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Jax Nova
23 May 2006, 04:30 PM
Yeah, it looks like this place is pretty dead but I'll just post this anyway and see how it goes.

Welcome to my home here on Dagobah.

Dagobah is a out of the way, uninhabited (mostly) planet in the Sluis sector. Dagobah is a world of murky swamps, streaming bayous, and petrified gnarltree forests. The planet is home to the fierce Dragonsnakes and the giant Swamp Slug that hides in Dagobah's numerous bogs.

The planet has such intrests as Jedi Master Yoda's old hut where he used to live, the Infested Marsh, and the darkside cave that lies hidden near the base of a large tree. The are is crawling with animals and creatures off all kinds befiting the damp marshes.

Here on Dagobah I live a fairly solitary life, taking travels to the far reaches of the galexy for manny reasons that I am not at liberty to divulge to you with your current secrity pass. If you would like to be tested for Medicloriens please feel free to ask me. I can train a select number of students.
Any who desire to be trained as Jedi will be taken here...

There I willl train you to the best of my ability.

Now that you have been introduced feel free to interact through the various holoprojectors that can be made use of. Or even come and drop by here on Dagobah.

Ok, for now I will explain the whole thing. After writing the reality of the situation I will continue on to do a hyped up star wars version. The name "Trip/Trip to Nalhuta" shows the reality is first and then my imagination concotion is next.

Basicly there is not much to tell on this first entry. I have been here in Witchitaw Kansas working for my Uncle and Aunt in there lawn care buisness. 10 hour work days at average and a 99% physical so the first few days my muscles were pretty tiered. But there has been a few days where we had to stay in because of rain so it gave me a rest. ( Like today) I have been pretty much just mowing lawns, blowing peoples walks etc.. and diging up shrubs/ 1 tree. As well as taking one of the trucks they have that broke down into the shop. And there have been a lot of cops out, and ambulences... but that might be because I am not use to it... it may be normal *shrugs* Now.. for the more interesting version. *grins*


Entry by Jax Nova,
Jedi Knight.

Recently I was contacted by the jedi council concerning the pressance of a sith on the watered down planet of Nalhuta. Nalhuta is a hive of wretched characters, not the least of them being the Huts who call the small ball of litteral filth there home. I traveled by common transport to the location near the sighted Sith and aquired a job there as a refuge. From that position I have been investigating the sighting for some time.

It was not long before I gathered my few needed belongings and left my home back on Degobah to head to Nalhuta. I traveled by common transport to the location near the sighted Sith and aquired a job there as a refuge. From that position I have been investigating the sighting for some time.

During the night I take a more head on approch to the problem and go undercover searching for the Sith undercover of darkness. Many times I have made use of the compact jet packs that I borrowed from my employers to make a safe path through the night. The times the jet packs were not available I was forced to silently as possible jump from speeder to speeder many times as they shot through the trafic lanes at maximum allowed speed.

It was no more than a week after my investigation started that I bumped into a Sith on the job I had acquired. After a brief but fierce confrentation the two of us together were forced to leave the battle undecided as the authorities approched. Apperently my cover is safe with this Sith since he too desires to remain unknown to the general public. This is an advantage I can not fail to take advantage of!

Further down the road I entered into another complicated situation where once more my cover was threatened as an injured being was in need of help. I tried to heal him as well I could but had to leave him satisfied that he would not die if he was taken to the medical center. Fortunately my healing was sufficient and unoticed and the victom is now safe inside the medlabs.

I have had little contact with the Jedi council since the day I left in fear that my cover would be exposed as to what it truly is... a cover. But with the increasingly alarming activity of authoritys in the area and the reluctance of anyone to say what it is from my suspicions and precations are running ramped at the time. Now is when my calming trainings that I learned from the Jedi seem all to distant a memory.

I will now conclude this entry. After setting the auto destruct combination on this information that will keep it safe from unwanted intruders I will end this day and prepair for yet another days work. I feel that the mystery surounding this Sith present on the planet may soon reveal itself and more striking and elaborate plans and confrentations await. And for that I need rest, and rest I will get.

The Begining
Entry By Jax Nova
Jedi Knight.

I sat up in bed as a whisk of cold wind rushed through the room, despite the lack of access for air currents in the completely closed off area. My eyes opened, stairing into the dark as a cold fealing came over me. It was inevitable, I knew that at one point or another it would come down to this...
The sith was on the move! I stepped out of bed, ignoring the cold wood flor as my bare feet touched down. I walked through the darkn ess, guiding my way around the objects with the use of the force while I prepaired.
Before long I was making my way silently up the stairs, so as not to wake the other inhabitents of the appartment I had lodged in for my trip to Nalhuta. Exiting the door I wrapped my robe tight around me as the cool chill I already felt was magnified by the cold night air and the softly blowing breeze. Something sinistered floated with that wind... Something more dangerous than either I or the Jedi council had forseen.
I made my way to my hovercraft that I had rented for the time. Walking over the green, wet grass of the rooftop garden I passed the sight by and headed onto the cement. Such a garden was a rare and prized thing on a planet such as Nalhuta.
My covered hand reached out to press the small button that rested on the wall before me. With the slight given presure from my finger the door opened and I sliped through it. I walked forwards, the smells of grease, fule, and dirt permiating through the air. Using a special force lock that I hid and instaled in the speeder I unlocked it and stepped in. The leather seats, as everything else was cool with the outside temperatures. The engion started on a crank however, it's well put together mechanics serving well.
The door before me opened as I approched, the sensors automaticly clearing the way for my exit. My only hope was that it woke no one from there sleep as I hovered out and off down the road, leaving behind me for, perhaps the last time, the rented appartment and people there I had come to know and even grow fond of.

Yan Kai
25 May 2006, 09:04 PM
Good start! I like the way you are telling it in a series of journal entries. Keep on typing!

Jax Nova
26 May 2006, 04:39 PM
Thanks. :) Glad ya like it.

Entry by Jax Nova

Jedi Knight,

I followed the road, taking me places where I had never been yet that felt so familiar. More, however I was following a presence... A presence that I knew to be the sith I had previously encountered. The night air blew sharply across the city, surprisingly forcefull for the buildings stretching high into the sky to stave it's strength.

The building I settled my eye on was one of unusual drudgery. It looked, if possible, even worse than the majority of the buildings in this part of Nalhuta. The near silent motor of my vehicle shut of at my command as I softly exited the speeder to make my way to the building. I knew it would not be long before the Sith was aware of my presence. I would have to act quickly.

Using speed and carefulness I made my way to the buildings dirty side, crossing over the greas stained metal earth beneath me. The window was to high to see in. And I could not risk levitation and let down the smoke screen of my presence. I would have to find another way in.

But much to my surprise I would not need another way... The hunter became the hunted. A presence from behind, like a knife stabbing in my back came into place. The second Sith, already frighteningly close stood ready for a fight as I turned to meat his gaze of stone cold fire that poured from his red and yellow eyes.

I ignited my lightsaber, then my second. A dark purple and dark blue complimenting each others color and soft humming sound. But all too soon the contrast came... Dark red, a low hum that broke the silent night like a shrill scream.

Jax Nova
29 May 2006, 01:57 PM
Entry by Jax Nova,

Jedi Knight.

A flash, tens emotions and muscles, and the clashing of pure energy against pure energy... The fight broke out in full force as the Sith attacked from my right side. Taking the initiative I bent deep and backwards, sliding under the blade with the help of the force. This, followed by a backwards arm sweap forced the Sith into the deffensive fighting.

I fought slowed and controled, trying to decern his strong and week areas of deffense. I knew though I had little time for such tactics. The men inside the building would no doupt catch sight of us before long if they had not already been informed of my pressence. With two Sith to battle I would not fair so well.

My blades flashed up from the right and left, a simple manuver to avoid for any skilled fighter. But the following bacwards slice with my right saber sent the Sith into a emergancy manuver. From behind came my foot swipe that knocked him onto the ground. Able to predict his escape rout from the first attack I moved forwards to strike his head with my second foot, spun through the air and landed a few feet away while avoiding a defensive attack, his red blade sweaping out with no other perpose than to ward me off.

It was at this time I herd voices in the distance, the force amplifying the sounds and allerting me of there pressence. The Sith darted from the ground, ontop of me before I could blink. His skill was amazing on offense, the strength of most Sith. He pushed me back as we fought.

I manuvered, dodging what I could, letting him see as little of my deffense as possible to keep my weeknesses hidden. His power was strong, but spead lacking. I decided to take advantage of this. I changed styales once the opertunity was given, simplistic, fast and acurate. It seemed tow ork well with him. Soon I was able to move back to the offensive after a few risky manuvers to grant myself an open attacking position.

With my new fighting style and what I had already learned of his deffense I seemed to be besting him for the time being... But the other Sith, I could tell, was not far off. I needed to finish this now! The two of them together would be more than I could handle.

The night air was fading to light, the sun leaking through the canopy of smog and polution that loomed over the planet. The constant hums of the lightsabers with the clashing sounds that repeated like an echo of death itself rang loud only to fade into the morning noises of the mostly vacant industrial area.

Then my fear showed himself in the form of the second Sith. But sudenly to my great surprise he stopped. A speeder drove up behind him and once again I feared the worst as the large mounted gun came into view. But instead the Sith jumped in and the speeder took off. Apperently they would sacrifice there commrad rather than be known to the authorities, or even risk it by fighting in the light of the daytime. One more thing I could use to my advantage if... when I got out of this mess I was in.

Yan Kai
29 May 2006, 04:11 PM

That was one awesome lightsaber duel. Very intense, very good. I really enjoyed that, I hope you have more!

Jax Nova
2 June 2006, 05:43 PM
:) yep got the conclusion right here.

Entr by Jax Nova,
Jedi Knight

A swift flash of a red blade brought my lightsaber up to block, a counter attack striking low with my left hand while my dark purple lightsaber held the red glow of death at bay. The once silent and sleepy town was now becoming alive as the sounds of a world could be heard in the distance, lightly breaking through the clashes of the fighting
I needed to end this... whatever way I had too. Quickly I struck, with all my speed, all my concentration and aiming and fighting skill my years in the Jedi had taught me. The dark Jedi struck hard back, but his defenses were weakening as he tiered from our extended fight. Knowing now, his week points I struck strategically for his downside.
A slight slide up the blade, and a flick of the wrist, twisting my waist and bending low to the ground backwards. A second later with my left hand came the deadly strike as my saber slipped under his own and caught his side, cutting in three inches at least. I immediately used force push on him, then threw my lightsaber after him. As I turned my back I heard the sound of a lightsaber cutting into flesh... I didn't look back. My lightsaber flew back to my hand before I walked around the corner, regretting it had to come to that.

2 June 2006, 05:51 PM
Only two spelling mistakes this time, Jax. :)

Jax Nova
7 June 2006, 05:32 PM
lol yes but that's after a spell check.

Entry by Jax Nova,
Jedi Knight

My footsteps sounded, but were drown out by the sounds of life on the busy planet, as I walked along the side of the old building. The sun crept around the edges and corners as it rose high in the sky, bringing the morning temperatures with it.

I had no way of knowing where the ship with teh dark Jedi had went... I was at a dead end now. Unless by chance I could get it's records from the docking areas. Then perhaps if I could find where it came from that would give me a new lead. It would be a very long process. But it was all I had to go on at the moment.

The process was long and tiering but finally I found the dock that the Dark Jedi ship had landed on. It seemed the owner, already shaken by the dark Jedi, was quite willing to give the information. "They came from Koriban according to the log but that's all I know." he insisted. Koriban fit well... Almost too well.

The slick oil spilled on the floor slipped under my foot as I turned to walk away, my current predicament floating around in my head in an ill fatted attempt to find a solution. I needed to contact the Jedi council, surly they would have advice for me.

I headed back to my small one man ship, it's gray exterior shaped much like that of a star destroyer but in a much smaller size. After I quieted in my eat I flipped the communicator on and brought up the holographic transmitter. Master Luke's face flashed up in front of me in a small image. The briefing took some time but it seemed to be helpful. Just to talk to him, know that I was not alone anymore. It seemed to help more than it should have, I think I should have been stronger.

Koriban, a desert planet practically once owned by the Sith and now a haven for many dark Jedi. Few dared to risk it's dangers of Wilde animals, the ghosts of the old Sith Lords, Dark Jedi, and other surprises that might await them. I was not to go on this mission alone, Master Luke knew it would be far to dangerous as did I. But I was, however, surprised that he was sending Rosh Pennin and Jaden with me on the mission.

The two Jedi had a troubled start with Rosh turning to the dark side as well as Jaden nearly doing so himself. But in the end both returned to the light and were saved. They were now two of the leading members of the Jedi Knights. Skilled and powerful they both showed promising and excellent abilities.
I was to leave Nalhuta at once and meet them at the Jedi temple.

The low rumble of my ship's engines filled in the emptiness for comotion as the holocommunicator shut of with a static sound. Slowly my ship lifted off it's landing platform and started away from the planet. Once more the deep silence of space flooded in around me. Only the subtle sound of my ship ringing in my ears. A time to think and contemplate past events.

The image of the Dark Jedi flashed into my mind, over and over again as the Nalhuta, "Precious Jewel" in Hutties, sank smaller and smaller into a background image of busy life. I sighed and set my hyperdrive coordinates. I knew that I had no other option.

Uron Teff
8 June 2006, 02:31 AM
Just as a short comment:
Nalhuta is spelled Nal Hutta. Nothing big. :)

9 June 2006, 03:13 PM
2 more spelling mistakes, plus the Hut lang is Huttese. Also, Star Destroyer is traditionally capitalized. Like Nebulon-B frigates.

21 September 2006, 07:06 PM
Hey Jax! Back from training in the Army and pleased to see you still writting from time to time :D

Good story!

21 September 2006, 07:52 PM
OK. so let me say it this way - as I began to read dread cam over me a bit.

Spelling mistakes, double paragraphs in Nal Hutta (the first part), jedi who takes an arogant view over another planets (very close to the DS for me)

Nalhuta is a hive of wretched characters, not the least of them being the Huts who call the small ball of litteral filth there home

And then a Sith who for not giving himself out can't say the Jedi is there. Why? There are tens of ways one can pass this information without giving his own identity out. And the Sith being the backstabbing intrigant types would know at least some if not all of them.

But then the story really started and it didin't matter anymore. Even the spelling mistakes - it's best just to print the text and read it once more before publishing it here - they weren't that bothersome.
The more I read the more I liked it. The description fo the fight although long wasn't tiresome for the reader and that's not an easy task.
All in all I'd say it's reallllyyyy good. Will gladly see another one.