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Reverend Strone
8 March 2006, 03:22 PM
... are never going to happen according to the decision makers at Sony.

Here's the deal- for each of the Star Wars movies, regular single disc, severely edited and re-orchestrated sound tracks are always released around the time the movies come out. For the classic trilogy and Episode 1, these were later followed by special double-disc full soundtracks including all the source music and back ground incidental stuff. Speaking solely for myself, these full versions represent the real soundtracks for each and since buying them I have never listened to the old single disc versions- in fact the rearranging bugs the heck out of me on them. Ever noticed how butchered the opening track on the ROTS soundtrack sounds? It is nothing like it was in the movie.

It turns out that Episode 1's double disc didn't sell all that well- for a number of reasons (it was released between the movies, with no hype, for one, and, well, in my opinion at least, the soundtrack for Episode 1 wasn't really all that impressive when compared to the other movies). Citing those poor sales, Sony have announced that there will never be full soundtracks released for Episodes 2 or 3, which is damned sad because those movies had much better music!

Steve Sansweet of Lucas Licensing has said in the past that if the fans are vocal enough in their requests, it sometimes works to change the minds of companies and influences what they choose to make. So, here's our chance to convince Sony they're making a terrible error and missing out on our money. I'm pasting in a sample letter written by a buddy of mine from reviewstarwars.com and an e-mail address to use below. We are trying to muster the SW community and hammer Sony with e-mails demanding they reconsider releasing the scores. Feel free to use all or any part of this e-mail, or write your own, but please join us in the quest to get full soundtracks for the last two Star Wars movies ever and let Sony know how you feel!

Thanks folks!


PS, please tell your friends and post this around any forums you frequent to help get it happening!

send to: feedback@sonyclassical.com

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am an avid Star Wars fan and buyer of SW related products. One of the favorite items in my collection are the Star Wars soundtracks, which allow me to relive the films through the music, one of their strongest assets.

Recently I heard through Steve Sansweet, Director of Content Management for Lucasfilm, that Sony was not interested in releasing the remaining "Ultimate Edition" soundtracks for the Star Wars films "Attack of the Clones" and "Revenge of the Sith". With Sith being the top-grossing film of 2005 I believe this is a mistake, and I wanted to let you know that should you reconsider I will be one of the first in line to buy both double-disc sets.

Please reconsider your decision.


(Your Name)

9 March 2006, 04:43 PM

I really wanted an Ep3 soundtrack. Well, ranting against Sony won't help things-better go fire off an email.

9 March 2006, 05:57 PM
Well, as one of the apparently few people who bought the Ultimate Phantom Menace soundtrack, and proud owner of the full Original Trilogy soundtracks, Sony's descion really peeved me off. I'm glad that there is a effort being made to try and overturn this bad choice on their part.

Concider my letter sent.

9 March 2006, 09:14 PM
Rant against Sony - CHECK
Send a few e-mails to friends and family - CHECK
Send one long e-mail regarding them not releasing the "Ultimate Edition" Soundtrack - CHECK

Okay sent a few, (50ish) to friends and family who are avid Star Wars fans to get their voices involved and now to wait and see if SONY will change its position. I own the Special Edition soundtrack that was released as a two disk set around 2000. In the last two weeks I have also purchased the re-release of the full soundtrack at BestBuy while I was at the store.

Now for Sony to make the move.

Reverend Strone
10 March 2006, 04:40 PM
Thanks folks. Hopefully it wil make a difference! :) We can but try.

I bought all the rest of the soundtracks in their full editions, so I really looked forward to these ones. Maybe we will prevail...

13 March 2006, 02:50 PM

Right Oblique!




We must prevail!

19 March 2006, 05:47 PM
Physical letters mean far, far more to companies than emails in situations like this.

Reel 2/Dialogue 2
21 March 2006, 06:48 AM
While I disagree with your opinion about Phantom Menace's score, I'm in fullhearted agreement about getting COMPLETE, UNALTERED scores from Clones and Sith. Even though Menace Ultimate was as complete as it gets, it still missed a few segments of music, and most of it was tracked exactly as it sounded in the film instead of Williams's full compositions ("The Flag Parade" for example). So in order to avoid the same mistake with these last episode entries, I submit the following idea:

Instead of Ultimate Editions, Sony should release More Music From Attack of the Clones and More Music From Revenge of the Sith. They did the same for Back to Titanic, so the concept isn't so alien for them, and these entries could serve to fill in the gaps and present fuller versions of tracks heard in the first volumes (ESPECIALLY THE FULL VERSION OF BATTLE OF CORUSCANT... OH I WANT THIS BAD!!!). This would save Sony the trouble of repackaging the score entirely and not making older volumes obsolete. All that's needed (much like Wizards fumbled with towards the RPG) is proper advertising. I suspect that when the Saga box set hits Blu-Ray would be the opportune time.

Lastly, get Nick Redman to produce the albums.

Next on the hit list: Patricia Cullen's score for Droids and James Venable's score for Clone Wars!