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Lieutenant Paladine
27 June 2008, 04:00 AM
Hi! This is a little story that I've been keeping cooped up in my brain for a while. I hope you enjoy!

Lieutenant Paladine
27 June 2008, 04:27 AM
500,000 years BBY:

The Oracles had always predicted it would happen. But the sheer brutality of the Rebellion stunned us. Our power frightened them. They couldn't comprehend our intentions. They got too greedy, and attempted to over throw us. We thought we were gods, and payed for it.

They stormed into the temple, past the statue Jounque, and into the Antechamber. They stabbed the priests, and burned the books. My only consolation is that they will never find (This segment of the holovid was damaged beyond repair)

Vesyos, Priest of Lightning

(This holovid was found beside a human skeleton with an inordinate amount of electrons, nearly killing the first archaeologist who touched it.)

Lieutenant Paladine
28 June 2008, 12:13 AM
5 BBY, Present Day:

Telor was digging. That he was digging wasn't uncommon for his profession. He was an archaeologist. What was uncommon however, was that he knew what he was looking for. He was looking for traces of The Kal'esti, or in Basic, The First Among the Stars, the first race ever to be born, and travel the stars. This race, remarkably like Humans, were gifted with extraordinary powers. Ancient legends tell of documents that contained the secrets of The Force, Life and Eternal Life.

As he was digging Telor hummed. The big Ithorian loved this sort of thing. The Geoscanner had detected something, and Telor deeply wanted to know what. He was just wondering when he would find something when he found two curved conical metal spikes in the dirt. He paused, contemplating them. After blinking several times, he decided to sample the metal type.

He found that this metal was like none he had ever seen. It was green, and so hard that he doubted that it could be damaged at all. This was a miraculous discovery! He had found traces of the Kal'esti! He reached swiftly for the comlink, and called the main dig site.

Lieutenant Paladine
30 June 2008, 04:37 AM
Arryn rushed over to the dig site, along with Mik, the local historian and expert on myths and legends. She drove the speeder swiftly towards Telor's dig site, and paked neatly beside Telor's sled.
"What did you find, Telor? You sounded pretty excited when you called." Arryn asked.
"I think it is evidence of the Kal'esti! I found a statue, five cubits high. It is made of some sort of strange green metal. It is extremely hard, but surprisingly light." The tall Ithorian explained. As telor continued describing it, Mik turned paler and paler.
"What's wrong, Mik?" Telor asked innocently.
"What's wrong? I think you might have awakened The Danreyelm, the Beasts who are Men. They used to live in the mountain forests, and eat all manner of things. If that statue is holding a sword, this dig site is in big trouble. The Danreyelm hate the Four houses of the Kal'esti, and will stop at nothing to prevent their awakening." Mik intoned sadly.
Just as he finished, tow natives stepped out of the bushes nearby.
"We hear you found Jounque." One of them said with a golden glint in his eye. As the archaeologists stared in horror, the pair began to transform before their very eyes. They grew hair, snouts, and fangs. They grew taller and more lupine.
"Run!" Mik shouted, as he turned and pelted for the speeder, Arryn right behind him. Telor wasn't so fast. The giant Danreyelm snapped him up in his jaws, and ate him.
"Let's get out of here!" Arryn yelled as she swung the speeder around and headed for the town.