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13 September 2006, 06:22 AM
Well, this started out as a cutscene for the 22nd Regiment, a kind of "what's happening elsewhere in the Clone Wars" bit of fluff I wrote on the train this morning...and well, it got larger than intended, so I thought I'd post it here too.
(Plus this is my 5000th official post on the holonet so I thought I'd celebrate it with this brainfart :))

Eriadu System
Governor Tarkin watched the advancing separatist fleet from the bridge of the newly constructed Venator-class Might. As governor of Eriadu, his officers had told him he didn't have to partake in the battle, that he could observe and direct it well enough from the safety of his palace on the planet...but, as governor of Eriadu he had told them, that he could and would command the flagship and that he would teach the rebellious alien Outer-Rim scum that they could not attack his homeworld. That the price would be their lives.

V-19 Torrents and the newer ARC-170s poured from the Might's flight deck as the vast ship, flanked by a pair of Acclamators, Dreadnaughts and half a dozen Carrack cruisers moved steadily and relentlessly toward the CIS fleet.

Aboard the Trade Federation battleship Opulence captain Kaneh Mochi mopped his brow with a lacy hankerchief. The Republic forces advancing to meet Mochi's taskforce were larger than expected. Who's idea had it been to attack Eriadu anyway?
Ah yes, that new general. The cyborg.
Cut the Hydian, Mochi remembered Dooku's latest lackey ordering him in his rasping, gutteral voice, lizardlike eyes watching Mochi as he nervously perspired.
Despite his terribly uncultured attitude, Mochi thought, Grievous had proved a wise tactician. And a merciless one. Mochi had heard tales of what the cyborg did to captured Jedi. And how would he react if Mochi failed him here?
The foppish Neimodian stuffed the moist hankerchief back in his sleeve and adjusted his meiter as the Republic's foremost starfighters began to engage his droid vultures.
He gazed across the growing dogfight to his opposite number. The enemy flagship was an unidentified carrier, a vessel they had never encountered before; a long wedge of grey and red hull, seemingly squeezed in the middle, with not one but two high bridges.
Captain Mochi looked from bridge to bridge, wondering which held the Republic commander. Was he facing a Jedi today? A clone?
Beneath him the Opulence's deck shuddered as her batteries opened fire.

Eriadu System, Later...
Governor Tarkin watched, hands clasped behind his back, as the remnants of the smashed separatist fleet drifted through the void. A flight of ARC-170s strafed a fleeing CIS Hardcell, detonating it's engines before it could enter hyperspace.
Only the enemy flagship remained; battered and listing to starboard. Salvoes of missiles from the Might's flanking Acclamators streaked out and punched huge holes in the Opulence's hull, venting fire and bodies.
"Sir," the gruff voice of a clone spoke up from the port crewpit, "the Opulence is transmitting her surrender. She's launching escape pods."
The Might's captain; a young Alderaanian stood behind and to one side of Tarkin smiled, broadly. "Have the Justice and Magnificent cease fire. Use our tractor beams to collect escape po-"
"Maintain fire," Tarkin told the clone casually.
"Governor! I must protest! They are Neimodians," the captain argued; "they have no fight in them."
Tarkin nodded to the clone PWO and firing continued, were starfighters tasked with picking off the escape pods.
Only then did the governor of Eriadu and future Grand Moff of the Outer Rim turn his hollow-cheeked face to the young Alderaanian. A tough yet lesser man might have required a withering stare to countermand a captain's orders on his own ship, but Tarkin only glanced at the young academy graduate and his protests ceased.
Tarkin spoke calmly, almost conversationally, as a father to a confused child; "They had enough fight in them earlier today when they decided to tresspass in my home system."
He turned back to the viewport to watch the final act.
He would teach these barbaric aliens a lesson, a lesson in fear and ruthlessness. And no soft-bellied Alderaanian or other Core-Worlder would stand in his way.

15 September 2006, 12:53 PM
I like it, it shows what Tarkin was like during the clone wars, hints of what is to come in his later life and it's actually enjoyable to read (which is more than can be said for the stuff we're forced to read in English).

17 September 2006, 05:14 AM
Nice one Ronin
I read it with pleasure though it was a bit short so I expect you do have some more... bring them on.. :D

19 September 2006, 06:12 AM
Well, I did intend to just keep it very short :) I wondered about actually detailing the battle itself, but decided on just having the beginning and the end.
I do have another short story in the works, detailing a member of the 22nd...

19 September 2006, 07:08 AM
I do have another short story in the works, detailing a member of the 22nd...
I should have guessed.. what else.. :D

19 September 2006, 07:19 AM
:clonetpr:Indeed, indeed:clonetpr:
but actually it's a character that hasn't been seen yet, only mentioned briefly.