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25 April 2007, 07:13 AM
22nd Republic Clone Commando Regiment
False Flag

TC-1979, known casually as Top was the highest ranking clone in the 22nd Regiment. He was the Regiment. While Jedi had lead most of the GAR's forces early in the war, as attrition wore down the number of Jedi able to take command roles those positions were taken by both natural-born and clone officers. And if the truth be told, it was probably for the best. While the Jedi were formidable warriors, always dedicated to doing what was right, they weren't generals.
Top, on the other hand, had been trained since childhood by career soldiers from all ranks. He neither liked nor disliked his position. It was what he was made for. But it didn't make it any easier sending brothers out on missions knowing that some wouldn't be coming back, and being the head of a commando regiment, the missions they got were amongst the hardest, the dirtiest, and the darkest.
Like this one.

Karfeddion, Senex-Juvex Sector. The Second Year of the Clone Wars
0125hrs (local time)

A dark form glided silently across the moonlit gravel garden; millions of small pebbles swept into rows and spirals. At once both a work of art and the simplest of intruder alarms. It was impossible to cross the stone garden surrounding the governor's mansion without both making noise and leaving telltale tracks. Yet the armour-clad figure had crossed it unnoticed.
Flattening himself against the mansion wall he brought up his rifle; a bulky BAW E7 blaster and motioned to his squad mates at the outer wall. And one by one the other members of the squad silently crossed the garden, taking up positions around the first intruder. Quiet, professional, one covered the building's wall in each direction while another watched the garden and outer wall and the first knelt by a plant pot and extracted a small package from his tan webbing: a Sheer Silence Bubble generator and commtrigger. After switching the commtrigger on and testing its power, he carefully concealed it behind the plant pot at the base of the mansion wall.

"Set," his Jabiimi accent came over the small squad's commnet.
Next he readied his spike-launcher. They had to move quickly; a pair of guards patrolled the outer wall every five minutes. In addition the white building was in stark contrast to the dull metal plated armour and red tabards of the four Jabiimi Nimbus commandoes (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Nimbus_commando).

The grapnel dart sunk itself into the underside of the fourth-floor balcony directly above them and the first Nimbus commando began to ascend. His repulsor boots, which had allowed him to silently and without trace cross the intricately patterned gravel-garden, also enabled him to scale the wall soundlessly with his feet cushioned a centimetre from the white permacrete itself.
Reaching the second storey he had to angle his boots and carefully move left round a large transparisteel window. When the repulsor boots were flat against a vertical surface it was difficult enough getting traction, but this was a true challenge. Sweat beaded on the man's head inside his grey peaked helmet, its red visor and HUD bathing his face in a sanguine glow.
Slowly but steadily he made it past the window and up to the third floor window. Still all was quiet, no sound from within the house, the occasional hoot of nocturnal avians in the surrounding forests...and the sound of the two guards making their way along the perimeter wall's walkway.
Moving up and alongside the window the first Nimbus commando slowly peeked through the transparisteel. Inside was a corridor running left-to-right; east to west on the construction bluefiles of the mansion he had memorised in their briefing. A turbolift at the west end, and at the east the corridor followed the wall round to the north.
If they haven't changed anything since the place was constructed, he thought to himself. He was now in the shadow of the fourth-floor balcony and some five meters above the other three CIS commandoes. His rifle was slung across his back; not easy to get to in an emergency but it prevented the weapon accidentally banging against the mansion wall and potentially compromising the whole op. Still, he had a blaster pistol holstered at his thigh, though if the guards on the wall spotted him he'd be relying on the rest of his squad to take them out.
He carefully extracted a vibrosaw from his webbing. Another thing he had made a mental note of on from the construction plans: the transparisteel windows of the governor's mansion were micro-thin, triple-glazed and rated to withstand cannon fire...the putty the windows were held in with however, was not quite so resilient.
The two perimeter guards then came into view; clad in black blast vests and helmets over House Vandron colours, Merr-Sonn rifles hanging from slings at their sides. The dangling commando watched as two of his three squad mates beneath him tracked the guards with their own BAW E7s while the third kept watch for other threats.
He kept the vibrosaw in hand and unpowered as the two guards patrolled past oblivious to his presence, their attention focused more on the hip flask they passed back and forth.
Turning back to the window he inserted the small circular saw into the flaky, decades-old putty and finally turned it on. The small saw began to turn and a pipe attached to it sucked up the dust as the commando carefully moved the saw round the window. No trace of infiltration.
The tiny saw's whine was largely muffled by the putty itself but still it sounded deafening to the commando as he hung suspended by a slender thread.
Eventually the saw had cut round the transparisteel sheet. He stowed the tool away again and, attaching suction cups to the transparisteel, he checked through once more for any movement within. Satisfied, he slowly eased the sheet out of its mounting, clamped it to the underside of the balcony above and slipped through the opening.
He immediately dropped into a crouch, his boots keeping him above the deep-pile blue carpet, his rifle up and scanning the barely-lit corridor. Though he had entered almost silently, the change in air pressure caused by opening a door or window could disturb a sleeper, so he paused, quickly familiarising himself with the sounds of the house, and checked his surroundings. Though only a little moonlight got in through the windows, it was clear as day through the Nimbus commando's HUD...if red-tinged.


He moved to one side as the other three members of the CIS special-forces unit climbed up. The last commando brought up the monofilament grapnel line with him and fitted the transparisteel window back in place.
The first commando lead the squad along the corridor west to the turbolift, two commandoes on each side of the corridor, the rearmost stalking backwards to cover their tails.
At the turbolift the lead Nimbus pulled a small aerosol from his webbing and gently sprayed it over the keypad. The spray's luminous green powder reacted with moisture on the four keys that had most recently been touched. But in what order?
While the other commandoes waited he gently pressed the four keys with a repulsor stylus.
Governor's D.O.B.
The lift arrived and opened as the green glow on the keys was already fading and the four commandoes piled in.
As soon as the last was in the doors closed and, after checking the lift for cameras he lifted his helmet to reveal the sweaty face of Jango Fett.
"Fierfek, Pawn! Could you've taken any longer on that entry?"


Yan Kai
25 April 2007, 07:31 AM
8o Wow8o

That is great! Extremely well-written with extremely good word choices and descriptions.

The link to the Wookipedia entry on Nimbus commandoes was also a nice touch. I hadn't heard of them before to it was cool that you also helped out the uninfomed readers like myself.

Great story so far, keep it up!

26 April 2007, 06:04 AM
Classroom 5B, GAR training facility, Tipoca City.
One week earlier.

The four clone commandoes of Alpha squad sat at desks, the only students in the big circular classroom that usually held over a hundred. Though they hadn't been in classroom 5B for over six years and they barely between the fixed chairs and console-desks anymore, their attention was fixed on their instructor.
"Where can I get a speedercab?" she asked, all six foot of her, most of which was legs and blonde hair.
"Where can I get a speedercab?" the four clones chanted, echoing the woman's strange accent and intonation.
"Good, good!" the woman beamed, "I don't think I've ever had such good students. Now, tell me your names."
"I'm Pawn," the scout said, winking at the young linguist.
A look of shock appeared on her pretty face. "Excuse me?"
"Ah, like the board game piece, ma'am," Knight explained politely, "Pawn. Rook," he indicated the bored-looking commando toward the back of the class, then at the sergeant in the front row, "he calls himself King. And I, dear lady, am your Knight in shining armour," he grinned.
"ATTEN-SHUN!" King barked, already on his feet as commander TC-1979 strode into the room. In a snap he was followed by the other three clones.

Top wore standard white clone trooper armour though the rank plaque on his left breast indicated his rank and he himself was clearly identifiable by the black patch over his right eye. Lost on Geonosis he refused to have it replaced with a cybernetic and wore the patch as a badge of honour.
"As you were, boys, as you were," Top said as he moved to the front of the classroom.
"How are they doing?" he asked the woman.
Her blushed cheeks returning to their natural tone, she replied; "linguistically they are wonderful students."
Top turned to the four clones with a half-serious scowl.
"You boys haven't been giving Mrs Lobii a hard time have you?"
"Missus?" Knight muttered disappointedly while the others just grinned and shrugged.
Top asked Mrs Lobii to excuse them and King had excuses loaded and armed as soon as the door closed, fully expecting to be chewed out by the head of the regiment.
"King, save it," Top started, hands up to fend of their flimsy excuses. "Do you know where Mrs Lobii is from?"
Though he had expected a few smart suggestions along the lines of Zeltros or Iego he got blank stares.
"Jabiim," he announced to the clones' surprise.

Jabiim had been a member of the Republic for three long millennia but in recent years the planet's needs had been overlooked and ignored by an increasingly complacent and corrupt senate. The discovery of rich ore deposits had brought the planet back to the attention of the Republic...and the CIS.
A recent campaign on Jabiim had failed badly, resulting in the entire planet throwing in their lot with the seppies.
Jabiimi was now generally synonymous with enemy and often terrorist.

"She's been teaching us to speak with a Jabiimi accent, right commander?" King ventured.
"So...we're retaking Jabiim, and you need us to be able to blend in...vocally?" Knight asked, clearly confused. The four clones were identical and didn't look in the slightest bit Jabiimi. Jabiimi men generally had lighter skin and long brown or blonde hair. And big beards.
"That is what Mrs Lobii believes and why she agreed to lend the GAR her services. She and her family happen to believe that Jabiim should have stuck with the Republic," Top explained; "unfortunately, Knight, your mission is nothing quite so valiant."
A sombre mood settled over the squad.
"I'm sending you four on an assassination mission, on a world in the Senex-Juvex sector," the clone commander explained.
"Sir, I wasn't aware that the S-J Houses were involved in the war?" King pointed out.
"They're not. Yet." Top paused; "Are you boys familiar with the term false flag operation?"

0140hrs (local time)

Pawn and King positioned themselves on the right side of the lift, Rook and Knight on the left.
As the doors slid open with a soft ping the two House Vandron guards at the far end of the corridor looked up at the sudden break in the monotony of their nightshift, and were duly cut down by shots from Knight and King.
From this phase forth things would likely get noisy and bloody.
Pawn and Rook then moved out of the lift, Rook taking a knee and covering the passage to the north, deliberately ignoring the security holocam in the corner of the corridor which dutifully recorded everything. Pawn lead the other two along the main passage, past paintings and busts of House Vandron nobles adorning the walls, over the smoking corpses of the two guards, to their target.
The governor's bedroom.

Rook backed up after his brothers vacated the lift and wedged the bust of a particularly chubby duke between the closing lift doors to hold it. The doors chipped at the carved marble jowls of the bust and returned to an open position. Meanwhile Pawn, Knight and King stacked either side of the ornately carved greelwood bedroom door. Pawn had a pair of primed C-10 stun grenades in his hands, while the others had their rifles ready.
"On three," Pawn said in his best Jabiimi accent, his helmet's comm now set for external speaker-mode.
"Two-," and a siren went off somewhere within the house.
"Three!" Pawn cried as he booted the doors open and tossed in the stunners.
The three clones looked away; back down the corridor to Rook as the grenades flashed as bright as sunrise, the concussion waves blasted the bedroom's antique furniture and twin booms echoed out of the mansion and into the surrounding forest.
King and Knight then charged in, mowing down anything that moved with their blasters.


27 April 2007, 06:42 AM
Classroom 5B
"But why?" Knight asked after Top had explained the details of the op. He, in fact all of Alpha squad was used to clear-cut missions. This cloak and dagger stuff was a first and it didn't feel right.
"Don't you boys go developing consciences now," Top replied, "you weren't born with them and I doubt you got them from sergeants Aricoza and Whitefeather." He paused. "Strategically the Senex-Juvex sectors are a void between us and a number of seppie systems. Firstly, if they're on our side it makes it easier for us to get at the enemy. Secondly the S-J Houses carry considerable clout both economic and political. Thirdly, if we don't do something to get them on our side then the CIS will try to get them as allies."
He was prepared to go deeper into it since he needed them to understand the mission fully, but their professionalism took over. They were soldiers, he was their commanding officer.
"So," King said after a moment to gather his thoughts, "we get in, flash our shebse at the security cameras," he was particularly reluctant to deliberately compromise the op, it went against all they had trained for. "Then we slot the governor and exfil to the RV. Not too dif-"
"Pardon sir?"
"Everyone in the house is to be eliminated."
Knight shifted uncomfortably and even Rook looked up.
"Sir," King started, "what about chil-"
"Everyone, sergeant."

0150hrs (local time)

King slapped a new power pack into his rifle. The barrel was getting hot. Karkin' seppie weapon! Give me back my deecee! But he knew it wasn't the weapon that was getting to him. It was what had happened on the upper floors of the mansion. In the governor's bedroom. And the other rooms. Fierfek man, get a grip! Stay focused!

They could hear movement throughout the house as guards, believing the turbolift to be blocked, raced up the staircases. But Alpha was already on the first floor, deed done, and moving toward the south wall. They reached the spot where, on the other side, Pawn had set up the commtrigger and Sheer Silence Bubble generator. Pawn now extracted a second generator from his kit while Knight and Rook took up covering positions and King got on the comm to get their extraction RV ready.
Pawn's hands shook as he affixed the generator to the middle of the wall with sealant then drew a can of thermite gel from his kit and proceeded to spray it on the wall making a circle almost a meter and a half in diameter.

"Set. Stand clear!"
As he depressed the detonator in his hand it first activated the Sheer Silence Bubble generators on both sides of the wall, then set off the detonite blowing a hole in the wall almost totally silently.
King moved through the breach first, kneeling to the right of the hole to cover his brothers. Pawn came next and covered left then came Knight, readying his own grapnel launcher. Rook brought up the rear and no one spoke.

Tipoca City.
12hrs later
Top stood with Taun We and a couple of humans in an office overlooking the debriefing room where Alpha squad sat. The four commandoes were silent. No chatter, banter or trading of insults.
"Well done commander," one of the humans beamed, "job well done!"
"I hear the Houses have already opened negotiations with the senate to bring the Senex-Juvex sectors into the war, on our side!" the other man chuckled.
"The governor's unfortunate demise should be hitting the holonews any moment now," the first added eagerly, motioning to a holoprojector that currently showed a war report."

Taun We, ignoring the two smug, natural-born humans, spoke directly to Top, "TC-1979 I am concerned about CS-658, 659, 660 and 661. They appear to have been affected psychologically..."
"Bah! They'll get over it!" one of the men laughed.
Top looked the Kaminoan in her big black eyes. He knew what she was silently proposing, "again?"
Taun spread her arms, "the procedure was a complete success when carried out on Kappa and Sigma squads. They have no recollection."

Just then the holonews started.

A young, clean-cut man in an expensive suit appeared on the screen in front of the governor's mansion on Karfeddion. It was now daylight and the estate was surrounded by military and law enforcement speeders.
"I am Lanz Kaveel, reporting live from Karfeddion at the site of a terrible massacre that occurred less than half a day earlier. House Vandron security has only now released details to the media and allowed reporters to the scene of these hideous murders," the man said, milking the melodrama.
"A little over twelve hours ago individuals believed to be special forces from Jabiim, operating on behalf of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, snuck into governor Roke's mansion, mercilessly slaughtering those within."
Archive images of governor Roke, his wife and family flash up.
"This unprovoked act of war is believed to have been a threat from the CIS, who have shown interest in acquiring the genetic techniques House Vandron is famous for."
Images of House Vandronís genetically adjusted slaves replace those of the dead.
"House Vandron officials are condemning the CIS's actions and refuse to give up their secrets. It is rumoured that House Vandron, on behalf of all the Senex-Juvex sectors, is in talks with the Republic to unite the two galactic bodies in their fight against the separatist menace."
The reporter paused, one hand on his earpiece.
"I'm - I'm just getting new information, that that the governor's daughter seems to have survived the slaughter!"
The young man, dreams of journalistic acclaim almost visible in his eyes, turned and ran toward the governor's mansion. Flashing his press credentials he passed House Vandron guards in full powered battle armour, blaster rifles at port arms.

A young girl, no more than six standard years old, was sat on a repulsor stretcher behind a medispeeder as medics checked her over and tried to shoo the reporter away.
"Tell me, young Fiolla, what happened. Did you see them?" the reporter asked, shoving his recorder in the child's face, past the angry medics.
"I heard shooting, lots of shooting and screaming," the child muttered between sobs, "so I hid in my wardrobe."
"Please get the frak out of here!" a medic cursed but the reporter ignored her.
"What happened then Fiolla, did you see them? Did you see who killed your parents and brothers?"
As tears poured down the child's face she whimpered; "He found me. He found me. He pointed his gun at me but he told me to run and everything would be okay....where's mommy! I want mommy!" and she broke down into wailing screams.

The report went back to the studio where so-called experts discussed the event's impact on the on-going 'Clone Wars' and the CIS's interest in genetics as a way to either create their own clone army or combat the Republic's virally.

Taun saw Top's jaw muscles tighten and the fury in his eyes as he turned to stare down through the tinted glass at the four motionless commandoes sat in the debriefing room.
Finally he turned back to her and nodded curtly; "do it."


Yan Kai
30 April 2007, 07:26 AM
Great story Ronin!

Are you planning on ever doing any sequels to it? Or any other stories about the Numbus Commandoes in general?

I would love to read about them some more.

30 April 2007, 07:31 AM
Well, False Flag was more about a Clone Commando squad posing as Nimbus Commandoes ;) but anyway, I have more Alpha-squad stuff on the way.
I might get round to doing some fanfic from the separatist-side sometime...

Yan Kai
30 April 2007, 07:58 AM
Originally posted by Ronin
Well, False Flag was more about a Clone Commando squad posing as Nimbus Commandoes ;) but anyway, I have more Alpha-squad stuff on the way.
I might get round to doing some fanfic from the separatist-side sometime...

Well yeah, but that whole Nimbus Commando thing was pretty awesome.

A story from the Seperatist view? That could be quite interesting, I'm not sure I've seen it done before.

30 April 2007, 02:18 PM
As always, good job Ronin.

2 May 2007, 09:54 PM
Dude - you should collect together all your 22nd Regiment Short Stories and make them into one e-book. I'm sure you could find someone to do some snazzy pictures for you.

I'm beginning to think these stories are a must have for Star Wars fans.


2 May 2007, 10:42 PM
I hope to eventually compile them...though there's a couple more I have to finish...one all about Whitefeather and how he gets the name...and two more Alpha Squad stories: one mid-Clone Wars and one dealing with them and Order 66.
Then there's also a big story I and Johnny Putrid have been working of, about Garloz and Aricoza...

3 May 2007, 08:58 PM
Originally posted by Ronin
Then there's also a big story I and Johnny Putrid have been working of, about Garloz and Aricoza...

Which should be coming soon to a thread near you. Or near us. Or something like that. And if I can manage it, full d6/d20/Saga stats for the main characters. Sort of a bonus, if you will.

And I thought of a great idea Ronin. I'm thinking my next writing project will be transforming the two 22d IC threads into a pair of short stories. I mean, a huge chunk of the narrative is already there courtesy of you, so all it would require is some additional dialogue, character thoughts and maybe some more background and a few extended action sequences.

BTW, awesome work so far.

5 May 2007, 09:48 AM
That's really an awesome and captivating story you got ther Ronin :)

Lieutenant Paladine
10 June 2007, 01:32 AM
I reccommend even getting them published. These are awesome!

I am your Fan, man!

You write awesome!