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12 September 2008, 11:22 AM
I still have fun playing Star Wars minis. Our random games really help.

Last night was so good, and so close. 300 pts, max. 25pt characters on the new Taris map.

Yuuzhan Vong (me) vs. New Republic
Now this was going to be interesting. Vong couldn't have Super-Stealth and the NR were without their beatsticks like Mara, Kyle & Han.

I went for 5 Jedi-Hunters, Guri, Bossk, Jolie Bindu, Juhani & fillers. May mate had Wedge, Talon and used Jania to bring in Han ST. We both had around 18 pieces on the board.

Well I only had one shooter, so Wedge's CE was useless. But Melee was harming me. I lost three Jedi Hunters just trying to get close, and Juhani went down quickly. Guri was lucky, took two crits, so lucky she's a Droid.

2 hours of play later and it was so close. NR had just a Genoharadan Assassin on 30hp and I had Bossk on 30hp, and they were adjacent! I won init and went for Double Claw - hit, miss! Assassin hits and I fail the poison save!

300pts. 2 hours and it's THAT close. The loss didn't bother me it was just so great. One of the best game I've had since I started playing SWM. B)

So what fun games have you had recently?