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5 June 2001, 01:56 PM
Hello everyone!

I have been roleplaying in different games for quite some time now and my intrest is slowly creeping down to a halt. This is due to the lack of excitment in both my playing and the Gm's ways of running the show.
I really like to make fighter pilots as my character's because I just see that profession in contrast with the knights of World War One with gallantry and honor. My ultimate goal is to achieve 353 kills (don't ask).

Does anyone have any suggestion's for a fighter pilot character that would keep it intresting??? It just seems that in all the campaigns I have been involved with they're is not much action for a fighter pilot.....anyone??

I am most of the time Imperial....just thought i'd throw that in.

Any suggestions?

5 June 2001, 02:56 PM
Up until a couple of weeks ago I ran two RPG groups, both Star Wars. I've had to pull out of the one (I'm GM in both) because the fun is no longer there. I tried to make the game more gritty. The 'surviving the Empires wrath' sort of campaign. But Players were moaning that I was being vindictive. I wasn't, and in each case where they came up worst was down to bad choices and bad dice. When (if) I start playing in that group again I'll have to go back to what I consider 'munchkin-role-playing' where the PC's save the Universe every adventure. I mean come on, how many super bad guys are out there?

What I'm trying to get at is that players will be players and GM's will run whatever story they come up with unless there is some sort of discussion. In my case I was not made aware of a problem until it was too late (one player still moans about losing a Vibro-axe [str+4D] over six months ago - IT's ONLY A GAME!).

You need to speak with your GM and tell him what you want out of the game. There's no use running a pilot if the GM doesn't run starship combat (we have a GM who won't run starship combat). My probblem was that I was unaware the players were unhappy. Nad if you're unhappy why bother playing. The games about fun and that's why I play. As soon as it stops being fun - goodbye.

5 June 2001, 08:22 PM
I often run a pilot character, and usually end up asking the GM to throw in some starship comabt. Try it.

5 June 2001, 08:45 PM
There is always the possibility of changing the setting. Maybe instead of the Imperial era see if your GM could hold something in the Episode 1 era or another part of the galaxy that the Empire seldom gets to (like maybe the Hapan cluster?) variety is the spice of....of.....ah its just the spice.:D

Aaron B'Aviv
7 June 2001, 03:34 PM
I played a Fighter Pilot (with the letters capitolized like that) in a T1 Story rpg (a very interesting medium, I've found). There are plenty of avenues to take such a character.

For example, there's the fish out of water theme. We see this in Wedge Antilles as a General, for example. A fighter pilot hates being out of the cockpit. If you keep him out of it for long enough, he chafes, which makes for some interesting roleplaying.

But if you want a particularly interesting avenue for the fish out of water theme, I favor the fighter pilot as a naval commander plotline. The interesting thing is that a fighter jock's situational awareness and spacial awareness mean that he's an excellent naval commander, but like I said, he longs to be back in the cockpit. There's a balance between duty and thrills that must be reached, but that takes hours of roleplaying.

Another area is putting the fighter jock in diplomacy. Odds are, he'll flub this pretty bad, though your character might have some particular advantage that makes him a good diplomat. Who knows?

No matter where you put a character, he'll have a reaction. I understand exactly what you're saying about the romanticism of the World War I Fighter Ace... it's the primary reason I like fighter pilot characters, as well. I grew up with Snoopy, after all. But given any character, you can have fun roleplaying. Just try to get in character and you'll have fun.

13 June 2001, 05:09 AM
Having a fighter pilot character is fine..........
if the GM does 'fighter-piloty' adventures, otherwise you are doomed to become a ground-pounder.

I, for a time, ran a fighter-pilot character and over a good few adventures I only got to fly my A-wing maybe twice.
Because our campaign didn't really cater for that kinda character. Fighter jocks are great IF that kinda thing integrates with the other PCs. If the other PCs aren't spacers, or fly a different style/performance ship then you got a problem.

Ask your GM if he can write more appropriate adventures, to give your character a chance to shine at your chosen profession.

13 June 2001, 11:17 AM
I'd suggest reading the X-Wing Books especially the wraith squadron books you may get some ideas to make your pilot a little different from the norm.


Emperor Xanderich II
14 June 2001, 07:45 AM
Get your GM to play the TIE Fighter and X-wing games (all of them), to give him some good ideas.

Ronin, what ever will happen to Cloude Stryfe? Eternal torture it looks like to me...:(

[Doh!] mmm waffle runoff
27 June 2001, 09:55 AM
if you want space combat, maybe it would be best to ask your GM to do some 1-on-1 roleplay

17 February 2004, 12:31 PM
Now, this is for another game entirely (Traveller instead of SW). Also keep in mind that this is my first RPG ever.

We meet once a month, and I get very tense later in the month. Dunno why...

17 February 2004, 08:45 PM
Yeah, there's a lot of that kind of classes.
Infiltrator ain't worth much if he can't infiltrate anything.
A loyal guard ain't worth much if he can't guard anybody.
etc. etc. etc.

17 February 2004, 10:44 PM
the tough part may also be the other players. I know in one of my old games I played a smuggler, and another guy played a snubbie jock, but the third player was a BH. The BH really hated fighter combat, and made us all really irritable when we were in the midst of it. Finnally we had to have a talk with him. He was cool about it, but he never grew to enjoy space combat much.

3 March 2004, 09:42 AM
My advice is to not play an Imperial - not the standard sort, anyway. Their fighters aren't typically hyperspace-capable, and this really limits a GM's options. It's far more likely that a Rebel or a Mercenary will fly a hyperspace jump-capable fighter alongside a light freighter piloted by PCs than it is for an Imperial pilot to be doing the same.

And the other thing I'd suggest has already been mentioned: talk to your GM about the goals or play opportunities you'd like to see for your character. It's amazing what a little communication between reasonable people can accomplish. :)

11 March 2004, 11:32 AM
First, talk to your GM.

Second: diversify a bit. I love playing the fighter jockey, but I also have him versed in something else as well.

For example, one of my current characters is the group's fighter pilot. I've found that because my character has high Repair and Disable Device skills, he also doubles as the group's break-n-enter specialist. Plus, he is also usually the pilot of any airspeeders or ground vehicles the group is using.

Vanger Chevane
11 March 2004, 01:51 PM
run 2 snubbie jocks.

The first got into snubbies as something of an accident, and wasn't the character's main focus unless the situation warranted it.

My current Q:TU - RG1 character is a revistation to the orbit of the Snubbie Jock, but that character (partly due to the background I drew up long before putting numbers to the character) has a decent range of other skills, so there is a fair amount of playability & expertise outside the cockpit.

Even tho the Skill Focus is in piloting starfighters, the character is a very good pilot, period. Which means he may well be the Group Stickman (or at least a reliable backup) for anything from Swoops to Light Freighters.

If your regular pilot isn't at the controls for whatever reason, who would you rather have sitting there, a Snubbie Jock who has that kind of skillset & is reasonably good at it (tho not where they specifically shine), or the Gunner who thinks a few pips/ranks in Pilot is going to let him fly circles around the Bad Guys instead of just flying like a Drunken Dinko, possibly creating more problems than they solve?

16 March 2004, 02:13 PM
Get yourself a MECHA...