View Full Version : Hey, where'd they go?

6 June 2008, 05:19 PM
In ESB, Luke tries to follow Leia, Chewie and the Imperials but ends up walking into a trap. A door slides shut and separates him from Artoo. That part I understood. But I still can't figure out how Luke manages to lose sight of all those other people. Did they duck into some unseen corridor or a secret passage? Where the heck did they go?

7 June 2008, 08:54 AM
Yeah, I always figured it had something to do with a "bait and switch" sort of thing. The Imperials knew the layout of the area, used Han, Leia and the Imperials to get Luke to follow. Boba provided the cover for them to take a side corridor, then he ducked in, closed the door and locked it. Luke follows, gets to the normal hallway, no additional doors open so he figures they went down the hallway. He follows and ends up in the "other" place.

I don't think this is fully explained anywhere else, even in the books. It's more of an "author nudge" to get the hero to where he was supposed to be in order to confront the bad guy. Based on the lack of other evidence, I figured a different door, now locked, made the only logical sense.