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Dark Lord Okan
17 August 2006, 10:09 PM
This is merely a synopsis for a story that's been hauntng me for a while. Thoughts and comments would be appreciated before I actaully start work on the story itself (this is actaully a story synopsis that I planned on writing for a campaign on roleplayingames.net a couple months back, but never felt it strong enough for a game idea).



Dark Lord of the Sith
Dark Overlord of the Tirinis System


The Prologue

4,977 years before the Battle of Yavin, two Sith lords hailing from the planet Korriban named Des Dakkaar and Lio Kalgaran escaped the Jedi persecution of the Sith Cult by retreating to what was then considered the Unknown Regions. In what would come to be called the Minos Cluster, the two powerful Dark Lords slaughtered all those they came across, perfecting the vastly powerful Force skill of draining the remaining life energy of the dying. As the two went about their onslaught of the resource poor sector’s numerous indigenous persons, they recorded their conquest in a series of four individual holocrons.

Jedi Knight Claire Sinsay, a strong-willed young woman who vowed to her fellow Jedi to slay the Sith at all costs, traced the evil actions of the Sith warriors down to the barren wasteland world of Vercidia II, where the conquest of the Dark Lords had killed nearly three thousand of the native near-human Vercridians. Though her powers were strong, she was nearly defeated by the pure evil of the seemingly immortal Dakkaar and Kalgaran. Aided by the remaining Vercridians, Sinsay eventually destroyed the Dark Lords despite the sacrifice of her left arm, and took with her the four holocrons possessed by the Sith as proof of their defeat.

While in the safety of her transport ship in hyperspace, on its journey back to Coruscant, Claire Sinsay tried to open the holocrons but had no success. As she began to manipulate each piece, she found that they fit together in a pyramidal shape that opened once it was assembled. It took the young Jedi over three days to figure out the configuration, and she recorded her attempts in a datapad documenting the holocrons and their unique, puzzle like quality. On the eve of the fourth day of the journey, she successfully completed the intricate pyramid.

Sinsay’s ship was found somewhere in the Inner Rim by a Republic patrol vessel weeks later. The ship had suffered a critical power loss and dropped out of hyperspace, and while all on board were dead, Claire was incoherent and mute, her eyes colored entirely black as though she only had pupils. Her skin had acquired a striking white color, like that of a cadaver, and though she could not speak, walk, or even respond to her comrades, she would stare them in eyes as if she wanted nothing more than to utter one word to them. Her fellow Jedi could not even speak to her through their powers of sensory perception, and it seemed as though she were dead inside completely but still managing to retain minimal motor function.

She was institutionalized on Coruscant, and though she supposedly “lived” for 106 years afterward, she uttered only one word throughout the course of her miserable existence. When her former Jedi Master, Antavagus Prahn, came to visit her in the hospital she had been confined to, Claire starred at him for nearly two hours, opening her mouth as if to speak but only producing sounds of strained vocal cords. Finally she spoke, saying the word, “Zanai.”

Prahn, who had retrieved the holocrons from the wreckage of the disabled ship, hid them from everyone, including his Jedi companions, knowing that whatever lie inside the configuration was the absolute true evil of the Force. For almost 4,000 years, the secrets of the Pyramid of Zan’ai were kept hidden from the entire galaxy.


The Dark Lord Okan and the Crusade of the Sombre Circle

Nearly 1,000 years before the Galactic Civil War, approximately 987 years before the Battle of Yavin, a great and powerful Sith lord named Darth Okan rose from the remaining Sith members that survived the Seventh Battle of Ruusan to become one of the most powerful dark side advisories in the entire Known Galaxy. He was trained in the ways of Sith by an unknown master, but was believed to have once been called Cadrik Venrar. After eventually learning the sorcery and magical aspects of his anonymous master, he murdered his mentor and began a crusade against all Force users. The Jedi Knights were unable to pinpoint the deceptive Darth Okan, and thus began the Crusade of the Sombre Circle.

Darth Okan took it upon himself to become the true Sith master of the Force, vanquishing Force users, dark and light side alike, in the hopes of obtaining enough holocrons to become the ultimate ruler of the galaxy. In order to collect as many holocrons from as many different Jedi and Sith as he could, Darth Okan betrayed the sacred Sith law established by Darth Bane and began to train a group of disillusioned Dark Jedi in the ways of the Sith society. This group came to be known as the Sombre Circle of the Sith, a rather eclectic group of five Sith apprentices that were to do their master’s bidding and retrieve the holocrons Darth Okan needed to help further his power.

The Crusade of the Sombre Circle lasted nearly three years, allowing the already powerful Sith Lord Okan time enough for he and his dark side minions to gather eighty holocrons from Force specialists across the galaxy. The Jedi Knights at the time were distraught with the onslaught the remaining Sith had caused upon the Republic, and a mass campaign to exterminate the Sith once and for all was put into action. While the Jedi hunted the Sombre Circle, who vowed to protect their master at all costs, the young dark side Circle belonging to Darth Okan was destroyed.

To protect himself and the holocrons his apprentices had gathered, Darth Okan went into hiding in the Ord Karae System, on a planet bearing the same name. He retreated to the solitude of a labyrinth of caves overlooking the rest of the plateaued and rocky terrain, where he finally began to analyze the holocrons now in his possession to fully become the ultimate Force wielding Sith master.

Almost seventy years later, while Darth Okan still hid himself from the outside world becoming a vastly powerful and obsessively paranoid Sith master, an asteroid collided with Ord Karae causing catastrophic loss of life and horrific damage to the system’s only intelligible starport and major city. A relief effort from the Republic, comprised of a detachment of Republic guards and Jedi Knights, was dispatched from Coruscant when news of the disaster reached the Senate. Among the Jedi Knights were two young and extremely cunning Jedi named Victa Cado and Tev Weks, both adept men who were friends as much as they were comrades.

When Victa Cado arrived in the system, he met a woman named Renaya Skours who was part of the medical unit assigned to assist the relief effort. Victa fell in love with Renaya and wanted deeply for her to marry him, but she felt it was wiser that they concentrate on the mission rather than spend time with affection for one another. Cado was heart broken, feeling a connection with Renaya that even his own keen senses could not comprehend, and went about his duties thenceforth with a certain sort of malaise surrounding his heart. Meanwhile, the hidden Darth Okan felt a great turbulence in the Force, and knew that someone powerful was in his midst.

Lord Okan came out of hiding, more powerful and with a stronger grasp on the Force than ever before, but still emaciated and weak from his hermit living conditions and relative old age. He approached young Cado, introducing himself as a man who knew how the young Jedi could eventually impress the love he sought in his fragile heart, and win over her love no matter what. Victa, still somber and saddened over the ill treatment his love had given him, was intrigued by the Lord’s offering of assistance.

One night, when Cado was still troubled by disobeying orders and complying with the old man’s help in winning back Renaya, Victa went to Renaya’s cabin to tell her what truly lay in his heart, only to find her there with his friend and Jedi companion Tev Weks. Before she even had a chance to apologize, Victa ran off into the darkness, hoping somehow the old man would still be able to help him; and there he was, as if it were destiny.

Victa pledged his allegiance to Darth Okan, doing anything he wished as long as the Dark Lord helped him become powerful enough to take Renaya back and claim vengeance upon his now former friend. The Dark Lord promised Victa all he wished, as long as he served his new master’s bidding without question. As Victa agreed unquestionably, he took upon the name Darth Kuum.

In a series of trials lasting nearly four months, including the imbibing of a rare poisonous seed that was traditionally used on the planet Tanghin for the purpose of conducting ordeals and detoxifying it to prove there was no guilt in Kuum’s actions, along with numerous Force-induced hallucinations causing the young but powerful Jedi to become all but numb to the emotional affects of the outside world, Darth Okan transformed the young Cado from a charismatic, yet emotional Jedi Knight to a completely loyal, obedient and equally sadistic Sith apprentice. Darth Kuum was cut off from the outside world, allowed only to train and view the holocrons his master had so meticulously collected through the years. In a series of lightsaber duels with his master, only meant to build anger and fear of his teacher, Darth Kuum was sliced from the left corner of his mouth all the way to his ear, a scar that would prove to be his most memorable feature. In a final duel, the young Sith apprentice slayed his master in an action that Darth Okan had already foreseen, gladly taking the inescapable to have his protégé gain the abilities and power Okan wished he had had when he was younger. Darth Kuum took the holocrons his former master had once possessed, and returned to the Republic encampment near the starport of Ord Karae Center.

When Darth Kuum arrived back at the camp, a number of Jedi Knights, including his former companion Tev Weks, had grown disturbed with the young Cado’s absence and confronted him immediately. The now powerful Dark Lord of the Sith, a master of the dark side of the Force as Darth Okan could only have dreamed to be, dispatched of the pitiful band of Jedi without recount. When Tev Weks, perhaps the most capable of the Jedi, laid down his lightsaber and tried to calm the restless Darth Kuum as not to upset him, the Sith lord drew upon his own lightsaber and decapitated the naive Jedi Weks. Darth Kuum went to Renaya, who was in tears at this period of the onslaught, and asked for her hand in helping rule the remainder of not only Ord Karae but the entire galaxy. As she wept, she told the Sith lord she no longer knew Victa Cado and that the only two men she loved were now both dead. Kuum approached her as if to comfort her, then extended his lightsaber through her heart, giving proof to the single most important code his master had taught him: “There is no such thing as innocence, there is only guilt. The persons who believe in innocence will fail, but those who succumb to effortless guilt are empowered.”

Darth Kuum then hijacked a Republic transport and blasted his way out of the Ord Karae System, where he was intercepted by two Republic frigates. Through enough volleys of turbolaser fire, Kuum’s ship was eventually disabled and the Dark Lord was forced into evacuating in an escape pod. The Republic tracked the pod as landing on the the second moon of the Tirinis System, a barren world with an abandoned starport that had not seen civilization in nearly 200 years.

With 72 of the eighty holocrons his former master had collected, Darth Kuum slaughtered those that came before him on the planet of Tirinis II, enslaving the remaining persons who worshipped him as if a god, and constructing a temple in the spaceport’s central minaret-like guidance tower. For the next two months, Kuum studied the holocrons he had not already seen in his training, all too intrigued by four of the devices he was unable to open. Spending all his time attempting to solve the four elusive pieces’ configuration, he eventually completed the infamous Pyramid of Zan’ai and opened its Pandora box...

zappo inc
18 August 2006, 12:40 PM
though i'm sad to learn you're not running this as a game (it sounds like a good maddening campaign for players to struggle thru), i look forward to reading more...(but, surely, you have players somewhere who would leap at the chance to take down the pyramid of zan'ai and it's evil, no?)

4 September 2006, 10:04 PM
Really interesting. I'm waiting for more.

23 September 2006, 01:54 PM
Uh, hello? still waiting.