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15 September 2006, 01:15 PM
The Cruiser Crushing Grip sat in the center of the isolated system. Thousands upon thousands of light years from Coruscant, and the emperor's throne, the system was lucky to even have a Carrack class light cruiser. But soon they would have a star destroyer, a small fleet even, but that comes later.
The long range sensor gave a sudden blip and the ensign at the post paled. ”What is it?” demanded the aging captain. The captain was human as imperial protocol required of many of that rank. He was just past sixty and gray was beginning to creep into his temples. He had a proud regal chin and sharp features, but his most prominent feature was his eyes, so pale green they were almost white. They had a piercing gaze and it was with this he held the ensign.
“Report !” said the captain.
“Sir” said the ensign “I had a new sensor contact at the fringe of the system, it just disappeared but it was larger than a star destroyer. It was roughly circular. Computers have a ninety percent chance of an old droid control ship.”
“Where did it go?” asked the captain.
“Eighty-five percent possibility of it coming out of hyperspace within three thousand klicks from here.”
“Sith..., emperor's bla..., darn it” said the captain he tried to swear things that would get him demoted. He stopped right in time. The droid control ship had come out of hyperspace right on top of his ship. Immediately the bridge became chaotic, with dozens of voice competing with each other and wailing klaxons for prominence.
“SILENCE!” roared the captain's amplified voice. Silence was immediate.
“Sir?” said a questioning voice “Com message, in full holo too”
“Put it on” said the captain. A five eyed alien with a long face and a human body came into view right in front of the captain.
“Surrender your ship now” said the alien “and I will not have to take it by force.”
“An Imperial commander never surrenders” said the captain. Then to his gunnery officer he said “blast this.... thing out of space. “And Launch all TIE’s.” Before the officers could relay the order. What looked like waves of blue slammed into the shield.
Before even half had hit the shield, it imploded. waves of blue energy slammed into the Carrack. Every console on the bridge explode enveloping it in a lethal storm of shrapnel that instantly killed half the bridge crew. Other secondary explosions rocked the ship. Through the viewport the captain saw a huge barge. It fired several times and the captains ears popped. He heard the sounds of metal feet on metal deck and then fainted from loss of air pressure.

15 September 2006, 01:24 PM
Sorry for the double post, BUT.

This is and Infinities story, set Two years before the battle of Yavin.

Comments welcome!!!!

This little notice really wouldn't be appropriate to stick under my writing, the little teaser that I've developed so far.

So if I get a large negative responce then I'll stop.

16 September 2006, 12:10 PM
Yeah, looks interesting I'd like to see more.

(Exploding panels killing bridge crew? Smacks of star trek... ;) )

16 September 2006, 05:14 PM
never seen star trek. It happens to the crew of on of the SD's Taking on Lusankyna

16 September 2006, 05:41 PM
He awoke tied to high backed chair. Across from him was the alien he’d seen on the Holo transmission. He was flanked by two droids, with red markings, and 4 droids with yellow markings guarded the door. he looked down at his arm and saw a needle sticking in, connected to an IV. The alien spoke “Yes, you will tell us what we want no matter what”
“I’ll... Never .... Betray... The... Empire” the captain moaned.
“I’m afraid that that choice has already been made for you” countered the alien.

- - -

The sessions of interrogation blurred together until they became a black hole, which sucked the captains mind into it. By that time he’d told the Ion league all they needed to know.

- - -

They were called the Ion League. An organized Pirate Organization/Government they planned to rule the galaxy. Their rule would only be slightly better than the empires, but they were a long way from that goal. At this time their fleet consisted of

One droid control ship and associated craft

4 Carrack

3 Core systems dreadnoughts

6 Quaser Fire bulk carrier (Hanger version)

2 Republic assault ships and associated craft

2 Victory Star destroyers and associated craft

6 Marauder corvettes

2 Dreadnoughts

6 Corellian corvettes

4 Nebulan-B’s

The majority were modified to include many Ion cannons. These 35 capital ships carry 8 wings of 72 manned fighters, and 1500 droid fighters.

It was from the droid control ship, the flagship of the Ion league that Drakeil, the leader of the ion league sat. They were approaching the world the carrack was guarding, still undetected. They had been lucky really, catching the Carrack at the star of an extended patrol, so its absence wouldn’t be noticed. Suddenly the comm came to life.
“Unidentified fleet please state your purpose”
To his comm officer Drakeil said “Triangulate that signal”
To the government official he said “We have come to... Liberate the planet”
The official paled.
“Signal triangulated” Said the comm officer
“Signal the core system dreadnoughts to fire” Drakeil said. The CSD’s were over a thousand years old, but were still powerful in their retrofitted form, these weren’t to be mistaken for the more recent type of dreadnought, such as that, that made up the Katana fleet. These were blocky and among other things had been retrofitted with planetary ion cannons.
The transmission ended abruptly in static.
“Commence bombardment on spaceports and major population centers, Ion only” waves of blue began hammering the planet below
- - -

Attached is a picture of the commander of the ion league. I'm almost up to 900 words not much, but a good start. Again sorry for the double post, but i need to post an attachment

EDIT: IF the attachment just looks like a pale flesh coloured squiggly line then tell me, and ill try again.

22 September 2006, 09:26 AM
I like where this story is going, :D

22 September 2006, 09:49 AM
Looking good so far. Keep up the good work! :)

22 September 2006, 12:54 PM
thanks guys. So far the good out wieghs the bad, so I'll try and update soon

22 September 2006, 02:11 PM
Bodies. Odor. Death. Shattered skeletons of once proud buildings. Piles of fused metal. Planetary scale ion cannons could kill, could destroy. Most buildings were however intact, though less that 1% of the planet had power. Rescue crews were nonexistent, Militia members and partisans rarer. Death and enemy soldiers ruled.

- - -

In the months that followed, the survivors wished they’d perished. Forced labour camps were everywhere, resistance was futile. The majority of the work was at the shipyards, expanding them, and using them to build. In the following six months, the ion league extended it influence to a dozen worlds. Ships were being made, at a fevered pace. The Ion League’s first original design had been produced seven times, a ship a hundred meters in length, sporting a single planetary ion cannon, and four laser cannon turrets.
- - -

It was 1600m long. It carried 60 turbolasers, 60 ion cannons, and 10 tractor beam projectors. Soon it would carry 140 Ion cannons and 10 tractor beams. In its massive hold five squadrons of Twin Ion Engine starfighters, and a single squad of TIE/GT fighters rested. It was flanked by two other ships, with the same wedge design though considerably smaller. All three bridge’s were a riot of noise. Captain Fre Horat stared at the data projected on the bridge of his flagships, The Eviscerater It showed his escort's, the victory star destroyers Disembolwer and Iron Fist. He was talking with the captains. “Zsinj cover my starboard, Har my port.”
“Multiple enemy contacts jumping into system.” Said the gravely voiced and warty faced sensor operator. “I count two victory star destroyers, two republic assault ships, two dreadnoughts, three CS dreadnoughts, three Quasar Fire starfighter haulers, and on droid control ship. Also four contacts of unknown type.” The sensor officer stayed calm, despite the fact that the enemy had around three times the strength of the task force. An alien’s face appeared on the screen. He was the same alien that had captured a carrack cruiser four months ago. He was Drakeil, Leader of the Ion League. “Admiral this area of space is now mine. stand down, and prepare to be boarded.”
Fre laughed “Alien scum! The Emperor will have you killed. Your partly fleet will never prevail!” to his comm expert he said “Send the report to Imperial Center. I want the Emperor advised on the situation!”
The alien smiled. The Admiral grimaced at the display of teeth. “Oh, can it smash our partly fleet?”
A blue wave slammed into the bridge of the ship with no warning. Everyone's hairs stood up on end, and multiple consoles exploded. The ship shook as a wave of blue hit the auxiliary bridge. The lights dimmed as one hit the main reactor, then promptly failed as one hit the auxiliary. The artificial gravity wavered, then became barely noticeable. The hiss of the life support stopped. Fer saw his escorts in similar circumstances. “Get a team set up to repel boarding. NOW!!!” He shouted at his crew. “Use personal comlinks if you have to.”
“Yes, sir!” came a voice.
Fer smiled. they would have trouble boarding now.
“And tell engineering that I want power restored NOW!!!”
He was suprised at lack of response, but he saw that all the bridge crew were openmouthed, looking out the window. He turned and saw a single assault transport. It fired. The shards of class from the viewpoint exploded inwards, then outwards. The transport drew up to the broken view port, and extended a its docking arms. Before all the air had left their was a tight seal. Nothing happened. He waited for a few minutes before he had trouble thinking. his vision began to gray, before he understood. There wasn’t enough air!!! He tried to hold on but couldn’t. he spiraled into unconsciousness.
- - -

When he awoke, he saw his sensor officer, and the alien from the transmission. Both were smiling.

29 October 2006, 11:12 AM
the next chapter:

Just like the captain before him, Fre’s mind was destroyed by the many chemicals he was injected with. And just like the captain before him, he told the league all they needed to know.

- - -

Drakeil paced the room where the 12 High generals of the IL sat assembled. He began his laboriously prepared and rehearsed speech: “We’ve had much success against small and poorly defended worlds. We now hold most of the Minos cluster and Elrood Sector. But we need to capture a major world, or several major worlds, to achieve fear, and to increase our production capabilities. I propose a strike along the Rimma trade route. Our first stop will be the uninhabited Dagobah system, where we will establish a base of operations. Within three weeks of that, we will strike at Sluis Van, and capture the orbital and planet based ship yards. We will then capture Clak’Dor VII, and Eriadu. These worlds are decently populated, and have decent natural resources. Then, after we are secure in our victories, we will launch a massive assault at sullust, to claim its strong economy and huge deposits of minerals. Within 34 weeks if all goes well, we will be a major power to be reckoned with. After this massive assault, we will spend 18 weeks consolidating our hold. Yes, I little but a year from now, there will be none who have not heard of us. Then we will launch our most ambitious attack yet. We will Simultaneously attack Bespin, Ison, Varonat, Zhar and Alzoc III as well as numerous smaller worlds. This will leave us in control of a considerable amount of space, and the empire will launch a massive counter attack. We will lose ground quickly and the empire will take back Sullust. But, we will have in reality have given them it, for they shall not hold it for long. The Ion Star class battleship, which will be built into Sullust's moon will be fully operational, and will capture the whole Imperial strike force. with this power, we will conquer an area of space from Bakura to Rodia, then begin a continual expansion. With this plan, our lives work, the conquest of the galaxy, could be complete in ten years.”

Hewa, a female of Drakeil’s own species, which made up the large majority of the Ion League spoke. “I see one flaw in your plan Drakeil. What if the empire doesn’t launch a counter attack?”

Drakeil smiled. “Then the Ion Star strikes at Coruscant, kills the emperor and does massive damage to the planet and it’s defense's. This will drain the empire’s resources more, and probably start a civil war as the Moff’s fight for what was once the Emperors.”

Hewa leaned back with a smile. “Truly Drakeil, you are a master at strategy.”

The room broke into loud applause. The Ion League was coming.

- - -

Yoda was meditating. His home on Dagobah was his sanctuary, and the empire had not found him yet. Now, until is, that Yoda thought. A huge fleet had entered the system. The empire would try and capture or kill him. But something bothered him about the presences. Then he found it. He was certain that a large amount of the force was made up of non-humans Odd, it is. Palpatine, unlike it is the xenophobic Palpatine rarely used aliens as anything other than slave labor, according to Obi-Wan. If it wasn’t the empire, than who was it, Yoda wondered. He quickly destroyed his hut, then taking all that he could carry, he departed for a concealed home he had built, in case the Empire came. He’d learn more before acting.

- - -

The Dagobah base, nicknamed “Bug Bite” was set up quickly. A huge area, nearly 25 square kilometers, was drained and deforested. The Ion League was coming.

- - -
It was a beautiful day on Sluis Van. The sun was shining, and many children were outside playing. Adults were at work, waiting for there shifts to end so they could enjoy some sunshine with there children. The forecast looked pleasant for the next few days, Imperial taxes had been lowered slightly, and all in all, life was good, and the population was happy. That would soon change, The Ion Leauge was coming.

- - -