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6 September 2006, 01:15 PM
Rachael looked at the men in front of the door. They were the ones that told which ones and when to go in. She hoped that she passed the test. At least that was what her father had described it as. He said that she was being taken away to take a test, but she would see her family again. She also hoped that her father would be proud of her.
Rachael was a three years old and inside the Jedi Academy on Yavin. Master Luke Skywalker had been killed over one hundred years ago. The Yuuzhan Vong had come and went. Now the Academy was looking for more Jedi. The Sith presence in the Galaxy was almost gone. Many Jedi that had turned had been killed and rid of the galaxy.
Rachael looked dumbfound as one of the men motioned for her to come in. It took some coaxing, but she did eventually go in. There were people of different species sitting in chairs in a circle around the room. They all wore the same kind of cloaks. One of them motioned for her to stand in front of him.
“What is your name?” he asked.
“Ra…Rachael,” she stuttered, “sir.”
“Well, Rachael we have some test’s for you. If you can’t answer some of the questions don’t be embarrassed. It happens a lot. Are you ready to begin?”
“Yes sir.” The test lasted longer than normally. The men outside figured that they had found a force sensitive child. She did come out, but unlike most of the other children she was being lead out with one of the masters.
Outside they went to her parents. Rachael pointed them out and ran to her parents. The Master followed and introduced himself.
“We discovered something interesting,” the Master began, “your daughter answered all the questions right. So we proceeded with a Mediclorian test. The levels were higher than that of Anakin Skywalker. She has been enrolled in the Academy and will start as soon as possible. You are allowed to visit her anytime. Once she gets older she can come and see you as often as she wants.”
Rachael didn’t understand what they were talking about. So she ignored it until they got home. She asked, and her parents avoided the question and gave her something to do. She forgot about it until they told her that she had to pack for a very long trip. She didn’t understand it until her mother and father left her at the Academy crying.
She was lead to a very nice room that she shared with three other children her age. She was very shy and didn’t introduce herself. They seemed to be the same way. It looked as their parents had left them here as well. Rachael felt truly alone for the first time in her life.
Fifteen Years Later

Rachael looked at the Masters in front of her. She had just completed the Trials for the rank of Knight. She had thought that she did very well. But the room was filled with confusion and uncertainty. She didn’t let on to the Masters that she was sensing the feelings that they were projecting.
“You performed most excellently in the trials,” the head Masters commented.
“Thank you Master,” she replied. The compliments were basically the same all the way around until it came to the teacher of sword fighting.
“I was wondering where your anger was coming from?” he asked.
“I don’t understand Master?” she stated bewildered.

6 September 2006, 01:16 PM
“During your sixth sword fight I sensed a rush of anger in you that allowed you win the nest four fights. What was it?”
“It was more of fear than anger Master.”
“Yes, but fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering.”
“Yes Master, I will meditate on that and try to release the fear from within me.”
“And I will help you do this.” With that the Counsel announced that she had been given the rank of Knight. There would be a ceremony in four hours. They also told her that all of her roommates had passed as well. She couldn’t describe the feelings she was feeling now. They were of such joy that it radiated to all the Masters in the room.
Rachael bowed to the Masters and left the room. All she passed on her way to her dorm felt the joy in her. They all got a little bit of the joy she felt. Just like in the Counsel room her joy radiated to everyone else. She continued as normally, completely unaware of the effect she was having on everyone else around her.
She entered her dorm room and saw the rest of her friends already in there. There were three of them, but all four of them had tested and passed the Jedi Knight Trials.
The one to her immediate left was Idina her best friend. When Rachael had first come here it was Idina who was the first to befriend her. They were in most of the same classes. They did everything together. She was originally from Courscant. Her parents were both human. Her childhood had been very average; she grew up in a middle class family. She was taken from her family at three but it didn’t seem to bother her.
On the other side of the room sat James. He was a year older than the rest of them. He was a very talented swordsman. He rivaled some of the Masters. He was human as well. He had grown up in a rich family. His family had always visited him when he was young. He had always hung around Idina when there were teenagers. Rachael secretly knew that he loved her. He hoped that he would act on his feelings sooner rather than later.
In front of Rachael sat Mark. He had come to the Academy from the slums of Wayland. He had been found by one of the Masters who had taken him as an apprentice. But luckily they had stayed at the Academy. Rachael was especially glad that he had stayed around. She liked him very much. He was the one person in the entire Academy that she couldn’t read. She almost liked it that way.
These were her closest friends. They had endured a lot together. Now they were about to go their separate ways. The thought had just hit her. Her feelings went from extreme joy to grief. That feeling also radiated to the others. They began to see it as well. They looked at each other.
“I had never though about that,” James commented.
“I hope that we are not giving assignments for some time,” said Idina.
“They couldn’t give us assignments that are too far away, they wouldn’t.”
“I don’t know, all I know that if we continue talking here we are going to be late to our own ceremony,” Mark began, “and personally I want to be on time for one thing before I leave this place.” They all laughed and headed out the door. James and Idina met eyes on the way out, and continued their way. Rachael just smiled. She could fell a spark.
They entered the room and sat down just as the Ceremony began. The Masters called all of the ones who attempted the trials and then kept the ones who passed on the stage. He gave a very long and meaningful speech. There was a word about each of the Candidates.

6 September 2006, 01:17 PM
“I would like to announce the missions that have been assigned to the new Knights,” the Master announced. He went through the list by dorm rooms. They were all on edge. “In this dorm there has been much talent and disappointment. That is to say that they never seemed to honor the times set down,” he paused as the laughter in the room subsided, “Anyways, they have all been given assignments. James is to work with Idina on a mission on Courscant. They will investigate a recent terror plot.” Rachael smiled to herself. She was glad at least that they would be together. “Mark will be going back to Wayland to investigate a Imperial spy network operating there. And finally Rachael’s mission is a very special one. It is top secret at this point. It does involve infiltrating and thing of that nature. That is all I am able to disclose.” He continued on with the missions, but Rachael was thinking about her mission. It sounded dangerous and exciting. She began to get jumpy. As consequence the entire audience began to feed off of her emotions.
She quickly controlled her emotion. The crowd went back to normal and not aware of anything that went on. She was still feeling confused herself but at a lower level. She didn’t understand her mission. She was by no means a exemplary student. Why wouldn’t they give a mission like this to James or someone who was more qualified?
She hoped that she would get more information on it. She also hoped that she would be able to see her friends and visit the Academy now and then.
“Congratulations Rachael,” Mark said. Idina ran to her and hugged her.
“I hope that you will be able to see us when you can,” she stated.
“So do I,” she remarked.
“Rachael come here please,” a Master beckoned. Rachael said goodbye to her friends, then she headed to the Master.
“Yes Master.”
“I am Master Trichina. I am the one who is responsible for your assignment. I watched you in training and looked over your tests. You are exactly what I was looking for. You have the right qualities that we need as the informant.”
Rachael was even more confused than when she had first heard her mission. Her confusion must have affected him.
“That is the exact quality we were looking for.”
“What do you mean?”
“Have you noticed your ability to project your feelings to others?”
“Now that you mention it, I have noticed that when I have a emotion that is particularly strong others around me share it. Also I can sense the feelings of almost everyone in the Academy.”
Those are the traits we were looking for.” After that he motioned for her to follow her. She followed still as confused as ever. But she hoped that he would explain more. Before she knew it she was in a transport that was bound off planet. She just stared as Yavin shrank into the distance.

6 September 2006, 01:18 PM
“Alright, now that we are out of orbit I can explain your mission in its entirety. You have been chosen for a mission that will take you into the heart of a Sith hierarchy. You will have three Masters covering your true intentions. We have tried to infiltrate many Jedi into this organization. None of them have gotten back to us. We hope that they are still alive so you are able to bring them back. Your primary mission is to infiltrate and report anything that would be of interest to us.”
They at in silence for the longest time, Rachael couldn’t do anything but nod to him. The graveness of the mission hit her like a ton of bricks. She felt very sad, but not for the mission. No, she felt sad for the people who had probably lost their lives on this same mission, she felt sad because she had not sad goodbye to her friends like she would have like to, finally she felt sad for her parents. Every time they had come to see her at the Academy she had ignored them. She was so angry with them because they had abandoned her in the Academy.
She began to fear that she would never see the ones she loved again. Her fear was so potent that Master Trichina was getting very edgy. She sensed that he feared her. She tried to control her emotions, but to no avail. Out of the corner of her eye she could see his hand reaching for his lightsaber.
Before she could even think about what she was going to next he drew and ignited his lightsaber. He slashed here and thrust there. Angela finally got her lightsaber out and ready. H swung towards her head; she easily parried it and came back with a thrust to his abdomen. It began to turn into a standoff. She sensed this and drew on something that had helped her to pass her Jedi Knight trials.
Her anger towards her parents came into her. She caught his slash towards her legs and spun it upwards. She spun the lightsabers two or three times before she threw it back towards him and spun low to the ground with her whole body. Then as she began to face towards him her blade came with a straight thrust to his chest.
The blow hit him hard. It was still on training mode. The shock of the blow knocked him out. She checked him; he was out cold. She quickly stowed away her lightsaber and proceeded to the cockpit. Why would he attack her like that? Her feelings went from fear and anger to confusion.
She entered the cockpit to find the copilot dead in his seat and the pilot over him crying and looking confused.
“What happened here?” she asked.
“I don’t know,” he stuttered, “one minute we were cruising in hyperspace the next I was over his body with a blaster pistol. I don’t even know where we were going.” It hit Rachael like a durasteel wall. She had been feeling fear when Master Trichina had attacked her. She was projecting her emotions to the ship. She began to compose herself. She got the pilot back in his seat and doing what he was supposed to. She decided to check on the rest of the crew.
She found much the same thing in most of the compartments. Men and women complained that they suddenly felt fear of the people next to them. Then they felt anger and some of them even killed some of the people in the room. Rachael was feeling incredibly guilty about all this. It was her fault that some of…all of these people had died. Her guilt leaked out to the crew. They began to cry and yell at her that they didn’t mean it. She had to get her feelings under control.
She moved from compartment to compartment to make sure everyone was all right. Keeping control of her emotions as the hardest thing she had ever done. She knew that she projected emotions, but they were never this potent. She couldn’t understand it but she didn’t let her emotions affect the crew.

6 September 2006, 01:19 PM
For the rest of the voyage she was with the pilot. She wanted to make sure he completed his tasks and she would know if another one of her emotions would have an effect like it did before. Master Trichina regained consciousness, and didn’t remember a single thing. His was with her in the cockpit.
The rest of the voyage went normally. No more overcoming emotions were reported. She hoped that she could learn the secret to control her emotions. She had wished that the Master of Sword fighting had come and helped her to control these emotions.
They came out of hyperspace and reported to the customs of the planet. Customs was wondering why they had received a message from hyperspace. This confused the pilot, Rachael and even the communications officer. They asked what the message said. It apparently had been a message from the communications officer stating that there was a emergency on the ship.
“Is everything all right now?” customs asked.
“Yes, we have sorry for the inconvenience.” The pilot replied.
“Very well, you are cleared to land at pad four.”
“Thank you Customs.” The pilot guided the transport to the pad they gave him clearance to. After that Master Trichina asked that I wait outside. He apparently had something to say to the pilot. He came out after a few minutes. Then they proceeded to the main building that the Jedi were helping the police. There she was introduced to the other two Masters. There were several other police officers, and she was introduced to each of them. Then they brought her into a secure room to disclose more delicate details.
“I am chief of security her in the city,” he began, “we contacted the Jedi when a brutal murder was reported by the hands of someone with a red lightsaber. After that five other Jedi have been assigned to this mission. Two others went into the same place we hope to get you in. They have not returned and we have had no contact. There are many points you will have to keep in mind. One of them is that you are dealing with Sith and not normal criminals. We have no idea of their motive in the city. Next you must not contact us until you have gotten to a point in the hierarchy where they will trust you.”
“This is one of the things that still has a promise for us. One of our informants has never contacted us. He might still be alive and in the order. Lastly we need all the information you can give us on locations or activities of the Sith. With your help we can finally end the fear they are creating throughout the city.”
Rachael looked at the chief and then at the Masters. She understood completely what she had to do. Now she was afraid of the mission, but she quickly stowed away her feelings as to not affect everyone around. She hoped that she would be able to complete her duties.
“I will perform my duties to the utmost proficiency. I hope that I am able to revel the threat that is present here.”
“Good, I will set you up with the undercover branch of the office with the proper clothes and accessories as needed.” With that he left the room with a crisp bow. Now the Jedi were left together in the room. They talked to her for a little while. As they were speaking to her, her mind went to a point in her past.
She was fifteen and with Idina. They were running late as usual to a class. They began to run down the hallways. As they turned the corner they saw the one person they didn’t want to see. It was Master Skein, the hall monitor.

6 September 2006, 01:20 PM
He was the meanest instructor at the Academy. He also hated when people were late. They just looked at him with the most innocent looks they could conjure up. For a while there was nothing said. They just stared each other down.
“And what would you two ladies doing?” he asked in almost a kindly manner.
“We were just an errand for Master Slovak.” Rachael courteously replied.
“Well, you won’t mind if I escort you to your class and check up on that?
“He isn’t in his classroom right now.” Rachael stammered.
“Oh he isn’t is he?”
“That’s right Master Skein,” Idina interjected, “he is mediating and that was why he asked us to run an errand for him.” Master Skein looked at them then continued on his way. Idina and Rachael mouthed a “thank you” to one another.
Rachael can remember run-ins with Master Skein on many other occasions, with and without Idina. When she wasn’t with Idina the visits were much harsher. Not many of the Masters thought fondly of Rachael, she threatened them all. Her powers were so immense that all the Masters despised her.
She began to cry while the three Masters were trying to explain her mission from the eyes of the Counsel.
“Are you listening to Master Trichina?” asked Master Yoking.
“Sorry Master I wasn’t paying attention, could I ask you to repeat that,” Rachael replied.
“I was saying,” Master Trichina, “The Sith have proven to be very violent. There have been robberies in almost every bank, jewel store, and weapon cashes in the city and surrounding areas. You will not have to be on the top of your melee combat, but ranged and hand-to-hand as well. Some of that can be taught by the police force, but us three will teach some of the finer parts.”
Rachael nodded to the Masters. They escorted her to a room where two women were waiting for her. They were evidently part of the undercover branch of the police force. They began to take measurements for her clothes that she will be wearing from now on.
This planet had a sun that was farther away then normally. That being so black was the color of choice for those who didn’t want to be found. So Rachael’s clothes were all black. Except for a shirt she wore underneath her black jacket. It was a green of truly memorizing properties. She really liked the outfit. The women objected to the green shirt, but Rachael insisted on it.
After that they began to give her all the necessary items she would need. They gave her a special holster for her lightsaber. It was black as well. Also they gave her a shoulder harness se up for a highly illegal blaster pistol. The blaster pistol itself was fitted perfectly to her. They also gave her some credentials. Luckily for Rachael they had just changed her last name. She quickly memorized all the information she needed to know.
After that they gave her the card key to a rather nice hotel room. She did a double check of her stuff before she headed out to the hotel room. She took a hover taxi to the entrance. She paid him with the money that the police officers had given to her. The man that was driving looked at her in a suspicious way.
“Are you new in town?” he asked. She still hadn’t figured what kind of personality she was going to portray. She decided to just act natural.

6 September 2006, 01:21 PM
“Yes, I am, do have any advice?” she returned.
“Well this is a pretty dingy hotel, I would recommend the Golden Crown. It is a bit more expensive, but well worth it. Then there is the bar down the street. I would avoid it at all cost…”
“What is its name?” He looked at her strangely. “S…so I now which one it is to avoid it.”
“The Dragon Pearl. It is the meeting place for the all the biggest crime lords in the city. It holds the worst criminals that society has ever seen.”
“Thank you.” With that she paid him and left the cab. She grabbed her shoulder bag and headed towards the hotel. She checked in with the front desk. They made sure she was who she said she was. Then they gave her the room number. She thanked him and headed upstairs to the room.
She slid the card on the panel on the door. It clicked and she opened the door. As she got in she shut the door and set her bag down quietly. She drew her blaster pistol and began to search the room. There was nothing out of the ordinary. There were no listening or video devices in any of the parts of the room.
She re holstered her pistol into its spot. Then and only then did she bring her bag in and begin to unpack. She put her clothes into the drawers built into the bed. Then she checked the kitchen. There was everything that she needed to make a meal, except the food. She would have to purchase some in the near future.
After she had called the front desk to order food she decided to make a visit to the Dragon Pearl. The food arrived not four minutes later. Then she put on her jacket with the shoulder harness underneath. With that she made sure that her lightsaber was secure and hidden from view. Satisfied she left her room ready to begin her mission. AS she walked down the hallway she had a memory from the days at the Academy.
Idina, Mark, James, and herself were eating lunch in the third year. They always ate alone because they felt better that way. As they were eating a boy from two years ahead of them began to bully James.
“Where is my lunch money today?” he taunted.
“I paid you the money I owed you,” he responded.
“I’m not talking about money you owe me. I just want money from you.”
“Then take this.” With that he flung his tray at the boy. He was stunned for a bit before he drew his lightsaber. Seconds after that we had all of our own lightsabers ignited and his group did the same.
Rachael couldn’t remember who struck first but the first thing she remembered was she was fighting with a upper classman who was a foot taller than her. He slashed wildly and randomly at her. Most of the blows she ducked and backed away. One came very close to her head. She brought her lightsaber to block it. As his lightsaber hit her blade it struck and slid down.
She recovered from the strike first; she brought hers around and slashed at him. He must have sensed it before she acted. He ducked safely out of the way. Her lightsaber came for a thrust towards his chest. He brought his bladed, pointed down across his chest. Their lightsabers were caught momentarily. They continued to fight each other with all there worth. The entire lunchroom began to turn onto a massive fight.

6 September 2006, 01:22 PM
The teachers eventually were able to stop the fight. Rachael and her friends and the bullies were brought to the office. They were sternly reprimanded. They all lost their free time privileges.
She quickly brought herself back to reality. She exited the hotel and flagged a cab. She told him the Dragon Pearl. He gave her a look of “are you sure”? Her return look must have satisfied him. He began driving. He dropped her off in front of the door. There was a long line going in. She didn’t know how she was going o get in.
She walked up to the front of the line. People were very angry behind her. They began to shout rather loudly. She continued her way.
“I have an appointment with someone very important,” she said very seriously. As she said it she handed him a large sum of bills. He looked at them then her. He stepped out of the way looking very happy. She nodded to him and proceeded into the pub.
Inside there were many tables and a bartender to her right. To her left were the dance floors. There were several shady characters sitting at tables. She sensed that the Masters were covering her loyalty to the Jedi. She hoped that it worked, as she drew on the force to tell her, which one was the one she should talk to.
The force said left on one of the tables near the bar. She looked that way to find one person that was were the force had indicated. She walked towards a table that was within hearing distance of the man. She sat down and waited for a waiter to come to her. A man dressed in a fine uniform came up to her and asked if she cared for a drink.
“I think I will have a Alderanian wine,” she responded. He hurried off and began to watch the man in front of her sitting at the table. She could sense the force running through him. He could obviously sense that in her as well. It was just a matter of time before one of them broke down and began speaking.
The waiter came back with her drink. She thanked him and gave him some credits. After he had left she continued her observation of the man. She could see the top part of a lightsaber protruding out of his suit coat.
“What are you looking for?” he asked. For a second Rachael didn’t respond; she didn’t know if he was talking to her.
“I was wondering what a Jedi was doing in this city,” she replied. That seemed to get his attention. He sat up and turned around.
“I could ask you the same thing, except I’m not a Jedi, I’m an outcast.”
“Well, we have at least one thing in common.”
“Then your question is still valid. I am here on business. What are you doing?”
“I’m here for leisure. I heard that this is a very nice bar.”
“Then you must have heard from an outlander.”
“Well, they have very interesting characters here, compared to all the other bars in town.”
“That I will give you. Don’t take this offensively, I can sense some very pent up anger in you.”
“You are very skilled. That anger is towards my parents. That was the thing that got me the title of outcast. I kept pent up anger and then used it on Master. There is one less Jedi Master at the Academy thanks to me.”
“You don’t seem to be having any grief about that. Were you a radical?”

6 September 2006, 01:24 PM
“You know I might be able to hook you up. Come with me.” He gestured with his hand to follow him, and headed out the door. She followed him out. On the other side of the door there was a speeder waiting for him. She bean to follow just to be stopped by a rather built up man. She looked at him, and in her head thought how easy it would be to take him down.
“Check her for weapons. I do expect to find some.” He began to search her. He found the pistol first. He gave that to the man in the speeder. Then he continued his search. She had thought about using the force to make him pass by her lightsaber, but the might attract attention from the man who knew she was an Outcast. He found that hidden in a pocket in her jacket. He finished his search, and found nothing more.
“She is clean sir,” he stated. He nodded and the man went to the front of the speeder. She got in the car and shut the door behind her.
“I figured that I could find a safer environment to talk business.”
“I understand”
“What are your fields of expertise? Sword fighting, gunslinger, what?”
“Well, let me think. Dueling obviously, I can sense the true feelings of almost anybody, including Jedi Masters, and I can blast the hat off a man over 100 meters away with that pistol you are holding.” He looked impressed, and she hoped he was.
The talking was then cut until the speeder came to a stop. Then he said two words only two words.
“Wait here.” With that he left the speeder and went through a door and disappeared. She noticed that he had left his bodyguard in the car with her. Wise move. They waited there for a good en minutes before someone came out the door. There were three people. One of them was the man she had meet. She didn’t know who the other two were.
She suddenly had a most agonizing pain in her gut. She could sense the dark side in such a powerful presence that it hurt. She figured that one or both of them were full-fledged Sith. She tried to hide the immense pain she was feeling. She desperately hoped that it would go away or subside.
“This is the lady,” the man she meet informed the two Sith.
“She seems like a find Chris,” one of the Sith said.
“Yes she will be a valuable asset,” the other Sith commented. She bowed humbly and meekly. She wanted to seem meek compared to them. The guard that was in the speeder was told to return her pistol and lightsaber. They lead into the building, and a new future.
Five years later
Rachael fingered her lightsaber as to intimidate her opponent. It must have worked, for they began to emanate fear. She began o think of a moment when she was afraid with Idina.
Her and Idina had been asked to go to the local pub to try and bust a drug ring. They were to be bait for the drug dealers. It took them little time to find out whom to talk to. They find the people and began in a drug deal. They were so afraid that the only thing that saved them was all the training at the Academy in how to hide your feelings.
They bought the goods and brought them to the local authorities to check if the stuff matched the other drugs they had seized from the group they were after. They were, and they were asked to stay on the assignment. After a month and a half on the project they found themselves captured and being held by the drug dealers. If they had the knowledge they have now they could have gotten out of it. But they had to wait there for the police and or the Academy. There was no telling what they would have done to them if they hadn’t come for them when they did.

6 September 2006, 01:25 PM
Rachael put that thought of fear into the mind of guy she was facing. These Sith had an interesting way of determining whom they trusted. If you wanted the position of someone higher up you had to kill him or her in combat. She had an advantage over all of them. She could put feelings into people.
That fear really showed on his face. He quickly ignited his lightsaber. Her purple lightsaber lit up right after his, and she assumed a defensive position in combat. He came charging at her with a low chest thrust. She pointed her lightsaber down and pun it in front of her knocking his blow harmlessly away. He lost his balance and stumbled, but Rachael recovered faster. She brought her lighsaber back to normal and sliced off his head.
There was applause through out the building. She got congratulations from everyone. Chris came up to her and shook her hand. The two Sith, who were named Lord Malachi and Darth Minter, also gave her handshakes on her promotion to the rank of Lady.
“Through the skill of combat we promote Dark Lieutenant Rachael West to Lady of the West,” Lord Malachi said. She bowed to him and thanked all three of them. They gave her the cloak of her rank. It was merely black, but it went well with her black and green outfit. She was very good at faking pride. Her five years on this mission helped her to perfect that.
The rest of the people left the room leaving the two dark lords, Chris, and her. They apparently had things to discuss with their new Lady.

9 September 2006, 07:55 PM
“My Lady you will be in charge of the West Side of the district,” Lord Malachi informed her.
“Yes my Lord. Hence the name?” she asked. He just chuckled. They brought out a map and began showing her areas of police patrol and more populated areas. She looked at it very intrigued. She studied the map, while at the same time she was wondering how they had gotten this information.
“The cops will not now that you have risen to this rank. I want that to remain so for as long as possible. Or at least until we have begun our plan,” Dark Minter explained.
“Yes Master,” she replied. Chris and Dark Minter left the room leaving Lord Malachi and Rachael alone. She looked at him. “What could he possible want?” she wondered.
“You have gone through the ranks very quickly. I can sense that you have much hatred of the Jedi. You also have a special talent that allows you to defeat your opponents very easily. I should like to deepen my knowledge of this power.”
He looked at her with complete sincerity. She smiled at shook her head. He bowed and headed to the door. She waited till he left the room before she gave a huge sigh of relief. That was the closet call she had ever had with Lord Malachi.
She left the room later and headed to her room. She had come accustomed to this in the five years she had been on this mission. There in the closest sat her uniforms of previous rank. They were a horrid reminder of the people she had killed.
But she did not let that get to her. If she had that would be the end of this massive game of charades she was playing. It was a gamble, except there was no folding and the anti was your life.
After she had changed she laid down in her bed. She had a lot for one day. Her sleep was not labored that evening. For some reason she did not feel guilty about the death she had caused. This feeling brought her back to a moment with Idina.
They were walking down the halls together. This was one of the times they weren’t late. As they were making their way they ran into someone that use to mean a lot to Idina. He was her boyfriend at that point. Trevor was his name. As they walked past him he stopped them. This was the one time that Idina would not want to see him.
“Hi Idina,” he greeted.
“Hi,” she said singsongly.
“I have… something to tell you.”
“Yes?” she asked
“I don’t feel for you anymore… sorry.” He left as soon as he had said it. Idina cryed right then and there. She looked at Rachael and ran. Rachael knew not to follow her, and let her go. She was already thinking about how she could get him back for what he did to her best friend.
Later that day Rachael sat with Idina in the class of sword fighting. Today they were to fight one another to show what they had learned. Rachael looked into the mind of the teacher. He had her pared with Idina. She had a different idea. As she gave him the idea of putting her and Trevor together he said it out loud.
Both of them stepped onto the mat. She made sure that she gave him a look of “I’m going to kill you”. He didn’t seem to be vexed. Rachael liked it that way. A command was given from the teacher and they ignited their lightsabers. The two blue blades glowed in the room of students.
Trevor moved first with an over the head strike. Rachael’s blade met it and countered with a strike to his side. Again parried they exchanged strikes and parries. A little while later Trevor brought his lightsaber around his back to use the force for a thrust. Rachael blocked it from the left side pushing it to her right. He pushed into it knocking her to the ground. She fell and immediately looked where he was. He was coming to her lightsaber above the head.
She waited precise seconds for him to get over her. She used her feet and put her legs on each side of his left leg. As she brought her legs together he took a tumble to the ground. She rose to her knees lightsaer high above her head. As she got to a striking postion she came down as hard as she could on his chest. She felt no guilt about that. Why did she fell none now?
She couldn’t understand it. She had no grudge against this unfortunate fellow. She had felt guilt every other time, why on this one? Her mind was spinning all through the night. And what a long night it became.
She got up not having slept a wink that night. Today she was expected she go to the new district. There she would begin the groundwork for the plan of the Sith. She hated it, but enjoyed it in every way. She couldn’t explain this sudden change of feelings. She hoped that it would not last and/or impede her judgment in the following months.