View Full Version : Army Lists: Yuuzhan Vong

18 November 2007, 10:21 AM
Let's use this thread for members to post their favorite Yuuzhan Vong army builds. Please be sure to include the point value for the army.

13 December 2007, 03:36 AM
Here's a 150-point Yuuzhan Vong army I'm almost always victorious with. I love the Vong. I loved the entire New Jedi Order series and I love what they bring to this game... partially because no one else likes them and since it's a battle, coming out the victor is nice too!

U57 - Nom Anor - 34
U58 - Warmaster - 63
U59 - Subaltern - 17 x2
U60 - Warrior - 8 x2
RS45 - "Yuuzhan" Ewok - 3


* I sometimes drop the 2nd Subaltern, Warrior, and Ewok and run a 27-point Vornskr (as a "Voxyn") in their place. Especially if I know I'm going up against Force-users. Nothing like being immune to the Force AND have a Jedi Hunter on the team! :)