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Jax Nova
7 September 2007, 01:40 PM
Ok. This is going to be a starwars fanfiction. I have done a couple of these before and I know that no one ever reads them for the most part but I felt like writing one and I figured why not post it. So here it goes.

Chapter 1: Tricks of the Trade

Jedi master Isiah Shen and his apprentice Clayden Bright stood silently beneath the trees of Rori's swamp lands. Rori, the moon of Naboo, was much like it's mother planet with many misty marshes where one was hard pressed to see more than ten feet in front of them.... The perfect place for a secret meeting.

"Be alert, they're coming." Isiah informed his apprentice, who was only sixteen years old. "I don't see anything." Clayden replied. "How many times must I remind you-"
"Use your feelings." Clayden finished for him. "I know, I know." Isiah smiled as their contact appeared through the fog.

It was to be a simple pick up mission. The contact would give them the information on the Azarak rebels and they would give him his payment. The Jedi council felt it would be a safe "first encounter" mission for the young padawan.

A scrappy looking character approched and motioned with his hand, "You got the payment?"
Isiah reached into his robe and pulled out the credit chip. "Do you have the information?"

"Sure." the man grinned.

The moment the man's grin slid across his face Isiah felt danger. Something had approched, and surrounded them. Somehow, the Jedi had missed the ambush, their force senses seemingly abandoning them. "Get down!"

Isiah and Clayden ducked behind trees, but it was no use shots rang out from every direction. Trained snippers and militant men with heat seeking rounds, infer-red scopes, and thermal detonator launchers honned in on the Jedi effortlessly.

Both Jedi swung out their lightsabers and began blocking frantically. Clayden tried to stay calm but his muscles tightened with every flash of light that came flying towards his face. He tried to calm his breathing, but he slowly began gasping for air as he settled into a state of panic.

Isiah looked over at his apprentice, sensing his tention, but he looked over just in time to see a thermal detonator launched into Clayden's lightsaber. In the heat of the moment Clayden blocked instead of evaded. The explosion erupted on impact and singed the skin and flesh off of the young apprentice.

"NO!" Isiah yelled, dropping to his knees and focusing all his energy in a singular attempt to protect his apprentice from the blast. The thin film of energy that Isiah was able to surround his apprentice with did little more than preserving a small portion of the body that was left afterwards.

A sniper with a high powered rifle stared through his infer-red scope and released his heat seeking, explosive round. The bullet penetrated Isiah's back and detonated.
Isiah fell to the ground with a gapping whole in his back. He knew despite his famed healing powers he was going to die. But the other unique skill that Isiah had showed the rest of the Jedi just what had happened, and what was happening.

The contact walked up to Isiah as he lay on the ground dying. "Why would you help them?" Isiah asked, reffering to the rebels.

"Tricks of the trade Isiah. You got to know when a bluff is going to make you a bigger profit." the man smiled.

A large tank pulled into view as a large, muscular man stood on top with his large rifle leaning on his shoulder. The dark skinned man wore a sleeveless, brown, leather trench coat, a brown vest, and brown pants. "Now about my payment Skegx." the contact turned to the man on the tank.

"Indeed." the man nodded and laid down his rifle. Skegx reached down into the tank and before the crooked contact knew what was going on he let loose an energy bolt from a blaster pistol.

"What... You promised." the contact fell to his knees.

"Tricks of the trade Balin my friend. Tricks of the trade." the man smiled, lifted his gun and shot Balin again.

Jax Nova
8 September 2007, 09:50 AM
Chapter 2: Ill Tidings

Back at the Jedi temple all those Jedi powerful enough in the force could feel the ripple that Isiah had sent out, the encoded message he had entrusted to the force who would be it's carrier to his comrades.

One young Jedi knight in particular felt it very deep. Utara Sien, a twenty year old Jedi knight, one of the youngest in the order. Utara was Master Isiah's last apprentice and the two were best of friends and deeply bonded in the force.

Sweat beaded up and rolled down Utara's tanned skin as he thrashed in his sleep helplessly. He could see everything that went on, he could hear every word, he could smell the burnt flesh from Clayden as the young padawan lay lifeless on the ground. "NO!" he screamed and sat up in bed.

A tear rolled down his cheek as it was immediately apparent that this was no ordinary dream. Utara stumbled out of bed in shock and opened the door to his room. Sweat dripped from his dark hair as he ran down the hallway to the Jedi council room. "I must speak to the council!" he informed the guard at the door.

The guard opened to door an Utara found the Jedi council already conversing. Master Yoda looked up at the young Jedi knight. "Ill tidings, the force has brought us all. But deep your bond with Master Isiah was, tell us what you saw."

Utara recalled every detail, trying to hold back the pain, the tears, the anger... "Please send me after them." Utara pleaded after he had recounted his story.

"I do not believe that would be a wise decision." Mace Windu spoke up. "You are to emotionally involved."

"I concur." Another Oppo Rancisis spoke."

Yoda looked at the young Jedi who calmed his mind and emotions. "I can find this Skegx, I know his presence, I will feel him. Send me with a master and I will be subject to him as an apprentice." Utara reasoned.

"Hm..." Yoda considered. "Consider this we will." Yoda agreed.

After a long wait Utara was finally asked back in the council room. He walked to the middle to await the answer. "True your words were, and a help you might be on the mission. But good tidings I do not have." Yoda spoke.

"Then I am not to go?" Utara asked.

"No." Mace confirmed.

Utara shifted his weight uncomfortably and withheld his thoughts. "I understand. I will obey the council's wishes."

Jax Nova
10 September 2007, 07:51 AM
Chapter 3: Go in My Stead

Utara was disappointed that he could not go to find the murderer of his ggod friend and former mentor but pleasingly his good friend Zayn Tor was sent in his stead along with a Jedi master Trang Yan.

Utara walked up to the Kel Dor, Zayn Tor, his good friend. "I'm sorry you couldn't go Utara." Zayn sympathized.

"It was the right thing to do."Utara admitted. "I'm to emotionally involved." Utara sat down on his bed side as the red sheet wrinkled under his weight. "But I'm glad your going in me stead."

"I am sure that me and Master Trang will find this man and bring down his organization."

It wasn't long before the Zabrak Trang Yan and the young Jedi Knight Zayn Tor were stepping into their Jedi star fighters and prepping the engines for take off.

The subtle hum rang in Zayn's ears as he thought about his friend Utara. He had heard stories of events like this leaded good Jedi to the dark side. He moved his joystick back as his ship took off and raced towards outer space.

The two Jedi starfighters coasted smoothly into the hyperdrive rings that sat waiting up in space. The coordinates for Rori were punched in and in a flash of light the ships disappeared.

Zayn tried to clear his mind as the trip came to a close. He had always been good at that, until now. Isiah was a good friend of his as well, not only Master to his best friend. He rested his hands on his lightsaber, stroking the hilt. Somehow, in some way, it comforted him. Just to feel the handle, to hear the soothing and relaxing hum of the blade, to see the vibrant aqua color that shone from the solid energy core.

Zayn took his hand off his lightsaber and focused on landing, they were about to come out of hyperspace. Skillfully detaching from the hyperdrive ring the Jedi descended to the landing pads at the Tanserekt Mining colony.

10 September 2007, 03:40 PM

Now I'm confused. Rebel outpost? Empire controlled the Senate? I thought we were in the prequel era here. What rebels, what empire, and what senate are we talking about?

Jax Nova
11 September 2007, 09:59 AM
Sorry! My fault.

At first I had planned the story to take place about 100 ABY

Later I changed it to just before the clone wars. Mixed myself up there a little i do apologize for that. Got that fixed though.

And thanks a lot for bringing that to my attention!

15 September 2007, 05:41 AM
And you say no one ever reads these ;)

Jax Nova
15 September 2007, 08:14 AM
lol. (That statement was actually mainly aimed at another forum I post on. :P But I do appreciate you guys reading and commenting. :)

Chapter 4: Investigation

Zayn flipped his starfighter off and pressed the small button to his right. The hatch on the small ship slid open with a hiss. Zayn jumped out, the lid closing behind him, and walked over to Trang.

"I will go talk to commander of the mining facility and find out what I can about these rebels. You go investigate the site. If any troubles arrives be sure to flee back to me, don't fight." Master Yan instructed.

"Yes master." Zayn nodded respectfully.

Zayn made his way out towards the site where Utara had instructed them to go. He shuddered and looked away in disguest as he noticed the two decomposing bodies. In marshy lands like this it didn't take long for dead flesh to go rank.

Zayn looked around, trying to find a trace, but in the swampy ground there was little to be found. But the tank... That had sunk in significantly. It was hard hiding the tracks of a 20 ton vehicle. But no doubt the operators would have known that as well.

Back at the mining colony Master Trang Yan walked out of his meeting with a wealth of information.

Skegx was the leader of the Reformists. These people denied the authority of Naboo and claimed that Rori was an independent planet and, naturally, they were the rightful leaders.

Unfortunately, however, no one knew the location of any of their bases. It would be a search and destroy if things got out of hand and that wasn't what the Jedi wanted.

Master Yan contacted Zayn with his communicator. "What did you find?"

"These men are good." Zayn started. "Professional snipers and marksmen. They left tank tracks but I have no doubt in my mind they took into consideration someone following them. And my feelings tell me there is danger where they lead."

"I agree. Someone that good isn't going to leave tank tracks through swamps to their base. Meet me outside the city and we will move out." Master Tang instructed.

"Yes master." Zayn put away his communicator and cautiously made his way towards Master Yan.

Zayn spotted Master Yan near a small clearing of ankle deep, murky water. "What's the plan?" Zayn asked.

"We stay here tonight. Commander Setch of the mining security forces will contact us is there are any disturbances linked to the rebels. In the morning we will cautiously take the track the tank left."

Jax Nova
18 September 2007, 07:34 AM
Chapter 5: The Hunt Begins

Master Yan walked along in front, Zayn stepping lightly behind as the two Jedi cautiously followed the tank tracks. Zayn wondered what they would find. Would it be a trap, an ambush, or something else? No group as skilled as this would lead them straight to the base. Surely they would know if they killed two Jedi more would come. Thoughts raced through Zayn's head.

"Calm yourself Zayn, keep your mind of the present. What lies ahead will meet us soon enough." Master Yan instructed.

"Yes master." Zayn replied, clearing the thoughts from his head.

It seemed like forever, following the tracks through rank swamps, drudging through water and decomposing plant life. Zayn's cloths were wet enough from having to sleep on the ground. Zayn took a moment to realize the irony in the fact that many of the young children in society looked at Jedi as having quite a glamorous life.

The sun sink and night fell, leaving the two in the dark once more. Another night on the damp ground thoroughly soaked Zayn's clothing with the help of a heavy morning dew. But it did little compared to the down pour of rain that accompanied them on the next part of their journey.

Zayn kicked some mud off the bottom of his boot. The rain had turned everything into a sloppy mess. "Were going to lose the tracks aren't we?" Zayn asked.

Master Yan stopped walking and looked around. "There to good to leave a trap. They probably knew if they did something in the equipment used could leave us a clue. Instead they made a trail so long it would be impossible to reach the end before the weather erased it from the earth's surface."

"What now?" Zayn asked.

Master Yan began walking again. "We keep going. The force will guide us."

Zayn was growing weary of this trip when he sensed something hiding nearby. "Master." he whispered.

Trang nodded. "I know. You drop off and circle around behind." Zayn began lagging back. "Careful to do no harm, I sense no danger." Master Trang added, contacting Zayn through the force.

Zayn silently crept up behind a figure crouched in the bushes. He wrapped his arm around it's neck and placed his hand over it's mouth. Then, shockingly, the body fell limp in Zayn's arms.

18 September 2007, 06:29 PM
This is good work, Jacx. I can see that you're improving.

Honestly, aside from "keep writing", my one and only piece of advice is to review/study dependent/independent clauses and comma rules. (While some English teachers/profs/etc are fine with commas occasionally left out in certain cases, for now, I'd follow the normal rule and flank all dependent clauses with commas, if I were you. There are definitely some that need them.

Overall, good work! You're getting better - and more than just stylistically.

Jax Nova
19 September 2007, 07:45 AM
Thanks, always appreciate advice. :)

And yeah Iknow, my grammer is greatly lacking. I never did do good in spelling or grammer which is annoying because I like writting so much. But I have a book about grammer that I am suposed to be reading for a writting class I am taking so hopefully I will get to that and learn some stuff. Although another great problem for a writter to have (which I do) is the fact that I don't like reading books.... *sigh* lol well thanks for the comment always appreciate it!

Jax Nova
20 September 2007, 07:25 AM
Zayn laid the limp body gently on the ground. She was just a child! fifteen, maybe seventeen years old at most. There didn't seem to be anything wrong with her, no injuries. "I don't know what happened." Zayn said in a worried tone as master Yan approached.

"Relax Zayn. I think she just fainted."

Zayn felt a bit stupid now. He scratched his arm. "Oh..." Master Yan grinned at the young Jedi as he attempted to wake the young girl.

It didn't take long to get the child awake, she sprung to life like frightened chuba. "Please don't hurt me! I was just out looking for mushrooms I won't tell anyone I saw you! Honest, I won't tell anyone." the girl rambled away, fear filtering through each word.

"Calm down." Master Yan said in a soft friendly voice. "No one is going to hurt you. We are Jedi knights and we are looking for a group of Rebels." The girl looked at him with a confused expression. "The reformists." Master Yan corrected himself.

With those words the girl's facial expressions turned back to those of fear. The shook her head lightly. "I can't... I.. I can't tell you anything. They would kill me!" she stuttered and backed away from Trang.

"We won't let them hurt you. And they won't know it was you that helped us." Zayn told her.

"No but they will start killing locals until the one who did comes forward." she replied.

"They aren't going to kill anyone." master Trang assured her. "We are here to shut them down for good."

The girl's face turned hopeful, her mind floating back to her family. "I'll tell you." she agreed. "If you can help my mother. She is very sick, the doctors say she won't live unless we get her medical attention, but we have no money. Not even enough to get her to the mining colony."

"We can help her." Master Trang Yan agreed.

The girl lead the two Jedi back to the cave that her and her family lived in. It was dank inside, the air stale. Water dripped contently from the stalactites, echoing in the underground safe house.

Tara, the young girl had explained the situation over the short walk. The reformists kept the locals of this area poor. Poor enough that they couldn't do anything to oppose them. They also kept them scared enough that they wouldn't tell the authorities that the main base was just a days journey from what used to be the town of Arabech.

"Tara! Don't hurt her!" a man jumped to his feet as the Jedi entered the back room of the cave.

Zayn looked around. The family had nothing more than a few blankets on the ground for their beds, a couple wooden crates for foraged supplies and a fire place with a single tin pot.

"There friends! They can heal mother." Tara explained.

"I am Jedi Master Trang Yan. And this is Jedi Knight Zayn Tor." Trang introduced himself and Zayn.

"You can heal her?" The man questioned.

"Trang looked over at the woman. "Yes I believe I can."

The man nodded in agreement. "We have nothing to offer in return." he said as Master Yan kneeled down beside the dying woman.

"They are here to stop the reformists." Tara said as she hung her head, knowing what her father would say.

"What did you tell them?" his voice echoed through the cave.

"You won't have to worry about anything." Zayn assured the man. "Once we shut them down they won't bother you anymore."

The man sneered and turned towards his wife. "If you shut them down."

Jax Nova
28 September 2007, 07:48 AM
Chapter 6: infiltration

The two Jedi scanned the area where the young girl had told them the reformist's base was located. The rain fell down in large sparse droplets, the trees acting like a worthless umbrella.

"Maybe the girl was lying." Zayn suggested.

"No, I sensed honesty in her words. There was no deception." Master Yan objected.

Zayn sighed and leaned up against one of the trees. "What do we do now?"

Master Trang smiled wearily. "We wait. This is where your Jedi training is tested. We must have patience." Master Trang patted Zayn on the back.

The two Jedi hid themselves in a tree. If in fact the girl was correct about this being the center of the reformist's activity there would be just that, activity.

It didn't take long for the Jedi to detect the first signs of life in the area after the heard of Kadu that moved through.

"Zayn..." Master Trang whispered.

At that moment the sense of a presence filled Zayn. "I feel it. It's directly below us."

Master Trang motioned for the young Jedi knight to stay silent.

Soon a tunnel opened and out came a group of ten men.

"I'm going to town to get me something to drink, who's coming a long?" one of the men asked.

The others cheered and walked off with him.

"We can't just go through the front door." Zayn said after the men left.

"No, but there will be air shafts somewhere." Trang told him as he got down from the tree.

"Somewhere." Zayn repeated. "But who knows where."

They searched for hours before they finally discovered the answer to that question.

Zayn pulled the cover of the poorly hidden shaft. "Oh boy, that smells like a worse than a Bantha."

"The life of a Jedi can often be unpleasant." Trang reminded him as he entered the shaft... as if he needed reminding.

"These people are probably just a bunch of Sith loving Hut huggers." Zayn criticized out of annoyance as he drudged through the shaft after Master Yan.

Zayn closed the skinny shaft behind him, barely able to turn around and fastened it from the outside using the force. He squeezed his way back, now facing forwards. They would have a very long crawl ahead of them before reaching the underground base.

28 September 2007, 02:43 PM
Sith loving Hutt Huggers! LOL :D

Jax Nova
5 October 2007, 06:57 AM
lol something I came up with when me and my little brother were having a friendly name calling battle. :P

Although i recently decided Sith Sucking Hut hugger sounds better than Sith Loving hut hugger. *shrugs* preferances preferances... lol Well, here is the enxt chapter.

Chapter 7: A Threat to the Threat

"What is this place?" Zayn glared through the screen covering the ventilation system. The room on the outside was filthy, mold growing up the walls, condensed water dripping off a few of the junk machine parts laying around.

Master Yan took off the shaft covering. "By the looks of it it's a place that no one comes very often. The type of place we want to be."

The two jumped down, the force padding their drop to silence the sound of the fall to a soft tap on the cool metal floor.

Zayn crunched rust beneath his feet as he walked over to the door. "The access button is coated in dust, no one has been in here for a long time."

"Something seems odd about this place." Trang admitted. "Lets go."

Zayn didn't sense anyone outside the door... In fact he didn't sense anyone anywhere. The Jedi opened the door and walked out into the hallway. It was like the room, worn down, cobwebs everywhere, the floor was layered with dust.

"No one has walked these halls in some time." Master Trang Yan stated the obvious.

"This doesn't feel right." Zayn stated.

"No, it doesn't. But I don't sense any danger in the prospect. We should continue."

After passing through a maze of hallways, rusted shut doors, and cobweb filled paths, the Jedi finally discovered signs of life. Footprints in the dust.

They followed them to an elevator which, amazingly, worked. "I sense something above. But I can't tell what it is." Zayn said as they stepped inside the elevator.

"That's civilization you feel." Master Trang stated as he closed the elevator door and activated the lift.

The door opened and the Jedi stepped out into clean halls, polished steel floors, working doors and wall computers.

Zayn walked over to a wall computer. "This is too strange." According to the computer the underground complex was nearly as large as half the planet or Rori, a vast underground city with more than fifteen levels. "No wonder the lower levels are never used, this place is huge!"

As Zayn was looking at the computer a door opened at the end of the hallway.

"Hide." Trang said as him and Zayn dashed down a side hall.

"Take him or let him pass?" Zayn asked.

Trang thought for a moment. "We need answers... Take him."

The man walked down the hall, suspecting nothing until a speeding blur of an image rushed out from around the corner to solidly strike him in the face.

"Who are you?" Zayn asked the man as he woke, the Jedi now in the solitude of a locked side room of the hallway.

"Please don't hurt me! I was on my way to start my shift, I promise I won't be late again!" he cowered in fear, his hands shaking and trembling.

"Who are you?" Zayn repeated.

"Subject five two three T M I. Relocated to the east side fifty two days, three hours, and thirteen minutes ago. Agent Clouse when possessed by the darkness." the man spouted out in a militant yet still frightened tone.

"How many of you are there?" Trang asked.

"There are... The man pause. Only ten of us left. We used to have a glorious colony, filling the whole complex. But when you brought the darkness here it slowly started killing us off, corrupting and decaying our bodies from the inside until.." the man shook his head. "You know all this why do I have to tell you?"

"We are not the ones who brought the darkness here. We are Jedi and we have come to stop it." Zayn told him.

"We are here to stop the violence of the reformists." Trang corrected him.

"Your Jedi?" the man asked excitedly. "No..." He shook his head. "You shouldn't be here! It will take you over and the violence will increase! Leave while you still can."

"What are you talking about?" Zayn asked.

"The reformists never wanted war. We wanted to
co-exist as an independent nation in our underground city. But then... some ghost appeared after we dug up a strange sepulchre in our construction. The ghost began roaming our halls, sending out darkness that possessed our colonists. Eventually the possessed subjects die, some sooner than others. Those who resisted the darkness and the ghost were also killed. Now the darkness controls us when we are above the surface and it causes all this violence."

Zayn looked at Master Yan, he wasn't sure what to make of all his.

"You have to go now!" the man ordered in a forcible voice.

"We are going to stop this darkness." Zayn told him.

"No! Leave while you can. There are only ten left. Soon we will all die and the terror will be over with. The ghost can't go above ground, neither can the darkness unless it has a host. Once we all die all this will be over. But if it takes you..." The man shuddered. "Your Jedi! Who knows how long you could live. And the power you would posses... The destruction..." He shook his head again.

"We need to contact the council." Trang said. Zayn nodded in agreement.

"We'll be back." Zayn promised the man as the headed out the door.

"For your sake, I hope not." was his only reply.

Jax Nova
15 October 2007, 06:47 AM
Chapter 8: The Council's Wishes

"Hm... Disturbing this is." Master Yoda agreed.

"I think, if what they say is true, this Sith can not be allowed to continue." Mace commented.

"But if he is going to die once the population is gone would it not be better to rescue those remaining and then leave instead of attempting to fight?" Zayn suggested.

"These words would seem wise." Master Kit Fissto spoke. "But who is to say that he will die for sure. We can not be certain.

Mace nodded. "And we can not risk letting him out."

"Agreed." came the voice of Deppa Belaba.

"Very well. We will do our best." Master Yan nodded.

"We will send Utara. He is a skilled swordsman and will aid you in this fight." Master Mundi announced.

"We will wait for him here." Master Trang agreed.

Zayn switched off the holo-communicator. "I don't agree Master. Why fight it and run the risk of an even greater threat if he is to take over one of us? It's not logical."

"We must follow the council's wishes. Their collective wisdom is far greater than our own." Master Trang reminded him.

"Yes I know master... But it's just. It doesn't feel right."

"I agree." master trang stared off into the woods as he let the uneasy feeling creep in over him, nearly consuming him.

It was a short wait for Utara, but it seemed like forever to Zayn who was still uneasy about the final decision. He wasn't even sure why he was uneasy... But he was.

The subtle sound of a speeder bike was heard zooming through the forest early one morning, it grew louder and louder. As it grew closer the two Jedi could feel the presence of Utara.

Zayn tried to ring the water out of his damp robe, but it was no good.

"Master Trang, Jedi knight Zayn. Utara nodded as he arrived. "I trust you are ready to go?"

"Indeed we are." Mater Trang confirmed.

Something was dark in Utara, Zayn could tell. Not only did he not greet him as a friend but Utara had a force inside that drove him onward like nothing Zayn had encountered before.

Jax Nova
25 October 2007, 07:35 AM
Chapter 9: A Darker Presence

The three Jedi moved forward, making their way to the air vent where they entered the first time.

The long crawl down the dank tunnel seemed much shorter this time than the first for Zayn.

"Were is this sith?" Utara asked with a tone set for vengeance.

Master Trang looked at the young Jedi reluctantly. "On the higher levels."

"We should be careful though, try and take it by surprise... If it's possible." Zayn suggested.

Utara ignored and walked forwards down he hall.

"Master, I'm worried about Utara. he's... not himself." Zayn whispered as him and master Trang lagged behind.

"I sense he has let the darkside into his heart. He is set on revenge, that path only has one conclusion. If after this is over we can't bring him back, I'm afraid he will be lost." Master Trang said sorrowfully.

Before long the jedi found themselves up on the inhabited levels. Utara still leading the way, as if he knew where he was going.

Master Trang walked up beside Utara. "Utara, we should be cautious. Walking down the hallway like this isn't the best idea he could be anywhere."

"No." Utara disagreed. "I know where he is. I can feel him... Calling to me."

"I think maybe you should tell us where he is then and wait here for us." Master Trang suggested strongly.

Utara ignored Master Trang and walked on.

Master Trang dropped back with Zayn. "If it comes down to it Zayn..." he paused. "We might have to detain Utara by force."

Zayn nodded in with a sigh. What had his old friend become?

25 October 2007, 06:54 PM
im only at chapter five but im definetly enjoying this so far :D , good luck & good job

Jax Nova
31 October 2007, 05:38 AM
Hey thanks, glad you like it.

I have been busy enough that I am not writing on it as much as I would like so it should give you time to keep up lol.

Here is the next chapter. (not very long but It felt right to end it here)

Chapter 10: The Greater of Two Evils

The hallway became dark, a damp cold feeling swirling in the air. Zayn shivered and pulled his Jedi robe closer. It did no good. The cold he felt was not temperature but the force.

Zayn looked over, he saw Master Trang's hand slowly and gently move over to rest on his lightsaber.
Zayn did likewise.

The cool smooth feel of the metallic handle felt comforting. He could imagine the low hum, a slight buzzing sound to it. Somehow it comforted him.

"In here." Utara pulled out his lightsaber and ignited it.

Zayn almost jumped back at the sound.

Utara began cutting through the locked door in front of him.

"Perhaps this isn't the best way." Zayn suggested. But Utara only ignored him.

Trang glanced over at Zayn saying in his face, "Let him go for now."

A strong force push finally sent the door flying to the ground. Utara walked in the room, lightsaber sill ignited.

The room, as if it were possible, held an even more ominous feel. The cold not only rippled across Zayn's skin but now vibrated through his body like a pulsing hyper drive engine.

"I'm glad you could join me." a soft voice said, resonating with a faint echo.

"You won't be so glad when your dead." Utara threatened, looking around for the sith ghost.

The sith laughed as he floated out into the open, an amused look on his face. Then his face turned to that of anger as he spoke again. "I'm already dead. You can't kill me."

"Take him slow Utara. Remember your training." Trang reminded.

"My training only held me back." Utara rejected the advice and sprung forwards making the first attack.

Jax Nova
9 November 2007, 07:55 AM
Chapter 11: Possession

A flash of light erupted into the small room like a laser beam as the sith Shadow ignited his lightsaber. The see through handle had a reddish blade that was as much a ghost as the sith himself.

The blade, though a ghost blade, did very real damage.
Utara swung hard with all his might, first to the right and then the left. He spun around and did a fast combination of moves but nothing got pas the defenses of the sith.

Master Trang nodded to Zayn and the two joined the fight.

Flashes of color filled the room like a night time display of fireworks.

Zayn swung at the feet, the spun around to come it at the head. Before he knew it, however, he was forced into blocking a small bolt of lighting that shot from the sith's eyes.

Master Trang concentrated on his foot work and blocking incoming attacks, doing little attacking.

Utara hacked away, often times giving no regard to where his fellow Jedi stood. Zayn ducked under his friends blade to avoid death a number of times.

Suddenly the Sith stopped and fell to the ground. Utara lifted his blade to strike without a moments hesitation. Suddenly, as Utara's blade started it's decent, lighting bolts shot out in every direction. A dome of electricity protected the Sith as Utara's blade hit and went flying.

The three Jedi were pushed back, Zayn and Trang protected by their lightsabers that absorbed much of the shock. Utara, however, was not so fortunate.

When Zayn opened his eyes he looked over to see the Sith standing over Utara. "No! Leave Him alone!" Zayn demanded, jumping to his feet.

But as he raced towards the Sith the shadowy figure disappeared and entered Utara's body.

Utara then stood up. "Your friend has given in to the dark side and opened his doors to me." The ghostly lightsaber appeared in Utara's hand, it's reddish blade shimmering in the dark room.

Jax Nova
15 November 2007, 11:42 AM
Chapter 12: Choices

Zayn backed away in horror. What had Utara done?

Master Trang launched forward to block an attack with his lightsaber that was aimed at Zayn's head. "Zayn! This isn't Utara anymore. He ceased being Utara when he gave in to the dark side."

Zayn backed away, not wanting to fight, but knowing he had to. "How could you do this?" Zayn yelled at Utara, hopping there was still something left.

Zayn blocked an attack and swung low at the legs. The Sith jumped, only to be met by Master trang's blade. A desperate block sent the sith stumbling back.

Flashes of lightning once again shot from the hands of the sith, the two jedi easily blocking it this time with their lightsabers.

"After all our training it comes to this." Zayn sighed and rushed in for another attack.

The sith ducked below a swing and countered with force push, sending Zayn rolling along the ground.

Master Trang came in behind the Sith, preventing him from taking advantage of Zayn's vulnerability.

The sith blocked again, parrying to the right, then left, up and down.

Zayn came in from behind the sith, striking high but then dipping down to reach below the blocking saber. The sith countered, nearly stabbing Zayn in the head. Fortunately for Zayn master Trang's attack forced the Sith to block and not follow through with his attack. But the block left the sith open to Zayn's blade.

Zayn struck quickly, slicing at the abdomen. The Sith contorted and twisted in a futile attempt to avoid the attack. Despite his best efforts the blade created an inch deep slash in his side.

A burst of red energy went out from the Sith, a power like a force push with electric charge sent the two Jedi flying backwards as small electricity particles electrocuted them in flight.

Zayn hit hard, breaking a finger against the junk that he landed on when he broke his fall. Master trang faired better, with no more than bruises as he used the force to soften his landing.

As Zayn rushed back to battle he could tell the use of such a powerfull force ability had caused Utara's body to become tiered, perhaps the wound on his side aiding as well.

Zayn struck fast with a side to side twisting motion, then dipped down at the legs and coming up at the head. Master Trang focused on blocking attacks and taking the openings the Sith presented.

Zayn worked the Sith hard, hoping he had the physical edge. When Master Trang finally took his opening the Sith had to nearly dive to avoid the energy blade.

Zayn used force push, all his might flowing through his hands and plunging the sith hard into the durasteel walls.

Master trang, in conjunction with Zayn's push used force pull on the Sith's lightsaber, ripping it out of his hand.

"Your beaten, now leave my friends body!" Zayn demanded.

The sith smiled. "You will have to kill us both."

Zayn raised his lightsaber towards the sith. "Leave now!"

"Zayn, you can not make him leave. Only Utara can make that choice." Master Trang spoke calmly.

Zayn shook his head as a tear ran down his cheek. "I won't kill utara. I can't kill my friend."

Utara's hand reached under his robe and pulled out his lightsaber. "I'm sorry Zayn, it's the only way." utara's voice finally broke through the shallow and airy sound of the Sith.

Utara took his lightsaber and ignited it, putting it to his throat. "No! you can't kill yourself! You can't kill us." the shallow voice of the sith pleaded.

Utara shook his head. "I've made my choice." He took back his hand and swung for his own neck.

"No!" Zayn yelled. Zayn concentrated on the Sith, attempting to leave Utara' physical body out of it and used the force to pull the Sith.

Just before the lightsaber struck the Sith willing left the body, not wanting to be killed with his mortal host.

Master Trang, suspecting such would happen, quickly blocked Utara's blade while Zayn pulled the Sith forcibly to him.

The Sith, now without his lightsaber was helpless to block Zayn's strike that caught him across the face and sent him back to the dead.

Jax Nova
25 November 2007, 09:07 AM
Well, this is the last chapter. I know this storry isn't the best I have done but it's been prettys potty work on it and I have not been to consistent in posting so I decided to bring it to a quicker end. *waves*

Chapter 13: Welcome Back

Utara lay on the ground, panting as if he had just been through a long fight. "Utara?" Zayn approached him slowly.

"I..." Utara stuttered. "I'm... I'm sorry Zayn. I couldn't..." Utara hung his head. "I'm sorry." A solitary tear rolled down his cheek as images of his old master filled his mind.

Zayn walked over an kneeled down beside Utara, placing a hand on his shoulder. "I forgive you."

Zayn, happy to have one of his best friends back, embraced the broken soul in his arms.

Master Trang just stood back and smiled, glad that they were fortunate enough for things to work out se well in the end. "Or was it more than just fortune?" Master Trang thought silently.

"It's good to have you back Utara." Zayn said with a smile.

"It's good to hear you say that." Utara replied.

Master trang now approached. "Come," he extended his hand towards Utara. "Let's leave this place."

Utara grabbed Master Trang's hand, who lifted him up off the floor to his feet, and nodded.

The Jedi made their way out of the base and headed back to the city. And before they knew they were back at the Jedi temple.

"The Reformists were nothing more than a group of individuals who were being manipulated by this Sith." Master Trang explained.

"Is it possible this Sith could come back again?" Master Windu asked.

"He rose from the grave once Master..." Master Trang offered.

"Hm... Indeed." Windu nodded faintly.

"Troubling this is." Master Yoda finally spoke. "Keep an eye on this place we must. But for the now, welcome home."

Master Trang, Utara, and Zayn all bowed before the council and then took their leave, all going to their rooms to get some much needed rest.

The End