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28 May 2007, 12:46 AM
The third part of Jez's life - they (except for the first part which is first ineed) are not in chronological order. Again thanx to Terras for proofreading.

The first part (http://holonet.swrpgnetwork.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=243639)

The second part (http://holonet.swrpgnetwork.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=245184)

The room was illuminated only by a blinking lamp hanging on one cable from the ceiling. The whole room looked like after an explosion – everything was plastered with a mixture of furniture and body parts. Thin arches of lighting reached out from the stump of a sabacc table. A smell of ozone and a heavy smoke of burnt electronics and hair floated lazily around. A torso of a Rodian looked down on the whole scene stuck in the corner near the ceiling pierced by a metal leg of a chair. A burnt out sabacc card stuck out of his left eye, blood dripping down to the floor.
The blood drop slowly flew by a picture of some banthas playing cards only to fall on a cheek of a black-clad man cuddled on the floor. The man stirred awaken by the wet drop tickling down his face. He slowly opened his eyes which widen in terror seeing the whole room. He turned on his hands to throw up in the corner.
After sometime he gathered the strength to get up. Holding the wall he slowly walked towards the door which surprisingly opened without a sound. He fell out of it into an empty side-alley. Two orange moons hang as silent witnesses to everything that happened below. A speeder passed by the alley, some blastershots were fired and a woman screamed, but the man heard nothing of it. The only thing he could hear was a high pitched tone in his ears. He crawled to the opposite wall and sat panting heavily. After some time he heard the wind blowing down the alley. Everything hurt him but he looked unscathed.

Using the wall he slowly got up and started walking towards the exit of the alley. Towards home. He stopped. “Home…” he croaked “Where is home?… Where am I?… Who the Sith am I?…” He felt strange emptiness were probably some minutes ago all his memories were gathered.

Few years later

Jez woke up in his bed and stretched lazily. Today was his free day and he meant to spend it relaxing with his family. But fate had other plans. The door to his room opened suddenly and something small ran towards him screaming. He smiled brightly as he caught his daughter in mid jump and started to tickle her.
“Daddy… stop that…” she said in between bursts of laughter “Mommy is waiting with breakfast…stop that…there are toasts with Corellian jelly.” She finished after he put her down on the floor. “And you know how terribly they taste when they get cold.” Her serious voice and face made him smile again.
“Ok. Ok. Run to mommy and eat your toast. Daddy’s gonna be right there.” He said sitting in the bed. The sun shone through the window leaving bathing his well built body in yellowish hue. He got up and after a quick bath went down to the kitchen.
Gilly was finishing her toast and he smiled looking at his wife making another one.
“What are you starring at?” she asked with her low sensual voice. She was the most beautiful woman he ever saw even by Zeltron standards. Her long black hair fell on her lovely crimson shoulders and her eyes… ah.. the green eyes of a goddess.
“Don’t answer. It’s not suitable for Gilly…” she said laughing. This laughter made Jez shiver – it brought promises of long nights filled with all kinds of pleasures, it was like cold silver droplets of water to man dying from thirst.
“I’m old enough to know what you’re talking about. And daddy I can almost feel your thoughts.” That comment from his three year old daughter brought made him and his wife burst out in laugh though Jez blushed.
“You promised to take me to the oceanarium today, daddy. You said they are bringing in an opee. I wanna see an opee (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Opee) !!!” he could feel the Gilly’s emotions creeping into him. It took some part of his training to shut those off.
“I want to.” He corrected his daughter “We’ll go there after breakfast. All three of us.”

“I love you daddy!” He felt his daughters emotions again. He took the toast handed by his wife and whispered straight into her ear. “She’s projecting again. I think you should talk with her about this, Lashee. Teach her to control it. I’m having difficulties saying no.”
His wife nodded. “Gilly, should I make you another toast or have you got enough?..” she asked already knowing the answer. “Just one more, please”
Jez sat down by the table and mindlessly starting eating his toast. It was as if it happened just yesterday. He worked at the table at the local casino when she came in. Immediately all the talks went quiet and there wasn’t one creature looking at her. Her perfectly built body emphasized by her long dress, her black her and those eyes kept everyone captivated. Jez quickly shook his head and dealt another hand. His talent for spotting cheaters and noticing all kinds of tricks has brought him this job and now he worked only at high stake games. He hoped nobody noticed his distraction but thankfully the players were even more distracted than he.
A friendly jab to the ribs brought him back to reality.
He smiled at his wife. A few things changed since then. He got promoted, had a child and got the girl – not necessarily in that order.
The day was going smoothly but during his visit to the oceanarium his talent for sensing problems sent an alarm down his spine. He quickly pulled up his defenses not wanting his wife nor daughter to sense anything and looked around. Nothing. But as his “seventh sense” has never been wrong before he kept alert. One or two times from the corner of his eye he noticed a black clad silhouette stalking them. Then finally they reach the new exhibit – the twenty meters long reddish opee seem to fascinate his daughter. He also looked carefully but not at the monster but at the reflection in the aquarium’s glass. There he was – average height, clad in black leather clothing – his pursuer managed to blend into the crowd so well that when Jez blinked he just wasn’t there anymore .
For the rest of the two hour visit the mysterious figure was nowhere to be seen but Jez simply couldn’t relax and somehow all the fun of this trip went by him. The rest of the day was quite uneventful and he started to think that maybe for the first time his knack for sensing troubles has led him astray. But it’s better to be safe then sorry – he reminded himself and went to his study and after closing the door he opened a safe hidden in the floor in the middle of the room and took out a hold-out blaster from among other weapons and documents. He checked it and was quite happy to see that it was fully loaded. He got ready to leave as out of the blue he got another idea, he pressed some buttons on the side of the safe and took out a small remote control which he hid in his belt. The quite content he went to bed knowing that Lashee will join him after she finished her work. The holo sculptures she created were quite famous and it seemed, although he never understood why, she could only concentrate on them after the dark.

Next day he stood by the big Venetian window in his office overlooking the gambling tables. He almost never looked at the security screens, only after he had already spotted the suspect and needed some close ups.
“Meni” he said without even turning his head to his Rodian subordinate “Table number four the brightly dressed Farghul. Show me her cards. And start Alpha-P4”
“Ready.” Said Meni just a few seconds later “the subroutine will start in 33 seconds.”
Jez looked carefully at the rest of the room knowing that sometimes one cheater was just a rouse to hide another one, but this time he saw nothing disturbing. Alpha P4 was a security subroutine that was meant to find any skifters used in play.
“Watch her carefully” said Jez his whole attention fixed on the possible cheater. The subroutine activated all cards in tables vicinity to transmit a short peep.
“Left trouser pocket” reported Meni with a smile “We have her!”
“Good job, go get her.” Jez smiled at the speed that Rodian left, before the door managed to shut itself behind him he was already on the first floor coordinating with two security officers the apprehension of the Farghul. The whole action went really smoothly and most of other patrons haven’t even noticed what has happened. After few minutes Meni came back to the office his little green snout beaming with happiness.
“Well done” congratulated Jez “You can be proud of yourself but remember the rule number 3. The time…”
“…to party comes after the shift end” finished the Rodian mimicking Jez’s manner of speaking while sitting back at the screens.
Jez got back to watching the tables when his trouble sense sent a shiver down his spine. He scanned the room and noticed the dark-clad man standing near one of the exits looking straight at him.
“Exit number two” Jez barked not blinking for a second “Black clad human. Record him and check his face” He kept on looking at the man hearing the quick tapping of the keys behind him.
“It will take some time…”
“I know his face from somewhere. Check all databases when you find something call me. I’m going down.” Jez turned and passed the astonished Rodian, it wasn’t often that he left Meni alone. As Jez exited the turbolift he already knew the man was gone but nevertheless he went around checking restrooms and other places he could have hid. Nothing. What the heck was going on?…
His comlink vibrated slightly.
“Yes Meni? You didn’t find anything, right?” he asked hoping, just hoping for another answer.
“No, Sir. Zero hits.”
“I’ll worry about it later then. I’m coming back.”

Lashee was working going through some of the files on her computer in her studio when Gilly bursted in. She looked terrified.
“Mommy, someone bad is coming.” She said with tears in her eyes clutching her favorite Motmot toy. “He wants to hurt us”
Lashee felt the waves of fear coming from her daughter and for a moment overwhelmed by them couldn’t even move a muscle. Then she heard the alarm going on. Someone forced his way into their house. She looked around but she could see any weapons other then her computer.
“We’re gonna hide now, Gilly. But when I say run you run like a korrina (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Korrina) straight to daddy. Do you understand me?” She said trying to remain calm and to transmit that feeling to her daughter.
“Yes mommy…”Gilly almost whispered.
Lashee used her computer to populate the room with as many of her sculptures as she only could. People of various races, animals and multitude of plants appeared here and there – some fully finished some still in work. She took Gilly’s hand and hid her in a standing Herglic (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Herglic) warrior then quickly moved to a Sassani plant standing near the door. Just in time to see the door open silently and a lone man clad in black clothes enter, his pale face and deeply set eyes made him look sickly or even frail but he moved with a grace of a trained and experienced killer. He looked around and barred his teeth in what could have been interpreted as a smile.
“You can’t hide from me. I can sense your fear.” He said with a low husky voice. He slowly went towards the Herglic sculpture avoiding all others. Lashee couldn’t wait a second longer she jumped out of her hiding trying to knock their attacker down screaming “Now, Gilly! Run!”
Even as she was in mid jump the man managed to turn around and bring his arm up in front of him. She jerked suddenly as an invisible force stopped her and stared choking her. Gilly ran past them but the man made a small gesture with his other hand and she was thrown like a puppet against the wall which she head with sickening thud.
“Oh, I’m going to enjoy taking you both apart” said a man barring his teeth again.

Jez felt a hot lance of pain crashing through his brain. Overpowered he fell to the ground. He didn’t notice when Meni ran to him, nor when he called help through his commlink. All he knew that something terrible happened home. He tried to get up but fell to the floor again. He tried again this time Meni helped him.
“I need to get home… NOW!” he managed to bark on his way to the door. With Meni’s help they entered the turbolift and went down to the basement parking lot.
“Meni, you have to finish the shift alone.” He said as he got into his speeder. “If anyone asks tell them it was a family emergency.”
He didn’t wait for any response. He took off quickly and breaking all speed limits flew home. The traffic wasn’t that heavy at this time of the day but only due his luck Jez managed to get home in one piece.
As he ran into the house he notice that the door has been cut open. He jumped through the hole and with the blaster in his hand raced towards the study. Although he hadn’t wasted any time he knew that he was too late. This was one of the times when he hated his gift.
The door opened and he immediately noticed a bloody lump of something that once was his wife laying in the middle of the room still full of various sculptures. He dived to the floor and heaved her corpse into his arms crying. Who could have done such thing? Why? He looked around and noticed the black-clad figure standing over the body of his daughter in a pool of blood. He rose and with a primal scream darted towards the murderer only to be stopped by a mere gesture of his opponent.
“Well, well, Jez. It’s not the way to greet an old friend” came the husky voice.
“Friend?! You sick bastard! I’m gonna rip your heart out and eat it while you’re still breathing! Who the hell are you?!” The force that held Jez immobile allowed him to speak freely but nothing more.
“You don’t remember me? I almost believe you. You know that I was the better one for this job. Master should have sent me to kill those smugglers, but no he had to choose you.” The man spoke relaxed as if he was in a park. “But when you disappeared after the job done we were afraid that someone killed you. Although I believed that your ineptitude killed you.”
Let him speak. He will bring his guard down eventually. Came a voice in Jez head. A voice he knew. His own.
“How surprised I was to find you well and with a family.” Said a man pointing with the tip of his boot towards Gilly. “I knew you had to pay for your treachery.”
“WHO ARE YOU?!!” barked Jez “What on Sith are you talking about?”
“So you really don’t remember me or our late master. How disappointing. It would have been more fun if you did remember. But we can’t have everything, can we?” said the man philosophically.
Jez mustered all his strength and fired a single shot at the murderer. Although he missed the force holding him in place disappeared and he ran for the door. He jumped to the left and rolled away from the entrance just in time to avoid a lighting bolt. He ran towards his office with the pursuer hot on his heels.
“Why are you running? You know you can’t hide from me.” Came the husky voice from almost behind his back.
He entered his office and jumped over the desk just as the door opened again. Crouching he turned and fire few shots at the man entering the room but he just blocked them with his bare hand sending them back missing Jez only by centimeters and destroying the window behind him! Jez didn’t understand any of this but it wasn’t time for thinking as his assailant was coming closer.
“Oh, stop it! Have you forgotten everything our master taught us? Why do you insist on using this primitive weapons?” said the man standing almost in the middle of the room.
Jez tried to fire again but he was empty. He throw the gun at the man who sidestepped it without any trouble. Jez started throwing thing from the desk but none of it reached their intended target. Suddenly something got hold of his throat and lifted him from behind the desk.
The men stood there laughing with his right arm outstretched as if he was holding him.
“It is so funny. Unfortunately you will never understand the joke. Shooting at me and throwing that stuff at me. Hilarious. You couldn’t have hit me even at your best times. I was always better then you. And now it’s time to die.”
Jez fought the force strangling him but he only managed to whisper something hoarsely.
“What was that?” asked the man taking one step towards Jez and releasing the force a bit.
“I said” said Jez hoarsely “I didn’t try to hit you…”
The man raised his eyebrows and bared his teeth.
“…I have you right where I wanted to” finished Jez and pressed a button on his hidden remote control. The murderer hadn’t had a time to blink when a ball of white fire engulfed him and spread quickly filling the whole room. Five thermo-detonators do tend to have such an effect. Jez felt as a giant fiery fist punched him in his stomach and carried him through the broken window outside. Then the darkness swallowed him.

“Is he going to be alright?” came a young Rodian voice.
“It’s amazing! I’ve never seen someone so lucky” said someone at least a bit older. “The Dartuil bush cushioned his fall. He is badly burnt but not beyond repair. I’m not sure about his eyesight but I’ll worry about it later. Now he’ll spend some time in the bacta but in a month or two he should be alright.”
“Thank you doctor. When he wakes up please tell him that Meni was here and that his job is waiting for him.”
“I just hope that it will be enough to keep him alive.” Came a silent reply
“But you just said that he’s going to be alright” Meni always heard everything.
“He may live but he lost everything else, he’ll have to find something worth living for now…”

31 May 2007, 08:10 AM
Well that was gory! :D
(When) can we expect more? :)

31 May 2007, 08:20 AM
I'm working on a longer story (not about Jez this time but about a fall of a Jedi) but it will take some time (which recently I don't have that much) then I'll have to consult with Ris as I'm using one of her characters and then let somebody proofread it (as a non-native speaker I do tend to make mistakes).
After that I'm probably coming back to Jez.

Lieutenant Paladine
4 June 2007, 04:21 AM
Dude. That was a masterpiece! I want to see more of this stuff!

Want to try and write one together? We keep trading Ideas, through PMs and then write it.

That was @#$%&in' awesome!

4 June 2007, 04:48 AM
Thanx for the input but if you really want to see awesome writing check out Ronin's 22nd Regiment stories or IzVenjari's eg. the SixBlade in holonet refugee camp.

I'm looking up to them and trying to write something close.

Lieutenant Paladine
6 June 2007, 02:36 AM
Could you PM me the links?

6 June 2007, 03:36 AM
I'll post them here so that everyone can get there :D

Here is Iz Six Blade (http://www.rt-ma.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=110)

And here are Ronin's 22nd Regiment stories
The newest not yet finished, multi part one
Shackles (http://holonet.swrpgnetwork.com/showthread.php?threadid=245186)

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And the best so far left for the end:
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Lieutenant Paladine
8 June 2007, 04:44 AM
Wow. I can't wait to read them all!

I like this stuff.

10 June 2007, 04:16 PM
Originally posted by Crymoon
Thanx for the input but if you really want to see awesome writing check out Ronin's 22nd Regiment stories or IzVenjari's eg. the SixBlade in holonet refugee camp.

I'm looking up to them and trying to write something close. Dude, that's a nice compliment, but i think you're doing better than very well for someone for whom English is not his native tongue.

10 June 2007, 04:51 PM
Thank you Iz very much. It really means a lot coming from you. *bows*

10 June 2007, 11:23 PM
Yeah, your English is a helluva lot better than many of my high-level students...and it's not just language ability, but the ability to do creative writing in a second language.

Lieutenant Paladine
11 June 2007, 04:46 AM
Crymoon , you write better than some native English speakers I know.

I keep forgetting where you come from.