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30 October 2001, 05:59 AM
Just reading thru the D20 rebellion DB, it mentions the fates of all the Grand Admirals, and says that Grant surrendered to the NR and was allowed to retire....

which gave me a kick@$$ idea about PCs searching for the retired GA, to find out who Thrawn is (since, for a time, the NR doesn`t know who this new GA is on the scene...).
any info or references about GA Grant would be great!
I gotta admit, I`ve never heard of him, has anyone.....?

Cheers in advance.

30 October 2001, 04:32 PM
He was probably first mentioned in <I> The Essential Anderson BS</I> errr I mean <I>Essential Chronology</I>... Seeing as how I have not read it in detail I can not help you more then that.

Personaly I think that the idea that any GA would hand himself over the the NR is well dumb... but then I also do not think that there would have been any abord DS2, much less the 3 or 4 that the <I>Essential Chronology</I> says.

30 October 2001, 04:43 PM
gee, since most of the essential chronology was about alot books that KJA didn't write along with his books i wouldn't call it bs. but that's just me.

also, why wouldn't there be one or two grand admiral's on board the death star? there is a fleet there. of course grand admirals isn't something that lucas created rather they were the creation of either Zahn or WEG.

30 October 2001, 07:38 PM
I have to agree with Kyndig_Episte I didn't think the Chronology was BS. And it was about all the books and comic books. Not just his. And yes in my opinion the Jedi Academy was a little off the wall. But it was a pretty good story. But I think the Young Jedi Knight series about the Solo Twins and their friends were better. And I read the Chronology from cover to cover and didn't read any thing about a Grand Admiral Grant. Plus I have the Star Wars Encyclopedia and A Guide to the Star Wars Unverise Third Edition. Neither has any thing on A G.A. Grant or just Grant. Plus I have all the WEG books and don't recall any thing talking about a G.A. Grant. Plus I've read almost every single Star Wars novel and comic. Just havn't read any novel that's been in hard back and not yet paper back. Plus I havn't read Spinter of the Minds Eye, The Orginal Han Solo Trilogy or the Orginal Lando Trilogy. Every thing else I've read. Maybe they just made him up when making the book. Who knows.

30 October 2001, 09:41 PM
First off Tech Commentaries had this, and it is cited to EC.

<I>Grand Admiral Grant was thought to be the last officer of his rank. He defected to the New Republic two years after the Battle of Endor, and under an amnesty he retired to Rathalay. [Star Wars Essential Chronology]</I>

Second I am not calling a chronology a bad idea, or even that bad as a book. The fill-in-the-gaps, material is stuff that I object to.

About GA's on the DS2, let me compose my toughts, and I will present my reasoning on why they wouldn't have been there in the Rebellion Era forum.

1 November 2001, 05:06 AM
Armadious; cheers for the info.
.........anyone got any more? :D
what about Rathalay?

The (loose) plot is set around when the New Republic knows they`re up against a GA, but they thought theyre all dead (or in the sole case of Grant: retired).
Hence they send the PCs to track down the retired GA Grant....
which I now know will lead them to Rathalay......
....and a squad of Noghri death commandoes who will kill GA Grant just as he`s about to give away Thrawn`s id.....
summit like:
"What?! A Grand Admiral you say?" (typical old man, bad hearing, etc), "It can`t be......I though the rest had all died at Endor, or killed each other......It couldn`t be..? Could it?" (old git gives sooo little away ;) ) "I thought that alien (expletive deleted) died out in the Unknown regions.....it must be him. It`s....aaarghhh!"

que Noghri attack....dead GA Grant, PCs in the pudu...

but where from there? (if they survive!).

1 November 2001, 10:21 AM
Have the pc's strung up with a load of Gloop grenades, and stun grenades. While they are stuck and out cold, the nogi "work the site" to make it look like the pc's did it.

Then enter the planet's police....

2 November 2001, 05:30 PM
PC: "Alright Grant, talk! We know it is you who is behind this latest rash of Imperial attacks!"

Grant: "No you don't understand!"

PC: "Talk!"

Grant: "Alright, the true master mind is Th.... URG!"

*The PCs look as Grant falls over dead with a stangly designed knife in his back. In the background a Nigori disguised as Jawa scurries away. Cue James Bond music.*

Personal note: I'd like to say that I look at the Essential Chronology is that KJA seems the need to prove that Daala was a compenient military officer and had to throw stuff in that wasn't covered in any novel I remember that make her out to be some sort of minor Thrawn or something. Personally I believe they should have waited til the last perquel before they did a chronology book.

22 August 2003, 07:06 AM
Full history on Grand Admiral Grant

Grand Admiral Grant
The so-called "Last Grand Admiral," first predicted by his peers to be the first to perish in the chaos following the battle of Endor but ultimately surviving them all. A Tapani noble with little care for the "working classes" of droids and aliens, he also never bothered currying favor with moffs, thus leaving him with no power base when the Emperor was killed. Grant hid in the Pentastar Alignment while his fellow Grand Admirals met their ends in attempted power grabs, finally defecting to the New Republic two years after Endor on the condition he be granted immunity to prosecution for war crimes and the right to retire to the planet Rathalay. Grant desired an opportunity to match skills with the alien Thrawn, but no one ever requested his services during the Chiss's campaigns against the New Republic.

Hope this helps


22 August 2003, 09:34 AM
I'd like to say that I look at the Essential Chronology is that KJA seems the need to prove that Daala was a compenient military officer and had to throw stuff in that wasn't covered in any novel I remember that make her out to be some sort of minor Thrawn or something

yeah I always wondered why the republic made such a big deal of her when he most stunning acheivement was shooting up a coloney of refugees

5 September 2003, 12:26 PM
Because Daala inspired the same amount of fear as thrawn with her terror campaign. Terror is just as powerful as military might, and is easier to accomplish if well planned. Sorry to anyone who may be upset of this mentioning, but 9/11 is, regretfully, a perfect example of how a few people with limited resourses can bring a super power to its knees, even if its for a moment. Hope this helps.

Caamasi Jedi49:plokoon:

5 September 2003, 12:37 PM
and her brining terrro already confused me. Daala didn't ACOMPLISH much. sure she was a threat. but she wasn't a thrawn scale threat. thrawn was a clear and present threat to the NR's very existance. Daala was just a lunuitic with some ISDs.