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18 November 2007, 07:36 AM
Let's use this thread for members to post their favorite Separatist army builds. Please be sure to include the point value for the army.

22 November 2007, 01:07 AM
Hardcore Pawn - 200pt Seperatists

Darth Sidious 36
Wat Tambor 35
Telosian Tank Droid 38
E522 Assassin Droid 32
Crab Droid 23
BoShek 11
Battle Droid Officer 9
Battle Droid 4
Battle Droid 4
Battle Droid 4
Ugnaught Demolitionist 3

Total Cost: 199

Until the Rebels got a big boost in A&E the Seps were my favourite Faction. There are several variations to this squad using the Droid Tank, Starfighter Droid or X-1 Viper. Although this squad doesn't include the ultra-cool looking Darth Maul COTS this is still fun to play.

* Wat Tambor can bring in either a Bodyguard, SBDC or more BD for activations.
* Crab & E522 both attack @ +12
* Wat & Boshek give Repair.
* BoShek can also combine fire with the Telosian Tank.
* Sidious can Pawn the Tank and it takes no damage due to DR10.