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7 August 2007, 07:40 AM
I went and bought the starter set when I was finally able to get it, and let's just say I've been lucky with that set so far.

To date I've got a decent Rebel Force.
Home One
1 Republic Assault Ship
3 Venators
Millenium Falcon
2 Rebel Cruisers
4 Republic Cruisers
2 A wings
A Wing Ace
Anakin's Fighter
Obiwans Fighter
2 naboo fighters
Rogue Squadron Xwing
4 sorosuub patrol fighters
2 V-wings
2 Xwings
Xwing Ace
And 3 Ywings

Imperial Forces
2 trade federation battleships
2 imperial shuttles
Palpatine's Shuttle
2 Sith infiltrators
Slave 1 (Jango Fett)
Asajj Ventress' Starfighter
Cloakshape fighter
Droid Trifighter
Geonosian Fighter
Geonosian Ace
2 Scarab fighters
Tie Bomber
2 Tie Fighters
Tie Ace
Tie Interceptor
4 Vulture droids
and Vulture Droid Ace

I think I'm doing better at this set than I am at getting a complete set of Rebel Storm.

8 August 2007, 01:01 AM
Can't remember what I pulled from the starter. I've nearly, but not quite, completed the set buying singles off eBay.

I found the set average to be honest. I only bought them for RPG use, which is just as well because I find the rules very poor. Sculpts are very good, but the quality is questionable - I don't think I have a single straight TIE fighter.

It was recently announced that there will be another Starship Battles set in 2008. I just hope that they add some Advanced rules, but being WOTC I doubt it.

8 August 2007, 04:23 AM
That's all I use my Mini's for, representation in the RPG.

And I agree, the old Micro Machines were better quality than most of the minis (especially in the Fighter Department). Maybe they should have used the same material, I know they didn't.

Yeah, with my Micro Machines added, I could pretty much have the Death Squadron against the Rebels, just don't have cards for the Star Destroyers, lol.