View Full Version : Army Lists: Republic

18 November 2007, 10:18 AM
Let's use this thread for members to post their favorite Republic army builds. Please be sure to include the point value for the army.

Donovan Morningfire
30 April 2008, 02:53 PM
Here's a quick 100pt squad that would prove fun, and maybe even surprisingly effective.

1x Republic Commando Traning Sergeant = 30pts
1x RC Boss = 19pts
1x RC Fixer = 16pts
1x RC Scorch = 16pts
1x RC Sev = 16pts
Total Cost = 97pts

You won't get much in the way of activations, but considering the benefits the Training Sergeant provides, especially the Delta Shield Support, you've got a 4-man squad that has the potential to be devastating. And Scorch will have plenty to say about people trying to employ the "turtle strategy" ;)

I'm also of a mind that if you toss in a bunch of ARC Troopers and Clone Trooper Grenadiers for higher point games, you can really get a lot of milage out of the Sergeant's commander effects as grenades go from mildly annoying to credible threat. Heck, the Grenadiers could prove even more valuable by coordinating their fire with the commandos or ARCs, letting them do 30 damage per hit (or 40 if Sev's already in position to make a love connection).