View Full Version : Hosted site "Moonswing Chronicles" recovered at a backup location

9 June 2007, 11:26 AM
Hello dear fellows,

while I deeply regret the fall of StarWars-RPG.net with all its wonderful content, and all the excellent hosted sites, there is a glimmar of hope, I just found today. The hosted site "Moonswing Chronicles" is still hosted elsewhere:


It's still a great campaign, wonderfully outlined, and packed with stats and great artwork. Maybe it's of some use for some of you.

And of course there is still TORIS! Which has its own forum below here now, by the way. Still one of the best sites out there.

Unfortunately, many great sites seem to have gone for good. Like Servais Sector, Kurlnova Sector etc...

If anyone has found more backup locations of the lost sites, please let us know.


~ HiAd Deck