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2 September 2008, 02:59 AM
How often do you play Star Wars Miniatures?
What point value do you play at?
Do you limit the structure in any way?
Do you only play in approved play venues/events or do you play at home as well?

Discussion amongst yourselves...

Darth Jerrod
2 September 2008, 05:20 AM
I "try" to get a game in once a month.

Typically we do 150pts but we have been known to do in well excess of 500pts when we have more than 2 people playing and build several squads.

We will typically do factions but will do themes or even light side vs the dark side.

We play in our homes

2 September 2008, 08:35 AM
The wife and I used to play several times a week. However, we've got a wierd setup in our house, and it's hard for us to play while the kids are going to sleep. Likewise, it's hard to play whilst their awake. (Two-year olds like to run off with Wookiees and such, regardless of how instrumental they are at gunning down Stormies.)

So, now we're playing a couple times a month at best. We've been playing more recently with the new sets, though.

Usually we'll do 100 or 150 point games.

2 September 2008, 01:59 PM
I play once a week with the occasional extra game on Vassal. Only me and my mate, Dreadtech on the WOTC forum. Neither of us have ever played in a tourney. Our LGS we buy our minis from is a Comic & Toy shop, not a gaming shop, so doesn't run events - wouldn't have the room to anyway.

We stick pretty much to the rules by-the-book, with a couple of exceptions e.g can shoot out of windows, can Satchel Charge windows, AT-AT can walk through walls and move backword if an AT-AT driver is within 6. We also have Jedicartographers Map Pack. We don't roll for maps we just pick one.

As for how we play... random.
We use the following charts to decide our games.

Each roll a D10 to decide Faction.
1 Old Republic
2 Sith
3 Mandalorian
4 Republic
5 Seperatists
6 Rebel
7 Empire
8 New Republic
9 Yuuzhan Vong
10 Any

Roll a D6 to decide points
1 100
2 150
3 200
4 250
5 300
6 350

Roll D10 to decide type of game
1 Standard - must have a minimum of one rolled Faction character.
2 50% Faction Pure
3 No Uniques - otherwise standard, must have a minimum of one rolled Faction character.
4 Peasant League - 25pt characters max.
5 Garbarians - min. 40pt characters - only activate a single character.
6 Warriors of Gar - may use our own custom stat characters.
7 Team 7 - standard with a Single Commander - may include own custom characters
8 Themed - Come up with a reasonable theme, eg. Tuskens, Assassins, Heroes of Yavin
9 Light/Dark - OR/Rep/Rebel/NR vs Sith/Sep/Imp/Vong - Mando count as Fringe.
10 100% Faction Pure

Admiral Zaarin
2 September 2008, 02:23 PM
My friend and I get together sometimes--sometimes once a month, sometimes once every other month, sometimes once a week--just whatever we feel like--and play. We always play at my house, since most of the minis are mine. He typically plays Republic or Rebels, I play Sith, Empire, New Republic, or Mandalorians in that order of frequency. We range from the rare 100 pt value to our typical 300 pt value. We'll have to try a 500 pt value sometime, just so I can unleash my entire Sith Lord goodness. Bwahahah! ;) We don't use the canon restrictions for opponents; obviously, if he's playing Rebels and I'm playing New Republic, something's not canon. :P

Darth Jerrod
2 September 2008, 04:54 PM
Sithspawn I like that table. sometimes we are at a loss to what to play.

4 September 2008, 06:21 AM
The biggest compromise we had to come to was with Fringe. I play a lot of Fringe, my mate doesn't like Fringe and thinks you should play the Factions. Hence we added the Standard (for me) and Faction pure options.

I still find it strange that Dreadtech and I are both real Star Wars fans but our likes of it vary drastically. He likes NR & Empire, I like Mando, Sith & CIS. He likes using custom characters, I prefer the game RAW.