View Full Version : Rebels & Imperials 2 figure packs

12 July 2007, 02:47 PM
These contain 2 miniatures each from older sets, & cost (at a local Walmart) is $5.47. It comes out to about the same per figure as the regular boosters ($2.20 per fig vs. $2.10 in the boosters.)
It is a way to pick up some of the older figures. I don't have a list handy but I do recall the possibility of getting a Boba Fett figure. I expect most of what is pulled will be commons & uncommons, however.

Darth Jerrod
12 July 2007, 03:51 PM
Funny thing about that. Once I was at this place called Gamers Paradise, used to be a store called Gamekeeper (owned by WotC) and my friend kept pulling things like R2 or 3P0 or Han from the Rebel Storm boosters. I walk up in front of him cause he was checkin his money situation I say give me 2 boosters.

I walk outside, I open mine up and he is swearing about his 7th Han Solo I open mine up and I got Boba Fett.

So last week I am out with him and we see the 2 packs and I pick up 2. He says swear I will be super pissed if you pull a boba fett.

I open it up there is boba fett. I laughed so hard as he drove us home. Had to have been there.

27 July 2007, 04:02 AM
I've only gotten three, and I've pulled a Han Solo. I have a friend that pulled two Mara Jades in a row. I haven't been the luckiest guy when it comes to pulling good figures... kinda frustrating, really.

I've been playing for years, and that same friend starts playing two weeks ago, and he keeps pulling Chewie, R2, Han, and all kinds of good things. In other packs he keeps getting Exar Kun, Qui-Gon, IG-88, and all sorts of great things. I mean, that guy should share a bit of luck, shouldn't he?

Anyhoo... all this to say that I've heard about better pulls from the two-packs. In my personal experience, I've gotten three commons, two uncommons, and a very rare.

Darth Jerrod
28 July 2007, 12:12 PM
Stormtrooper and Rodian Huntsman. YAY!

Donovan Morningfire
25 August 2007, 05:46 AM
I decided to pick up a few of these on a lark, in addition to snagging the new starter (mostly to get the updated rulebook and new map)

So far I've pulled
- Mara Jade
- Luke of Dagobah (twice)
- 2 Stormtroopers (different sculpts)
- Imperial Officer
- Rebel Trooper

Probalby about all I'm going to buy since I have complete runs of all the other sets, having finally managed to finish off my AvE last night by trading quite a bit to get Vader, Quinlon, and a couple extra Storm Commandos.

Still, never hurts to have more stormtroopers for my RPG sessions.

Darth Jerrod
25 August 2007, 11:14 AM
yeah pretty much if people are looking to get into the game its the starter and the 2 packs they will help recreate the Original Trilogy pretty well.

27 August 2007, 04:33 PM
I got a Boba Fett (my first), a Mara Jade (my second), a Rodian Huntsman, a Rebel Trooper, several Stormies and some other things (no, I don't remember what they were).