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Yan Kai
3 November 2006, 07:06 AM
Time of Her Life

“Too many times have I traveled to the fourth moon of Yavin, and the same number of times have I regretted it.”

Eriea looked over her shoulder at the sad-eyed Kulven behind her. “Oh be quiet Gav. We don’t even need to step out of the ship. Only the Jedi wants to have a look around.”

Gavrith turned his grey head toward the ramp of the large freighter. “I am afraid that I must say that my faith in this Jedi does not reach past my knee.” The alien sighed loudly, exaggerating the feeling of despair with his arms. “I fear that the Jedi will be unable to protect us from the dark beings that dwells in the forests of that forsaken moon.”

Eriea rolled her eyes at her shipmate’s excess of drama, Kulvens were known for it. She tossed a light metal crate in the cargo hold of the freighter. “Just help me load the rest of the cargo in, Gav. The sooner we load up the sooner we can leave Coruscant. And the sooner we leave Coruscant the sooner we can get to Yavin 4, and then the sooner we’re there the sooner we leave and get paid. So stop griping and let’s get going!”

Gav sulked as he slowly walked over next to her. He leaned down and picked up a crate with his long wiry arms. “Heed my words friend Eriea, this operation will prove most dangerous!”

Eriea shivered. Despite the fact that her friend always acted like this before an assignment, wether it was transporting a cargo of food between two planets less than a parsec away, or simply carrying a passenger from one spaceport-planet to another, Eriea couldn’t help but notice the extra sincerity he put into his voice. Gavrith was more on an edge now than any other time she could remember. Relax, she told herself. It’s not like Kulvens can foresee the future or anything. She heaved another crate through the hatch. This mission certainly wasn’t routine, but their passenger certainly wasn’t another poor bum without a ship either. They had a full-fledged Jedi Knight aboard. With him what could go wrong?

A voice behind her interrupted her thoughts. “Time to go you two. Let’s hurry it up a bit alright.” Eriea knew by the strong even voice that her Captain stood behind her now. Jam’mes Leire was actually the reason she joined up with this ship in the first place. She had heard about his skill as a commander, as well as some other things. Eriea found herself unable to resist looking over her shoulder at the tall, broad-shouldered man behind her. He had short light brown hair, so short that it looked like a military cut. He had piercing slate-colored eyes. He wore a white short sleeved shirt that was stretched against his large muscular frame; and always around his belt he wore a large blaster pistol.

Leire raised an eyebrow. “What don’t you understand about ‘it’s time to leave?’” He turned and walked briskly up the ramp. “Let’s get a move on!”

Eriea groaned as she went back to loading up crates. She was a small, and young woman with average looks. She had never done well in secondary school and didn’t even ever attend a university. Her skills as a medic were adequate at best. She had no doubt that Captain Leire was searching for a replacement for her, even though she had only been part of his crew for less than a year. Then she would go back to being the nothing that she truly was.

Eriea wiped her brow with her sleeve as she walked out of the hot sun into the coolness of their ship. She pressed the button to raise the ramp as she began to walk towards her quarters. “We’re ready to take off!” she shouted down the corridor towards the cockpit. As she rounded the corner she came face to face with a young man she hadn’t seen before. But one look at his white tunic and brown robes she realized that it was the Jedi. He wasn’t quite what she had expected however. “Um...are you the Jedi that’s supposed to come with us?” she asked, wincing as she did so at her own tone of voice. She hoped she hadn’t offended him.

“Apparently,” the Jedi said as he straightened his cloak. “Seeing how I’m the only Jedi aboard this ship and it’s taking off.” He walked around her. “Now please, don’t disturb me, I must meditate.”

Eriea watched in surprise as the Jedi continued down the hallway. He couldn’t have passed the trials more than a week ago! His black hair was still worn short and bore many similarities with the standard Padawan cut, minus the braid. Also the Jedi was scarcely larger than she was, a few centimeters at most. He hardly appeared to be the type that the council would send to a place like Yavin IV. Shaking her head in amazement Eriea continued on towards her quarters. As she did she passed the mechanic’s room. She poked her head through the doorway. She spotted the other sub-par crew member of the ship, Gek Rysar. He was a young scruffy man; fairly short and slightly over-weight as well. He wasn’t exactly useful on the ship, seeing how he couldn’t do much more than Captain Leire when it came to repairing things on the ship, but Rysar did free up some time for him by doing the mundane jobs that would otherwise occupy the Captain’s time. At the moment he was fiddling with one of the many computer outlets in the wall. As Eriea stepped in he spun around in his chair. When he saw her a large smile spread across his dirty face. Lifting his goggles he waved a greasy hand towards her.

“Hi Gek,” she said smiling. Despite his outward appearance he was a quite an agreeable man and was far easier to talk to than some of her other crew members, even for her, a generally awkward speaker. “Did you see the Jedi yet?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he answered, nodding his head. “I heard he’s pretty skilled with a lightsaber.”

Eriea raised her eyebrows. “Really? From who?”

“The Jedi.”

Eriea looked at Gek quizzically. “The Jedi told you that he was good with a lightsaber?”


She sat down on a small stool next to him. “So did he tell you anything about his business on Yavin IV?”

“No,” Gek replied. “And I didn’t ask him either. You know how I hate to be nosy.”

“Sure,” Erie said, nodding her head.

The two sat in silence, until Eriea finally stood up. “Well I’ve got to get going, nice talking with you.”

“Uh yeah, you too!” Gek said cheerfully.

Eriea shut the door behind her as she went out. She walked a few meters farther down the hallway until she at last reacher her room. She typed in ‘JammesLeire’ on the keypad and the door hissed open, then she entered her small room. She washed the dirt and grime off her face and out of her dark blonde hair. Dirt and grime that she somehow always acquired by simply standing in the mechanic’s room. When she felt at least semi-clean she collapsed on her bed. Sleeping was always a good way to make a long trip go faster...

Yan Kai
3 November 2006, 09:23 AM
Something I forgot to mention earlier,

Comments on the story are appreciated!

3 November 2006, 11:52 AM
good writing Yan

Yan Kai
3 November 2006, 01:54 PM
Thanks Tauchiss!

I'll post another section later today

Yan Kai
3 November 2006, 06:48 PM
Eriea sat down in the mess room between Gavrith and Svake Faladar. Svake was the last member of the crew, and other than the Captain he was the only competent one. He was a skilled combatant and an experienced survivalist. He had hunted the most dangerous predators on dozens of worlds. He was the oldest crew member, probably somewhere in his mid-forties. He was quiet, and rarely talked in full sentences, Eriea believed that he thought that it was beneath him to speak to her. She didn’t care for him personally, he was too cold and reserved for her taste. But nevertheless she appreciated what he contributed towards the team, something that Gek, Gav, and herself couldn’t, skill. So she just accepted him having a place on the ship, and she hardly ever saw him so he wasn’t a real problem.

“So Jedi,” Leire began.

“My name is Clairinian Dray,” the Jedi interrupted.

“So Clairi-,” Leire tried again.

“Just call me Dray,” the Jedi interrupted again.

“Dray,” Leire said with a forced smile. “Can you tell us anything about your mission?”

The Jedi shrugged his shoulders. “We’re already in hyperspace and it’s to much trouble to turn the ship around so I suppose it won’t hurt to tell you now.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Eriea asked.

Dray ignored her. “I was assigned by the Masters of the esteemed Jedi Council to investigate a Massassi Temple on Yavin IV. I am to search for a man there.”

“What would anyone be doing in a Massassi temple?” Leire asked. “It’s not exactly the type of place you’d want to spend time at.”

“Indeed it’s not!” Dray agreed. “Unless you’re a Dark Jedi who likes those sort of places.”

Eriea’s hand flew up to her mouth to suppress a gasp. The others at the table appeared shocked as well.

“So you can see why I waited until we were in hyperspace to tell you the details of the assignment,” Dray said nonchalantly.

“What the Sith do you think you’re doing setting us up to go against a Dark Jedi!” Leire asked in a raised voice that Eriea had never heard.

“Oh don’t worry,” Dray replied, still relaxed. “He’s not officially a Dark Jedi, seeing how he was never actually a part of the Jedi Order. No, he was actually trained by a whole host of Force- users. The ones that we know of are Kab’n Erelevus, a Force-sensitive devotee of the Sith. Especially the teachings of Sadok Valozan. Another man that trained him was Jedi Master Honan Sonn. A former member of the Jedi council who went the way of a hermit. Of course Master Sonn trained him at a different time than Erelevus. We also have reason to believe that this man was trained by members of the Teklii, Tish’kadai, and numerous other Force cults. We actually found him when he was taking dueling classed under the most skilled Adumarian dueler in the galaxy. And even then the teacher claimed that he had no idea that he was Force-sensitive. He graduated in two weeks after he easily defeated his teacher in blast-sword duel. The man is unmatched as a lightsaber fighter.”

“What’s he doing on Yavin IV?” Leire asked.

“Jedi Master and Council Member Saessee Tinn led a team of six of the most skilled lightsaber wielders in the Order against him. They were defeated without the slightest effort on their enemy’s part; Master Tinn himself told me. However Master Tinn was able to trap him inside of an escape pod, and he jettisoned it. This was right after the Jedi Masters’ grand fight aboard a star cruiser above Yavin IV. The pod reached the moon and that is the last we’ve heard of him for five years.

“With the reappearance of the Sith on Naboo the council is worried that the remaining Sith lord will discover his whereabouts. I’m being sent as a scout to find him while the Jedi Masters recover from the Naboo incident. Then the entire Jedi Council will come to deal with him.”

“What’s his name?” Leire asked.


“Never heard of him before,” Faladar spoke up.

“Well he doesn’t exactly advertise himself, and the Jedi have done their best to keep a low profile on him. Both of his known masters died several years ago, and there is no one else that knows him to our knowledge, save only his Adumarian teacher. But the small information we got from him was that Sihiris excelled in his class and proved that he was the far better fighter, probably he outmatched his teacher on day one of the class.”

“Why is it that we must accompany you on your mission? Is it not possible for you to take a ship from the temple of the Jedi to the fourth moon of Yavin?” Gavrith asked. His head tilted to one side. “I am to my eye-ridges in suspicion that the entire story is not being told here.”

Dray sighed. “I’ve been given direct orders from the Council not to engage him. Because I have just recently advanced to Jedi Knight they do not trust me to be on the same planet as him alone. It is an affront to my dignity but a good Jedi obeys the Council. Rather than bring another Jedi along I thought it would be a good idea to bring some mercenaries.”

“The members of my crew are not mercenaries, Jedi!” Leire said in a quiet but threatening voice. “The only reason that I am not stopping and turning this ship around is because it was never in the deal that we had to do anything other than stay in the ship while you look around. And that is what we’re doing, understood?”

“We’ll see,” Dray replied as a smile touched his lips. “As you can probably tell by now I have memorized all the reports and information the Jedi archives have to offer on Sihiris, and I have found one weakness that he has.”

The Jedi paused to take a sip from the glass that sat before him. “While he far surpasses any other being in the galaxy as a duelist, his skills with the Force are only slightly above mediocre. He’s no Anakin Skywalker. My Force powers, on the other hand, are well attuned and I do possess an above average number of Midi-chlorians. There I have the advantage.”

“What are you saying?” Leire asked.

“We can take him down.”

Eriea stood up. “Except he defeated seven Jedi Masters! What can we hope to do against him?”

“If we play this right, if we use our advantages, we can do this quite easily. Just follow my lead, and we can rid the galaxy of this threat!”

“Wait a minute,” Faladar said. “What exactly has this man done? I have heard no crimes that have been committed by this Sihiris.”

“That’s true,” Gek agreed. “Do we really want to go get on the bad side of the most powerful being in the galaxy? Especially if he’s a law abiding citizen?”

“The reason I haven’t spoken of any of Sihiris’s crimes is because there aren’t any,” Dray said flatly. “All he could possibly be accused of is the destruction of seven Jedi Masters’ lightsabers and slightly singing their hands. But that could be argued as self defense. No. We’re not after him because of what he did, we’re not trying to punish him. We are trying to keep him from falling into the wrong hands. This man is a weapon.”

Eriea sat in the cockpit of the ship, watching the stars streak by. She was still soaking in all that Dray had said about this man. It definitely wasn’t the type of situation she wanted to get involved in. But if everything went the way Leire said it would she wouldn’t ever be in any danger.

The Captain was sitting in front of her now, his strong hands resting firmly on one of the many levers that decorated the control board. “We’re coming out of hyperspace now at our destination,” he said over the intercom. He pulled the lever back and the white streaks turned back into the millions of pinpoints that were scattered throughout the blackness of space. Up ahead she saw the bright red-orange planed of Yavin, the smaller moons were also visible. Captain Leire piloted the ship around the planet and the moons until they arrived at the bluish green sphere of Yavin IV.

The freighter shuddered slightly as he entered the atmosphere. Eriea looked out the viewport at the many mountains and the seemingly endless jungle. In the distance large stone structures rose up from the trees, the Massassi temples. She wondered how one man could live alone on this planet; and she wondered if he was even still alive.

Eriea noticed Leire frowning over one of the screens. “That’s strange,” he mumbled.

“What?” she asked and leaned forward so she could see the screen more clearly.

“It’s picking up a large mass of metal about a kilometer from the nearest temple. Could be a settlement of some kind. I’m going to fly over it.”

Eriea nodded. As she leaned back in the chair she felt a small tremor move through the ship. As the got closer to the temple the ship began to shake. She sat up, “Captain?”

“I’m moving the ship away,” he said. “Hang on.”

The ship continued on its course. The shaking became more and more violent. “Captain?” she asked again.

“I can’t move it!” he responded.

Svake Faladar burst into the cockpit. “What’s going on?” he asked.

“Sit down and strap yourself in,” Leire ordered. “Something’s bringing us down, I’m going to make this landing as gentle as possible.”

Eriea couldn’t help but scream as the jungle rushed up to meet her. But before the ship struck the ground darkness overwhelmed her.

4 November 2006, 05:11 AM
Nice cliffhanger. Now you have me all anticipatory :)

Yan Kai
6 November 2006, 03:32 AM
“Eriea, wake up!”

Eriea felt a hand on her shoulder, shaking her.

“Wake up!”

She opened her eyes to see Gek Rysar standing over her. “Are you alright?” he asked. She grabbed hold of his extended hand and used it to pull herself up to her feet.

“I’ll be fine,” she breathed. She looked at her surroundings, she wasn’t in the cockpit anymore, but the chair that she had been sitting in prior to the crash was laying on the ground at her feet. The impact of the crash must of knocked her around quite a bit. “How’d I get here?” she mumbled to herself.

“I don’t know, I just woke up a few minutes ago,” Gek shrugged. “And you were lying on the other side of the mess room. You had a few cuts and bruises, a pretty nasty gash on your shoulder, but you didn’t look real hurt. I figured I’d let you sleep. But then I started hearing noises.”

Eriea straightened and immediately began to look around, but wasn’t able to see more than a few meters because of the darkness. “What kind of noises?”

“Something’s in the ceiling, well, it sounds like it anyway.”
Eriea glanced up, but she didn’t see or hear anything. “Did you get the others?”

Gek chewed on his bottom lip. “I don’t know if you noticed, but we’re sort of stuck in here.”

“What do you mean?” Eriea followed the stout mechanic’s gaze, and saw that the door and the walls around had been compacted by the crash. Also the ceiling was dented in considerably, nearly reaching half way to the floor.

They were barricaded in.

“How...?” Eriea trailed off.

Gek thrust his hands into his pockets and kicked a piece of debris that was lying on the ground. “Yeah, we must of had a pretty rough crash.”

“So we’re trapped in the mess room?”

“Well, we can walk into the kitchen too if we want. But it’s a disaster in there.”

“Have you even heard from the others?” she asked earnestly.

“Well seeing how every thing got all mixed up, for all we know they could be in the same situation we’re in.”

“Captain Leire will get us out,” Eriea said evenly as she could.

“I don’t know, the Jedi’s the one who has the lightsaber.”

“Captain Leire will be here any moment, then he’ll figure out how to open the door and rescue us,” Eriea turned a chair right side up and sat down. Gek sat down next to her, maybe a little too close. He still smelled like a mechanic. Eriea suddenly remembered the noises Gek had mentioned earlier, and she suddenly became very aware of the fact that she couldn’t see all the walls of the room. The darkness shrouded everything that was more than two or three meters away. That made for a lot of hiding places.

“Gek,” she looked over at him. “Do you have a glowrod?”

“Yeah, but I figured that we should save it,” he said. He un-clipped the cylindrical object from his utility belt. “Here.”

Eriea snatched it from his hands and quickly switched it on. She darted the beam back and forth across the room. The table had been smashed up against one of the walls, most of the chairs had been shattered by the crash. The remains of the meal they had finished now lay scattered about the room. But as far as she could tell they were the only ones in the room. She flashed the light up towards the ceiling. It happened that the beam landed on one of the vents. There was an inhuman shriek, and a sudden movement above them.

She screamed and dropped the glowrod on the floor, the light went off. She felt Gek grab her as she began to tip backwards in her chair. “Let’s go!” he shouted. Dragging her behind him he made a break for the kitchen. As they ran Eriea felt something catch her foot and she tumbled to the ground. She tried to roll to her feet but realized that her foot was caught in the remains of one of the chairs. “Come on!” Gek shouted. She managed to stand to her feet and she limped after him, the chair still stuck to her foot.

They both ducked into the kitchen. Gek punched the button, but to their horror the door didn’t close. “Power’s out!” he gasped.

“Oh no!” Eriea moaned.

“Come on!” He grabbed her wrist and pulled her behind the counter that sat in the middle of the room. She got down on her hands and knees to peer around the corner to see if anything had come through the door after them. But as she did so a sharp wave of pain traveled through her palm. Quickly she lifted her hand up to see that she had set them down in a pile of broken glass. She did her best to brush the pieces off on her pants, but several were stuck in too deep.

“Gek!” she cried.

“Yeah, I think I got some in my leg when I kneeled down,” he grimaced. “This might not have been the safest place to run to.”

Eriea’s voice quivered. “It’s safer than whatever’s out there.” She looked around the best she could in the darkness. About a meter away she saw a small knife laying on the ground. She reached for it, but it was just out of her grasp, and she didn’t dare move out from behind the cover of the counter..

“Do you have a blaster?”

Gek raised an eyebrow. “I’m a mechanic.”



Eriea exhaled. Out of all the crewmen on the ship she had to get stuck with Gek. Even the Jedi would be better, after all, he could probably use his lightsaber to cut their way out. Jam’mes Leire would have had everything under control, and if worse came to worse he could fight far better than this foul smelling mechanic. He was nice and everything, but being nice sure wasn’t going to help them escape whatever was stalking them.

Gek must have noticed the look of despair on her face. “It’ll be okay,” he said, offering the best words of encouragement he could probably think up. But it came out pretty weakly. “They’ll wake up in a few minutes and get us out.” Gek laughed quietly. “It’s not like the ship is that big of a place to search or anything.”

Eriea was starting to nod her head when the sudden noise of metal clanging to the group fill the room. Whatever was in the ceiling had knocked off the vent. Her blood went cold and she held her breath. Gek, she could see, was doing the same. “It’s inside,” she dared to whisper.

Gek looked cautiously around the corner, the quickly drew it back. “I can’t see it!” he murmured. “It’s too dark.” He turned his head towards her. “Where’d you put the glowrod?”

A wave of cold fear washed over her. “I dropped it in there,” she said, motioning towards the door with her hand.

“We probably could have used it right now but that’s okay,” Gek gave her a forced smile. “I don’t think that it’s noticed us yet. We can probably stay here and wait until it leaves.”

Eriea heard a clawed foot hit the ground. She pressed her back up against the counter. Slow, deliberate footsteps were slowly becoming louder. She heard some of the glass that covered the kitchen floor break. “It’s in this room!” she whispered.

“I know, I know!” Gek replied in the same hushed voice. “I have no idea what to do!”

“We could make a break for it,” Eriea suggested.

“But we don’t know what it is,” Gek said. “And I think it’s standing in the doorway. There’s no way we could get past it!”

“What about a weapon?” she tried. “There’s plenty of broken glass. And probably a few knives in here.”

“Yeah!” he started to get to his feet. “There’s one right there!”

“No wait-!”

But she was a second too late. Gek had already stood up and had stepped out from behind the counter to grab the knife that she had tried for earlier. There was suddenly a loud blood-curdling scream and Gek froze.

“Gek!” she cried. “Get down!”

Eriea heard a sudden outburst of movement. She grabbed his ankle and made an attempt to pull him back to safety. But before she could do so a large mass of fur rushed past her, knocking her backwards to the ground. She slid for a short distance across the glass until her back made contact with a heating unit. Her vision blurred temporarily. When she looked back to the counter Gek was gone.

Up against the wall on the opposite side of the room from the door she saw a large, black, shape struggling with something else. From inside the tussle Eriea could hear ferocious growls and muffled screams of pain.

“Help! Eriea he-!” Gek was calling for. She stood to her feet, but before she rushed towards the fight she stopped. Now was her chance to get out of the room, maybe she could escape the same way that the creature got in. Maybe-

There was a sudden eruption of blaster fire from inside the mess hall; brilliant blasts of red energy struck the monster in the back. It howled and lept away. She saw Gek slump to the floor. She started to scream. The blaster fire continued and the creature lumbered out of the room and out of sight. Moments later the shooting stopped.

Eriea ran out of the room, Gavrith and Svake Faladar stood underneath a gaping whole in the ceiling, both staring up into the darkness. Each gripped large blaster rifles with small lights attached on the end. Faladar looked down at her as she came through the doorway.

“Where’s Rysar?” he demanded.

Eriea began to cry. She weakly pointed into the kitchen. “In there,” she sobbed. “But I think he’s dead!”

Faladar hustled past her into the room. Gavrith walked over to her and put his long arm around her shoulder. “We are up to our foreheads in danger. But if we stay together we shall surely make it through.”

Eriea couldn’t help but laugh through her tears at her friends odd manner of speaking, and she immediately began to feel better. She looked up and Gavrith was smiling. “Thanks Gav,” she said.

“He’s still alive,” Faladar called back to them. “Get in here and help me.”

Eriea and Gav rushed into the room. Faladar was kneeling over Gek crumpled body. He was torn up badly, his shirt was in shreds. Blood covered the wall above him. Eriea cupped her hand over her mouth and gasped. “He’s...he’s...”

“He’s still breathing,” Faladar said. “Help me carry him to the cargo hold, the Captain is there with the Jedi.”

“Are they alright?” Eriea asked him.

“The Captain’s fine, the Jedi got jarred around a little in the crash,” he motioned towards Gek with his rifle. “Now let’s get a move on. Try not to jostle him around to much.”

By the way Faladar began to walk out of the kitchen door, his rifle held ready, Eriea assumed that he meant for Gav and her to carry Gek. The Kulven lifted him by his armpits and Eriea picked up his ankles. Gav nodded towards the door. “Allow yourself to be careful now, we are in no kind of hurry.”

Eriea thought about mentioning the creature that had just attacked them, but decided to keep quiet. She followed him out of the room.

Somehow the ship that she had been on for almost a year had lost much of the familiarity that she had welcomed. Now that the lights were all out and they were being hunted by some sort of creature every shadow seemed like a hiding place for every sort of horror that her mind could think up. Faladar was on his toes the entire time, pointing his weapon at even the slightest noise, and some noises that she didn’t even hear. But despite the danger that seemed to surround their every step the four finally made it to the cargo bay door. As they approached it Faladar made a strange whistling sound. The door opened and Captain Leire stood in the entrance.

He was covered in cuts, he had lost most of his shirt, and the tattered remains hung off his muscular body. He had a blaster carbine slung around his shoulder which he held at his side. “Come on,” he waved them inside. They went in single- file, and when Faladar stepped into the room after them the Captain shut it quickly.

7 November 2006, 03:10 PM
Gosh, I'm starting to sound like a suck-up. Someone else can do the compliment next time ;)

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Yan Kai
7 November 2006, 06:36 PM
Thanks Tauchiss. Your replies let me know that someone is actually reading it so I really appreciate them.

And I don't think you sound like a suck up.

I'll put up the next section tomorrow.

Yan Kai
8 November 2006, 09:26 AM
“Good, you made it back,” Leire said as he walked over to the far side of the large room. “Lay Rysar down there next to Dray.” He looked over at Eriea. “Go ahead and get to work on them.”

She nodded and carried Gek over to the stack of crates where the Jedi layed. Gently she and Gav laid him down. The Jedi’s leg and been clearly broken in at least three places. A cut also ran across his forehead. She knelt down and began to preform the standard medical procedures. Unfortunately she hadn’t been trained to deal with patients like these, and realized that she couldn’t do much without a medical kit. She looked over her shoulder at the other three members of the crew, “I need a med kit!” she called to them.

Gav spread his arms wide, “I do not carry one,” he shrugged. “Don’t you normally have them kept in the supply closet?”

Eriea slouched down and pushed her hair out of her face. She had been hoping that she didn’t need to travel out of the safety of the cargo bay to get them, but no such luck. With a sigh she stood to her feet. “I can’t treat them properly without one, I’ve done all I can do now. But we need to get our hands on a med kit.”

Faladar picked up the blaster rifle that he had leaned against the wall. After checking the power pack he looked up at Leire. “I’ll go, Captain.”

Leire nodded, “Alright, but be careful.”

Faladar nodded solemnly. He turned and slowly opened the door. After scrutinizing the halls outside of the bay he silently stepped out into the darkness. Leire quickly shut the door behind him. “We have nothing to do but wait until he gets back,” the Captain told them. “Go ahead and get some rest, all except you,” he added, nodding towards Eriea. “I want you wide awake when Faladar gets back with the med packs.”

“Yes sir,” Eriea agreed with him. She began to chew her bottom lip, she wasn’t sure what to do even when the med kits got here. She knew that she wasn’t prepared for a situation like this, her training covered sicknesses and basic first aid; ship wrecks and mauled victims were far beyond her limited skill. Nevertheless Eriea knew that the Jedi and Gek were depending on her, and she would do her best to not let them down.

Minutes slowly went by, and the Captain and Gavrith were getting noticeably uneasy. “It is time for me to inquire on the location of Faladar, Captain,” Gav said. “Is it not odd that he has not returned by this time? I am up to my shoulder blades in worry.”

“Calm down,” Leire answered, “Faladar’s one of the best in the business. He’ll be back.”

“I hope so,” Eriea nodded, “Gek’s becoming pale from the loss of blood. His situation could become critical if Faladar’s not back soon.”

The door opened and Svake Faladar stepped in, tossing a bag at Eriea’s feet he pulled out the power pack from the back of the rifle. “Nasty creatures have swarmed the ship,” he muttered under his breath. He reached into his belt and stuck another power pack in. “They’re clever too, won’t be long now before they find a way in here.”

Eriea gasped. Gav glanced over at her and then looked back at Faladar. “How soon?”

“We should leave in the morning, that’s about two hours away. They seem to be nocturnal, so we won’t have to worry about them in the day light.”

“Are you suggesting that we leave the ship?” Leire asked.

Faladar simply gave a short nod as he screwed a large cylindrical attachment on the side of his gun. “We’ll be safer out there. In here we’re cornered, when they get through there will be nowhere to run.”

“I trust your judgement on this, Svake,” Leire said. Then looking back at the rest of the crew he ordered, “everyone get rest, we’re leaving in two hours. Eriea, keep working on those two.”

The two hours passed quickly, or so it seemed. Eriea kept busy with her two patients. The bacta injections caused their wounds to heal at an accelerated rate; she also managed to seal up their open wounds with liquid skin patches. When the time came to leave they both were conscious and able to move around. Eriea sat down on the floor in exhaustion.

As she was about to close her eyes she suddenly heard a quiet scratching noise in the ceiling. Her eyes popped open just as a shadow loomed over her.

“We’re leaving,” Faladar told her in a hushed voice, he was standing over her. Eriea quickly got to her feet and did the best she could to rub the sleep out of her eyes.

“I’m ready,” she replied. Captain Leire was handing out compact blaster carbines to Gav and Gek, the mechanic hefted his uneasily.

“I’m not so sure about this Cap,” he said.

“Then don’t use it,” Leire said firmly. “But keep a tight hold on ‘er.”

Leire raised one of the carbines in the Jedi’s direction. But Dray shook his head. “My weapons are the Force and my lightsaber.”

Leire shrugged and slung the carbine around his shoulder. He tossed the last one to Eriea, and she clumsily caught it. She stared at the foreign object for a few seconds. Should she tell him that she had never shot a blaster pistol before, much less used a carbine?

“No time for hesitation, let’s just get out and find cover somewhere in this settlement that’s around us,” Leire told the crew. “Let’s go!” He kicked the back ramp down and led the way out, blaster carbine in either hand. One by one the other crew members followed, with the Jedi limping out last.

The settlement was small, probably nothing more than a smuggler’s hideout. By the vegetation overgrowth and rundown shelters Eriea assumed that it had been deserted for awhile. There were six shacks, shaped in a way that reminded her of the moisture-farm hovels of Tatooine. In the center of the camp, half covered by their ship and mostly destroyed by the crash was some sort of open-air structure. It appeared to be a makeshift barricade, as were used by soldiers in war. A meter-high stone wall ran the perimeter of the structure.

“Captain! Over there!” Eriea called to Leire, pointing towards the barricade.

Faladar glared over at her fiercely and put a finger to his lips. Leire shook his head. “It’s too close to the ship. We’ll make for the Southernmost hovel,” he whispered.

“And keep your voice down,” Faladar hissed as he looked around. “we don’t know what lives in these trees.”

Eriea became suddenly aware of the towering trees of Yavin IV that rose up, stretching more than a hundred meters into the gray misty sky. She suddenly felt the fear of being helpless, with the knowledge that there were beasts here far more lethal than her and the rest of the crew.

“I can’t run,” Dray moaned, “my leg won’t hardly move.”

Faladar put his arm around the Jedi’s waste and lifted him up into the air. He nodded at Leire and the small group dashed for the hovel. Halfway there Faladar suddenly lifted up his free hand and they stopped.

“What is it?” Gek asked.

“There’s something waiting for us behind that boulder up there,” he murmured, nodding his head towards a large rock protruding from the ground between them and their destination. “It’s going to ambush us.”

“How can you tell?” Gek whispered.

“It’s failing to hide it’s shadow,” Faladar responded simply. He set Dray down on the ground; then he turned towards their Captain. “Leire, move around behind it, I’ll go the opposite way. Keep twelve meters between you and the creature at all times.”

Leire nodded in silent agreement, and stealthily he began to move forward. Eriea watch in fearful silence as the two hunted their would-be-attacker. Then without a word both opened fire at a target hidden from her eyes. Their was a furious shriek, and a short, red, creature leaped out from behind the boulder. It’s fur was bristled in the back, and it’s skull was covered in twisted horns. It had fairly small legs, but four long arms which it used to cover the ground between it and the trees rapidly. Faladar and Leire continued to fire at the demonic creature, scoring several more hits, until it lept into the thick forest and out of sight.

Gav lifted up the wounded Jedi and the four onlookers sprinted towards the hovel. Leire and Faladar followed, and quickly caught up. The six dove into the building and slammed the flimsy wooden door behind them. They all laid there, breathing heavily in the dark room whose only light came from cracks in the wooden walls and roof.

“There were at least three more of them in the immediate area,” Faladar told them, “I didn’t notice them until after we attacked the first one, or else we may have planned something different.”

Moments later Leire stood to his feet, still holding the two carbines. “Stay in here,” he ordered, “I’m going to have a look around.”

“No,” the Jedi said. “We didn’t come here to explore, we came here to take down a threat to the galaxy. That’s our first priority. We’re going to wait until we all recover and then we are all going out to look for him.”

Leire stared down at the Jedi, “Actually, as I recall, that’s your mission. Ours was simply to take you hear, and we’ve already done that. Now I’m going to look for a way to get us back off.”

“It’s the will of the Force that you are here,” Dray said, his eyes moving through them. “Now you must stop trying to escape your destiny and you must follow me. If the Force had meant for you to hide in your ship while I sought out Sihiris we wouldn’t have crashed. But now you’re out here and you have nothing to do but listen to me.”

A dark look crossed Leire’s face. “You son of a Sith!” he shouted. “You sabotaged our ship!” He lifted up one of the carbines and pointed it at the Jedi’s forehead.

Dray shrugged carelessly, “I won’t deny it.”

“I’d blast you where you lay, except it doesn’t change anything,” Leire said through clenched teeth. “But I swear that I’m going to burn you for this.” Leire was showing more rage than Eriea had ever seen before. She was beginning to worry that he would change his mind and kill the Jedi. But after what he did she wasn’t so sure that she wouldn’t do it herself.

The room was deadly silent as time passed by. No one moved as they watched their Captain and the Jedi. Finally Faladar picked up his rifle. “I’ll go look for some sort of transmitter, or someway to send a distress signal. Stay here and keep quiet.” He looked around at them, then proceeded to walk out of the door and shut it behind him.

“What do we do?” Eriea asked nobody in particular.

“We wait,” Leire responded, still glaring at the Jedi.

Eriea sat down against the back wall hugging her knees. Leire had finally put down the carbine and was staring at the wall, apparently lost in thought. Her Captain’s vicious display had worried her. Leire was a man that rarely showed much emotion, he seemed too professional for feelings. But after what he had almost done to Dray Eriea’s trust in him dropped slightly.

She began to look around the inside of the hovel. It was too dark to see any detail, but it appeared to only have one large room. There was a torn up cot sitting right next to her, and a small dresser on her other side. On the left side of the room was an unorganized pile of storage crates, a large piece of white cloth was draped over half of them.

She suddenly noticed a pair of booted feet sticking out from underneath the white cloth. “Jam’mes!” she screamed and pointed towards the pile of crates. Her Captain quickly spun to face the crates, and he immediately saw it too. He walked quickly over and seized the sheet in his hand. He inhaled and pulled it off, revealing the decayed body of a human. Small white insects infested the body’s skull, feeding from the remains of the brain and whatever other soft tissues were found in the human head. Being a medic the gruesome spectacle didn’t bother Eriea much, but the fact that they had been sitting in the room for as long as they were with a dead body only a few meters away did.

“How long?” Leire asked.

She studied the body for a few moments. “About two months,” she estimated. “But it’s kind of hard to tell, with the insects feeding on it.”

The Captain nodded, “Alright, let’s clean it up.”

“My Captain, what was it that killed this unfortunate creature?” Gav asked. “Could it have been the Dark Jedi that we hunt?”

“We aren’t hunting it, Gavrith,” Leire said. “And no, I don’t think so.”

“As if you are an expert on such things,” Dray scoffed from the corner. He hobbled over to the stack of crates and studied the body. “The trachea has been crushed, but no damage was done to the skin tissue on the neck.” He smirked and looked up at Leire. “What do you suppose did it?”

“Doesn’t matter,” He responded as he lifted the corpse. “I’m going to take it outside.”

“So you can draw the wild animals here?” Dray raised his eyebrows. “Brilliant plan Captain.”

Eriea realized that something wasn’t right, “Wait, how come the animals haven’t gotten to him yet? If he’s been lying here for two months, considering that this is Yavin IV there really shouldn’t be anything left of him.” Everyone looked over at her. Eriea went on, “Actually, since there are predators swarming this area of the jungle I’d be surprised that he had lasted the night in this house.”

Dray stroked his chin, “So what you’re saying is that someone planted the body here this morning, before we left the ship?” He shrugged. “Makes sense.”

“Except that whoever did this chose this house to do it,” Leire said. “How did this being know we were coming here?”

Dray laughed slightly. “You have much to learn about the living Force young one,” he said mockingly.

“You’re suggesting that your Dark Jedi did this?” Leire asked. “Of course you are.”

Gek shivered. “Apparently he’d like us to leave, which is what I think we should do when Faladar gets back.”

“Perhaps you forget that our ship has crashed on the surface of this evil planet?” Gav said solemnly. “I fear there is no way off.”

“Sure there is! We can search these crates for spare parts and have that ship fixed up in no time,” Gek said enthusiastically. “If we all-.”

“The Council’s transport will be arriving in a few days,” Dray interrupted. “I believe that the safest course of action would be to wait until then. If you still refuse to assist me in my assignment that at least you can act at least semi-intelligently and not get yourselves killed. Running around this camp gathering parts is not exactly the best way to stay alive, especially if you are being stalked every step you take by deadly creatures.”

Leire nodded reluctantly. “Dray’s right-.”

“I am?” the Jedi said, showing a smile of triumph at Leire.

“-We’re just going to wait this out, we can’t do anything anyway until Faladar gets back,” he added. “Let’s just stay where we are and keep alert.”

They ended up storing the body in one of the many empty crates. Most of the other crates were empty as well, there were a few blankets in one and dried food in another. Nothing else of interest was found in the hovel. Eriea sat down against the wall, and despite the danger that surrounded them she dozed off to sleep.

8 November 2006, 01:22 PM
That bugger...

Dray I mean.

Good Writting

Yan Kai
9 November 2006, 06:22 AM
Yeah, all Jedi aren't necessarily little Obi-Wan Kenobi's.

Thanks for the comments Tauchiss!

Yan Kai
9 November 2006, 06:24 AM
Hours passed and the sun began to set, and there was no
sign of Faladar.

“That’s it,” Leire said picking up one of the carbines. “I’m going to look for him.” He checked the power pack and headed for the door. “I’ll need an extra pair of eyes. Gavrith, I want you to stay with our wounded, we need someone who can fight if the creatures decide to attack while I’m away. Eriea, grab a gun and come with me.”

She nodded, grateful for the opportunity to get away from
the hovel. She picked one of the carbines up off the ground and followed Leire out the door. They scanned the camp, seeing none of the animals the two carefully crept towards the nearest hovel.

They continued hovel to hovel around the camp, avoiding their unseen hunters. Eriea pressed up against the last hovel, after a quick glance around she looked up at Leire. “No sign of him, he must have either gone into the ship or into the forest.”

Leire shook his head in doubt. “No, Faladar wouldn’t have gone too far off by himself. He’d know better than that.”

Eriea looked away, and something glistening in the faint sunlight caught her eye. “Over there!” she whispered, pointing towards the patch of light on the ground.

Leire dashed towards it, Eriea followed. As she neared she saw that it was a pool of blood. “Sith!” Leire muttered under his breath. The grass surrounding it was torn up, a sign of a recent struggle.

“He was about thirty meters from our hovel when they must of ambushed him,” Leire mumbled. “Sith!”

Eriea stood in stunned silence over the blood, feeling that somehow she was the murderer, though she didn’t know why. A man was just killed, and yet she didn’t feel the sadness that she knew she should have been experiencing. Could her callousness be attributed to the fact that Faladar hadn’t been her favorite being in the galaxy? Or perhaps because she didn’t know him very well? Someone that she had spoken to earlier that day was now gone forever, and there she stood, not a tear in her eye.

Eriea dropped to her knees. “This is all wrong,” she whimpered. She looked up at Leire, and saw that he was frozen in place, staring at something behind her. Eriea looked over her shoulder just in time to see a large shimmering black shape soaring through the air towards her. It landed only a few meters away, and drew itself up to its full height. It was a scaly black reptilian beast with large feathery wings sprouting from its back. It had two pairs of long arms protruding from its side, each with large clawed hands on the end. Its face was covered in gleaming silver scales, and had shining emerald eyes set deep within its skull. It had a long tail, which slashed back and forth behind it like a whip. It stood at least eight meters tall. Eriea raised her carbine and pulled the trigger.

Despite the close range and the creature’s size her green blasts shot past it into the distance. Leire faired better, landing two in the center of its face. It roared and charged at them. Eriea dropped the weapon and ran. She sprinted as hard as she could towards the cover of the jungle. She gritted her teeth and didn’t look back, but kept her eyes focused ahead. She cleared the row of bushes that formed a perimeter around the camp and landed in a mess of vines. She tore her way out and continued to run through the forest, dodging trees and leaping over fallen branches.

She reached an exceptionally wide tree with low branches. Nimbly she climbed up several meters and stopped; breathing heavily she leaned up against the trunk. She had put about two-hundred meters between herself and the camp, and now sat all alone in the middle of a hostile jungle without protection. Eriea mentally cursed herself over and over again.

Because of the forest canopy only a few weak rays of the dim sun were able to find their way down to the forest floor. Eriea shivered to think how it would be when darkness fell, when the most fearsome of predators came out to hunt. She huddled against the massive tree and waited there alone. She tensed up every time she heard a noise, and she knew that sleep would be impossible. She probably wouldn’t want to sleep, but rather be wide awake to watch for the deadly creatures. Not that it would matter wether or not she was awake or asleep when they came, the ending would be the same either way.

As she leaned her head against the rough tree she noticed movement in the darkness. A black shape glided through the jungle, weaving effortlessly through the foliage that covered the ground. As the shape neared, she saw that it was a dark cloaked figure, walking peacefully as if there was nothing to fear.

Eriea watched intently as the figure drew closer, and eventually stopped at the foot of the tree. It raised its shrouded head and a voice called up to her. “Come down.” The voice was gentle and smooth. Although it was fairly high she knew that it belonged to a man.

“Who are you?” she called back, although she was certain that she knew what he would say.

“Sihiris,” came the predicted reply. “I don’t mean to harm you. Come down and we can walk together, it is a beautiful evening.”

Eriea wasn’t sure what he was talking about, but she was sure that all this time by himself was beginning to play with his head. She took a deep breath and began to descend from the tree. If Sihiris planned to kill her with his lightsaber the minute her foot touched the ground at least it would be less painful that the animals. When she had almost reached the ground Sihiris extended his arm and took her hand in his, he gently helped her to the ground. “Thank you,” Eriea said, not really sure what to do.

“Your welcome,” he replied with a slight nod. “I have told you my name, now may I ask yours?”

“Eriea,” she answered uncertainly.

“Well Eriea, would you care to join me?” Sihiris asked her. Eriea tried her best to peer under the dark hood that masked the man’s face.

“I don’t know,” she stuttered. This wasn’t what she had expected at all. This man was supposed to be a threat to the galaxy, but all he had shown so far was politeness, politeness that made her feel uneasy.

“Of course,” the man said and Eriea could feel him smile. “This probably isn’t something that you’re used to. Cloaked men coming to you in dark jungles asking you to go for a walk. It’s just that I’m a little out of practice.” He took a step back. “Here,” he said, lifting the hood. He was young, probably only a few years older than she was. He had long black hair that was parted to one side. He had a handsome boyish look to his face. His silvery grey eyes sparkled in the dim light; he had a warm smile on his face.

Eriea was surprised, after seeing the holovids that had been recovered from the Theed palace on Naboo of the late Sith lord she had come to expect a cold face of evil on this man. But no evil showed, and she felt at once that she could trust him.

“May I ask you a question?” he asked.

Eriea nodded.

“What are you doing by yourself on Yavin IV? It is a rather dangerous place to be before you know your way around,” he cocked his head to one side.

“I’m not by myself actually,” she responded. “The rest of the crew is back there, probably looking for me now.”

“Well, I better help you find your way back,” Sihiris said, “Which way did you say they were?”

Eriea walked tiredly back to the camp, each step she took proved to make her wearier. Next to her Sihiris moved gracefully through the jungle, as if he had walked this way numerous times. “You didn’t answer my first question,” he said, giving her a sidelong glance.

“Me and my crew were looking for someone?” she mumbled.


She looked over at him, trying her best to discern some sort of an expression from his passive face. “Don’t you already know?”

He hook his head, “No.”

“It doesn’t matter,” she told him. “I don’t think he’s here.” As she trudged through the plant life a thought darted across her mind. Had he been the one to hide the body in their hovel? She looked over at the young man, no, it wasn’t him. Somehow she was sure of it.

The rest of their walk was in a peaceful silence; and a short time later the two emerged from the jungle into the clearing. The camp looked deserted. Eriea knew better than to call out loud for her friends, so instead she began to hustle towards their hovel so she could search inside.

Lights suddenly shone brightly from the thick jungle into the clearing. Captain Leire, followed by Gek and Gavrith stepped out into the open. “Eriea!” Gek cried, and the group ran over to where she stood.

“Where were you?” Leire asked her sternly. “I would have thought that you would have known better than to go running off into the jungle.”

“Sorry,” Eriea said. “But I found...” She looked over her shoulder and realized that Sihiris no longer stood behind her. He must have left when he saw the lights.

“What?” Leire asked.


9 November 2006, 12:07 PM
This really is good stuff. Come on Pysch, Cold, Uron, Rostek, Forestfufighting, and everyone else (I just said the first names that came to mind) give it a read!

9 November 2006, 12:20 PM
This really is good stuff. Come on Pysch, Cold, Uron, Rostek, Forestfufighting, and everyone else (I just said the first names that came to mind) give it a read!

I started on it a couple days ago, but was cut off. I have now 'given it a read.'

It's pretty good. I want to see some more, though.

Yan Kai
9 November 2006, 05:08 PM
Thanks guys! I really appreciate your replies!!!

I'll post the next section in a minute:)

Yan Kai
9 November 2006, 05:12 PM
“There you all are,” Dray exclaimed as the four walked into the hovel. He was propped up against a stack of blanket in the corner. “I see that you’ve found our runaway. Good job! We’ll need all the help we can get against the Dark Jedi. And with the passing of Faladar each one of us is all the more valuable.”

“Quiet,” Leire told him. He turned to Eriea. “Need anything? Gavrith got out the dried rations.”

“No thanks,” Eriea mumbled. “I’m not hungry.” The truth was that she felt sick, they were hunting down and trying to kill the man who had just saved her life. It didn’t matter how skilled he was, no being in the galaxy was able to stand up to the might of the Jedi Council He couldn’t be that deadly of a threat. He seemed so alone here, detached from civilization with no way to break free. He had trusted her just as she had trusted him. She couldn’t betray him and tell her friends that he was nearby. Perhaps the Jedi had misjudged him, she couldn’t picture that kind face fighting alongside a Sith lord against the Republic.

“We have two days until the Council’s ship arrives and we get off this planet,” Leire told them. “And we expect full compensation for the loss of our ship and everything that was inside, as well as the trouble that we’ve been forced to go through, and the loss of a crew-member and a friend.” He took a step towards Dray. “And I know that the Jedi don’t possess the funds to pay for all that. So, in other words, you’re mine.”

“Your words fail to intimidate me, Captain,” Dray responded. “You shall receive the promised payment for bringing me out here, but everything else could be called unfortunate circumstances.”

“You sabotaged the ship you son of a Sith!” Leire shouted at him.

“Please, allow yourselves not to raise your voices!” Gav pleaded quietly, “I do not believe that we are safe.”

“I must have missed the proof that you had concerning this accusation,” Dray smirked. “It’s a Jedi Knight’s word against yours, and I believe that I have a slight edge on you.”

“I’m going to kill you before this is over,” Leire vowed.

“We’ll see,” Dray said calmly. “Now if you’ll excuse me I must get my rest.” He closed his eyes and leaned back into the blankets.

Eriea layed down in the only open space left in the hovel, next to Gek. He smelled like sweat and grease, and Eriea knew that she would be unable to fall asleep. Instead she waited until it was her turn to stay up and keep watch. Then she picked up one of the blaster carbines, and moved as stealthily as she was able out of the hovel.

Despite the events that had taken place earlier that day the night was peaceful. A gentle breeze rippled through the trees that surrounded the clearing. The white light coming from one of Yavin’s other moons lit up the up the clearing and she was able to see clearly from one end to another. Strange noises filled the air, none sounded at all threatening however, it was almost as if she stood on a whole new

“Eriea,” she heard a voice behind her whisper. She looked to see Gek stepping through the door. She at once wished he would go back inside, she felt like the presence of another being would disrupt the calmness of the night.

“What are you doing out here?” he asked her.

“Just taking a walk,” she told him.

“Could I join you?” he asked.

Eriea rolled her eyes, it wasn’t as if she was able to say ‘no.’ “I suppose.”

“Great!” he said excitedly, and immediately got in step with her. “I was worried when Leire told me that you were missing.”

“I was fine,” Eriea responded.

“But wasn’t that a little too dangerous?” Gek asked her.

“I’m fine aren’t I?” she said.

“I guess, but I wouldn’t do that again if I were you,” Gek said. “You might not be so lucky next time.”

Was this his idea of a conversation? She desperately hoped that he would get the hint that she wanted to be alone and would leave.

When Eriea didn’t answer him Gek continued. “So what do you think of this planet?”

“It hasn’t changed since the time we took the archeologists here,” Eriea shrugged. “If it wasn’t infested with deadly animals it would be okay I guess.”

“Yeah,” Gek agreed. “I prefer to stay away from anything with claws,” he laughed as if what he had just said was meant to be a joke. “I like to just stay in the ship and work on things.”

This man had to be the most mundane living thing in the galaxy.

“What about you, Eriea?” he said. “What are you afraid of?”

Eriea stopped and looked at him. “What?”

Gek shrugged. “I just asked you what you’re afraid of.”


“Just trying to make conversation.”

“Try harder,” she said scornfully and quickened her pace.
Gek ran to catch up.

“Do you want to try?” he asked.

“Not really,” Eriea replied simply.

“Oh,” Gek said and looked at the ground. He slowly turned back to the cabin and trudged back. “Have a good night then,” he called back to her.

Eriea mentally kicked herself for being so rude. While she was happy that Gek was gone she had wished she could have acted a little more civil. He hadn’t been trying to do anything other than be a good friend and she had just shut him down. She began to walk back towards the hovel to apologize when a cloaked figure stepped out from behind the hovel. It was Dray.

“Hello Eriea,” he said pleasantly. “Waiting for someone?”

“What?” Eriea said, “Who?”

“I think we both know,” Dray smiled as he limped towards her. “Could it be...Sihiris perhaps?”

“What are you saying,” Eriea asked him, her voice shaking. How had he found out?

“Don’t act like such a fool,” Dray spat. “I’m a Jedi Knight, remember?”

“Sometimes it’s hard to tell,” Eriea replied just as vehemently.

“I admit, my actions as of late have been a might unorthodox,” he spread his arms wide. “But I’ll do what must be done, to each his own right?”

“He’s not evil,” Eriea said, finding herself defending someone she hardly knew.

“Don’t be deceived by the wiles of the Dark Side, Eriea,” Dray warned her. “Do you really believe that this man has not the power to make you trust him if he wants you too?”

Eriea was silent.

“Trust me, he does,” Dray looked her in the eye. “He must be killed and he will be killed.”

“I’ll tell him,” Eriea threatened. “And if he’s prepared not even the Council can defeat him on his own land.”

“You underestimate the Council,” Dray told her. “How long did you talk to him, an hour? Two? Is it possible that you can understand him in that small amount of time?”

Somehow she was able to understand him. He was a lonely man, with a naive view of the galaxy, trusting, kind, and not prepared for treachery. Eriea didn’t know how she could understand him but somehow she did. But she kept quiet.

“Don’t betray me or your friends,” Dray said. He then pulled back his robe to reveal his lightsaber. “If you attempt to warn him you shall find that I do not carry around this for show. Understand?”

Eriea didn’t answer. Instead she raised the carbine and pulled the trigger. Two laser blasts lit up the night. The first grazed the Jedi’s face, the second struck him hard in the shoulder sending him spinning to the ground.

Dray cried out in pain and started to get back up. Eriea threw the weapon and struck him hard in the forehead, he dropped back down to the ground unconscious. She stared in shock at the Jedi, realizing what she had just done. Assaulting a Jedi Knight was a serious offense, if she was caught she could possibly spend the rest of her life in some detention facility off in the Outer Rim. The thought of killing the Jedi and hiding his body crossed her mind, but the notion of murdering a helpless man in cold blood was out of the question. She looked around, no one had emerged from the tent. The only other person that knew about it was the Jedi. She looked down at him. Blood trickled down his forehead. One of his eyelids was slightly opened and the eye was rolled back in his head. Maybe it was just the moonlight, but he suddenly looked ghastly pale. Eriea though about checking his pulse, but was afraid that she had done more than knocked him out. With out another thought she began to run.

She didn’t know where she would go to, she knew that being in the jungle was just as dangerous now as it had been before. But she didn’t care, Jam’mes would dump her off on Tatooine or some other equally horrid planet that they went to. That is, if they ever got off Yavin IV. She had been given one job, watch the hovel, and she had ended up shooting their employer. Even before that she had been useless. As a medic she did next to nothing, in every situation that they had been in so far she didn’t know what to do. She had failed to help calm the seething nerves of her Captain, she had failed to stop the schemes of Dray, she had turned down her only friend, and had let Svake Faladar die. Eriea wiped away the tears that were streaming down her face and she sat down on a rock just outside the jungle.

Eriea sat there, crying softly to herself when suddenly she felt a presence behind her. She again wiped away her tears and looked over her shoulder at the cloaked figure that stood in the shadows behind her.

“Sihiris?” she asked.

The young man stepped into the moonlight. “What’s wrong Eriea?” he asked gently.

“I shot the Jedi,” she replied, though she knew that incident had only topped off the frustration that had been welling inside her.

“There is a Jedi here?” Sihiris looked confused. He gestured at the rock that she sat on. “May I have a seat?”

Eriea nodded and he sat down beside her.

“I didn’t think Jedi came to Yavin IV,” he shrugged. “I wonder why there’s one here now.”

Eriea shot him a cold look, “Don’t be a fool!” she cried. “You know why we’re here, who we’re looking for, and you’re playing the same stupid game that the Jedi was!”

Sihiris looked taken aback. “I apologize if I have said anything to upset you, but I truly do not understand your purpose here. Please, if something is troubling you, talk to me about it.”

Eriea saw the sincerity in his silvery eyes and she calmed down. “Sorry,” she breathed. “I guess it’s just that I don’t really know anything about you except for the fact that you’re a Dark Jedi, and I’m not used to someone like you asking me about my problems.”

Sihiris frowned, “Who told you that I was a Dark Jedi?”

“That would be the Jedi,” Eriea answered.

Sihiris gave her a small smile. “Then he would be mistaken, I am no Dark Jedi. I have been trained by those who know how the Sith fought, and by many other beings who believe that the Dark Side is the path to complete power. But all I took from them was their knowledge on how to wield a lightsaber, not their morals and beliefs.”

“The Jedi said that you posed a threat to the galaxy,” Eriea
told him.

“How? I’ve been stuck here for years, I can’t pose a threat to anyone,” Sihiris replied.

“I guess that’s why the Masters left you here, but now their afraid of a Sith lord coming and finding you,” Eriea said.

“I wouldn’t join him and I wouldn’t fight him either,” Sihiris looked away. “I’ll only fight in self-defense, the Jedi could tell you that.”

“Why did you train so hard to become the best duelist in the galaxy if you never use your skill?” Eriea asked him.

“Every living being needs a purpose, something to strive for,” Sihiris told her. “If you don’t have any goals than you’re not living. Even if your goal is to get through each day you still have something to live for. I set myself a goal, I wanted to be the best lightsaber duelist in the galaxy. I didn’t want to achieve this goal by killing off all the others that wanted the same goal, I wanted to be the best by being the best,” he shrugged. “I still don’t know if I’ve reached my goal yet, there is still Master Windu. I believe that there is still something I could learn from him.”

“It seems like...I don’t know,” Eriea sighed.

“Like a prideful objective in life?” Sihiris finished her thought. “I don’t do it out of pride, it doesn’t matter to me if anybody else in the galaxy knows it. My goal is for me, something for me to reach. It’s a test for myself.”

“I need one of those,” Eriea said. “I seem to be light-years behind everyone else.”

“You’re not,” Sihiris gave her serious look.

“How can you say that?” she asked him, you don’t know anything about me.”

“I can see that you strive to be a better person, maybe it’s for yourself, maybe it’s for someone else.”

Eriea thought of Jam’mes Leire.

“Nevertheless, Eriea, you have a goal. And that puts you far above everyone else.”

“I thought you said everyone has a goal.”

“Not everyone is living,” Sihiris said sadly.

“What do you mean by that?”

“There is a difference between existing and living. Unfortunately most of the galaxy is just existing. Yet everyone has the potential to live. Do you see what I mean?”

Eriea nodded, “You don’t seem to be a Dark Jedi.”

“I’m not.”

Eriea became aware of her sudden calmness, despite her just previous outburst. “You’re not using one of your Force tricks on me are you?”

Sihiris shook his head. “No.”

“Why are you here?” Eriea asked him.

“To make sure you were alright,” he told her. “You still seemed to be shaken up after I left you with your friends.”

“I was.”

“Why are you here?” he asked her.

Eriea looked up into the young man’s eyes. She desperately hoped that she could trust him. “I shot the Jedi,” she stammered. “He was trying to get me to tell him where you were so he could kill you.” She swallowed at searched for any sign of anger or fear in his face, there was none. “I told him no and he threatened me, so I shot him.”

“Why is this troubling you?” Sihiris asked her. “Is he alive.”

“I think so.”

“Then all you did was protect yourself,” Sihiris reassured her. “But I’m sorry that you had to do that for my sake. And I thank you.”

“You’re not the great threat that he spoke about,” Eriea said, “And I want help you.”

Sihiris smiled, “I am flattered that you put so much trust in me, a stranger. And I want to help you as well.”

“How?” she asked.

“I want you to achieve you goal,” he stated, standing up. “But we don’t need to worry about that right now. Would you like to go for a walk?”

A smile forced its way onto her face, “I’d love to.”

She took his outstretched arm and he helped her to her feet. She didn’t let go of his hand and her gave a questioning look. She looked up at him and began to walk forward into the thick jungle. Sihiris hesitated, then walked with her.

Hand and hand they strode through the peaceful jungle, the only sound that was made came from the many insects that darted through the trees. Despite the cool wind Eriea felt warm and she felt calm. Neither said a word as they walked, no words were needed. Eriea couldn’t suppress the affection that she felt towards the young man she hardly knew, it was as if they had been meant to meet each other. As if by some will far beyond her comprehension. All of the chance in the galaxy could not have brought her to this point. What the Jedi had done was wrong, but if he hadn’t she wouldn’t be there now, walking alongside Sihiris. She did her best to push all of her thoughts to the back of her mind and just listen to their quiet footsteps and the sounds of the jungle...

9 November 2006, 05:41 PM
This is an interesting read.. I especially like what you've written about Drey. He shows the darker side of the Order.. the arrogance and pride that can come with wielding the Force and being a Jedi Knight..

Overall an excellent story! I can't wait to see more.. :)

10 November 2006, 02:29 AM
I really despise Dray. Wish I could have shot him ;)

Good job Yan

10 November 2006, 08:03 AM
Pretty good story so far. I kinda like the way you wrote the two Jedi, as more grey than black and white. It's also cool to see a female protagonist every once in a while. But Gav is the coolest character by far, he has some funny speech quirks.

Yan Kai
10 November 2006, 08:51 AM
Thanks Tauchiss, Stormrider, and Darkforcerising!

What's so bad about Dray?;)

Here's the next section:

Yan Kai
10 November 2006, 08:53 AM
Eriea walked towards the camp the next morning. She took a deep breath. She had told Sihiris everything to the slightest detail of what had gone on since the Jedi had hired them. He had told her that her shipmates would forgive her for the mistake she made, that they would understand the truth behind the Jedi’s words. He told her that it didn’t matter what the Jedi said because she had true friends standing behind her. The Jedi Council was not made up of ignorant fools, they would be able to discern the truth. When the Council’s ship arrived the next day she would clear everything up and be able to move on with her life.

Eriea hoped that Sihiris was right in all that he had said.

Eriea gave one last look to the black cloaked man that stood several meters behind her and she stepped out of the jungle into the bright morning light. Leire, Gek, and Gavrith were walking the perimeter of the clearing, calling out her name into the jungle. Gavrith was the first to notice her.

“Friend Eriea!” he exclaimed. “You are alright! We were far above the tops of our heads in fear for your safety.” He sighed. “Alas we feared the worst, but I see that our fears were vain as I see you standing before me.”

Leire ran over, “What the Sith happened?” he demanded. “Where were you? Are you alright?”

Eriea held up her hands. “I’m fine, I’m fine. Just a little hungry.”

“Eriea!” Gek called as he hustled over to them. “Thank the Force you’re alright!” As he neared her Eriea could see a slight redness encircling Gek eyes, he had been crying.

“I’m okay now Gek,” she breathed.

“Perhaps it would be preferable for us all to continue our happy talk inside the safety of the hovel,” Gavrith suggested.

“I agree with Gav,” Eriea said to the others. “Let’s go indoors.”

Eriea sat down up against the wall as Leire paced back and forth. “Where did you go?

“She met up with Sihiris you fool,” Dray muttered. Eriea looked over to see him lying on the cot. His head was bandaged as was his shoulder. Eriea breathed a sigh of relief, at least he wasn’t dead.

“What are you talking about?” Leire asked the Jedi, but his cold and hard stare still focused on Eriea.

“When I ran away the first time we met in the jungle,” Eriea told them all. “I was afraid at first, but he was so kind. He was polite, soft-spoken, and everything a Dark Jedi isn’t!”

“Go on,” Leire told her.

“Don’t leave out the part where you shot me,” Dray remarked.

Eriea paused, she hoped that her crew-mates would believe her. “I didn’t mean to!” she insisted. “He started to threaten me, I got worried and I shot him, I’m sorry.” She held her breath, waiting to see Leire’s response.

“Well our Jedi doesn’t exactly seem to be a fine example of pure Jedi living,” Leire said as he turned to face the Jedi. “If he’s willing to strand us here to accomplish his mission then I believe that we can assume that he’s willing to do anything.”

The Jedi shrugged calmly, “And I still am. And you should be too,” he told them. “No matter what I do it can never begin to compare to the horrors that Sihiris will unleash upon the galaxy when the Sith find him.”

“If the Sith find him,” Leire cut in.

“When,” Dray said flatly. “Beings as powerful as the Sith would have no trouble sensing Sihiris on this planet. As we all know, Yavin IV is somewhat of a Sith planet. I suspect that he will arrive here eventually. And when he does, what then?”

“The Jedi deal with the threat. It isn’t our problem,” Leire told him.

“You’re selfish, unlike myself you are unwilling to put your life on the line for the greater good of the Republic!” Dray sneered. “You don’t understand! If the Sith ever found him the Jedi can’t deal with the combined power of the two of them. We lost one of our finest Jedi Masters to the last Sith we faced, and Sihiris is far powerful than any Master!” Dray cried.

“So you say,” Leire countered.

“Because you’re so worried about your ship, and the lives of you little crew you’re unwilling to help save the galaxy!” Dray shouted, pointing an accusing finger at Leire. “What’s worth more, us five, or the billions of living beings in the galaxy? Think about it!”

“I have,” Leire said, his voice calm again. “The affairs of the galaxy are out of my hand. But I will do anything to protect those who have put their trust in me. If you want to go find Sihiris, go ahead. But my crew in I are going to stay here, and we are going to wait for the Jedi Council to arrive, and then we are going to leave.”

Dray took a deep breath. “As you wish, but I sense that you will find your involvement in this incident unavoidable.”

Leire nodded. “If that’s the case then we’ll deal with it.”

“You’ll die without my help,” Dray told him.

Leire gave him a quizzical look, “You’re the one that can hardly walked and was almost killed by my medic. You’re depending on us, Dray. Don’t make me throw you out of this hovel or I swear I will.”

“You’ll be throwing away your only chance for survival you-!”

“Quit talking right now or so help me I’ll blow your head off,” Leire shouted, drawing his pistol.

As the metal barrel touched the Dray’s forehead the Jedi suddenlygrew silent.

“Put the gun away!” Eriea cried. “Just put it away!” She stood to her feet. “We have to survive here for one more day and none of us need this! We’ve all got to calm down and just wait here until we the ship comes,” Eriea exhaled slowly. “We all just need to calm down.”

Leire nodded and holstered the blaster. The Jedi sighed in relief and layed back down on the cot. Gek and Gavrith sat down and looked around uneasily. When she could see that the argument was over, Eriea too sat down against the wall.

10 November 2006, 07:14 PM
"shakes head" Each time I read a new section.. I come to loath Dray more and more.. If this were an actual RPG campaign.. He'd be earning Darkside points if I were the GM.. Jedi or no.. He endangered innocents with the sabotage maneuver.. Even by D6 standards I think that would warrant a DSP or two and all this do anything to accomplish his mission crap? I think he's earned at least a severe reprimand from the Order..

(I know I said I liked what you wrote about Drey..and thats true..but I don't like the character as a person..)

Keep up the good work! I'm eagerly awaiting future installments..

11 November 2006, 04:28 AM
Exactly /|\

Good as ever, Yan

Yan Kai
11 November 2006, 04:05 PM
Hours passed and the five sat there in complete silence. It was as if all their energy had been drained out of them by the excitement of the past two days. Eriea had dozed off on several occasions as the time elapsed slowly and was beginning to do so again when Gavrith suddenly stood to his feet.

“What is it Gav?” Gek asked, looking up at the Kulven.

Gavrith raised his hand and put a finger to his lips in the universal gesture for silence. His dark eyes darted back and forth, his whole body was on edge. Leire stood to his feet and drew his blaster pistol, Dray fingered his lightsaber. Gavrith held up two long fingers and pointed at the grey door. Leire nodded and stealthily he moved toward it. Eriea realized that the Kulven’s acute ears had picked up some sound coming from right outside the door. She picked up one of the blaster carbines that layed on the floor. She tossed another one to Gek.

“What’s going on?” asked the confused mechanic.

“There’s something outside,” Eriea whispered to him. Gek’s eyes grew wide in panic and he crawled behind the stack of crates. Eriea felt like joining him, but the words of Sihiris darted across her mind. She needed to be bold, she needed to live. Hiding from whatever threat that arose wasn’t living. But being dead wasn’t living either. She took cover behind one of the crates and aimed her gun at the door.

Leire nodded at Gavrith, who also held a gun poised that the door. Gavrith returned the nod and Leire threw the door open, diving backwards as he did so. There was nothing on the other side. Gavrith took a step towards the open door. Leire shook his head, “No, don’t,” he told him. “They’re probably setting up an ambush.”

Eriea swallowed and kept her gun leveled at doorway. The moment that she saw even the slightest bit of movement she would open fire. Nothing came through the doorway. She could feel the tension grow in the room as time passed. Where were they?

She suddenly felt something small fall on her head. She reached up and picked a tiny wood splinter from her hair. She looked up and saw a crack in the wooden ceiling, a crack that was growing larger. “They’re coming through the ceilings!” she screamed, and jerked her gun upwards. She pulled the trigger and lasers exploded against the wood. Splinters rained down on her but she continued to shoot. As the others began to fire at different points on the ceiling two large creatures stepped through the doorway.

They were covered in matted black fur, yet they were reptilian in appearance. Eriea realized that they were the creatures that had attacked them in the ship; and now there were three of them. There was an enormous crash and something fell through the ceiling, landing on Gavrith. The Kulven screamed and Eriea looked over at the enormous creature in shock. It roared and swiped its clawed hand and Leire. The Captain ducked to avoid the attack and fired to shots into its neck. The creature cried out in fearsome rage and lunged at Leire, who once again dodged out of the way. Eriea stared at Gavrith’s mangled body, the carbine fell from her hands. Her friend’s dark eyes were wide open; blood streamed from his mouth. His entire body was bent and twisted in an unnatural position.

She cursed and lunged at the beast in blind fury. She grabbed onto its back and started to beat on its large skull as hard as she could. For a moment its attention was drawn away from Leire and became focused on her, which allowed him to get off a clean shot to it’s skull. White bone fragments exploded outwards from the gaping wound in it forehead. It fell to the ground with a crash.

The other two moved towards Dray and Gek, who were both hiding behind the stack of crates. One of the crates lifted into the air, as if propelled by some invisible hand. It struck one of the creatures in the spinal cord, stunning it. Dray stepped out from behind another crate and buried his emerald lightsaber in its chest. Unfortunately his injured leg twisted as it touched the ground. He cried out in pain and began to fall. The creature struck him with its enormous fist, and the Jedi sailed across the room. He landed in the mess of blanket, unconscious or worse.

Eriea cried out in alarm as the creature turned towards the quivering form of Gek Rysar. As it lifted its hand to crush him against the ground a yellow lightsaber crashed through the wall. It sliced through the beasts neck and turned around, it traveled back through the wall and Eriea looked through the open doorway to see it land in a Kel-Dor’s outstretched palm. He was clothed in the brown robe of a Jedi, and with growing relief she was several more walk into view. The Jedi Council had arrived!

One by one eleven Jedi strode into the hovel, led by the imposing Mace Windu.

“We have arrived earlier than was planned,” Windu told them. “The new Chancellor was able to get things under control sooner than we had expected.”

Leire nodded. “We’re ready to go.”

“We have business to conduct here first,” Windu said. “And we must to get started.”

Eriea slipped out as the men talked. She knew that the Council wouldn’t listen to her, the best thing she could do was warn Sihiris. She dashed off towards the jungle, not caring if she was spotted on the way. She trusted Sihiris to find her in the jungle, and sure enough, before she had gone a hundred meters he did.

“What are you doing?” he asked as he walked quickly toward her.

“The Jedi Council is here!” she panted. “They’ve come to kill you!”

“Where are they?” he asked.

“Back in the clearing,” she replied.

“Perhaps a peaceful solution can be found,” Sihiris said, and he began to walk in the direction of the camp.

“No!” Eriea cried, grabbing his wrist. “They’ve come to kill you because of the Sith, there is nothing you can do to change their mind. They think that this is the best choice to make. I’m sure they don’t want to do it, but they believe that it is their duty as guardians of the galaxy.” Eriea shook her head. “We need to hide.”

“Not you,” he told her. “You have risked far too much for my sake as it is. I will not have you spend the rest of your days hiding here from the Jedi. You need to go back to the camp. You need to go and forget about all of this!”

“I can’t,” Eriea whispered. “I don’t want to go back, Sihiris. I want to live!”

Sihiris took a deep breath. “You don’t need to be a fugitive on a hostile world to do that. I want you to be safe more than anything.”

“But you won’t be,” she sobbed.

“I’ll be careful,” he said

Eriea nodded. She took a step forward and embraced him. “Promise?”

“I promise,” he assured her. Then he stepped back. “Now go, get back to the camp.”

She turned to go, but movement caught her eye. Sihiris saw it too, “They’re all around us,” he said in a hushed voice. “I’ll protect you, follow me.”

He led the way through the thick jungle. Eriea spotted several dark red shapes moving through the trees, but none of the creatures dared to venture to close to Sihiris. Eriea knew that as long as he was with her she was safe, nothing could harm her.

The two came to a small hill right outside of the clearing. Through the trees Eriea could clearly see the Jedi’s cruiser that they had arrived in, as well as Gek and Dray. “Here we are,” Sihiris said. Eriea noticed a sad look in his eyes, as if the loneliness was already returning. “It’s time that you leave.”

This is all wrong, thought Eriea. “I don’t want to,” she said. “I can’t.”

“It’ll be okay,” Sihiris told her. “Maybe you’ll come this way again,” he gave her a weak smile. “It’s not like I’m going anywhere.”

Eriea was unable to return the smile. “It’s just that I-.”

She was interrupted by the sudden hum of eleven lightsabers that activated, forming a semi-circle around the small hill. Eriea stared in stunned silence as the eleven members of the Jedi Council stood up from the dense foliage. Sihiris grasped her wrist, “Run,” he cried.

Mace Windu stepped towards him, “I’m sorry, but we have to do this.”

“We don’t need to fight,” Sihiris told him. “Neither of us want to fight the other!”

Windu nodded, “It must be done.”

Sihiris let go of Eriea’s wrist. “Run!”

“No,” she told him. “I won’t!”

The Council began to close in on them. Sihiris reached into his dark robes and pulled out a lightsaber. But he did not activate it. “If we must fight, then I will fight.”

Tears streamed down Eriea’s cheeks. Sihiris looked over at her and gave her a small reassuring smile. His finger moved towards the activation button of his lightsaber.

There was a sudden noise, the discharge of a laser rifle. A strange look went over Sihiris’s eyes, a look of emptiness. Slowly he tipped to his knees. Eriea screamed and ran over to him. She threw her arms around his neck. Life left his body and he went limp in Eriea’s arms.

She wept over him, telling herself over and over again that he wasn’t dead. She looked up and saw Jam’mes Leire walking towards her, he gripped a blaster rifle in his hands. Eriea shook her head. “No, no,” she moaned.

“I’m sorry Eriea,” Leire told her solemnly. “But I promised that I would protect my crew, and that’s what I am going to do.”

Eriea let go of Sihiris. She charged Leire, “I hate you!” she screamed. She grabbed onto his arm and began to hit him. She cursed and screamed at him. He looked at the ground and began to walk towards the ship. Eriea slipped off him and fell to her knees, weeping into her hands. Leire continued walking on, up the ramp of the Jedi’s ship and out of sight.

Eriea saw Dray limping towards the ship as well. He was looking right at her, a smile of victory stretched across his face. Slowly the Jedi Council, one by one, turned and began to walk towards the ship. She felt someone kneel down next to her. “I’m so sorry Eriea,” he whispered in her ear.

It was Gek. She looked up at him through her tears. He put his arm around her shoulder, and together they trudged towards the ship.

the end

11 November 2006, 05:33 PM
"laughs bitterly"

No such thing as happily ever after.. No such frelling thing.. A fitting ending to a good tale.. The only thing I'd like to have seen was Ereia take down Dray with a few well placed blaster shots to the gut.. THAT would have been justice..

11 November 2006, 05:41 PM
I wanted to see more of Sihiris... but as the tale stands, it was a tale well told.

12 November 2006, 04:21 AM
Agreed. Great work Yan. I think I might use Dray as a punching bag, in one of my games, or perhaps sick a Bounty Hunter on him :)

Hey Pysch, If you survive your current bounty hunter mission, you'll be chasing a Jedi who survived the purge... Named Dray :)

Yan Kai
12 November 2006, 06:47 AM
Originally posted by Stormrider
"laughs bitterly"

No such thing as happily ever after.. No such frelling thing.. A fitting ending to a good tale.. The only thing I'd like to have seen was Ereia take down Dray with a few well placed blaster shots to the gut.. THAT would have been justice..

Who ever said the galaxy was fair?

Thanks guys for reading and posting on my story. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
If you really did want to use Dray in a game you can. In the story he is a Jedi Consular 7.
Str 10, Dex 11, Con 10, Int 15, Wis 12, Cha 12

Yan Kai
23 November 2006, 02:31 PM
Would there be an interest for a sequel to this story? I have the idea and I'm typing it. But I want to know if people want it posted here.

Sooo, would there be any?

23 November 2006, 03:28 PM
I'd definitely be interested in seeing a sequel to this story.. :)

23 November 2006, 04:47 PM
Same here.

Yan Kai
23 November 2006, 07:29 PM
Thanks guys!

I've already begun to work on Redemptions But I like to entirely finish a story before I begin to post it. So, It'll be up here in a few weeks!

24 November 2006, 09:13 AM
Sounds great! Definitely looking forward to seeing the sequel..

Yan Kai
5 December 2006, 05:44 PM
I decided to draw up a picture of Sihiris for fun. So here it is.

Tell me what you think!

(Hope this works by the way)

6 December 2006, 11:54 AM
There doesn't seem to be a link to the pic, Yan Kai. Wanna try again? :)

Yan Kai
6 December 2006, 12:56 PM
I tried to attach it in the 'Attach File' selection at the bottom. I couldn't figure out how to do it using the 'IMG'. I don't have the picture on any other website but it is on my computer.

Do you think you could help me out with this?

I'm afraid I'm not too computer savvy. :?

6 December 2006, 04:13 PM
Find out where the picture is on your computer. Then, post a message, press the browse button under attach file. Find the file and press OK.

Yan Kai
6 December 2006, 04:49 PM
Ok, lets try this.

...I don't think it worked.

7 December 2006, 11:51 AM
Nope, it didn't. Perhaps you could email it to me, and I'll attach it?

Yan Kai
7 December 2006, 01:56 PM
GREAT idea!

I just sent it to you, good luck!;)

7 December 2006, 06:19 PM
Just want to say as the first to see it, good job.

Darn, keep posting the wrong attachment!

EDIT: I think the picture is too big. Anyone know in mb the forum limit? I think its 1.04mb, and this picture is 3mb. Perhaps you could get somewhere like SWAG to host the image, and post a link?

7 December 2006, 07:34 PM
Assuming it is nto a JPEG, converting it (from, say, at bitmap) should shrink it considerably... I do not know too much about this stuff, though.. might not be enough.

Yan Kai
7 December 2006, 07:49 PM
Yeah, I already made it a Jpeg.

I joined the Artists Guild for the single purpose of posting this drawing, but drat it, I can't figure out how to post the darn thing! I searched that site up and down and I can't find out where to post a drawing? Can anyone else who's a member of the Guild help me with that?

Yan Kai
11 December 2006, 01:31 PM
Drat, I can't seem to figure this stuff out.
It seems that I won't be able to post my drawing after all.:(

Sorry about that:(

11 December 2006, 03:49 PM
Well, speaking as one who's seen it, thats quiet sad :(. I really liked.

P.S. Still can't wait for the sequel.

Yan Kai
11 December 2006, 06:51 PM

Yeah, I've been working on the sequel. As I've said I like to type up the entire story before I begin to post it, so it will be a little while.