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13 August 2006, 01:56 PM
This story takes place ina ulternate universe. In that universe there are three controlling powers in the galaxy. The New Republic, THe Galactic Empire and the ROyal Federation. The story follows the chronicles of a young officer in a very high position.

Countess Elecktra Seleplain sat in her command chair on the bridge of her Flagship the Super Dreadnought Battleship Loyalty. She was the commanding officer of the Second Dreadnought Assault fleet. She was about you recieve her orders from Warmaster Rugger Nukkles. She had some idea of her new assignment but she was not quite sure. She looked on her tactical screen again. There was no sign of the Warmaster's Shuttle. Eversince the war with the Republic began the normal methods of communication were no longer trusted. All messages were given in person. It assured that the message was given to the CO and at the same time it was not intercepted. A beeping began coming from her counsel. The shuttle had arrived and was being pulled into the hanger bay. She rushed to her bridge office and puton her sword and began her walk to the confrence room. He would meet her there. A million thoughts were going through her head as she went there. Maybe she was about to be stripped of her command becaouse of her insubordination at the battle of Courscant. Which had gone in their favor because of the quickness of her apperance and her Dreadnoughts. She entered the room to find that the Warmaster was already there. She gave a crisp salute and took her seat. He returned it and he too took a seat.
"Good to see you again Elecktra" he began

15 August 2006, 07:06 PM
"As you Sir," she replied. They looked at each other for a little time befor either of them spoke.
"To duty as usual Countess?"
"As you wish Warmaster."
"Very well. You are to take a newly created fleet to a set of coordinates. The coordinates will take you to a part of Wild Space. It is uncharted and ready for the delicate hand of the Royal Federation. I heardy order you to use any means to pacify and take over the REgion. But i suggest that you not enslave all the races because you will need crews for your ships and troops."
There was silence in the room for a while. She was considering her orders.
"My shuttle will take us to your fleet and then bring me back." With that he left the room. Elektra followed him out of the confrence room. They headed to the hanger bay escourted by a squad of Royal Marines. She was a bit uneasy about leaving her Dreadnought fleet. But none the less she was an officer and she followed her orders. They reached the entrance of the hanger bay. AS they entered the marines stood outside the door and the Warmaster's guards escourted them in the rest of the way. A new experince was awaiting her.

15 August 2006, 07:56 PM
The trip through hyperspace was uneventful. But not without it's internal excitments. Being with the Warmaster again she was able to brush up on her sword fighting again. He was very good for a Gungan. But he was the one who taught her how to fight. Duels among officers were completely legal as long as no one was killed. Elektra made the best of that rule. Many of her opponets were "accidently" injured during her duels.
Her fleet was waiting for her just as he had said. Her Flagship was a Takos Engineering Zeta class Fleet Carrier. Not even half the firepower of one of her old Super Dreadnoughts. But she would make do. It had six escourt Fleet ships. It was a rather inpressive fleet. SHe would make it's name feared in the new quadrant.
The transport landed in the hanger bay with the entire officer complement standing at attention. THe both walked out the transport and onto the deck polating. The offcers all gave a very crisp salute, in unison of course. She brought hers up and back down. THe also brought their arms down but stayed at attention.
"At ease," she said, "As of this date I, Countess Elektra Seleplain of the Royal Federation, take control of the 34 Fleet Task Force. You will all learn of our orders when i address the entire Fleet. In the meantime i will remind all of you that i am now the new Commanding Officer of Fleet Task Force 34. I will only accept only perfection from this crew. THe reason for this is that i know that you can give me perfection. I have heard nothing but good remarks from your former Commanding Officer. I know you will do your duty. Dismissed." She watched as the officers went back to their stations. She saw the Warmaster back to his transport and watched as his ship cleared the Hanger Bay. She just stood there for what seemed like hours. She had lost the pride and joy of her life.

17 August 2006, 08:56 AM
However she quickly composed herself and headed to the Command Bridge. She had to appear in a manner befitting a commanding officer. If she showed the least bit of despair then her fleet would never follow her. She stepped into the turbolift. She thought about her mission on her way to the bridge. It was all quite odd. Why would he send a normal fleet instead of a Dreadnought fleet.
The turbolift doors open to reveal the bridge. It was considerably smaller than the bridg of a Super Dreadnought or a Regular Dreadnought for that matter. As she walked in she heard a young officer say "Countess Elektra Seleplain on deck". The entire brige crew snapped to a very crisp attention.
"At ease," she said, "Flag Captain what is the status of the Fleet?"
"All ships are prepared for departure," he replied.
"Very good. What is the comabantant complement of the Fleet?"
"We have the Zeta Fleet Carrier, two Zeta Battleships, two Zeta
Heavy Cruisers, and two Zeta Missile Cruisers, Countess."
"Excellent." With that Elektra headed to her State quarters. That was one of the many perks of being the rank of Count or Countess, you got the best of the best.
Her quarters were actually larger than that on the Loyalty. That was manily because these quarters are for Ambassadors not Fleet Commanders. She went to the computer terminal. She accsed the records of Dreadnougth Assault FLeet II. The new CO had not yet arrived to take command. The name was not familiar to her. She turned off the co puter and lied down. She fell asleep almost immedietly from grief.

18 August 2006, 07:12 PM
Elektra woke to an alarm sounding through the ship. She quickly composed herself and headed to the Command Bridge. She found herself in mass commotion. She looked for the Flag Captain.
“Captain what on earth is going on?” she asked.
“Sorry sir, “ he began, “We hit a hyperspace anomaly coming into the quadrant. We’ve lost all command of the ship. Engines, weapons, shields, the whole shebang.”
“Begin by accessing auxiliary power through the primary interface. Then I want weapons and shields to be your main goal. I will go down the engineering and assess the situation down there.”
“Thank you sir.” She headed the nearest turbolift. And punched in the Engineering room. She couldn’t imagine what they hit that would do such a thing. She thought that over as the turbolift opened to main Engineering. It was just as panicky down here as it was on the bridge.
“Commander Johnson how are the engines?”
“We suffered a core breach in sector four. With that all the coolant tubes quite pumping. The core is reaching a critical heat level.”
“Can you stop it?”
“I’ll need to bypass the directive matrix and manually turn the coolant tubes back on. If I do that the engines will be done for eight hours”
“I’ll leave it to you. I wan the engines back online before that.”
“But sir….”
“Perfection Commander.” Elektra went to a comm. It still wasn’t working. With that she headed back to the bridge. She needed to contact the other ships of the fleet. The door opened to show a more controlled crew.
“Engines are reaching critical by Johnson has it under control. I need communications back online.”
“Yes sir. We have weapons online and shields are at 30%.”
“Very good Captain.” After that Elektra was able to communicate repairs form the bridge. No ships were lost do to the mishap. They were all able to compensate for the unexpected situation. After four hours all systems were functioning normally.
“Sensors I want a full scan of the area,” Elektra said.
“Sir I’m getting a strange reading. There appears to be a fleet of very large vessels in front of us.”

21 August 2006, 12:04 PM
“Ensign, I want a reading of what exactly is in front of us. Sound General Quarters to all the Fleet,” Elektra ordered.
“Yes Countess. The ships are of the origin of Yuuzhan Vong. There are the old Kor Chokk Grand Cruisers. I have readings on yen of them. They are roughly 8,200 meters. They are armed with 120 plasma projectors and one dovin basal.” Elektra’s jaw dropped in her mind. “It has a standard complement of two hundred sixteen coarlskippers and up to thiry yorik-trema landing craft. It has a troop complement of 4,640. Sir they are hailing us.”
“On screen,” Elektra replied. The face that appeared on the screen was hideous but Elektra showed no sign of it. “Greetings Supreme Commander.”
“Your knowledge of Yuuzhan Vong rank honors me. I wish that I could do the same honor,” the gruesome looking commander stated.
“I am Countess Elektra Seleplain of Fleet Task Force 34.”
“I am Supreme Commander Greshnac of the Yuuzhan vong Assault Fleet Alpha-Omega Nine. I offer my greetings to you and your fleet. May I ask what you are doing in this space?”
“Yes you may. We are here on a mission of exploration and discovery.”
“Well I wish you the best of luck in your mission and I hope you find what you are looking for.” With that he cut the transmission. Elektra was very glad that that was over. She couldn’t have kept up that charade for much longer.
“Countess, the Yuuzhan Vong ships are entering hyperspace. They are gone.”
“Very well. Order the fleet to stand down from general quarters but to keep on a status of Yellow Alert. I will be in my Ready room if any one needs me. You have the Bridge Mr. Jones.”
“Yes Sir, I have the bridge.” With that Elektra left the bridge and went to her ready room. Her counsel was sitting on the tale she turned it on. She tried to send a message to Warmaster Rugar Nukkles. It didn’t go through. The computer stated that no messag could be sent. They were completely cut off.

21 August 2006, 06:42 PM
She tried to reach Royal Command just to make sure there wasn’t a mistake. It didn’t work. They were in true seclusion. She had to figure out a tactful way to tell the crew about this latest development.
As she was considering there was a buzz came over the intercom. She answered it. It was the Ensign asking for her to return to the bridge. They had found out something that was very interesting. She straightened up her uniform and headed out to the bridge.
“What is it Flag Captain,” Elektra asked.
“Our sensors readings have determined exactly were we are,” Mr. Jones said, “we appear to be in the delta quadrant, over seventy thousand light-years from our previous position.”
“I want to call an emergency meeting of all officers in the conference room in twenty minutes. Ensign, contact the fleet and tell them to hook up video links to our sensors and feed them to the conference room.”
“Yes Sir.” Elektra went to her quarters and changed into a fresh uniform. She then checked her chronometer. She would arrive ten minutes early. Early was always good. The turbolift took her to the bridge and she glanced over at the Ensign. He nodded to her. She went in to find the officers there and all the links working perfectly. She sat down at the head of the table.
“We have been presented a situation of properties unimaginable. There is no way will be able to rectify this if we are not all on the same page. To begin I have tried to contact Royal Command. I believe that because of the anomaly we went through our communications will no longer transmit through. Also as many of your sensors have probably picked up we are over seventy thousand light-years from the point we entered hyperspace.” There was a pause as she was considering her next sentence. “The anomaly is very odd. My chief science officer is researching it now. He hopes to get enough information for us able to penetrate it. There is a chance that we won’t be able to, but I will do everything in my power to get you all back safely to your families. If you have any questions you may state them now.”
“Do we know anything about the Yuuzhan Vong fleet?” a Captain asked.
“All we know is that they are in the same quadrant as us. They went into hyperspace after they talked to us. That could mean they have a way out or they know haw to navigate in this quadrant.” No one else had any questions. She dismissed then and ordered that all the science personnel study the anomaly and combine their findings. She hopped that they would find something of importance. That’s all any one could do know.

23 August 2006, 09:03 PM
They studied the anomaly for almost a week with no interruptions or new findings. The Yuuzhan Vong Fleet didn’t come back. They could not detect anything at all beyond medium range. That was all because of the anomaly. She hoped that they could adapt to that.
At that very moment she was going through scenarios on the computer in trying to go through the anomaly and the outcomes. So far she hadn’t come up with anything conclusive except that it was impossible.
Her science officer took her away from the hopeless situation just to be faced with another. They had learned that the anomaly stretched as far as senor range could pick up. They had readings on it and some working theories. She hoped that those theories would turn into laws very soon. It was lowering morale to a huge extent.

25 August 2006, 08:47 PM
Elektra was in her Ready Room when she received a message from one of Missile Cruisers. It simple read, “Contact”. Ever since the Yuuzhan Vong fleet had arrived Elektra invented a communication system that was all based on one-word phrases. She hoped that this “Contact would help them.
She came to the bridge and took the conn. She knew that it was unpractical for the Fleet Officer to control the Flagship, but she felt so useless if she didn’t. She contacted the remaining ships surrounding the Flagship. They began to execute a simple battle maneuver. She hoped that they could identify the “Contact” before they found them.
“Ship is moving to show us their port broadside,” the Midshipman now manning ops reported.
“Acknowledged,” Elektra began, “do we have an I.D. on the ship?”
“Not yet sir.”
“I want one very soon. In the meantime execute Elektra beta three. I want all weapons powered up and shields at full.” The deck plates could be felt beneath the feet of the bridge crew as the maneuver happened. The ships passed each other and were ready for battle. She hoped that they wouldn’t have to fight, but she would if she had to.
The ship began to move to weapons range. It showed no sign of trying to communicate. It also didn’t appear to be attacking the fleet. She hoped that it wouldn’t.
“Sir I detect a power surge on the ship. The computer doesn’t register the engine signature with any none record.”
“Thank you Ops.” Elektra turned on her battle screen at her counsel. The power surge originated in the forward section, and seemed to be growing. It seemed to powering something that required a large amount of power. She didn’t know if it was a weapon, but she didn’t intend to find out. “Are there any readings of shields?”
“No Sir.”
“All right, weapons control, target the forward weapon array.”
“Ready sir.”
“Fire port broadside.” The ship shook as the lasers speed towards the target. The percussion of the hit could be heard and felt through all the ships of the fleet. “Order all ships to ready weapons on target but not to fire unless ordered”
“Yes sir,” ops replied. The ship took the hit and continued to speed forward. What was odd was that the ship appeared to take no damage. The power surge went away as a weapon mounted on front of the ship shot a surge of energy towards the fleet. It hit the flagship and all of the surrounding ships. Immediately all electrical systems went down. All except life support.
“Is everyone all right?” Elektra asked.
“No injuries Sir,” the Mr. Jones began, “It appears that there was no physical damage.”
“Status of the ship and fleet?”
“We have lost control of all systems. It appears that we were hit by a massive EMP pulse.”