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The next part of Jez's life (again great thanx to Terras for proof reading)

The first part is
here (http://holonet.swrpgnetwork.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=243639)


The dark swamps of Kazadan reeked with vile almost suffocating stench of decay. Among the huge almost dead trees a lone figure sat atop a stone pyramid. He was clad only in a loincloth but seemed oblivious to the cold rain and winds that swept around him.
A flock of lynocks, smaller cousins of mynocks, circled lazily not far from him using the drift from the thermal pool to rise to higher more hospitable levels.
Jez knew that the only way to fight an enemy was to know him. And what better way to know somebody than to learn from him directly. That’s why he came to this forsaken planet. Why he sought Naga Daron. Why he became his apprentice.
Sitting meditating with closed eyes he was still fully aware of his surroundings, the lynocs, the venomous swamp-shark swimming a few meters below at the base of the ancient structure, even the bloodthirsty mosquitoes swirling around him. Each a point of light in the mist of Force connecting everything around.
Still he was surprised by the voice coming from behind.
„Have you decided yet to fully embrace the dark side or do you still persist in holding to that silly philosophy for weaklings?”
„I have come to learn how to destroy you.”
„Always sincere; always foolish. Ready for the next lesson?”
„As always, master.”

Lightning danced on the hands of the dark master – white and pure as the pure hatred he owned and hold for such occasions. He channeled his fury straight at his foolish but very promising apprentice.
Jez wriggled in agonizing pain. This was his eleventh or twelfth attempt at understanding this lesson. His muscles twitched involuntarily sending new waves of pain across his body. As always his mastered explained nothing. As the next lightning hit him he almost gave up, almost accept it and the pain brought with it as something natural. And then he understood. The pain was something natural. By fearing it, by not understanding it he could never be free. He used all his remaining strength to relax and it seemed the pain eased.
Naga Daron smiled slightly, another lesson learnt, but still a long way in front of him. He gathered the dark energy from the pyramid and send a lightning that almost suffocated him. Jez hit by the newest attacked was kicked into the air and sent turning head over heels into the dark waters of the swamp.

Time passed.
Jez knew that he would never succumb to the dark side. He was too strong, too powerful, he still knew he has to help others. But he had to agree that the dark side was really powerful and he could understand why people fell for it easy ways. Weaker people...
His master awaited him at the top of the pyramid consulting a holocron that was a smaller copy for the structure they stood upon. It seemed that this device was, unlike the others he heard about, without a force spirit manifestation. His master always communicated with it mentally. And there lay his last secrets.

„I see you are ready for the next lesson. You understand pain, and the power brought by dark emotions, you understand order and duty, but there are still things that you don’t want to understand. It seems that I have wasted my time with you. Soon you will face the final lesson and if you survive you will fully understand the dark side. Until then stay here and await my return.”

Jez bowed slightly and sat down opening his senses to the force flowing around him. This time he felt his master departure, although the power used was still unknown to him. The cold winds concentrated upon getting underneath his clothes and this time he allowed them. Usually he would make the winds dance around him as if he was in the eye of a tornado but this time he couldn’t waste any of his strength. He understood that soon his master will try to kill him knowing that he would never turn to the dark side. But he will be ready. It’s time to complete the mission with which he came here. To cleanse this place of this vile creature and its influence poisoning the whole planet. Soon he will own the holocron and all its secrets and will learn how to defeat such creatures everywhere in the galaxy.
He survived the harshest tests, learned the most difficult lessons and each of them made him even more powerful. His master was as good as dead. Jez smiled as the winds double their efforts not only to push him from the pyramid but to kill him with their freezing touch.
A might roar of Gargua shook the swamp, and even the lynocs hid in their nests. It was the middle of the second night that Jez spent on the pyramid when hi sensed a slight trembling in the Force behind him. He jumped and blocked with his now lit lightsaber the incoming lightning attack. He notice the surprise on his master’s faces and smiled.

„You thought you could stab me in the back? You thought I didn’t know your plans? I anticipated them even before you thought of them. I’m ready for you my master.” his voice full of pride and venom.
He used a nearby lighting rock to attack his master from behind all the time blocking his lighting, but Naga Daron only smiled at pushed it away like a pesky fly. „You don’t know even half of it” he mocked „Don’t understand the real power the dark side gives you.”

Jez found himself surrounded by a swirling storm of force full of lighting, but he accepted the pain that came with the attack and even though it weakened him a bit he emerged from the attack standing. His body was covered with small arches of lighting. He gathered them and send them back to his master. His enemy responded with his own attack taking power from the pyramid. The dark lighting infused with the ancient strength met the red one fueled by Jez’s hunger for justices and his will to survive.
Naga Daron hid his surprise with a malicious smile, it seemed that his apprentice may have understood the final lesson. As both of them were sent flying by an explosion caused by the clash of lightings.
Jez was angered by the old fool still standing, he should kill him swiftly and busy himself with bigger things then some forgotten by all planet. He channeled all his fury into his next attack and launched a final offensive against his ex-master. Naga got hold of his throat only to get hit by an almost physical hit in the stomach. He noticed his apprentice charge and hid himself in the Force.

Jez smiled. „Not this time!” He screamed as he slashed with lightsaber left to the last position of his master, noticing the slight swirls in the Force his movements left. A puddle of blood slowly appeared on the uneven surface of the landing as Naga Daron’s body appeared cut in half. Jez bent only to pick up the holocron and without looking back he left to his starfighter. If he did look back he’d seen that his former master was smiling a happy fulfilled smile.

For many years Jez, known as Alast, which was a title given to him by a chief of one of the tribes he freed from the dark side influence, fought evil around the galaxy. Each time the news of his exploit spread far and wide, but it was laced with vile rumors. People said that he slaughtered a whole primitive tribe that protected a dark Jedi only to get to him. That he got his information by means known only to him but often left those he questioned as empty shells, mere shadows of themselves.
He lived on a beautiful and peaceful planet Dandgeten, carried the title of a Duke, thanks to the grateful king he saved from some unknown darkside beast, and regularly attended balls and parties. He had people working for him: gathering information and searching for new problems for him to solve. He had a great mention, garden, custom build starfighter, and servants. But he felt restless, something like an invisible shawl strangling him slowly.
It was a quiet evening. Rare Babakoo bird sang in the garden. Wind brought the smell of sea and apple trees from his orchard. Jez was getting ready for yet another ball. He wore nondescript black robes, tailored especially for him, that underlined his athletic posture. He put his dark gloves on and hid his lightsaber in a wall safe. He never took any kind of weapons to the balls as they were places of pleasure and fun, not war.
The repulsor chariot was waiting for him outside. It took not more then ten minutes to get to the Royal Ballroom, a separate grand hall built just for annual fetes. Its 10 meters high windows with stained glass were lit by ingeniously hidden lights. The dance floor, with a mural depicting the coat of arms of Dangeten Royal Family, chimed silently every time someone entered it, for the best dancers it created a symphony fitting music played by the orchestra hidden with choirs in balconies somewhere in the vaulted ceiling.
Silence fell as he was announced....

„Hear ye, hear ye, The Grand Duke of Radom, Scourge of the Wicked, Alast Jez Kal’am.”
... only to be replaced by applause. He bowed his head to a few of the older gentry ignoring everyone else and mingled with the crowd. Something was not right. Some silent whispers behind his back. Some talks interrupted as he passed by. He went into one of the side rooms and dismissed the servants. He sat down surprised to find his lightsaber hanging by his right hip. He did remember putting it to the safe.
With eyes closed he allowed his senses to be enhanced by the force. It was as if the walls stopped existing, as if every voice he wanted to hear was there for him to listen to.
„Have you heard that he slaughtered the whole Conabiti tribe, women, children everyone only because they wanted to defend the old shaman who guided them and protected.”
„But surely it must have been his dark influence upon those poor people minds that led them believe that he was protecting them. I doubt Alast would have killed an innocent creature. „
„What do you know?... And what was it about the old Gafnur on Dantooine. After the great Alast finished with him he had to be fed, he turned him into a vegetable and didn’t learn a thing, as there was nothing to be learnt in the first place. And the little Agno that worked as a maid in his house, she got pregnant with him and was cast away and the child and she died by birth. „
„Did you hear that he recently threatened the king that if his new ship isn’t fast enough he won’t be able to guarantee the safety of anyone on the planet? „
„You don’t say?!...”
Almost everyone was depicting him as some kind of monster. He only wanted to protect them, to safe them from the dangers of the dark side, dangers that he fought against more times that they danced, horrors so terrible that no tales would fully describe them. And those puny people dared to whisper behind his back.
Anger like a dark wave swept over Jez and let it flow through his veins. He stepped out from the room with his fully alert senses, seeing the suspicions, the fear.
„They fear me...Me, who saved their kingdom. Me who has spilled by blood to protect them...”
A new wave of darkness followed the last one again he let it flow through him.
Through his new enhanced senses over the dance music and light steps of dancers he heard hard steps of what could only be an army unit. He quickly scanned the surroundings fearing a possible coup but he only found the elite kingdom guard approaching the Ballroom. They were led but utterly loyal general Kobash so no coup was planned. But the presence of the guards disturbed him. He reached with the force and touched general’s mind just as the members of the unit went to balconies to cover the whole hall. It seemed that he was the target - accused of high treason!
As Kobash stepped into the room, anger was already boiling in Jez, looking for a way to get out.
„Alast...” The old man started
„HOW DARE YOU?!!!” Interrupted Jez. Each word a blow that send the general to the floor. Lightings jumped here and there on Jez’s body. Red as anger that fueled his rage. „HOW DARE YOU ALL?!!!”
His body gave in to the inner fury. He sent lightning into the crowd. He heard scream, choked people, broke them in half, thrown them at walls as puppets. His ignited lightsaber deflected the shots from the soldiers wrecking even more havoc. Dark mist filled his eyes and his mind. He crossed the border and was now an incarnation of destruction. Nothing could stop him. No one could hurt him. Ten minutes later it was all over and only Jez was standing in a grand ballroom with smashed windows and floor and walls covered with blood a dead bodies. He walked slowly across the floor not hearing the whimpers and screams of agony. He got out of the building and went to the cliff. Standing on the edge he took one final step that send him tumbling down to the cold waters of calm sea.
Naga Daron was happy now. His apprentice fulfilled his wishes and even took them one step further.

A few days later a man dressed in tattered black robes emerged from the sea in a small fisherman’s village. A small boy helped him get to the beach.
„Hello mister. Are you ok.?”
„I think so” replied the man „where am I?”
The man sought the name in his mind for a while. Then went pale.
„Who am I?...” He asked silently.

30 May 2007, 07:02 AM
Good stuff! I liked his fall and the way his dark master taught him to get through the pain by accepting it, embracing it...
then the way, as he became more and more determined to seek out and punish wrongdoers, he became that which he despised so...