View Full Version : The Great Conspiracy (Jedi Style)

17 February 2006, 02:59 PM
The group of Jedi sat at a round table. There were five of them in total. Their names were Kevin, John (JJ), Clark, Brian, and Jeff. They had been friends since they first met at the Jedi Council. They had discovered a terrible truth. They had met in this bar to discuss what course of action they should take. They all had just gained the rank of Jedi Knight. This was called the New Jedi Order. Named after the new order created by the famous Luke Skywalker. But sadly Luke had passed away two years ago.
Kevin was the senior member of their group. He was the most skilled and the wisest of the group. He had joined the order a year before the rest. Now they had come together for one final adventure. Allow none of them knew this at the time but they would go done in the history of the Jedi. All of them were trying to get their word in.
“Alright guys,” Kevin began, “we have to do something about this information. We were giving it for a reason.”
“I agree,” JJ blurted in, “I think that we should bring it to the Jedi Council.”
“We cant do that,” Brian interjected, “With Luke gone we don’t know how the Jedi will take it.”
“That’s a good point,” Kevin Said.
“I say we do something about it ourselves,” Jeff stated.
“I think that that is the best idea we have had since,” Kevin said.
“We need to come up with an idea tonight,” JJ replied. We all thought about that while the waiter brought us our drinks. We couldn’t let this slip to an average waiter. The information was way to important and sensitive.
As soon as the waiter left they continued their talk.
“We haven’t had a corrupt bureaucrat since the fall of Chancellor McAlester,” Jeff pointed out.
“That is why this information is so valuable,” JJ replied.
“Well, what are we going to do about it?” Kevin said getting down to the point.
“I think that were going to need help from the outside,” Brian interjected.
“What do you mean?” Kevin asked.
“Well I mean what would you, as a bureaucrat, think if a group of Jedi were snooping around your house and office.”
“He does have a good point,” Clark stated.
“Alright,” Kevin began, “all in favor say I.” They all said I. There was no one in disagreement. They all agreed that they could not do this by themselves. “Who were you thinking Brian?”
“Actually I was thinking of Ian,” he said, “you know, the infiltrator Bounty Hunter. He would be perfect for the job.
“I concur,” JJ said.
“I do as well,” Kevin stated. So it was settled. That very knight they would go and search for the Bounty Hunter named Ian.
Of course that was his real name. In the guild he was known as the Stealth Tiger. He was very good at what he did. That is he was a crack shot and the most silent killer there was. If you needed a silent killing he was the one to call.