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11 February 2006, 04:28 PM
This is a story that i've been wanting to build intoa campiagn so very badly. It's not that good but i hope you enjoy it.

15 February 2006, 12:18 PM
Angela awoke from her trance. She was sweeting. Her heart was pumping very fast. She had just seen things people were not meant to see. She had been looking inot the future. Something Master Yoda had said to be careful about. Ever since Anakin Skywalker had been killed by Count Dooku the Jedi had not always relied on their insight into the future.
She quickly put on her robe. With that she headed towards the Jedi Council area. The turbolift would be to slow so she ran right to the stairs. With a little bit of help from the force she was able to climb all of those stairs in less than a minute.
As she exited the stairwell she noticed that Master Windu had just stepped into the turbolift.
She quickly ran to the nearest elder. And asked her if the council had already ajourned. She said yes. At about that point Angela fainted. She had been overcome with a force beyond rconing.

16 February 2006, 04:52 PM
Angela awoke in a hosptial bed. Her head ached very bad. She couldn't remember anything befoer she had gone into the meditation room. All she remembered was that there was something importatn she needed to do. She got up very fast. Too fast. Her head hurt so bad. She didn't understand anything.
"Where am i nurse?" she asked
"Why dear you're in the Jedi Council Hospital." she replied.
"Why am i in here?"
"You feinted outside of the Jedi Council Chamber."
"What did i want?"
"Don't you remember anything?"
"Actually i don't remember anything up to the point when i went into one of the mediataoin rooms" THe nurse did some more tests. Angela just lay still and tried to rember anything. But nothing came to her. She had no memory of anyting. She couldn't believe this.
"You seem normal from all physical aspects. Ther has been no damage to the brain. But i do sense confusion in you young one," the nurse said.
"You bet i have confusion in me right now. I can't remember anything," Angela screamed. She immedietly realized what she had done. She was loosing it. She had to go back to her former training. You had to be calm and gain control of yourself in stressful situations.
She asked the nurse to excuse her and let her return to her duties. The nurse reluctantly agreeded. Anglea went back to her room and tried to mediatate. After an hour she gave up. She just could not get herself into the state for the proper mediatoin. With that she went to bed amd immedietly fell asleep. Her dreams that night were dreadful.

17 August 2006, 09:18 AM
She woke back up in here own bed. Everything felt like a dream. She quickly got up and put on her robe. Then she grabbed her lightsaber. She noticed something different about it. It was different, yet it felt that is was completely natural. She headed out of her room to the Jedi Counsel. The building was different. She couldn’t understand all of it. She stopped a Jedi Master.
“What is going on here?” she asked.
“What do you mean Master?” he replied.
“What, master… why are you calling me master?”
“That’s what you are isn’t?”
“I’m not quite sure.” With that the apprentice walked away and left Angela standing there. She quietly considered everything. This was all apart of her vision. She saw that someone would be put in an unfamiliar place. That person was she.
She continued towards the Counsel room. She walked in and took a seat without even thinking about it. She must be on the counsel. The rest of the masters took their seats and began the meeting. There was a discussion about the war and how many Jedi divisions would be placed on planets. She didn’t understand any of this. She was always taught that the Jedi were defenders of peace.
“Is something the matter Master Angela?” Master Windu asked.
“I’m not quite sure,” she admitted, “I’ve had the most peculiar experience. I was in another universe and time than this and then I was transported here.” She didn’t get the confused looks that she was expecting. Instead she saw relief on their faces.
“We thought that you would never arrive. We’ve been waiting for a ling time.” She just stared at them for a minute.
“Co… Could you run that by me again?” she asked.’
“I will have to explain it in its entirety. Long ago in the ancient times of the Sith Wars there was a prophecy of a chosen one. Master Qui Gon Gin thought the boy named Anakin Skywalker was the chosen one. But when he was shot down over the battle of Naboo it ruined of all or hopes. But we dug deeper into the old Transcripts. It prophesied a woman would be the chosen one. Also that she would come from another time. You are the chosen one.”

18 August 2006, 07:34 PM
She felt that she was going to go crazy. The entire situation was so overwhelming. She just looked at the masters for a while. She didn’t understand any of this. There was nothing like this in here time.
“All right are you?” asked Master Yoda.
“I’m sorry Master,” she began, “It is all just all just a bit odd. There is nothing that would indicate why I was here. I don’t feel compelled by the force or anything of that nature. I don’t feel I belong here. I think that I must go back to my time.”
“You are supposed to be here Master. You clearly fit the description of the chosen one. There is no one else,” said Master Windu. She still felt that something was wrong. She wasn’t supposed to be helping in this way.
“Well I have one question,” she replied, “What is this war you speak about and why are the Jedi acting as warriors?”
“I should probably tell you the whole story. The Republic has entered a war with a species called the Yuuzhan Vong. They use a technology made up of biological creatures. We had to adapt our sensors and targeting computers to track them. The Republic was overwhelmed with them at first. But we were coming back. Then a man named Count Dooku fell from the Jedi Order and joined with many planets in what is now known as the Separatists. The Republic is now fighting two enemies. But luckily for the Republic the Yuuzhan Vong hate machinery and droids with a passion. This has been a three-way war for over ten years. Since the Separatists captured the Chancellor he have not seen or heard from him.”
“We believe he may be still alive. The Jedi counsel voted two years ago that if the Republic were to survive the Jedi would have to intervene in a more major role than just peacekeepers. After that decision many Jedi have left the order to join the sith. After they were our primary target. Most of them have been killed in battle so now we can concentrate on defending the entire Republic. Things have been going very well ever since. But now that you are here we will surely will.”

21 August 2006, 11:27 AM
Getting out of that meeting was the most wonderful thing that Angela had felt in a long time. But there was something about the way they explained everything to her. They were holding something back, and that she was sure of. She thought about that as she made her way to her room. Or what her mind was telling was her room. She walked in to find that it was the exact same as from the other time period.
She quickly took of the master cloak. She felt that she had been giving a honor not rightfully hers. As she did that she remembered a feeling she had felt in the room. That she was here for a reason but not this reason. She couldn’t help wondering if she was helping the wrong side. She decided to look more closely into the war tomorrow. There had to be something that didn’t fit. And if there was she would find it.
With that she lied down on her bed and fell asleep almost immediately. But that was no comfort that night. During the night she had the most frightening dreams that anyone could imagine. It was about the Sith and the Jedi. She was in the middle with people from each side wanting her on their side. She eventually gave into the Sith, but then there was peace in the Galaxy.
She woke up in a sweat. Putting o her cloak was he hardest thing she’d ever done. It still didn’t fell right. With her cloak on and her lightsaber at her side she headed to the library. She would find all the answers she needed there. Hopefully no one would ask any questions and she could go about her business.
The library was abandoned save for the Librarian. Angela walked briskly over to a computer. She sat there without a clue. She didn’t know what to search. Then all at once the computer began to buzz. It was searching on its own. It came up with biographies on all the Jedi who had left the order and leaders of the Confederacy. She viewed the first one on the list.
His name was Obi Wan Kenobi. She had only heard him once in her old universe. The Dark Lord Darth Maul had killed him in the Battle for Nabbo. His master had left the order and never heard form again. That gave Angela an idea. She began a search for Qui Gon Gin. As in her time period he had left the order but he had not been found or seen on battle. Evidently he was working for the Confederacy.
This new information seemed to be very important. She grabbed a datapad from the counter and plugged it in. She began to download the information. She hoped that no one had seen her.
“What are you doing master?” a voice behind her asked.

21 August 2006, 07:02 PM
“It is not your place to question the actions of your master,” she stated.
“Sorry master,” the young apprentice began, “I was only curious. I heard that you have finally arrived. I was wondering if you remember…”
“Don’t worry Catalina, I do.”
“Thank you master. Are you ready?”
“For what?”
“My training at the holodeck. We always practice at this time everyday. You said you remembered everything.”
“I’m sorry, it is all slowly coming to me. Lets go, I could use a distraction.” They headed to the training area. It was a lot different than Angela remembered it. But so was everything else. The training area was a more battle-based area now. There were pictures of war and ancient creeds of war. It felt of a very violent place. It was a very similar feeling to the burial grounds of the Sith but on a scale ten fold less.
She began to teach her apprentice. She amazed herself at the knowledge she possessed. It was all coming back to her very slowly. She really did have the abilities of a Master Jedi. Her apprentice was a very bright and fast learner. But what Angela was doing was teach her of the old ways. She hoped that no one would find out or that her apprentice herself would notice.
“A Jedi must be prepared to take a life or she should not even carry her lightsaber. But also you should not look for a fight. If there is peaceful directions always take that above the way of force.”
She looked at her padawan hoping that she wouldn’t figure out what she was teaching her. She didn’t and the rest of the day was filled with more training and words of wisdom. Angela was very proud of Catalina. She was a promising student. She hoped that she would not turn into the war mongering Masters of the Counsel. Her dreams were calm that night.

21 August 2006, 07:26 PM
The next morning she told the appropriate people that she would be gone all day. That way she would have time to research all that she wanted to. She didn’t know where she would go but she trusted in the Force. She made sure that she wasn’t followed and settled in her Jedi Starfighter. She took off and headed to a hyperspace ring. She locked into it and let the Force guide her hands on the nav-computer. The planet that it plotted was unfamiliar to her.
The trip was relatively short. She realized that hyperspace technology had been highly advanced during this time period. The planet was bluish green with a large black spot near the equator. She tried to call up history on the planet in the Jedi archives. There was none. That was very odd to her. She left her space ring and descended to the planet. There was a surge of feelings as she entered the atmosphere. It was a mix of cries for help and triumphant chants of victory.
There were no life signs on the planet. But it had a breathable atmosphere. The cries were not specific. There was no outer voice telling who was who. She hoped that this confirmed all her beliefs in some way or another. Her Starfighter landed with ease on the planet. She made sure that she had both her lightsabers on her person.
The surface was lush and beautiful. As far as the eye could see there was nothing wrong. She then looked towards the south. There she could see the very edge of the black spot. She walked that way. The ground turned from a lush green to a volcanic rock black. Except the rock was melted like from a planetary bombardment weapon. She was surprised by something she hadn’t noticed right away. There was no sound of any animals. She hadn’t expected mammals or anything of that nature, but there were no insects or wind. It was completely silent. It was the most eerie thing.
Angela decided to tap into the Force. As she did she fell to the ground from tremendous pain. She fell to the ground from it. It was a combination of agony and the dark side of the Force. She withdrew herself form the Force and the pain went away slowly. She didn’t understand this. There was no warning to this. Normally you will sense this kind of emotions emitting form a source, even a planet.
She continued towards the center of the charred area. The walk would have seemed long to a normal humanoid nut as a Jedi she was able to shut out and concentrate on the feelings she was tapping into. From the last experience she had a vague picture of the people in agony. They were humans of Force capability. But she couldn’t access the cheers of victory. And she had gained no picture of them.
She came to the center of the area. There was a single holocron there. It was not a Jedi one but of the Sith. She didn’t know if she should pick it up. As she stared at it she sensed someone behind her. She drew her lightsabers and spun around.

22 August 2006, 08:17 PM
Behind her was a man in black robes. He had a lightsaber, but it was still at his belt. He looked very old and tired. His face was filled with despair. She couldn’t do anything but stare at him for what seemed like ages. She finally deignited her lightsabers.
“I’m sorry to frighten you young one,” he said in a voice that did not reflect his voice, “I was just wondering if you had finally come?”
“What do you mean?”
“I was sent here by the Sith to protect this artifact against anyone beside the person who is suppose to get it.”
“But I am a Jedi. No Sith would give up the chance to kill me at a moment’s notice.”
“Yes, that is true. But you have something in you that are different from other Jedi. Something sets you apart.” He looked at her and let her consider the last sentence. She finally understood him. She was meant to see this holocron.
“But a Jedi cannot touch a Sith Holocron.”
“This is not an ordinary Sith Holocron and you are not an ordinary Jedi.” Angela was satisfied with that answer. She stepped towards the Holocron. Her hands reached out towards it, as she picked it up nothing happened. She then brought it near her field of vision. She used the force to activate it. The image that appeared on the Holocorn was a Jedi Master Qui GonGin.

22 August 2006, 09:21 PM
She watched the Holocron with great interest. It was Qui Gon Gin explaining what happened on this planet.
“To the chosen one who is watching this. You are the one who can bring balance to the Force. It is imperative that you take to heart what I have to say on this Holocron. To begin with you are probably wondering what happened on this planet. In the past this was a thriving civilization.”
“It was a member of the New Republic. It was then attacked by the CIS. They enslaved the population. They were in this condition for roughly four years. It was the central production planet of the CIS. It was deep into their space and had no hope of rescue if the war did not begin to turn.”
“When the Yuuzhan Vong were discovered they immediately attacked the CIS because of their use of droids. They eventually made their way to this planet. The CIS war effort took a critical blow when they lost this planet. The Yuuzhan Vong began to teraform the planet. They turned it into a biological breeding ground. It was not a major planet.”
“And thus when the New Republic launched an assault on this planet, and took it, there was little effect on the Yuuzhan Vong. THe New Republic bombarded the planet continuously and without ceasing for ten days straight. What the Yuuzhan Vong and the CIS didn’t know was that there was a very valuable Jedi/Sith temple with relics of unimaginable power and value.”
The New Republic didn’t cease the bombardment until there was no life detected on the planet’s surface. They then dispatched troops to the surface to ‘recover’ the relics. There were none found. The Jedi could not find them. This happened after the Counsel had changed the doctrine of the Jedi and many Jedi left the order, including myself.”
“The New Republic left the planet deserted. The Sith found the planet and took advantage of the openness. I was with this group. The Jedi discovered of the Sith here and immediately dispatched four Jedi Brigades to destroy us. They arrived and we were in hiding. For the next week we utilized Guerilla warfare in the most advantageous ways we could. Finally I grew tired of fighting and running away. I went out to fight and fight I did. Many of the Sith joined me and we killed many Jedi warriors.”
“We discovered that a Jedi Brigade had made camp on the very spot of this Holocorn. I called upon a power in the Force long forgotten. I will not utter the words here for I do not wish anyone to use it again. I called such devastation on those Jedi. That is what caused this charred area you are standing in.”
The Holocorn recording ended. Angela looked over at the Sith. She knew that he had looked familiar. He was Master Qui Gon Gin. She immediately fell to her knees in respect. He pulled her up of the ground and said his last words.
“You have come. I can know die peacefully. I have fulfilled my duty and now you must do yours.” With that he disappeared from the inside of his cloak. The black cloak dropped to the ground empty. She looked at it, not in remorse, but with joy. He had made a difference and completed his duty.
That night she set up a fire and burned the cloak of this Champion of the Force. She hoped that she could be as good as he was. He was a good Sith. Something that was becoming more and more common.

23 August 2006, 07:17 PM
Angela then proceeded towards her Jedi Starfighter. She carried the Holocron with her, along with the lightsaber of this hero she had met. There was something about it. She didn’t know exactly why she was supposed to bring it. Perhaps she would show it to her padawan. The Force was a thing that would lead you to things and then explain them later, in Master’s Gin’s case sometimes years into the future.
Her ship was still were she had left it. There was no trace of tampering. But why would there be, this planet had been blown to oblivion. She stored the items in her internal cargo hold. She made sure that the magnetic clamps were working. Then she opened the cockpit and got in. As she rose form the surface she programmed this planet into her nav-computer, for future reference. She named the planet Sorrow.
Her computer took over in hyperspace. Now she was able to sleep. She was very tired form the day. A lot of knowledge had been giving to her. She needed to give her brain a rest. As she sleeps her dreams were peaceful for the first time in months. It was a quiet, peaceful, and fulfilling rest.
The computer woke her up the starfighter came out of hyperspace to the view of Coruscant. She skillfully turned off autopilot and flew manually. She flew the hyperspace ring into it’s spot in the emptiness of space. She then contacted the Jedi Temple for clearance on her landing. They gave her permission and a docking number. She proceeded towards that area and a docking speed.
Her landing was smooth and gentle. She exited her cockpit and unloaded her cargo area. She went directly to her room. She put the Holocron and the lightsaber on the nightstand next to her bed. As she was settling in she heard a voice in her mind.
“Come to the meeting area immediately,” the voice demanded. She quickly put her robe back on. Her lightsabers were at her side in there soon to be accustomed position. She left her room and walked at a brisk place to the main meeting area.
She go there to find people coming form all directions, sitting in chairs and the floor, and masters in the front in chairs. She proceeded to the counsel and took her seat respectfully. She had no idea what was going on. All she could sense in the room was confusion. She hoped it wasn’t about her.
The meeting area went from loud voices to utter silence when Master Yoda and Windu entered the room. They went to the front and took there seats. Now the meeting could begin.
“Wondering are you why we have assembled here,” Master Yoda began, “Concentration from everybody I want. Clear your minds must be. Then and only then will the words of Master Windu have meaning.” With that the concentration of the room could almost be pulled from thin air. All the minds and eyes of the Order were now on Master Windu. She could also sense that some on the Counsel didn’t know what was going on.
“As must of you have learned in your history classes the Sith use to control mass regions of space,” the words of Master Windu did not escape anyone I the room, “They were a very powerful faction. All troops were sent against them to just defeat them. Many Jedi were killed trying to destroy them. They were finally defeated through a Civil War. That was when the Rule of Two began. Well we have discovered that the Sith have rose to Power in the CIS. They have created an Army and every CIS force has a Sith General or Admiral. Many of them are Captains and Special Forces Squad leaders. This is the worst threat that has been presented to the Jedi Order.”
So as of this date, a Grand Army of the Jedi will be constructed. This includes ground troops as well as Starships. These Armies and ships will be made up entirely of Jedi. The Counsel has already chosen who will lead the first Army to be created. That is Master Angela.”

23 August 2006, 08:47 PM
She couldn’t believe this. The one thing she protested to in this time period was the thing she was supposed to set an example in. She stood as the applause grew in the auditorium. She smiled and bowed as if she had been bestowed a great honor. Although, inside, she couldn’t have been more crushed or disappointed in her life.
The rest of the meeting was a blur to Angela. She was so very deep in thought that she didn’t pay any attention to the rest of the meeting. She did hear, however, that the people who had been chosen as leaders were to stay behind and be briefed. They waited until the last Apprentice had left the auditorium.
“A great honor all of you have been given,” Master Yoda congratulated.
“This is a marker in the history of the Jedi. You will be remembered as Champions of the Force,” Master Windu commented. That was ahard stroke for Angela. She had used that wording on another individual. It took all her power to not talk back and give away that she was having second thoughts. “You all will receive your assignments on your datapads in the morning. If any of you have padawans they will remain with you. May the Force be with you.” With that the Final people in the meeting area were dismissed.
She almost ran to her room. She hoped that the watchers would just think that she was running with joy. After she entered the safety of her room she began to cry. It was more than a cry for herself, it was towards all the followers of this insanity. She was so said that she didn’t hear the chime at the door. Only at the second time did she realize it and stop her crying. She opened the door to find Master Yoda there.
“Distracted are we?”
“Yes Master. From the honor of my position.”
“Not of joy those tears are. What is wrong?”
“Oh Master Yoda. This…all this is wrong. The Jedi Order was not a war mongering organization. All the younglings want glory instead of a better understanding of the Force. There is not interest in the common good. We are no better than the Sith.”
“Finally realized it have you. Hoped had I that you would have seen sooner. Completed my duty have I. Your turn it is now. Leave I will now.”
“What did you say?”
“Leave I…”
“No before that.”
“Completed my duty have I. Your turn it is now.”
“That was the same thing that Master Qui Gon Gin said to me. You knew about that didn’t you?” Master Yoda looked at her. He sighed and nodded. As he did he began to phase and then finally disappear. He had come form the future to set her on the right path. She know knew what she had to do.

24 August 2006, 11:23 AM
She slept that night with a peace that was not often felt by Jedi. She had no dreams, but she did have a vision. She was in the Counsel room in her time period. She was standing in front of them receiving the rank of Master and a spot on the Counsel. She took her seat. They wanted a report from the mission she was on. She began to speak as if it was completely natural.
“The Jedi there are involved in a war with the CIS and a species called the Yuuzhan Vong. From what I know there is no alliance between the CIS and the Yuuzhan Vong. Which is why the Republic has not been defeated. A force the Jedi call the Sith have risen to power. I am planning on looking into them more. Also I have been assigned to an army of Jedi warriors. I will use my position to gain more information.”
“I am trying to teach the my Padawan, and any other Apprentices, of the true nature of the Force. I hope that they do not suspect anything of me. The Counsel there is very engrossed in it’s own power. They are on the verge of making even more drastic changes.” She woke up soon after that sentence came out of her mouth.
Today she was supposed to receive her command. She sat up from her bed and used the Force to bring her datapad to her lap. She turned it on and looked for a new message. It was there, and titled Assault Group One.
Encoded to Master Angela
From Jedi Command
You have been given a great honor. You are to command the first and largest Jedi Battle Group. You not only command ground troops but a substantial Fleet that will deliver the troops to the battle area. Before we can send you out in battle your troops must train on Corscant. You will oversee this operations and report to Jedi Command.
She was relive that she would have some time to formulate her plan before her “troops” went into battle. She didn’t want to command them, and such she would prolong the event as much as humanly possible. She hoped that suspicion would not grow.
She heard an announcement in her head. There was to be a Counsel meeting in twenty minutes. All Masters were to attend as well as the Jedi Counsel Members. She put her datapad back on the nightstand next to her bed. She put on her cloak. It felt much better thanks to the vision last night. Her lightsabers found there accustomed place and her waist.
She left her room and locked the door.
“Just in case,” she thought. Her feet seemed to move with more of an air. She had found her purpose and was glad to do it. She hoped that her confidence didn’t show as much as she felt. The Counsel meeting room was jammed. Except for the seats meant for the Counsel members there was almost no room. She took her seat to find that Master Windu wasn’t there yet. Everyone was confused at this point. No one knew what was going on. She felt better about that much.
After about five minutes of confused chatter Master Mace Windu entered the room. No one seemed to notice that Master Yoda was gone. As she though about it she noticed that his chair in the Counsel room was gone. She dismissed the though as to avoid unwanted mind intrusions. Everyone stopped their conversations and focused on Master Windu.
“You are probably wondering why I have called this meeting. There are two main points that I want to discuss. The first is a new organization I will be leading. It is called the Inquisition. Members of the group will be called Seekers. There are three ranks. They are the came as the Jedi Order. It’s purpose is to make sure that people’s loyalty remains with the Order. Also people not in the Inquisition are encouraged to report people who exhibit no loyalty to the Order to the Inquisition. Members will be told in secret if they are a part of the Inquisition. The second order of business is the approved seat in the Senate that the Jedi have acquired. We no have a say in galactic politics.” The room was silent for the longest time.

24 August 2006, 08:06 PM
It was done. The Jedi had officially become a war faction. That was there only purpose now, for Angela that was all she could see. The order was truly lost at this point. She hoped that when the time came she convince enough people to abandon the order and fight what they had once been apart of.
They were dismissed and sent to their normal duties of the day. Angela meet Catalina in the gym. They practiced saber dueling for most of the day. Catalina was very skilled and was very promising. She hoped that she would join her Master when the time came. All these things were going through her mind as she trained her Padawan.
“Is something wrong Master?” Catalina asked.
“I am so honored by the position I have been given I must not be concentrating as much as I would like. Let’s continue with your training.” Angela paid very close attention to her Padawans sword technique. She hoped that she would not have to exploit her faults in a duel. But in this day and age no one could be sure of anything.
“Am I doing this right Master?” The particular combination she was working on had always troubled Angela.
“In some ways yes and in some ways no. Its more like this. Angela surprised herself more than anyone watching as she showed her Padawan. Her blade cut the air here and blocked the incoming opponent there. She became very engrossed in the exercise. So much that she began adding things to it and eventually added her second lighsaber into the mix. The deep red and green blades swung here and there the air of an expert. As she realized what she was doing she could see that the entire gym was watching her. Even some of the Masters had come from the corridor to see this amazing fighting art.
She quickly stopped and switched her lightsabers off. She looked at Catalina to see her face frozen in amazement and honor. At that point Angela had felt the most natural she had since she had arrived in this new era.
“I think that is enough for one day. Keep practicing Catalina.” Angela bowed to her and headed to her room. She put her cloak on the bed and sat down. She felt so embossed. Yet, as she thought about it more she began to laugh. It was a true laugh, the first in a long time. She sat and laughed at her bed for the longest time. She hoped that no one could hear, but the more she thought about it she didn’t care if anyone heard her.
After her emotions had settled down she heard the chime of a new message on her datapad. She brought it to her lap and turned it on. The title was “Relocation”. She quickly opened it and began reading.
Encoded to Master Angela
From Jedi Command
Master your troops and warships are ready for you to join. You are to proceed to the outer rim planet of Tatoine. There was once a civilization there but after the first Force wars the planet was uninhabitable. We have set up a completely closed training are. You will spend four weeks there to train your Army and Fleet. You will be shuttled to your Command Ship Loyalty this evening. Report to the hangar bay at 2100 hours,
She check her chronometer, she had roughly four hours before she had to be there. She decided to begin packing her belongings so she was ready. She also had to tell Catalina. She called out to her in the Force. She was already packing. She had received a message as well. While packing Angela made sure that she had the Holocron and the lighsaber.
At about 2145 she left her room and started to walk to the Hangar Bay. On her walk down she met up with Catalina. They walked together to the Shuttle waiting for them. It was a new shuttle. It looked very similar to Chancellor Palplatine’s shuttle only with added weapons.
They got in and stowed away their belongings. Angela was told that her Starfighter was already in the Bay in her Command Ship. The ship took off very gracefully. Angela missed the acceleration of her fighter. The shuttle left the atmosphere and was cleared by Republic Customs. They proceeded to Angela’s Command Ship. It looked a lot like the Acclamator Assault ships but with a section cut out through the middle in the front a hundred meters. It was the thing she was dreading the most.

25 August 2006, 08:06 PM
The shuttle began to close in on the hangar bay. They slowed to land the ship. Angela took a last look outside the window. She could see the entire officer complement waiting for her to arrive. She quickly composed herself and moved towards the entry hatch. As the hatch opened she thought through convincing speech. She came out the hatch with the air of a Commanding Officer.
All eyes were on Angela and her Padawan. The other Jedi were dressed in Uniforms. They were dark green jackets that had gold ranks. The pants were black with a gold stripe going down each leg. She almost cried at the sight that she saw. As she stepped off the shuttle and onto the deck she heard a whistle and saw all the officers snap attention. She was disgusted, but she didn’t show it.
“I am proud to command the first ever completely Jedi Army. We will go down in history, but we do not stop there. We must go further. After our training we will be sent into the heat of battle. That is what history will remember. They will not remember this day if you fail all the missions you are given. They will not remember the time that Assault Group two took the missions that you could not complete. Do you want history to remember you as screw ups?”
“No sir!” the entire room exploded with noise. She tried not to give a face of disgust.
“No you don’t. You want to be remembered as the first and the best Battle group. And I will make sure that you have that honor. Now report to stations and await further orders.” They moved out of formation and went to their stations. Angela and Catalina followed the liaison officer to the bridge. She admired the bridge layout. There was a chair in the center of the room. It was the same style chair that she had sat in, in the Counsel Room. There was also a chair at a lower level right next to hers. That was for Catalina.
There were battle control stations on either side of Angela, the communications and sensors stations in front of her chair. Behind her were the science stations. She took her seat and gestured Angela to seat next to her. Catalina seemed to be overjoyed to be here. Angela still hoped that she would come with her when the time came.
“Take us out of orbit Ensign,” Angela commanded. The ships deck plates rumbled from the maneuver. That was the only thing she missed from space. She used to have many space missions. This was bringing her back to those happy times.
“Master, we are set for our hyperspace jump,” the Ensign reported.
“Brings us out,” Angela replied. The command ship entered hyperspace followed by the entire fleet. They were heading to a week of training by someone who didn’t believe in the fight. And at that point Angela was trying to figure out what she was going to do. “I want a seniors officer’s meeting in the conference room in forty minutes. You have the bridge Captain.”
“I have the bridge,” the Captain announced. Angela left the bridge and beckoned Catalina. They went into the conference room. She had something to say to Catalina.
“Catalina, I have something that should make you very happy. Here,” Angela said as she handed her the lightsaber of Master Qui Gon Gin. This was a symbolism of the attainment of the rank of Jedi Knight.
“Master I can’t express my gratitude.”
“Well I will try. As a full-fledged Jedi Knight I have an assignment for you. I now that you have heard of the Inquisition. I know that they have agents aboard. I want you to find them, and then report to me.”
“I will try my hardest.”
“Not try, do or do not, there is no try. I will only accept perfection from my Apprentice.” Catalina bowed and left the room. Angela began to prepare for her big pep talk to the Senior Officers. She decided that she would take the role of a demanding CO.
As the officers began to gather in the conference room Angela stared at the computer screen on the wall. Once everyone was there she turned around and sat down. She took a good looked at every one of the officers in the eyes. Then she began to speak.
“I know that this must be difficult for some of you. You are used to taking orders from a high level officer. I am not one of those but I am a Jedi, like all of you. I will demand perfection and complete obedience. I know that you will complete your duties, but until that time we will have very vigorous training for you and the ground troops. I want you to prepare for a Battle scenario. It will take place in twenty minutes. Dismissed.” As the officers filed out of the room, Catalina came in to give Angela a report.
“I have found records of an agent aboard. I don’t know exactly who it is yet, but I will find them.”
“Thank you Catalina.” She bowed and left the room. Angela watched her leave. She certainly hoped she found the agent. She also hoped she wouldn’t get lost in the monster she was creating.

23 November 2006, 07:57 PM
The senior officer’s meeting went very well. She had detected no suspicious on her. Angela could only hope it remained that way. She told them that in order to get full use of the fleet and the troops aboard they would practice atmospheric landing of the troops. That way they would get the armies down there, and not waste and unnecessary time of traveling. Killing two birds with one stone.
She had to use the word “kill”, didn’t she? Anyways they seemed to be happy with her idea. It was the weirdest thing to have Jedi addressed as “Ensign” or “Captain”. Hopefully she wouldn’t have to say it too much longer. But there was no telling how long she would have to play Master Angela of Assault Group One. It wasn’t the best disguise, but it would do for now.
Angela made her way to the bridge.
“I have the bridge Captain,” she said.
“You have the bridge Master,” he replied. With that he took up his position to the right of her. Catalina wasn’t there yet. Probably for the better Angela thought. It was hard to hide your feelings from your Apprentice. Dismissing that thought from her mind, she took a look at her display. They would reach the planet in roughly two hours. She wanted to be on the bridge when that happened. That way she could secure her identity.
But two hours is a long time to keep one’s mind occupied. She was so bored that she almost considered going to her office and wait. As she was contemplating that the Ensign at OPS reported that they were exiting hypersapce.
“Have all Marines and Army personnel report to hanger bays. Bring up weapon systems and prepare for covering fire.”
“Aye Master,” the order was digested and executed.
A voice came over the intercom, “All Marine personnel report to hanger bays two and three. All Army personnel report to hanger bays four and five,” the message repeated itself about five times before it was shut off. Angela watched her tactical screen as green dots emerged from Loyalty and streaked towards the planet. What an ironic name for my flagship. She pushed the thought from her mind as the first transport reported in.
After twenty minutes of waiting the last transport reached the ground. The training facility thanked Angela for the timely arrival of her ground fighting force. She wondered what a long wait was like. They also informed her that a member of the Inquisition and a naval trainer were coming aboard. The trainer didn’t worry her. His job was merely to provide exercises and observe the Fleet’s status. The Jedi from the Inquisition was the one who worried her. For it was his job to observe Her status. Apparently they were already on their way.
She gave the bridge to the Captain again and proceeded to the hanger bay to welcome her guests. She had Catalina paged and told her to meet her on the Fighter deck.
As Angela stepped onto the fighter deck to felt immediately at home, this was where she felt remotely like the old self she knew and loved. In her old life she had been a Jedi Ace. Not a top notch one, but still she had some kills under her belt. She loved space and flying in it. Somehow it felt infinitely free.
As the shuttle carrying the passengers passed through the force field protecting her ships from space, Catalina entered through the doors. She was smiling, and Angela hoped she would save it for later. She had to use all her concentration for this meeting. She had to trick the person closest to her in this world, and someone who was looking for traitorous thoughts. She hoped to the force that it would work. But she must follow The Way of the Force,

15 December 2006, 08:27 PM
“Greetings Master Angela,” the man on the right greeted.
“Welcome aboard Loyalty, to both of you,” she responded.
“I am Captain Farron of the Jedi’s Navy, “ he began, “and this is Master Slincoran of the Inquisition.” Angela held a grimace. Master Slincoran seemed to look past her towards Catalina. That would be something to keep an eye on.
“May I show you to your quarters,” then with a quick thought, “or would you prefer to simply go straight to the bridge?” she added.
“I would like to get settled in first,” Captain Farron stated,
“I believe I will go straight to the bridge,” Slincoran said. Angela told Catalina to escort Farron to his quarters while she took Slincoran to Command Bridge.
In a flagship of the size of Loyalty you needed four bridges. There was Main Bridge, that was where the Captain and his crew ran the ship, then there was Command Bridge, this is where they were headed and where the Commander of the fleet basically ran the fleet. The other two were auxiliaries with complete crews standing by in case of casualties.
Angela did not want to get her Captain on edge, and having a member of the Inquisition there would defiantly do just that. So she put the full force on her shoulders and led him to Command Bridge Alpha. This is where she should have spent most of her time, but she had a very capable Admiral and wanted to prolong it as long as she could. But, she had to face her fears sooner or later.
“And we have a communication system hooked up with every SO and his Flag Captain,” she finished explaining. He tried to seem interested, but he wasn’t. She could sense that, and he knew that she could sense it. He walked over to her Command Station and sat down. Angela was about to protest and then remembered his title and who he was with.
“Master Angela your future in the Order will not entirely depend on how you perform as a commander. No, it will depend on your allegiance to the Order. If you pass my test you will given your first assignment. If you do not, well, who knows what will happen to you. Do you understand?” his speech was said in such a way that it felt like a story being to read to a child.
“Yes Master I do,” she said flatly. There was so much more she could have added. But she held her tongue. The time would come, and when it did she hoped that he would be ready.
“Good. Well I believe that I can revel another reason for you being here. We decided to send you to this particular training base because of its proximity to the CIS Capital Planet. So once your training has been completed you will be sent on a raid of the Fleet there and then an invasion of the planet.”
She was so stunned she didn’t say a word. All Angela could do was nod. He understood and nodded back. He got out of the chair and offered it to Angela as if it had been his to give. She walked over and took the seat.

16 December 2006, 07:40 PM
This is a bit of information that will help you understand this story completely. If you have any questions please post them on this story directly.

Jedi Ranks


Lieutenant Commander
Captain of the List
Flag Captain
Rear Admiral
Vice Admiral
Fleet Admiral
Admiral of the Fleet


Storm Lietenant
Lieutenant Colonel
Storm Colonel
Brigadier General
Major General
Lieutenant General
Storm General


Command Lietenant
Lieutenant Colonel
Command Colonel
Brigadier General
Major General
Lieutenant General
Command General
General of the Army

Naval Vessels (in order of power from weakest to strongest)

Jedi Starfighter
Jedi Bomber
Jedi Fighter-Bomber

Space Transports

Troop Transport
Storm Transport
Missile Destroyer
Light Cruiser
Missile Cruiser
Heavy Cruiser
Heavy Missile Cruiser

Capital Ships

Heavy Battlecruiser
Missile Battlecruiser
Light Battleship
Heavy Battleship

Space Station

Missile Platform
Defense Platform
Laser Platform
Command Ship

CIS Ranks


Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
Lietenant Commander
Senior Commander
Rear Admiral Lower Half
Rear Admiral Upper Half
Vice Admiral
Flag Admiral
Fleet Admiral


Second Lieutenant
First Lieutenant
Lieutenant Colonel
Brigade General
Major General
Lieutenant General


Second Lieutenant
First Lieutenant
Lieutenant Colonel
Brigade Colonel
Brigade General
Major General
Lieutenant General
CIS Ships


Droid Starfighter
Strike Bomber

Space Transports

Troop Transport
Geonosian Corvette
Trade Federation Missile Cruiser
Battle Cruiser
Escort Frigate
CIS Battleship

Capital Ships

Trade Federation Battleship
CIS Destroyer-Carrier
Techno Union Defender
Trade Federation Heavy Missile Battle Cruiser
CIS Fleet Carrier
Techno Union Dreadnought
Techno Union SuperDreadnought

Space Stations

Trade Federation Droid Control Ship
Trade Federation Missile Platform
Trade Federation Heavy Missile Platform
CIS Command Vessel
CIS Troop Carrier
CIS Planet Assualter
CIS Defense Platform
Techno Union Fleet Suplier
Techno Union Star Fortress

16 December 2006, 07:59 PM
“Master, we’ve lost the Windu and Honor,” the Ops officer reported.
“Acknowledged, concentrate fire on missile platforms,” Angela ordered, “then begin to close the distance to the battle cruisers.”
“Aye, Master.” Angela watched on her tactical screen. After making sure that they were moving she turned her head to the screen with her division commanders.
“Admiral Hugo.”
“Yes, Master?”
“I want you to cover the marine landing ships all the way into point-blank range, then head to the rear of the CIS formation. We the rest of the fleet headed towards them you should have enough point-defense cover. Understood?”
“Aye, Master.”
“Good. The rest of you continue as planned. We should be able to split them down the middle before the cut and run.” They all acknowledged her and went back to their divisions. Angela rested back in her sit and took damage reports.
Missiles lit off their drives and flew through the black sphere of space. Each one packed enough power to destroy a Skipray Blastboat with one hit. They raced to their predetermined targets at an unimaginable speed. Frantic smaller missiles went out to stop the incoming destruction. Metal meet metal in mid-space. Yet, there were still several missiles coming. The platforms took direct hit after direct hit. They turned into massive explosion of metal and plasma.
Angela smirked to herself. It was all going quite well. She felt the deck plates beneath her begin to tremble and shake. This was definitely where she belonged. She stared straight ahead as her fleet began to advance forward launching missiles and soon opening up with forward laser cannons.
“Computer. End simulation,” a voice from behind Angela said. She looked up in surprise.
“But Captain, we where just getting to the best part,” Angela complained.
“I know, but I have seen enough to evaluate this battle. You may have a fie hour break before we begin another simulation.” With that he left the Command Bridge.
Angela stared dumbfounded as he left the Bridge. She didn’t know weather this was a good thing or bad.
“All right Ladies and Gentlemen, you heard the Captain. You have five hours to get ready for the next simulation.” She got up and went to her Ready Room.
There was a sense of security in that room. At least until Master Slincoran entered the room, then she tensed up and hid her mind from him. She hoped that he wouldn’t notice. She got up, bowed to him, and ushered him to a seat.
“What can I help you with Master?”
“I came into tell you that I found your bravery very fantastic. Also I could sense that Captain Farron was very impressed.”
“Was that all Master?”
“I am afraid not. I have a message from Yoda for you.”
“Master Yoda?!”

21 December 2006, 10:13 PM
Master Slincoran just looked at her waiting for a response. Angela didn’t know what to say. This was all getting to weird. There was so much wrong here that another thing just through her off. It shouldn’t have, but it certainly did.
“What is it Master Slincoran?”
“Actually Slincoran is not my name, but…”
“So what is it?”
“I can’t tell you. For if I do everything I have worked for will be lost, and like you I still have a job to complete. Yoda says to stay with the pretense until you are discovered.” After that he left the room. Angela was sent into shock and didn’t know what to do.
Angela stepped out onto the bridge to find Master Slincoran talking to Catalina. She reached out to the force to discern the conversation. Their conversation came to an abrupt end and they went their separate ways. She motioned for Catalina to sit next to her. Captain Farron had returned to the bridge and was waiting to review the day’s exercises.
“I want to begin by congratulating yourself and your Fleet for performing above my expectations. Believe me they were set very high. Your earlier simulation which started out with you and Catalina as a casualty was by the far the best I’ve seen a fleet handled by a lower officer. And then came the most recent sim. I have never seen a more capable Fleet Commander. There is still more to come but I can give you this news. By order of the Council of War I am proud to grant Master Angela, in addition to her Master rank, all the rights and privileges of the rank of Fleet Admiral.”
There was a grand applause from the crew. Angela put a smile on her face and nodded to Captain Corran. She tried to hide her feelings, but she could sense someone probing her thoughts. She immediately looked at Slincorran. He gave her a look of confusion. It was obviously not he.
After the applause had died down Farran took Angela aside.
“Fleet Admiral we have a simulation beginning in two hours. I suggest you get ready.”
Angela took the hint and began preparing her command crew for the nest simulation. They began running new formations and firing patterns into the computers. Although she was working for the wrong side she really felt that she was in the right place. She needed to be commanding a fleet of some sort. She really hoped that the CIS would give her a Naval Commission.
After two hours had gone by Captain Farran returned to the bridge and took his seat. Master Slincorran took up a seat next to him and just looked at Angela. She withheld a shutter and looked at her crew.
“Bring us into formation ops,” the Captain of the ship ordered. Angela felt the familiar thrill as the deck plates beneath her shook with the sheer power driving the vessel. As she brought her eyes to her ship compliement she noticed that Slincorran was still staring at her. She kept her eyes from his and concentrated on the list. She had her flagship (Superdreadnought), two Missile Platforms, 4 Dreadnoughts, 6 Light Battleships, 7 Missile Battlecruisers, 7 Battlecruisers, 10 Cruisers, and 15 Destroyers. It wasn’t much in the way of a actual fleet, but she was confident she could make it work.
“Commadore Putni I want to spilt the Fleet into three separate forces. What do you think is the best way to do that?”
“Well…” he stuttered, “… I think that the lead unit in each group should be Loyalty and the two Missile Platforms, Sir.”
“Good idea. Want you to Command one of the Task Forces.” Her remark seemed to have caught him off guard. She knew that there was more qualified officers that she should pick, but Putni was the best tactician she had. He belonged on the front lines commanding his own force.
“I am honored Fleet Admiral.” He was barely able to make it out. He felt the stares of all the Admirals of the bridge on him. But he didn’t seem to notice it. He was focused on Angela. He looked like a child who had just gotten that brand new toy.
“Alright, oh and Admiral Trans you will command the other Task Force. My task force will consist of Loyalty, 2 Dreadnoughts, 2 Light Battleships, 3 Missile Battlecruisers, 4 Cruisers, and 5 Tin Cans. Commodore you will take one Missile Platform, 1 Dreadnought, 2 Light Battleships, 2 Missile Battlecruisers, 3 Cruisers, and five Tin Cans. Admiral you will take the rest.”
“Our objective is the Planet Chiron. It has 4 Star Fortress’ guarding it. We do not have specific coordinates of them but we know the general areas. One of them is on the far side of our Threat Vector, so we will regroup and attack it as a single unit. The other three is why we are dividing the Fleet. There may still be CIS warships out there, but Intel says the biggest thing they have is a Trade Fed Battleship. If any warships are present they should be just a cake walk.”
“If anything larger than a Fleet-Carrier shows up, report immediately to me and prevent engagement. Is that understood?”
“Aye, Sir,” they both said in unison.
“Good then May the Force be with you.”

23 December 2006, 05:48 PM
Missiles erupted from launchers and were hurled by charged ion particles across the empty area of space. Separating Task Force Three, Commanded by Commodore Putni, and CIS Star Fortress 001357562 were only four ships. Of course they were the four of the most powerful capital ships that the CIS had, Techno Union SuperDreadnoughts. Broadside was matched with broadside, but the CIS had something working for them. While they were getting pounded the Star Fortress was firing twice the salvo a single SD could, and not receiving a single hit in return.
“Sir we’ve lost the remaining two Tin Cans and another Cruiser. Warrior and Guardian have both taken direct hits to their sublight drives and are venting air in more than a dozen places. Our hyperdrive is down and the entire port broadside is still off line,” reported a damage control officer.
“Very well. Advise all units to go to rapid fire and begin closing in on the SDs. I want to get my link back up with Captain McKern,” Commodore Putni responded.
“Aye, Sir.” Putni stayed concentrated on his tactical display. He knew that if he survived this he would have little or no ammo for the Star Fortress. He would have to eat up missile fire to get to energy range.
“Yes Commodore?”
“Captain McKern, I need you to get me into energy range. Execute Serpentine one, on command.”
“Aye, Sir.”
Task Force Three began to turn and head straight for the incoming hell. There was no way they would be able to destroy the SDs and the Fortress, but they could at least damage it. And maybe, just maybe, Fleet Admiral Angela would be able to come in and destroy it with Task Force one and two.
“Sir, SDs are turning to intercept. I estimate collision in four minutes.”
“Acknowledged. How are we coming on the port broadside?”
“We should have it up in five minutes.”
“That’s not good enough. We need it before we engage. Can you…” a “missile” struck the deck above the Command Bridge. Putni was immediately plunged into darkness. Then everything came back up. He had been a casualty and now he had to watch his Task Force battle it alone.
The tactical screen was not the real thing. Then to think of it this entire thing was a fake. He saw his ship veer as it was struck again and again. The last of the Cruisers disappeared from the screen. He winced. Then a thought came to his mind.
“Computer who is the commanding officer of Task Force three?”
“Captain of the List James P. Saddleback.” Putni gave a huge internal sigh of relief. If anyone could get the job done it was Saddleback.
“Two CIS SDs have been destroyed,” the computer reported. He checked his screen to find that it was true. They hadn’t even executed Serpentine. Then he saw it start to happen. The two remaining SDs began to turn to produce their broadsides. That was when Saddleback made his move.
The Serpentine maneuver had a prep phrase. The lighter units of the Fleet would go into a wedge formation and begin moving. The trick of it was that the heavier units would from up behind them. The light units would cover the radar signature of the heavier guns. Putni saw a dreadnought, two light Battleships, and two missile Battlecruisers emerge from the formation. Both CIS SDs were destroyed in seconds. Then Saddleback concentrated on the Fortress, and missiles erupted from the Fleet to finally answer all the fire from the enemy. But they were only firing forward weapons, this was so they could close the distance to energy range and completely obliterate the Fortress.
Weapon after weapon pounded the Task Force. A Missile Battlecruiser and a light Battleship fell behind and then they closed energy range. The ships broadsides were brought to bear on the Fortress. Charged particles launched out from Task Force three and surged towards the enemy. Energy tore through shields and metal to find the core of the beast. Crew quarters were the first to be hit. Droids were sucked out into space and thrown apart from the sheer velocity.
As more energy was pumped into the Fortress the penetration deepened. Finally the devastation hit the weapon magazines and engine compartments. Alloy and charged ion was blown apart and sent a shock wave capable of destroying and entire SuperDreadnought spread from the now mangled Fortress. But luckily the shields of the Jedi ships held. They began to enter hyperspace and rejoin Fleet Admiral Angela.