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Jax Nova
13 March 2008, 05:56 AM
Well, this thread is kind of dead a lot of the time so i thought maybe I could get something going here.

I tried this once before and it went ok so I thought I could try it again and see if we can't giv a little life to this place.

Basically I type the start of the story and after i post anyone who wants can come in and add WHATEVER they want within realistic boundrys.

You can creat your own character that you always control, or just throw in random events if you would like.

I'll start the setting in the gap between Episode 3 and 4 probably like 2 years after episode 3. We can have a group of rebels who are on a mission but run into complications. (Yes, simple, but complication need to come by various people posting :) makes it interesting)

The morning air was bright and crisp as the unit druged through the swamps of Degoba. "What did we do to desere this?" many of the men wondered.

The strange sounds of the swamp, and the humid air had a way of getting inside someones head. The men had been told that there were unseen dangers lurking on this planet and strange forces at work.

Jax Nova
16 March 2008, 05:33 AM

zappo inc
30 March 2008, 07:53 PM
a sudden rush of bubbles is the only warning as a gigantic mouth erupts from the swampy murk and engulfs the unit's rearguard in one burbling gulp.

Silence, but for the disturbed waters, and the paniced gasp of one of the men: "What in space was that?!! What WAS that?!"

All now nervously aim their weapons at the waters as they back cautiously away from the site of the disturbing attack, exchanging wary looks, realizing only now that they are indeed in over their heads...

Jax Nova
31 March 2008, 06:23 AM
Aiden Troll wipped mud off his helmet visor with a small automated wiper.

"It looked like some sort of a creature!" he exclaimed.

The men in the front, who had not bee splatered with mud, seemed to think the others were over reacting. However, there was through all the rnaks, a ever growing feeling of wory that was brought on by this strange planet.

What were they doing here anyway? No one had yet told them their specific mission. Only General Dall Conimer knew.

zappo inc
1 April 2008, 09:42 AM
...and ever since the comm unit went dead, they'd been out of contact with the general's base...their only hope was to proceed to the destination coordinates and hope things became more clear from there...

Jax Nova
3 April 2008, 05:58 AM
(Haha cool twist :) )

"Come on lelts keep moving men!" the unit commander, Gailon Stoer called out.

The men fell cautiously back in line. Aiden kept his eye on the sky and the mudy swamps that surounded them. What other dangers could be lurking in their midst?

Before long night threatened to engulf them in darkness, despite the fact that visibility had been limited for some time due to the trees and heavy fog that had rolled in.

zappo inc
3 April 2008, 08:26 AM
With night falling, the commander chose a relatively dry and defensible campsite. With practiced, if nervous, silence, the troops made camp and set up their defences.

All the while, Aiden suspiciously eyed his comrades: according to the general, one of them was an imperial spy. But which one? And when would he make his move? The general had assigned Aiden the task of flushing the enemy out; but, frankly, Aiden was more worried about the lurking beasts in the swamp at the moment.

Jax Nova
7 April 2008, 06:41 AM
The troops settled down and the first watch was set up. Aiden tried to sleep, but it didn't come easily.

"Why did the general assign me to flush out the spy anyway?" he wondered silently. Maybe it was simply because he was such a low rank and a rather green soldier that the general knew there was no way he could be the spy...

Gailon Stoer stalked the edges of the camp, pacing in the distance. The was a strange aura about the unit commander, something that hinted to a hiden and dark past that he never talked about. Rumors had flew through the troops like stray blaster bolts about Gailon being an X-jedi.

Despite the damp, dank conditions, the unusual sounds, the thretening wildelife, and the never ending supply of bugs, Aiden and the others, with the help of a soldiers training, finally managed to drift off to sleep.

Yan Kai
7 April 2008, 11:08 AM
It was relatively easy to slip away from the camp. The swaying of the trees in the dim light of the moons caused shadows to run across the ground, distorting perceptions.

Zailic Forsware fingered his comlink, hesitent to pull it from the pocket on his breast. He cast another glance at he lone figure walking the camp's perimeter, and decided to mover farther into the forest before making contact with his boss.

Ducking down behind some foliage, he punched in the code and waited.
"What is it?" can the gruff reply.

"Everything is going according to lord Viro's plan, sir," Zailic answered. "I haven't identified the imperial spy as of yet, but neither have the rebels. If things continue to go according to Viro's plan, Commander Stoer will be assassinated and I'll kill the Imperial whom I hope to have identified by then."

"Good," the voice on the other side responded. "Viro doesn't want mistakes on this Zailic. He wants those rebels to find the temple and you had better lead them there by nightfall five days from now, or I will have no choice but to return to Nal Hutta. Something neither of us want."
"Understood, Jurga," Zailic told the Hutt before cutting of the com.
This wasn't going to be too difficult. He was already one of the more trusted members of the team, things would work out well he told himself. In fact, things were working out so well it was uncanny. . .

Jax Nova
8 April 2008, 06:55 AM
(hey Yan, been a while since I've seen you around. *waves* Nice post. A new twist :) )

Aiden roused from his sleep as he heard something in the distance. "What was that?" he wondered silently.

Commander Stoer didn't seem to notice anything so Aiden forced himself to lay back down, but he couldn't shake the feeling that something... or someone was out there.

By morning Aiden had goten little sleep but strangely enough felt exuberent and energetic. It felt as though he was powered by a batery and his connection was growing closer and more powerfull each step of thier travels.

"Pack your things men! It's time to move out," Stoer yelled over the camp in his typical military steryotype voice.

Aiden grabed his things and strapped everything on, but he left his helmet off. Usually he welcomed the protection and extra senses the computer interface in his helmet offered... but lately he had been drifting away from that attachment.

Yan Kai
8 April 2008, 10:03 AM
(It's been awhile, thanks Jax. . . this was a good idea by the way!)

Zailic hadn't slept at all that night, being an insomniac he never slept any night. So when the commander called everyone awake, he was among the first prepared.

Another individual amonst the group of Rebels had caught his attention. Aiden Troll. This young man, though nervouse, did not seem to distracted by the surrounding dangers. Instead, Zailic noticed, he seemed more focused than the rest, always on the lookout; however, it wasn't so much focused out into the dark forest around them, but rather his comrades.

As the squad sludged through the plants, mud, and debris Zailc was uncomforted by the young man's watchful eye on him. . .

Jax Nova
11 April 2008, 06:54 AM
(Thanks. :) I always like these things because then it's more like reading a reall book that you can partly control. You never know what anyone else is going to post, so thus unforseen twists and turns rise up... which is always cool. But at the same time you can infulence the outcome. )

Soon the team would rech their destination... wherever that was. Aiden hopped he would find the spy before this mission was over with, or they would be back at square one.

Sudenly a thought came to Aiden... "What if this isn't even a real mission.. but nothing more than an attempt to find the spy? That might mean the mission will never end until I finde him... or her."

The disturbing, yet somehow, comforting thought rattled in Aiden's mind as they drudged on around moss ridden trees and tangled vines that poked their way in and out of the swamps dreary surroundings.

"Alright men!" Commander Stoer yelled. "Were almost to our destination. Aiden, Zailic, Alora, and Tresh come with me. Were going to scout ahead before the group moves on."

Aiden stepped over to the commander, his dark skin seeming black in the low light. Alora, the new Zabrak recruit was close behind him. Aiden could tell she was nervious... or so it seemed.

Tresh was a trandoshian. Aiden wasn't sure where the Rebel Alliance had picked him up. Trandoshians were well known for working with the empire and/or on less than reputable jobs. Aiden, however, had become convinced that Tresh was the least likely to be the spy.

Yan Kai
11 April 2008, 11:10 AM
Blast! Zailic thought. Stoer was picking him to accompany his group. Aiden obviously wasn't the imperial spy, same with Tresh. Alora was definitely suspicious however, and apparently so was he.

It was obvious that this sudden action by the commander was a ploy to uncover the spy, and he was taking on the least likely candidates along with the suspicious. When had he dropped his cover? Though Zailic wasn't an Imperial spy, his motives might be uncovered, so he decided to talk as little as possible and go along.

Zailic did his best to keep his expression blank as more thoughts came to his head. If he was too quiet that would make him suspicious to, but if he suddenly became talkative and open than that would also give him away. He did have one option though. . .

Subtly Zailic slipped out his compact visual recorder. Ferrax, a young inexperienced Rodian caught his eye. Because he was non-human it was unlikely that the Imperials were using him as the spy, but he wasn't a big enough player to be greatly missed. If Alora was the Imperial spy it would be best if Zailic deflected any suspicion away from her and himself, this was the only way to do it.

He flipped on the device and recorded Ferrax, following the recording he typed in five minutes and sent the message.

This should cover him. . .

Evil overlord
11 April 2008, 11:25 AM
Four minutes later, the group was still tromping through the brush, with no signs of stopping. Suddenly, Commander Stoer held up his hand, and then dropped to the ground. Everyone else followed suit. Aiden crawled forwards a bit so he could see through the brush that they were hiding behind. Their, in a clearing that has at least half a kilometer long, were two Imp scouts, talking to each other while they stood by their speeders. The commander took a look around, and obviously deciding the scouts were alone, motioned for the group to draw thier weapons. Just as Aiden drew a bead on one of the scouts, a roar shook the ground, and fountains of dirt exploded in the clearing.

11 April 2008, 12:18 PM
Great, long tentacle-like arms burst from the earth under the scouts, and a broad, flat body folded up from under the clearing to envelope the imperials and their machines, sending the thin layer of dirt and rotting vegetation that had been its camouflage scattering to the winds.

In a split second, the Imperials had disappeared under a giant, ray-like creature. Crunching could be heard coming from under its folds.

Even Dagobah's clearings were dangerous, it seemed.

Yan Kai
11 April 2008, 12:48 PM
Zailic layed there motionless.

Ferrax would be dead by now, and when Stoer returned to the rest of the squad suspicions of who was the spy would be aimed at those who were left behind.

"What were two Imperial scouts doing out here?" he whispered to Stoer. "It doesn't make much sense to have a two man unit out in this swamp all alone. Either they got lost, or there is more nearby and they were simply bait."

Considering the hidden dangers the first option was much more likely, but Zailic decided now was the time to begin sowing seeds of fear and unease in the troops. "If that's the case," he whispered a little louder, so that the other three could hear. "The Imps probably know we're nearby. We should go back to the others."

Jax Nova
13 April 2008, 01:47 PM
"I don't think so sir," Aiden object respectfully. "I noticed the imp officer looking at his datapad and pointing, then looking back down... kind of like they were lost. maybe we should just lay low and wait this out, see what comes up."

Although Aiden wasn't that fond of "waiting it out" in an area so close to the creature that had just swallowed two Imps like a couple of bite-sized Cuppa treats something told him that the area was safe... he had a feeling.

Yan Kai
13 April 2008, 06:17 PM
Zailic directed a quick angry glance at Aiden, but then quickly composed himself. "Alright," he said. He couldn't afford to kill Aiden, or rather, have his friend kill Aiden like he killed Ferrax. It would be bad to do it now. If Aiden were to suddenly drop dead, then suspicion against him would increase.

Zailic had to find a way to get Aiden seperated from the group, and then he could kill him whenever he wished. . . he just had to wait for the opening to show itself. . .

Jax Nova
14 April 2008, 06:12 AM
A cold chill ran down Aiden's spine, as if some extra sensory preseption was warning him that someone... more to the point Zailic ment him harm. Ever since they had landed on Degobah he had been having these unusually strong feelings. He made a mental not to play it safe around Zailic and then turned to the commander to see what he would decide.

Yan Kai
14 April 2008, 11:05 AM
"We've waited long enough," Stoer whispered to the others. "It's time to go."

Zailic cautiously stood to his feet, as did the others. The swamp was now eerily quiet, as if nothing had taken place.

"Tresh," Stoer said. "You take point, Alora, bring up the rear. Move out."

Jax Nova
15 April 2008, 06:10 AM
"I have a bad feeling about this," Aiden said softly and mostly to himself.

(OOC Had to get that line in here :P )

The group drudged back through the worn path in the mud that they had tried not to make on their first trip. It was hard not leaving tracks on Degobah.

Aiden was sure to stay allert as they traveled along.

Tresh wound in and out, following the most concealed areas that proved to have the least noise potentual.

Alora, who was behind, seemed to be burning through the rest of the crew, focusing on something ahead.

Iain Kysler, Jedi Apprentice
4 May 2008, 05:28 AM
The distant thunderclap of an explosion reaches the ears of the teammembers, followed by the sound of speeder engines and another pair of explosions. Though muffles by the environment, the first explosion had the distinctive crunching sound of a grenade, while the following explosions sounded differently.

Following the staccato of explosions, there is an eerie silence, broken only by the sounds of Dagobah's overactive wildlife.

But though the explosions were relatively distant, they hadn't been that far away, either.

(OOC: Might lead up to an intro of my character when finals are over, folks. Could be a while, though.)

Jax Nova
4 May 2008, 06:08 AM

Aiden dropped to the ground as the explosions sounded. "That was RPG," Aiden observed. "This could be bad... very bad."

He looked around at the others, they were all hunkered down just as he was, weapons at the ready and eyes darting back and forth.

"lets get back to the base!" the commander ordered in a riggid military voice.

Yan Kai
4 May 2008, 06:22 PM
What was that? Zailic thought. The Empire definitely knew they were there. They had no other reason for bombing the swamp. . . either that or there was something else. . .

"I agree, commander," he said as he looked around, trying to gage where the explosions had originated from.

Jax Nova
5 May 2008, 06:01 AM
The group darted in and out of the swamps sparcly scatered cover in a precise yet subtle way.

Aiden looked around to view the others. Tresh seemed as though he had just woke up from a bad dream only to find it wasn't just a dream. The fear in his eyes seeped out like blood draining from an open wound.

Zailic, though he looked surprised, didn't seem to shocked. His face held the look of a seasoned military officer or someone who had seen so much war and fighting they had grown dull to it.

Alora, on the other hand, looked calm as always. Aiden wasn't sure if it was her training or if it was... possibly, because she knew what was comming next.

Yan Kai
7 May 2008, 07:52 AM
When the scouts arrived back at the camp they were met with the remaining soldiers, spread out in a circular formation around a body.

"What the sith happened?" the commander asked.

"We're not sure sir," one of soldiers told him. "Ferrax collapsed about five minutes after you left. After we examined him we found that his stomach had been torn open, releasing the acids into his body. However, his skin was never broken?"

"How does that happen?" Stoer muttered.

"We're don't know."

You're right you don't, Zailic thought. And there is no way you can trace this back to me. How about someone else now. But from a natural death this time? It was either going to be Aiden, or the medic. No, he should refrain from killing Aiden, at least until he found out who the imp spy was. So the medic had to go.

He subtly pulled out his holorecorder and filmed the medic. Quickly he entered into the mesage, heart attack, 10 minutes.

Send. . .

Jax Nova
8 May 2008, 06:35 AM
Aiden felt a sinking feeling in his stomach as he staired at Ferrax's dead body. "Somone did this..." he commented softly, almost involutarily. It was as if some force was propeling the words out of his mouth. Ever since they had landed on this planet he had been having strange dreams about some sort of temple and these... premanitions had been coming to him.

Sudenly Aiden felt a rippling fear strike through his body and the doctor's face flashed into his mind. It was like the shivering arrival of death in a dark dungeon.

"Something is terribly wrong..." Aiden muttered looking up at the doctor.

Yan Kai
9 May 2008, 07:20 AM
"What are you talking about?" the doctor asked him, raising a quizzical eyebrow.

Zailic raised his blaster carbine and began to scan the swamp. "What is it, Aiden," he asked, pretending to believe the danger came from the outside.

The guy was force-sensitive, blast. He would undoubtedly feel the power of the Dark side stop the poor medic's heart. However, that wouldn't connect anything to him.

Jax Nova
11 May 2008, 02:58 PM
Alora moved forward. "The only thing that's wrong here is that we have a dead man," she said cynicly.

"Death happens in war all the time."

Aiden lookd up... was Alora the traitor? Was she trying to cover her trakcs. But no, that didn't make much sense... what made him even think the trator had done this anyway? Thoughts spun in his mind like a swirling vacume.

Lieutenant Paladine
14 May 2008, 06:23 PM
Keldyn was lost. Very lost. He had wandered of from his squad to take a dump, but when he returned, he found that there wasn't anyone left at his post. All he could find was his equipment, datapad, and combat tent.

Keldyn peered at his datapad for the thousandth time, trying to get a lock on a signal. Why aren't there any other Imperial troops on this slimeball? I bet that even the Rebels have a better time here. Yeesh, I hate swamps. he thought as he vowed never to visit this planet again.

He thought he heard some voices in the shrubs nearby, and he trudged over for a look. Just as he was pushing aside the last branch, he tripped.

And landed in a Rebel camp.

*Wait! Don't shoot! I surrender! * Keldyn yelled, face down in the mud.

He put his sniper rifle carefully on the ground, beside his pistol, using slow and precise movements.

That done, he raised his hands up above his head, and repeated his surrender to the stunned Rebels.

Yan Kai
15 May 2008, 06:52 AM
"Who the Sith are you?" Zailic yelled, leveling his blaster at the newcomer.

This was perfect.

There was a cry of pain behind them, and the medic grasped his chest. A few coughs and wheezes later, he collapsed to the ground, dead.

"What the Sith was that?" Zailic shouted again. He took a step towards the newcomer. "What did you just do?!"

Lieutenant Paladine
15 May 2008, 04:59 PM
His hands above his head Keldyn watched in fear as the rebel's medic suddenly had a heart attack.

Suddenly realizing that his life was in danger, Keldyn started to defend himself.

*I didn't do anything! I'm lost, and I don't suppose you're going to direct me to the nearest Imperial encampment, are you? My whole regiment disappeared while I was in the loo. I heard voices, and stumbled upon your camp. I didn't mean to. And how am I supposed to kill a medic with my hands above my head, huh? Am I Lord Vader or something?

Keldyn realized he was babbling. He couldn't help it. He looked around in panic, having forgot to take his helmet off. Slowly, so as not to provoke the Rebels, he took off his helmet, and put it by his other weapons. He stripped off his combat knives, and replaced his hands above his head, waiting for the inevitable.

Yan Kai
17 May 2008, 01:23 PM
This was too much of a coincidence, this Imp was highly unlikely just some scout that got lost. Zailic was convinced that the imperial spy was going to relay all the needed informaton to the trooper, allow him to escape, and he would go back and alert a strike force to wipe out the rebels- with him included.

However, Zailic also knew that he couldn't just plug the guy here, telling everyone else why. The commander wwould be suspicious that he new about the imperial spy and thus too much unwanted attention would be directed at him.

It was time for an 'unfortunate accident.'

He turned around to scan the swamp, and as he did he typed in a quick message into his recorder. "Blaster malfunction, dies in 7 and a half minutes." He quickly recorded an image of the imperial trooper and sent the message. . .

Lieutenant Paladine
18 May 2008, 01:48 AM
Keldyn noticed one of the rebels, a real shifty character, taking pictures of him.
What IS he doing? I know I'm not ugly, but I can't be that handsome. Keldyn thought.

Keldyn decided that the best course of action was to spill his beans. He addressed the young rebel nearby, whom the commander appeared to trust.

*Sergeant Keldyn Hantu, Former Master LongRifleman for the 113th Imperial Infantry Division, registration number IS 23007. Born on Imperial colony planet # 2337, outer rim. Graduated first in my class, enroled in the Academy for five years. Special ops for a year, then enrollment in a secret project that I can divulge at another time... Armament: 2 Combat Knives, one crap stunblaster pistol, one custom-made Heavy SniperRifle, with one electrically enhanced scope, capable of piercing an assault tank. Oh, I forgot, it's locked to my bio-signature. No one else can wield that weapon. I once downed two tanks and thirty men with this rifle in one minute.*

As Keldyn was reciting his combat record, he recognized the Twi-lek spy he had met at Spec Ops, walking toward him. She picked up his Blaster, just as he started shouting:

*She's a sp* He managed to get out as his blaster misfired.

Then the darkness closed in...

Lieutenant Paladine
19 May 2008, 04:28 AM
Hours pass...

Lieutenant Paladine
20 May 2008, 04:11 AM
Keldyn woke up dazed in a tent, with binders on his wrists.

What? Huh? Where am I? Oh yeah. he thought Wait a minute, Alora wouldn't shoot me. At least not that blatantly. I know she's a spy, but I loved her once. How can I betray her? Yeesh, I need to sort out my priorities. He thought as he groaned. First things first, I've gotta prove my good intentions to these rebels. The commander seems to be a decent guy. And that young un. He seems to be important, but I can't see how. Hmm, I Alora didn't shoot me, who did? Keldyn mused.

Looking around, he realized he was on a cot, by a table with two chairs. He sat up and pulled on his boots, then sat down at the table, drumming on it with his fingers.

The the interrogators walked in, the shifty rebel, the commander, and the young un...

Yan Kai
20 May 2008, 07:36 AM
What's going on? Zailic thought as he entered the tent.

The blaster malfunction ended up happening about four minutes too soon and it didn't even kill him. Did his contact mess up? Did he betray him? No, Kikami would rather die than betray him, that's just the kind of man he was; also he was far too intelligent to make a simple mistake like this. So what was it? A coincidence?

Blast, not that the Imp was in this situation it would be entirely unlikely that an undrawn blaster will malfunction and kill him, he was safe for now. . .

Zailic noticed the imp looking suspiciously at him. He had thought that he noticed him recording him earlier, but didn't think much of him because he was about to die. However, that changed and now Zailic definitely needed to 'take care' of him.

"This one was way to talkative and strangely compliant for an Imperial soldier," he told the others. "Additionally, his record- if he's telling the truth- makes him out to be something more of an high-class agent. He's up to something. We really can't have him jeopardize this mission, we should just tie him up, leave him here, and be on our way"

Lieutenant Paladine
20 May 2008, 09:55 PM
Keldyn noticed yet again that his life was in danger. Shifty (Keldyn didn't hear a name) suspected Keldyn to be an enemy agent. Which he had been. So, to save his life, he decided to give them his former Imperial ID.

To be continued...

Lieutenant Paladine
21 May 2008, 04:20 AM
*Why would I lie? What do I have to gain by concealing the fact that I'm the best sniper in the Outer Rim? Or even the Imperial Army? I can't help it if you disbelieve my record. Look in my datapad, username "deadeye" password "Varonat", my home world.*

Keldyn waited patiently as they looked through his files. He waited for them to verify his identity.

He flopped down on the cot, and closed his eyes, knowing they would find out whom it was who had assassinated several prominent Rebel leaders, with the very rifle that was in their commanders hands.

He waited for the inevitable outburst at that discovery, and/or the event of them finding the several top secret Imperial codes he had on his datapad...

Jax Nova
26 May 2008, 07:02 AM
Tilon was sitting by his Keldyn's tent when a strong feeling came over him.

he rushed in the tent. "How do you know Alora?" he asked bluntly, not even knowing what he was doing... yet somehow he knew.

Lieutenant Paladine
27 May 2008, 12:50 AM
Keldyn surprised at the young rebel's blunt question, opened one eyelid.

After a deep sigh, he started to reply.

*I met her at Special Operations, Viper Squad. We were tasked with the assassinations of many Rebel commanders. I met her when I was on assignment. She is one of the Empire's best spies. And assassins.

He looked at the rebel pointedly.

Yan Kai
27 May 2008, 06:49 AM
I won.

Everything went exactly as planned. Zailic stepped out of his tent and removed his holorecorder. He palmed it and subtly recorded Alora. He typed in 'returns to Imperial base, taking with her an ally's trackin beacon. Heart attack forty seconds after arrival.'


'Gailon Stoer, executes captive, dies of stroke an hour afterwards.' He already had footage of the commander, and so he sent that message as well.

He laughed softly to himself. Everyone was going to die.

Lieutenant Paladine
28 May 2008, 04:00 AM
Keldyn had a bad feeling. Not about the rebel he was talking to, but about Shifty. He wasn't exactly sure what the feeling was, or what had brought it on, but he didn't plan finding out anytime soon. Keldyn decided to recruit help. All he needed to do was find a datapad, so he could call his brother, a prominent Black Sun Vigo. If he could persuade him to negotiate for his life he would be saved...

(OOC: Another attempt on my life? Hah! Pitiful.)


Zailic received a message:

*Can not comply to request number two.*

Jax Nova
29 May 2008, 05:13 AM
"Commander!" Tilon ran out of the tent, grabing his alliance needler and pointing it at Alora. "She is the imperial spy!"

"What? Are you sure?" Commander Stoer asked gruffly.

"I'm sure! The imperial officer we captured recognized her. He's worked with her before. She's an assasin."

Alora's face had looked surprised at first, almost hurt even. Now, however, it turned stone cold like a predator stalking it's prey.

"Men, take her weapons!" Comander Gailon Stoer ordered. "I want her in energy binders and a twenty-four hour guard... doubled."
Stoer turned around to Zailic. "Trooper, call Rebel control and tell them our mission is over. Have them send a ship to pick us up ASAP."

A tingling sensation ran through Tilon's spine as the commander spoke to Zailic... something about that man wasn't quite right, but Tilon couldn't put his finger on it.

Lieutenant Paladine
29 May 2008, 10:49 PM
Observing the commotion that he had caused from the relative safety of the tent, Keldyn hollered:

*Oi! When you return to your base, can you take me with you? I want asylum! They'll kill me!*

He waited for their response, while fiddling with his binders...

Yan Kai
30 May 2008, 12:16 PM
"Blast it," Zailic muttered. It was all or nothing now. He ran to the tent, as if to follow the commander's orders. As he dashed across the swamp floor he typed in a message along with some footage of the Commander.

"Gailon Stoer, heart attack. As soon as possible."

As he ducked into the tent he heard the desperate gasps of a man dying behind him. . . Zailic didn't even turn around. . .

Lieutenant Paladine
1 June 2008, 07:05 PM
Keldyn observed Shifty (He still didn't know his name.) running to his tent, typing on his datapad. Seconds later the commander started having ha heart attack. Thinking quickly, Keldyn formulated a plan.

The commander is dying, hurry! Grap my stun pistol and shoot him on the lowest setting. Then give him CPR! What are you waiting for? Hurry!

Keldyn waited tensely for the results of his actions, pondering the link between Shifty and these weird freak accidents. But were they really accidents?

Yan Kai
2 June 2008, 09:30 AM
Stoer fell to the ground. As he was going down he noticed Zailic turn his head to glance at him as he was entering his tent. A small smile of victory was on his face.

What was going on. . .? I lost. . . but. . .

Zailic pulled out his blaster pistol as soon as he was out of sight. He fired at the connector cords on the comm system and blew open the back, making it effectively unfixable. He was going to win, and there was no way he would let anyone stop him.

Lieutenant Paladine
3 June 2008, 04:16 AM
Frustrated at the attempts to resuscitate the commander, Keldyn grabbed his blaster, and shot him. And shot him. And shot him again. Come on...Work! He thought angrily.

He threw away his blaster and beat both of his fists on Stoer's chest. He checked for a pulse...

*Ha! It worked! He's going to be okay. Phew.* He sighed as he flopped on the ground from his exertions.

He realized that the rebels were all staring at him, stunned.

*What? I was just trying to help. Don't you dare try and get rid of me... I want asylum.* Keldyn panted.

*And its obvious there is another Force-user around here...Ooops.* Keldyn said as he clapped a hand over his mouth.

*I mean a dark Force-user trying to sabotage the your mission, whatever it may be.* He said lamely.

Yan Kai
3 June 2008, 06:44 AM
"Ha, that's funny." Zailic muttered as he stepped out of his tent. "I thought your Empire illegalized those."

Two well-placed blaster bolts slammed into Keldyn's shoulders, knocking the Imperial to the swamp floor.

"This would have been a relatively bloodless task, but everything is just seeming to go wrong and I think it's time for me to take a more direct approach," he sent the message on his recorder. "And now you will all remain motionless until I am done here."

And true to his word, the Rebels and Keldyn were all grasped by some unseen power and held in place.

"There," Zailic casually said. "It will hurt less if you don't struggle. Now, about our beloved commander." Zailc stood over Stoer's unconscious body. "Survive this, Force-user."

Three blaster bolts were planted in the commander's chest and neck. "Resuscitate him from that, dirtbag." Zailic spat at Keldyn.

"Alright, Alora, it's time to go."

As Zailic began to walk away he noticed someone was missing from the scene. Where was Aiden?

Jax Nova
4 June 2008, 06:39 AM
It had been a simple mater for Aiden to slip out during all the action. he already, however, was feeling guilty about leaving his men behind.

"This is the only way I can save them..." he tried to convince himself.

Aiden flipped on the hand-held transmitter that he had secretly been given to use in-case he discovered who the Imperial spy was.
"Beta leader this is Beta probe, calling in assistance! Code 554091. We have a red dragon and a blue fox on the loose."

No reply came to Aiden, but he knew within twenty minutes the planet would be swarming with Rebel troops.

"Now... to find that Imperial spy," Aiden told himself.

He peered through the jungle to see Alora following Zailic. It looked to him that Zailic was in-charge. "Are there two imps?" he wondered.

He stretched out his hand, as if to grab at Alora's gun from a far distance. "What am I doing?" he silently scolded himself. "It was just a dream!"

But his hand stretched out once more, seemingly of its own accord. Aiden shook his head. "I guess it can't hurt to try..."

To Aiden's surprise Alora's gun sliped awkwardly out of her holster, pointed at Zailic's back and fired! Alora, shocked, grabbed the gun out of mid air just in-time for Zailic to turn and see it in her hand.

Yan Kai
4 June 2008, 06:56 AM
The blaster bolt hit Zailic squarely in the back. "Sith!" he cried as he was knocked to the ground. His light blast armour protecting his from some of the damage. He rolled over to face Alora, surprised that she had drawn the blaster. Zailic pulled out his own blaster and shot her twice, one shot to either kneecap, dropping her.

"What do you think you're doing?" he screamed at her. "Do you think I really need you to accomplish my mission? I'm connected to one of the most powerful dark Force users in the galaxy, he can show me the way. My idiot of a boss was too naive to understand the power of the Force and thought that you were the only way. Well you know what? He was wrong." Zailic fired again, this time aiming at the imperial spy's head, killing her instantly.

Zailic was breathing heavily, he glanced around, failing to notice the young Force user hidden about twenty meters away. He typed in a message on his recorder before scanning the forest.

"Guide me to the Imperial base. . ."

. . . . Send. . .

Lieutenant Paladine
4 June 2008, 06:19 PM
Keldyn dropped into a healing sleep. He calmed himself and removed himself from the Dark Force user's grasp.

Feeling invigorated, he grabbed his rifle, camo, and armor. He stalked off into the woods on the path to the Imperial base, and climbed a tree.

He scanned his surroundings through his scope, and quickly found that scumbag Non-rebel. He swiftly powered up his rifle, and shot his enemy in the knee, effectively crippling him. He scanned the area around Shifty, and found the young force user hiding by a bush. Huh. So he got away from the Dark One... He has skills. He can help me free the other Rebels... Keldyn thought.

Jumping from the tree, he landed lightly on his feet, and walked to his fallen foe...

Yan Kai
4 June 2008, 08:31 PM
"Aghh!" Zailic cried as he dropped to the ground. What the Sith was going on?

He saw the Imperial approaching him. "Heh heh, that's right, I killed those people, and I can kill you too at any time. Don't you understand? I hold everyone's life in my hands! Maybe, being an Imperial trooper you can understand, you are all pawns and expendables in a much greater game. A game that who wins or looses decides the fate of the entire galaxy and all that you hold dear. This galaxy is a rotten mess, and it takes people like me, people who are not part of the game but rise above the game and take control to keep this galaxy from spinning out of chaos! You don't understand! You don't know anything about this you idiot! You just show up and because you think you've got skill you just start shooting things! When did you decide to cozy up to the rebels moron? Are you so spineless that you betray your Emperor so easily just to save your own worthless skin? You are nothing and you will always be nothing!"

With difficulty Zailic rose to his feet, he was bleeding badly and his clothes were soiled witth the blood. He pointed an accusing finger at Keldyn. "You fool! Stand down and realize your place! You are scum at the bottom of the barrel, I am a god, and you have no place challenging me! You have no idea what anything is about so stay out of it!

"You should understand that the galaxy needs order, it needs people like me! You're a stormtrooper by the Force! Your entire purpose is to maintain order! So where the Sith do you get off shooting at me you stupid cretin!"

As he talked he activated a small mechanism on a watch, so subtly that neither Aiden nor the Imperial notice, though the Force sent Aiden a sudden feeling of alarm and danger.

"So go ahead, kill me, but that will only bring crashing down everything you stand for. And also you'll never no anything about this. It will be impossible for you to ever stop the galaxy from crashing down upon itself and burning. . ."

Lieutenant Paladine
7 June 2008, 11:13 PM
Keldyn watched calmly as the fool ranted. He slung his rifle on his back, and grinned as he started to bring reality crashing down on the poor man.

*Stormtrooper? Stormtrooper! Hah! I'm not a stormtrooper. I'm the son of a jedi who fought in the clone wars with his father. You think you have friends? You think Kikami actually cares about you?* Keldyn laughed as the man blanched at the sound of that name.

*Hah! I bet you never knew that my uncle couldn't kill me. That was the one thing my father made him promise after he sacrificed his life for my uncle's.* Keldyn watched as comprehension dawned on the fool's face.

*My uncle couldn't kill me to save his life! Oh, and by the way, that fancy watch won't work.* He said, pulling the signal jammer from behind his back. *Useful thing, this. Only good for twenty paces, but extremely reliable.* Keldyn explained amicably.

Keldyn reached behind his back again, and brought out binders, the same pair that used to be on his own wrists. He swiftly locked Zailic's hands behind his back, and led him to that nicer rebel, Whathisname, Aiden.

*Here, take this peice of scum. Come help me release your friends, back at base. I can teach you how.* With that, Keldyn turned and trudged into the jungle...

Jax Nova
8 June 2008, 06:15 AM
Aiden continued watching from the bushes, currently unnoticed by either of the two. He was starting to get confused. "What in space is going on here?" he wondered.

Just who was the imperial spy? He knew Alora was no Rebel, and had soon found out that Zailic wasn't either. Now, who was this man claiming to be a Jedi yet sided with the Empire?

He decided to wait and watch from a safe distance.

Lieutenant Paladine
9 June 2008, 01:02 AM
Keldyn noticed that Aiden was confused. He sensed him in the bushes, his emotions in turmoil.

*Hey, you coming? I know you're here. Take Zailic and lets go free your pals from my uncle.*

He grabbed Zailic by the arm, and started dragging him back to the rebel camp...

Jax Nova
9 June 2008, 06:26 AM
Aiden carefuly exited the bushes, his hand griping his alliane needler firmly.

"Who are you?" he asked, still trying to figure everything out.

Lieutenant Paladine
10 June 2008, 03:58 AM
Keldyn stared at Aiden.

*Sometimes I'd like to know that too. I can't remember everything I should. I don't remember what I studied in college, but I do remember graduating. I remember the first time I met my uncle.* Keldyn smiled sadly. *I don't sleep well anymore.* He said whimsically.

He shook his head and strode into the jungle, muttering. *I never should have agreed to those bio-implants...Hmmph.*

Jax Nova
10 June 2008, 06:22 AM
"Bio-implants?" Aiden thought, then realizing he didn't even hear Keldyn say it outloud but heard it in his mind. "What's happening to me? I'm turning into some freek-job!"

Despite his uneasyness and confusion Aiden stayed calm on the outside nd followed along with his gun pointed squarly at Zailic's chest.

Lieutenant Paladine
11 June 2008, 03:39 AM
Keldyn sensed Aiden following him, and decided to tell him about the implants.

*I've got a microcomputer in my head, documenting various Force powers. I don't remember learning them, but they're there. I also have increased audio perceptions. I can hear sweat dripping from this sucker's armpit. It hasn't been a blessing. It has been my curse. You don't know how painful it is to blackout for a few seconds, and wake to see you have strangled someone without touching them.* Keldyn said with a sigh.

He stomped over to the camp, dropped Zailic in the dirt, and raised his hands. *Do as I do.* He said simply.

Keldyn then sent the Force surging through the captive Rebels, releasing them. He let out a relieved sigh.

*Get me out'a here. I can't stand being here. Take me to your leader.* Keldyn said quietly.

He turned to Aiden...

Jax Nova
11 June 2008, 09:47 AM
Aiden looked at Keldyn, still not sure what to do.

"Thank you for your help," Aiden said.

"The rebel forces will be here in ten or fifteen minutes."

Lieutenant Paladine
12 June 2008, 03:59 AM
Upon hearing this, Keldyn looks searchingly around. He spies his quarry, and plunks himself down in a chair.

*Great! I look forward to meeting your superiors!* He said sincerely.

Keldyn pulls out a stick, and starts whittling it. As Aiden examines it, he sees that it is a carving of a Nek battle dog. Keldyn starts to whistle a joyous tune...

Jax Nova
13 June 2008, 08:47 AM
The Rebel camp was stunned, shocked, and angry.

"What is that imp doing here?" many questioned, running for their guns.

The chatter amoung the rebels filled the air like a flock of birds. A few of them looked down at Zailic, laying on the ground. Aiden kept his gun trained on Zailic's chest.

"What happened?" one of the soldiers asked.

"I tried to stop him..." Aiden explained. "Keldyn helped... he says he is a Jedi."

Lieutenant Paladine
13 June 2008, 11:11 PM
Kledyn burst out laughing.

*Jedi? I wish! Naw, I'm just your freindly neighborhood Force-using Sniper. Ain't nothing Jedi in here, except parantage.* Keldyn chortled as he tapped his chest.

*So, when do we get off this mudball?* Keldyn asked with distaste.

Yan Kai
14 June 2008, 07:49 PM
Zailic couldn't help but smile to himself as the Imperial ranted on. How he was clever enough to know to jam is signals was unimportant, all that did matter was that the Force couldn't be stopped. Zailics chrono triggered a reaction in the midichlorions that surrounded everyone, and they would carry a message of distress to any nearby Force users. Zailic's was set to carry the message specifically to Kikami. . . and they had a back-up plan to take care of things if something went wrong. . .

"You know what hotshot?" Zailic glared up at Keldyn. "Kikami is bigger than your parentage. And I am his angel of Death. You can't stop me. Go ahead and check on those Rebels that were supposed to pick you up. They're dead, every single one of them. The one on my side just wiped out an entire ship of you scum. You have no idea who you're messing with."

He laughted softly to himself.

"And using the Force so overtly is just going to catch his attention. I won't even need to help him out anymore, he can probably kill you any time he wants."

Lieutenant Paladine
14 June 2008, 11:27 PM
Keldyn looked at the traitor, Zailic, and burst out laughing.

*You think my uncle will kill us? He's more likely to join me in deserting than kill us. You don't seem to get it. My uncle can't kill me. Even if he wanted to. Grandpa put behavioural inhibitors in each of his Force-sensitive sons, so that they couldn't kill each other. Uncle Kikami is coming, but not to do what you think.* Keldyn said as he stood up and started pacing. He reacted faster than anyone else at the sound of a twig snapping.

A tall black haired man, with the same nose and shoulders as Keldyn stepped into the clearing. Keldyn strode to the man and hugged him in greeting. *I'm glad you got my message.* Keldyn said to his uncle.

*I couldn't hurt my only flesh and blood. You're like a son to me, Keldyn.* Kikami said.

Keldyn introduced his uncle to the Rebels while they both apologized for Kikami's actions.

*So, when's the ship coming?* Keldyn inquired of Aiden.

Lieutenant Paladine
17 June 2008, 04:05 AM
Realizing that a conscious Zailic might not be the best thing, Keldyn waved his hand at him, and muttered *Sleep.*

And Zailic slept.

Yan Kai
17 June 2008, 06:56 AM
Exactly as planned! Zailic thought as he closed his eyes. (OOC: See, this is exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about in my PM) Kikami and him had Keldyn and the others right where they wanted them.

Keldyn. . . Aiden. . . you've been completely defeated. Their overconfidence had been their downfall. And Keldyn's foolishness had sealed their doom. Their first mistake was their early distrust of him. If Zailic had no suspicion placed against he would have continued to execute his plan more cautiously and slowly, requiring as few deaths as possible. But instead he had been pressured into advancing his plans and with that came many deaths.

However, there biggest mistake was being unable to see what was before their very eyes. Kikami was the most powerful Force-user in the galaxy save only the Emperor. While Aiden and Keldyn were indeed worthy opponents, both possessing strong mindes, they were no match for him. Kikami had implanted those memories into Keldyn, as well as placed a Force illusion over himself to conceal his true form. . .

This was perfect, except there was one problem. . .

The Kikami that Zailic saw and knew was an eight year old crippled and mentally handicapped boy. He floated in a repulsar chair with his bent and twisted form curled up on top. His dead eyes showed no intelligence, and his seemingly lifeless body showed no initiative. The truth was, Kikami had the mind level of a three year old, and not a very bright one at that. His only strength was the Force. Because of this he was supposed to only act when Zailic gave him an order. This showed that the boy was beginning to think for himself. Zailic would have to take care of that later.

However, in the end, everything when perfectly. . .

Lieutenant Paladine
18 June 2008, 03:39 AM
Keldyn was seized but tremendous cramps in his bowels. Muttering a hasty apology, he ran into the forest to relieve himself.

Minutes later, he ran back to camp to pack up. He hoisted the generator onto his back, and connected the end to his rifle. He holstered his pistol, and sheathed his knives. He walked into his tent and sat down. He made sure no one could see him. He reached into a secret panel in his generator, and took out his fathers lightsaber. He stowed it in its hiding spot, and resumed packing. He paused, and looked at his datapad.

He frowned. Pressing a button he looked closer. So that is my inheritance. He thought as he viewed a holopic. A map. Huh. What was Dad thinking? He wondered as he continued packing.

Lieutenant Paladine
18 June 2008, 03:54 AM
Keldyn was seized but tremendous cramps in his bowels. Muttering a hasty apology, he ran into the forest to relieve himself.

Minutes later, he ran back to camp to pack up. He hoisted the generator onto his back, and connected the end to his rifle. He holstered his pistol, and sheathed his knives. He walked into his tent and sat down. He made sure no one could see him. He reached into a secret panel in his generator, and took out his fathers lightsaber. He stowed it in its hiding spot, and resumed packing. He paused, and looked at his datapad.

He frowned. Pressing a button he looked closer. So that is my inheritance. He thought as he viewed a holopic. A map. Huh. What was Dad thinking? He wondered as he continued packing.