View Full Version : Lucky/Unlucky/Favourites

27 July 2007, 01:35 AM
So who are your Lucky, Unlucky and favourite miniature characters?

Lucky. Lando, Dashing Scoundrel is a big one for me. But then that's partly due to his low cost and great stats. He's a great piece.

Unlucky. Those charcaters whose name includes a number or a letter :P Okay, Jango Fett BH and Darth Maul COTS. Two of the most beautiful looking minis, and not with bad stats. But whenever I field them thay go down within the first two rounds! I just can't keep them alive.

Lando, Dashing Scoundrel. As said above, low cost with great stats.
Bossk, Bounty Hunter. As a Bossk fan I field him too often.
Boba Fett, Enforcer. Not the meta, but more fun to play than Bounty Hunter.