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1 September 2008, 12:56 AM
New update over on the site, new fiction, art, all of the quality kicka$$ stuff you've come to expect.

Love to hear from your guys! Enjoy!


4 October 2008, 08:08 PM
Sorry it took so long to respond to this, BRodgers. I had a good look over at your site. Once again, great work!

I read the, I believe, latest fan fiction....very good writing. Do you write that? It evokes good mental imaging!

The artwork is, still and again, outstanding! I always like looking at the stuff you have up on that site. Not sure how you manage to make all of that stuff, but it's very good!

One thing I did notice, when I was looking through some of the files, is that you don't have very thorough stats for some of the people, such as the Mew-Tao. You've got some mention of their Force powers, and a mention of their weapons, but I didn't see anything for their stats. Did I just miss it or is it missing?

Besides that, excellent work!
Keep it up!

5 October 2008, 09:29 AM
Thanks for checking us out and all the great feedback Grimace!

In answer to your questions, yes I do write all of the fiction on the site- I'm happy you enjoy it! It takes a lot of work but I really enjoy it so it doesn't seem like "work" really.

As far as the artwork goes, I can't take all of the credit on that. My wife Elfgirl (who folks around here might remember as a former Baroness of SWAG) helps me a lot in getting the art done. Again, it's a lot of fun trying to take scenes from the fiction and deciding what would make a good pic. Sometimes action wins over but I also try to work in dramatic moments as well.

Finally, you are right, some of the more recent additions to the characters stat files are lacking in D6 stats. There are a few reasons for this, not the least of which is that I'm not the greatest when it comes do working up stats for characters and most of the guys who used to provide stats for our NPC's and such are too busy to really help me out these days (real life and all that), so since my time is at a premium I have to decide between art/fiction or stats- usually the art/fiction wins out because thats where my strengths are.

However! I will try to add those in in the future, and if there are any folks out there who would like to work some stats up for any of our characters who currently don't have any, I would be happy to add them for everyone to use and enjoy and give you full credit on the website of course !!!

Thanks again Grimace!

I'm hoping to publish Book 2 at the end of this month before I take my vacation, I hope you get a chance to check it out and enjoy it!