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4 January 2008, 03:44 AM
He had seen three Jedi before leaving his home, if it could really be called home. His birthplace wasn't much more fitting, since there hadn't been any womb involved in the process. And sure as osik there'd been no motherly love.
Either way, he'd seen three Jedi.

The first had been a towering figure of a man, even taller than the soldiers he had ordered and come to oversee. CC-0983 had only seen the Jedi from a distance, but the robes, the beard, the lasersword hilt at his broad belt, and his regal posture fit what 0983's education said was 'Jedi'.
That had been during his childhood, just a few years after being decanted. Since it was one of the first non-clone humans 0983 had ever seen, and it was so clearly one of the Jedi that the children were instructed to obey religiously, the image was engraved in his memory.

The second 0983 had also only glimpsed, this time almost ten years later. 0983 was a full-grown man, clad in black bodysuit and gleaming white armour, not the blue coveralls of his childhood. Like the first Jedi, this one had been a male human, bearded and robed. While 0983 and his brothers (his vode: some of the clones had been picking up Mando'a from the instructors) were in the armoury collecting their helmets for yet another exercise, he had spotted Taun We escorting the Jedi through an overhead walkway.

The third Jedi was not what 0983 had expected. While the first two had the air of noble warriors, the third was small...
and green.
The wizened little imp brought grave news: the war that 0983 and his vode had been bred for had begun. He had been unable to understand the sad look on the small alien's face. This was a war. At last the purpose of 0983 and his kin's lives was realised.

The diminutive green Jedi, clone commander zero-nine-eight-three was surprised to learn, was in fact master Yoda himself. The files he'd studied on the Order had told him much about the most powerful and respected Jedi master, but they had lacked details of his race.

Within hours the mature clones had been loaded up aboard brand-new assault cruisers straight from RHE and KDY yards, and were enroute to Geonosis. Their training had covered many different terrain types. Everything from arctic through oceanic to desert, and then the exotics like methane-based atmospheres and hard-vac. While they were in hyperspace their HUDs were updated with intel on Geonosis and the situation: a Republic senator and two Jedi, one a master and one an apprentice, were captive and scheduled for execution. 0983 checked his HUD's chrono. They were cutting it very fine.
A taskforce of approximately two hundred Jedi had been sent ahead. Part of him was jealous that someone else got a bite of the enemy first. Another part of him was concerned about fighting alongside the Jedi. It wasn't something they had trained for. You sweated in training so that you didn't bleed in battle, but while the clones had had years (a lifetime, for them) of training together so they knew how each other would react, the Jedi were an unknown factor. Well, the clones were nothing if not fast learners. Babes to ball-busters in ten short years.

While CC-0983 and the other commanders conversed with master Yoda round a holoprojector, elsewhere in the ship and on its sisters the clone troopers checked and rechecked their gear. Pilots and drivers sat themselves in LAATs and AT-TEs for the first time and were instantly familiar after a decade of training and simulations.

The ship, Republica, was carrying in addition to clone infantry, several squads of RCs from the 22nd regiment. Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Mu and other squads. Command, meaning master Yoda, hadn't had time to prepare for any special insertions (for the clones, at least) so the commandoes would be going in with the regular troops. A fact which put frowns on many an identical face, but no complaints were voiced.

A clone trooper, CT-487, stood with his squad mates, sharpening his combat knife and watching the commandoes climb aboard a larty on the other side of the cavernous hangar. They'd be going in with the troopers, but not sharing transports it seemed. They sure had nice gear, compact DC-17m's and Katarn battle armour, not like the lengthy deecee fifteens the troopers had to wield and their "here I am!" glossy white armour. He noticed one of them, a big guy even for a clone, with a bandanna round his head and an underslung rotary. It seemed discipline was slacker with the commandoes too.
"C'mon Dutch, get aboard," his sergeant called to '487, using the nickname the clone trooper had gotten from one of the instructors back on Kamino. An old, foul-mouthed Corellian vet. While the instructors didn't spend much time with the normal troopers, focusing their expertise on the commandoes, that one old bastard had made an impression on 487. The trooper scout tore his eyes away from the RCs and boarded the gunship.

The blue mists of hyperspace whirled on the other side of the hangar's shimmering mag-con field as CC-0983 and the other commanders moved from gunship to gunship, checking their men were ready. Most gave silent nods, some thumbs-up, less quips and jibes as it neared the time for action.

"Everyone ready?" CC-0983 asked as he climbed aboard one of the lead gunships and strapped himself in.
Twenty-four helmets, three full squads, nodded in unison and there was a chorus of "Yes sir!"s over the commnet and one "oya!".
"Good," the commander nodded. "You all know the mission: rescue the three Republic personnel in the arena. The Jedi have gone on ahead, so we expect the situation to be 'fluid'. We'll have to adapt to it as we find it."
"In addition, once the three are secured, we're hitting the seppies full-force. Before general Kenobi was captured he managed to report that the Geonosians were building up huge numbers of battle droids. Make no mistake vode, this is a pre-emptive strike which will initiate a galactic war."
He pressed a couple of keys on the comp built into his left forearm plate. "I'm transmitting individual squad orders now."
That kept them all quiet, digesting the intel, plans and contingency plans via the heads-up-displays of their helmets. The first real battle of their lives and he was having to do the briefing in the actual dropships...

The wedge-shaped assault-ships, Acclamators, decanted from hyperspace just beyond the asteroid belts ringing the separatist forge-world of Geonosis. They were met by a couple of Delta-7 starfighters piloted by Jedi, and pushed on through the belts before charging forth from the relative concealment toward the planet below.

It was beautiful, CC-0983 thought, though he had little to compare it to. It was definitely about as far from the endless roiling oceans of Kamino as it could possibly be: dusty red canyons, crimson spires like the giant homes of arthropods (which was essentially true) and wide orange plains. Even as he gazed at the alien landscape from the descending gunship his mind saw it as 'terrain' rather than 'land'. He automatically began mentally fitting what he saw with his eyes to the images from his own briefing, labelling terrain features and imagining how they could be used advantageously in the coming fight. And up ahead there was a great, roughly circular mound: the petranaki colluseum. Their first target.

Two gunships carrying commando squads pulled ahead and began dropping the special forces via zip line onto the perimeter wall of the colluseum. The commandoes quickly found concealment and while some prepared their rifles for sniping, others moved to the stairwells leading down into the structure itself, dispatching Geonosian sentries silently with vibro daggers and K'tara techniques.

The gunship carrying general Yoda was now the spearhead of the inbound formation, the now-empty commando gunships breaking off to the sides. As the lead gunship rose over the lip of the colluseum the pilot pulled back of the cyclic and dropped the collective like a hammer, the following pilots following suit half a second later, forward motion all but ceasing and the swarm of ships descending into the arena. As the doors slid back and his troops prepared to debark, CC-0983 took in the situation: the arena and stands were littered with bodies, many of them Jedi, others Geonosian, and lots of droid scrap. He couldn't help but stare at the headless body of a Mandalorian lying in the dust. The remaining Jedi, no more than two dozen of them, had been corralled together in the middle of the arena and were surrounded by a sea of droids. His HUD picked out the three subjects as the gunship dropped to the deck...

4 January 2008, 04:15 AM
Excellent work! Not bad at all for a ten year-old! I particularly like the "rushed planning" aspects, not to mention the 22nd cameos.

The whole "Around the survivors, a perimeter create" scene is one of the most thrilling of the whole saga for me... nice to see some "background detail" of that moment.

4 January 2008, 05:12 AM
Fantastic stuff mate! I appreciate the props you gave Dutch, and the hidden reference to Chiiko was cool as well. I wouldn't mind seeing some more of 0983's viewpoint of the battle.

4 January 2008, 05:34 AM
Glad you like it :)...and you don't mind me using Dutch.
I do intend to do more, it's just that New Year's been busy :D

8 January 2008, 03:21 PM
I do intend to do more, it's just that New Year's been busy :D

I'm looking forward to it.

8 January 2008, 06:08 PM
Don't tell me you'll be posting events from IC in here, I'd be touched beyond mentioning....

Seriously, nice reading material.