for. Anyway, execute him now.").
Hope this helps.

22 January 2006, 02:07 AM
Well, I thought more about this and found one thing I'd want to correct regarding my previous post. The Imperial Intelligence (and the ISB, even more so, perhaps - as it works on more ideological grounds) is a sinister organisation poised at, among other things, instilling terror into the hearts of those who oppose the Emperor.
Thus, likening it to a real-life sinister organisation like the Gestapo was an example of how could one imagine its work. BUT I wrote about acting on "at least some proof" - on second thoughts, read that as 'at least some suspicion'.

But coming back to the topic (I hope). The Bothan Spynet is an intelligence organisation, like so many others in the galaxy. The only difference is that it doesn't act on the info it obtains, it sells it further (from HG). So, like the ISB and Imperial Intelligence, the Rebel Intelligence and you-name-it, they will employ a wide variety of species, to have a tap on as wide a scope of information as possible - through accessing environments as diverse as possible.
Now I'm done :)

Night who says ni
6 February 2006, 04:10 PM
The Star Wars version of Clerks has a bonthan thats part of the spynet as a janitor on the Death Star... ;)