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29 June 2008, 05:08 PM
Originally started this out as an RPG campaign here on the holonet, but constraints and interest died. But the story and adventures are still going in my head. So I bring you forth the story of the Modified Rendili Driveyards Dreadnaught Cruiser Imprious, her crew, and her Army, Clonetroopers, and star jocks that flew with her.

It'll take me a few days to type it all in, and it'll more likely be multiple installments to the story to cover all of what I had envisioned to occur in the game before it died.

Hope nobody from the game minds if I take some liberties with the characters they created for it.

5 July 2008, 08:51 PM
oh wow. I've been working on this so far on paper, and it's already at 17 pages. Don't know how many posts that will take here, but will do best I can to get it in as few as possibly required.

9 July 2008, 03:24 PM
Mere days have passed since the Battle of Geonosis as a light gray ship bearing the blue blazon of the Republic sits in mooring at a secure station in the Outer Rim Territories.

Several of the stars seem to flit around, as fighters from both the station and the modified Dreadnaught Cruiser perform screening patrols. Some of the pilots even allow the cruisers' gunners an opportunity to attempt to track them and get the gunnery computers up to speed.

The crew of the Imprious , led by a Zeltron Captain named Llyveia S'hara, had missed out of the Battle of Geonosis due to undergoing shakedown from the recent refits. The refits even changed her exterior to the point that she was definately identifiable as a modified dreadnaught.

The bridge of the Imprious was as busy as any capital ships of her size. Captain S'Hara stood in the center, leaning against her command chair in the center of the bridge, observed her crew.

Her executive officer, Commander Belleck, was busy going over reports deemed routine and not worthy of the Captains time. He was good at deflecting things from her that he could take care of.

"Captain, priority message from Sector Command." Tech Briday said from the communications station on the starboard side of the bridge. "Patching through to the Holocom."

Captain S'Hara walked to the rear of the bridge and inserted her clearance card to activate the Holocom set. As she entered her code, an image of Admiral Trescott appeared.

"Captain. Intelligence is tracking a priority target in your area. You are to proceed to Tatooine to intercept a freighter named the Misty Tear that has recently stolen some documents from the Republics Research and Development facilities on Coruscant." The Admiral's image begins. "Intel believes the pilot is smuggling the plans to one of the Hutt families on Tatooine. Capture the ship, recover the plans, and escort the plans to Coruscant. Is that clear, Captain?"

"We won't let you down, Admiral." Captain S'Hara says as the image fades. "Commander Belleck. Section Command meeting in the CIC Conference room in one parsec."

"Aye, Ma'am." Belleck says as he shares a look with the Chief of the Ship, Chief Crontsin.

Doctor Tess Archer, a Colonel for military rank purposes, stood amidst a chaos of no one's fault, according to one of the ships engineers. Medical supplies had spilled across the medical bay when the locking mechanism on it's storage bay had given out.

"I put a replacement on it," the engineer said before leaving to work on other parts of the ship that had come lose on her shakedown. When the Imprious was redesigned, Doctor Archer had requested an entire floor designated for the surgical staff on board. Even with the redesign, they hadn't done everything the way she liked.

Her staff had worked through those weeks removing unnecessary interior walls to save time and turns of getting a critical patient to the surgical center in time to make a difference. Something those working the shipyards didn't seem to comprehend, Tess thought.

After running the clock on a few simulated drills, times had dropped considerably, and "patient" survival had jumped to 97%.

"Major." Colonel Archer said to her chief nurse, Major Huwers. "Have the staff get this gear restowed into the lockers. I'm going to my quarters to fill out the required reports for the work."

"Yes Colonel." Major Huwers says before heading off to get her nurses and orderlies to work.

Colonel Archer was almost to her cabin door when the commlink in her pocket began buzzing. "Colonel Archer, command staff meeting in CIC conference room in 1 parsec." The automatic voice stated over the minispeaker.


(To Be Continued............)