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Yan Kai
18 January 2006, 12:10 PM
When the Sith cry out in rage, the entire galaxy trembles.

This story is part 2 of "To Walk a Dark Path."

Yan Kai
18 January 2006, 12:15 PM
“Can I kill you? Is that what you are here for?”

Jaggen Raisch whirled around to face the source of the soft voice. He saw the small frail seven year old Sith standing two meters away. She was turned around and facing the wall on which was a mirror. The girl stared at Jaggen’s reflection.

“No, actually I returned to my ship because your master told me to,” he replied, watching her for any sudden movements.

“Oh,” was all she said.

Jaggen sighed and started to back towards the cockpit. “Why are you here?”

Arrey turned to face him, she looked up at him, her pale blue eyes stared into his. “Master Valozan sensed that you were planning to deceive us. He had a Jedi Master to deal with so he sent me to watch you.”

Great, Jaggen thought as he turned towards the cockpit. “Alright, we’ll head straight to your father so we can take care of business and leave.” The last thing he needed was this insane little girl staring at him the entire hyperspace ride to Coruscant. But he also knew that she wasn’t old enough to understand astrogation and wouldn’t realize where they were headed until it was too late.

“Don’t try to trick me and go to Coruscant, I can read your thoughts.”

He grimaced and half turned back around. “Sorry.”
“Why are you sorry?”

Jaggen faced the small girl, “Because if you can sense my thoughts you should also be able to sense my contempt for you and you Master.”

“What does contempt mean?” Arrey asked, as she cocked her head to one side.

Jaggen didn’t answer and was hustling toward the cockpit. The sooner he did some corporate espionage against his own employer the sooner he could get rid of this girl. He sat in his pilot’s seat and swivelled to face the controls. As he powered up his ship a thought came to him. The Sith were so powerful that a young apprentice such as Arrey could read his thoughts, a Master should be able to control his thoughts, or anyone else’s for that matter. Why did they so desperately need him to go do this when either of them could do it just fine? In fact, if Arrey had been returned to her father and built up some trust, she could do it even better than he could? He heard soft footsteps behind him and he tried to push the thoughts out of his mind as Arrey entered the cockpit.

Without a word the small girl sat down in the co-pilot’s seat and stared out the viewport, out at the approaching vacuum of space. “Why Sisek?” Jaggen asked looking over at her.

She looked at him and just stared.

Realizing that she didn’t hear or didn’t understand his question Jaggen repeated, “Why is you last name Sisek, that’s not your true last name. Is it your Master’s?”

“No,” she said, not moving her eyes from his.

Jaggen stared at her eyes, he saw streaks of yellow moving through her pale blue irises. He shivered, recognizing it as a sign the Dark Side has started to physically decay. He felt sorry for the girl. Undoubtedly the Dark Side had and is putting her through a great deal of pain and suffering. He also knew that the Dark Side didn’t happen over night. She must of started down the path years ago, most likely around four, when she was too young to understand anything about the Force, to young to realize the dangers of the Dark Side. He thought about her Master, what kind of being forces a four-year-old girl to the Dark Side? The Sith strived for greater power, every being knew that, then why choose to be served by one as obviously as weak as this girl? She had mental problems, she was uncontrollable and unpredictable, a seemingly horrible addition to the Sith order. Then why had he chosen her?

Jaggen looked over at Arrey in embarrassment, remembering that she could read thoughts. But she was just looking out into space, watching the stars streak past. Another thought had been bugging Jaggen, and he figured that if she answered it he would be that much closer to figuring out his problem. Not looking at her he asked, “If you can control thoughts, why not just force me to go where you want me to go? Then you wouldn’t have to worry about me going to a different planet.”

Jaggen saw Arrey look up at him out of the corner of his eye. “Who says I haven’t?” With that she stood up and walked out of the cockpit.

Jaggen sighed. “Well that’s comforting.”

Yan Kai
19 January 2006, 01:00 PM
It seemed like a long trip to Goken II, a planet in the corporate sector; Arrey stalked the ship, sneaking up behind him but standing innocently when he turned around. Finally they pulled out of hyperspace towards their destination. Goken II was not unlike Coruscant except for size. While both planets were covered in a never-ending city Goken II was much smaller, being only one of three moons that revolved around the gas giant of Goken. Jaggen had lived on Goken II all thirty-three years of his life. Often he left the planet on different assignments from Lord Drurenn, but he was never gone long. He knew this planet well, and knew that he could use that to his advantage against the Sith.

After going through the repetitive landing procedure Jaggen carefully docked his transport in one of the hangars. Arrey spoke softly, “It’s time to see my father.”

“And so it is,” Jaggen sighed unstrapping from his seat. This would be the end of a long and productive line of work. Lord Drurenn had provided him with employment for all these years, even if it was illicit, and now Jaggen was leading his murderer right to him; his own daughter nonetheless.

Jaggen hailed an airtaxi, and after telling the droid pilot the address of his place of business he leaned back in his seat and rested his eyes. He thought hard about the situation, unable to shake the idea that something was more out of place than on the superficial level. The Sith were masters of deceit and it was unlikely that what was on the surface was all there was. He glanced over at Arrey, worried that she might be able to pick up his thoughts. But the small girl was to distracted by the sights out the window. Jaggen realized that as she looked out in wonder at all of the towering skyscrapers and thousands of vehicles that she had never seen a city of this scale before. He smiled to himself at the childish curiosity of this young killer.

Suddenly it hit him. His eyes snapped open and he looked at Arrey. The Sith had repaired his ship, one of them could have stayed aboard and he would never know it. Arrey was a child, she was gone from the cockpit nearly the entire ride, small minds needed to be told something over and over again if they were going to remember it. She had been being briefed by a Sith nearly the entire flight. Also the Jedi protected this planet personally because of its importance in the war. Jaggen realized that the Dark lord was smuggling Sith lords onto the planet. They needed to stop on the planet to pick up his cargo.

Jaggen put his hand on his forehead in frustration. He had played right into the Sith’s hands. Freeing one from her medical hospital, and picking up who knows how many and taking them to one of the Jedi’s most important planets. They had chosen him because the planet was so familiar with his comings and goings that the Jedi wouldn’t suspect anything. But that still didn’t explain the Jedi in the desert. Wouldn’t he have sensed something? How did he get there? Why did he wear untraditional Jedi clothing, why did he let Jaggen off so easily. Jaggen slammed his fist down on the armrest in anger. Arrey jumped at his sudden abnormal action.

She looked over at him, eyes wide. She looked out the window. Jaggen’s mind screamed at him. She knew that he had found out.

Yan Kai
21 January 2006, 07:59 AM
The airtaxi pulled alongside the edge of a huge silver building. “We have arrived,” the droid said in a distinguished mechanical voice. Jaggen nodded and smiled. He stepped out onto the walkway and helped Arrey out after him. He paid the droid and began to walk toward Lord Drurenn’s factory and place of business.

The building was hundreds of stories tall, rising above most other building on Goken II. Set in it’s polished silver walls were brilliant royal blue window panes that in some cases stretched for thirty stories at a time. Landing docks and walkways surrounded the building, as did armed and armored security guards. Jaggen approached one of the many entrances. Eight of the guards stood at the door, Jaggen noticed that Arrey’s hood was pulled up. Casually he pulled out his identification card and handed it to the guard so he could scan it. As he waited one of the men pointed to Arrey.

“Bring your daughter to work day?” he asked, “missed that on the schedule.

“No, actually this is Arrey Drurenn, lord Drurenn’s daughter. I have her papers right here.” He handed the guards the sheets he had to sign when he removed her from the Mental Hospital.

The guard nodded his head, “Ah, I see. You’re a little late Raisch.”

“I know, had some trouble with the ship.”

The guard knelt down in front of Arrey. “I’m going to have to ask you to take off your hood okay Arrey?” he said as if he was talking to a small child, or a mentally challenged one. Arrey was in fact both. But all the girl did was hold the guards hand.

“I want to keep it on,” she said sweetly.

The guard stood up. Looking at the other guards he shrugged. “She wants to keep it on. I guess we can let her past.”

“Thank you,” Arrey said, and Jaggen could see her smile. He chewed his lip nervously and walked on.

They passed through the weapons detectors, Jaggen’s pistol didn’t set the detector off. He had authorization to carry it and the computer recognized him. But surprisingly Arrey’s lightsaber didn’t set it off either.

Jaggen walked through the familiar halls of the enormous building, Arrey followed in his wake, looking around curiously and taking everything in. Most beings payed no attention to the two beings, Jaggen figured it was because they recognized him, and he suspected that the young girl behind him was using the Force to cloud their minds as she did to the guards. This building had a high level of security and new beings didn’t just walk around, Arrey must not have wanted to be distracted by anything.

Jaggen glanced over his shoulder at the small girl, he could see the nervousness stretched across her face. Of course any small child would be worried about such a task. Especially if it was given by a being such as her master. Jaggen tried to act casual as he strode down the hallways toward the turbolift which would take them to lord Drurenn’s office. But he could feel his own nervousness and uneasiness tearing at him from the inside. He was going to give the wrong side a the upper hand in a war that hand perilously on balance. Any advantage one side had would tip that balance and victory would be theirs.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Arrey mumbled. “You fear us. You should, my Master says that I can kill you however I want when this is all over if you don’t help us.”

Jaggen forced a smile on his face and nodded. “I want to help you.”

“You’re lying.”

Jaggen continued to walk, trying to take the girl off of his mind.

Yan Kai
23 January 2006, 08:33 AM
The turbolift door opened and Jaggen stepped out into the hallway. They were on the top floor of the skyscraper, the place where lord Drurenn spent much of his time. Two guards in full armor stood at the entrance to his office, and a man in a brown cloak. The Jedi must have received word on the Siths’ plot and sent a Master to protect lord Drurenn. Jaggen sighed in relief. It would be impossible for Arrey to use the Force to deceive a Jedi Master. Lord Drurenn would be safe...for the moment.

The robed man turned to face the two. His eyes widened as his gaze fell upon Arrey. She shrank back against the wall. She began to shake her head and tears welled up in her eyes. “No, no, no!” she cried as she dropped to her knees. The master whipped out his lightsaber and activated the glowing green blade. Arrey pressed up against the wall in fear, as if getting a few centimeters farther from the blade would protect her. The master stepped towards her.

“Who are you?” he asked in a gentle but firm deep voice.

Arrey dropped to the ground and rolled over on her side. “A good little girl,” she sobbed. “Please don’t kill me.”

“Why would I do that?” The master asked kindly.

“Because she’s a blasted Sith!” Jaggen cried out, unable to hold back. “Her master sent her to kill lord Drurenn.”

Arrey shook her head, “No, I was only a distraction.”

The Jedi master spun to face the doors to Drurenn’s office. But as he did so Arrey activated her red blade and jumped at him, screaming vehemently. The Jedi brought up his lightsaber without turning around to block Arrey swing. He then whirled and his blade collided with her handle. There was a flash of sparks and Arrey’s lightsaber lay smoking on the ground in two pieces. She screamed in terror and jumped against the wall. Jaggen had his blaster in his hand and like the two guard he had it trained on her.

“Don’t shoot,” the Jedi ordered. “We cannot take an innocent life.” Jaggen thought through the dozens of ways the this girl’s life was anything but innocent but he kept his mouth shut, not willing to disobey a Jedi master.

“What do we do with her sir?” one of the guards shouted.

“Set for stun.”

“Yes sir,” the guard flicked a switch on the side of his carbine and pulled the trigger. A blue stun bolt slammed into Arrey’s body and she dropped helpless on the floor.

“Now about this distr-.” the Jedi started.

Jaggen couldn’t explain what happened next. But it started with a black cloaked figure leaping several dozens of meters from a open cockpit speeder across the air and through the roof of the building. Glass exploded everywhere, and with a whirl of a crimson lightsaber Jaggen’s gun was cut in half and the two guards lay dead on the ground. The Sith lord raised his head and the red eyes showed brightly beneath the black hood and behind the silver mask.

Yan Kai
24 January 2006, 12:32 PM
Jaggen watched in stunned silence as the two masters dueled ferociously. The lightsabers whirled and clashed with electric speed and deadly precision. The Jedi seemed to be mostly on the defense against the aggression of the Sith lord’s attacks. Jaggen backed up against the wall to avoid the swinging blades. He heard a hiss and looked up to see lord Drurenn emerge from his office. The Sith looked over at him and Jaggen could see the hatred well up behind the mask.

The Jedi swung and the Sith parried, their lightsabers were locked. The Jedi pushed against the red blade with all of his strength but the Sith’s lightsaber didn’t budge. Suddenly Drurenn held his throat and his eyes grew wide. Jaggen realized that the Sith was using the Force to choke the life out of him.

Jaggen charged the dark lord. But as he jumped in the air to tackle him to the ground the Sith brought up his hard black leather boot and the blow caught Jaggen in the jaw. He fell to the ground, vision blurry. He managed to make out the turbolift door opening and two other brown robed figures run in. One held up is hand and an invisible blast of air blew the Sith back against the wall. Jaggen strained to keep his eyes open but darkness overtook him.

When he awoke he couldn’t see anything. If his jaw where the Sith had kicked him wasn’t still throbbing he would’ve still thought he was asleep. “Hello?” he called out into the darkness.

Another voice shushed him, a female’s voice. It wasn’t Arrey’s, there was a in-human buzz behind it. Shakily he stood to his feet. Feeling around with his hands he walked until he reached a wall. His hands touched a cool polished metal and he realized that he was still in the building. Somehow the power to the lights had been cut off and the emergency protection system had kicked in. No light was shining through the windows because durasteel plates covered them. Drurenn had installed the extra protection earlier that year to protect against Sith attacks. It hadn’t helped him much.

Suddenly Jaggen heard the hiss of a energy and spun to see four crimson lightsabers activate in the blackness. He then saw four lightsabers, two green, one blue, and one yellow activate in response. The blue and yellow lightsabers had activated directly to his right, and he was surprised to see a female Colicoid standing there holding the weapons, one in each hand. Jaggen knew enough about Jedi lore to know that Jedi masters usually favored green lightsabers over other colors. That meant that if the Colicoid was a Master then there would be three Jedi masters against the Sith. He might get out of this alive, that is of the Colicoid didn’t eat him first.

Slowly he backed away from the Colicoid Jedi, if it was a Jedi , still pressed against the wall. But in the yellow and blue glow he could see that the alien was focused on the red blades, not at him. One of the red blades started to move towards the Jedi and Jaggen heard a shout of hatred. Then the battle began.

Weapons whirled and clashed. He heard cries and grunts. But it never seemed to change. Neither side seemed to have an advantage over the other; then Jaggen saw that one of the floating crimson lightsabers had not joined the fight. He could just make out in from the blood red glow the silver mask of Arrey’s master. He had not yet joined the fight.

Yan Kai
25 January 2006, 12:33 PM
Jaggen watched in awe at the seemingly floating lightsabers spun, whirled, and flew threw the room. He realized that they were using the Force to ee in the darkness. He edged along the wall, searching for the power box, if he could activate the lights he could join the fight, possibly tipping the scales.

Jaggen heard a cry of agony and one of the green lightsabers disappeared in the darkness. Almost instantly the Jedi were driven back by the unrelenting attacks of the Sith. Jaggen started to run. Looking back over his shoulder he could see that Arrey’s master still stood his ground.

Jaggen’s hands hit a door. He felt along the wall next to it until he felt the switch. Pressing it the door his open and Jaggen stepped out into the corridor. The lights were still off but sun light shone through the windows. He dashed down to the next door where he knew the security guards’ extra equipment sat. Jaggen slid his pass card through the sensor and waited impatiently for it to read it. When the door finally hissed open Jaggen hurried in.

He threw open closets and lockers. He selected a blaster carbine and a sidearm. He grabbed a combat vest and ran out, strapping on the armor as he went. When he reached the door at the other end of the hall way he found it to be locked. Mentally swearing at himself Jaggen pulled out his security kit and started to hack the lock, wasting valuable time.

Being a master at bypassing security system it was only a short length of time but the extra time had been fatal. As the door hissed open he saw four red lightsabers floating in the darkness, the Jedi were all dead. The Sith began to approach them. Jaggen slammed his fist on the switch and the doors shut. Quickly he activated the locking mechanism. Then he turned around, only to face Arrey Sisek.

“Hello again, Jaggen,” she smiled and a green lightsaber activated in her hand.

“How the Sith did you get here?” Jaggen asked, shaking his head in bewilderment.

Arrey simply laughed.


“You said Sith,”Arrey said. Jaggen didn’t really get it, but he gripped the handle of the carbine tighter. “I’ve been following you Jaggen. I was behind you every step since you woke up.”

“Whatever,” Jaggen muttered and opened fire with the gun. The red blaster shots just floated right through Arrey as if she was a hologram. Jaggen stepped back in surprise, and as he did so he bumped into something. He looked over his shoulder and saw Arrey standing there.

“My master taught me how to create illusions.” Before Jaggen could react she had jumped on him. Surprised by her sudden display of strength he fell backwards and his rifle dropped from his hand. She closed her fingers around his neck and began to squeeze tightly. Jaggen couldn’t pry her off. It’s not fair, he thought, I infiltrate and hack into dozens of major corporate computers in my life, and then am killed by a seven year old?

He managed to reach his hand to the holster in his thigh. Still gasping for air he drew the small blaster pistol. He quickly jabbed the muzzle into the girls stomach and pulled the trigger. Instantly her finger released his neck and oxygen flowed back into his lungs. Tears streamed down her pale face and looked at him in surprise, and then fell backwards, writhing on the ground.

That moment the door exploded inward and amidst a sparks and smoke stood the four Sith lords. One was a younger human male. He had dark brown skin and cloudy blue eyes. His dark grey hood shadowed any other features. The second was an alien, he had blue skin and long uncut black hair. Jaggen would’ve placed him as an Omwati, except he had glowing red eyes, making him an unfamiliar species. The third wore a black and gold helmet, the features of the helmet were twisted giving him the appearance of a demon in countless legends. The rest of his boy was adorned in the same colored armor. Last was Arrey’s master, standing in the lead. His hand was still outstretched from blowing in the door. Their lightsabers were all raised menacingly. Jaggen stood to his feet.

Yan Kai
27 January 2006, 06:44 AM
As the armored Sith charged Jaggen turned, blaster pistol raised he opened fire on the window. Cold air rushed in. He dove out, but was moments to late. The Sith managed to grab his ankle and both went tumbling over the edge. Jaggen looked down and his heart almost stopped. He realized that they were nearly at the peak of the skyscraper. Through the low-hanging clouds he could make out the tops of other buildings.

As he fell he fumbled through the combat vest for the grappling hook attachment. He fitted it on the side of his blaster and once again looked down at the ground far below. It seemed a lot closer now, and the Sith was still holding on to his leg. Through the mask Jaggen could see the blood-shot eyes glaring at him in wild hate. Jaggen tried to swallow but found no moisture in his mouth. He turned back toward the side of the building. Aiming the blaster carefully at the wall he fired. The grappling spike shot out and stuck into the metal wall. As he continued to fall he clenched his hands around the grip of the blaster with all of his strength. Suddenly he ceased to fall. Pain wrenched through he arms and felt as if they were being ripped out. The two men swung through the air until they made contact with the glass wall.

Once again Jaggen felt pain and he heard a crack as his ribs slammed into the wall. He felt the Sith’s fingers slip from his ankle, he then heard a scream as the dark lord fell to the street far below.

Jaggen nearly let go of the weapon himself but some sort of internal force let him hand on. His entire body felt as though every bone was broken. But we was fortunate his plan worked. There were so many factors that could have gone wrong. The blaster could have broken, he could have slipped, the security guard might not have been equipped with the grappling hook. It almost seemed as if the Force had a part to play in his survival. Jaggen couldn’t be sure.

It ended up that the Sith lords had indeed destroyed the plans and the factory that created the Jedi armor, but lord Drurenn had survived and would be able to continue making them in the short time of three weeks. Jaggen continued to work for him, and served as a body guard, along with six Jedi knights.

Arrey had survived the blaster shot and had escaped off planet with her master and the other Sith. Jaggen knew that it wouldn’t be a long time before he saw them again...

Yan Kai
27 January 2006, 01:19 PM
For kicks I'm going to post up Jaggen Raisch's stats:

Jaggen Raisch: Male Human Scoundrel 5, Outlaw Slicer 5.
Initiative +2 (Dex); Defense 19 (+7 Class, +2 Dex); Speed 10 meters. VP/WP 38/11. Attack +5 (melee), +7 (ranged); (SQ: Illicit Barter, Luck 1/Day, Precise Attack +1, Skill Emphasis (Sleight of Hand), False Identity, Slicer Specilization {Alter Program, Break Computer Security System} Bonus Class Skill {Search, Sleight of Hand;} SV Fort +2, Ref +9, Will +5. Rep +0. FP 3, DSP 1. Str 10, Dex 14, Con 11, Int 15, Wis 12, Cha 14.

Equipment: Blaster Pistol, Datapad, 22,000 credits.

Feats: Corporate Credit Line, Dodge, Gearhead, Low Profile, Skill Emphasis (Computer Use), Skill Emphasis (Disable Device), Skill Emphasis (Sleight of Hand), Starship Operations (Space transport), Weapon Group Proficiency (Blaster Pistols, Simple).

Skills: Astrogate +10, Bluff +12, Computer Use +18, Disable Device +15, Disguise +9, Escape Artist +4, Forgery +8, Gather Information +12, Hide +8, Knowledge (Security Systems) +10, Move Silently +8, Pilot +8, Profession (Corporate Spy) +10, Repair +8, Search +14, Sleight of Hand +13.