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6 January 2007, 05:41 AM
I have officially retired my 250-point Black Sun Army after three consecutive losses. Last night was the first outing for my new Mandalorian Army. At the beginning of the skirmish, after two winning rolls of initiative, it looked as if I would mop up my Rebel opposition. However in the end it came down to one lone Supercommando vs. Hoth Leia and I was the victor! Hoorah!

250-Point Mandalorian Army:
CotF #54 - Basilisk War Droid x1 = 51 points
CotF #55 - Mandalore the Indomitable x1 = 68 points
CotF #56 - Mandalorian Blademaster x1 = 18 points
CotF #57 - Mandalorian Commander x1 = 28 points
CotF #58 - Mandalorian Soldier x2 = 32 points
CotF #59 - Mandalorian Supercommando x1 = 23 points
CotF #60 - Mandalorian Warrior x1 = 14 points
RotS #42 - Boba Fett, Young Mercenary x1 = 17 points

6 January 2007, 07:36 AM
Well done.

Although personally I prefer the Supercommando's over all over. I'd certainly use them over warriors & blademaster. Although due to their cost it does give you less activations.

Garindan is pretty good too in Mandalorian Squads. Keep him back with Indomitable. Then when you get the chance you can activate Indomitable with Momentum and combine with Garindan with Spotter +30 for and Attack of +21 and 70 damage! B)

8 January 2007, 12:08 PM
I'll have to check out Garindan for my Tatooine Scum & Villiany Army. Sounds like he's got some nice bonuses. Won't work for my Mandalorian Army though because he's not Mando'a.