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Knight away.
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story one that hopefully will be a
whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan) <-- also know as the Amazing translator guy.
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim.
Except a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probly many. But first is Buffy the Vampire slayer and Star wars.

Warning: I decided as Fan-Fiction writer that Jaina and Jacen are 4 years older then Anakin. Not 1 year.

Chapter 1-0

Xander sighted ever since the LIE and Angels banishment to hell he
felt something was coming, something bad.
At first Buffy had been angry really murdering angry at him. Then she
talked to Giles and Xander has no idea what the Watcher said to the
slayer. But it was a calmer Buffy that confronted him and ask him why
he had lied to her.

He told her, that he was afraid deadly afraid that she would hold back
against Angelus like she had before. And this time it would be end of
game for all of them.

Buffy had looked him in the eye, almost spooky calm trying to find a
lie or even a tiny fragment of a lie. But apparently whatever she saw
made her nod her head. "You did the right thing Xander. Right now I
hate you for that. It's petty and cruel of me. I would have hold back
against him. All I saw was Angel" she sighted "I hope you forgive me
for being petty and cruel" she said smiling a bit the tears in her
eyes felt like daggers in his heart.

Xander "Nothing to forgive Buffy. It was like doing something bad, or
letting something even worse happen. You know what i choose to do even if
I don´t like it. Ever since Jessie I HATE Vampires, even dead boy. But HE
is, were a hero. And I respect that" he said to her looking down
on the ground.

She giggled a bit, tears still in her eyes, as she smiled at
him. "Thanks" she said. "Strange, I know Angel would be angry with me
right now because he would have done the same thing you did. You do know,
that I love you and Willow." said the young Slayer before
running away.

It was the last time they saw her. For the whole summer she was gone and
Willow, Oz, Cornelia and himself were forced to fight the Vampires and
demons alone.

And now months later she was back. They had been so happy and Buffy
had even taken the chance to talk to him alone.
She had forgiven him and even said thanks.
But the feeling of wrong was getting stronger and stronger.
Then it happened, it was like something from Battelstar Galactica or
Star Trek.
Suddenly the skies darkened in the middle of the day, a strange shadow
has been seen above the whole planet. The Astronomics and NASA where

Then the news told them, that one million humans had vanished from New
York. Just like that. The next that vanished where gold in Fort Knox.
In a second the USA was bankrupt.

Xander just knew he would be next. As he walked into the library he
nodded "Yo here I am, what's the what G-man" he said grinning. Never
forget a good smile to make the others forget their own fears.

Giles sighed "Can´t you take anything serious?" he said. Silently
hoping the boy would keep doing that.

Xander frowned "Maybe but Naa." He said grinning "So what's vanished
next? Homework?" he finished in a hopefull voice.
Buffy giggled "I wish."

While Giles cleaned his glasses, he answered "In fact it's snowing in
Africa and apparently outside of Berlin appeared a new volcano"
then he fell silent. And just stared in shock, seeing beings of powers
suddenly teleporting into the library.

Buffy froze in shock, Willow was trembling because the pure power
they were pouring out was overpowering her new and weak skills as a witch.
Oz blinked "I am impressed" he said to which Cordelia just nodded.

On the other side the Angel and the Archdemon frowned at Oz. They were
not used seeing such a lack of expression.

Xander eyes where almost falling out of his head as he screamed
out "Holy trinity" They were now frowning and looking directly at
him. Not good. "Um, it was Giles that said that" he tried.

The Angel spoke with a voice like music "We have a problem, far
away in a alternate reality, outside OUR realm of responsibility, has
a group of greedy fools found a powerful cross dimensional artifact
which they are using right now to plunder earth off it´s riches."

The voice from the demon, was like claws on a black board. Painful to listen
to. "Every time they use that artifact they risk destroying the
Solsystem. And both sides, Good and Evil have invested a lot of time
with you mortals and more important this world" its body and head were
perfect but it looked so wrong like a perversion of perfection. Just
looking at the demon made you feel like your eyes could never be
clean again.

The Angel nodded, its perfect head was beautiful, perfectly shaped
and made it look friendly, yet deadly dangerous. "The only way we
can stop this, is to send a mortal that is NOT a bound by faith".

Buffy "Alright I go".

The Demon "He said NOT bound by faith. So no Slayer,witch or watcher can go.
Only the werewolf, the cheerleader and" he smiled cruelly "The White
Knight, the one that sees, the breaker of destiny and champion of chaos
can go"

Xander "Me. I´m Champion of Chaos?" he said "Are you sure Ethan Rains is
not the one you talking about?" he said fearfully. The power of those
beings made the Master look cute and cuddly.

The Angel nodded "It is you, we would prefer. If you accept the
burden. Not because you are stronger then Oz but because you have the
greatest chance to find your way home."

The Demon "You are also the one that has the greatest chance to
succeed. We can boost your powers, give you the power of the Hyena
without the side effects. Even grant you some power from the Sea-
Demons DNA, that the swim coach gave you."

Buffy and the other looked and felt helpless, the power of the Demon
and Angel was overwhelming them.

The Angel "Correct, if Oz goes we could offer him control over the
wolf. Nothing more. But you have more mystical changes in your body
already, Alexander. We can change the memory of the Soldier that possessed
you, so that you have the basic skills you need to
survive. This is a one way journey we have no way of returning you
here, if you accept this".

The demon snored "I don't care if you come back I just care that
you save the Sol-system and Earth. I have billions of souls that
could escape my hell, if earth is destroyed. That's MY reason for
granting you power. If you fail, you and your friends are doomed" he
grinned "So who is going to be exiled? The werewolf or you White

Xander sighed. "I knew getting up from bed today was a bad idea. I
go if you get Angel back from hell and give me the strength of the fish
and Hyena and the skills from the solider I need. Before I go, I
need time to say goodbye to my friends."

The Angel nodded "We have four hours before the next attack begins. You
have to be fast". The Demon snored. "Right."

The Angel smiled "He is right Brother Lucifer. We are banishing a champion
of chaos to save ourselves and a champion of light will be returned.
A price is paid and a balance is made."

Outside Cordelia grabbed Xander "What are you doing you Dork?" She

Xander smiled "I thought you broke up with me?" he said, before kissing
and hugging her close to him "I'm saving all of us. It's what I do"
he said, leaving the still knee weak Cordelia behind him.
"Damm him" she panted, but what a kiss that was. She would not cry no
way he had cheated with Willow so no way.

It took Xander only a hour and he was back, he had emptied mom and dad's
secret jewelry stash and stolen his dads gun, a big magnum. Without a word
he grabbed an axe and a short sword from Giles weaponsrack. He also took a backpack
with food and two military combat knifes in the back. He was done. "Buffy,
Willow, Cordelia come here. Just one thing I wanted to say to you, before
I go". The three girls walked over, he did not bother to saying anything
he just grabbed Cordelia and kissed her like she was the queen of the

While Cordelia was seeing stars he kissed Buffy like she was the
savior of the universe, leaving a knee weak slayer behind him before
he grabbed willow kissing her like she was the Goddess that created
the universe.

He gave Oz a nod "See you later brother" he said. Turning to Giles "G-
man. I hope you know that you are everything I ever wanted in a father.
Thanks Dad, and get a new car. You have the money. Beside you have to,
I put your car on fire. Mr. Angel, Mr. Demon lets go now."

The two higher beings blinked. Outside the library a tiny car was
burning "So be it". They spoke like one and Xander could feel the
Hyena power racing through his body and his lungs switching and growing
in size muscle became tighter and more powerful as his DNA changed,
his mind where filling up with knowledge or more instincts basic
information that he would need.

And then the world vanished.

Giles blinked "Thank you son." he blinked again "What my car...??"

Oz looked at the girls which were still gone and in dreamland. That was ONE hell
of a kiss. They still looked happy and a bit stupid with a dreamy happy
look on their face "I wish I was a girl." He said just joking. Behind
him a Vengeance demon giggled "Wish granted..."

Around him the universe buckled and twisted, as the laws of nature,
physic and biology both mystical and mundane changed in nature and
form. Like a Force of nature Xander crashed out from the hole in
reality and landed graceful like a cat on a gigantic mushroom like tree.

He felt stronger then before, taking a quick look over his own body,
his arms and legs were like steel packed full with
muscle as an elite fighter would have. In the mirrorlike blade of
his knife he could see green yellow eyes flashing in his face. His
hands could feel tiny gills on his neck. "They lied. The asshole lied
I'm a fish" he whined.. Then frowned, would it really matter?

Looking around he felt it. A strange flash of light and energy that made
his neck hair shiver. Over there.

Whitout even thinking he was gone, one leap and he was airborne.
Jumping between the strange mushroom like trees, before climbing down
to the ground and then running as fast as his legs could carry him.
To most humans it looked like a green blur was moving between the
shadows of the tree.

The power buildup was gigantic, as he arrived in the Centrum of a old
ruin, he saw a strange ring formed machine with two monoliths standing up.
From between the monoliths he could see a holographic picture of

Strange, demon like, beings where everywhere around the machine. A big
snail like freak was in the middle near a control station.
Ugly pig like monsters were standing guard a bit further away.

Xander watched, he saw what he needed and what he could do to destroy
the machine. He suspected that the strange chamber, that pulsed with a
interior light was some kind of power generator and a bullet in that
would probably be bad. Near him there was one of the ugly pigs which had an axe
in his hands. A good one which was bigger than his own. Taking up his magnum,
he aimed at the power generator.

PANG, all the freaks looked up trying to find the source of thunder,
PANG the Fusion Generator cracked.
Pang the Pig like monster head suddenly exploded.

Xander quickly put the gun away and moved away. While rushing away he
quickly ran to the pig and grabbed the axe before running further
away into the jungle.

Behind him the snail like monster looked at the power-
generator "BooShooda Na sha" he screamed in Huttese.

Like a green blur Xander rushed away dodging behind a rock when the
world suddenly turned white and burning hot as flames of plasma
destroyed everything in its path.

Hours later...
"Ouch. Ouch." Xander whined as he stood up. The jungle was destroyed,
well some of it. The part near the ruin and the dimension machine. His jacket
and pants were burned but he had a new axe.
Going back he found out that the machine was not completely destroyed.

Frowning Xander walked to the survivors. The Snail being was
alive. "Fee. If I could only find a french cook I would be rich".

Xander said looking at the freakish being. It looked back showing surprise
and perhaps fear, as Xanders eyes were pulsing in green and yellow with
the beat of his heart.
"Ha.Nashoo. Hutt Goro. MaShee rekona" it said.

Xander frowned "So you're Goro the Hutt. And you would reward me IF I
help you." He frowned, languish knowledge apparently was a part the
unholy duo gave him. Xander grinned "Did you know that it was MY
planet you and your friends were plundering?" He said with a wicket smile
on his lip as he pushed a button on the axe that suddenly started to
purr with an evil sound.

Goro "No no" splat the vibroaxe cut the snails head in half.
A moment later Xander frowned, that was stupid. He was now mostly alone, only
a handful of the Hutt hired help were still alive. Looking around, he
walked up to another soldier abd found sokething that looked like a gun.
Grabbing it, he frowned, his hands apparently knew what it was. Safe setting, Un-safe,
and trigger. A burst of plasma flashed out from the blaster Xander
grinned, as he took the Blaster gun.

Instinctive understanding of the basic object, Xander thought it was a
Blaster-Gun. Probably a heavy gun, he had no idea if it was a good
blaster gun or not.

Digging around he finally found something that felt explosive to him.
Or his hands believed it was explosive. The idea of making a mistake felt
bad. It almost made him afraid, that was good whatever this round ball
was, it would create a BIG explosion.

With Google eyes Xander looked at the hole, where the machine once
stood. "That was a BIG boom." A thermal detonator his mind said. A
micro nuke, without dangerous radioactive fallout. Just the short blast of
plasma which was as hot as the sun itself and unstable to carry around. A
perfect diplomatic aid.

Shrugging his shoulders, Xander walked away. Following a path through the
jungle, where the snail gang seemed to have moved often.
Hours later, he found landing pads with ships. Strange looking alien
ships like something from Battlestar Galactica. It was chaos and
confusion, everybody was shocked and nobody stopped him or even
noticed him.

Xander frowned, something was guiding him towards a fitting ship.
It was not that big, only about 30-40 meterlong and looked a bit like
a turtle. He could read on the side "Ghtroc Industries Class 720
Freighter". "Your Name is now Enterprise." Inside the ship, he saw that
it was empty, he quickly closed the door hoping the owner died in the explosion.
Finally in the cockpit Xander frowned, what now? Looking over the
million and one buttons and shifts and he realised that he had NO idea what they
were. "Great, and what now?." A ghost like voice whispered in his mind
"That button to power up."

Xander blinked "Alright Ghost I listen now. But if you trick me I
never talk to you again." He said pressing the button. He had
nothing to lose.

The engine started to power up.
"Pull the lever up, then switch the five green levers up". The voice
Xander nodded, suddenly the ship was floating up. He grinned as he
switch the leevrs on and suddenly he was flying in mad neckbreak
speed. The voice now screaming "pull up pull up".
Pulling everything he could at the same time Xander managed to make a
loop de loop and almost crashed in a lake before he found the right
thing to pull up with.

Flying slower now, the ship entered space. Xander looked around "You do
know I have NO idea where I am. What I am doing. And where I'm

The Ghost was silent for a moment, then it said. "My son is going to help you".
Xander grinned "Cool. Anything you like me to say to your kid? And
what's your name?"

A short moment later, he could see a friendly man that looked to be in his
late 40´s or something. A man that had been hurt badly by life from birth to death.
"Anakin Skywalker" the ghost said smiling to the dimensional alien whose
present here sent a shock wave thru the Force.
It took hours before Xander and the Ghost had managed to calculate
the jump to Yavin 4 and the ship vanished in to hyperspace.

Later in hyperspace.

"And that's the story. The life of Alexander Lavelle Harris, 17 Years
old" Xander said to the ghost as he looked at the Autochef, whatever
had owned this ship before he stole it had great taste. Blue food,
but it tasted great.

The Ghost was silent as it listened, behind him generations of Jedi
listened and judged the young man from a alternate reality. If what the
young boy said was true, that Hutt almost destroyed a pre-space planet
in a alternate reality. The boy clearly believed, that what he said was
true but he also said that Demons loved trickery and lies.
And Angels where not always willing to give out the whole truth
unless it was needed.

It was silent as Xander was eating his meal. "So, do you think you
could teach me how to run this ship?" Xander asked, hoping the ghost
was still there.

"Yes, Xander I can teach you how to run the ship". The ghost said.
Xander grinned "Sweet. So let's start" he said standing up eagerly.

Hours later in the engine room the ghost was surprised. It seemed that
the basic knowledge, they have given Xander included basic machinery
and engines even computers but not how to pilot.

The boy could perhaps learn how to repair an ion engine in only weeks.
Logical if what they said to Xander was true. They knew a great
artifact had to be destroyed and their champion had to know how to
use whatever tools he could steal and use, if he failed in a surprise

But piloting a starship was not in his knowledge. Anakin smiled as he
began teaching the young man the basic of driving a starship.

Days later.

Xander frowned "This feels weird" He said. The Ghost just said "Do or
do not. Focus Xander you have the gift stretch out feel the cup with
your mind and lift it." He did it a day before, Anakin was not worried.
Slowly the cub started to fly as Xander focused his mind.

His eyes glowing in green and yellow, as one object after another
started to fly around him "Look I'm a solar system" Xander said as
cub after cub started to fly in a circle around him "Mercury, Venus,
Earth and the moon" a tiny sugar bit started to rotates around the
cup Xander named Earth. "Mars, Jubite. Jupiter" The cubs suddenly
fell down.

Xander grinned "That was not so hard. Right right" The Ghost of
Anakin nodded "You have great talent young man. And great
responsibility and danger comes with that power". He said sounding
deadly dangerous. Xander "yea the Vader story you told me, right?"
Anakin looked at him. "With powers like yours and like me and my
family we do not have a choice. The Dark Side is always there, a danger
to anybody who to prideful or untrained.

A sudden alarm spooked him "What's that?" Xander said.
The Ghost "It is the ships alarm we enter normal space and Yavin 4 in 20
minutes". Xander frowned "Already?" he said in surprise. The Ghost
said because Xander was so untrained the hyperspace road they had
taken was longer and slower than the quicker and shorter road.
But crossing the galaxy in only 20 days were incredible.

Knight away. 2-0
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story one that hopefully will be a
whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim.
Except a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probly many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS I do not
like the Yuuzhan Vong.

Early in the morning, just as the sun was rising, outside the great
stone temple, where the Jedi Praxeum was located the ship renamed
The Enterprise by its captain landed slowly and clumsy on the landing

"Who is it Uncle Luke?" the young 16 year old girl said to the
taller man beside her.

Luke smiled "It's a stranger from a strange place, he is your age and he
is powerful. Perhaps you, Jaina and your brother could show him
around. It would be good for him to have friends his own age."

Jaina nodded "It's a sweet ship. Ghtroc 720." She read about them
even had seen some of them. This was one in Mint condition. "It was one
of those you used during the Thraw campaign right?" she asked her uncle.

Luke nodded "Yes, but it was a old beat up ship. They made a ferry out
of it. So I could hide my X-wing inside the ship. Then whenever I had to
to make a quick getaway I could just jump in the X-wing push the
self-destruct button and fly away while the fragment of the Ghtroc
protected my escape."

Jaina grinned "Whoever is flying that ship is NOT a good pilot"
Luke nodded in agreement "It's the first time he ever landed a ship.
EVER. His first flying lesson was during takeoff. So I would say he
has potential" Jaina frowned "Never piloted a ship before? What backwards
planed did he come from.?"

She shrugged, "Plenty of farm boys wet, behind the ears had later
become great heroes and some where even family."
With a big bump that must have damaged the left rear landing gear and
the landing pad.

Jaina twitched as the pilot kept abusing his ship. By activating the
ion engine he was rocking up in the air again.
By now more and more Jedi students were watching the show.
Lowbacka frowned "Roar rrrgroor" he asked. Jacen shrugged "No idea."
Jacen Solo, Jainas twin brother said.

Meanwhile the ship was returning down, trying for slower a south entry
and flew straight in a tree. Luke twitched as the front right
landing fear was stucked in one of the massive Massasi trees he could
hear the ripping sound, as huge branches where ripped of the tree and
the ship came in for landing. This time the pilot managed to smash the
ship down in a 3 point landing.
Lucky for him the branches buffered his landing and kept the ship from

A bleeping sound of absolute bafflement came from R2D2 Luke
smiled "No, he has not any license. I believe he stole the ship from
some criminal." He smiled as the other Jedi student where shocked "He
is a interesting student"

Jaina "Poor ship."
Jacen frowned "A Ship Thief?"

Lowbacka shrugged "Grrorar" he reminded Jacen that they stole a ship
to escape from the shadow academy.

Tenel Ka nodded "Indeed there are thieves and then there are those
who are forced to be a thief to survive" she said. Not surprising to
Jaina, Jacen nodded as if agreeing to Tenel ka.

Finally the entry ramp opened and a strangely dressed young man walked
out of the ship. Whatever he was dressed in, must have been stolen also because it
barely fit him. And from what Jaina could see, he was dressed in what
must have been sulustans latest fashion.

Xander swallowed, o boy he sure made a good entrance. "Hi. If anybody
is wondering I am NOT a good pilot. And I'm in desperate need of pilot
lessons" he said trying not to blush.

Tenel-Ka nodded as she studied the young man, he was build like a
fighter strong powerful yet a dexterous body. His eyes where glowing a
mix between green and yellow with the beat of his heart. "Indeed" she

Jaina nodded, now that was one big hunk of teen dream "Uncle Luke.
Master Skywalker asked me, my brother and our friends to help you around.
I could give you flying lessons" she said.

Luke eyes studied the teenagers, it looked like they would get
along. "Welcome. Is it Alexander or Xander?" Anakin Skywalker his dad
had talked to him about the young man so he knew about Xander.

Xander blinked "Um. Both actually. My name IS Alexander. But I like
Xander more. It shorter and less formal" His journey thru space had made
him accept the name Alexander. He felt being banished in this
universe to save his own world earned him the name Alexander.
(Alexander - protector of men)

Beside it would remind him ,that he was a savior, a protector perhaps
it would help him remember who he was.

Luke "Then welcome, Alexander, to the Jedi Praxeum where we will begin
your journey as a Jedi knight. "

The boy smiled a bitter sweet smile "Thanks."

Luke smiled "The Lessons are individualized, you will begin with the
beginners then if you are skilled we will move you to more advanced
lessons. For some it may take years for others only months"

He turned to Jaina "I'm sure my nice and her friends can help you with piloting
lessons." He looked around "Sadly I have to leave you for now, I will be back
later this evening."

Jaina walked up to Xander, he had muscle like steel "Hi I'm Jaina, she said" Her
brother joined them and held up his hand "Hi I´m Jacen, her twin brother" he
said smiling, as Xander grabbed his hand and shock it quickly.

Lowbacka frowned as he growled out a question. The tiny Droid M-TD
hanging from his belt "Master Lowbacka wonders, if the Name Alexander
has any special meaning, you said you liked the shorter version better
because it had less formal meaning."

Behind them Jacen was massaging his hand. He hoped nothing was broken.
Xander blinked, he said formal only because it had sounded better when
a teacher is screaming your name. "Actually Alexander is a old name
meaning protector of humans." He said making a free translation from
Greece to Basic. He grinned "Xander would be human"

Jaina grinned "So we could just call you human?"
Xander just grinned back to her "It's a OLD name in a now dead language from my
home world. Most do not even know the meaning of the name" he said as
he smiled and started to see who had the strongest grip.
The wookiee Lowbacka or himself.

Lowbacka nodded, being called protector of humans would be a bit like
calling himself a hero or something. But he was strong, a growling
sound came as the wookiee showed Xander the meaning of strength.
The two slowly started to smile as they crushed each others hands
harder and harder.

Jaina blinked "Is he trying to out-strength a Wookiee?"
Jacen nodded "He is strong, but no way" he said. Finally his hands were
working again.

Xander grinned "I have NO idea how strong I am. I recently suffered a
enhancement that made me grow stronger. Much stronger" it was
apparently that the wookiee was still stronger than Xander. "But not
Wookiee strength."

Tenel-Ka nodded and spoke from where she was standing next to
Xander "Indeed"

Xander spun around in surprise "Aaaa". He spunned around ready to
fight but he managed to stop himself, before he could attack the girl. "Damn
it. Do not sneak up on me. Where I grew up, anybody sneaking up on you
was a enemy." The girl was his age or maybe a year younger. she had red hair and
her left arm ended near the elbow. Something had cut of her arm. But
from the way she moved, sure of herself, he could see that the loss of one
arm did not stop her in anyway.

Tenel-ka smiled "I might remember that." She said with no worry in
her voice. This would be fun, somebody to sneak up on.

Jacen "You said you have NO idea exactly how strong you are" he said.
Xander blinked and stopped glaring at the red-haired girl.

Xander "Yea the change made me stronger over night. And also made my eyes
funky green and yellow" beside him the three friends looked at each
other, they and Luke would have to teach Xander to control his
strength also.

Jaina smiled up to her friend, the silent wookiee. He was apparently
thinking about something.
M-TD voice was the only one that was heard "Good morning Master
Alexander. I am M-TD Wookiee human translator droid I am fluent in
over six forms of communications."

Xander "Over Six forms? I have been more impressed before" he said

To the others surprise that actually got the droid to shut up. It was

Xander "Um sorry I just know six forms. I talk Basic, English, a bit Huttese,
read Latin, and can read four other languish with some help" O yes

Giles translation school of nightmare, learn to read fast or the end
of the world might happen. Surprisingly effective.
The poor droid kept sulking.

And then the lesson started.


Two months later.


"Yo gang" Xander said as he jumped down the stairs, shocking the
younger students, as he fell down at least two floors before slowing
down and landing softly beside his friends.

Tenel-ka grinned as she pushed her walking staff towards Xander in a
fast attack, Xander like always dodged and did a sweeping kick with his
right leg, Tenel-ka jumped over it with ease, as she slammed the staff down
but Xander managed to grab the staff and pulled it towards him Tenel-
ka lost her balance only for a second, but that was al he needed. Quickly
he flipped his finger over her nose. "Got you this time" he said.

Tenel-ka nodded smiling. "Indeed but THE last time I got you" she said.
It was the staffs fault, with only one hand to move the long walking
staff made her slower and put her out of balance. But that was fine with her,
life was a challenge and beating the challenge was so much
fun. Eventually she might get a new cybernetic left arm sometime.

Perhaps life with only one arm was more of a challenge. So why remove
those difficulties, she had to defeat? By replacing the arm that was
lost, because of her own foolish mistake. The harder the challenge the sweeter
the victory.

Jaina giggled "So we have not seen you in over a week. What happened?"

Xander shrugged "Master Skywalker said I should relax a bit. He said
I was one of the most driven and focused student he ever had." He
grinned "That must be a first time ever. It's just on my homeworld, I
just was to be a clown, no studying just having fun and later fighting to
protect. Now I want to learn. I want to make a difference and now
the teacher says I should take it slower."

Lowbacka growled out something M-TD "Master Lowbacka wonders if you
like to join us in the forest we are exploring one of the old temples
and a lake."

Xander nodded "Yea, I get my swimming trunks."

An hour later the gang had landed the air-speeder near an old lake and
where now having a picnic.

Xander "I heard something big is happening and I don't understand
what is happening"

Jacen "It is complicated you know? The fall of the republic, the empire,
the civil war and the fall and rebuilding of the New Republic."

Xander "So far I'm with you"

Jaina "That's the bad part. The new Republic ha almost the full size
the OLD republic had. But we do not have the jedi to guard it."

Xander "Still not getting it."

Jacen "The OLD republic was created 10 000 years ago, it started small
with many Jedi, which worked as Jedi watchmen over solar systems. Many of
them build Jedi temples and schools like Uncle Lukes school here. But
about 4000 years ago the Jedi Civil war started and the republic was
attacked by the Sith army."

Jaina "That was, what mom said, the beginning of the end. The Jedi
concentrated the teaching to corusant, allowing only a small handful
of other Jedi schools to exist and only under close surveillance from
the modern temple at Crousant. They forbid Jedi to marry. Further
distancing themselves from reality, but also from the risk of falling to
the dark side." She said looking at Xander.

He nodded "So the number of Jedi's diminished"

They nodded.

Jacen "Exactly, which I believe the Jedi council was aware of. But
they did not really understand their own importance. The Republic
with its navy, law enforcement and senate were unable to work without the
guide of the Jedi." He threw a stone into the lake. "With so many millions
of different aliens side by side, different minds, behavior and
cultures ONLY a Jedi could mediate and create peace. Corruption
grew stronger and stronger. Until all Palpatine had to do was push
and the empire was born."

Jaina "And now they rebuild the New Republic TO fast, too many worlds
and there's only a handful of Jedi that exist. And to make things
worse, they refuse to make the Jedi an official part of the chain of
command. They wanted us to be advisors, they can call upon only when
they need us".

Tenel-ka "Its falling apart, civil war will happen again." she said.
Jacen, Jaina and Lowbacka all knew she was the crown princes of the
Harpes cluster and the information her grandmother had told her was
not pretty. "In the old day Grandma told me the jedi where like a
conscience that guided the senators".

Xander "I got it. Essentially, they build a pipe dream. Without an army of
Jedi the republic is not able to work. Or even exist."

Jaina "Yea. But after the fall of the Empire all the Rebel Alliance
could think about, was to finally rebuild the freedom of the
old republic. Nobody really considered that the Jedi, that always has been there,
but always has been in the background giving words of wisdom and doing
diplomatic missions, were that important.

Jacen "Some of the Idiots are making waves, specifically the Botans are
making problems. They are building a powerbase focused on themselves. And
they are not the only ones, but considering that the current president IS
a Botan. And he does not like the Jedi" he sighted.

They were interrupted, when part of the old temple suddenly gave up
and collapsed into the lake. The five teenagers stood all up and stared.
"It looks like a cave. Or a underground part of the temple" Xander

Jaina nodded "But it´s underwater now. No way we can get inside" she

Xander grinned as he pulled of his shirt "I would not be too sure about
that" he said flexing the muscles of his neck. Showing them his
gills "I told you I have gone thru some biomod that made me into what you
call Near-Human biological. Compatible with normal humans, but with unique

Before they could stop him, Xander took a deep breath and jumped
into the lake.

Jacen "So that's why he is so good at swimming and staying under

It was wonderful diving again. The gills where working that well, that
it was like breathing with your nose, when you have a cold and it's
full of slime.

A pair of extra eyelids protected his eyes and the muscle in the nose
and mouth clamed themselves close, to keeping water out from his lungs.

His arms and legs pushed him forward. With the help of the Force he
could now swim as fast as he could run, maybe faster.

And then there was the cave. He popped his head over the surface to
took a deep breath. Not that he really needed it, just an old habit.

And then he vanished in the deep, the pocket light he had was a uni-
enviroment torch, it worked just fine under water.

It was a hidden cave, just nine meters inside he came to the surface.
An old forgotten temple room with air and plenty of room. With his help,
the others could even dive in here. He stretched out with the force,
trying to sense any danger. Something was calling out to him.
Slowly he walked up from the water and into the room. There, lying on the
ground, were three glittering crystal gemstones. They sang to him. He picked
them up. They where glittering in light of his lamp. Flashes of a
lightsaber appeared in his head as he studied them. He had to tell
Luke, that it was time.

A few moments later he went back to get his friends.

It was a giggling Xander, that helped Lowbacka inside. The young
Wookiee looked like a wet dog and just as miserly. The rooms were
not many but they walked around. They could see old carvings and
pictures made by the Massasi.

Jaina "They were a near-human species called the Sith and their
lords. Then during the old Hyperspace war 10 000 years ago the
first Sith empire was destroyed and as a race
they died. But their masters, the dark side cult survived to our days.
It changed its way and form but it still exist." She looked at the
fascinated look on Xanders face "The Massasi were mutants. Created
by Sith-Alchemy. Twisted versions of the rEAL sith race.
A slave race of warriors, Xander"

The picture now made more sense to him. Dark and foreboding. Flashes
jumped in his head as he walked along the murals picture of empires
struggling and fighting each others. Jedi VS Jedi in a war that would
reshape the galaxy. Xander swallowed "I got a flash from a future. A
galaxy in war" He said.

Lowbacka "Gree" he growled M-TD "He is wondering"
Xander interrupted the droid "I got the feeling a time of choosing is
coming. Jedi have to make a choise, who is going to be the new heir to
the Republic. The faster the chose is made, the shorter the time of
war will be" He looked at them "Or something like that."

Jacen "Perhaps you are just effected from what we talked about" he said.
Xander shrugged. "I don't think so." He said with hunted eyes. "I
really do not think so."

The teens where silent. All of them had experienced war in different

Lowbacka "Roared grrarwor" a wookiee war roar and slammed his mighty
fist in the wall, crushing an old stone. M-TD "Master Lowbacka says,
that as long as we stay true to the light and stand strong nothing
will bring us down."

Lowbacka grabbed the droid and shook him "Growled groaaer" angry at
the translator droid.

M-TD "Well that was what you really meant to say. Alright Master
Lowbacka said bring it on. Really my translation was much better."
Laughter and few giggles filled the old underground chambers as they
investigated the rest of it.

They found a pair of old weapons, waraxes or something.
Xander lifted the axe it had a long two-handed pole arm, but something was
strange. "Looks like something is supposed to be put here" he said.
On the blade of the axe was a holdout area were something could
be placed and even a trigger mechanism.

Jacen "It's a Massassi Lanvarok. They put a disk with razor sharp
edges in there. Then when they swing the axe they can pull the
trigger with their hands and send the disk flying, using only brute

Xander looked around finding a pair of rusty disks on the floor.
Pushing them in the axe blade he could see that once upon a time the
axe would actually grab a hold on the disks and hold it there until it
was released by a trigger. "How the hell do they aim with it?"

Jaina giggled "They do not. They use the force to make sure the disk
hits the target. It's an OLD Sith weapon that is famous because there
are no real aim mechanism. You use the force to guide the missile or
disk in the air. It's a hunting weapon but the Sith used it as a
weapon of war during the hyperspace war 10 000 years ago. It became a
legend and a myth."

Jacen nodded "You would not believe how many holovidios of magical
lanvaroks are out there. This one is a massassi version they
are more primitive then a real Sith Lanvarok. Which is a wrist mounted weapon
that would magnetically accelerate a number of disks at the target at
the same time."

Jaina "Still even the more advanced version depends on the force to
actually hit anything."

Tenel-ka grinned "I have tried a modern build version of a Sith
Lanvarok, it´s deadly silent and fast. I believe If you master it you
could shoot around a corner with it" Of course it looks more
impressive then it actually is. But still the razor sharp disk could
do great damage to unprotected targets. And if you use vibroshivs

Xander eyes narrowed. "I wonder. If I could do that with my magnum"

Jacen sighted "You still going to carry that museum reject with you?
A Blaster is hundred times more effective that that old thing"

Xander "Yes. But the Blasters are silence, my gun on the other hand
has a great voice of doom" he grinned. And if the sith could guide a
disk using the force, he could learn to do the same with a bullet.

The future was coming, his old world had demons, angels and other
mystical monsters. This world hade the light and the dark side of the

Xander turned around, almost towering over the others even when Jacen
was the same size and Lowbacka was more than a head taller.

"The future might be dangerous, big choices that will effect
the galaxy will come but that's not important. The important thing, is to
keep your friends and your love alive"

Xander said smiling to the girls especially Jaina, she reminded him of
all three Buffy, Cordelia and Willow. She was smart as Willow a bit
geek at time, strong and brave like Buffy and she knew fashion,
the way of the mighty and she liked to say the truth even when it was
painful and hard just like Cordelia. Yes, mission accomplished.
He made her blush.

Later the same day.


The meditation chamber was always filled with the sound of the
surrounding forest. As far away from the part where the Jedi were
living the birds and singing ape like beings where all you could
hear. Only a tiny artificial light was in the middle of the room, the
sun and the gas giant Yavin gave them all the light they really
needed when it was day.

Luke and his beautiful wife Mara Jade Skywalker were sitting next
to each other as Xander walked into the room.
"Master Skywalker, Master Jade he bowed his head. I am in need of
your wisdom today. I had two visions, one personal the other was of
the future" Xander said.

Calling them both masters felt strange, but that were their titels so he
used them as he should, sure he still called him Luke in private but not when they
interacted professionally. Only during dinner and when Luke or the
redheaded Mara helped him with his flying lesson. He finally had taken the
piloting lessons and they found a shipload of illegal drugs inside the ship. So
the republic had put up a wanted sign for the former owner and then gave
the ship to him.

Mara "You seem nervous, Student Xander" she said. Unlike Luke she
really liked the shorter version of his name.

Xander nodded "I am nervous not afraid but nervous. I saw a galaxy in
civil war. The new republic had fallen and where Jedi were fighting
Jedi. Army and navy struggling to command the galaxy and it will
be up to us to decide how long the war will last. Depending on which
side we choose as the republic is reborn."

Luke "I see why that would make you nervous Alexander." He really
liked that name, perhaps it was the farm boy in him like his wife
said. But Protector of humanity? It was a real hero´s name. "But are you
sure it was a future you saw.?" He always stressed the fact that the
future was hard to see.

Xander grinned "It was not this vision that made me nervous. I firmly
believe that all anybody can really do is, fight to keep your loved
ones safe and happy. The rest will take care of itself in time"

Luke "As a Jedi you have to be watch full of the future. Let your
vision guide you. But always remember, to be carful the future is hard
to see always in motion it is. So what is it that made you nervous?"
he asked.

Xander held forward three gems. "I was guided to them. And the moment
I held them, I knew the time has come for me to build a lightsaber."
Mara Jade frowned "Two months, is the time we have taught you. That is
really a short time. Most of our students wait a year before they
build their lightsaber." She looked at him "Are you sure it is now
and here you are building it?"

Luke studied Xander´s face as he meditated on that.

Xander "I am in the enterprise. There are other then you
teaching me but we are not alone"

Luke nodded "A mission and you could become a apprentices." He said
meditating he felt the boy would need his lightsaber soon. And if he
was honest with himself Alexander was ready for a lightsaber when
he came here. His skills where lacking and still are, but with another
teacher that can give him private lessons he
could possibly be a Jedi then. Maybe in less than a year,
or close enought that he could finish the rest himself.

Mara looked at Xander "Are the ghosts still talking to you?" she asked.

Xander nodded "Um yea, So far a Green Muppet and somebody that Ben
claimed was his master." He snapped his fingers. "Yea Ben said that
to tell you the future is in motion and the simple answer might be
the wrong answer"

The two masters looked at each other and Luke knew it was time to
leave. He could hear somebody protesting behind them. Young baby Ben
Skywalker hade awoken and wanted his mom and dad right now.


He was woken up, brutally and cruel by a brown haired girl, that
suddenly was shaking him "Wake up NOW" she screamed.
Xander "Uh. Jaina what´s the what?"

She grinned "Just hurry." As she walked out, stealing a peak at his
body . If they made statues like that, she would start a collection.

Xander sighted "Girls." Eager and stomping her foot Jaina was waiting
for him as he sneaked out from the kitchen with a cup of caw and
some sweet fruit to eat.

"What.?" he asked.

Jaina grinned "My mom, dad and my brother Anakin are here. Together with
Uncle Chewbacka". Anakin was four years younger then they
were, but he had already started lessons with Uncle Luke during the
summer. On the winter time Mom was helping him learn the force. He
would soon start full time as a Jedi student.

Xander nodded "Wait." He said and started to sneak out. Tenel-ka was
standing un-guarded near a kid. Time to kick her red haired but.
Jaina sighted. "Not again."

Silently he started to sneak, then went faster and faster. He moved and
grabbed Tenel-ka shoulders from behind, then he tryed to kick her legs
from behind to force her down. It did not work.

First Tenel-Ka was falling down but before Xander could give her a
flip on the nose the kid attacked. Sending a rain of rocks flying
towards him. Xander backed down in shock, as he was working all that he could
with the force to parry the rain of deadly rocks the kid was
attacking him with.

Before he hadea chance to say anything or counterattack a pair of
big strong and hairy arms grabbed his shoulder and lifted him up.

Tenel-ka grinned as she walked up and with her finger flipped him on
the nose. "I win again." She grinned.

Xander hanging from the arms of Chewbacka "Hey that's unfair. You.
You had help."

The kid looked at them "You two were playing?" he asked.

Jacen, which was standing and talking to somebody that looked like a
older version of himself, laughed. "Yes, Anakin. Xander and Tenel-Ka always
pretend to attack each other. Just to improve their ability to

Behind them Jaina giggled "That's Uncle Chewbacka" She said.
The mighty wookiee Chewbacca laughed out as he put Xander down to hug

Xander said as he watched the legendary Millennium Falcon "So that's
THE Falcon" he said walking up to the ship. Holding out his hand
to Jaina´s father. "Hi, I'm Xander. From what Jaina said that ship could
destroy a fleet of star destroyers and outfly an A-wing" he said

The older version of Jacen smiled "Hi kid I'm Han Solo. And yes, it's
the greatest ship in the galaxy. I heard you where a special kind of
pilot?" he said grinning.

Xander snorted "yea. My first flying lesson was during takeoff. I
had to fly by instinct" he nodded to Jacen, Jaina and even
Lowbacka. "They have been teaching me how to fly and fix a ship scince then." He

Jacen shrugged "He was already really good at fixing and building. And
the flying? Now he isn´t a bad pilot anymore." He said smiling. "But I still do not
trust his landings"

A short time later they where crawling around in the Falcon´s engine room,
watching the improvements while Han explained them and they were

Han and Chewbacka inspected his ship with great joy. Most of it´s
improvements were already there as he had stolen it. He and Jaina
explained what the ship could do and what Xander wanted to improve on
the ship. It sure was a long list. Faster Ion-engines, stronger
shields and two quad laser cannons instead of the tiny guns it already

It was possible but it would cost a small fortune. The engines could
be improved by boosting the existing engines, which were already
changed to a faster version as the standard. The shields and the cannons, now that
would could cost a bit. Han did explained to him, that if he got the guns
slightly used from former free-traders (Smugglers) he could get them
really cheap. Just watch your back and ship.

Chewbacca told him that, as a Jedi, he could get military hardware for a
good price at a New Republic Yard. The New Republic wanted their
Jedi alive and so was willing to let them buy X-wings and other military
stuff. So more guns on a cargo ship were NO problem.

Han Solo sighed "That's not good kid. What good are improved guns, if
the law knew about them?"

Xander "Plenty, if you get your missile system or an Ion-Cannon from
criminals" Both Chewbacka and Han grinned and nodded. Both of them
looking at him with approval.

Sadly Leia was looking at the ground talking to herself about another
scruffy looking Scoundrel.

"HEY I am NOT scruffy looking" Xander protested. To his surprise both
Han Solo and Chewbacka started to laugh.

Hours later

Inside the Skywalkers room.

Xander, Jaina, Jacen, Lowbacka and Tenel-ka,the five friends, were
getting more nervous as more adults Jedi were marching into the room.
Mara, Leia and a dark haired man that looked like a fighter with hands
full of scars. In Xander's eyes that man had the look of an alpha predator.

As a second, light brown haired, man entered and was looking at Xander,
it felt to him like a police detective was studying him.

Finally Luke entered the room and sat down "This Jedi Academy is a
Praxeum. And in a Praxeum we teach more by showing and allowing the
student to learn by their own speed and ability."

"In the old time, young students were learning like we do in a Praxeum
form. Later they became Jedi Padawans, apprentices under one master.
That apprenticeship could last years, before the young Jedi were
adult and fully learned.

Jedi had only one padawan at the time and most Jedi never had more
then two or three students during their whole life." He looked around the five
young Jedi students "The Master was more than just a teacher, he was
a mother and a father, he was a guide and teacher of right and wrong"

Xander frowned "That's sounds slow and limited" he said.

Luke nodded "Yes in the Old times, really old times before the Jedi
Civil war 4000 years ago. A Jedi could have more than one apprentice.
At that time, the apprentices often were older, adults or late teens.
Just like you are. Those ways of learning are faster but also put more
responsibility on each of you to act as a Jedi"

Xander "And you are explaining this, because I'm the only one that does not
know that, right?"

Jaina "Yup. You have been working too hard with learning piloting,
repairing and using the force." she said grinning.

Xander "Yes but I also did a good work at learning." He smiled at her.
Leia smiled as the young man and her daughter were flirting. He looked
and felt like a scoundrel with a heart of gold, she liked that in a

Luke nodded "Exactly, beside me I have Jedi master Corran Horn,
Commander of Rouge Squadron." He said nodding to the police man

"Jedi Master Kyle Katarn, former military." The man with eyes like a
predator smiled back. It was a smile full of teeth.

Xander "um Excuse me? But, Master Horn. Is he really a pilot
ace?." he asked doubting

Luke "Do you believe I lie?"

Xander "Um no. It's no way he is just a pilot or a commander. He ... he
feels like a law officer" he said confused.

Corran actually blinked "Is there anything wrong with being a law

Xander shrugged "if I hear commander in a military unit and get the
feeling of a law officer my first idea is secret service. And where I
grew up, only the corrupted officers of the law survived."

Jaina "Xander don't be stupid" she huffed. "And say that you sorry to
Corran Horn, he is a hero."

Corran "I am not angry or insulted by Alexander´s description. Before I
became a pilot, I was a lawofficer. Correlian Security force. Then
the Empire moved in and I had to choose between doing the right thing
and break the law or keep on working."

Kyle gave them a thin smile "What do I feel like kid?"

Xander "A lazy alpha predator, the biggest deadly beast I´ve ever seen. I
just hope, that you never get hungry if I'm on the menu"

Tenel-Ka nodded "What are you Master Kyle"

Kyle "I am a former Special forces man, infiltration and sabotage."
he said at the kid, who could only swallow.

Kyle looked at Luke "He is mine." He turned to Corran "I know you wanted
that girl, but I know she would learn well under me."

Corran nodded "Perhaps. But you are right, she would be distracted with the X-
wings around. Jacen, Lowbacka. If you accepted I will be your teacher
in the force."

The two nodded eagerly.

Leia "Tenel-ka, please if you will have me, I will be your teacher"
Tenel-Ka nodded, on the inside she was blushing, Leia was an idol to
her. A real warrior princess, something she was struggling to become.
And she could never forget, that her Dad almost had married Leia. She
would be learning from a living legend. Somebody that was like a million
times greater than Luke. "That would be an acceptable alternative" she
stated in her calm and logic voice.

She got the greatest of the teacher the party kept going inside her

Leia frowned, the kid sounded disappointed. Well she just has to prove
herself then.

Jacen grinned Tenel-Ka sounded so cute when she was happy. And even
better, each time that he visited mom and dad he would see Tenel-ka.

Jaina frowned, she missed out on Corran Horn. No way, bud she loved X-
wings. Or starships.

The hard man that is Kyle Katarn started to walk out of the
door. "Xander, Jaina follow me." He said.

Behind them Luke voice was heard "May the force be with you"


Space was surrounding them, as the Enterprise exited the gravity pull of Yavin 4 and then
entered hyperspace.

Kyle looked, with appreciation, over the two teens driving the ship.
He himself was an acceptable pilot, but noting more.

Most Jedi where good or great as pilots, but not him. Give him an
Imperial base, full of storm troopers and murderous robots and he would
destroy it with or without the force.

Destruction and battle seemed to be his talent, he always knew where
the enemies where hiding. And he always could find secret ammunition

But these two kids seem to know their way around a starship. Good.

Kyle "Xander? Luke said you felt it was time to build your
lightsaber? Take a look at this datapad it has designs off different
versions. Read it, watch it and meditate over it.

Then we will start building yours, two days from now." He said looking at

"Yes sir" Xander said grabbing the datapad. Leaving the piloting to the
autopilot and the tiny R3-F4 he had managed to pay for. R3 units were
designed to be used for space transports and capital ships.
While the R2 was designed to be used for star fighters and speeders.
The R3 was more of a specialist then the R2 units.
Jaina turned to their Master "What am I to do Master?"
looking hope full at the Jedi master.

Kyle grinned "You and I are going to do gymnastics." He grinned at her
surprised look.


Days later.

Meditating while Kyle and Jaina were running around like crazy nuts was
hard, perhaps not as hard as Jaina felt getting into shape. But
Xander had the feeling that Kyle Katarn could outrun Buffy. He
found out that Katarn was actually a big and dangerous man eating cat like
animal that sometimes were tamed and used as guard animals and it
existed on many worlds.

Kyle might be a human but he sure moved like a jungle cat and could
have a At-At as lunch.

He was done and he knew what he would build.

The datapad was full with information about lightsaber designs. Even HUGE
gigantic lightsabers, a so called Lightclub or great-lightsabers with a
blade up to 3 meters. The species that were 2-4 meters long used them. And tiny
Lightsabers, Lightdaggers. Species like Yoda and others had used them.
Dual-Phased Lightsabers that could double their length with a simple
activation switch. Underwater adaptations, Double-bladed lightsabers,
Lightsaber Canes Or Lightsaber spears.

Then the Hilt designs were as many. Some were simple, like Corran´s hilt that
looked like a hand grip on a speeder bike.

It had lot of designs and potentials. He had three crystals that
he finally identified. The green pair were an adegan crystal and a potite.
An Adegan crystal had a deep imprint in the force and most of the
OLD lightsabers were made of adegan crystals, often mephite. Pontite
the rarest and most powerful type of crystal could be used to create
powerful lightsabers, that seemed to be a part of the Jedi that used

The last crystal was just as rare an opila gem. According to the datapad
an opila used in a lightsaber created a extra intense blade
capable of cutting through most materials quicker than a normal
lightsaber, they also created shorter blade then a normal lightsaber.

It was almost spooky that he found the three of them. The force was
truly guiding him. Or luck. His plans where two lightsabers. One 1,5
meter long blade, a bit longer then the standard 1,3 meter. Then a shoto
blade a short light-dagger in his off hand.

He frowned and considerd, that it would be best if he made the longer a Dual-
Phased blade giving him the ability to change the blade from 1 meter
up to 2 meter length. Xander nodded that would be best.
The Light-dagger would be around 20-60 cm long. He was not sure how

Then Kyle enterd the room a question on his face. Xander answered "I am
ready, Master."

Then they started to work. Kyle and Jaina helping him create parts of
the hilts. He made sure it would be underwater blades. At the hilt bottoms he
made a locking mechanism that gave him the ability to connect both hilts
in to one double-bladed saber. Not that he was going to use it like
that but one never knew.

A sword and a dagger combination were superior but if he needed the
surprise of starting the fight with a dual-bladed then shift in to
sword-dagger combo he would have the possibility.

Finally all was done. Around him was all the parts gathered around.
They had parked the Enterprise on the planet Gelgelar at the Free
port, a place owned by Sullustans. A smuggler hideout.

Jaina and Kyle had left him alone.

Xander drank a nourishment drink as he started to meditate. To build
a lightsaber he would have to attune each and every part with the
force and become in harmony with each part of the weapons.

It was a ritual that could take a day or a week. Depending on
the skill and power of the Jedi. Different versions existed. Short
versions that took only a day but created a blade that took a much longer time
to become in harmony with.

He was using the longer ritual. From this moment on, until his first
blade was build he would only sleep an hour each day and nourishment
drinks was the only food he would have.

Entering meditation Xander grabbed the hollow hilt of his sword. His
eyes unseeing but his mind was watching its nature, its aura. The way
it interacted with reality.

Slowly, part after part was inspected as he started to build the
weapons. A short moment of distraction came to him as he felt being
watched. Shrugging he continued, according to the watch he had looked
at, he needed almost five hours for the hilt. It was worth watching he had to
understand its secrets.


At the first nightfall Jaina watched the ship at the landing platform.
Far away from the hotel room she was sleeping in. She was wondering how
long it would take. Xander was strong in the force and had a strange
instinctive gift with technology. Like the one both she and her
younger brother Anakin had.


Days later.

Loro Ecls, a Sullustan, looked over the warrior at the other side of
the bar. "So. I know I'm not supposed to put my nose in it. But I
have seen you hanging around with that young girl. Is she your daughter?"
he asked hoping nothing bad was going on with them.

Kyle laughed. "No, she is my student." Showing the Sullustan his ID card and
lightsaber. "But thanks for caring. She is a great kid" he looked at the
bartender "In a place like this, it is unusual to find anybody asking
questions like that" he said smiling.

Loro eyes twinkled "A Jedi, are you here for catching smugglers? I am
afraid you would be arrested. Only slavery is against the law here" he

Kyle shrugged "I don't care. Have to get away from distraction. One
of my students is building his lightsaber. He locked himself in the ship
nothing to distract him there and great food to eat for me and Jaina.

And also a great place for me to train her in how to survive in a difficult
terrain. She really hates this swamp world now" he grinned.

Loro "So that's what the two of you have been doing out there. We
had been wondering if you are treasure seekers or crazy wild game
hunters. Seeing how bruised the girl is, some even believed you were
hurting her"

Kyle "No, I'm teaching her to fight. There is a difference. She is
getting stronger day by day. Gave the kid a choise. I could teach her
slow and painless. Or fast and painful. She got guts and the right
instincts" he said thinking about the young Solo girl.

Considering her mother and father that was no surprise at all. Both the
Skywalker and Solo familys had proven themselves to be warriors.


3 weeks later.


Finally, the entry hatches of the Ghtroc 720 opened. And a slimmer
Xander Harris walked out. Hanging from his belt was a pair of
lightsabers. The mist moved around him, hiding him as he walked
forward leaving no trace of his passing.

The door of the restaurant suddenly opened and a young man, who´s face was
hidden by a cloak, walked inside. Towards the table where Kyle and
Jaina were eating dinner.

Bowing down, Xander held up his lightsabers "I am done master." He
said. Kyle nodded. The kid had a taste for drama. He could see the
whole pub was torn between watching and running to the hills.
And yes, the punk laughed silently, his face hidden by the cloak.

Kyle took the pair, watching them before he activated both blades.

Around him terror and fear filled the bar.

Were they Jedi out to arrest them, or Sith out to kill them?

The lightsaber blade activated with a brilliant green blade. He could see
the control stud, with a switch of the force the blade grew from a
meter to two meters before he let it once again shrink back to only a
meter. He turned it off and studied the hilt. It was a good
design, the belt ring was on the side not at the end of the hilt.

And he could see the locking mechanism that would transform the sword
hilt and the dagger hilt into a double bladed saber. The Blade
length adjuster was at the top and the Power adjuster was further back
on the hilt.

The Light-dagger was a short blade, only 30 cm long. It´s yellow light was
shining. The hilt was also short and just the basic needed. The
locking mechanism was working the belt ring was on the side just as
the longer hilt on the sword. The daggerblade was focused and
strong, this was a focused cutting blade. Kyle nodded, the punk had
done good work. "I approve apprentice. Sit down and eat."

Xander nodded. Around them smugglers were sneaking out.
The bartender walked over, seeing Kyle waving his hand. "So young man
what can I get you?" he said in sullustan. Xander blinked his eyes. At
the being that sounded like ?bebpene be be." Or something.

Jaina "He said, young man what can I get you?" she said giggling and
pointing at the menu.

"Aha. Food plenty of food. A Wookiee special" Xander said knowing he
and Lowbacka had similar taste.

Kyle nodded, now the torture would really start. "Right kids.
Now we will start training. I almost got you strength up and working
Jaina. This is how we are going to do it" he said putting a written plan
down between them.

The two kids paled.

Morning gymnastic, strength training and running strength training.
4 hours.

Breakfast and 30 minutes rest.

Lightsaber training.
4 hours.

Lunch. 30 minutes rest.

Theory. Force skills, language training, history, other knowledge
and technical skills.
4 hours

Dinner 1 hour.

Weapon drills and knowledge. Lightsaber control practice.
5 hours.

Cool down exercise and meditation exercise
1 hour.

6 hours.

Xander paled "That's not possible."

Kyle "Sure it is. First Gelgar has a 13 hour day and a 13 hour night.
That is giving us 26 hours to play with. Second IF you do your Jedi meditation
the right way, your need to sleep should be around 4 hours. Learn fast
and welcome to the torture pits"

Two days later, out in the swamp lands of Gelgelar.

Kyle held his lightsaber low and in a guard position as Xander circled
around him, his dagger held in a reverse grip and the other in a close
shoulder position for quick strikes, Constantly trying to find an opening.

"Open yourself to the force
Xander. Feel my motions before I do them, let the force guide you as
you strike" he said as the blades clashed against each other in brilliant
flashes of light.

Beside them Jaina watched as they jumped back and forth. It was her
turn to watch before she and Xander would fight again. Kyle was
brutal and yet he forgot nothing.

He even had a protocol droid with them to give Xander lessons in
languages and history and how to cook food.

But their clothes, every pant, jacket and robe, they hade were cut asunder by
lightsabers, were burned or had water damage.

Kyle somehow managed to always have an extra jumpsuit.
While Xander and her were dressed like a pair of streets rats.

Hours later.

Xander was emptying his mind and tryed to focus, he had a blast helmet
on,blinding him completely. Around him Kyle putt 19 wax cylinders, of
different heights, in different places around him.

On top of each cylinder lay a tiny steel ball. The purpose of
this exercise was to use his lightsaber or lightsabers to destroy the
balls, without hurting the wax cylinders and it was supposed to
be done in ONE long sweeping cut. He would have to dance around, never
stop moving until the last steel ball was burned away. Using two
lightsabers made it actually more difficult. It was a training in mental

IF he hit the ball the wrong way it, would hurt the wax cylinder and
he had failed.

This was the first Cadence it only used 19 cylinders. Sometimes wax
candles were used. Strike the unlit candle the right way and it started to
burn. Strike it the wrong way and it was destroyed.

Second cadence was 72 cylinders. The forth cadence was 360 cylinders.
Each cadence hade more cylinders and they where was placed in
different patterns making the training more and more difficult.

The Fifth Cadence used no cylinders, it's just a deadly dance of
control and focus only a Jedi Master could do. Or rather fail in.
Most Jedi masters never even managed the third cadence.

This was a control exercise that darksider were even unable to learn,
Kyle had told them. The Focus, control and a clear mind this exercise needed
made it impossible for them. It was also a training designed to become harder
and harder until even the most skilled Jedi would fail.

So far the first Cadence was far too difficult for him or Jaina She
once managed 14 cylinders before she failed. His maximum with one
lightsaber was 11. And with two blades only 7.

He moved the blades constantly around him, striking
fast and never stopping as he spun around, jumping and moving between
the cylinders in a break neck speed. Then Puff. He failed.

Looking up he was stunned 13 cylinders with both blades.

He did it. He almost did it.

He figured out how to use both blades in harmony. Sweet if only Buffy
could have seen this.

For the first time in a long time Xander took the luxury to wonder
what his old friends back on earth were doing. Something strange and
weird always happened there. Perhaps the school had turned in to ice and
was melting.


At the same time on Earth in a dimension far far away and long ago. Or

Buffy grabbed the Vampire. "Quickly" growled out to the new slayer
Faith. The two tied up the vampire as Oz van pulled up. They loaded
the sucker into the van.

Faith "Thanks sister" she said to Oz that just sighed. It just had
to be a full moon tonight. Hadn´t it?

She nodded "You´re welcome."

Faith "By the way, is Oz your brother? You kind of look like him." She
grinned, the redhair had a boyfriend that was cool in a strange way. In
the driver seat Oz sighed.

Buffy giggled "Um, that IS Oz" she said knocking the Vampire down. She
just hoped this sucker would have the information they needed about the

Faith "No way, you are shorter than him" she said.

Oz nodded "Yes, I am. But I am Oz" she said.

Seeing Faith´s confusion, Buffy explained "Oz was once a werewolf but he
made a joke wish and a demon changed him from a Werewolf to a Were-
girl." The two slayers started to laugh and giggle like crazy at his

Oz looked irritated at the girls behind her. "At least as a Were-
××××× I do not get the urge to hunt and eat humans. Only chocolate" he
smiled a bit. Life as a were-girl was much better then as a were-wolf.


Back to Xander in a galaxy and dimension far far away and a long time


To tired, dirty and hurting the teens struggled into the restaurant/bar
at the freeport. Kyle walked in, only seconds, after them looking as fresh as
ever. "Hi Loro" he said to the bartender "I hope your food is good
today. I have to hungry kids with me."

Loro watched the poor kids that walked beside the evil grinnig Jedi. They
looked like a stardestroyer had landed on them and then used them for
fire practice. "Are you sure the young ones are well?" he asked.

After the young boy had showed off his two lightsabers they had
vanished, together with a translator droid, in to the wild. Kyle had
the starship docked in a secure landing platform. And nobody had seen
them in almost four months.

Kyle nodded "I'm sure. We have a first aid droid on the ship. It says
they are perfectly fine." He was silent "Also they are a bit
undernourished" he said smiling.

Like a pair of sharks the two Jedi apprentice devoured the food. Real
food, not emergency bars and strange fishy looking things the droid
claimed human could eat.

Kyle grinned "A glass of lum for me, thanks. And a fish burger." Every
meat on this planet was either fish or bird. Sometimes snake or
snails. But mostly fish.

The Sullustan nodded "Are you sure, that you do not train them to hard?"

Kyle frowned "Na. They are just too soft. During my time in Rebel
Special Forces I was trained much harder. My training when I was
their age was mutch harder.
Before I became a rebel I was trained as an Imperial commando.
" He sighed almost longingly "That was the time. Crawling
true tiny pipes, running across a field with angry stormtrooper trainers
shooting with pain blasters on any one of us who was to slow." He
sighed sadly

Loro nodded his sullustan head. "I see." Behind him the boy was
holding up a sign that read. Our Teacher is crazy. The kid flipped
the sign. On the other side was written. And we are willingly followin him.
What are we?

Loro laughed out that was good joke.

Kyle blinked and noticed that most of the guests in the bar were laughing,
including Jaina. While Xander was trying to look innocent and hiding
something behind his back. With a wave of telekinesis, Kyle held the
sign and was reading the two messenges. "Hey. That was fun. Seems like I have
to train you harder then before" He grinned at the fearful look on Xander
and Jaina face.

The reward of being a teacher. The pain, the suffering and the fear in the
heart of your student. It is good, to be a lightsider caring for your
student as much as he does.

A week later, sitting in the cockpit of the Enterprise, Xander was
thinking back to what Kyle said, as an old smaller transport with the name
"The Moldy crow" had landed to pick him up.

He said, that both of them had much to learn. But most of it, experience
would teach them.

Now they were Jedi knights. He also ordered them to visit Luke
and ask him for more lessons in Force skills. While he had taught them every
thing he could, they still had plenty of skills yet to
master. The ghost had also given all three of them knowledge force
skills. They had to write it down on computers until they hade the time
to study and master them.

Luke knew more about Jedi skills then he did. But for now, the two of them
should go to coruscant, where Luke and Leia were waiting. He would join
them there.

With the subspace radio on a music channel,a Duros song was
playing, in Earth therms he would probly consider it a country western
song. Excepet most Duros songs would make a Earth country western song feel like
they were made by whiny five year olds. The Duros somehow managed to
include the emptiness of space, the terror and joy, the riches and
difficulties of a space journey.

He sighed, as he started to meditate. A future was coming, a hard time
was arriving in the galaxy he now lived in.

And what was worst, soon they would land and what would Han Solo,
Leia Organa Solo and not forgetting Luke Skywalker and Chewbacka do to him
when they found out Jaina was his girlfriend?

Sure he was 18 and she 17 years old, but he still was a dead man piloting a ship.

16 September 2008, 03:07 PM
Knight away. 3-0
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story one that hopefully will be a
whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim.
Except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not
like the Yuuzhan Vong.

The voice, from space-control station, sounded inside the cockpit
of the Enterprise, as Xander piloted her closer to coruscant. "Star ship
Enterprise, please enter course 777-93-22, keep the speed at 20
Mglt. Do not deviate from your course. A private landing place has
been granted to you, by Jedi Master Skywalker.

“I repeat" and the voice started over again. Every now and then other
information came bursting thru. "Long Cargo, do not race in the space
lane. Enterprise change course to 777-93-21. I repeat 777-93-21.
speed 20 Mglt".

Jaina sighed, 20 Mglt was the speed of a snail. A normal ghtroc had
a cruising speed of 30 Mglt. A standard Yt-1300, had 40 Mglt and
the maximum speed of 120 Mglt.

T compare it to the old version of a X-wing. It had a cruising
speed of 80 Mglt and a max. speed of 320 Mglt. Dad’s ship the “Millennium
Falcon” had a cruising speed of 90 Mglt and a max of 360 Mglt.
Many of the big bulk ships had a cruising speed of 10 or 20 Mglt. With
the max speed limited to 40-80 Mglt.

The new republic version of the X-wing, the XJ-series, had a cruising
speed of 110 Mglt max 440 Mglt. The old A-wing had in cruising speed
120 Mglt and in max speed 480 Mglt.

The Enterprise had a cruising speed of 50 Mglt and a max speed of 200
Mglt. whoever had owned the ghtroc before Xander, had improved the
ship engine with a class five space engine. It was still slow, but
star ship control was forcing them to crawl.

Xander sighed, as he turned around "R3 keep an eye on this." he
said to the droid behind them. "It is cold in space today." He
said looking with a grin at Jaina "Feel like warming yourself?"

Jaina giggled as she crawled over from the Co-pilot seat and sat down
on his lap. The two snuggled tighter and were kissing each other as the
ship slowly moved into the atmosphere.

Later and down on the planet.

On the balcony, above the landing platform, were the Skywalker and the Solo families and also some friends waiting. Some were sitting and some standing.

It was Jacen that pointed to the turtle shaped Enterprise first as
it came closer to the platform. "There it is." he said. Leia stood up,
eager to see her baby girl.

Each of them lifted their macro binoculars, in hope of seeing either
Jaina, Xander or perhaps both of them, in the cockpit of the ship.
Leia "I knew it, he is a scoundrel" she said blushing.

Han "He is dead." He growled out after seeing Jaina sitting on Xander,
with Xander´s hands touching her in private areas.

Mara Jade Skywalker grinned "I know how Xander does it, but I have now clue how Jaina is doing it" she said joking, trying not to laugh.

They all looked at her while under them the Enterprise landed.
Luke looked at his wife "Do what, Mara?" he asked.

Mara grinned "Xander has gills so breathing is no problem. But how
does Jaina it?" she said grinning. She really liked that kid.

Jacen "Xander, sure moves fast."

Tenel-Ka nodded "That is a fact" she said. Then turned and watched him.
If only HE would move that fast.

Leia sighed "Darling? Calm down now" she said to Han. "She might like,
the young man." Han Solo nodded "Don't worry they never find his

The dump sound of the landing gear broke up the heavy petting they
were doing.

Jaina "Great force, that is flying" she said grinning. Quickly she
fixed her flight suit and jacket.

Beside her Xander did the same thing. "Do I look fine?" she asked.
Xander "Perfect, as always." the two grinned. Perfect and nobody would
Know, that the both of them have been half nude only seconds ago.

As the exit hatch opened the two walked out, side by side to their
family and friends.

"Mom, Dad" Jaina screamed as she jumped and hugged her mom and dad. Han
Solo glared at Xander.

Jacen "You're dead." he sighed. "It's a sad fact. But from that
Balcony, we had full insight into your unusual landing methods." He said
trying not to laugh.

Luke interrupted "At least your skills in landing have improved, even
if the method you use during in-flight is a bit unusual." Not laughing
actually hurt.

Tenel-Ka "That is true." she said. It was a fact after all. Inside she
was having a giggling party, on the outside she looked like a Vulcan.

Xander swallowed "You saw us?" They all nodded. Jaina: "All of you?"
Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker nodded. Leia and Han Solo nodded, so did
Anakin and Jacen Solo.

Kyle Katarn nodded as he lighted a cigar. Tenel-Ka "indeed we did".

Corran Horn grinned "Jupp that was for sure a manoeuvre none of my X-wing pilots managed to do."

Lowbacka growled out a yes. Beside him his uncle Chewbacca did the
same thing.

Even C3-P0 and R2-D2 agreed they had seen it all.
Jaina blushed to an extreme red "I. we, were. I am 17 years old." she blurred
out. Considering the multitude of species, aliens, near-humans and
sub-cultures on the planet it did not really mean that much.

Age of consent on coruscant was seventeen. With parents consent it was fourteen.
With some long lived near-humans the age of consent was twenty-six years.
Another type of near-human with a shorter lifespan and childhood had it at

Species of short lived furry aliens had age of consent at nine years old.
But their childhood was only eight years and they died of old age
before the age of thirty.

Alderaan, a place of love and freedom had a much lower age of consent there it was only 15.

Right now she really hoped her mom remembered that.
Han´s hand was awfully close to where he had his blaster, but looking into the green yellow eyes of the youth in front of him he spoke up to
Luke "What kind of asshole is he?"

Luke smiled "You can trust him. He is something of scoundrel. A good
One, like someone else I know".

Han walked up to Xander looked him in the eyes. "Hurt her and they
never ever will find your body".

Xander nodded "Yes sir."

Jaina started to argue about her dad’s overprotective way. “I am not a Child anymore dad. So stop to fuss around”.

Jacen quickly dragged Xander out of harms way. "So. How was training with Kyle?"

Xander: "Hard, but interesting. He forced us to learn about everything twenty hours non-stop. With only six hours of sleep. How was it with “Rouge Squadron” and Corran Horn?"

“Twenty hours?” Floated in Jacen´s mind. Looking closer at both, Xander and his sister he noticed that their arms and legs where more muscled then before.
They also moved with more balance then before.

"Um. Well twelve hours training, then another 4 hours for free studying with help of the other pilots." he said lamely. And he believed he had been in hell.

Lowbacka just nodded.

Tenel-Ka "You build a lightsaber then?"

Xander "Indeed, I have done that. I'm going to ask Master Luke for a test of my skills." He said grinning.

Luke "Think you can defeat me?"

Xander frowned "If the force is with me I could. But I do not wish to defeat you. Only to challenge you, so that I can see where I still have to improve my skills." He said grinning. Luke was big on the do or do not principle.

Luke nodded “The right answer.”

Later. Inside of the old Jedi temple.

A building that was mostly left alone. Now it was used mostly as a sleeping quarters for the Jedi which were visiting.

The training hall was empty as Luke and Xander walked in and stood watching each other.

Xander pulled up his lightsabers. They were locked together creating a double-bladed lightsaber.

Grabbing the handle in the middle, he activated both sides. A 1.3 meter green blade, at his right side and a shorter 0.30 meter long blade at his left side.

Luke blinked; a double-bladed lightsaber was unusual. Normally it was a Sith weapon. His own green blade was activated and he hold it in a high guard position.

Above them the Solo’s, Mara Skywalker and friends watched.

Then they started to move. Xander danced around. Attacking with the long side, then parrying with the shorter side of his blade. Just as Luke managed to force his longer blade down, using his own blade. Xander pushed the release button and the Light-Dagger was free. A quick stab forced Luke to jump back.

Now Luke started to smile. "A Light-Dagger? Did you know I once had to fight a dark-side witch that used an energy whip? To do that, I had to build a special weapon. R2?" he screamed.

Suddenly a burst of air and something was flying thru the air and landed in Luke’s free hand.

Xander swallowed, it was a short hilt. Luke had a light dagger of his own in his hand. "Here. Now let's dance" he said as Luke activated the blue blade of his light-dagger.

Green, green, yellow and blue clashed with each other in a mad speed as master and student fought. Filled not with anger, but with the pure joy of a good challenge.

Xander suddenly activated the dual-phase on his light-saber, making it 2 meters long. He drove Luke back for a short moment, but the master was back again in a moment.

Luke "That is tricky of you. Remember skill and experience beats dirty tricks every day."

He raised his eyebrows "is that all you got?"

Xander "No its not, he said as things started to fly around against
Luke". A bombardment of broken stones rained down on the Jedi master.
Luke just ignored it and danced right thru the missiles, deflecting it without any problems.

With a wave of his hand, Luke sends a force push, in Xander’s direction, which sends the student flying back in the air.

Xander landed gracefully on his feet and he dived back into the fight. Just as he almost reached his opponent there was a tiny stone. Pushed by Luke with telekinesis it suddenly rolled under Xander’s feet as he put down the food. Without solid ground, Xander tripped and fell face first to the ground. "Ouch"

Luke nodded "Good fight, Xander. But remember, not all fights are won by using big and flashy attacks. Sometimes, a tiny rock is all that is needed."

Tired of eating the floor Xander sat up. "Thanks for the fight Master."
Above them Kyle nodded. He ones had challenged Luke to a fight. That had been humiliating. Luke had kicked his butt, with power, skill and sneaky attacks.

Luke "You have improved much. I agree with Kyle you are worthy of the title Jedi".

They were desperate in need of every knight they could find. The vision Xander had, he was not the only one. Most just knew hard times were coming.

Only a handful could see that the New republic itself was falling apart. Corruption was growing fast. What if they would be unable to stop the tide of corruption?

Then the New Republic would fall. Choose a side, that was the feeling he was getting.

A proud Jaina walked down to get a chance at her uncle.

Xander walked away so he could watch them from the side.

Jacen leaned over to Lowbacka "We need to train. Really hard" the wookiee nodded.

Later, in Han and Leia’s home.

Xander watched out over the balcony, it was a thousands floors up from ground level. He could see clouds moving below from where he was sitting.

A steel-glass dome around the balcony kept the atmosphere breathable.
Somewhere below him, he could almost spot the repulsion ring that kept the building stable.

It was a building for the rich. Leia’s work as a senator and as head of state made them rich.

Han Solo’s own stint as a smuggler and as a general had hurt either.

But empty spaces were a luxury on this planet and this apartment showed that by having huge unnecessary big rooms with high ceilings that the Solo’s were well off.

"I’m never going to get used to this" Xander said as he felt Han Solo walked out right beside him.

The older man frowned "What do you mean kid?"

Xander turned and watched him from the corner of his eyes. "This.
Buildings this high and a city over a complete world. Impossible where I came from.

He turned "Earth was a small world. Only a few decades before our scientist build the first chemical based rocket, which managed to land on our moon. No repulsors, just a chemical engine that blasted a tiny crew out into space.

Parachute, a type of soft gliding wings made it possible for the rocket’s escape pod to land." He turned and looked out. He could sense that Leia and Jaina were listing to him. "Flying airplanes, aerodynamic jets driven by propeller driven engines is only about 100 years old. From one end of the world to the other takes hours today. Hundreds of different languages exist on earth. Less than a hundred years ago crossing the world took almost a year."

Chewbacca joined the family together with Anakin.

Xander ignored it. "And behind that was the subculture. Vampires and demons. Vampires are a parasite type of life form. They re-animated a dead human, to survive they needed blood, human blood. Most human refused to believe vampires existed. They are great at hiding that they exist.

Only a small number of champions actually fight them. Four to five times faster and stronger then a normal human and most of them like to torture, rape and make a human suffer before they drain them of blood".

Leia: "Why only a small number? Why do most not know they exist?"

Xander frowned "because vampires and demons like to hide and strike from behind. They have a skill in hiding, they have used it generation after generation until most of humanity had forgotten that they exist.

Only in places, like Sunnydale, is a constant hidden war running. In the rest of the world, a hunter actually has to track down the beasts."

He sighted "I belonged to a group who fought against them. We risked our life with no pay and cost free. Then it happened, humans, gold and a part of a whole city vanished.

Then suddenly a creature of pure light, an angel, followed by a beast of
pure darkness and evil, a demon, entered our base.

They told us, that someone in an alternate reality had found an artefact to open a gate between our and their dimension.

Unless it was stopped Earth would be destroyed. They could not stop the end of earth themselves, as different laws of nature would hinder them. But a mortal like me, could be adapted."

Han nodded, Luke had said something about the kid being from an alternate dimension, and so had Leia. "I bet there was some hook if you left."

Xander nodded "Anyone going would go on a one way trip. No way to return home." He turned around watching the cloud. "It’s times like this, that I really miss my home. Today Willow becomes 18 years old".

Jaina "Who is Willow?"

Xander: "A friend of mine. We had been friends since we were five years old. She is a shy over intelligent young woman. We promised always to be there for each other and now here I am." Swallowing hard he said. "Now, someone said something about dinner?”

Leia nodded and smiled "C3-p0 has set the table. And perfect, just in time. Luke and Mara are at the door. Anakin, could you open it for them?"

Later in the night.

Han, Anakin, Xander and Chewbacca were sitting at the table. Talking about star-ships it had started with Xander telling them about the make believe movie Star Trek.

Leia and Jacen had moved away as they had started to talk about improving ships with different engines and sensor systems VS weapon improvement.

Luke was sitting nearby. Listening, but baby Ben Skywalker was still sleeping and he would get angry if daddy started to talk. So Luke was silent as he listened and watched his sleeping child.

Han reminded Xander he could get republic engineering to upgrade his ship. Ss a Jedi he would get a pay check. Also the reward from the spice, hidden in the ship could possible pay for some of it. Not much but still.

As the night was moving on and on, one by one they said goodnight. Tomorrow they would be knighted and register as “New Republic Jedi Knights”.

Knight away. 3-1
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong.

The Next day

It was a big and pompous ritual, where important senators and famous stars watched the 25 nervous young Jedi Knights marching up to Jedi Master
Luke Skywalker.

Jacen being six hours younger then Jaina was the youngest. Lowbacka was actually nineteen and the oldest of the teenagers. But being from a species that could live over 300 years, means that Lowbacka was in Wookiee years no more than 15 himself.

The oldest was 31 years old a Duros with pale blue skin and a mouth that looked like it was stuck on permanent sour mood. But Xander remembered him from
Yavin 4.

He was a happy guy. Duros showed their happiness with eye and hand movements. Head leaning towards you and eyes half were close sign of happiness.

Dressed in Jedi robes they marched up, one after another. Showing Luke their lightsabers and swearing the Jedi code, before they took a place behind him.

Xander gave Jaina a thin smile, as it was the Solo twins turn. For political reasons they went first. He was lucky that he was not the first.
With a standard Jedi robe, his was in black with black green pants under it, he looked dashing. At least, according to the tailor droid’s and Jaina’s opinion.
Then it was his turn, only poor Lowbacka and four others were still standing behind him.

The rest of the ceremony was foggy in his mind. Holo cameras and reporters he could barely hold breakfast down.


At the freaking press conference, Xander was not amused that they somehow had a picture of the landing he and Jaina did.

A blue skinned human reporter grinned, as he asked if that was the normal landing method the Jedi used.

Xander walked down from the podium, his eyes gleaming green and yellow, slowly glittering from the light of the camera. "A real reporter would do his best to find real news. Not going around like a pimp trying to sell others like a whore." There was silence "Now if you have a real question, ask it. If not leave this place and let the real reporters work."

The reporter stuttered "I have the right to ask questions."

Xander just watched him, the guy suddenly became aware just how strong the young man looked and just how cold his eyes were at that moment.

Somewhere inside of him, a real reporter was hidden and he asked "As a new Jedi, what do you think about the rumours that more and more system are complaining about lack of action the republic is showing against slavers."

Xander smiled "Excellent question. Sadly I have do not know much about that situation. But sadly I have first hand experience that in some areas of space the smuggling of spice seemed to be done quite openly. I am sure they are doing all they can to correct the situation.

And 25 new Jedi is only a beginning, but it will take more than just us.
The republic is not a one man show, it's a team effort.
It will take help from all members of the Republic. Do not ask what the republic can do for us. Ask what WE can do for the republic"

He walked back. Hoping the ghost of John F Kennedy would not be pissed.

The reporters were silent for a long moment, then they started to bombard him with questions.

Xander ignored the stupid once, but with Jaina’s help, he gave the best answers he could.

One hour later “The Do not ask, what the new republic can do for you,
Ask what you can do for the new republic” speech was in the mouth of everyone. So was the term “The Republic is not a one man show it's a team effort.”

By the time they had a late dinner and moved over to the Republic engineering building, most of the core worlds knew what he said.

Unknowing about that, Xander walked in to the hangars to get an official in the engineering circle.

Jaina dropped him like he was yesterday’s news as she saw an X-wing J model. With a cruising speed of 110 Mglt an a max from 440 Mglt. Only a handful of ships, like the A-wing, could fly faster. But almost no ship was that fast, that deadly and that strong and yet so small.

Xander blinked as he walked over to her. "So, you wanted one of those?"

Looking at the price tag he swallowed. Wow that was expensive. But as a Jedi she could get one on extended loan. Free of charge.

After all what good was a Jedi, unless he could find his way to the place where the trouble was.

Finally the engineer officer in charge arrived. "So you need a ship?
I have the papers and a new X-wing could be yours. Of course legally it's on an extended loan. But if you are still flying the same ship nine years from now it's yours, permanent.

And anytime you like you could buy it, as a used star fighter."
High powered ships like X-wings aged faster than the slower cargo ships. But that was to be expected.

Jaina nodded "Please give me the papers. I love X-wings." The engineer, a Major, as Xander could see turned to him. "Well I will not ask what you can do for me, I will ask, what I can do for you" he said grinning.

Xander rolled his eyes. "Great, I have an old Ghtroc 720 with a class
5 engine. Standard shields and weapons which I would like to upgrade a bit.
Also I would like to include an unusual upgrade if possible."

The engineer nodded "Normally this would take time and cost a lot of money, but a lot of my crew just saw you on the holo-news and they bragged about how they would like to help you and the republic if they could. I'm sure they love to put in some extra work, free of charge." He grinned.

Talking with the crew, Xander soon got them interested. The pay from the bounty was not much but it was still worth some. Jacen with the help of Mirrax Horn, Corran Horns wife, had sold the old massasi weapons to a collector.

Between Jaina, Jacen, Lowbacka and Tenel-ka it was not much, but Tenel-
ka had refused her part of the money for a good personal reason.

Jacen had explained to Xander, that Tenel-Ka is the crown princess off the
Harpes system. One of the richest empires in the galaxy. That sure had shocked him.

He had always believed she was like him, from a primitive world.
Apparently Tenel-ka’s mother was a princess from a primitive world that
her father fell in love with. She just liked her mother’s culture more.

A class 6 engine was not what he wanted, but it was what the most realistic choice and they would take the old class five. The price difference for a used class five engine would be reduced from the class 6 engine price.
Two pairs of quad-laser cannons would also be installed.

Then he gave the engineers a building request. He wanted a pocket hanger ship.
So he asked if they could adapted his 35 meter long Ghtroc cargo space to hold two X-wings.

The Ghtroc had a capacity of 135 metric tons for cargo, dived in two cargo holds each with 67 metric tons. They started a computer simulation, in the engineer room which took some time, until late into the night. Both, Jaina and Anakin joined happy trying to find a solution.

Somehow the talk had spread and Corran Horn and an engineer from the
Rouge Squadron had entered the room to help also. Apparently a pocket hanger carrier was a new idea. Refuelling-ships existed and external docking was not unusual. But a micro hanger ship was not that common.

A week later:

The Enterprise was in the star-ship yard for a complete rebuild.

A new class 7 engine that somehow had become available as a gift from
Rouge Squadron.

They liked the idea. Kyle had found him a pair of Class 3 shield units. So now he also had military graded shields.

He got a pair of slightly used quad-laser cannons for a great price.
They were just like the Falcon cannons. He had rigged them, so that he could fire them from the cockpit, only limited to the front arc of the ship.

The hangar space was tiny. Hardly any to move was left, if a pair of X-wings is docked but it worked. The hanger doors were the hardest part to install. They had to increase the height of his ship around the door. And extend the length of the ship about five meters.

That caused the cargo area to expand, without a X-wing docked, to now carry 200 metric tons.

Even with all the new heavy and bigger equipment installed, there was now more room inside.
From the junk yard he and Anakin found a pair of landing claws to install on the landing gears.

Other than that, he installed sun-lamps in the galley and a small bubble pool to increase the comfort. But the amount of available passenger space shrunk from 10 to only 5 + 1. He also installed a jail cell, if he needed to transport a criminal.

All on his ship except one (the cell) would now have a bit more luxury.

Thanks to Rouge Squadron who bought the idea of the design, he managed to pay the things he wanted to have for his ship.

He was told that they had started to rebuild a pair of transports into micro-hanger ships.

It was not a luxury ship, but still had a lot of comfort. All in all he was happy and flat-out broke.

He believed that it was most likely thanks to Jaina’s friends and family he got such good prices on the things he bought. But he still was a poor man again.
Once he made some money, he would buy an improved sensor system for the ship.
Right now the X-wing sensor system was still better.

Then a call from Luke reached him. The republic had need for a pair of Jedi.
To meditate a dispute and then move on as Jedi watchmen near a rough area of space.

Watchmen, it was a dangerous but also a independent mission. Mostly older or a pair of Jedi were asked to do that.

Sadly there were not enough Jedi around to fill that need.

Waiting at the temple was a Jedi, Xander did not know, but Jaina knew him. "It’s Steern" she whispered while she smiled at the old man.

Xander nodded, he had heard her tell about of him. Part of his Jedi powers, were active and out of control when Luke found him. He had telepathic skills but was unable to turn them off.

When Luke found him, he lived as a hermit only with birds as his friends.
As Luke asked him to join him and become a Jedi, he agreed on the condition, that Luke would teach him how to turn off his telepathic ability.

Still the old man's gift, with the mind art was impressive. Most Jedi had to work hard to read a mind. Steern could read hundreds of peoples surface thoughts, without even trying and with some effort he could look deep inside a person's mind. Steern’s problem was stopping himself from reading the mind of others.

He was a bit aloof, always avoiding skin contact and looked shy. But he loved to be around others, as long, as he did not try to read their minds.

The old man smiled at Jaina "Hi you sure have grown up." The first time he saw that girl she was only five. And now? For the first time in a year he relaxed his mind defence and took a peek inside Xander’s mind to make sure the young man would not hurt Jaina.

Xander: "Um, right you had information for us?"

Steern smiled that was a good kid. A Stranger from a strange land. "Yes. I have it written down in a data pad. But the short story:

You have to go to the Minos Cluster. It's a small sector in the outer rim, that contains about 70 worlds where humans could live. Only a fraction of them are containing any sentient life.

The Cluster has two native alien races.

The Kari came from the world of Karideph. They are group intelligence. One
Kari has the IQ of an animal. But a group of about 100 have a advanced intelligence equal to genius human level. On that planet there are groups of millions.

Quockra-4. A dessert world, is the home of the second officially known alien species. They are disgusted by the appearance and the smell most other beings have, especially humans.

All their affairs are handled, with droids as go-between. They are fascinated by the return of Jedi's. Expect having some talks with them.

We believe they are snail like beings.

The cluster also has about 10 lost worlds, left over from lost human colonies. Some are low tech others are Stone Age.

Among the more powerful worlds, is first the Adarlon system, which is a big producer of holo-movies.

Then the Mestra system, that holds one of the biggest asteroid fields in the galaxy, which is also one of the richest.

The Yelsain system is a group of low tech barbarians with a democratic anarchism government.

The Pergitor system is a theocracy, an especially vicious one. The religion is the law. They consider any supernatural ability to be against the gods.

Gesaril is a system we know nothing about. The Empire had no information about it except it is Stone Age and they were ordered from above to leave it alone. Further out in the system, they had a watch post and an asteroid prison.

Travnin was the former Imperial headquarters. It is suffering from economical depression right now.

The Eliad system, is a former world of Exile. There were many rich nobles that the Emperor could and would not kill, because he needed favours of them.
Many of them were moved to Eliad.

Some have moved back, but now second and third generation consider Eliad to be their home. They are rich and have culture from many worlds. They also consider themselves to be elite. It's not unusual for them to have powerful connections with people in the core worlds.

The Shesharile system with the twin worlds of Shesharile 5 and 6 is according to the report we have a pair of worlds that is in the hand of criminal gangs. It is also the place where you are going to meditate peace. "

Jaina nodded "Who are we meditating between?"

Steern "Shesharile five and six are trying to make affairs with
Mestra. But they have difficulties coming to an agreement and the two twin worlds have started to argue. Also the gang activity is going out of control. Especially the swoop gangs on five are deadly; a real gang war has broken out. A big gang war, as fas as i heard."

Xander sighted. "And that is the short story? Looks like we have to earn our pay" Jaina nodded. It sounded interesting.

Steern nodded "Remember what Luke said. Nothing stops you from getting any extra work. Not only would it get you some extra money but you would also learn more of your new home."

He looked at Jaina "Be warned, Adarlon is a colony created by Alderaan colonists, about 50 years before the planets destruction.

From the holo movies made on that planet they consider you and your mother to be a true princes and a hero.

Do not let the fame and glitter blind you. It's always Shesharile first.
You will also have a Republic specialist with you. A team of diplomats awaits you."

They said good bye to the old man keeping their distance for his sake. Xander smiled as he walked out, something about the old man made him relax.

Behind them the old man sat down, looking thru the window enjoying the emptiness in his mind. Only his own thoughts were inside of his mind now, as long as he kept the walls up.


A bit later at the Solo’s home

Chaos was the nature of the place. Jacen and Lowbacka had a mission of their own and were like them packing. Currently the two twins were arguing over whom mission sucked the most.

Lowbacka and Xander relaxed, Xander had everything he needed in the Enterprise.

Leia looked like she wanted to cry, her baby’s were adults.

Anakin looked like he wanted to join them. Being only 13 sucked. "Anakin what would you say about helping me double check the Enterprise?" Xander offered the young man.

He grinned "Sure" he knew that ship like the back of his hand. After all he was one of the gang that helped to improve it.

Han and Chewbacca that had been hiding from sight, so that Jaina and Jacen would not ask THEM to help packing. "Right lets go" they said.

Leia rolled her eyes as they left.

Behind them Jaina stuck out her head. "Finally, they left. Mom? Do you think I should take with me this see thru teddy or just buy some sexy lingerie when I'm there?"

Leia walked up "Let me see. This is expensive." She studied the fabric "I know me and Han had lots of fun in the Falcon." She grinned.

In the other room "Mom. Now I'm never going to be able to enter the falcon again"

Jaina giggled "Mom. What do you think of this? Its panties you can eat." She said holding up a pack.

In the other room "NO Jaina. Arch. I don't want to know." Her brother screamed as he rushed out.
Later in the ship

Xander crawled out of the gun turret. "It's in perfect order." He said trying to remember if he had forgotten anything else. "Ion Engines? Perfect." He said looking at the check list.
No nothing, his own weapons right. Double checked.

Flight plan checked. Time of arrival checked. The diplomats would use an older military shuttle with only a hyperspace engine class 2. His ship had a new military hyper drive class 1. Not as good as the Falcons, that had a class 0.5 hyper drive.

The journey would take the Enterprise four days. While the diplomats, would spend eight days in hyperspace. They would make a two day stop and stretch their legs. So in 10 days they would have to be in the Minos cluster.

The order were clear, the diplomats would arrive first and make way for them. A day after, at the earliest Jaina and he would arrive.

They suggested arriving two days after the arrival of the diplomats.
So 12 days. Sometimes having a fast ship sucked, or did it? "Hmm."
Xander said to himself.

Both he and Jaina had rushed and packed their stuff already.
Even asked for lift off time, from space control station at the nearest convenient time after the military specialist joined them.

"Read this Jaina" Xander said. And he was silent as she groaned “12 days.”

Xander nodded "If you read the small print it's actually 13-14 days."

She sighed and looked at him "What are we going to do? I refuse to pack up my stuff again" she finished.

Xander "Vacation. I'm sure, that there is a nice planet between the minos cluster and here, where we can make a short stop." Jaina grinned. "And the expert that's they send us"

Xander shrugged "He will be here soon." "Let's look over the navcomputer and find a good place for a stay over."

Captain Junas Turner looked at the ship. It was a extended Ghtroc with hanger doors. Interesting for sure, a tiny ship like that as a hanger carrier? Well the X-wings have only one week of consumable.

A pilot could spend days in the tiny cockpit and that was hard on most pilots. So having a micro hanger ship could be useful for any squadron, giving the pilots a chance, to stretch their legs for a while.
And unlike a big hanger ship this would be easy to build and cheap compared to real hanger ships. He had no clue, why nobody had thought about this before.

Knocking on the hatch, a young man opened it. "Yes what can I help you with?"

The man "I am Captain Junas Turner, I think you have been expecting me?" he said holding up his data-card order.

Xander took the data-card and read it in his data-pad reader. "I see.
Welcome aboard then, Captain Turner. I am Alexander Harris. You can call me Xander or Alexander."

The captain nodded "Please call me Junas" he said as he entered the ship.
Xander nodded "Right Junas. So, Republic navy exploration? What is it, you do?"

Junas shrugged "Explore potential hostile worlds. In fact I was the first scout that found Endor and the Second Death Star. But sadly I got capture by the empire before I had a chance to report. Nobody knew where I had vanished and two years after the Second Death Star was destroyed I managed to escape a top security prison."

Xander laughed. "That was bad luck" he said.

Junas agreed "I know pure chance and a faulty Nav-com. I found the biggest danger I ever saw and then I got captured." He grinned. They had sent him here to keep an eye out on the kids and also to spy on them. There were fractions of the republic that disliked the Jedi. He did not belong to either side yet.

The tour of the ship had him impressed easily. They even had extended fuel, with extra fuel carried in the emptied hanger. In one would an X-wing be parked and in the other the extra fuel.

He watched the teens talk about where to go, a short discussion later and they reported their flight path.


Later in hyperspace

Junas studied the Minas cluster it was a new area of space. A long time ago, using generation ships and hyper-warp engines, the first version of hyper drive was used, with crew and passengers in deep sleep.

Part of it had been colonized around 20 000 years ago, just before the hyper drive was invented. (The Hyper-warp is limited to the speed of light)

Then the Minos cluster had been forgotten.

Because of the bad explored hyper path, ships had to move around many objects that slowed them down.

So while going a quarter across the galaxy using the Correlian trade route would take only about 4 days. Jumping inside the Minos cluster from one end to the other would take almost 9 days.

It was actually faster in some areas of Minos Cluster to jump outside and use the Trade route.

Fast and stable jump paths where worth a fortune if you could find them.

Hours after the ship entered hyperspace Xander and Jaina joined him in the gallery.

Junas looked over them as they snuggled tighter in the sofa. "So where are we going?"

Xander "We are going to make maximum use of the time we have. Our ship can take the journey in only 4 days. They wanted us there in 13-14 days."

Junas nodded. "So where are we going?" At first he believed the two young Jedi had rushed out forgotten to even look at when they were going to be there.
Apparently they had a plan.

Jaina "First we are going to Ord-Mantel. The New Republic has a navy base there, where they train star-ship pilots.

Rouge Squadron is currently training there." She waved her hand around. "These ships as well as the X-wing are new to us. Both, Xander and me, need desperate to learn how to use our ships." she said lying. Both of them had come up with this idea in the spur of the moment.

Xander "We are also going to research the background situation on the Shesharile and Mestra systems.
That's where YOU are coming in. Your contacts with New Republic army and Navy, as a scout are much greater than our own. And we might need any information you could help us find."

He grinned. "We also might need your help to separate between useful and useless information."

Junas Turner nodded "I see. That's a good plan. I myself found it strange that the diplomatic core wanted you to arrive after they had arrived.

But reading up on the Shesharile and the Mestra system I found the reason. Since the old times back then they had a deep respect for the Jedi. But on Shesharile they have a tradition of House Patriarchs and Matriarchs.

Shesharile tradition have mostly collapsed with the economical catastrophe they suffered but it still exist among the leaders." He looked at them. "The oldest of a family is considered by age to be the source of wisdom.

And age is to be respected, but a young person can be a leader if he showed that he is willing to listen and respect his elders.

In Mestra they have it bit different. Between 15 and up to 30 is consider the play time. Young man and woman are supposed to have romantic affairs, fun and gain new friends. That later can become important connections.
Responsibilities come later in life.

Jaina nodded "So they are going in advanced to make sure they at least allow us young kids to help them" she said.

Junas nodded. "Most of the elders of Shesharile expect you to talk with respect and be silent if an older person is talking but they accepted young beings if they are respectful to the elders.

The adults of Mestra are a bit different, they do not expect respect from young person's like you. Instead they do believe you are too young to be responsible." He grinned "And that will make it hard for them to listen to you"

Xander groaned as in pain. "Perfect. It's just getting better and better".

Junas laughed "And don't forget the gang wars on Shesharile.”

Xander nodded "I have been thinking of getting a swoop myself." He said grinning. They were like a motorcycle but with speed up to 800 mph and altitude between ground zero up to 40 meters. Depending on the model, some rare model of swoops could fly up to 300 meter.

A swoop was a combined repulsor and ion engine almost nothing more than that. Even the Scout-troopers repulsor bikes where bigger. (The one Luke and Leia used on Endor).

Riding a swoop is like riding a proton torpedo and perhaps just as safe. He had the chance to test one on Yavin 4. It was like riding a flying Harley-Davidson.
Jaina grinned "You do know that they are illegal on many worlds?"

Xander shrugged "Still some where they are legal." He leaned forward "Besides finding a good place to buy a swoop or two would give me a chance to investigate and find information ON the swoop gang." He frowned. "Crap. I forgotten I'm broke."

Jaina giggled. "Remember the Republic is paying us for this mission and for giving Junas over there a ride. You still do not have the cash but, lucky that you have a wonderful girlfriend which agrees. That would give us inside information from the street. So I'm giving you the money" she said smiling.

Junas nodded it was a good plan. "They do have swoop racing, which is extremely popular, almost a national sport. That could be a place to get information"

23 hour later. Over the planet Ord-Mantel, the Enterprise had entered orbit.

Jaina was talking to the officer in command. It took almost 35 minutes before the idiot called a captain to the radio. Apparently he considered that only navy personal could land on the base. Civilians had to land on the civilian space port.

Minutes later

Enterprise entered the small gates to the huge underground hangar, which the republic used as a star fighter training base. Not just any kind of training base, experienced units were send here, if they needed to re-train a new pilot to their units. This was not a base for rookies this base was for skilled and elite pilots.

Around them they could see X-wing after X-wing. But also A-wings, B-
Wings and Y-wing mark 2. It was a much faster craft then the old one they had used against the Death Star. Y-Wing Mark 2 had a Class 9 engine, which gave them a cruising speed of 90 Mglt and max speed of 320 Mglt.

The Enterprise with a Class 7 engine had a cruising speed of 70 with a
Max. of 280 Mglt. The same as the Mark 1 Y-wing had.

Compared to the X-wing, with its cruising speed of 110 mglt and max. speed of 440 or the cruising speed of the A-wing that where 120. The
Y-wing were still a slow ship that earned its name as a pig.
But even then the Y-wing was still one of the best attack ships that existed.

Xander who had been reading up on fighters the last week, thanks to
Jaina, knew this and was watching as the hanger personal waved him to a landing pad near a cargo ship. An Yt-1300 like the Falcon but so modified that he was not sure.

After landing and powering down they exited the ship. Outside were a Captain, Major and a Colonel. Wing commander Corran Horn was not there.

Jaina and Xander walked to them and gave them a slight bowing "May the force be with you."

They bowed in return as they presented themselves.
Colonel Ashira Weldon. "Base commander" he said proud.
The Captain: "Alina Brighter. Rouge Squadron"

Major Gavin Darklighter. "Acting Commander of Rouge squadron, until Commander Horn returns" he said with pride.
Gavin grinned at seeing the Jedi. He grew up on Tatooine, when he was a whiny kid Luke was the big old teenager that he wanted to hang around with.

Jaina frowned "Uncle Luke said he had a friend named Darklighter"
Gavin nodded "My older cousin. He and Luke flew against the first
Death Star together, he died there.He was my older cousin, he was 10 years older than I was. But I remember running after him and Luke on Tatooine. Luke was 18 then and I was around 10 years old" He grinned.

Captain Junas presented himself.

Later in the galley

Gavin and the base commander agreed that they would be honoured to give the two Jedi a crash course in piloting. But in Xander case, they were fighter pilots. Not a slow Barge driver. But they were sure a Y-wing pilot could help him.

And help they got.

With only 8 days worth of training time before they have to jump Xander and Jaina took full use of the fact that they could lessen their own need of sleep.

Even as the Rouge pilots bragged about the speed of their ships and the sad slow depressing and worthless speed of a bulk-ship like his light transport.

Jaina who had lessons in piloting from her dad Han Solo knew much of what they were teaching but even she learned a trick or two about space transports. But she focused on her X-wing and used the time wisely to fly in simulations and mock fighting against the other pilots.

Captain Junas was also getting new information, the number of pirates operating from the Minos cluser was growing. Also slave traders were attacking poor defended planets in the cluster.

7 Days later

Jaina holding up her lightsaber, behind her was Xander with his pair of lightsabers, surrounding them were 12 training remote droids and they were firing their stingers at them. (Stingers were tiny blasters. The training remote
Ben let Luke use in A New Hope.)

This was group training. It would be great to fight as a team.
With blast helmet on they were blind, always having to make sure where the other one was made it more difficult.

"By the force" Julipe a young tech said as he watched the two Jedi danced around and parrying blaster bolts from the stinger guns the remotes had.

Gavin nodded "Julipe go and get the other Rouges and personal, this is a show of a lifetime" he said. The Girl rushed away.

Outside the fight really started.

The 12 remotes danced around as they started to fire.

Xander danced around parried a bolt with his dagger as he reached out with his sword reflecting a second bolt back at the remote which turned off-line for nine seconds.

Behind him Jaina’s lightsaber sweeps thru the air and she send two bolts in the ground dodging a third bolt.

Jumping, parrying, reflecting and dodging, when the remotes programmed training time of one hour was done, both of them where drenched in sweat, tired and also hurting from the stinger bolts that had hit them.

Jaina "We have to do that more often. Team training is really fun." She was silent as they saw that the whole base had watched them.

Xander "And that's all off the show for today." He said bowing with a grin.

Gavin grinned "That was one hell of a show." He said.

Waving them to walk with him he spoke up. "Listen. I heard rumours were the
Jedi are asked to go death. Darkness is growing in the republic someone in the senate is purposely sending you guys out without proper backup."

He sighed "From the look of it they are trying to limit the number of Jedi.
The Minos cluster is full of hidden bases where slavers and pirates operate from and they will not be happy having two Jedi interfering with what they do."

Seeing that he captured their attention, he held forward a tiny hyperspace radio. "Use this if you find yourself over your head. The moment you do, Rouge Squadron or Wraith Squadron will come flying as fast as they can."

In no way would he let General Solo’s daughter die. Especially as she was also Luke’s nice.

They nodded as they took the radio. "Thanks" Jaina said.

Inside the restaurant Junas was telling a squadron of A-wing pilots how he, thanks to a navigational error almost became famous for discovering that the Second Death Star was at Endor. Way before the Bothans did find it and he had evidence that his story was true.

The great story of almost becoming famous and a hero to the republic was always popular and Junas had learned how to tell it, so they would listen to it and have great fun. A good thing was, that it also was a real hero story the escape from the computer and droid controlled prison was the stuff of legends.

Thanks to his courage and the help of a young Ewok, who could copy droid speech perfectly with the help of a flute, they had escaped. Just in time to see the victory party. And his heroic story was mostly forgotten.

Just like he wanted it, mostly but not total forgotten. He got a bit of fame but was not worshiped. He also made great friends on Endor and his story often got him a beer for free.

Six Days later the Enterprise entered the Shesharile system and landed on Shesharile 5.

A group of diplomats and local politicians had welcomed them to the planet.


Later in a fine room at the Republic embassy

Jaina let the light, from the roof, mirror in her drink as she talked to the Republic chief ambassador. "So how would you like to start? At the meetings we can listen and detect some lies, not all lies, but we can help you discover when somebody is holding back or misguide you. We can also try to mediate successful negations, give you hints at what kind of compromise would be acceptable." she said.

Standing behind her with one arm on her shoulder stood Xander looking at the room with a lazy look in his eyes.

The locals of Shesharile were underestimating them and considered them nothing but a showpiece.

Xander nodded "From what input I got from the Mestra representative, there is something more that they want from Shesharile 5+6." The Republic diplomat turned his eyes towards him. "Could you find out what?"

Xander shrugged. "No idea."
Jaina "It's something big. I feel greed and he holds a secret that he does not wish us to know"

Acaruc the Diplomat, a Mon-Calamari, nodded his big fish like head. "I see." He looked out. "Shesharile is desperate. They need the contracts with the Mestra system.”

Just as the Mestra system needs them. They could earn twice as much with their metal if they could sell it from a planet." The Mestra was a gigantic asteroid field, which filled a whole solar system even retching far outside the normal orbits.

And it took a steady hand and a good pilot to navigate the Mestra system. It was also rich in valued metals and minerals. But buyers chose less dangerous system to trade with.

If they have a planetary partner like Shesharile 5+6 they could easily double their profit.

Shesharile 5+6 on the other hand desperately needed the money and work. It had suffered a complete economical collapse around the time of Endor.
Unemployment had been over 90 %.

Only recently the twin planets had started to recover.
But Mestra was arguing, playing both planets against each other trying to get as much as possible.


Outside they could see the sun vanish behind the Gas giant Shesharile

Shesharile 5 had entered the long night. 26 hours of darkness, something that is happening every now and then. First there are two normal days with 22 hours a day, then a long night follows where both Shesharile 5 and 6, entered the shadow of the giant. Not that it was complete dark, the giant itself seemed to glow with its own light and gigantic storms gave it a spook like appearance.

Acaruc nodded "So what are your suggestions?"
Xander: "Jaina and me will follow you. She does the talking. I just look polite but dangerous."

Jaina nodded "If I'm correct there is a ball tonight and the talk is going to start tomorrow. Right?" She said knowing she was right.


Knight away. 3-2
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
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The ball was less boring then Xander had expected, lots of older dignitaries that brought their family with them.

You could see a direct difference between the Mesta and the Shesharile.

The native from Shesharile 5+6 were dressed in humble, yet fine quality. They treated the older persons with deep respect. But the older listen carefully on the younger generations ideas.

Their culture was clear. Being older you deserve respect for living longer than others. But a young person could be a leader and have others respect but he still had to treat older people polite.

Then the Mestra, the youngest of the dignitaries was around 35 years old. The oldest was 79.

Around them they had plenty of youths that had joined their mothers and fathers for a fun experience travelling. Mestra between ages of 15 up to 30 where in what they called the play age.

They were essentially out of school, having fun doing extra studies and not to break the law to much. They had no responsibility forced on them or expected of them.

Some of them called themselves Saber-Rakers. Using a Light-foil around an energy coil, that produced an energy field around it. A Light-foil could be used as a less powerful Lightsaber. The Saber-Rakers were professional duellist and pretended to be noble and squealing about honour and fame.

Light-Foil and a sporting blaster had become the weapon of choice for the rich and stupid, at least in the Mestra system.

Then there was the way how they were dressed. Stunning and dashing in the latest fashion from the core worlds and lots of jewellery and gems. It gave a cheap image of spoiled rich boys.

There were other groups there, some famous holo-stars from Adarlon, which were hanging around Jaina calling her princess.

By the last group Xander was impressed, the nobles from Eliad.

When Palpatine rose to power, there were nobles from many core worlds, which were problematic and he could not kill them, because that could have created martyrs. So he exiled them to Eliad.

Some of them were corporate nobles other from royal houses across the galaxy.
The one thing, the families of Eliad had in common, was that they were all rich. The noble of Mestra looked poor compared to the old money of Eliad.
Most of the nobles in this party was born at Eliad and had never seen the world their family came from.

But still they were dressed in an expensive but yet simple style. Tasty and beautiful, their jewellery improved how they looked.

They had style and were masters of word games. Often talking slow and diffused, taking their time making you listen to each word, until you had sometimes already forgotten, what they actually were saying. Word duels were a planetary sport for them.

Irony was like a sharp blade. Give an Eliad noble a chance and they would make your pride bleed to death. And just like Jaina and himself, they despised the new rich Mestra nobles.

But even among them, there were light-foil using youths.
Standing near Jaina Xander gave the impression that he was a dangerous body guard. Only a handful had the guts to talk to him.
Which was probably for the best, he thought.

Jaina, who was growing up with a mother, who was for a short while, the Chief of state, the president of the “New Republic”, knew those political games and was a master in them.

As the music started to play and a youth from Mestra dressed like a dashing pirate asked Jaina for a dance. Xander was left alone.

He could see Jaina suddenly smile and blushing to the youth and almost stuttering as she took his hand to the dance floor. But one look from
Jaina, as she used the force to send over an idea, put Xander’s mind to rest. Xander? Try to be more social. I'm sure one of those fools know what Mestra wants.

Xander’s smile was hidden, as he walked or better glided over to the drink table. He took a glass of something bubbly, that tasted almost like strawberry and then he walked over to the Mestra youths.

"Yes yes. She is the daughter of Organa, so of course she is beautiful.
Even if she has the blood of a mongrel like Han Solo mixed in." A black haired man said before giggling in his hand. "But just watch at the brute, who is with her, could you say Gamorean anyone? I am surprised he can walk upright and they let something like that call itself Jedi" The youths laughed.

"Wonderful party." he said as he stood right behind the young man that mocked him. The man was perhaps 25, older then he was but behaved like a spoiled child.

He enjoyed the surprise and shock they felt over him being there.
The man spun around "I. He stuttered" Xander smiled "Do you have a problem talking?"
"What?" he said in surprise. Xander nodded: "And understanding when others talk, too?"

The Youths around them started to laughed as the dark haired man was made a to look like a fool.

Xander grinned at a beautiful pale red-haired girl, 19-22 years old. "As listing to his ability to talk is boring, why don't the two of us try this dance?"
He said bowing to the girl that smiled behind her hand.

As he and the red-haired walked out to the dance floor he could see that the youths from Eliad were smiling, they had enjoyed that.


Hours later

Xander was talking and joking with a bunch of youths from Mestra and Eliad. But mostly he was listening and pretended to be interested in their duel-tradition.

So far the youths or perhaps young adults from Eliad managed to insult the youths from Mestra over nine times without them even discovering the hidden insult they had been given and he was almost sure they had given him at least one insult or compliment.

Down in the flower garden Jaina had a more successful talk. The man, a youth of 26 years, who was drunk as a skunk, had bragged about the gas mining rights they would trick away from Shesharile 5+6.

Finally, with a tiny abuse of the force "You feel sleepy." She walked away as the youth sat down to rest.

Nodding to Xander she walked over. "My my, have you replaced me already?" she said seeing a bimbo hanging on Xander’s arm.

Xander "Jaina you know I would never do that. But I had to save her from the wonder boy she was with first." He said waving his hand in the direction of the dark-haired man.

Jaina raised an eyebrow. "Really that’s awful" she said.

Xander nodded "O yes. His eyes are lacking the ability to see the difference between a general and a common mongrel or a human and a gamorean.

It must have been awful. Who knows? If I left her alone him, he might have kissed her brother instead of her" he said smiling.

The insults were clear as crystal, the youth was fingering his light-foil.

Xander lifted his eye brow, his eyes glittering in green and yellow as he smiled the smile of a hungry predator that had found its prey. "Would you like to play? I would love to see if a light-foil could stand against a lightsaber." He said in a mocking tone.

Jaina looked at them. The general was clearly her dad. But human as a
gamorean? "But Xander, in bad light you do look like a gamorean" she said giggling.

Xander "Ouch stabbed from behind. How will I survive?" he said holding his hands over the heart as he was staggering backwards. Making Jaina catch him and kiss his nose. "I feel weak perhaps mouth to mouth is needed" he said.

Jaina looked at him "I don't know a Gamorean like you? Hard choice. Giving first aid to a pig? Should I?" seeing Xander puppy dog eyes. "Well perhaps this time, after all you are a cute pig." she said as she gave him a long and deep kiss while helping him standing up again.

As they were enjoying themselves they were interrupted as an alarm broke out. Guards were quickly trying to get the guests indoors, but it was too late. Swoops came down from above, followed by air speeders trying to capture the tiny and fast bikes.

Fifteen swoops were swooping in from above, holding homemade fire bombs which they dropped over the guests.

A second gang of forty more swoops were seen in the distance.

Jaina and Xander wasted no time as they pulled out their lightsabers and started to capture the fire bombs with their telekinesis and letting them crash down in the garden lake.

As the swoops came in for a second turn Jaina was standing guard over the huge doors. Xander was moving to attack.

Like a gigantic bat Xander jumped up in a tree. His Jedi cloak fluttered around him like a pair of wings. Up in the air he jumped using the force to catapult him towards one of the swoop bikers.

Jaina held her ground as the swoop gang started to fire down blaster bolts at her. Mounted under the swoops, were light blaster cannons which were sending a rapid fire rate of death against her.

Her lightsaber parried bolt after bolt back or down in the ground keeping the crowd safe.

Up in the air, Xander landed on the back of a swoop knocking the driver out of the seat and in one motion pushing the safety belt release, he let the driver fall down as he sat down on the driving seat.

He quickly pulled the swoop out from its dive with one hand as he put the safety belt on with his other.

Pulling to maximum climb, he rushed up in the air, made a loop and returned with breakneck speed, his lightsaber on maximum length. He looked like a knight in a tournament. He broke their formation as he slashed of the front of a swoop sending the pilot crashing.

He fired the blaster cannon on full speed against the swoops that quickly dived away. A sharp turn and he entered a chicken race, as he drove face to face with a group of Swoop gang members.

Blaster bolt after blaster bolt were shoot at him, but his long lightsaber earned the pain it cost to build it. In the last second, before he and the other swoop drivers would crash, he pulled up flying upside down and cut the other guys swoop in half.

That driver lost control out of the simple reason of simply suddenly being dead. Xander focused on the other Swoop drivers. They were still going after the party. A smell of smoke told him that his blaster cannon was destroyed. He was lucky, it could have exploded.

He let the control go for a second and grabbed his light-dagger with one swing he threw it flying into the air.

Controlling its wild flight with the force, it crashed in to the third swoop, cutting part of its ion engine up. The driver turned tail and fled. Picking his light-dagger up with the force he caught it and put it and the lightsaber away.

Pulling up his gun, he aimed the pistol and pulled the trigger as the
Swoop gang where shooting their blasters at him.


Each bullet fired was guided by the force like a target seeking missile, four pilots suddenly hade deep bleeding wounds from a .50 calibre bullet.

Like they had arrived, they suddenly turned tail and flew away.

Xander pulled the break on the swoop. Aiming at the balcony he made a soft landing beside Jaina. "It is truly a wonderful day for flying.
Don't you agree" he said giving her a real smile of a scoundrel.

Jaina nodded as she put her lightsaber away. "Yes. It is a nice swoop." She said hugging him.

Xander nodded "Perhaps I should get myself one of those. They are quite fun to pilot."

Around him the nobles were slowly returning, awed and shocked over the battle skill they just saw.

One of the guards could not help himself. "Your weapon sir, what was that?"

Xander pull his gun up as he put in a new mag. "Missile weapon. A simple explosion sends a missile made of metal away in high speed."

The guard looked surprised about the primitive design. Using that kind of weapon its numbers of bullets would be limited. A standard Blaster pistol had energy for more than 50 bolts. Any type of shield would give almost 100 % of protection against a small metal missile.

A noble man frowned "Why not use a Blaster they are more effective than something like that"

Xander grinned "Traditional weapon from my home and a desert eagle has a great voice of doom" he said grinning. Sure it was not a Desert Eagle, but it was a gun build with more effective material which just looked like one.

Putting the gun away, Xander and Jaina walked over to the elders holding this party.

Bowing respectfully Xander spoke "Sir, could you explain what is going on here? Because we wish to help you, we need to know who it was that attacked this party"

The man nodded. "During the bad years smuggling, drug manufacturing and even slavery was going on. Our world fell in the hand of criminals.
Now when we are finally getting back on our feet, those criminal feel fear that their source of power will vanish"

Xander nodded he could feel the other man believed in that explanation. He also felt that it was a simplification of the truth.
In the corner of his eyes he could see the Mon-Calamari diplomat wave to him, with small circular gestures, trying to catch his attention.

"I see." He said as he bowed to the elder. I wish you good night sir. There will be much talk in the meeting tomorrow and we would not wish to be late."
At their private room they met up with Captain Junas and Diplomat Acaruc.

Jaina "We would not wish to be late?" She said looking surprised at him. "I did not know that you have become a Jedi Master" she said looking a bit irritated at him.

Xander shrugged "I saw Acaruc gesture to me. And guessed he wanted out of there. It looked like the combat signal Kyle taught us, the time to pull out signal. I do hope I read you symbol correctly"

The Diplomat nodded "Indeed I used the -Time to Regroup- signal.
Meaning for Xander to get away from the elder, before he said too much and I wanted to talk to him. But leaving the party was just as good." He said smiling.
Jaina "Let me see." She said.

The Mon-Calamari Diplomat nodded as he waved his hand and did a circular motion pointing away.

Jaina: "No that's the pull out and retreat signal." She said.

Acaruc "What is the regroup signal then? I took time to learn this during my time in the rebellion.

I worked as a medic in the Special Forces at the aqua teams. Two months before I got a position as a full time medical officer." He said with pride.

Then he was moved to a regular medical unit because he was too weak, to be useful during combat action. And perhaps he did deserve to be proud as he really had tried his best all the time.

Xander and Jaina nodded and looked impressed at the weak looking Mon-Calamari. "Two months with those guys." Xander said. Troops that Kyle Katarn considered to be impressive were ass kicker.

Junas interrupted them "Well did you two find out anything?"

Xander shrugged. "They are hiding something. There is a feeling of greed and they firmly believe the Shesharile are idiots.
And the youth are incredible foolish." He said irritated.

The Mon-Calamari laughed. "Social learned response. They are expected as young adults to be unable to act responsible and so many of them are doing just that. He looked at them "You grew up in a different society. They expect you to be responsible already. But once they are 30 they have to act responsible and as a example for the society"

Jaina nodded "Well I picked up some info. The gas giant apparently has tibana gas in it."

The room was silent. "A gas mine." Junas said.

Jaina nodded "They are going to trick it out of the natives. Claiming lesser gasses could be worth mining. So they take the right to mine in extension to the metal trading post."

Acaruc looked almost fearful. That would explain why they were driving the twin planets against each other.

Now he had to call one of his local government contacts. They would be able to confirm it by diving into the gas giant. Sure that would be dangerous but worth it. Then all they had to do was telling the Mestra that they could set up gas mining by themselves. The Republic could borrow them the capital they needed, or they could make a contract with one of the mining guilds outside the cluster.

Or Mestra and Shesharile 5-6 could help each other in exchange for equal chares of the metal trade post and the gas-mining co-operation.

With the Mon-Calamari working overtime, behind him Xander and Jaina started to wave their hands around. Signalling it was time to retreat. And then the official signal that said “Officer working hard run he may order you to be a volunteer”.

Junas nodded. And gave the un official signal for escaping hard work.

The three grinned but soon stopped as the diplomat gave them the lazy asshole signal.

The next day came all too soon. With Jaina sleeping next to him in a way to thin teddy he just wanted to snuggle more.

But the sun was evil and unforgiving. Even glaring at it did not work. He tried.


The breakfast was simple but filling. The years under a complete planetary economical catastrophe had taught Shesharile valued lesson in economy.

Things where still hard on Shesharile 5+6, prices for food were high.
But smuggling and drug manufacturing had actually created more work and finance.

Later in the day

The meeting between the Mestra and Shesharile 5+6 was just as bad as he had expected.

Law agreements were argued over. The Mestra pulled back suddenly, wanting something more then to drive a wedge, between the twin worlds of Shesharile 5 and Shesharile 6.

But something was different today even the Mestra group of nobles could feel it.

The Shesharile representatives were sitting straighter and with more courage in their eyes.

Then came a navy officers slowly whispering before giving the Shesharile group a computer file.

The government head of Shesharile stood up "It seems that tibana-gas might exist in our gas giant Shesharile 1.

As such many of us think that it could be more worth it, if we ask the republic or a mining guild outside of the Minos cluster for help."

He said looking at the now nervous Mestra representatives.

He sat down "But we will let you talk with your head of house. Perhaps you could come with a greater counter offer, later this week perhaps?"

The conference ended for the week.

Shesharile was planning on scouting out the gas giant and the rest of their solar system. Where ever tibana gas could be found. carbonite often followed.
Not always but in more than 75 % of the time.

Depending on how much there is to mine. Shesharile could in theory be rich with only start up help.

Mestra would not like having a second big mining system. They would soon come back to the negations table. Being partners would be better for both, after all.

Two week later.

Dressed in a light armoured jumpsuit, looking like most of the natives, Xander walked the streets of Shesharile 5.

He was on a hunt.

Swoop gangs needed swoops. They bought and stole them. Swoops needed repairs. And if anybody knew about the gang it would be the outlaw tech that sold, repaired and even build the swoops.

With his lightsabers hidden inside his boots and a standard blaster pistol by his side Xander looked like any native, or a smuggler lost on a strange world.

Finally he found what he was looking for, in a way.

A Biker bar, almost a hundred swoops and some speeder-bikes were parked outside the building and music was playing. Hard looking men and woman dressed in skin-tight and armoured jumpsuits, just like he was.
Ignoring the people at the door he walked inside. Focusing his Jedi powers, of mind manipulation, he actively tried to make as many of the people as possible feel that he was welcome in here.

A trick that was much easier if they had been weak minded storm-troopers looking for a droid.

Now they looked at him with dislike not anger. That was good. Going to the bar he ordered a luum. Then he turned and watched the gang, the mark on their jackets and jumpsuit was a mynock. Looking a bit around, he found the leader.

A female perhaps 27, she could not be more than that, with long hair on the right side of her head. The left side was bald shaven and full of tattoos. A pair of no-glare sniper sun-glasses, were hiding her eyes.

Even from here he knew that was an alpha, the leader and queen of the pack. Looking closer he could see that left side of her head was full of scars looking like burn marks hidden by tattoos. She was not clean shaven on the left side, she was bald, but she made it look good.

Lifting the mug of luum he nodded to her as he drank. Then turned around and watched what the other gang members were doing.

Frowning to himself he opened his mouth, that was normally a mistake, but: "May I ask you a question?" he asked politely but firm to the guy beside him.

The swooper looked at him with the suspicion that he could be a bounty hunter. "Perhaps" he said with a evil voice.

Xander grinned, taking another taste of the luum. "I'm looking for a swoop, a fast swoop to buy. Swoop racing is a minor hobby of mine."
Considering that swoop racing was bigger than American football and baseball rolled up together on this world. It was almost a religion.

The Swooper looked at him. "Really?”

Xander nodded as he spoke with fake venom "On my home world they consider racing to be an act of foolishness. Real sport you run after tiny balls or throw a stupid dart or something. So a asshole in government outlawed swoops." He said his face crunched tight in fake anger, while he tried with his mind control power to force the swooper trust him.

The Swooper: "No. No way how could they?" Being a fan of swoop racing the idea of outlawing swoop-racing was evil, it was wrong. Sure racers often died but that was part of the game.

"Sith spit" He growled out with rage "From what kind of stupid place do you come?" he asked.

Xander "A stupid place called Laramal. It's outside the Minos cluster, a minor trading world. It's just along the Correlian trade road and the Ithorian side path. Lots of ships are docking there to rest and eat real food before moving on." He said. The place did exist, he did his research and swoop racing had recently become outlawed there.

Looking at the outraged Swooper he said "Now something funny. Nothing is made on Laramal. Nothing is made the only thing that happens there is trade and exchange of cargo. Yet most living on Laramal go around with a freaking stick up their ass. Like it's the best place in the universe"

The Swooper snored "I am surprised that you dislike your home world that much."

Xander shrugged. "Never said, it was my home world. Mom said I was born on Tatooine. Dad might have been from Corusant. He refused to say anything other than it was a core world.

Spend my first nine years living on a cargo ship going between Duros and Correlia." The Swooper nodded. "Then they moved to Laramas." He said.

Xander nodded. "Yea, apparently it is good for a child to live on a planet." He waved to the bartender "Yo another luum. And whatever big guy likes, give him one." Turning to the swooper again "Anyway, do you know a place where to buy a swoop? My name is Rednax. And what is your name big guy?"

The swooper grinned: "I’m called Crunch. Only my enemies know why." He said with an evil smile. "And yes I know where you could get a swoop. A good one if you have the credits." He said with a grin, as he took a glass of Ruvian. "Follow me Rednax" he said.

Xander nodded, paid the bartender and joined Crunch as he walked up to the female leader.


At the same time, on the planet Adarlon.

Jaina was bored. No Xander and yet another stupid place they wanted her to showed her.

She was being treated like a princess, chauffeured around between parties and theme parks. Local politicians, Holo-stars, Holo-Directors they all invited her.

Adarlon was an Alderaan colony from before the clone wars and she was the daughter of the last princess of Alderaan. They treated her like she was the queen of Alderaan.

The whole planets main income was holo-movies and theme parks. Sitting on the edge of the Minos cluster it had plenty of visitors from outside the cluster. Theatres, movie theme-parks, everything was there. Art, culture and simple fun was driving the economy off the planet.
She could see that plenty of Alderaan’s culture was still alive here in the art.

But she was a Jedi knight, a star fighter pilot and Xander girlfriend.

She had escaped evil empire traps when she and her brother were only
5 years old. At fifteen she had been fighting a dark Jedi and survived.

She blinked; she was going to think “and a decorated Republic hero, not Xander’s girlfriend.” Where did that come from? Was he really that important to her?
She had to agree.

The picture of a perfect star, which was the host of tonight’s ball, was bowing and excusing him.

She just nodded, thinking hard. Xander was perhaps deep undercover right now.
"Excuse me. I said do you want to dance?"

Jaina turned around frowning. "Actually I wanted to see the navy reports on pirate activity, the reason why I came here. Then I want to find my Xander and snuggle. I am so grateful of how friendly all of you been. And I never forget the wonderful sights I have seen, but I have a duty and a boyfriend waiting for me. So I wish you a goodnight." She said rolling her eyes as she moved away. Snapping her fingers "Driver, take me to the Navy Headquarters. Now."


A short moment later, at a racing track, on the planet Shesharile 5

Xander put on his correlian pilot glasses. They were fake glasses.

(Free of charge if you also buy a Corelian build star-ship.
The glasses are worth 2000 Credit correlian Engineering claims. You can get a identical version build by the same maker on the streets for 1 credit.)

Now he would need them.

Sitting on a borrowed swoop Xander swallowed, it seemed that Quayce wanted to see his racing skill. Beside him charging up the ion engine, were two of the gang. Quayce grinned "If you chicken, no is the best time to give up Rednax."

Xander snored "I may have been blamed for many things in my life, but never for being afraid or smart. Bring it on." He said then blinked. "Wait, that came out the wrong way. I mean Never Being afraid."

Quayce could not stop herself from giggling. Around them there was laughter as the headset he had on him made them all here his joke.

Xander took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Roars of ion engines send a shockwave of sound as the three swoops suddenly speeded of. They would fly three turns around the track and then land again.

Quickly they were at 250 mph and gaining speed. The Race track was long and had many turns and jumps even a Z shaped turn that was called the destroyer.

Xander pulled the speed activators and the ion engine roared as his swoops speed came to 400.

He was not really driving; he let the force guide him as he moved faster than ever. The bike speed indicator was at the maximum speed of 600 and the destroyer was coming up.

A quick reverse of speed, a powerful turn and he glided along the wall on both sides and flew out of the other side of the destroyer. Then, with a quick max burn on the ion engine, he was back on speed again. The engine roared.

One of the other two was slowly gaining on him, pulling nonstop Xander pushed the engine slowly climbing as he came in to the first jump. At 600 mph jumping was like being fired from a cannon. Gaining height, the repulsor lost contact with the ground and the ability to manoeuvre.

Only the ion engine was working, using the fins on the front of the swoop and his own weight he aimed the swoop down and let the swoop dive down at max burn.

By using the fall, he climbed up in speed from 600 to 800 as he raced into the next curve.

Only the force was keeping him alive as the swoop was driving on the wall of the curve.

This was real racing.

And there was the destroyer again. A quick reverse of the engine and a 90 degree turn later and he was climbing the wall again until he was at the destroyers end, pulling max acceleration out from it.

There were the other two drivers. He had left them behind on the first round. Now he drove by them.

Maximum speed straight in to the Jump now this was fun. He actually managed to jump higher this time. Gliding, he aimed the swoop at the turn as he started a power dive.

With a roar he left the turn at 800, flying at only 5 meters above ground level. Climbing, he quickly slowed down to normal max speed of only 600. The extra speed he gained from the power dive was drained away, now the last turn around the tracks.

Xander grinned as he entered the destroyer again. THIS was fun.
He hit the finish with full speed, while the other two were on their second turn around the track.

Quayce walked up to him "Rednax you are a crazy racer." She grinned "Alright, I’m going to take you to the planets greatest swoop-tech." Her eyes were glittering. "And and I know who I'm going to bet on in the race."

Xander grinned. "That was so good." He opened his eyes and removed the glasses. Perhaps, he would get the guts to drive a swoop with his eyes open, eventually.

The gang moved away beer was out in the open as they celebrated his victory. The two losers seem to be impressed. Not angry.

Later on in the Adarlon system

Jaina was sitting in the navy headquarters reading the reports. It was not a good sign. Ships were vanishing, not that many inside the cluster most around Mestra. But the Adarlon defence navy reported many stolen ships and known pirates as well as smuggler passing by.

Not good. Considering that Adarlon biggest ship was an old Nebula-B and a pair of corvettes, it was not surprisingly that they avoided needless combat with well armed slavers and pirates.

Any ship moving in or out of the Minos Cluster had to pass by Adarlon, Shesharile or Travin, or move really slow thru a area with lots of debris that made hyperspace difficult and dangerous.

The pirates were not stupid. They hunted outside the area where they were hiding. Some small attacks were made in the area. The slavers on the other hand were outsiders.

Travin was the former Empire headquarters of this cluster. After the Empire had abandoned them it had fallen deep into trouble.

Travin was trouble. The Moff in charge of the cluster had decided it would make a good headquarter for the Empire. Cities where build over 40 million people were brought in to manage the clusters affairs.

Then the Empire crashed down.

Travin was a cold ice planet, the only one in a double-star system.
Atmosphere generators and bio forming, done by the empire, had made the planet survivable but where a wind-swept the planet turned cold.

Great star port facilities, were once the Empires Navy had star-ship bases and mineral mining were their only source of income.

It might be a good place to start seeking pirates, but the slavers? They would have to find out where they were moving and then surprise them.

Turning around "R6 could you make a copy of this and try to find a pattern?" She asked her protocol droid.

Like R2-D2, Luke’s old astromech, she never memory wiped R6-B6. She had installed an illegal hidden backup memory inside of him.

Sure you could memory wipe him. But give the backup memory two days and everything was restored to normal.

(The backup worked that slow to stop the techs from discovering that the droid, that they just memory wiped suddenly had its memories and loyalty back).

This made R6-B6 a very loyal droid. And as a newer model, then old R2, he was according to himself a superior model, with improved repair skills in both star fighters and transports and also with an improved piloting skill.

The stock R6 units were superior. But R2 was a droid, which had been active for decades. Not even Luke knew how old he was. And nobody, only R2, knew the kind of secret upgrades he had on the inside.

Luke was sure that R2 had a backup memory somewhere. R2 was a droid of mystery in the Skywalker family.
As baby Ben was born R2 decided to show Luke and Mara Jade the marriage holo picture of Anakin and Padme Amidala. That had been a shock.

So Jaina had high hopes for her astromech.

And right now it was complaining. "I know you are not an analyzing or tactical droid. But you are an astromech droid. They have to jump in. Just think of that you were driving those ships. What path would you go?"

The droid was silent as it pondered the information Jaina had given him. It was not enough, so he piped a complaint.

Jaina "Don't worry I'm going to feed you more information." She kneeled by him. "And I got my hands on military skill chips. Tactical analyze skill with a starship identification program. We are going to hardwire those skills to you later tonight"

The droid pepped a happy smile. He loved it when new skills were hardwired into him.

Hardwiring meant, that even if they managed to mind wipe him the basic knowledge of the skill would remain part of him.

Other skills that he learned by experience would vanish if he was memory wiped. Not that it would happen with the backup memory installed in him.

They had tested that it worked twice to make sure. He had been so afraid that it would fail and that mistress Jaina would be sad.

He hoped they would return to Xander. Jaina was missing him. That made him upset. He wanted his mistress happy.

Jaina ignored the droid again as she studied the navigational reports. "It is hutt ships. Damn." Turning away she walked over to the commanding officers. "Thank you for the help. I wish that you keep sending me information, especially the identity and movement of the pirate and slave ships." She said.

The man nodded "We will do that Jedi Knight Organa." He said.


Knight away. 3-3
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

A week Later on Shesharile

The force was with him, Xander thought to himself. The Mynock were a swoop gang that were seen by the locals as heroes. With the lack of real police and military on most of the planet, Quayce and her gang worked as protection for hire. They had an area outside the city in a small town that they protected for free. It was their turf.

But for credits and sometimes food, the Mynock helped other parts of Shesharile 5 to drive away more criminal gangs, from swooper gangs to drug dealers.

Not saying that the Mynocks where that good. The gang loved fighting, racing and sometimes hunted other criminal gangs just to prove who the big boys were.

But they had their arch enemies, plenty of them in fact, other gangs that were stronger and had more members than them.

The Mynocks strengths were that they had an old fortress as their base and they had the local support and help and to top that the Mynocks were also better trained then the other gangs.

Quayce’s gang did not believe in kill a weak leader and take his place.
The only thing Xander could compare them to, was knights and feudal lords.
With Quayce as the Queen and Crunch as the lord, baron or duke, the rest were her soldiers, the knights serving in her army.
The locals were the serfs and the free men prospering under her protection.

Sure sometimes one or two of her knights did stupid things like stealing. But they kept the street clean.

He and the head of Shesharile had an interesting talk about that gang. It had potential. With correct support they had great potential.

Climbing of the repulsor bus Xander walked up to an old parking building, it was only four floors tall. The building was mostly abandoned, but somebody had made his home and affair on the two top floors.

Quayce had said that this was where the planets best Swoop tech was.

Surrounding the building were the members of the Mynocks. He waved his hand as he walked up.

A sign made him stop; it had to be a sign, or a dimensional joke. In
Basic was written. Chop Harlison swoop garage.
He was going to buy a Harley-Davidson swoop, or a Chop-Harlison swoop. But it just sounded like Harley.

Moving up he saw a man standing beside Quayce. He was big had a short cut beard, sunglasses and was a bit overweight but not that much. A smell of grease, oil and cigars came from him. He did not smell bad just had an aroma. He also had Grease stains permanent burned into his hands.

Xander "I’m Rednax, Sir." He said politely.
The man looked at him "I'm Chop Harlison. I heard you wanted one of my babies?"

Xander "um I was planning on buying a swoop, or two." he stuttered.

Chop nodded "Like I said, one of my babies."

"Oh." Xander said "So what do you have?"

Chop grinned "Quayce said you had some skill. She asked me to show you this." He said pulling a blanked away from a custom build wonder. A pair of tiny but powerful ion engines gave it more power than a normal swoop. The repulsors were customized, improved lifting and manoeuvre ability. It had everything including a nice blaster cannon.

"What's her name and how fast is she?"

Chop "She a Star Slinger. I'm the only one that builds them. I'm the creator of them. Only a handful has been sold so far." He stroked the lines of the engines. "She can move at a max speed of 950. The altitude ranges from ground level up to 150 meters." Chop continued "The twin engines give it the ability to make a 180 on a credit"

Xander swallowed that was incredible. He could feel that Chop was telling the truth. "May I take it for a ride?"

Chop looked at Quayce before agreeing. A short moment later he started the engine, it roared in joy under him as he raced out.

40 minutes later he landed again beside Chop. "I'm in love and I'm buying one Star slinger And a normal racer Swoop. How much?"
Chop "They are expensive, 20.000 credits a piece. I can give you one of my normal racers for 9000."

Xander swallowed. "I was hoping 12 000 each." A normal swoop cost around 8000 to 10 000 credits. (Note from Beta: I sold them for 20.000 on SWG  )

Chop "No, these are expensive. Military repulsor coils. Super cooled tibana gas circling and the repulsor coil makes the repulsor field 50 % stronger then the factory claims the coils can create. The twin ion engines are a re-designed version of the same type of engine capital proton torpedoes use." He grinned. "You riding the rocket on this"

Xander swallowed. Well he did have the extra money Captain Junas gave him as expenses. No that would be abuse of power. He had his own pay. The reward money the government had given him after he and Jaina had saved the party, but most of that money he was saving to improve the enterprise.

He frowned. "Would you accepted 18 000 credits for the Star Slinger and 9000 for the racer swoop?" he said in a hopeful voice.

Chop nodded "Hmm. Well I accepted. At least I get one sold" Most drivers were unable to handle the speed the star-slingers are moving in.

Xander "What is the speed of your racer?"

Chop "Max up to 750 kmh." he said then frowned "Do you want a blaster cannon installed or not?"

Xander "Could you make it, so that it is a removable cannon?"

Chop nodded "Sure."

Quayce grinned at the guys talking happy. She loved Swoops and seeing others caring about her hobby made her smile.


Later in the Mynock base

The dinner had been nice, a bit bland in taste but not bad. It was time.

Xander "I saw how you have been protecting the town and areas around you."

Quayce nodded "Yes it the right thing to do. Beside bad guys have more loot then farmers or factory workers." she stated simply.

Xander nodded "Indeed." As he pulled out his Republic ID card and with one sweeping motion his lightsabers flew out of his boots in double-bladed form and landed on the table.

Quayce paled as she looked at the ID card. A Jedi? A freaking Jedi was sitting next to her, an armed freaking Jedi.

Xander took a cup of water letting his saber lie there, most of the gang was watching. "Now, I am not here to arrest you. Or make problems. I need your help."

Quayce "You need OUR help? What would a mighty Jedi need the help of scum like us?" She said mockingly.

Xander "I want you to keep doing what you are doing." He grinned at their surprise. "But with a twist." He pulled up a computer pad. "This holds a Republic pardon and a planetary pardon for any prior crimes as long as it's not in the top 6 crimes like slavery and mass murder. Sign this and you are no longer a criminal."

He pulled up a second data pad. "This is a recruitment form. Shesharile 5 and needs a swoop defence force. And they want YOU Quayce to create it.

Any one you recommend they will hire." he looked at her. "This is your chance to make a difference. Shesharile is going to come into money soon. Affairs are coming back and you could be part of that.

Protect the town you love and care for and this time the government will help you."

He held up his hand. "Remember, they want you to create the organization. Meaning that you get free hands, within confides of the law, on how the organization is created." He stood up. "No traps. I am a Jedi I do not lie often"

Quayce: "What about your name Rednax, your love of racing and your home world?"

Xander "I love racing. My home world is called Earth. If you seek it on a nav computer you will not find it. It's a lost world. My name is Xander. Read it backwards and it's Rednax. It was a joke one of my childhood friends and I came up with. He was Essej or Jessie. And I was Rednax." Looking around as he explained.

"This world is starting to work again. Affairs are starting to work again. The people in charge do not like criminals because they are in the way of profits and most cause suffering and problems for the civilians." He looked at Quayce. "After all I told them about you and your gang." he could see they were watching him.

"They offered you this deal, because they like how you and your gang have been protecting civilians. Become part of the law system makes it official. Help them create a swoop defence force. Free hands, within the limit of the law and regular pay and retirements pay checks."
More than one of the gang members was nodding. Xander pushed his selling argument.

"The pardon is free of charge. Sign it and your old crimes are forgotten. The enlistment contract is also free not a condition of the pardon." He said. More of the bikers listen carefully.

Quayce: "What about our support persons, our techs and mechanics?"

Xander "They are building a swoop defence force. They need mechanics and techs for it to work."

Quayce sighed "Let us think about it." She said. This was big. Accepting this would be the greatest mistake or the smartest deal she ever did.

As they studied the employment contract and the pardon, Xander backed away into the corner of the room, watching. By the time the first gang member had signed his pardon Xander felt a present enter the planet. A present he had not felt in a long time. Jaina was back.

As Quayce signed the employment contract to become part of the swoop defence force the combined roar of overpowered repulsor engines and a twin ion engine was heard as Xander starslinger started its journey back.

Only a note on the door told the gang member where the young Jedi was.

-Girlfriend back in town. See you on the racing tracks. Rednax. PS:
If you ever need anything call me. Xander Harris Jedi Knight.-


Later at the spaceport

Three days in hyperspace, three days in a tiny cockpit, like most Jedi Jaina had used hibernation trance to enter a deep coma like sleep.

Only a Jedi must focus on a special stimuli or time before she woke up, or if she was suffering pain.

Then, from the misty sky, the roar of an engine was heard as the X-wing landed softly beside his Ghtroc.

Waiting Xander climbed up and looked inside the cockpit at the sleeping Jaina dressed in a white jumpsuit.

He grinned "Open it R6." He said leaning forward kissing her. "Wake up sleeping beauty. Wake up my princess o beautiful snow white." He said. Kissing her again as he lifted her up in his arms.

Slowly her eyes open and she smiled. "Hi. I bet you say that to all girls." She said grinning. Extending her hibernation trance until R6 gave her the wake up order by sending a screeching sound, or until Xander woke her up with a kiss was brilliant.

The guards at the airports smiled at the romantic show. Beside the X-wing a Swoop slowly lifted from the ground, its repulsor engines activated as Xander sat himself in the driving seat and Jaina sitting behind him holding a hard grip around his shoulders.

"Go silver and away" he said and activated the ion engines off the Starslinger swoop. With a flash of fire they were outside the starport and on their way to their hotel.

End of Chapter 3

16 September 2008, 03:39 PM
Knight away. 4-0
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

Travin was an awful place to live in, but it was an even more terrible place to visit if you were a Jedi of the New Republic.
That was a lesson Xander and Jaina had quickly learned the hard way.
The Crew at the star port looked at them with ill hidden hate. The civilians at the restaurant spit openly in their food. Lots of anger, that they had a right to feel from a certain point of view.
The old moff had made Travin, an empty ice planet, the HQ of the imperial fleet and the civilian HQ for the entire Minos Cluster.
A small number of towns were build almost over night. Atmosphere generators, random plants and animals that could survive were dropped off. Mostly because the moff liked big game hunting and was planning for big future hunts.

And in less than a decade you had a cold wind-swept planet with rugged terrain, almost barren of life. But the life that existed was impressive. Big shark like monsters and whale like plankton eaters scored the sea to find the plankton and other life inside a sea almost barren of life.
The situation on land was slightly better. More life forms had got a life grip on the planet. But it was still a barren ass end of planet.
Most of the humans were brought here to manage galactic affairs in the clusters. They were clerks, entertainers, repairmen, accountants and navy personal.
Then the rebels destroyed the empire and Travin was suddenly without it, the navy moved out and the clerks, entertainers, repairmen, accountants and ground navy personal found themselves fighting to survive on a planet where growing needed food on a large scale was impossible.
They had to start mining the natural resources of the planet. They also opened up the great navy repair yard for smugglers and traders. Jaina suspected even for pirates and slave-ships.
The rebels and the Jedi had done no good for the civilian living on Travin.
Even Captain Junas was nervous as he walked with them. That amount of open hatred was not something he was used to, not that Xander or Jaina were used to that.
The government had given them a tiny file, with information about the ships moved in this area of space, it was as fake, as a flying singing Kung-fu kicking elephant.
Later in space
Junas sighed “So what are we doing now?” Official methods would not work. So?
Xander “I think we jump away and visit another planet just for kicks. Then use the smuggler tricks Han Solo told us about, to sneak down on the planet.” He said. “If we are down there, we could sneak inside and steal the information we need. Then leave.”
Jaina nodded. “That sounds good. Junas?” she said looking at him.
Captain Junas nodded “Sounds good. It was years ago, that I did anything like that” he said grinning while remembering the old days during the rebellion.
Not that this kids would remember these days. Jaina was born five years after Endor. And she was 17 now. Junas sighted during Endor he had been a brave 21 year old scout.
The two Jedi looked at each other as they studied the Navcomputer.
Yelsain, Quockra and Adarlon were 15 hours away. Shesharile was 10 hours. But they just came from that world and it would feel wrong to return so soon.
Jaina “The Yelsain said they were friends of the rebel alliance. If we go there we should stay a bit longer. In a way we do represent the republic like any good will ambassadors.“
Xander nodded “Then Quockra we do have an invitation there” he grinned.
Jaina nodded “Let say 20 hours on Quocra then we sneak back” he said as she and Xander entered the cockpit to set jump co-ordinates to Quocra-4.
A short moment later they returned.
Xander walked by and grabbed a data-pad about Quockra, sat down in the sofa and started to read up on the planet. Soon Jaina was curled up together with him on the sofa and reading the same thing.
Junas sighed to himself. He wondered what his kids and Ex-Wife’s 1-3 were doing and where his current wife was. They were a perfect match. Both of them were never at home at the same time. Naturally they loved each other.
Unlike his X-wife’s, they divorced him because number 1 he was a criminal rebel, number 2 he was never home always working and number 3 change your work and start earning real money get a future and think about me for once.
He pitted his kids. His oldest child right now was Jaina age and he hated him. The youngest she was only six years old and cute as a button, and sadly called the nanny droid mom.
Xander nodded “Quockra-4 it is. Junas are you alright?”
Junas nodded “Just remembered my own family.” He sighed.
Jaina “Do you have a picture?”. Junas nodded as the two young Jedi moved over.
Xander “If they live nearby perhaps we could fly you there. Let you stay home a week or two”
Jaina “Or perhaps let them visit you” she said.
Junas Turner smiled “Well this is my oldest boy. Awel Linel, his mother, my X-wife no 1, was loyal to the empire. So he hates me for destroying their life. I forgot to tell her I was a rebel when I married her.” He said pushing the pocket holo projector to show a new picture. “This is my X-Wife no 2. “ He said showing a picture of a lightly blue skinned human. Jaina recognized her as a Wooronian near-human.
“We meet in the empire jail. It was a stormy marriage, but she is the mother of my second oldest boys, my twins. He said showing up a pair of happy boys with dark blue almost black skin. Alern and Elern Turner. NO idea who is who”
He sighed. “Right now they are 14 years old. We are great friends” He switched the button and thanked the force that he and X-wife no. 3 did not had children. “
This is my wife and my daughter Enilia Turner” he said. The cute six year old dark-skinned child made both of them “Ooo so cute.”
And she truly was a cute child.
15 hours passed fast as Captain Junas Turner entertained them with stories of his life. As a rebel and new republic Scout, sneaking around on alien worlds and scouting out enemy postings.
He lived a life of adventure. Sure the infiltration and destruction was something others did. His work was finding the place and get out alive with the information. But mostly he told them about his wife’s.
His current wife was a machine engineer. She spends most of her time re-engineering or rebuilding factories and big machines, all across the galaxy. He talked and they asked questions until the older Captain saw the two teens had fell asleep on the sofa.
Finding a blanket Junas sneaked in the cockpit to handle the landing.
It was silent in the ship as it entered the Quockra system.
Later on the planet
The star port was different. Only visiting humans, aliens and the quockran droids were seen. They were strange droids, looking almost snake or snail like but with arms.
A gold pink droid what the Quockran consider ambassador painted escorted them to a meeting room.
The quockran were not a hostile race. They are indifferent beings living underground. They disliked contact with most alien races, especially humans. The smell and the appearance of the human body made them sick.
So they build droids that did the talking.
But they had invited Jaina and Xander for a talk. Apparently the idea of Jedi was fascinating them.
Hours later
Xander and Jaina walked back to the ship. It had been an interesting meeting. The Quockran had allowed them to meet eye to eye just so they would show of what they could do.
The poor quockran had by the end of the meeting looked sick and revolted to be in the same room as a human.
It was a strange being. It looked more like a snake with tentacles then a snail but it had some strange snail like traits also, curios and strange.
Both of them could feel that it was more than just a mental disgust it was physical disgusted by them. Perhaps a bio-chemical reaction to the different smell most alien had. They were allergic to non Quockran.
But it was not only Xander and Jaina’s theory. The Quockran allergies were a documented fact proven by a bith researcher. Biths were one of the small numbers of aliens the Quockran where not allergic to.
The reason why they were here? There was a small number of Quockran which wanted Jedi training. They wanted to find a way for them to train.

It would be a problem Luke would have to solve. They only knew about four alien beings that did not cause them massive disgust.
Junas watched the kids as the Enterprise lifted off. “You two are silent”
Xander nodded “I don’t know if I should pity them or be insulted.” He said.
Jaina “Pity is what I’m going with.” She said as the enterprise entered orbit.
Xander “I know, it’s just that I have looked at a hutt and have been disgusted. Hidden my disgust yes, but still felt revolted over how ugly they are.
First time something looked at me with that much disgust in their eye.”
Later on Travin
Going down slowly, sneaking by the satellites and fighter patrols the Enterprise landed on an ice filled landscape.
The three quickly powered down the ship and moved out. Grabbing the camouflage netting, they hid the ship under it, then shoved snow over it, to make it look just like one more field of ice.
Dressed up like normal teens, but under that, they had a night black jumpsuit with a ninja hood to pull over the head.
Junas looked at them before he wished them good luck and may the force be with you.
Xander and Jaina nodded as they jump kicked the swoops.
Hours later
The city was boring, straight walls in a grey material.
It was one of many towns the Empire had build, identical copies of each other build by pre-manufactured parts, transported by big containers ships and put together like a big puzzle or like a Lego into a boring town. Nothing unique, but a town which was build in only five months.
All the buildings on Travin were the same. Pre-manufactured and put up on this world. The only difference was the size and only one had a star port.
There the space port was. Imperial Class meaning, it could handle millions of visitors, re-build a ship from scratch and handle off the largest ships.
The two nodded as they changed into Ninja-Jedi, as Xander kept calling them.

Xander and Jaina, thanks to Kyle, already had the blue prints of the space port.
Silently using the –Mind Control- to make sure nobody noticed them they opened a hatch to the underground maintaining tunnel system and jumped down.
It was dark, only strange orange light from the wall lamps lighted their path as they walked under the starport.
Every now and then they hid themselves as a garbage disposal droid flew by hunting pets and rats.
Under the wall of the spaceport guard droids where patrolling.
Nodding to Jaina Xander grabbed his lightsaber and light-dagger.
Jaina did the same with her lightsaber. She had tried fighting using a pair like Xander but it just felt wrong for her. Luke knew how to fight with a pair of lightsabers and he was good when he did it. But he too felt wrong and unbalanced when using a pair.

Just like Xander said he felt when using only one.
Like one they attacked.
-Force Push- first made the guard rocked off into the wall, confusing them and before they had a chance to signal an alarm Xander and Jaina attacked cutting them in half.
Lifting the pair of guard droids together Xander put a grenade inside both droids.

Jaina: “Five hours.” She said.
Xander nodded and set the grenade for five hours. No reason for them to let the native know that the robots had been cut in half. Something a Light-saber or a Light-foil was good at doing.
Sneaking further inside, they came to an entrance hatch. Jaina connected her data-pad into the security computer.
With Xander on her side the two disconnected the security computer and opened the hatch.
They were in the cellar of the star port.

Looking around they could see cameras and security sensors.
The jumpsuit was another gift from Kyle. It was made out of a sensor baffling material, which made it difficult for sensors to find and identify them. The sensors would know that something was in the area. But it was difficult for it to see the difference between human or rat.
Using a trick Mara hade showed only Luke, Jacen, Jaina and later Xander they focused their powers as they bended light itself. Almost cloaking themselves they looked like a pair of shadows.
Moving like shadows the camera or a human eye could still see them but only with difficulties. It did not work in direct light, only in dark or poorly lighted area with many shadows.

It was a hard trick to do, to easy to lose control. A trick Mara had learned from the Emperor himself.
The two moved out, soon the two of them were sneaking along a maintain crawlway above the corridors.
Under them they saw guards and security droids moving around.
Every now and then they had to cross areas with guards or security cameras, as the crawlway did not go all the way. Sometimes they used the mind control trick on patrolling guards to sneak by them –We are not here nothing strange is going on. - It even worked on the tired guards watching the camera. But cameras recorded. They rather tried Mara’s trick even if it was harder to do.

Finally they were near the starport central computer.
Jaina sneaked inside a room only droids moved in it and Xander stood by the door ready to fight.
Her data-pad downloaded information as quickly as it could. The security was old, based on imperial codes made before Endor.
Finally she had the information about starship moving in space and landing.

She nodded to Xander as the two sneaked outside. Frowning Xander waved a signal to her. –Lets investigate- he said.
She could see him sniffing in the air. That was kind of cool. Her boyfriend could actually sniff out things almost like a dog.
They moved fast. There sitting in a docking hanger was a hutt ship. A slaver-ship was being repaired. Beside it they could see its escort ship, a hutt-gunship, a hutt build version of the Correlian gunship.
Jaina “They even let them land” she said disgusted.
Xander nodded. “I might need backup on my way out. So wait here. If fighting starts create a distraction” he said.
Jaina looked like she was going to protest, and then nodded. Seeing that Xander changed his gun, from the primitive slug thrower to a real weapon a Bryar Pistol a modified sawed down Bryar rifle.
One of many gifts Kyle Katarn had given them.
Jaina smiled “Good luck” she said as Xander vanished in to the ship.
Inside it was dirty the smell of abandon was thick as he sneaked to the bridge.

The ship was empty. Quickly pushing in a computer disk he copied the ships flight information and cargo manifest. Also live recording from the security camera installed in the cargo bay.
Strange the manifest said it was a live cargo of nerfs. Yet it looked like humans chained to the wall of the cargo bay.

Growling Xander sneaked out. Freeing the slaves now would not work. Travin guards would help the slavers.
Walking to the door, he heard voices.
Quickly turning into a shadow he sneaked inside a corner.
The door opened and the captain, a Devaronian with red skin devil horns and pointy teeth, walked in. He looked more like a demon or a devil then most demons in Sunnydale did.
But Xander knew Devaronians from the Jedi academy most of them were good guys.

But from this Devaronian he could feel greed, lust, anger and the urge to hurt others just for fun.
Standing beside him, as a guard, was a creature Xander had not seen before, a purplish-pink head with keratin-like plates on the neck. A skin looking like something from an octopus
Strange tentacle like things grew from its jaw, almost hiding the mouth.
The Kian’s, named Ri’shirril, face tentacle twitched as it detected one more living being, a human from the feel of its nerves.
The sensitive tentacles could easily detect the aura of every sentient being. Like a Gothal they could actually sense the emotions of others and if there were more being nearby.
Ri’shiriril drew his gun “Captain we have an intruder hiding nearby” he said.

Xander swore sith spit and ××××ing vampire piss, as he fired his Bryar gun. The Devaronian fell first; half of his head was burned up.
As the KianThar rushed forward Xander fired a rapid burst of fire in its head.
Now the alarm was screaming.

Shrugging Xander fired a burst of fire in the security computer. Using the force he grabbed the heavy blaster pistol the Devaronian had on him.
With the Bryar gun in his right hand and the heavy Blaster pistol in his left Xander walked out.
Gamorean guards, followed by Nikto the Hutt’s enforcer rushed to the bridge.
A rapid rain of fire came his way, as he dived for protection and fired as fast as he could.

Putting the power pack of the gun in overload he send it flying towards the guards as they jumped in fear of the small explosion one power pack created he rushed them.
Bryar gun blazing and light-dagger swinging as he dived in to the pile of guards.
Four seconds later he was the last being standing. Quickly putting the light-dagger away and sending a burst of plasma in the cut wounds of the guards to hide the nature of their death.

He rushed back further into the ship seeking an exit hatch.
Outside Jaina sighed, she never could take Xander anywhere without him creating problems, Time to see if she could do the same.
Running like a shadow she sends bursts of fire towards the fuel tank. Making it explode.
Moving away from the slaver ship she created more explosions near other ships.
The space-ports guards started to follow her instead of helping the hutt ship.

Xander kicked open the guard room inside the ship. “It’s Daddy” he said. Inside the guards and crew of the ship had armed themselves and prepared to hunt down the intruder.
Then there he was.
“I am sorry” Xander said as he dropped the gun. There were too many slaves for him to let the hutt have them and way too many guards for his blaster.
The guards grinned as the intruder gave up. Then the room turned dark as the intruder turned off the light.
And they paled.
Snap hiss.
Snap hiss.

The room was bathed in the green and yellow light of a lightsaber and lightdagger.
It was no fight, it was a slaughter. Guards and crew-members had died like sheep. Xander felt sick inside, but it was his only way to save the slaves.
Entering the cargo hold he spoke up. “Do any of you know how to pilot this ship?” An older man nodded “I do. Why?”

Xander “Because I’m trying to save you.” Looking around the joy filled faces and cries of happiness “Silence. You are not safe yet.” He removed the key. “You and many as possible have to man the ship.” He looked around. “When you hear the report that an X-wing and a transport are attacking the navy fly away.
Use these jump co-ordinates” he said moving out.
Sneaking out, the shadow of Xander and Jaina stopped near the main power line. Putting a small explosive they vanished. Without power the long range sensors and weapons would be offline.

Parking the racer and Starslinger swoops in the Enterprise, Xander walked up to the bridge. “Junas, you have the Guns.” He said.
Captain Junas blinked seeing Jaina and her R6 readying the X-wing. “What are you doing?” He asked in shock.
Xander: “Attacking a fleet. So that the slaves we found on a ship can escape.”
Junas sighed “This is not good. It’s going to create a diplomatic catastrophe.” He roared.
Xander nodded “I’m counting on it. The coordinates I gave the slaves is to Adarlon. When their heroic princess and her rouge of a knight come storming in, side by side with slaves saved from evil hutt’s and former Empire forces on Travin what do you think they are going to do?” he asked.

Junas was silent. “Sith spit, if I die I so never going to talk to you again for revenge”
Xander nodded “I think I can live with that if I die.” He said ironically.
He hugged Jaina before she climbed in the X-wing. “Be careful and may the force be with you.”
Slowly the X-wing backed out from the tiny hanger. Side by side the two ships started to speed up.
His sensors told him, that they use old TIE with a class 10 engine. But information said that they also had TIE-Interceptors which had the same speed as Jaina ship.
Junas “I take the top turret gun.” He said.

Xander nodded, as he flipped the control of the lower turret to cockpit control and locked the gun on front only. To aim he just had to turn the ship a bit. A target mark activated on his front screen.
He activated his jammers to hide his identity. Once they were at Adarlon they would know anyway. But better to confuse them now.
He flipped the quad cannon on rapid fire. The four cannons would shoot one by one as fast as they could, filling space with bursts of laser. “We have incoming Eye-balls at 12 o’clock. Two squadrons” he said informing them that TIE fighters were coming.

He could see that Junas had chosen link 2 and 2 on his quad turret. It was great compromise between power and speed. Having all 4 cannons shoot the same time was great against big ships, but too hit smaller starfighters you wanted a high rate of fire.
He could not out fly the TIE’s with his upgraded Ghtroc, but with skill he could outmaneuver them. His ship was just as good at maneuvers as the TIE was.

And his ship had an armored hull and military graded shields.
Like a rocket, the two starships flew out into space right at the old dagger corvette, a small Capital ship 200 meters long which looked like a micro Star-Destroyer.
Its big guns, designed to fight of bigger enemies, moved to slow for his fast and dexterous ship.
Outside Jaina was holding her own against the rain of tie’s attacking her. Almost lazy she sends three proton torpedoes down on the dagger corvette. A big explosion and he could see that turbo lasers turrets had vanished and the shields were down on the left side.
Junas was shooting –Thing, Thing- the four cannons fired two and two in a deadly twin rain of fire.

Xander turned around attacking the TIE squadron from behind –thing, thing, thing, thing- the four cannons off his quad cannon fired a rapid rain of fire as he dodged the return fire.
The shields were glowing, as he did a boot sharp turn shielding Jaina’s fighter with his transport.
Junas hade switched his cannon –THING- the four cannons, in quad fire mode, fired simultaneous at the dagger corvette. Its hull, half a meter of armor, boiled away as the powerful quad liquefied the armor.
The corvette rolled around showing the shielded part only.
They moved away luring the defense force away from the planet.
“Ready” he said in the radio. Jaina “Ready and willing” she said flipping the front shield to max.

With a roar of the engines the Ghtroc turned around with Jaina flying in front they attack the squadron of tie fighters.
Xander’s trusted R3 informed him about a change of the enemies. “Squints coming in, one squadron” A second squadron of TIE-Interceptors had now joined them. “Behind them is one more squadron of Eyeballs” he said informing Jaina that more TIE-fighters were coming.

Unlike TIE the TIE-Interceptor had four cannons and the same speed Jaina had.
Jaina: “Ready? I’m doing the flip. Going under in four” she said.
Xander nodded and as she gave the signal he pulled up. Jaina pulled the break and the X-wing vanished behind the Enterprise.
The twin quad of Junas and his gun opened up a can of whoop ass on the interceptors and suddenly a rain of proton torpedo flew out from behind his Ghtroc.

The Interceptor sensors had been unable to see what Jaina was doing as she hid behind him and now it was too late. Three TIE-Interceptors illuminated space, as Jaina came up again with engines roaring as she challenged the remaining interceptors to a dogfight.
Junas laughed “What is it with these guys? They fly like beginners” He said into the intercom.
Xander “Mud-dwellers, not real tie pilots. But they die like real ones” he said swinging the ship around letting Jaina rest and recharge her shields behind his ship. “R3 send over targeting information from my sensors to R6” Xander said to his droid.
Hiding behind the Enterprise Jaina started to drain the cannons to re-charge her shields. When suddenly targeting information came rushing in from R6.

She grinned “Call up the closes squint and paint it as target 1, then give me a lock on it. Then switch to the next squint” She said, as she started to fire missiles from behind the Enterprise.
Rolling around never letting them focus on one side he turned to the droid. “Where is the Slave-ship?” The information rolled up on his screen. “Perfect. X-wing be ready for exit I do not believe they like us.” He said then frowned. “Incoming.”

He said as the TIE fighters roaring in at full attack speed. From behind him missiles after missiles attacked the interceptors.
But with TIE-Fighters around it would be a bit hard to jump. The Enterprise twitched and rocked. Alarms screamed he was near to lose all shields in the rear right part, minor hull damage, nothing to bad.
Junas lighted-up another two TIE fighters as Xander managed to cut off one TIE-Interceptors wing.

Like an angry angel Jaina’s X-wing came up again, in four seconds four TIE Fighters were burning in space.
In fear an Interceptor turned to fast and managed to clip a TIE on the wing. The two ships were spinning out of control, as the Ghtroc raced away.
Still, out of 36 TIE-Fighters (Eye-balls) only 18 were still flying and out of 12 TIE-Interceptors (Squints) only 6 where now flying.
But the enemies had not given up.
“They are regrouping” Junas said.

Xander: “Damn. X-wing, I distract them you take them down”
To the surprise of the TIE pilots the running ship suddenly did a 180 turn and was now attacking them.
With cannons blasting they dived in to the pack of TIE-Fighters and Interceptors.

Dodging like crazy they had almost no time to discover the rain of missile Jaina X-wing sends their way.
Junas sighed to himself as he illuminated an interceptor. “These guys are NOT pilots.” He complained.
Xander roared back “Do not complain. Clumsy enemies are good enemies” he said. “X-Wing? The Slave-ship has entered hyperspace. Prepare to follow”

Now they just needed to get the TIE’s of their backs.
Junas “Perhaps but I have pride in what I shoot down” he answered.
The voice of Jaina “Boys argue later shoot now” she said. Thinking over she illuminated 4 Interceptors and almost 10 TIE fighters by herself. That was instant Ace.
Both she and Xander could claim the title as an Ace. Perhaps Darklighters claim, that both of them were Rogue squadron material was true after all.

Her pride got a kick in the rear as an explosion rocked her ship. “R6 what happened?” She said. “I’m losing power”
R6 quickly started to repair the damage. Jaina read the report her robot friend gave her. One missile launcher was gone and life-support was offline. But R6 said he would get it active in half hour.
She shuddered it was already cold in the cockpit frost was forming on the window. Pulling the pilot suite close, she activated the seals on the pilot jumpsuit sealing it and the helmet now she would survive in the cold space for up to 12 minutes.
Inside the cockpit with no heat inside of it, she could do it hours without problem.

But the frost sure made visual flying difficult. Opening herself to the force and using the sensors she kept fighting.
Xander voice was heard “X-wing what is your status? I repeat what is your status?” she could hear the panic hidden in his voice.
Jaina: “No problems. Ready to fight again” she said the sensors said there were only 14 TIE-Fighters and 3 Interceptors left.
On the far side of the planet re-enforcement where coming.
But they would not get here in time. “Transport. Reverse Shield maneuver two” She said.

Xander nodded as the X-wing flew in front of them like a spear. The X-wings 4 cannons and his two quads fired at maximum. “Ready. Go. Break up.” As the TIE fighters dodged to the side Xander and Jaina broke up on different sides, rains of lasers and missiles came rapidly up from her ship, as Xander dived in shooting another TIE-Interceptor. “They are retreating. I repeat retreating.”
Jaina: “Confirmed. Show me an exit vector” she said joining Xander as the two flew out to jump distance from the planet.

In the gun turrent, Junas disconnected the radio intercom as he turned off his cannon. “That was one fight.” He said. The kids had the right instincts. It was good that the two of them had fallen in love with each other.

Hell Xander was flying like a young Han Solo and Jaina Solo was like Luke Skywalker reborn.
Junas suddenly paled. Bad brain, bad brain.

He felt the vibration as they entered hyperspace.
Xander came walking over “Hi. We are making a 12 minutes micro jump, to pick up Jaina. Uum why are you so pale?” He asked worried.

But Junas could not answer as he saw Xander in front of him dressed in pants. Correlian styled pants (Xander hade asked Han for a good place to buy something to dress in) and a rancor skinned west with a big Bryar gun hanging at his side.

Junas flashed images of a young Solo wearing a similar type of outfit thru his brain.

Xander: “What?” He frowned, as he wondered what that was about.
Junas swallowed. Alright Xanders’s face and body looked nothing like how Han had looked. Good, stupid brain.
As they exited hyperspace Jaina battle scared X-wing landed softly as the hanger doors closed.
In her orange flight jumpsuit she climbed out only to have Xander catch her and kiss her deeply. They were both safe.

Behind them Junas paled once again as he saw somebody in an orange jumpsuit like the rebels had worn during the attack on the first Death star. With the helmet on her head and the vacuum seal activated Jaina female forms looked disgustingly male at the moment.
Poor Junas could only see the terrible image of a young Han Solo kissing a young Luke Skywalker.

In the hanger Jaina unsealed the jumpsuit. The Sealing might protect her against vacuum but they made her look like a man. “What up with Junas?” She asked then frowned.

Xander helped her removing the suit. “I don’t know” he asked. “What wrong?” he asked.
Jaina: “Did you perhaps ask Dad for a place to buy things?”
Xander nodded “Why?” It was comfortable to be in the ship.
Jaina “You better change your fashion. You look dressed like my dad.” Of course Xander looked nothing like Han Solo did. But dress in an old fashioned pants and vest he looked like an idiot.

Xander shrugged “Alright.” He grinned “Why don’t you go thru my wardrobe and say what’s right and wrong” he said.
“You know I have NO idea of the fashion in this universe.” He frowned “OR the fashion of my own universe.”
Jaina nodded as the two walked inside.
Junas was working hard trying to get a hangover.

Knight away. 4-1
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

28 hours later

The Slave-ship and the Enterprise had entered the Adarlon system.
For the first time ever, Xander and Jaina actually asked reporters to meet them and the slave-ship at the star port. To make sure they made an impression Jaina flew her X-wing as an escort.
Also Government and New-Republic representative should meet them.
The reporters were waiting as the last princes of Alderaan and her consort landed. Beside them the ugly form of a slave-ship landed.
The reporters’ cameras focused on the battled scarred hull of the Ghtroc and X-wing. The near death hit on the X-wing cockpit got plenty of pictures.
The moment Jaina landed reporters surrounded them.

Hours later in the hotel
Xander turned the holo projector of. The slaves would get a drive back to their homes and the Travin system would have to pay for their journey back.
The New Republic was sending a powerful protest over the action the Travin system and the Hutt’s were doing.
They were demanding economical compensation for the suffering innocent civilians who had suffered at the hand of the slavers.
A powerful protest, joy that was all? There were whispers that corruption was running new-republic. He already believed that, but now he knew it was true.
They had become heroes at Adarlon. Junas loved it as he managed to get his wife and children over to visit.
Meditating he saw the path of the future stretch out in front of him constantly moving and changing direction from the actions off others.
Difficult the future is to see.
Somehow he felt the fall of the new republic was closer and yet further away than before.

Echo’s of his speech “Do not ask what the republic can do for you ask what you can do for the republic”. Was singing in the flow of time.
His simple: The republic is not a one man show it’s a team effort, was equally large.

Xander swallowed, those two meanings might have created a chance of survival, or brought the death of the Republic closer in time.
From what he felt they brought the destruction closer but also improved the chance of it surviving.
Slowly he drifted back to the here and now. They had enemies in the senat, who do not wish the Jedi to return. The path of honesty would hurt their greed.

He felt the death of a Jedi, the Duros guy. They had graduated together and now he was dead.
Because of a betrayal, just like before with Order 66.
He opened his eyes just as Jaina came in. Seeing his face she walked over. “What is it?”

“Remember the Duros that graduated with us?” he asked silently. Jaina nodded. “I got a flash that he is dead. Somebody betrayed him. It’s someone in the republic.” Xander said silently.
Jaina paled, swallowed to calm herself and then started to meditate.
Xander’s own vision of the future was either extremely bad or sometimes scary precise, yet not showing any details. That was frustrating.

Jaina nodded “Lets find Jacen and Lowbacka. One of us should know what to do” she said. He was right a Jedi was dead and the force was trying to warn them. Betrayal, again.
Xander nodded. “He died in a flash, suddenly dead in space.” The way the Duros died he just could not help himself “The X-wing. It was his X-wing that suddenly destroyed itself.”

Jaina paled “That was what I saw. He just exploded. No, the X-wing exploded.” She said what a macabre idea of somebody hiding a bomb in your ship.
Xander frowned. “No. Not hiding, activating. The bomb was already there.”
Jaina: “No, no way.” It’s not possible.
Xander nodded “Think about it. Every Jedi needs a fighter or a transport which he or she gets free of charge as a loaner. They have already replaced your damaged one with a new one, free of charge again.” He hugged her. “What would it take to have a bomb installed in your ship?”

Jaina slumped down “Not much. Every Jedi that uses a X-wings gets it from the same fabric, the XJ model. It has an improved cargo capacity because it’s used as a transport by us Jedi first and a fighter second.”
Jaina “Lets go and talk to my brother.” She frowned “And please, Xander, check your ship for bombs also” They would have to find evidence and then talk to Luke. No not Luke or Mara Jade, Talon Karrde first. HE would be able to send out the warning flags.
The two young Jedi walked out of the hotel room and back to the ship.
A short talk to Junas later
Xander “I said to him we are going to talk to friends and be back later. He said have a fun trip.” Having Junas family over was a stroke of genius. Now there watcher was distracted and they could escape.
None of them believed that Junas was a traitor but he was an observer most likely considered expendable.

Two days later

The Enterprise landed on a planet no Jedi wants to land on, Myrkh the home of the smuggler alliance and also of Talon Karrde, the retired Talon Karrde. Even as a retired smuggler he was just as active. No longer arranging smuggling runs, instead he was into finding and selling information to the right buyer.
The old man smiled as he saw Jaina walking towards him. Mara Jade had worked as his right hand for a while, until Skywalker had come along.

“Welcome.” He said. “Let’s get inside I have food and drinks waiting” he said in a friendly voice.
Later in his private dinner room: “So what can I help you with?”
Jaina sighed “I’m sorry to bring trouble to your door. But im afraid official source are closed right now” she said.
Talon blinked “Please explain”

Jaina “We have a suspicion that somebody has installed a bomb in every Jedi ship in the galaxy” There she said it. Now he would admonish her for being foolish or paranoid.
Talon Karrde nodded “That could explain much” he said. Seeing the depressed face off Jaina “what you do not believe your own theory?” he said.

Jaina huffed “I was hoping you would say it was foolish paranoia”
Talon laughed at the face she made. “So what do you want from old me?” Leaning forward “And what can you trade with?”
Xander “Information about smugglers and slavers, in the Minos cluster, also information that soon, a new source of tibana gas will hit the market.

Traders and smugglers that are early might get a good deal.”
Talon nodded “I was actually hoping for a I own you, that I or one of my people could cash in later.” He sighed.

Xander “We wanted you to go thru our ships and find the bombs. We believe my Ghtroc might have one also.” He leaned over. “And if you find one could you do two things?
First send out a warning to Luke, Leia, Mara, Corran Horn and Kyle Katarn, without anyone in the republic noticing it.

And second let us borrow starship while you techs seek thru our ships.” He leaned forward.

“Including what we already said, do the last two favors and we will owe your group two big favors.” He said. “And to make the deal ever sweeter, once we find out where the pirate gang has their hideout I’m going to let you and your gang help themselves to any object of value.” He grinned while we bring in the criminals.”

Talon Karrde smiled “I could tell you where the pirate base in the Minos cluster is.” He nodded. “It’s a deal. I let my men search Jaina’s X-wing first.

After all if they go after Jedi they will, sooner or later, try to hurt Ben Skywalker.” He grinned “I consider that baby to be my grandson.” He said with pride.

Jaina frowned “You would have done this for free?” she said. Talon Karrde nodded. “But a deal is a deal” Seeing their irritation he grinned. “What about if I include and install a concussion missiles tube?”
Xander “Sounds good. But make it a pair of missile tubes and install a auto blaster under the cockpit, same type as the B-Wing’s use.”

The B-wings auto-blaster was fast. It did not do much damage, but it could be used to improve the aim of the target computers. Kind of like a laser sight.

Looking at Jaina he said “She also needs some ammo to re-fill her torpedo stock and you would not happen to have one of those old tractor beams for fighters?”
Talon nodded “I have the jammer and tractor beam. You really believe I’m going to give you kids all that?”
Xander nodded “If you believe Ben is your grandchild. You will. I’m seeking a target right now and whoever is hurting my friends is the target”

He had sacrificed his own future on earth just to save his friends. In no way would he let a fool, blinded by greed destroy his new friends.
Jaina nodded “If we are right, it is somebody high up in the republic who is behind it.” She studied him. “What made the old Republic work?” she asked.

Talon Karrde: “The Jedi order. Millions of Jedi worked to keep the republic alive. In the…” he fell silent “There are not enough Jedi now for the republic to work” he said.
Jaina nodded “The Rebel alliance created a house of cards and it’s falling down, only we Jedi could stop it. If we fail it will be crushed bit by bit. So help or get out of the way.” she said looking sad.

Talon was pale as he considers the consequences. This was bad. But the missing parts of what he suspected were happening fell in to place. A second galactic civil war was about to break out.
And this one would make the old Rebel VS Empire look like a warm up. “You get the help.” He said.

At the next morning, his team of experts started to pick the X-wing apart. Every bit was removed. Soon the X-wing parts started to fill out the floor of a huge hangar.
Even her R6 and Xander R3 had to be examined, they came out clean.
Two days later. Talon called them in to the hanger. “I am sad to say that you were right. The X-wing contained a tiny bomb. If activated it would have destroyed your hyper drive during entry, making the ship destroy it self.” He sighed “Here I show you the ship you are going to use while my men investigate your Ghtroc”

The ship they were going to use was a banged up Lone scout-A.
A tiny scout vessel, only 24 meters long, but it was fast and had good hyper drive.
Xander “Thanks. “

Talon grinned “Do not mention it. I ask not what the republic can do for me. I ask what I can do for the republic” he grinned at the shocked face of the young Jedi. “Oh, do not be so surprised it was catchy.”
Later in hyperspace

The tiny Lone Scout-A was a fast ship with long legs. Even if it had limited space on the inside its hyper drive was fast and effective.
Jaina studied a star map and nodded to a part of it. That’s where her twin brother Jacen was. She was wondering what kind of ass end of space he had ended up in.

Wherever it was, most likely it was not good.
They landed outside the town and walked into it.
It was not a normal town by far. It was a place of drugs smugglers.
Xander pointed out to the republic hangers, they looked more like an armored bunker then a normal hanger.
Jaina nodded “Looks like he is in trouble.” She frowned now she remembered. This was no normal world this was a world of exiles. She picked up her data-pad to read what she had about the planet.

The locals of two nearby system had taken the lovely habit of sending their criminals out to another world and let them survive if they could. After a while they started to ask their neighbors if they wanted in on the deal.
By the time of Endor fifteen worlds used this place as a place to dump life time criminals.
The first generations most died directly of starvations, the hostile plants or animals.
But eventually some criminals managed to bring with them plants, animals and things that humans could eat started to grow.
Only four years ago did the locals ask for help. Smugglers had discovered their prison world and helped the criminals to escape.
Now the Republic had to send over a team of guards because of the pure concentration of criminals on this crime world.

The situation was even worse as they thought, as the republic research team reached the place. For the first hundred years criminals exiled to the world had implants that made them sterile.
Not that it was really needed, not much on the world was possible to use as human food.

As more and more worlds joined, smuggled plants and animals had made it possible for humans to survive, unless somebody killed them.
But many of those worlds did not use implants to stop the exiled criminals to have children.

Only a small number of innocent was born each year. But they were growing in numbers. The criminals, the worst of the worst from fifteen different worlds made a short work of most of the children.
Eventually a pair of children survived they became adults had their own children. They created a gang of warriors to protect themselves against the never ending rain of criminals which fifteen worlds were dumping on their home.

Then the smugglers came. Drugs and spice were brought in. Criminals who could pay got away.

Changing the security satellites to military laser satellites and space mines did help to keep the smugglers away.
Then came the fall of the Empire and the trouble with returning criminals had grown bigger by now. After an incident they asked the republic for help, a world where 50 % of all living people were murderers, smugglers, rapist, slavers, political criminals, swindlers, sociopaths and psychopaths.

The rest were the children of said people.
Xander read the note on the Data-pad. “That’s one ××××ed up world” he said.
She nodded. “Seems like Lowbacka and Jacen were send here as guardians and advisors” Jaina said.
Xander sighed “Look a pub. Let’s go in and have something to eat.”
With a hood to hide their faces they walked inside.

Knight away. 4-2
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

Anger was boiling in the locals. Apparently the republic was screening the criminals, stopping the worst from leaving and trying to isolate the most aggressive criminals from the civilians.
The local exiles did not like that no sir.

Paying for food, with local credits Xander stole from a passerby, the two sat down silently and ate their food.
The locals were looking with suspicion at them.
They ignored it. Until a big strong man growled as he walked up a knife in his hand “I said how much your whore is” he yelled.
Lightning fast Xander stood up grabbed the hand holding the knife and twisted. A CRACK was heard in the pub as the hand was broken.
He might not have the strength of a wookiee but Xander knew he was perhaps twice as strong or more than a normal human. “I’m her bodyguard” He growled out. “Now say you’re sorry to the lady and she might let you live.”

The criminal swallowed as Jaina looked at him instead of seeing a face inside the cloak all he saw were shadows.
“I’m sorry. I’m sorry” He begged as he rushed away.
Xander bowed to Jaina. “My lady.” She nodded and Xander sat down again.
“Why?” she whispered.
Xander: “Miss direction and confusion. At least we are not republic spies in their minds” Hearing that she nodded.
They would target her bodyguard now or her as she showed up a bit more then what Xander had expected.
Moving out they walked careful around the republic star port.
“Look” Xander said. Over there they saw Lowbacka, his fur was pale and he looked thin. “He does not look good” Xander said.
Jaina frowned “I see that.” She wondered what was going on. Stretching out she found Jacen calling him, asking him to come and meet her in secret.

A tired Jacen arrived; he looked like he lost weight, his hair and eyes where pale looking.
Jaina “Jacen. What happened to you?” she asked.
He looked confused “Nothing just work. Never ending work” he sighed. “What are you doing here by the way?”
Xander grabbed his med kit. “Give me your hand” he said. Jacen blinked “I’m just stressed.” He said.

Jaina frowned “Jacen let him do it.” She said in a commanding voice.
Jacen nodded as Xander took a blood sample. “Nothing it only shows an unusual high stress level, nothing else.”

He frowned and then picked up a straw of hair, putting it in for a poison test. “Nothing.” He shrugged setting his hands over Jacen heart. Trying to sense whatever was wrong with him.
Jacen “Nothing is wrong with me” he protested.
“Feel this Jaina” Xander said.
Jaina nodded as she let her hand touch her twin. It was a foul feeling of wrong, eating him up from the inside. “O no. Its.” She swallowed. “It is something poisoning you and Lowbacka too.”

Jacen: “I’m fine. Nothing to worry about” he said.
Xander frowned “Why do you say you are fine?” He asked using a weak mind control attack. Jacen being strong minded should have ignored his tiny push. But instead he fell in trance.
“The voice during my sleep says there is nothing to worry about” Jacen said in a dreamy voice.
Xander “Whatever it is, it is affecting his willpower and his mind also.”
Jaina “We have to get Lowbacka and get the hell out of here” she said.
Xander nodded. “Let use your brother to get him” he said.
Jaina wanted to protest, but agreed.
An Hour later
The same result with Lowbacka.
Using mind-control on their friends they quickly got the two cooperating.

“What are we going to do?” Xander said “My first instinct is to take them by blade and put them where the sun doesn’t shine. “
Jaina “We cannot let anger rule us. Our first mission should be to heal them. Cilghal is a mon calamari healer she should be our best bet.
“Alright she is on the Calamari home world with Tekli” Xander said grinning. At the memory of the enthusiastic over energize female chadra-fan.
“You really like Tekli” Jaina said grinning. Xander nodded smiling “She is fun. Like a younger sister or a pet dog” he said.
Chadra-fan’s are short aliens with furry bodies and a head that looked like a bat. Only a meter long the young Tekli hade managed to win the heart of all other Jedi.
Tekli was a young teenager when Xander first saw her, less than a year ago she was 10 years old, which in human years would equal a 15 year old.

Being hyperactive and almost never sleeping Tekli spend her time running around getting to know the other Jedi. In the end, she considered every Jedi in the academy to be her best friend.
She had graduated two months before they had.
Jaina sighed “I miss the tiny fur ball” she smiled. “And yes she is like a pet sometimes.” She said, as Tekli actually liked to play fetch.
It was apparently a fun game among chadra-fan that let them burn some of that extra hyperactive energy away.
They nodded “Best find a stick she can hunt” they said together.
As Lowbacka and Jacen were sleeping behind them, the Lone scout-A lifted up.

22 hours later.
Jacen woke up, his head was pounding and he felt sick. Crawling up from the bed did nothing good as he fell down hurting himself.
Seeing Xander confused him. “Rest we are getting you some help.”
Jacen frowned “For what?” He said feeling sick but yet not. He just needed to rest, just rest.
Two hours later they entered the mon calamari home world, a huge water planet with ship yards floating around in orbit and down on the never ending oceans.

Jaina “I said. Rouge, Solo, Solo, spacewalker” She said sending a code that would let them into a private hangar.
Slowly they entered a private hanger and landed.
As they walked out, guards moved to stand in formation guarding them.
Last out was Ackbar himself. “Jaina? How confusing. My report said you should be in the Minos cluster”.
Jaina nodded “That what I wanted them to believe. I need Cilghal’s help and I need you silence” she said.
Ackbar frowned then nodded.
Jaina “Can we talk after Cilghal has come here? We have two poisoned Jedi in there.” She said.
Ackbar mouth opened “Your brother?” he said. Jaina nodded. “We will keep this private then” he finished waving the guards away.
One hour later
Cilghal with her apprentice Tekli came out from the ship. “They were poisoned but it would not kill them. It was eating up their mind. Whoever drugged them was planning on using them. The poison slowly eroded their willpower and made them extremely easy to mind wash.”
Xander “If my suspicion is correct, they were going to mind wash them to create a political scandal.”
Ackbar “Who would do something like that?”
“The same person, who had bombs put in every ship belonging to Jedi that’s who” Jaina said.

There was silence. “You are joking. I hope” Ackbar said.
Tekli “Our ship also?” she interrupted.
Xander shrugged. “Perhaps, Jaina’s X-wing had a bomb and my Ghtroc might have one, it is still being investigated.”
He sighed. “Our information makes it clear. It is somebody high on the political scale. He or she believes Jedi are in his or her way to power. Only somebody with connection to starship building could have done it.” He said looking the fishlike admiral in the eye.
Ackbar “Do you suspect me?” he asked. Xander: “No. Not you, but I do suspect that you know who could have done it. Or perhaps even now figure out who it could be”

Ackbar head seem to shiver, before he nodded. “That depends on if my nice Cilghal ship has a bomb in it or not. If it has I know exactly who it is and if so the Republic itself will be destroyed if we make a single mistake.” He did not look happy. “I’m going to let my private team, look thru her ship. They will not say anything.”
Cilghal nodded.
Behind her Tekli shivered eye full of tears. “Why would they do things like this?” the tiny healer said.

Xander and Jaina quickly hugged her.
Cighal rolled her huge fish like eyes. Tekli was such a drama queen and she loved and would do anything for a hug or a head rub. “I am not sure. At least not completely but I believe that they were planning on using Jacen and Lowbacka to assassinate Luke and Mara” seeing their worried look she calmed them down. “Do not worry you saved them in time. They had yet to start programming them.”
As the Jedi rejoiced in their reunion and knowing their friends where safe, a tired old Ackbar walked out of the room. He might not be a Jedi. But he could feel it in his bones.
War, how he hated war and the fact that he, a born pacifist dreamer, was so skilled in the art of war.

Later at a floating city on Mon calamari

Jacen was sitting on a harbor where ships and submarines were parked and was looking much better.
His skin was not that pale anymore. He was still skinny, Cighal had told them that his own Jedi skills were fighting the drugs and doing that hurt his body as they kept increasing the dose of the drug.
Lowbacka also looked better, riding on his shoulder and talking constantly was Tekli, behaving more like a child then the Jedi healer she was.

The young wookiee was protective of the tiny Chadra-fan, she reminded him of his sister when she was younger.
Jaina was sitting next to her brother, leaning her head on his shoulder. The idea that he could have been killed was terrifying. The two were connected in a way only force sensitive twins could be.
She knew he was shocked and afraid. She also knew he felt betrayed and missed his X-wing that was still parked on the other planet. Going back there and get it would be hard. But it was a loaner with a bomb inside it.

Under them, swimming side by side with Cighal, was Xander. Looking at the floating city the way only somebody could from under the sea.
It was magnificent. Even under the sea they where building parts that would become starships, or perhaps they where storing them. Xander was not sure.
On other places he could see children playing inside an underwater play yard.
Then the fish farms, huge cages floating in the sea filled with growing fishes.
Cighal said that it were mostly delicates fish’s that were farmed that close to the city, to stop thief’s from stealing them.
Later at the Mon Calamari star port.
Ackbar was not a happy fish; Cighal’s ship had a bomb installed in it. “I am not happy.” He said to them.
Xander nodded “I can see that. Now who is it that’s behind the kill all Jedi thingy?” he asked. “Tell me or I bring forth the fishing rods.” He joked.

Ackbar made a deep gurgling sound that was a laugh among Mon Calamari “I do not have any evidence or anything except the bomb that I have secured as evidence.
But I know the source of this are the Bothans and the current president of the republic Borsk Fey’lya may or may not be involved. He might be innocent or he just kept silent”
Jaina “Why are they doing this?”

Ackbar sighed “In the Bothan culture the pursuit of power and influence is the most important thing that is. Among Bothans Borsk, being president of the republic perhaps the most powerful man in the galaxy is there for a star, the sexiest male Bothan that exists.” He took a deep breath. “In their own culture backstabbing, counter deals, character assassinations and lies are normal behaviors. They are natural born politicians. Jedi, that can sense a lie among others things, are impossible to bribe. They are to dangerous to the Bothan’s to let them live. The Bothans have always feared the Jedi. That was the reason the Emperor trusted Bothans.

But they did not like him or the empire that limited their climb to power.” He said. Remembering a discussion he had with Grand Moff Tarking once many years ago during the time he was the Moff’s personal slave.
Cighal waved her hand getting the others attention. “Remember, this is just my uncle’s theory. He has no evidence to prove that it was the Bothan’s that did it. Beside Ackbar does not really like Bothans” she reminded them.

The young Jedi nodded.
They said their farewell and climbed into the scout ship, Time to get the Enterprise back.

Knight away. 4-3
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

Later at Myrkk
Talon Karrde walked out to greet his young guests. What he did for them cost him personal a bloody fortune, but he would not complain. He finally was having fun again, being retired was killing him.
Perhaps it was time to become more active again. He pushed the idea away for the moment. “Welcome” he said his two pet Vornskr growled angry as their instinct identified four Jedi.

They where animals, native of this world, that used the force to hunt and they did not like other beings that were force sensitive. Around 80 cm tall they were the size of a tiger.
Talon could see the kids were a bit nervous, at least three of them. The forth one, Xander, his eyes started to glow green and yellow as he looked one of the Vornskr in the eye.

A battle of dominion started slowly, the beast backed down in front of an alpha predator. As it backed down he looked the others in the eye.
Looking up Xander smiled “So did you find a bomb on the Enterprise?”
Talon nodded “I did. Impressive that you managed to scare my pets Sturm, and Drang” He said.
Xander eyes twinkled “I just explained to him that I was too big and hungry to eat” He waved his hand “Yes I know it’s supposed to be impossible to use the force here.
But if the Vornskr are doing it, I can do it to them. I am a bit limited, but the moment it makes contact…”

Jaina “The moment its hunting sense made contact you opened yourself up and dominated it” she said in surprise.
Xander nodded “I do have predator instincts.” He said knowing the others knew about the Hyena and Solider.
Moving beside Talon were a much calmer pair of Vornskr’s, purring as they pushed their big head in Xander hands to be petted. Grinning they did look nice, a mix between dog and cat with some bear like qualities mixed in them and they would make great guards.
Jaina smiled as she tried to pet the cute monster, but quickly pulled back the hand as she almost lost her fingers.
The Vornskr growled angry the moment she tried to pet it or come close to Xander. “Grrrrr” it said angry.
“Hey it’s my boyfriend” she complained.

Xander shrugged. “Talon, could you put your pets away?”
In the hanger they saw his Enterprise. The ship had never looked better in his eyes. Under the chin of the cockpit a twin auto-blaster, same type as the B-wing fighter used, was mounted.
Hidden on each side of the ship was one Concussion missile launcher, giving him a pair of missile launchers.

The twin Auto-blaster was a tiny double cannon that could destroy a TIE and perhaps hurt a TIE-Interceptor. What was great about it was that it could be used to improve the ships targeting computer, making it a great tool to hit tiny targets that moved too much.
“Its beautiful” he said turning to Talon “Thanks. I know I asked too much but”

Talon waved his excuse away “I was going crazy here with nothing to do. Even half retired like I am now, it was killing me.”
He looked at the ship “Arranging for a secret courier to Luke, Mara, Leia, Han, Kyle and Corran was just what the doctor ordered.”
He gave them a smug smile. “Your sensors were bad. I put in some military sensors. What good are weapons, if you are unable to find your enemies?” He also stole the hanger design.

Jaina looked at the old man, he was strange. In some way he reminded her of an older version of her own father Han Solo, a Han that decided to become the smuggler kingpin.

Talon looked serious at them “Until I have sent out the messenger I wanted the four of you to stay out of the core worlds.” He said.
Xander nodded “Give us the co-ordinates for the pirate base near the Minos Cluster and we do some spring cleaning there. If you just happen to have a smuggler or two nearby, there is nothing we could do to stop them from looting the pirate base.”

Lowbacka growled unhappy at the idea of being part of illegal plunder.
Jacen frowned, then nodded the smuggler did help them more then he needed to and like most correlians Talon Carrde had a distinct dislike for slavery.

His smugglers did carry illegal spice but the more dangerous drugs like death-sticks he let hutt smugglers carry.
A Spice cargo could give you 1-5 years punishment on Kessel, depending on what type of spice and what planet. Death-sticks would give you life sentence or death as a punishment.
So Talon smugglers were more loyal to their boss and they knew if they ended up on Kessel Talon would help them out, legally shorten their time or give them nice postings outside of the spice mines.
Later on their way to the Minos Cluster
Jacen was watching as his sister snuggled near Xander and he wished Tenel-ka was nearby. Xander was good for his sister, he could feel that.
Meditating he could see difficulties in the future. That was not good.
At the same time on Coruscant.
Borsk Fey’lya read the report, another Jedi had died. That was bad.
If you could get an honest answer out of him and ask him what do you think about the Jedi, he would have said he hate them. But he also would have said he needed them.
The republic would fall apart in corruption and interior fighting without the calming present of the Jedi.
Jedi where being murdered and the most awful part was that he had a good suspicion that it was his own people, the Bothans, which were doing it.

Somebody was assassinating Jedi and he was the most powerful man in the galaxy surrounded by people he could not trust. If he warned the wrong person whoever was part of the plot would hide OR speed up the assassinations.

If he did not warn anyone they might succeed.
Jacen Organa Solo and Lowbacka were missing. Their work as watchmen on Achalem was strange but understandable.
The Republic was actively trying to separate the most dangerous criminals from the native innocents and the less dangerous criminals.
If he could, without looking like a monster, the idea of carpet bombing Achalem and forgetting it existed sounded like a good idea.
But no they had to send in the troops, trying to save the innocent children of criminals.

And now Jacen Solo was missing.
He had to warn somebody.
Calming himself, he once was a master spy. It was time to use those skills again. “Could you call Esser Nei’lar” he said.
Moments later Esser came inside. She was a gorgeous Bothan 25 years old and one of his many lovers and a secretary. At least officially and he would not complain if she let him become her lover.
No Esser was a courier, the best of the best. She was trained in hiding, escaping, and driving anything that flied, rolled or walked. She even had a cybernetic implant that could change the color of her fur.
It was luck that he managed to hire her. “We need to talk” he said activating a zero sound field.
No sound could escape the bubble the zero-sound generator created, as the two talked.

Esser walked out frowning as she focused on her mission. Her loyalty was absolute. She would... Tiny sparks of pain send shivers of confusion thru her as her real personality awakened from its sleep.
The greatest spy is always the one that does not know it is a spy, an old Bothan saying.

Unknown to Borsk she was a living example off that. On the surface the loyal Esser, a skilled courier absolutely loyal to Borsk and even to the Jedi and a Gothal had tested her.

After all that part of her mind was loyal. Not even the emperor himself had discovered the bothan spies hiding as loyal friends and advisors.
Trained with drugs combined with mind washing technology had given her a second personality one that she could reprogram as needed.
A personality that had no idea that it was a fake, a funny mirror created in her own image.
Normally it was that part she let control her body as she watched or was sleeping.
Now her real masters would pay her well for the information she had. Grinning Ellan Nei’sar walked away. Perhaps they would finally give her the order to end Borsk life.
At the same time on the Enterprise.
They docked at the old Caroonas Space station, it was build almost 2000 years ago and it started its life as an asteroid base. But now nothing of the stone was visual, but deep inside you could touch the original rock.

The station almost 5 km long from one end to the other and 2 km tall it served as a refueling, restaurant, hotel and rest place for tired spacers out in deep space. Looking like a metallic brick hanging in space.
Hundreds of small docking hangers dotted its surface.
Docked inside one of the hangers was the Enterprise inside Xander frowned as he looked at Jacen. “Do you have to use a red shirt?” He complained.

He himself always used black, white, green or whatever Jaina gave him but never red it was forbidden, to her amusement.
Jacen blinked. “What.” He said. Lowbacka was just as confused.
Jaina was giggling “Xander stop being ridicule. He looks good in that shirt”
Xander “I told you. This is a starship named enterprise.
On the Make-believe movies and shows Star trek anyone wearing red shirts from the starship Enterprise ends up DEAD. I’m trying to keep your brother safe.” He looked at the other two “Right I’m not stupid”
Jacen frowned “Because of a make-believe show. You are stupid” he said walking out in to the space station. Lowbacka growled out something that sounded like amusing.
They exited the ship looking around.

Aliens and humans of every type, he could see in this hanger alone nineteen other light transports.
Moving out into the exit corridors they found themselves in an ally where on one side were turbo lifts and on the other were stores that sold heavy gears and ship spare parts.
Commercials areas, said a sign on one of the turbolifts.
Xander, Jaina, Jacen, Lowbacka, R6 and fifteen others strangers moved inside the huge lift.
Just as fast as the door closed it opened again and they were there.
Further inside and on a different level.
Lowbacka and Xander growled as a pickpocket thief tried to steal from Jaina. She just rolled her eyes and pushed the thief in the side of the wall.

It was big. Tucked in the floor was an asteroid it looked tiny compared to the room. But the cave in the asteroids had five boutiques. Cloth store, Candy store, Book-holo movie store and space suite R’US, gizmo and things.

Around the asteroid shopping mall were more stores and restaurants. Also bathhouse with massage and sunbathing could be enjoyed.
It even had a weapon store.

Lowbacka sniffed his fur. He really hated to bath, but cleaning his fur in a real bath where he can come and shampoo his fur then dry it professional that was a complete different thing. “Rrror” he said pointing at the bath. “Groor rhar” he said handing over most of his valued stuff to Jacen so that nobody would steal it.

Thank the force, the stink of dirty Wookiee would finally vanish, was what Xander, Jaina and Jacen were thinking.
R6 just sighed the new life forms developing in Lowbacka fur would be destroyed.

Then they split up.

Jaina rushed to the book-holo movie store.
Xander found an interest in the Gizmo and things store.
Jacen sighed as he looked at the cloth store. He really needed something more.

Lowbacka’s adventure

Lowbacka “Grrrr hunk hunk” he said enjoying the shampoo massage. The Twi’lek female, a big fat and strong woman, was massaging in shampoo and grinned at the purring wookiee. “You liked that don’t you?”
The kid had been so dirty. She put more shampoo on her hands “Now this is going to make you fur shiny and soft” she said.
Lowbacka just hunked answers drifting between sleep and being awake. He and his fur would be clean again.

Jaina adventure

“O.. That’s a good book.” She said putting a nice adventure book in her cart.

Xander adventure

“What the hell.” He said in English. Looking at a real Swiss army knife, of course it was possible that with the stolen earth gold and kidnapped humans, that other object had followed.
The store owner paled “You. You are from earth” he said. Xander nodded “yea. Why?” he asked.

It felt good to talk in English.
“Me too, I am from New York. Former police officer, Carlos Nieto NYPD” He said with pride and enjoyed seeing one more of the exiled.
Xander smiled “Your store?” he asked. The man nodded. “Yeah. Mine and some others, most of us where put on slave ships and were never seen again.”

But I and some others were lucky. They put us in a big cargo ship full of plunder and things. We managed to overpower the crew, in the end it was perhaps seven out of nine alive.

But we were free and had a ship.” He shrugged “Somehow we ended up here. My girl Sophie Kerr and I stayed here. The rest?” He shrugged. “The ship was full of riches, we split the loot and well I did a good deal on what the others considered junk.”

Xander “I would love to talk earth with you guys. I’m here with my girl Jaina and her twin Jacen and Lowbacka” seeing the guys confusion he explained. “I’m the only one from earth.”
Carlos Nieto nodded “So how did you get here?” he asked.

Xander frowned the truth would be crazy unless he added a twist. “I jumped. The powers that be on earth did not like it, so I was send to stop the gate machine. It was all they could do” He said.

Carlos frowned “Why you and powers that be? Who are they and how old are you?” he asked.

Xander shrugged “I’m a trained special force soldier. They even included some experimental gen-manipulation. To make sure I would survive”

He looked at the older man “The powers that be. Are what you might call presidents, Directors, Kings, Queens, which rule old earth.” He smiled “My age is only 18 but I started fighting when I was 16. Like I said I was in a special unit.”

Carlos nodded “Alright Captain America.” He grinned “So what have you done since then?”
Xander “Believe it or not, I managed to become a Jedi knight.” Carlos snored “Really? I don’t believe in Jedi”

Xander shrugged a wave of his hand and object started to fly around Carlos. The former police looked shocked before he said “Alright, I do believe.” Then turned to Xander and asked “Is there any way for us to return home?”

Xander shrugged. “According to the smart ones, every time the gate opened the sun could have become instable and would go in an instant super nova. So they had to close it fast”

Carlos nodded. “Why don’t you and your friends come by later to chat a bit? Take the pocket knife I have more” he said. He and his wife had started to manufacture new pocket knifes.

The two started to talk about earth movies and TV shows.
Hours later Xander walked out when the strangest group walked up to him.

They were two female near humans with red to purple skin and beside them holding their arms were two male near humans, one soft purple the other blood red skin.

Beside the skin, they looked beautiful and human.
“Excuse me. But you are the captain of the enterprise correct?” He said. “I am Aridel. I found out about you from the landing computer you are listed there as the captain.”

Xander nodded “Right what can I help you with?” The four looked at each other.

Then “We would like you to let our daughter come with you on your adventure. She is a computer expert and we are willing to pay” Aridel said.
Xander frowned he felt no decide or evil from them they were just worried. “Why?” he asked.
“Let us explain. It’s a long story”

Jacen Adventure

Frowning he looked around the cloth store. Most of it was space-wear or Duros and Ithorian styles. When suddenly a pair of red purpur arms hugged him from behind: “Hi I missed you” a female voice said.

Jacen frowned. “Um… Do I know you?” he said paling. It was a Zeltron. A race of red purpur skinned near humans. A race Luke, Leia, Han had warned him for. Not that they were bad or evil, just that they were clingy and for some reason they were attracted to Jedi, especially those of Skywalker blood. He could see that the clingy girl hanging on him was perhaps his age a year younger or older difficult to say.

“No. But I like to get to know you” she purred as she hugged him again. Letting her fingers touch and play with his back.

He sighed. Let’s see what was it Luke had said? They are empaths and they have a combination of outer appearance and pheromones that makes them attractive.
They also have quick reflexes and are formidable fighters. “Um... Could you let me go?” he asked while her hand was moving inside his pants.
“No I’m comfortable.” she said.

“O’My DARLINGS HURRY UP” a female voice yelled. Jacen could see an older Zeltron female.
Suddenly three more Zeltrons were there, another female and two males.

One of the male “He is hugging our baby” He said. The other male nodded “Now what is your name boy” he said.
Jacen swallowed seeing all of them had guns and looked dangerous. “Um Jacen Organa Solo” he studded out.
The angry sounding looked like he blushed “Oh don’t be afraid boy. I’m just happy my daughter has found somebody. She is 17 after all and showed no interest in boys or girls before now.” he looked at the other Zeltron’s in the room.

Jacen “Um stop that” he said to the girl climbing on his body trying to remove his pants.
“They are so cute together” one of the adult females said. The other nodded “He is embarrassed.”

Those made them all say “O so cute. Young love”
Jacen “HEY I don’t even KNOW your daughter.” He defended himself.
The other male suddenly looked angry “IS my daughter not good enough for you?” he roared.

Jacen “No. no she perfect. I meant I... I don’t ever know her name.” He frowned. “Um wait a minute I taught HE was her dad.”
The girl hanging on his body licked his ear. “I’m Samy” she purred. He was so perfect.

The second female spoke up “The four of us are all married together. We are bisexual twice the fun, twice the pleasure”
The first female nodded “And we were so worried that our baby was frigid or un-interested in boys or girls. All she did was playing with computers and programming things.

Not having sex or going on wild parties, only having strange dreams. You have to understand how worried it made us”
The other female nodded “It even looked like she was.” She swallowed “Shy.”

Jacen blinked. “Would you stop that? Not now. Um Samy” he said pulling his pants back up. The girl seem to hold them down “Later promise” she purred.
Jacen sighed seeing four dads. And four mothers it was only one thing he could say. “Alright, later.” He was so dead.
The girl let him go as she yelled “Yay I got a Jedi boyfriend.” She quickly hugged his arm not letting it go.

The loud voiced Zeltron “Wait a minute. Did you say Organa Solo?” he frowned. “I used to be a bodyguard to a Leia Organa when she was visiting our planet. She did have a cute smuggler on her hands.
Han Solo hanging around” He was almost sure the two were famous even outside Zeltron. But politic he could not stand it.
His husband nodded so did his wife both of them.

One of them frowned: “Remember? I did visit coruscant to give Luke some Jedi artifact, but I met your mother and father instead. Both of us were pregnant at the time.” She remembered that they both had felt a strange spark going thru them as she gave her the artifact.
An old statue that was created as a symbol of love once many millenniums ago during the time a Jedi could marry and have children.
The others suddenly realized who their daughter had fallen for. She was not crazy.

“Skywalker blood.” One of the mothers whispered. The other nodded “strong Jedi also”
The first dad sighed. “Jedi and Skywalker blood.” He frowned “The question is are you on a mission and did you come in a transport or a fighter?”

Jacen still dumfounded by the girl licking him over the ear. “Um… The Enterprise she is a transport. Why?”
“Excellent” was all he heard from the dads and mothers as they walked out. “Let’s find out more about the enterprise.”
Later, at the home of Carlos Nieto and Sophia Kerr
Lowbacka’s fur was shiny, fresh and smelled of flowers and forest. He looked happy.
Jaina looked amused.

Jacen was trying to crawl under the table.
Samy was using him as a chair.

Xander was trying not to laugh. “By the way, Samy I meet your parents, wonderful people. They even said you could join us. But I have to warn you death is always nearby where we walk.”
Samy’s smile lighted up the room “Great then I can get to know my boyfriend.” Jacen was confused and looked like he was trying to find a way to run away in fear or carry her to a bedroom and have wild sex.
Jaina looked at Xander “What??? You can’t take her with us, she will be in mortal peril.” Xander: “If we do not let her come with us. They said they would hire another transport captain to follow us.” He whispered in Jaina ears. “There is more to the story, much more. Feel it in the force.” He said.

Jaina leaned away. Seeing the girl happily snuggled up with her twin brother who still had the most amusing look between utter fear and happiness. She finally understood why Luke had warned them about Zeltrons.

But in the force a fire of pure happiness was burning inside both Samy and Jacen. Except Jacen being stupid, ignored it.
Sophia the owner of the home smiled “It’s truly a strange galaxy.” she said in English, unlike Carlos she was not good at talking basic. She understood it perfectly but talking? Not so well.
Xander nodded “Yes. It is. You two have made a wonderful home here” he said.
Carlos nodded “Yes, it took some time to adapt.” A pling from the kitchen told him the food was ready. “This took quite some time to find the correct mix of strange foods to make” he said carrying the food to the table.

Xander: “Is this what I think it is?”
Sophia nodded: Spaghetti real pasta or something that tasted like pasta, with tomato sauce. “We grow our own tomatoes.” She explained.
When the gate kidnapped them from New York other things had followed also. Mostly plants, but also a strange human that said he felt sick and then suddenly exploded into dust.
Lowbacka, Jaina and the others eat the food with joy and curiosity.
Xander was eating with happiness. “Do you have other earth receipts?” he asked.

Carlos nodded “We experiment. Sophia is quite the talent in finding out how to make earth food from alien raw-materials. You can buy our receipt. Most cook droids can follow. ”
In the living room they had Photos and post cards. From Earth, mostly

New York and micro models of the statue of liberty.
Xander “I got to have one of these.”
Jaina “What is it?” she asked frowning.
Xander: “Its and idea and a dream. USA the country I came from on Earth based their laws on ideals of freedom and justice. France another country gave USA that statue as a gift as sign of friendship. The real statue is over fifty meters” He said.

Carlos “Actually the pedestal it stands on is over 90 meters. The statue itself is only 46 meter long.” He explained.
Samy frowned “That not impressive” she said.
Xander: “Um... It was build during a time when there were no big machines and no droids. Only sailing ships and steam powered engines”

He looked at the tiny statue. “It was manmade pure skill made from copper.
But the important thing about the statue is not how it was made but the symbol. It stands for justice and liberty to all”
Samy nodded as she too looked at the statue. “I understand now.” She said it was an ugly statue. But justice and Liberty to all, that was good thing. Then she quickly grabbed Jacen so that he would not escape.
She knew waiting for the right guy to come along was a good idea and then to capture him and never let him run away. She wondered if she could find manacles somewhere. He did look nervous.

Knight away. 4-4
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

Hours later
Only Carlos, Sophia and Xander were still awake and they talked about earth. Jacen, Lowbacka and Samy had gone home/back to the ship.
It had been a wonderful talk. Carlos also told him what the name of the hutt was that kidnapped the humans from earth.
Xander frowned if they were lucky that hutt could have information in his data banks, so that he could save the others born on earth.
At the next day Carlos Nieto and Sophia Kerr followed them to the hanger, Carlos laughed at the name Enterprise it was perfect. “Now you only need a pointy eared Vulcan” he joked.
Xander grinned “Yeah.”

They said their goodbyes and then they lifted off to soon enter hyperspace.
Jaina “Should we visit Junas?” she asked.
Xander shrugged “The ship holds five passengers and one in the jail cell”
Samy reminded them that she could sleep in Jacen´s room. The moment she found a good lock pick she would sleep in their anyway.
Jacen looked afraid.

Lowbacka looked amused.

“Back to the reason” Xander explained. “I’m not going to put Samy in the jail Cell and Junas may or may not be a spy for the wrong people. Hold your friends close, but hold your enemies closer”
Samy “Listen, I told you, I can sleep in Jacen’s room”
Xander frowned “Well that would solve a lot of problem, once we pick up Junas.” Behind Samy he could see Jacen waving in his hand signing –No way no way- “yes that sounds like a good plan” he said, ignoring Jacen.

Jaina nodded “Yeah. Sounds good, Samy lets go and talk I want to know everything I can about my twin-brothers girlfriend” she said grinning.

The cockpit door closed.
“You are evil” Jacen said.
Xander shrugged “You like her. I can feel it” he said.
Jacen “I like Tenel-ka. I don’t know Samy” he said irritated.
Xander nodded. “I know. But let be honest whenever Samy is around I feel a burning flame of pure happiness in you and in Samy.
A spark, your brain tries to hide for some reason with Tenel-ka I feel a tiny spark” He leaned forward. “So who do you really like? “
Lowbacka nodded. He liked Tenel-ka and Jacen but they were not that good for each other. Both tried to be the boss and both failed.

Jacen: “Sith spit, that’s pure Sith spit.” He swore and walked out. Why do his friends make things so hard?
He loves Tenel-ka. Sure it’s difficult and she is not the warmest girl, but he loved her right.
She was intelligent, fascinating, skilled, and powerful. She also looked sexy and wonderful and she never backed down from a challenge.
Samy, he did not even know her. Stupid flashes of the past might have told him about the girl and how lonely she had been in her home with overflowing parties and over emotional mothers and fathers.

Swearing over meddling friends the young Jedi walked into his room.
Samy “He feels angry, no more confused” She said turning to Jaina. “Why is he so confused?” she asked.
Jaina shrugged “He is a boy and in love with a fantasy.” She looked the red skinned girl in the face. “Why my brother?” she asked.

Samy shrugged. “I had dreams my whole life. When I was young I would dream of my prince. He and his sister then his baby brother lived in a deep underground fortress.
A beautiful white haired lady was taking care of them.” She said remembering the dreams. “Then an evil man tried to kidnap them but their real mother and father came and saved them all.” Taking a deep breath she continued.
“Sometimes they were living in a gigantic city and the three of them would sneak down hidden tunnels to have adventures in the underground.”

By now Jaina was looking pale. “Always some dark lord was trying to kidnap them. As I grow older the dreams became further away but more clear. I could see the two brothers and his twin sister training to be Jedi.
I even learned some small trick myself and my worst dream was when a dark lord kidnapped them.
Tricking them to fight each other using lightsabers, with the help of holographic illusions and mind tricks, the brothers and sister were fighting each other.

“So I am force sensitive?” she frowned. “For some reason Luke refused to visit our world. That was rude of him.” She wondered why.
If he had visit they would have created a gigantic party and lots of girls would have been overjoyed, trying to get the Skywalker into her bed. He, according to history, is extreme shy but great in bed. “I managed to convince my family to visit the Minos cluster, because on Shesharile I would find my prince.”

Jaina was pale now. Some of what Samy had said were things nobody knew about. Except Jacen, Luke and herself and others only the Solo family knew.
Standing behind a nearby wall Xander moved out holding a gripped Jaina in a hug. “Now you understand” Samy’s mother and fathers had told him about it and he could feel the truth in their voices.
Behind Xander, stood Lowbacka silently pondering the power and will of the force.

Jacen was in his room and could not help himself as he overheard his sister and Samy talk. No way. Absolutely no way was he a slave of the force.

Unknown to him an old statue, once created to help Jedi and their wife/husband to communicate and was now sitting in the Jedi Museum, had accidentally helped to create a spiritual bond between the two. Many months before either of them were born.
Thanks to Jacen´s twin-bond with his sister he had never noticed his dreams about Samy.
But now they were growing stronger and Jacen was afraid.
Later in space

Lowbacka growled “ragreer”. Xander nodded “We have to make a short stop before.” He turned to look at his hairy friend. “The Mestra system, one of the top ten greatest asteroid fields in the galaxy”
Lowbacka looked surprised. “Greel” he said.
Xander: “Correct. No planet, just stone and artificial home like space stations.”

He could feel her as she slinked down beside him in the Co-pilot chair. “Hi Jaina” he said.
She smiled feeling his emotions more and more by the force. “Hi you self, how long to normal space?” she asked.
Xander: “25 minutes, just wanted you here early to double check everything. The maneuver thrusters seem to act up”
Jaina nodded as she helped him double check the ship. “Nothing wrong here.” She frowned. “That’s it. They installed a new setting on your control. It’s just a computer circuit they installed. It is a classic smuggler trick. It makes the ship more sensitive to your movement. It’s great in a fight or if you are escaping, but bad if you are trying to land with heavy cargo on board. The ship tends to be a bit more jumpy.” She frowned. “A there.” She said pressing a button. “Standard cargo setting.”

Xander pulled the maneuver control. “A now it’s moving like a turtle again. Where was that button again?”
Lowbacka shrugged as he walked out.
25 minutes later.
With Xander as the pilot, Jaina as the co-pilot and Jacen by the communication and navigational controls.
Samy was at the sensors. This was so great. She trained on computers so long and now finally.
Lowbacka was sitting behind them all. If they needed help he would fill in as a tech. But he missed his X-wing.

The ship suddenly arrived in normal space.
Outside they could see the gigantic asteroid field of the Mestra system.
Xander: “Alright, Samy look out for enemy ships and people whit names that starts with Darth.” The other grinned at Sammy’s confused look. “Jacen find me the navigational buoys and Mestra prime.”
Samy “How do I do that?” She asked. Jaina “He was kidding.”
Jacen “I got the buoys and Mestra prime. It’s pretty deep in there.”
M-TD the tiny translator droid Lowbacka owned “The odds to navigate a asteroid field like this is”

Xander: “Wait. Did you include navigational buoys, before you rusty wonder calculated the chance to navigate the asteroid field and the fact this is a mostly stable asteroid field?” he said to the tiny rust bucket.
M-TD frowned. He might have forgotten those details. “The odds of surviving are 95 %. Or more” he said quietly.
Xander sighed, worthless rust bucket able to talk fluently in more than six forms of communication.
Then he pulled the speed and raced into the asteroid field.

Samy “Look out coming from the left” she warned him as she put the information on his screen.
Xander smiled, now he knew why they had trouble finding buyers for their metal, mined in this place.
It looked far less dangerous than it was. But as long as he kept within the path marked by the buoys he would be in an area that was mostly stable and was held stable by the aid of repulsor field generators.
And there they were. A huge city flying in the dark, repulsor beams and shields held it safe in the middle of the asteroid field.
“Please open a channel Jacen” he asked

“This is Enterprise, Captain Jedi Xander Harris coming in for refueling.” Xander said to the space control station.
A moment of silent filled the radio before they answered.
“This is Mestra space station welcome to Mestra prime. Hanger 23 is open. Hold speed at 20 mglt.”

Slowly the Enterprise followed the landing beacon into the huge hanger were a luxury yacht where parked.
Softly the landing gear of the ship touched the hanger floor.
Jacen “I’m impressed, you can land a ship.” He said sounding surprised.
Jaina “It took time and hard training.” She said faking sadness.
Lowbacka nodded sagely.

Samy: “What? He landed perfectly” she said.
Xander “The first flight lesson I took was when I had to survive and stole this ship from a drug smuggler. The first time I landed a ship I had no idea what I was doing and almost crashed the ship. I did manage to destroy a tree on my way down.” He explained. “These guys still fear me when I land” he said with irony.
Jaina kissed him. “And that’s the reward for a good landing.”
Later in Mestra prime.
Enterprise was refueled and the food was restocked also. The food was quite expensive.
Not that he was surprised. Mestra had to import their food. So buying food here was expensive.
The city, half of it was carved inside huge asteroids, was beautiful. Cave buildings worthy of kings.
All their carvings were literally screaming we are rich.
The inside was full of interesting stores to visit.
“Look” he said dragging Jaina in to a jewelry store.
Jaina blinked as he let her go inside. See saw him go up to the store owner and talk to him.
Moments later he had paid for something, something big.
Later in a cafe
Jacen: “If you got a wedding ring in there, you better ask mom and dad first. My sister is still only 17” he said.
Xander blushed “I know that. I’m not that stupid. I will wait until she turns 18 until I ask her if she wants to be my fiancé. That way I can escape Han Solo’s anger” he said rolling his eyes.
Jaina grinned “Really I accept?” she said smiling happy.

Xander: “Um. Honey your dad is going to kill me.”
She frowned. “But on the other hand why let fear of Han Solo stand in the way of love? The moment I have real money I’m going to get you an engagement ring.”
Jaina nodded happy.
Jacen frowned that did not work as he was planning. “Um what did you buy?”

Xander: “This.” He said holding up a huge crystal ball. One of the ghosts I talk too explained and taught me a skill that let a Jedi project a image of a memory in a crystal. The more advanced version of this skill involved technology holographic projectors as a power source and a pure crystal and you could create a holocron.”
Samy “Ghosts?” she asked in surprise.

Xander shrugged. “Old dead Jedi seem to like visiting me and talk to me every now and then.” He put the crystal on the table. “Watch.”
The crystal sparked and suddenly they saw a crying five year old girl and suddenly a dark haired five years old boy appeared “My yellow carrion is broken” she said in fear. “What if the teachers hate me?”
The five year old boy shrugged “Here take mine.” He said. “I’m Alexander” The red haired smiled and hugged him.
They could see the young girl trying to say Alexander but stocked on le. She got a face of decisions as she turned to the boy. “Your name is Xander now, because Abexander is stupid.”
The five year old Xander nodded “Alright.” He got a nickname.
The image stopped playing. They could see Xander looked tired. “And that is how I meet Willow.”
Jaina smiled “You looked so cute. You got to teach me that” Samy nodded “Yeah so cute.”
As the waiter arrived with food, Xander had put away the crystal he was planning on showing them more from Sunnydale later.
Only Jaina knew English, but she was not too good at it. But knowing an unknown language could be useful.
As they were eating a loud obnoxious voice jelled out. “You, I challenge you to a duel of honor.”
Xander raised an eyebrow as he turned around.
Seeing a dark haired man dressed in robe like pants and a shirt. Behind him Xander could see the idiot he had insulted at the party a while ago.
Xander answered “Not interested.”
The man frowned. Unless the Jedi accepted he would not get his money. “What are you to afraid to fight like man? Not surprising as you surround yourself with whores.”

Xander turned and looked at the man with a lazy eye.
Jana’s hand on his knee stopped him. “That’s the best insult you can come up with? Intelligence sure is a sinking gift in this part” he twitched. “Opps.”

Jaina looked irritated at him. “You where supposed to ignore the idiot.”
Jacen “What do you mean with better insults?”
Xander shrugged. “He could have said something like.” Jaina sighed. “That the girls were boys dressed up like girls. Or that I might like my men hairy” he explained.
Looking at the duelist he said “Correct, that’s a much more biting insult, but calling me fearful when I know I’m not, is not going to work at all.”
The duelist opened his mouth “So you” he was interrupted by Xander. He could see holo cameras hiding nearby.

“No no. I already used that as an example on how to insult. Find your own insult. There are so many different ways you could insult me.”
He grinned “Or are you so unable of insulting others that you need a script writer?” Xander looked at his cup of caf and put it down again. “Drugs? Putting drugs in my caf, now that is an insult. But I’m not angry at you” he said turning to the cafe waiter who paled.
Xander “So why did you drug my caf?”
The waiter swallowed “He ordered me too” he said shivering in fear.
Xander “Jaina. Can I show the idiot how Jedi knights fight?”
Jaina nodded.
Xander stood up and pointed at the rich idiot, he insulted at the party. “You, I challenge you to duel you inbreed, incompetent imbecile who is even unable to hire competent fighters to do his dirty work.”
The professional duelist: “Hey. I chal…” He was silenced by a wookiee that grabbed his head.
Jaina “Wait your turn” she said.

Lowbacka forced the man’s head to move in a nodding motion.
The noble man backed down. “What? Are you unable to stand like a man? You shivering squirming worm.” Xander said. “Is it just you or are all of your fathers cum droppings the same gutless wonders?”
The duelists listen in rapped fascination.
By now the noble man was red in fury. “I accept.”
Xander “Accept what? Talking is supposed to separate sentient beings from animals.”

The man “I accept the challenge. Light foils at dawn”
“Listen poster boy for pre-emptive abortion. Light blades and right now” he said. “I have work to do and places to go, you worthless waste of human skin.”
“I. I accepted the terms” the man said in anger.
Xander turned “You asshole wanted a duel also. Five seconds after he is gone, you are next.”
The professional frowned if he did it like that he would get no money. “No I go first.” He said.
Xander shrugged. “Light-blades now” he said.
The duelist angry at having a furry hair ball that smelled like roses was clouding his senses.
Xander turned around to the holo-camera that documented it. “You heard it, they accepted the terms. Light blades. Not Light-foils, but any energy bladed weapon.”

The professional duelist swore. This was bad.
From somewhere an official officer walked up nodding “That is what the camera says”.
Xander walked out from the cafe. “Ready.” He said holding his lightsaber up. The dagger was attached at the end making it a double bladed light-sword.
The duelist grabbed his light-foil, a thin string sprung up from the handle as he activated it. A force field around the string created a thinner and weaker blade then the lightsaber had.
Snap Hiss.
Two blades, one short and the other long hissed out from the Jedi lightsaber.

The crowed watched in awe at the strange double bladed lightsaber. It looked impossible to use.
The officer swallowed “Ready? Set, fight.” he said moving away.
Cut, stab, slash the duelist jumped in, but each attack was parried by the dagger or the sword part.
The Jedi seemed to just fight defensively no action except parrying.
Then suddenly something clicked in the eyes of the Jedi.
Xander grinned, he had him. The guy was good, was that is the key word.

Suddenly a swinging motion and the long end came down as the duelist dodged it and parried the short dagger like end. Xander danced aside swinging the long side of the blade down.
The duelist frowned as the Jedi seemed to dance, the two sides of the blade were everywhere.
There, he saw an opening. He jumped in striking fast in the middle of the chest and the Jedi would not be able to parry unless he wanted to cut off his own arm with the long blade.
Hiss and the Jedi parried with the short end.
The duelist looked in surprise and before he had a chance to do something else the long end of the blade rested under his jaw. “Surrender” Xander said.
Then he saw it. The double-bladed lightsaber was now two lightsabers, one normal and one dagger size.
Xander grinned: “A good fight.” He looked “Right next.” He said.
The noble man looked afraid now.
The official nodded “Are you ready?”
They nodded and the fight was on.

Stab dodge. Stab dodge Xander jelled: “Ole” and wished he could smash the idiot in the ass with his sword without cutting him in half.
As the noble man came back for more Xander asked him a question “Do any of you know why Jedi use Lightsabers and not light-foils? After all light foils are easier to build.”
There was silence.
“I show you” he said. With one swift attack he slashed hard at the noble mans light-foil.
A sound like an explosion was heard as half the foil was send up flying in the air and the lower back short-circuited in his hand.
Xander held up his lightsabers. “And that’s the difference between toys used by boys and the adult variant” he said.
The noble man stutters “I surrender.”
Xander rolled his eyes. “Let’s get out of here” He said as they moved away.
Jaina “How did you do that?”
Xander “I read up on light-foils. Anything a lightsaber can do a light foil can do, too. Except that a lightsaber can cut deeper and the light-foil depends on a thin energy coil to project the energy field around it. Thin coils can break if they are exposed to a weapon that has focused energy better then it’s own.”
Lowbacka nodded, like a lightsaber. Its energy was far more focused.
Two days later outside the sol system Insharil
The crew of the Enterprise was hiding as they read the information on the system.
It was an empty system, no native sentient life. Its irregular orbit made its winter below -10 in the equator region and during the summer half of the year it was too close to the sun giving temperatures of over 40 degrees.
The sad part was that the difference between the polar region and the equator was not that big, great storms helped to spread the warmth over the planet.
But Talon Kardde’s information said, the pirates that had been plundering outside of the Minos Cluster were hiding near the equator.
Xander nodded. “Lets sneak in. Its spring so the snow should be gone by now.” He said studding the holo map of the planet. “Any ideas?” he asked.

The others blinked as they watched him.
Xander sighed. “Come on. I’m from a primitive asshole end of space type planet. You guys have all the knowledge.”
Jaina “Ride in and kick butt. It has worked before.”
Jacen “We could observe the group first. From what I read it’s only a correlian corvette and perhaps half a dozen old X-wings.”
Samy “Why don’t we call for backup?”
They blinked.
Jaina held up a tiny comlink. “Rouge squadron?” They nodded.
The Enterprise changed direction again.
Sometime later on a nearby planet
The native groups of humans, on Stone Age level of technology, were far away from the alien starships that landed on the island.
Gavin Darklighter climbed out of his ship. “Goodag. You ask for a group willing to do some damage and keep it silent?”
Beside him walked General Wedge Antilles.

Jacen “Hi Wedge” he said. Jaina rushed forward and hugged the man. “Hi” she said to the man that was a close friend of the family.
Wedge nodded “I wanted a good explanation why Jacen and Lowbacka who are missing are suddenly here and looking good.”
Xander “Luke trusts you so I’m going to show you” He said giving the older man a tiny object. “We found this in Jaina’s X-wing. Evidence indicates that every Jedi craft, which they got from the republic, has a similar explosive installed and Jedi have started to die or suddenly vanish”
Wedge turned to one of the pilots that stood silent. “Corran, is this true?”

The Jedi master and commander of rouge squadron nodded “My wife gave me a warning. We managed to remove the explosive from my X-Wing. But my investigations told me that at least one person in the support crew is part of the conspiracy.”
Wedge swore. “That is not good. It could become a civil war.”
Corran sighed “Wedge. I don’t like to say it. But the core reason, the old Republic worked and was stable were the Jedi knights. The reason it fell was because the Jedi order had grown weak and the republic to large. All Palpatine had to do, was push.”
Gavin frowned “And the New republic is almost as big as the old one was before the fall” he did not like the math of that.
Xander nodded “We have a pirate base to take out and sure the four of us could attack with light-sabers swinging and pirates dying. But I was thinking something more of taking them alive.” He then looked at Wedge “And here comes the trick.
We owe somebody that helped us remove the explosives and warn other Jedi. After the pirates are done, we leave the place and IF a smuggler would happen to arrive and plunder the place we will be too late to stop him.” He said simply.
Corran Horn and Wedge nodded. So did Gavin but he look unhappy about it?

Xander “So who are the pilots?” He asked.
Corran frowned: “The best of the best. You said a land mission so we found some we could trust in the Wraith squadron and asked them to join us. Officially they are all on vacation.”
Xander blinked. Wraith squadron, where did he hear about them? Seeing his confusion Wedge explained, the Wraiths had been his brain child after all. “The Wraiths are a team of ace pilots, elite pilots that could almost fight as good on ground as they did in space.”
He looked at the youth “Rouge squadron had many times to fly and land to finish the fight. With the Wraiths I did the reverse.

They are a team of elite fighters, Infiltrators, saboteurs, snipers, and demolition experts that can fly almost as well as they fight on the ground.”

Around him the pilots puffed up in pride. It was no secret that Rouge squadron was the brain child of Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles and Wes Jansson, but the Wraiths were his child.
The Rouges had been Wedge’s home, his family, his love and his adopted child. He loved the squadron and was proud of it.
But the Wraith’s were his child and they could hear it in the voice the pride of a proud father.
Even if the heroic actions of the Wraith’s were seldom heard from it was the secret weapon of the republic.

“That’s so. You guys got to be incredible then” Xander said. The others laughed at the young man’s eager voice.
The rouge’s had seen him and Jaina in action, training with seekers. So their laughter was not as much, but the wraith’s had not.
A young man with a hard face marred by scars frowned “So how can we be sure you guys can keep up with us?”
Now it was the members of Rouge squadron that laughed.
Corran Horn “They are trained by Kyle Katarn and me.” The Wraith’s stopped laughing. Among them Kyle was a legend, a dark whisper that kept imperial officers awake at night screaming for their mommy.
Wedge nodded “So how do we do it then?” he asked and looked at Xander.

Xander: “Why me? Alright, first we use infiltration to find their weakness and strengths. Perhaps destroy or sabotage the fighters while they are grounded. You said sniper correct? If it comes to a fight then he could give us support.”
Xander frowned. “You are 16 right now. That’s a Squadron and four men. We infiltrate and destroy or sabotage the base generator, then attack. Give us a squadron worth of air support to scare them and force them to escape, so that they hide outside of their base.”
Wedge “Where you and the others are waiting, with a sniper.” He said nodding, not a bad plan.

Corran “What if they have an escape ship waiting?”
Xander “I’m counting on it. That’s why I said a squadron’s worth. Don’t tell me you guys need 12 fighters to wreck havoc on a pirate base?” he looked at the pilots. “Two or four fighters will be attacking. The rest waits for the runner and force it down.”
They laughed at his badly hidden insult.
Samy “Um what will I do?”

Xander frowned. “Lowbacka or Jacen both of you are good pilots, the Enterprise would be useful as an air support.”
Lowbacka growled out an affirmative he would do it.
Xander nodded “Right Lowbacka and Samy you are the Enterprise crew. Your mission is to Co-ordinate with Slayer Squadron”
One pilot blinked “Slayer squadron?” he asked.
Xander “Half of you are Rouges and the rest are Wraiths. And you’re both the best. The Slayer was and is a girl on my home world born with powers that rival that of a Jedi.

She has natural instincts to hunt down evil, any one murdering innocents for fun. With that instincts came also strength and speed almost four times that of a normal human. She also has the instinct that makes learning the art of fighting easy for her.
A normal slayer learns in week what others spend months or years to learn when it comes to fighting.

A slayers powers is activated suddenly without warning when she reaches the age from 12 - 18 or it could stay inactive her whole life”
One female grinned: “GIRL POWER. Now that is a kick ass” She said.”
Xander lifted the crystal ball. “Not really. Normally a slayer lives perhaps a year or so before she dies. There are monster on my home world.” He said focusing a memory of Buffy kicking ass in super speed surrounded by demons and vampires.

The squadron closed in as they watched a tiny young girl kick ass in over drive, sending beings twice her size flying with a strength that made them crash true walls and dusting human looking beings.
Xander “The human monsters are vampires. They are a parasite that infects dead bodies and reanimates them.
Vampires need a constant flow of blood and other fluids to keep their body moving. Use the correct weapon and they turn to dust.”
Corran Horn “You have to tech me that crystal trick” he said. Xander nodded. “Luke told me a bit about your home world. I just hope we are never going to see those beings here” he said.
Xander nodded “Me too.”
The new named Slayer Squadron nodded. “Poor girl, those things moved so fast. Where that your arm I saw?” one asked.
Xander “You saw everything thru my eyes. I was sixteen and had no training then.” He grinned “We found out while a slayer is the greatest student in the art of fighting. They are the worst ever as teachers. The fact that a normal human is unable to become a master in any form of combat in only a week it not something they seemed to grasp or something Buffy was able to understand.”

The squadron grinned. “How good was she?” one asked.
Xander frowned. “No idea. But I would not be surprised if she managed to defeat Master Corran or Luke Skywalker.”
The Jedi Master after seeing that and hearing the conviction in the young Jedi nodded “It is possible. She has the power of combat. A perfect warrior in way”

18 September 2008, 07:11 AM
Knight away. 4-5
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

Later on the planet Insharil
Sneaking up onto the pirate base was easier then he believed.
Then of course it was not a real military base.

The security was a joke. The crew was lazy and except animal traps that almost captured him, there was nothing he had to worry about.
The members of Wraith squadron now Slayer squadron was on the ground team, he waved his hand as they joined up. “I put micro charges on the fighters. They will not lift unless somebody removes the broken cables”

Micro-charges were a new thing he learns about. It was a tiny almost soundless explosion that was used to destroy power cables or other small, soft or fragile objects.

The greatest part with micro-charges was that now every one of the pirate star-fighters were unable to fly and finding the fault was almost impossible the tech computer would read it as a complete engine malfunction.

It was only one cut of cable that would take perhaps 12 minutes to replace or half a minute to patch as an emergency repair.

As they spoke unheard and unnoticed the tiny micro charges suddenly went puff, cutting of vital power cables inside the old X-wings and the even older Z-95 headhunters these pirates were using.
Putting the last speaker in place they sneaked out.

Jaina and he had sneaked inside as many buildings as possible. The pirates had used space containers as buildings, some of them were over 30 meters wide and 25 meters tall and around 60 meters long.
It worked perfectly they looked ugly but it was a fast and perfect solution.
Those containers could carry live cargo in space as long as they had energy to power their life support units.
“Slayer Squadron, show them what you are made of”

In space Wedge’s voice was heard over the radio “Slayer 1-2 are you ready? Take the first run.” he said. “Slayer 3-4 you will follow at a normal distance. Let’s not be pushy boys the girls might be shy.”
And suddenly part of the base exploded, sending a rain of dirt into the sky.

More and more explosions were heard as the X-wing’s attacked.
From a distance you could see they were attacking the ground and some of the containers, but not the pirates or the containers that pirates lived in.

Panic broke out as the fighters failed to work.
When the pirates tried to run for the hills the X-wings attacked them again driving them back to the base.

Only one way to run, into the valley and the sharp cliffs would protect them some thought as some ran and some were driving their speeders.
Others were sneaking into the underground hanger where they had a old patrol ship.

As the first pirate entered the valley they suddenly saw a man diving down from the cliff holding two lightsabers. The Jedi landed on the speeder skiff just in front of the driver.

One force push and the pirate was flying out of the skiff. Xander pushed the lightsaber into the engine, making the skiff crash down.
He was out of the craft before it had crashed.

Jaina joined him side by side as Jacen took to the sky with his Star-slinger and hunted down the pirates on speeder bikes or swoops.
The voice of Gavin echoed around the valley “Surrender now or you will be dead soon.”
Seeing the Jedi walk in, parrying blaster bolts with their lightsabers one by one the pirates surrender.

Only a small number were brave (or stupid) enough to challenge them.
As most of the criminals had given up, a small gang armed with energy weapons attacked. Bolt after bolt of energy the Jedi parried.

Xander was feeling rather irritated. What were they trying to do? He saw yet another one lift a heavy blaster rifle well that pirate would get the blast returned to him he thought. Here they were actually being nice and trying to capture the pirates alive and they refused to give up.
Then suddenly Jaina screamed “JUMP”
It was almost too late just as Xander jumped the ground exploded from the powerful concussion rifle.

Landing Xander did not look happy. A force push and a rain of stones turned into missiles showed the pirates the error of their way.
As the guy, with the concussion rifle, lifted it again to shoot. Xander stood ready with his lightsaber. His whole body screamed fire away if you got the guts.

Jaina looked nervous she knew Xander was not so stupid that he would try parrying a concussion rifle blast.

In the second the pirate pulled the trigger Xander forced the pipe of the gun down and the blast made the ground near where the pirate stood explode.
And that’s when the fight stopped.
Xander twitched at the pain in his arm. “It’s nothing.” He said, as Jaina did first aid on him.

Jaina “That was a concussion rifle.” She shivered, if she had not warned him Xander might have died as he tried to parry the rifle attack.
Xander “I know it was a concussion rifle now. But it looked like a blaster rifle. I’m sorry.”
Jaina relaxed. “I was so worried that you would die.”

Jacen returned with Lowbacka and Samy “Reporting for duty.” He said. Not really his style to be second in command, but Xander’s plan had been good. “We got the runners.” He said.

Wedge called from above “General Wedge Antilles reporting that Slayer squadron has defeated the pirates in a show of skill I only believed the Rouges or the Wraiths could have.” He grinned.

Xander: “Excellent. Alright let’s cage up the pirates in one of the space containers able to carry LIVE cargo. My ship is able to lift 150 tons, it’s only about 200 pirates and just a 12 hour journey to Eliad”

He then continued. “I want you all to know this. Republic officers and men are not beings that plunder from fallen enemies. But republic beings that are officially on a vacation like you are having been known to find a souvenir or two.” He said.

The Slayer squadron all arrived as they chained up the pirates in a container that they had checked then double checked to make sure it would work, once that was done the Rouges and the Wraiths looked thru the left over objects, picking up some valued treasure.

Jaina, Jacen, Lowbacka and Samy did the same thing.
Xander on the other hand was meditating over what was most useful or interesting.

Soon small objects were picked up as they moved around.
“Samy, join me.” He said “close your eyes and stretch out with the force” he said. She felt fluttering like a butterfly wing at first then stronger as she reached out into the force. –Jacen- she said in her mind.

On the other side Jacen twitched -Samy, what are you doing in my mind?- Surprised that the girl knew telepathy.

Xander grinned –I am teaching her Jacen. I was planning on letting her learn meditation. But she seems to be a natural at contacting you- he mind talked to Jacen a difficult task in itself, but meditating with Samy as a link it was easy.

Later in Hyperspace

As it was only a 12 hour jump to Eliad, Corran who would be going to Mestra asked for a lift for part of the way.

Hanging under the Enterprise was a huge cargo container, loaded with pirates chained to the wall of the container. Its life-support system would give them air, gravity, heat and some lights.

Corran Horn held the crystal as he tried to do the same as Xander did. At first nothing happened, and then slowly wild flash of images appeared. “This is difficult to do” he said.

Xander nodded. “Yes. I trained using a piece of transparent plastic. The ghost said if I could get a flash of picture inside that, I would have mastered the art of crystal by the time I found one. Use Mestra crystals and gems. They are cheap and buy something for you wife while you there.”

Then grinned evil “Or I will tell her that you where there and forgot about her.”
Corran Horn did not look amused, but nodded. “A transparent plastic ball, do you have one?”

Xander took a small fist sized transparent rubber ball, a bouncing ball of the type children love to play with, but it was transparent. He focused and flashes were seen. “Natural crystals seemed to work better. But this is a great training tool before you use a real one.”

The rest of the afternoon he could enjoy himself seeing Corran Horn looking at a plastic ball where nothing was happening.
Jacen feeling sorry for his master “Did you lie to him Xander? Is that the crystal training you did?”

Xander nodded. “Yes. I never said it was easy. Plastic demands more power and control then a real crystal. But if you do a mistake and the plastic is destroyed, it cost less then what a real crystal does.”
Behind him Corran jumped as the ball suddenly was crushed in his hand. “Ops.” He frowned “Do you have any more?” he asked.

Xander nodded as he got a small bag from his spacer chest. “Here knock yourself out. It took me fifty balls.” He throws one at the wall using telekinesis to change its path “But then I also used them for telekinetic training.”
The ball bounced in the air, every now and then it would bounce into the wrong direction like somebody had hit it.

Then Xander captured it. “I heard you are good at illusions thru manipulating energy, but weak at telekinesis. Have you ever tried focusing light in the area and use it as a weapon?”
Corran horn frowned “Could you show me?”
Xander shrugged “Nope. Hey, energy manipulation is nothing I’m a master on. But it has been done by past Jedi or so the ghosts say” he lied.

He never even asked the ghost. But it should be possible. Old myths said Jedi defeated enemies using the power of the light side. Therefore it was not a lie.
After all both the ghost of Anakin and Luke Skywalker said that with the Force anything is possible. Who was he to doubt them?

Corran Horn nodded he had already sensed one force ghost visit the boy. Use light? Like laser perhaps, but how to collect and focus it?
Had they looked they would have seen how the area around Corran Horn turned darker then suddenly tiny blinding flashes of light could be seen coming from his hand.

Corran frowned that was difficult, both to collect light and then to focus. It just escaped in a flash.

He looked at his hands perhaps he would need a focusing tool, like a crystal. He lifted the rubber ball. As he drained the area around him off the light, turning the room dark, then a flash of blinding light was seen and the sound of a rubber ball exploding could be heard.

Corran Horn rubbed the burns on his hand. “Need something to focus the light in. A Rubber ball was not good enough” he said simple.

Xander blinking his eyes, nodded. “Use a Gem, Crystal or maybe glass then.” He said happy that he did tell the Jedi Master the truth. “You do know Master Corran, that what I told you was a theory, that you just proved to me would work?”

Corran Horn blinked “Theory. You lied to me?” he said in surprise.
Xander: “No. I would not lie. It was the truth from a certain point of view. Luke always said that anything is possible with the force.

Correct? Tionne told us about legends where Jedi strike down their enemies with the power of the light side of the force. The old myth was specific that it was the power of the light side.”

Corran frowned “I don’t get it.” He said. Then he opened his mouth “I get it. What if it was not the light side power? Instead a Jedi manipulating the light itself?” he grinned. “If you ever get another idea like that, please lie to me would you?”

Xander huffed. “I do not consider that a lie, just active reconstruction of facts that turned into myth.”
There was laughter coming from around the room.
The 12 hours passed quickly and Corran Horn left the transport in his X-wing and flew away to the Mestra system.
The Eliad system was right before them.

The paper work had taken them a whole day to fill out. Xander had walked out sometime between that to find something special.
Later in the ship
Jaina looked with suspicion at a pile of bags that where stocked up. “Um what is that?”

Xander pulled up a simple lightly armed battle jumpsuit, one size fits all. It was dark black with a picture on the back.
A circle, inside the circle she could see a girl holding a sword and throwing an X-wing away or using an X-wing as a throwing weapon. Around the Circle was written. “Slayer squadron, they are as good as any of the Rouges or Wraiths.”

Xander: “I’m going to send these over to the guys in Rouge and Wraith squadron that helped us. “You guys also get one each.”
Jaina giggled. The Slayer crest was fun.
Later that morning
Xander returned from the Cockpit. “Luke is calling a meeting. We have to pick up Corran he knows where it is.”
Jaina “To Mestra then” She just hoped the fly guy had not vanished from there.
Samy frowned “Do you guys ever stay on a planet?” She heard about spacers but this was ridicule.
The young Jedi Knights looked at each other, slowly nodding. “Sometimes”

End of Chapter 4

18 September 2008, 07:16 AM
Knight away. 5-0
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

Four days later.
Corran Horn was once again back in the Enterprise and they were going to see Luke.
Xander was currently meditating, inside the jail cell. With so many onboard Samy had started to sleep in Jacen room. She found a lock pick and he gave up.

The girl had calmed down somewhat lately. The first meeting between them she had been overtaken by joy that her dreams were real and lost control over her emotions.
But the Jedi had come to an agreement. The jail cell would work like a meditation chamber. Anybody inside were to be left alone.
Not that Xander was completely alone.

“Good after noon Master Anakin, Mistress Jocasta Nu and Master Saesee Tiin” He said greeting Jaina’s grandfather and the strange demon like looking Jedi master that had arrived. Saesee Tiin was ones a Jedi master on the council. Side by side with Yoda until chancellor Palpatine had killed him.

He was a male Iktochi with pale red skin, almost sick pink and a pair of big horns pointing down.
Even if his appearance was telling him to run, he was gaining on him. You could feel power and kindness in his eyes.

Mistress Jocasta nu was once the Librarian of the Jedi temple on Coruscant. She had been murdered by Darth Vader as an old woman.
The ghost greeted him as they started the lessons of tonight.
Xander “Have you found the reason why I am a ghost magnet?”

Anakin nodded “I do believe so. You do come from an alternate reality, one that seems to have different laws of nature. They changed you and adapted you to fit into our nature. They also tried to make you powerful by granting you what they sensed was the gift of powerful warriors, force sensitivity. Like any Jedi or Sith.

But part of your original nature still exist, the ability to see ghosts and interact with spirits seemed to have been improved when they made you force sensitive.”

Xander nodded. “They said that witches, the Slayer even Vampire or demons from my reality would not survive in your reality. Do you believe the reverse to be true?” He asked.

Jocasta Nu answered the question “The first time you asked that question Anakin said that the answer would have to wait. We have asked any sprits we could about this and yes we do believe that they told you the truth. Making you part of the Force has forever banished you from your home” she finished.

Xander nodded. “I knew that would most likely happen and honestly I have no plans on returning home.” He sighed to himself. “Right let start the lesson.”

The three ghosts started to describe powers of Jedi long gone and Xander memorized the training methods trying to learn them himself.
Most were just recorded in R3 for later revue for when he would become more skilled and to give Luke a copy.

Later, on a planet called Susevfi.

With the Enterprise left behind, parked by a river flowing near a forest, around the river they could see many ships but the forest itself made it hard to see how many there were.

As they left the ship and followed Corran Horn, their Jedi master, they saw sitting around a campfire, Luke, Leia and many other old and young Jedi knights, probably around a hundred Jedi or more. Strange force user’s, Xander had never seen before, were standing near Luke. They had armor with mostly animal face masks, but some had other styles on their mask, one even had the face of a crying human. The face mask was hiding their identity. Only a small number hade the mask removed.

Xander “Alright Luke is alive.” now they would rock.
Luke nodded “For most your warning came in time. For others it did not. Kyp Durron and more than nine other students have been murdered in the last week alone. The Duros Helake was among the first. Over seventy Jedi have been murdered.” He finished.

Xander swallowed he felt his knees go weak. “So many?” he said.
Luke nodded, he felt tired. “Yes. Many Jedi trained by me have taken their own students. Our order had been growing stronger then the Republic knew, yet still too weak to openly fight the forces of greed.”
Leia nodded “But we have a bigger problem. Kyp died somewhere near coruscant. I felt his passing myself. Two days later President Borsk was murdered by a lightsaber.

Guards and a young Bothan secretary claimed they saw Kyp do that. Kyp’s lightsaber was left behind. The guard claimed he managed to shoot the Jedi in his hand and the secretary confirmed that story.”
One of the armored beings interrupted. “Who do you think did it?” He asked.

Leia “I do not know. But they suspended my right as a senator because my ties with the criminal Kyp Duron. Han and me took the falcon as fast as we could” she said.

Luke nodded “It is as we have foreseen. The numbers of Jedi are too small for us to keep the Republic stable. “Saarai-Kaar i wish that you and your Jensaarair would help our young students further their skill in the force. Train them in the path of Jensaarair.

It’s a grim future we face and the republic does not know about your order yet, but they will have the information it’s only a question of time and a question of what they will do.”

The female with the crying girl mask walked up “I understand Jedi Master. It will be done. The time has come for Jedi and Jensaarair to stand as brother and sisters. What the Jedi knew they had been teaching us. Now it’s time for us to teach them.”

Jacen frowned “Uncle?” Seeing Luke face he corrected himself “Master Skywalker what are you going to do?” he said.
Luke Skywalker, Jedi master, looked around “Master Horn, Master Katarn, Mistress Leia and I are going to infiltrate the republic. Right now they are arguing over the blame.

We are going to find evidence to clear our name, but also to remove the Jedi artifacts from Coruscant.” He finished.

Mara Jade interrupted what many younger Jedi were about to say. “Quite down, even if they succeed it might be too late. From reports, over fifteen sectors already have withdrawn their support. The republic is falling”

The lady called Saarai-Kaar walked forward. “Come with me, young Jedi and Jedi Mistress Jade Skywalker. It’s too cold for your child” She finished removing the mask showing her face as that of an old women with a gentle face.

Xander sighed. “Saarai-Kaar, I am coming a bit later. I have something I have to talk to Master Skywalker about. “Master Luke.” He said. “Here are the new recordings I made with R3. We have also Samy a girl that needs training. I have written down all her teacher needs to know. There is also a warning from the ghosts. Choose wisely the heir of the republic.” he finished.

Luke nodded. “I understand. The Jensaarair and Mara Jade can help her with the basic. You should hurry up.” He sighed as Xander vanished. They had all been made look like fools. Blinded by their past experience they had investigated Borsk Fey’lya the president of the republic and his group of Bothans.

They had found much evidence on some minor crimes, but nothing really anything condemning and they knew he hated the Jedi.
Then from nowhere came this new side that attacked. He had a suspicion. A group of aliens, reptilian Yinchorr from the planet Yinchorr, had been seen making friends with many different groups, among them the Bothans.

He had only little dealings with them but what he knew of them was that they were force resistance against mind manipulation. They lived by the expression: Might make right.
Most of it, he had read about during his research in the beginning of the clone wars.

Years before the clone wars started or his own father was born, they had tried to destroy the Jedi. But they failed. A small group of Jedi traveled to their home world and took their ruling elders hostage. Proving the Jedi had the right of power.

The Jedi had found evidence that they had been manipulated by an outsider.

Later the Empire destroyed most of their home world only a small number survived, at least according to history books.
His gut feeling was screaming about them. Revenge was part of their philosophy, if they blamed the Jedi for their own destruction.
They could have manipulated others to turn against the Jedi just to get petty revenge. Or are they only part of the complot, a minor player themselves?
Luke was not sure. But he would be soon.

Later on Susevfi

Saarai-Kaar told the young Jedi of their past. The meaning of the word Jensaarair is follower of the truth and the Meaning of Saarai-Kaar is keeper of the truth.

We are protectors of this world and those that live on it. The armor is a sign of our dedication to the truth and the protection of others.” She looked at them.

“But our beginning was not that great. A renegade Jedi fiddling with the teachings of the Sith had created his own order, the Jensaarai. During that time he was still a user of the light side. The dark side he told us was wrong and evil.

But I do not know if it was by the hunger for power or foolishness that he and his brothers left to find more secrets of the force. Secrets they were planning on finding in dark side tomes” she said sadly.
“All of them turned to the dark side and committed crimes that forced the Jedi to hunt them down. We the Jensaarai did not know what had happened. Our first Saarai-Kaar warned us that the Jedi were evil and would be hunting us down.

He asked us to hide while he took care of them, but he failed. The four Jedi killed him and his team in a duel to the death.” She looked at them.
“Many years later, with the help of Master Skywalker, we found out that he was planning on transforming the Jensaarai into his dark-side soldiers.

But thanks to his death we survived and grew stronger in the light side. Our teachings are different from the Jedi, but they are similar enough that we can go to the advanced lessons in force skills and force alchemy, the ability to impure the power of the force in a non living object.

One of the final tests a Jensaarai have is to build an armor that’s been made one with the force. We are going to tech you that and more.”
And school started, again. The Jensaarai kept the students busy with learning as the older Jedi had walked in to the jaws of danger and did not want the young generation to follow.

The Saarai-Kaar was more than happy to train them and unlike training children these Jedi already knew the basics. She only had to improve and show them the new tricks. Once they got the basics of the new skill they could master it on their own. That way she could teach them more skills.

It was different than the normal Jedi Praxeum was. The first week the Jensaarai spend trying to figure out what level of skill the different students had.

Then came the training: Technology and how to merge that with the art of alchemy, the art to empower a non living object with the force.
The Jensaarai used it on their armors, but there were pilots among them that had improved the pilot starship connection with the help of alchemy.

It was mostly theoretic. Except that they were being showed how to build their own armor. The force skills they where showed and taught was Ballistakinesis, how to use telekinesis to make deadly projectiles out of tiny objects and using the force to aim them at the target.
Ballistakinesis was an art which Xander quickly mastered as he already had started to learn how to aim using the force.

Then the more exotic arts:

Force stealth to move without being sensed by the force or by a human eye. A stronger force user could over power the force stealth and if the stealth user came to close to a skilled force user he would know that something was nearby, but not where or in what direction.
A good sense of hearing and smell could cause a stealth user to be
Lastly anybody actively using force cloak, could detect them.

The great advantage with Force stealth was that you could have only part of it active. Anybody would still be able to see you, but detecting where somebody was over a long distance was almost impossible using the force. This skill had kept the Jensaarai hidden from the Empire and lord Vader.

Then there was the more advanced skill Force Cloak which is based on Force Stealth. It demanded that you have mastered the stealth skill before you could even try to learn it.

Force cloak was awesome it was just like Stealth but you could hide from droids and computers also. Even better unlike stealth, which was a power that affected the user only, cloak could be used to hide more than just you. A skilled Jensaarai would cloak a whole star fighter or even a transport from the eyes of sensors and force users. A group could cloak a whole Star destroyer. Something the Jensaarai had done in the past.

While both Force cloak and Stealth could hide a jensaarai from being detected by the force. A skilled force user would still detect that something was nearby, but just not where.

While Force Cloak was more powerful and also hid both sound and smell it drained more energy from the user, so even a master of cloak used stealth if they had to move undetected for a longer period.

Jaina and Jacen had taken to this like a fish to water learning stealth and the basic of cloak, second came Lowbacka and Tenel-ka. Xander was the last his stealth was good but his Cloak was unstable. He needed to train more.

But among the Jedi students were others that had come from other force using traditions and joined Luke’s Jedi order to learn more of the force.

Kirana-Ti like Tenel-ka she was trained in the way of the Jedi, but also in the way of the force the witches of dathomir used. Her people had been using similar methods of alchemy to make their armor stronger. Even if the material they used were more primitive.

With that revelation the witch decided to teach them to anybody willing to learn more skills of her people.

Force Flight, a telekinetic trick were you used your power to fly a short distance.

Most would only be able to fly a short 10 or 200 meters.
Others who had talent in this could learn to fly a mile before they had to land.

She herself was not that strong in this skill, 40 meters before she just could not focus her power of Force flight any longer.

She also taught those who would listen, the art of animal domination. The Skill how to tame animals and monsters, it was the reason why the Witches of Dathomir could tame rancor’s to let them ride on their backs.

Force Flight was a skill Xander eager to learn. It was difficult but he mastered it quickly and soon he could make short jumps and a glided fly over a short distance. Each day the distance would grow longer as he learned to keep his focus while flying.

Animal Domination, he already knew that trick and used it on a pair of Vornskr. It was also a skill Jacen managed to master in record time, he to must somehow have used something similar.

A young Gand Jedi tried to teach others the Gand finds man ceremony. It was a tradition of hunters and finders. Focusing completely on their ability to sense and detect. A findsman would be able to detect or find anyone they were searching for, in theory.

Xander, Jaina, Jacen even Lowbacka were unable to understand his lessons, perhaps it was the Gand’s fault being only partly trained as a findsman or perhaps it was simply not possible.

As the lesson started Xander had lot of amuse himself about.
The triangle of love between Jacen, Samy and Tenel-ka were hilarious. Samy came from a society were monogamous relationships were frowned up on, as boring.

Tenel-ka was born in the royal courts of the Hapes cluster, a monarchy ruling 63 nearby solar systems which are always ruled by the queen mother. Her father was the crown prince and her mother, a powerful warrior witch of Dathomir, was by marriage the future queen mother.
Dathomir witches were stronger and taller than the average human female.

Until recently the only thing a man could be on Dathomir was a slave, protected by a witch from the monsters that walked the planet.

The Hapans hade selectively bred them self to be beautiful and Tenel-ka sure was a perfect mix of both cultures.

Tenel-ka had strength, power, was beautiful and has as well an intelligence to back it up.

Samy was a Zeltron. A race notorious Hedonistic with empathic powers and pheromones enhanced beauty.

It was not a war. It was a slaughter house and Jacen was the only victim. The two girls soon became friends, as Tenel-ka learned about Samy’s force visions. Who was she to go against the wisdom of the force?

Samy on the other hand showed Tenel-ka her family picture, knowing that some of the witches of Dathomir had more than one husband or wife it intrigued her.

Besides as a future Queen mother, she would need a strong husband just to keep himself alive. Hapans practiced assassination within the family.

Her paternal grandmother was a scary person that had killed one of her own sons because he was incompetent. It might even be better if she never married. Many of the Queen mother’s never had married the man they loved. Just to keep them safe.

As long as she got pregnant at least once they were happy. She was sure in time, with Samy’s blessing, Jacen would and could help her with that.

Was it wrong to enjoy the carnage so much? Xander didn’t think so, as he, Jaina and Lowbacka watched the soup opera that was Jacen life. Letting Samy come onboard was his smartest idea ever.
Jacen was stuck between being fearful or happy. Now he knew why Luke stayed away from Zeltron. They were just to much and what was worst you were unable to stay angry at them.

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Knight away. 5-1
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

The Saarai-Kaar was pleased with her decision to keep the young ones away from distracting news, distracting bad news especially.
Because it was time for them to start building their armor and don’t need any distractions.
In the workshop
“So what do you think, Jaina, gang?” Xander said holding up a holo picture of himself with armor

They all gathered around him as he held up the holo. He had a lot of help in designing and creating it, by the Jensaarai armor crafter. Sure the last part, the alchemy he would have to do himself and hopefully he would also have to learn the art of armor crafting to keep his armor working.

It was two pictures Xander switched between. The first was one of him in a bodysuit, it looked like a body glove made out of flexible armor, heavier than the normal jump suits but still in the area of a light armor. It was covered in spun cortosis fiber, a mineral that protected against lightsabers.

The armor was black with yellow inside of the arms. No helmet just a simple cloak with a hood. While the front side was night black the further back you came, the more green it was. The side of the body suite was dark-green almost black, while the backside was soft green to dark green.

Jacen: “Why that color combination?”
Xander shrugged. “Mostly because I enjoy the fact, that I have green yellow eyes now. But also because in nature, if you going to hide, a combination of green and black is best. Pure black or green and you are seen” he said.

“Why no helmet?” Jaina said ironically. The two of them had worked together and she knew exactly what Xander would do.
Xander: “My dear, but I have.” he activated the second picture. “That is just a basic armor a sealed black body glove. With the helmet on I can survive in vacuum and if it going to get tuff I can put the rest on” he explained.

Now they saw a picture, a computer generated of him, in the same body suit but over it he had dark yellow armored gauntlets, which protected the whole under arm.

The Chest piece was yellow green and made out of a hard material that protected his back and front, but not the shoulders. Shoulder pads of the same material took care of that, without limiting his movement.

He also had groin armor to protect against low aimed attack and a dark green helmet with a transparent yellow visor similar to a mandalorian.

“The material in the outer plates is plastoid just like the storm troopers.” He said. “The helmet sealed to the bodysuit gives me a 25 minutes survival time in space, if I have the whole armor on its 2 hours.”

The Cloak can also be used as armor, Xander explained. “It’s not as good as the real armor, it almost has no protection against bullets or blaster bolts, but it’s made out of fire resistant material with great protection ability. One side lets heat thru, the other one reflects it.” He explained.

The material was used by fire fighters, because one side of the armor let body heat thru and the other side reflected heat. They could stay cool in the center of a hot fire storm.

Using it as a cloak was an interesting idea, just use the outside if you are in a cold climate.

“Alright it’s not the greatest material for heat reflection, but it is soft and flexible.” He said about the cloak.

Jacen nodded as he looked at his armor and sighed. It was boring, a simple black red flexible armor with a sealed helmet that looked disturbingly like a storm troopers helmet but with bigger eyepieces, simple but yet useful.

Jaina looked at Xander’s armor it was unique not bad and definitive Xander. Her armor was less glorious, just a black body piece made of the same flexible armor material with spun cortosis fiber. It had a helmet, that looked like a roman soldier would use (even if she doesn’t know about Romans) except it had a visor that protected her face and the build in hood inside of the helmet gave her whole head protection.

Thin plastoid Gauntlets protected her hands. She suspected that Xander had build in his weapons or tools. She had only a climbing rope in hers.
Both Xander and her, had macro binoculars and a raio-comlink installed in the helmet.

Lowbacka growled out as he showed them his picture. Most wookiee disliked the use of armor but it was not completely unknown for a wookiee to put on armor.

Lowbacka’s armor mirrored that fact. Simple yet functional plates protected the vital areas of his body and an open helmet, with a visor, his head. If he needed to enter space he would use a spacesuit.

Tenel-ka’s armor was looking like an armor shell that was stolen from a crab pale, red with a black body piece made of the same material that the rest had used. The helmet was in the same crab like shape and pale red with a simple visor that she could activate if needed.

Like the others her hand and head were sealed and could handle vacuum for a short time. On her right arm she had put extra armor just in case. After all she did not want to lose that arm too.

The Jensaarai armor crafter nodded at the Jedi. There were only fifteen Jedi that wanted to make a full armor. Most decided for a simple helmet or protective piece. That was just wrong, like running around nude.

But those four, they where special, Jaina’s and Xander’s armor were exclusive in their design. The two had taken to design them like a fish to water. Xander’s armor was even aquatic adapted.

No surprise there as the Armor crafter had learned the boy had gills.
They worked well together and understood technology fast.

Jacen on the other hand had not the instinctive understanding of technology that his sister and friend had, but he did understand his limits and asked for help. The armor crafter liked that.

The wookiee, like most of his species, was pride full, dressing up in complete armor felt wrong for the hairy youth.

Then Tenel-ka created a simple looking armor that was high tech. She also had lacked the deeper instinctive understanding of tech, but like Jacen she had nothing against asking for help.

And finally the armor was build, now they had to put it together, infuse the force into the material and change it into something that could repair itself if hurt. After a long month of theory and tests now they had their armor, all they needed to do now was to infuse it with alchemy.
A long draining process of meditation, just like building a lightsaber, it took a month or more with limited time you could sleep or eat and the more complicated the armor was the longer the process took.
One by one they vanished inside the armor room.
On the roof a slow drum beat started to play to help them enter the trance.

19 September 2008, 11:27 AM
Knight away. 5-2
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

Weeks later
First out was Lowbacka. But his armor was the lightest and so the easiest to infuse, then only a day after Lowbacka Jacen came out as he had the second easiest armor to infuse.

Followed by Tenel-ka five days later, her armor was just as simple as Jacen’s, but her powers in the force were weaker.
It took almost a month before Xander returned from his room. The armor fitted perfectly glistering in the light of the room he looked majestic as he walked out.

Only hours later Jaina joined them, the electronics had been difficult to infuse without destroying them. But she had done it. Like a gladiator queen from a time lost long ago she glided over to Xander and hugged him. Finely they were done and from the feelings they had got from the force it was just in the nick of time.

Saarai-Kaar had arrived. “All of you have done well. The lightsaber and your own master’s words proved in the eyes of the Jedi that you are Jedi Knights. The armor master and the skill needed to make it one with the force is the sign of a Jensaarai protector.” She bowed her head. “Students of the path of the Jedi, I hereby granted you all the honorary status as Jensaarai. If you ever need to hide, our home will be open to you” she said.

Then she puts on her face mask.
“As the Saarai-Kaar I have to inform you of the status of the new Republic. The Hapes system along with the Mon-Calamari have in protest of the Republic’s action withdrawn their support and have declared themselves in depended.

Luke Skywalker is currently missing in action, he is alive but he has vanished. Leia Organa Solo and her husband Han Solo are currently hiding at mon calmari.“

Seeing the shocked faces on the youths, she continued. “They managed to find the evidence and the murderer. But that did not stop the Anti-Jedi part from dragging up the past mistakes of both Jedi and other force users. They declared the Jedi order to be a criminal organization. “

A scared gasp was heard from Jaina. It was like the return of the empire all over again.
Jacen: “What? How could that happen?”

Saarai-Kaar sighed “The anti Jedi group sponsored by many races that disliked the Jedi was prepared and have chosen their representatives carefully. The senate is currently arguing worst than ever.

Hapes and Mon calamari were not the only systems that removed themselves, nor will they be the last. ” She sighed. “The Hutt fractions are arguing that it would be good for the economy to let slavery in limited form to be lawful. The worst is that I believe they might succeed.” She studied their faces. “Dark forces are at the center of this. Not as strong as Vader or the Emperor was, but strong and able enough to create chaos and destruction instead.”

Xander: “Like children in a school yard. What they cannot have they destroy” he tighten his armored fist. “That doses it. Just like my freaking vision. The republic is dead” He said.

Leaning on the wall he could see Jaina, Samy and Jacen all cry. Quickly he hugged Jaina and with a wave of his hand Jacen and Samy were pushed together.

Then stoical Tenel-ka did not cry. Not when somebody, outside her most trusted friends, could see her.
Jacen dried his tears. “I’m going to find Uncle Luke. What about you guys?”

Samy “I’m joining you Jacen” she said simply.
Xander “I think it’s time I visit a hutt. He enslaved humans from my home world. I believe he tells me where they are or he will become a fried hutt.” He simply said.

Now there was no risk that his actions could create war between Republic and the Hutt sector.
Jaina “I’m joining you.” She said. “But first we are going to talk to mom and dad.” Her face said it all.

Tenel-ka “I have to go home or the fleet will come for me again.” she sighed. “I’m going to prepare the Hapes cluster for you. Jacen, Samy join me, the two of you can find a ship on Hapes.” She smiled. “No, do not protest.
Luke is my friend also. As crown princess my powers are limited. A no too dangerous adventures, but I can help my friends.”
Lowbacka roared out his agreement. He needed to talk to Uncle Chewbacca.
Jaina: “What about Anakin?”

Xander nodded. “We will ask him. Mara if she is smart she stays and will protect Ben, but she might have a clue where Luke is.
“Anakin is four years younger than you, correct?” Jaina and Jacen nodded.

Jaina was seventeen just month short of eighteen now. Having a moody 14 year old with them would not be fun.
He frowned “Do you know the status of Corran Horn and Kyle Katarn?” he asked the Saarai-Kaar She blinked in surprise, the boy had a voice of command “Corran Horn and his wife escaped, last seen in the Errant venture.

Kyle saved his partner Jan Ors, republic commandos were holding her jailed as bait to captured him. He apparently disagreed with their actions, they died and Kyle and Jan are currently on the run”
Xander sighed. “The only reason Kyle would do something like that was if he had a good reason to fear for Jan’s life.”

The door opened as Mara Jade walked inside “They were torturing her. Kyle contacted us fifteen minutes ago.” she looked at Xander “And you are right I can give Jacen navigational info to where Luke is and I’m going to hide here with the Jensaarai.

My Ben’s life is worth too much for me to risk him” her face turned soft and happy for a moment as the child in her arms tried to eat her hair.
Xander nodded. “Alright, first the Hapes cluster, then the fishy planet and then hutt space.” He nodded while stretching his body. “I’m going to see that the Enterprise is ready, then I’m going to find somebody and test my lightsaber skills in a friendly way.

I need to know that I can fight in this armor” he finished.
The Saarai-Kaar nodded “Just return here, I will have some of my best ready for you. They will know what knowledge you are seeking and they will test you.” She looked at the others.

“You all should join him in this. A short but hard training fight is something that will teach you how to move in your armor.” They could not see it but inside the face plate she was smiling. “Xander, I’m going to send some of my ship crew over with you. They can help you make the Enterprise ready.”

Xander: “Thank you Saarai-Kaar. I must hurry” he said as he moved out, the cloak flying behind him as he vanished outside the building.
Jaina looked at Jacen “Then we have to ask Anakin if he wants to stay here and learn more or join us. And which one of us he wants to join.”
Jacen nodded.
Mara leaned back as she sat down beside the Zeltron girl, a wonderful race of near-humans and for some reason they made her husband scarred silly.
“Hi.” She said as the girl leaned over to look at the baby.

20 September 2008, 05:02 AM
Knight away. 5-3
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

Later, near the Enterprise.
“We have come to you to help you train a bit” a Jensaarai with a catlike mask said.

Xander nodded: “Good should I hold back?” he grinned.
A Jensaarai with a bird mask snored “Then you are a fool.” There was a reason they have armor.
Snip hiss. And the lightsabers were activated.

Swinging around with his Lightsaber, in double-bladed configuration, he attacked.
The Jensaarai was surprised at the speed the youth had and was unable to parry, a hissing sound was heard as the cortosis fiber in his armor made the light-saber part of Xander’s double-bladed weapon disconnect.

A short burned cut appeared in his armor before he could react. The light-dagger part of the weapon was aimed at the open cut in his armor.
The others applauded. “Apparently it would be foolish of us to hold back” one said menacing.

“O ××××.” Was all Xander could say as they attacked.
He danced around, parried as fast as he could earning some moving space before he disconnected the blades.

With light-dagger in one hand and light-sword in the other, he shifted from the double-bladed style into a free form of Jar’Kai the double bladed lightsaber form.

Of course his form had mixes of other styles in them.

He often began with mix of Niman and Shien mostly as he held his light-dagger blade in a reverse grip, while he held his Saber in a normal grip.

The Niman form was described as the Way of the Rancor. It had no real weakness, nor had it any real strength.

He knew that he often switched from a mix of Niman and Shien to Soresu and Shien.

Soresu also called the way of the mynoc. It was designed to defend against multiple long ranged attacks.
But combine it with Niman or Shien and you would get a dangerous combination if you managed to do it.

Xander did manage it. He was not a master but he knew a bit from all 7 forms of official lightsaber combat. He was worthless in Makashi, a style Count Dooku had been a master of, a battle form good against other lightsabers but bad against blasters.

He also knew the double-bladed style and Jar’Kai the twin blade form.
It was Jar’Kai he was fast gaining a master skill in and he was also not bad in the double-bladed style.

The ghosts had showed him and together with Kyle and Jaina they had trained.

Grinning he parried as the attackers came closer. Whirling like a hurricane he cut himself a path out.
Only the skill, the experience and the armor from the attackers stopped them from loosing arms and legs.

Xander frowned his cloak was cut in half, but that was fine he had spares. “Alright. Let’s really try out the armor” he said opening himself up to the force he dived towards them using Force flight.

The four Jensaarai dived for cover before striking back with force push and Ballistakinesis sending a rain of deadly missiles towards him.

It would not be easy to test this hot headed Jedi and from above came a hyena like laughter as mist suddenly was rising from the lake hiding them all leaving only the light-sabers to be seen in the thick fog.
“Now, this is a trick which was worth to learn.” Xander voice was heard from somewhere.
The Jensaarai nodded definitive more work than expected.
Later in space towards Hapes space

Jacen starred at him.
Xander: “What?”
Jacen “You put two of them in hospital with multiple broken bones” he said. Xander: “Um. I might have overestimated their skill”

Jaina: “Or our training together has made you more skilled in pure light-saber combat then expected.” Turning to Jacen “Did you notice that the people testing us let us do gymnastic movement first then combat and they stopped us the moment it looked like we were going to wild?”

Lowbacka nodded.

Jacen: “Yes. But why test his skill so much?”
Xander “It was because I took command and she knew I talk to ghosts. Saarai-Kaar wanted to know my real skill in combat”

He grinned “Beside I took great care not to hurt or maim them permanent. The broken bones were their own mistakes, they tripped.” It was his mist trick that had given him victory.

Using turned off lightsabers he attacked, disarmed one of the Jensaarai with his fist before going in light blade combat again. Compared to Luke these guys were not that good.

On the other hand those four guys he was fighting were not the best fighters they had. Showing how much they had underestimated him.

A Day later

Finally they entered the Hapes cluster, a friendly battle dragon was meeting them, treating to shoot them to dust as they wanted to enter Hapes space. After Tenel-ka had giving them commands to back down they got escorted instead.

Apparently the defection Hapes had done, was not welcomed in the republic. They were threatening with war and Hapes had closed their borders and isolated themselves again.

Xander and Jaina kept silent and in armor as they escorted the royal princes home.

Beside them walked Jacen, unarmored and holding a nervous looking Samy.
Anakin was trying not to stare as he followed them. Lowbacka walked beside him.

Five young Jedi, if a fight would start, against the hundreds of troopers that they had.

For some reason Xander was not afraid or nervous, even confronted by the idea of combat breaking out with the hundreds of self assured troops looking down on them from everywhere.

Not feeling fearful himself, he could only think of one thing. Good that one group feels overconfident. He just hoped it was not him that was overconfident.

The old Queen mother greeted them as well as the new Queen Mother (Tenel-Ka mother). Between the two was not much love lost, respect yes and a combined love they had over Tenel-ka but nothing more.

Teneiel-Djo was beautiful, but among the Hapes, a people breed for beauty, she looked common or even bulky as she was a warrior witch. Her skill of finding traitors was slowly becoming a legend among the Hapes, so was her skill in killing anyone who was endangering her family.

Yet it was the old queen mother, that were real dangerous and he could feel danger to Tenel-ka, that did not wish her to return, was nearby.

Jaina, Jacen, Lowbacka and Anakin bowed.

Xander bowed slowly. He was bowing first to the throne and then to Tenel-ka. Looking at her Tenel-ka “Lady Tenel-ka, do you wish to be alone with your family or do you wish us, as your friends, to remain in your company for a while?” He said not looking at her, but at the guards and the noble men. His eyes were glittering in yellow and green with a dangerous promise of death and destruction.

Jacen frowned as he stretched out his feelings he too could feel the hatred someone was aiming at Tenel-ka. He was about to talk when

Jaina stopped him.
Jacen might keep up with Xander in combat but not defeat him unless he trained really hard. She could defeat Xander about 1 in 3 times. In pure force power they were about the same strength and level of skill.

But Xander’s level of I’m going to rip out your heart and eat it for fun while looking dangerous was something different all along.

The nobles gasped and shivered as his eyes passed them by.

Tenel-ka smiled as she too picked up on the danger. “Thank you my friend Jedi Knight Xander Harris. I do believe it would be nice if you stayed while the royal engineers refreshed the Enterprise.” He bowed and moved to stand behind her with his helmet on again as her body guard. Lowbacka followed soon.

Xander waved signals with his hands unseen by the watchers but the gang saw him.

Jacen and Jaina moved to her side followed by Anakin and Samy. Seeing Xander’s signal, they moved to the side that said they were friends and followers of the lady.

Tenel-ka pushed Jacen and Samy quickly to the other side, meaning she was romantically interested in both and they had her personal protection.

The queen and her mother smiled. The boy, in old republic tradition, declared himself to be her body guard and so did the wookiee.
She knew him, Lowbacka or something. But that was a new boy and not a Skywalker that was for sure.

Interesting to her was that her daughter was still trying to capture the Organa Solo boy; he was a pure Skywalker and a Zeltron girl.
It would be an interesting night.
Later the same night

Xander looked at Tenel-ka and her mother as they talked about the situation. Jacen, Jaina, and the rest were send to bed, he as a body-guard was ignored.

The break with the republic had created a difficult situation in the court, Power games and assassinations, a joy fun place to live in.
As Tenel-ka was about to stand and leave to her room, her father Crown prince Isolder turned to talk to him “How long are you planning on staying as her body guard?” He asked.

Xander looked at him directly. “I’m actually planning on asking Jacen and Samy to remain here. Master Skywalker is a Jedi master and he can handle himself. Especially if I ask Anakin to team up with his mom and dad and go after him.”

Prince Isolder. “And what are your plans?”

Xander “I come from a lost world called Earth. A hutt used an artifact that I personally destroyed to transport us across the galaxy.
Million of earth humans were enslaved because of that hutt. I plan on freeing them.”

Prince Isolder frowned “Just like that?”
Xander nodded: “Just like that”

For some reason Isolder suspected that many hutt’s would soon find them self on the wrong end of a lightsaber. Whoever this young guy was, he made him more nervous than the nightwitches of Dathomir had done.

“Just see the court of Hapes knows that your daughter is under my protection. Just like that” he said before vanish in the air.

Tenel-ka giggled as she walked out “Are you crazy?” she said. As the air thickened and Xander was standing behind her again. “Probably, but it will keep them on their toe and the guards and the spy will know to fear me“ he whispered “To late they will learn that Jacen and you are just as dangerous. Besides if you can hire a team of Jensaarai” he said before once again vanishing in the air using force cloak.
Tenel-ka smiled, wondering where Xander was going.

Crown Prince Isolder sighed “What do you think of that new bodyguard our daughter has found?” They were alone in the room, private time. The guards were on standby outside.

Teneiel-Djo frowned “I think he wanted to talk to us” she said gripping her lightsaber. She was not a true Jedi, but over the years she had learned a trick or two.

The air shivered as Xander armored body suddenly stood near them. “You are correct. I wish to talk to you.” He said slowly removing his helm.

Isolder was surprised, he expected something more. In the throne room the boy had looked intimidating now he looked like a young 18 year old with too much on his shoulder. “Breaking into the royal room is a crime” he said.

Xander gave a snoring sound. “Would not be the first law I have broken to protect my friends.” He leaned forward. “Your daughter is ONE of my friends as are Jacen, Samy, Anakin, Jaina and Lowbacka. They are all my friends and I have killed, even betrayed friends and allies to save the life of the very same friends I betrayed” He said looking at the prince.

Isolder was a brave man, who risked his life hunting and infiltrating pirate and criminal organizations and he showed not a sign of fear in his eyes.

Teneiel-Djo smiled “Sounds good. But why are you here?”
Xander “I have some work to do. The lives of other friend’s are in danger and those are lives that I need to save. Tenel-ka life is in danger if she stays or leaves from this place.

Most of the danger she faces will on the other hand come from this place. Making it a snake nest with poisonous beast” He looked at the sofa before shrugging and sitting down.

Isolder smiled “My please, why don’t you sit down?”
Xander: “Already done, thank you. Now I am asking Jacen and Samy to look after Tenel-ka. But Samy need somebody to watch her back also.” His eyes narrowed.

“It would be good, if the court knew that fearing me is a good policy for a long life. I’m sure the two of you could, with Jacen and Tenel-ka, help spread some rumors.”
Isolder nodded “That could work. But they would just work around you” he said.

Xander snored. “Jacen and Tenel-ka are just as good as I am. He and she on the other hand do not look dangerous.”

Teneiel-Djo: “They will strike after you have left then, ignoring the harmless looking Jacen.” She nodded. “The faster they make a mistake the less chance that my daughter may relax and makes a mistake.”
She nodded “I see to it. By morning Hapes will fear you” she said then blinked as she felt his presents vanish. “Do that in the throne room and they sure are going to fear you” she said. He was still in the room waiting for the door to open. She smiled of course he needed somebody to open the door.

She pushed the button to summon a servant.
As the butler entered, Xander left.
A Short time later in Jacen’s room

“Don’t scream” Xander said holding a hand over Jacen mouth leaning over him. Face to face with Xander’s helmet not screaming was a hard thing to do.
“You asshole” he whispered.

Xander tried not to laugh. “Sorry could not help myself here. Listen, you and Samy”
“Me?” Samy asked as she popped up her red head, from somewhere beside Jacen were she had been sleeping.

Xander shrugged. “Like I said, you and Samy are going to stay here.” He waved his hand to silence Jacen. “Let me explain. Anakin, your mom and your dad can and will save Luke, Leia is Luke’s twin after all.”
Jacen nodded that was true.

Xander: “Good. I have it arranged so, that by tomorrow the court is going to fear me and ignoring you and Samy. And you better keep looking harmless and nice Jacen. Because the moment the others and I are gone, they are going to try something against Tenel-ka. You have to be there and watch her and Samy’s back.”

He said. “I know Tenel-ka can handle herself, but backup is always needed.”

Jacen nodded. “Sounds like a plan. I better keep up teaching Samy what I can” He blinked as he felt Xander move away.

Unseen by his eyes he could feel his present moving away further and further away.

To Samy who had not learned the trick, it was like Xander suddenly had vanished. “Incredible” she said. Jacen nodded “It’s a good trick. But any force user feels that something is nearby just not were it is and you are completely unable to attack” he said cloaking both of them to make sure nobody was listening.
Samy did not even notice that for a moment she was invisible.
Next evening

The ball room was filled with people wishing her well as the party was going on.
Her cousin, two times removed, Jalicie-leda had a perfect face, long blond hair and a body most photo models would kill for and a personality that would make a hutt run and hide. “So I heard you had a mystical body guard, where is he now?” She said mockingly.

Tenel-ka snapped her fingers and suddenly, face to face with her blond cousin, stood Xander his cloak waving in a wind that affected only him.
Xander “HGrrrr. You called.” He said, sounding like Lurch from the Addams family would if he had a Hyena stuck in his gut.

Jalicie-leda squealed in terror as she backed away as fast as her legs could carry her.
Slowly, almost in slow-motion, Xander turned. Then faster, then what most untrained noble men could move he was suddenly standing next to the blond Jalicie-Leda.

“Do you wish for me to take care of her?” Nobody doubted that if he did take care of her she would never be seen again.

Tenel-ka: “Not right now, Xander” she said and snapped her fingers again.

With a deep unlucky sound from somewhere inside of him he vanished into thin air.

The room was silent.
Xander returned to visual, hiding behind a pillar and was eating some food he had stolen. He had the visor open on the helmet, Force cloak was difficult to maintain. Right now he was using only force stealth so no human eye could see him, only cameras or the force.

“Having fun?” Jaina asked as she forced stealth snuggled up with him.
Xander cloaked them both “Not really but by the time I’m done they are going to underestimate your brother.” he said, knowing while cloaked they were invisible and soundless.

She nodded. “I have to go or Anakin will to something stupid like actually impress them with his skills” she said sighing. Anakin was the power house in their family.

Jacen and she were powerful, but Anakin was just as powerful with a natural understanding of both the force and anything technological. What took weeks for them to learn, Anakin did in mere hours.
He already had started to build his own Jensaarai armor from what he managed to learn.

It was a long party. More than once he had to make a sudden appearance but they had timed it well. Half the time he suddenly appeared it had been just an illusion Tenel-ka created and the whispered rumors that flew around were amusing by themselves.

According to the rumors he was either.
1. An experiment created by the Emperor.
2. A Sith lord returned from the grave.
3. An evil bounty hunter trained in the way of the Mandalorians and as a Dark-Jedi.
4. A monster hunter from an alternate dimension that had been trained as a Jedi.

The last rumor made him confuse. How the hell did they know that? He shrugged as he sneaked up to the queen. Using Force stealth he whispered to her “We might have problem. Someone might have inside information about me that ONLY a handful of beings outside of Jedi masters know.”

She blinked “What kind of information” she asked.
Xander looked worried. “They know. I have no idea how. But they know I am a monster hunter from a alternate dimension.” He shrugged “Only Master Skywalker and a small number of trusted people in the republic know that.”

He wondered were the information had come from.
Teneiel-Djo blinked. She and her mother in law had made up that rumor just for fun.
“Me and my mother in law decided to let the rumor spread just to keep the correct person on their toe” she said. Everything was true, not one lie in the sentence.

But if she was correct Xander would now be worried about what she knew.

Xander: “O. Well that is good then I think.” he said as he vanished and was a bit nervous, who would have known that the Queen mother managed to spy on Luke Skywalker or did Tenel-ka inform her? No not likely.

Teneiel-Djo sneaked over to Isolder to whisper in his ear. His eyes lighted up in surprise.

Eneiel-Djo then sneaked up to her beloved (as she would love to see her dead) mother in law. “The alternate reality rumor we made up is true. He panicked believing someone has inside information to the Jedi masters. I let him believe that it was us.”

The old queen nodded smiling. That would make the young Jedi nervous after all, if they knew that who knows what more they would know.

It was a perfect plan in respect and fear. Sadly anybody living on the Hellmouth either become ignorant or lose the ability to become nervous just because something was planning to kill you or knew your secrets.

Xander was nervous about five seconds then his Sunnydale reflex took over, nothing he could do anything about and not a direct enemy who was planning on killing him, perhaps his secret could hurt him but that would be a future problem. He has to warn Luke about the spy.
Four days later

With the Enterprise fixed up. New parts installed to update the old military class sensors, new communication equipment and an upgrade to the computer to military standard.

He had also had installed a new acceleration compensator that could handle more speed and maneuver ability. That was expensive thing to install.

Thanks to the royal engineers and the bounty he got from the pirates, he could afford it easily. Especially with the 60 % price cut the royal family gave him.

They had also helped him to improve the ships maneuver ability by installing extra thrusters.
Now he his ship had at a slightly better maneuver ability then a TIE fighter and even better maneuver ability then the millennium falcon had.

He now had type 2.1 maneuver ability, in theory but with great difficult he could boost the maneuverability up to a type 4. Something he was planning to do and the reason why he got the new compensators.

Just as Jaina could improve her X-wing to type 7 maneuver ability, but also with some difficulty as she would have to change the

compensators to more powerful ones also, but that would remove cargo space or a weapon.

He had to sacrifice cargo space, but as he had rebuilt her, he had prepared for that with plenty of extra room just for rebuilding in the future.

And the Falcon was still faster than he was. With Solo brand new class 9 engine his class 7 was nothing.

Most civilian ships had engines between classes 1 – 4, so in speed he was good with a class 7 with a cruising speed of 70 mglt. And a max of 280 Mglt at least compared to a standard Ghtroc Class 3 engines cruising speed of 30 mglt and max speed of 120 mglt.

His ship has doubled her maneuver ability to that of a standard ship.
But the thing was the Falcon moved with a cruising speed of 100 with a class 9 engine. Han, the bastard, had instead of putting in a more expensive engine modified his class 9. So they moved with the speed of a class 10.

The cost of doing that is obvious. The ship needed more repairs and mishaps happened more often.

Before Han got his class 9 he was using a Class 4 modified to the power of a class 8. That was madness.

Just hearing the stories send shivers down his neck. The Falcon must have had constant engine problems.

“What is it?” Jaina said as she watched him study the Enterprise carefully.

Xander: “The falcon is still faster” he whined. Lowbacka growled in surprise.
Anakin: “hu, what?”

Xander nodded “Sure. My ship can drive circles around your father’s ship, but it’s still faster than mine”
Lowbacka nodded this was serious; Chewbacca never did shut up about how good his ship was.
Anakin “I think if we modify the engine boost we could in theory get 110 mglt cruising speed out of them.”
Jaina sighed boys.

21 September 2008, 02:44 PM
Knight away. 5-4
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

Xander: “Are you crazy? That’s four classes more then I currently have.”
Anakin nodded “Dad did it before, with the falcon and he is trying to boost the new class 9 up to a class 11.”

Xander and Lowbacka nodded a Hum sound came from them.
Jaina: “Boys, hello, hello? Hum class 11 did you say?” She frowned as she picked up her calculator. “It could work. But it would raise the risk for the Enterprise, mishaps and engine malfunctions will be more likely.” s.
Xander nodded. “Yeah, it would take time also” .
Anakin interrupted. “But it’s not as if we install a new ion engine. So much of the work can be done from the inside.” he reminded them.
Lowbacka nodded, at least something to do during the journey.
The three tech interested Jedi nodded. “We have to start small, to find her limits” Anakin said.

Lowbacka nodded. As he growled out .We could get some bigger power couplings at Mon calamari.
Xander “And we have to find one more star-fighter. My hanger is only half full.”
All of them took a deep breath as in shocked terror.

Lowbacka growled he was more of an engineer then a pilot.
Anakin frowned “I always liked the A-wing” Tiny, fast, deadly and as the name said it’s an Anakin-wing what’s not to like?”
Xander nodded. “Then let’s go.” It would be a long journey from Hapes to the Mon Calmari home world.

The Hapes cluster lies near the inner rim of the galaxy while Dac lies in the outer rim and to make it worse he had to either use the small hyper route or the fast way across the inner rime trade route and then to the perlemian trade route straight away to Dac. “I need a faster hyper drive. The Falcons has a Class ½ and I have only a class 1.” He sighed.
The others snicker about him.

Jaina “Don’t worry Xander, I think we could use the Duros side step. Eight hours the wrong way and we come right to the Ithorian side Route. And it will take us to the expansion region and the perlemian trade route faster than on the normal way. I did some calculations last night.”

Xander smiled. “You are a treasure.”
The teens walked into their ship and lifted of.
It would still take twelve days of journey, instead of the calculated 40 days. That much time was saved going eight hours the wrong way. Hyperspace travel is mostly straight like the flight of a bullet. Near suns and big physical object the ship has to enter normal space and fly or jump around them.

Hyper-routes or hyper-roads were areas in space that had no objects standing in their path. Most routes were short, rarely going more than 100 light years before the pilot had to shift to a new route.
But on routes like the Duros trade route, the Perlemian and the Correlian Trade route you could fly from the core worlds to the outer rim in one jump.

And the Ithorian side route circled the galaxy, 40 % of the way starting in the inner rim and passing both the perlemian and Correlian trade route and then it ended in the expansion region.
Seven days later outside the Gelgelar free port.
They had stopped to get news and stretched their legs a bit.
Sitting, working with the engines and just being cooked up that long made all of them crazy and one of them had the power to remove human arms with pure strength. They all had lightsabers and were teenagers.

Lowbacka growled in happiness as he walked out to the swampy planet. Being cooked up so long made humans a bit crazy.
They all had started to look nervous at him and they like him had lightsabers. Humans are a funny species he understood why they made so good friends. You would never be bored.
In the training area where once Kyle had trained them, the teens were standing around 19 wax cylinders. Each had a tiny steel ball bearing on the top.

Jaina explained. “This is a lightsaber control exercises Kyle had us do, this is the first cadence. The goal is to burn away the steel balls without hurting the wax cylinder.

All in one motion, once you start moving you have to keep moving swinging until the last ball is burned away or you hurt a wax cylinder. It is said that it is impossible for a Dark Jedi to master this exercise.” She said nodding to Xander.

He walked in the circle, around him, on different lengths and in random locations were the 19 cylinders.

The blast helm on his head stopped him from using his eyes. Not that he needed them with the force as his ally. Click Hiss, Hiss. Both light-blades were active. Taking a deep breath he focused and let his fear and anger leave his body as he started to move.

With a dancing motion, never stopping, he moved round and round then just as suddenly as he started to move he stopped.
Anakin swallowed as he moved in. “All of them” he said in awe. Gripping the lightsaber he found together with Tionne. Luke said that it was Ben Kenobi’s blade.

Xander nodded, removing sweat from his forehead. “It’s harder than you think. And the best part is that these exercise next steps get extremely harder.

Second cadence involves 72 cylinders and 2000 ball bearings. And now they are sometimes on the floor and other time in a cylinder”
Anakin frowned “What good is this exercise?”

Jaina answered him “Control. It gives improved ability to use your own lightsaber and focus yourself. It also makes it easier to learn the harder moves we use during combat.”
Xander nodded “It’s a training, that’s impossible if you angry. So it helps you that way also.”

Lowbacka nodded. He did have an anger problem and it looked incredible how they moved, more like dancing then fighting.
They nodded as Jaina and Xander put up wax cylinder training fields for each of them.

Jaina and Xander walked over to a different area were their group of 72 cylinders was standing.
A tired gang returned 26 hours later to the Enterprise.
Anakin was good he managed 10 ball bearings in the end. They all said so.

Lowbacka got 11 but he had more training then Anakin.

As they lifted of, Anakin leaned over to Xander who was piloting the ship “Do you know any more exercise like this?” He asked.
Xander “Only the remote training can be done inside a ship” he frowned “But you could do the bottle exercise. It’s telekinesis training.”
Jaina grabbed an emptied bottle and gave it to him.
Anakin blinked “What should I do with it?”

Xander “Make it empty.” The younger teen looked at the already empty bottle “But…”
Xander “It’s full of air. Use the force to remove it and put something on the bottle. But use the cargo weight to see what its weight is before and after you removed the air.”

Lowbacka growled in surprise a question as he too took a bottle.
Xander “No I have not mastered this exercise. But I have emptied a bottle about 60 % of its air. This is one training the ghost told me about and the second part is filling it with only oxygen.”

Jaina seeing Anakin was about to ask something she answered guessing “No, I have only just started with it. Managed 10 % the first time”

The two walked out holding each a bottle.
Xander “It’s good that I told Jacen and Tenel-ka both the lightsaber cadence and the bottle training.”

Jaina nodded “They need some training. From what Lowbacka said sparring in lightsaber combat forms and then the remote training was the only type of training they did” she sighed.

The remote was a control training that depending on the numbers of remotes could become incredible difficult.
But variation is the key. The remotes showed a Jedi how to parry long range attacks. The candence did only one thing, it helped you to improve the way you move and use your lightsaber and making every other type of combat training easier.

Xander reminded her “Kyle spend years in the valley of the Jedi. Corran Horn did teach them illusion tricks and ways to extend your sense of vision that we have not learn yet.”

She nodded. They had told Luke about the candance and it would be a exercise he would include among the new Jedi, the moment they started lightsaber training.
Three days later over the planet Dac also called Mon Calamari prime.
The Enterprise landed on a space platform and they walked out.
Xander blinked “Hey this is solid ground” he said in surprise.
Meeting them were Leia and Han Solo. “What? Did you believe this was only water?”

Xander nodded “Yes the information about the planet said no continents.” he explained.
Leia “Dac has a lot of small islands, but no continents. The mon calamari treat those islands as holly and almost no outsider may land here. It was here on these islands their civilization started.”
Xander nodded, looking respectful on the tiny space port at a island that would burn a vampire to death.
Later in the guest house
Xander “That is our plan.”
Han nodded. “The falcon is flight ready by now.” Escaping the new Republic had hurt his baby big time.
Leia “I can find Luke.” She smiled and hugged Anakin “And it’s so good having my cute baby with me” she said while hugging her youngest child.

From her arms a sound like “mom you embraces me” was heard.
A short moment later Jaina was also hugged.
Han Solo “Look kid attacking the hutt’s is a bad idea. They stick together, one murder and even hutt’s who were enemies before will be gunning after you.”

He leaned forward. “Why don’t you use the smart way instead? Sneak inside and steal the information.” The security, among slave traders, was always bad.

Xander nodded. “Right. By the way, my ship has Type 2.1 maneuver ability. and a Class 7 engine that has a cruising speed of 80 mglt.
It also has two quad cannons, two missile launchers and a twin auto-blaster same type the B-wing’s use. Also a military class 5 hull and class 3 military shields” he said pride full.

Han Solo raised his eyebrows “you have a long way to go kid. The Falcon has two quads, one double missile launcher and a heavy anti personal repeater blaster and last but not least a tractor beam. That’s for the weapons.”
He grinned. “Class ½ hyperdrive, Class 9 Engine with a cruising speed of 110, Type 2 maneuver ability and a military class 6 hull with military class 3 shields.” He smiled smug.

Xander eyes narrowed. “The Enterprise is going to be the best ship ever.”
There was silence as the two pilots were bragging.

Leia sighed.
Jaina sighed. It would take some time before they managed to make the Enterprise as good as Falcon is.
Anakin smiled, he could feel that his dad and Xander were bonding now.
Han nodded “we see about that, lets go out kid and I show you how to modified you ship.”
Lowbacka and Chewbacca followed.

25 September 2008, 04:06 AM
Knight away. 5-5
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

Han really liked the young Jedi now. It was the duty of the older to help the young, especially one that was keeping his daughter safe.
Hour later, after a live pilot test, that the local mon calamari fighter aces were more than willing to help with.

Some of those Aces were members of Rouge and Wraith squadron that had abandoned their place in the republic.
The two ships had landed again Han and Xander were talking with each other. Han Solo was not force sensitive, but he had a deep imprint in the force and his skill piloting a ship was of the charts.

Using his own skill, improved by the force and he still was nowhere near the level of piloting skill Han had.
Only a day later Xander and Jaina with Lowbacka beside them were flying to Nal Hutta and the smuggler moon Nar Shaddaa.

Nal Hutta is a large planet with almost no natural heavy metals. Mostly swamps, bugs and oceans.
The natural day lasted 87 hours and a year lasted 413 local days.
Constant rain drizzled down on much of the surface the hutt big industrial center made it a polluted greasy rain.

According to the Hutt’s it was a beautiful planet that they called their home world. Original it had been full of forest rain and plains.
Then the Hutt came to the planet after losing their own world Varl and took it over.

They were still changing and adapting the planing slowly the long lived hutt had no hurry. Polluting the atmosphere was all part of their plan to make Nal Hutta better than their now destroyed home planet.
They had the addresses of more than one place to visit.

First was a stop by Shug Ninx on Nar Shadda and leave him a gift of money and some rare power accumulators to replace a ship Han destroyed 13 years earlier.
“It’s the Klingon light cargo ship I need landing clearing at the Shug Ninx yard” he said using one on of his ships fake ID’s that Han and Ackbar had helped him fix.

Finally “Captain Al-Xan you are cleared to land at Shug Ninx yard. Do be warned it’s a private starship yard” landing control said as the Enterprise speeded down on the city moon of Nar Shadda.
The yard was as it always was, been hidden inside a huge building its size was so large that you could park a correlian corvette and have room over for five more.

Engines and other systems were installed in over nine ships at the moment.
As they landed he noticed some of the ships, in nearby repair docs were hard to see.

Jaina nodded “Probably a visual distortions field. Makes it impossible to see what it is. Just that something is there.”
Xander nodded as a big tall human looking person with spots on his face walked up. He was in his early 60 or something and looked strong as a wookiee. That is the engineer Shug Nix.

Lowbacka was actually shorter then Shug Nix
Xander: “Hi. I have 400 000 Credits and a pair of military graded power accumulators. It’s the X-912 accumulators.”

Shug Nix “You want to improve the ship using that much money? If it’s really an X-912, then they are too big for you ship.”

They were priceless, nobody build X-912 anymore and it was the only accumulator that could improve the power access on capital and medium sized transport ships more than 170 % in one simple and easy to hide installation. Sure there were others but they were not as good.

Xander grinned. “Not really it’s to repay a depth of guilt. I’m just a courier. But our friend managed to destroy one of your priceless ships and he felt guilty about it. When we said we were flying by, he asked us to carry the money and accumulators here and ask you’re humbly for your forgiveness. Last time he was more worried about his 5 year old twins and the new born child, then actually noticing that he had insulted you and caused you the loss of a priceless ship” he said sounding diplomatic.

Shug Nix frowned then smiled a big grin. “Han Solo the old pirate, I heard he has gone criminal again. Don’t worry I forgave him years ago.
He was a dad and it was war. Sure it hurt but I recovered.” He then looked at them “But I’m still going to keep the money and the accumulators. “ He turned around and started to walk away, he needed to arrange for the cargo droids to offload those babies from the Klingon “Follow me.”

As they entered the cargo area, he started to guide a pair of cargo droids outside.
Shug Nix “That was 13 years ago, those twins and the baby most be what 18 and 14 now?”
Jaina piped up from the shadow below “18 next week”.

Shug Nix turned and looked at her. Frowning as he tried to put Han Solo’s face on Jaina. “I think I can spot some of Solo in you” he smiled and slapped his hand friendly on Jaina’s shoulder almost crushing them.
“Let me tell you about a young stupid hot head with the name Han, which I had working here. See Solo had found that dump he called Bria after a girl he knew.

“The Bria was a soroSubb starmite class.” He stopped “I have not seen one of those ships in years.”
Later in the home of Shug Nix he and Sally Zend, a former girl friend of Han, entertained the teens with funny storys about Han Solo and Chewbacca from when they were young.

Sally Zend, a dark skinned human, moved a bit too ferocious and was too strong to be a pure blooded human. Not that Xander cared, he too was a near-human.

Chance was that Sally Zend was actually closer to normal human then he was. “So I heard the girl turns 18 in a week?” she said as she managed to capture him alone, while Shug Nix entertained Jaina and tried to intimidated Lowbacka by showing that he was actually stronger then a wookiee. (Thanks to an Accident and a replacement cybernetic arm. Not that he told Lowbacka that)

Xander shrugged. “I have plans.” He sighed. “She is worth a million of me and yet…” he said looking at the giggling woman.
Sally smiled. “Good. She deserves it. Give you a tip on were to take her.”
Later on Nal Hutta
They had taken the Enterprise down, hiding it using Force cloak was difficult but combined the two did manage to cloak the ship.
Unseen they had landed near, were the hutt in question had his palace.
While on Nar Shadda Xander did experiment with force cloak. Hutt’s were immune to most mental force powers, but force cloak was physical and mental as it affected both machines and the living.

Force Stealth on the other side was a pure mental power and it would not affect a hutt.

His suspicions were proven correctly. The hutt on Nar Shadda could see them, even using Force cloak, it looked like he had difficulties focusing his eyes on them, but he could see that something almost invisible was sneaking nearby and the Hutt started screaming for his body guard.

Now they were going to sneak inside a hutt palace.
Jaina sighed “It’s a stupid idea. Let’s do it.”
With Xander leading the way, they moved on. In their armor they looked like a pair of elite fighters.

A short burst of Force flight and they were on the palace roof, getting inside was not that difficult.
The droids and guards noticed nothing and they used mostly the shadow trick of Mara Jade and the old fashion sneaky skill. Only while passing the more populated or the more guarded areas they did use the draining power of Force cloak.

In a big courtyard they could see the Hutt party and enjoying themselves, twil’lek and human dancing girls were standing ready for dancing or just feeding the hutt.
For now they ignored it as they entered the computer room.
An hour later: Finding half a million humans spread out was not easy. Xander almost paled over how many the hutt had sold to spice mining on Kessel or other hostile worlds.

But there was a big transport to Tatooine and one shipment full of fighters to a hostile world named Sevarcos to mine Andris and Carsunum spice and four of the girls in this castle were Earth humans.
Too many, spread out on to many worlds. Literally thousands of worlds had the 500 000 or more humans ended up on. He was angry, too many to help, too many to save. If he spend a life time finding them he would still not find them all.

Jaina could feel the rage growing inside Xander before he took a grip on himself and calmed himself, slowly, very slowly until he once again was calm and collected.

Xander: “Right. Take the information back to the Enterprise and tell Lowbacka and the droids to be ready for takeoff when we return.” He grinned “We are going to steal some slaves, all five of them.
I’m going to need your and Lowbacka’s help. They have explosive implants and the key to remove it safely is here. Fastest way would be just too kidnap them” He was silent “Killing the Hutt would be bad for our future life.

But stealing some of his money and terrifying him when he is alone would be acceptable.” hopefully.
Jaina shook her head. “No. Why don’t we steal the slaves and some treasure and write down the mark of the Black sun? The hutt’s hate them.”

Xander nodded “We could assassinate one of the Hutt using that mark as a shield against their wrath. Han said the Hutt conclave have been itching for a fight against the Black Sun.”
Jaina nodded. “Better if we use explosives. That way we can hide the fact that the slave girls were kidnapped. Of course then we have to save all the girls in that part of the palace.”
Xander nodded “Explosives does sound like a Black sun tactic. From what I read they like explosions” Of course the Hutt lord in question could survive with luck, but at least he would have a chance to cripple these slavers and his friends.
They moved away.

Later on in the long night
Like cloaked shadows the three Jedi moved like Ninjas out of the palace each carrying two sleeping slaves. Then back again for the last pack of slaves.

But this time only two of them were carrying slaves. The last one was installing explosions in the courtyard, the slave stable and the hutt sleeping quarter.
They had to sacrifice four proton torpedoes to create the bombs and they also left a tiny ring that they had made. Jaina said it looked exactly like a real black sun ring.

Leaving it near the explosion some of it would survive and could be identified and the Hutt conclave itching for a war against the Black Sun would jump at the idea. They hoped that it sounded like a good plan.
Shrugging they moved away.

In the cargo hold, were now five Earth girls and four Twi-lek’s sleeping. The Twi-lek’s slaves had become more expensive after the New Republic helped free Rythol from slavers, but there were still many small Twi-lek colonies and even slave farms because Twi-lek’s were popular as slaves.

He could understand that there was something almost hypnotic and alluring with the way a Twi-lek’s moved.
Using Force Cloak on the ship, they quickly lifted off and flew away from the planet.
Later in the cargo hold
One by one the girls awoke, as the drugs in their blood were removed.
“Where are we?” was the first question one of the humans asked.
Seeing a furry wookiee in armor and two armored humanoid’s did not make them less nervous.

Xander removed his helmet. “You are safe. I have removed the slave implants and anywhere you like I can drop you of.” He said to the Twi-lek girls. Then continued in English: “You five, I know were another American lives. He can help you girls get an education and a chance for a new life.”

He smiled and continued: “My name is Jedi knight Xander Harris.”
One of the Twi-lek’s frowned “Jedi do not use armor.”
A young African American girl gasped in surprise. “You are from Earth?” Another, blond-haired, earth girl said: “What is a Cheddar knight?” she asked confused. A red-haired girl: “Jedi not cheddar.”
“Cheddar? Cheddar? I’m not a cheese” Xander whined. Making the girls giggle at his sound.
Later in the ships galley
Having only room for 5+1 passengers in rooms the girls had to share a room and use the prison cell. Not that they minded.

The name of the girls were Emily, the blond, Molly a redhead that apparently got angry if you asked if she was English or Irish, and last the African American Rona.

(Note from Beta: hmmm our writer seems unable to count. He said something about five earth girls and only three of them have a name? *evilsmile*)

(Note from Writer I was tired and forgott the numver)

Xander: “Right. I’m going to give each of you a part of the loot in exchange for you silence about me freeing you. Officially you are dead, according to the hutt and most likely so is he.”
He finished. “So were do you girls want to be dropped off? I know” he said to the earth girls “were you would find a home and help. But you Twi-lek’s were should I bring you?”

Seeing their confusion he nodded “I know of a planet called Gelgelar there is a free port where you could find work and a home. Is that fine with you?”
They nodded. “That would take about two days, between the station and Gelgelar.”
One of the girls asked if they would free all of the enslaved people from earth.”

Xander “I wish I could. But there are too many enslaved outspread on thousands of worlds over a whole galaxy.” He sighed. “I’m going for the big and easy targets. Were I can free many at the same time and I hope that in time I can forgive myself for not saving all.”
Jaina nodded “Most of them have probably been sold and resold to other owners by now.”

Lowbacka nodded as he moved away he had some training to do.
Xander nodded as he studied the girls. Especially Rona, before talking in English “Lots of strange things go on here, of course compared to Sunnydale this is nothing.”
As he suspected, the girl was too good, she moved like a fighter. Like a trained fighter yet she was only 16. The name Sunnydale made her twitch.

He smiled and innocently asked “Rona did you live with your parents or a watcher?” He used the force trying to influence her to answer.
Rona “My dad was a watcher.” She fell silent as she looked up, in fear of him.

Jaina looked at him.
Xander “I think we should talk in private. It seems Rona and I might know some common friends from England.”
Now Rona really twitched.
A short moment later Jaina, Rona and Xander were alone in the cockpit.
Rona “So what do you want?”

Xander shrugged. “Nothing. But let me tell you about me first.” Picking up a crystal ball: “The blond over there is Buffy the Vampire slayer, the redhead beside her is Willow Rosenberg and the old stuffy guy is Rupert Giles.“ He looked at her and she recognized the name.

Xander continued. “Then the dimension rifts happened. Civilians vanished, gold was stolen and suddenly they appeared.” An image of the angel and demon were seen in the crystal. “They said every time the gate opens Earth risked facing a super-nova.” Seeing her surprise

Xander nodded. “And that both the side of good and evil had invested too much time to let that happen.”
“To make a long story short, the law of nature is different here. No champion like a slayer, witch or even a demon from Earth could survive in this universe.

But they could send a NORMAL human thru; they adapted him to be successful in this new reality. But they told him it would be a one way trip.
Being the only normal human fighting demons, I accepted.” Xander said. Jaina leaned her head on his shoulder.

Rona looked as the picture faded.
Xander “Since then I have adapted the skills implanted in me and have made the process fast. I managed to become a Jedi knight in record time and before that I had been fighting side by side with the Slayer since I was fifteen.”

Rona: “But vampires are too fast for humans.”
Xander nodded. “I know. But there are tricks you can use.”
He leaned forward. “What are you? The way you move, the way you act. I don’t know you seem to be yet your are not.” He looked frustrated. “Something about you says close but not a slayer”
Rona swallowed. “I’m a potential Slayer.”

Xander: “Like Kendra.” Seeing Jaina confusion he explained. “As I said there could be only ONE slayer at the time. But Buffy drowned and I brought her back to life through CPR and girl named Kendra was called as the next Slayer. Even being temporarily death seemed to call a new girl.” He showed them a picture of Kendra from his memory, then his memory of Buffy lying pale in the dirty cave water.

After that he showed a moving memory of both Buffy and Kendra dusting vampires like they were going out of style.
He looked down “She was murdered by Drusilla, a master vampire. But I remember that she said the Watchers raised her from newborn on. They knew she would or could become the slayer.”

Rona nodded “I should have been the same. But my father was a former Watcher and we made a deal. He taught me what I needed to learn and they just kept an eye out on me.”
Xander nodded. “I see the fine print. No Champion like the slayer could survive here. But you are not an active Slayer of their fore.”
Rona nodded “I survived.”

Jaina “So what is the difference between normal humans and potentials?” she asked.
Rona shrugged. “Nothing, but since I came here, I have become faster, stronger and I heal faster, but not as fast as a slayer.” A while she believed she had become the slayer. But she had no slayer dreams and she could not bend iron with her hands.

Xander was silent as he watched the girl. “Normally the slayer potential is activated by magic. The spirit of the Slayer enters the body and you are the new slayer. But part of the potential is always there.
It’s just that there is not enough power to activate more than one slayer at the same time.

I believe the force in this universe discovered the potential in you then adapted and activated it.”
Jaina: “What? She is a slayer now, but force activated?” She frowned a bit. The girl does give of a strange feeling in the force.

Dressed up, in padded protection, Xander and Rona stood on either side of the cargo hold. Jaina and her trusted R6 were recording.
“Ready. 3, 2, 1.” and Rona attacked, dodged, parried and blocked. Xander danced around “Faster. Faster. What, are you weak?” he yelled as Rona moved faster and faster.

Jaina could feel it, the force was pumping into the girl, like she was permanently using it to enhance her body. Using Force speed and Force strength.

Xander started to move faster and faster using force speed to keep up with the girl. “Rona don’t be angry. Calm down and move faster.”
Rona stopped moving “What?”
Jaina “Seek outside yourself to find it. Wait.” She said walking up to the girl putting her hands on her head. “Do you feel me?” Rona nodded. “Now follow me.”

She said as she sends a force probe inside the girl, trying to find her center, her core of strength. Then an echo was felt from both of them. This was one way Jedi could help their students to access and learn to use the power of the force.

Finding the power was always the key to learning how to use it.
But Rona was different she was not really force sensitive, yet she could use the force to improve her own natural ability. Perhaps even better then a Jedi.
A battle between a fully trained Rona and a fully trained Jedi would be a terrible thing to see. Telekinesis and long range attacks would be the solution against Rona.

Close combat and they were most likely almost equal, with Rona as the slightly stronger and faster person.
Lowbacka growled “rahared” agreeing in how difficult it could be to find the force.
Emily and Molly eyes were big as Manhattan they had a hard time to see the two move.

The Twi’leks surprise was just as great. But they expected something like that from a Jedi.
Xander nodded as he dried the sweat. He turned and looked at Jaina who nodded she was interested in seeing exactly what a Slayer could do.

“Right. If you want training Rona, we offer you that and a home with us. It will not be a safe journey but anything we can we will teach you or you can follow the others to a former Earth police officer who is now a store owner on a deep space platform. He can help you get an education and perhaps work. It might not be the same as mine, but safer.” Xander said.

Jaina nodded that was so cool, as Xander sometimes said. She never get, what cold had to do with anything impressive. But Earth was a primitive planet maybe keeping food cold was something only rich families could do.

That would make cold stuff impressive ergo they called them cool. She patted herself on the shoulder for analyzing that in a logical way.
The potential Slayer, mutated into a Force Slayer was definitive cool. Perhaps Force warrior. No Force guardian would be the correct term. Force slayer sounded like something the Sith would use.
Rona had lot of thinking to do. She was only 15 when she suddenly was and half a million New Yorker were suddenly on and alien world.
An ambush was waiting for them as they arrived in a huge, crater like, dig out which was surrounded by armed aliens or demons as she had believed then. Strong energy weapons that stunned anyone they hit and gas grenades putting others to sleep.

It did not take long, before the New Yorkers had given up and were chained up like animals. Strange robots so called Translator droids were brought to talk with them.

It had taken the droids less than a day to learn English and once that was done they started to question them for information. She was considered too young to know anything. Instead they had put her in a speed up language lesson.

Two hour lessons and she knew Basic and it was a short time after she knew her future would be hell or worse.

Becoming a Hutt dancing girl was actually good, comparing to what the future other girls had to suffer. All she had to do was dance and keep looking beautiful. The hutt actually protected them against rape or other physical attacks that could hurt them. Some girls had been given to guest as night gifts as a dancing girl and one of the favorites she had escaped that humiliation.

They were treasures, Jewelry that kept his palace more fascinating. He even said that the graceful motion of dancing humans and twi’leks reminded him of the flowing rivers and the muddy swamps with water constantly moving in the wind.

In a hutt mind a swamp could be used to describe something beautiful, but she always felt insulted and now had a choice.
As the ship raced thru the awesome distances in space, Rona sat curled up on the sofa twisting her dark hair with her fingers. Thinking and trying to find out what she would do. Beside her sat Molly and Emily and watched.

End of Chapter Five

26 September 2008, 05:32 AM
Knight away. 6-0
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

Jaina’s birthday party had been a small affair, inside a luxury restaurant on the Errant Venture, a mobile base for traders and smugglers inside a Star destroyer that had been remodeled.

It was simple yet wonderful, as they could relax knowing that Corran Horn and Lowbacka were keeping an eye out for any trouble coming their way and as promised when she was 18 he asked her THE question. Jaina answer was wrestling him down with a hug of death and screaming YES, YES, YES.

They were now engaged to be married, the moment her whole family could come or they would most likely hurt him if not.
Tatooine, the two suns made the atmosphere hot like a boiling oven. Only the hardest life form, evolved to survive in a dry climate, could live on a planet like this.

Of course that did not stop humans, durros, Hutts and even Mon Calamari from considering it a good idea to call home.
It was far away and outside of any irritating subject like LAW and ORDER.

It also had been a place where heroes had been born or grew up more than once.
Something on this planet made it easy to forget. Perhaps it was just the heat you just could not bother to remember strangers.

Xander personally believed the planet was cursed. The air was just to dry and his gills hurt.
Putting some cloth around the gills to moisten them, most of the pain vanished. Good to know his weakness before it bite him in the ass.

Lowbacka was back at the ship as backup but also because he was trying to install a pair of power couplings that perhaps could nurse out more speed from the engine without hurting it.

Rona was moving around, eyes on everyone and everything.
With a rusty voice that made Jaina sound concerned “What is it Xander?” she asked.
He shrugged. “I have gills. It’s dry.”

Rona was their directly “Gills?” She asked in surprise. Jaina “He got improved by the angel and Demon he showed you” she said.
Xander croaked out “Cantina” and walked away.

Rona blinked “But gills?” She said as she hurried after him, without noticing the alien she bumped into.

The creature did and he roared out as he pushed back. Rona fell down and was about to attack when Xander moved in between. Seeing him in a body-armor, made out of flexible armor material, in black and his eyes glittering green and yellow, the alien stopped.
“Careful should you be. Dishonor this one you did. Careful should you be” then he turned and left.

Making sure the being would not attack them in the back they kept going to the Cantina.
They walked into the Cantina. Jaina frowned, she was sure both Luke and Dad had told her about this place. She shrugged as they walked inside.

Jaina tugged Rona along to a table as Xander came with the drinks. Without a word he handed them out. Jaina asked “Better now?”

Xander nodded. “I think I got dust in the gills. Moist cloth seems to keep the pain away.” He puts water on the cloth before putting it back over his gills.

Rona looked absolutely shocked “Do they work?” she babbled. Xander nodded smiling more as the pain was gone. The air must be thick with dust particles. Stretching out with the force he tried to sense if that was true.

“The air is full of dust particles. Sand is everywhere” Jaina said grinning. She had checked the moment he complained about pain.

Xander nodded and double checked what she said not because he doubted her word but because he wanted to recognize the feeling the air had.

Rona drained her drink quickly “I get another one” she said moving up to the bar.
“Hey” she waved to the bartender “3 scorro rava if you have them.” A drink she learned to appreciate as a slave girl. Like brandy but more spicy and hot.

“Hey you pushed me” a ugly female Aqualish said.
Rona blinked did she anger somebody again “I’m sorry.”
At the table Xander and Jaina watched. It felt like she heard this story before.

The Ugly one had a just as ugly human female. “You be careful, we are wanted females.” she said.

Rona looked at them, really looked at them and tried to be peaceful, tried to find a good lie, tried to turn her back to them: “Wanted By what, the Ugly planet?” Crap.

The whole bar was silenced.

Somehow an echo carried her response around the cantina.

The Aqualish female attacked first. Roaring in anger she tried to bash Rona’s head in with her fin like hands.

Rona dodged and gave the Aqualish a hard hit in the gut with her left and a jaw breaking uppercut with her right hand. Using her full strength she sends the Aqualish flying almost crushing a Jawa.
The Ugly human now standing behind her drew her gun.

She could hear the sound of the bartender screaming “No blasters” but it was too late.

A click, Hiss, Click was heard and then a sound as a hand and a gun crashed down on the floor and a scream of pain, as the ugly female held her arm, the hand and the gun was cut off.

Jaina putts her lightsaber away. “This sounds so familiar” she said as she helped Rona carry the drinks back. “It is just like I heard about something like this happening before.” She wonders why.

Xander: “Good reflexes.” He said to the confused Jaina. “Right lets drink up and get out. We know where the slave import and the slave factory are.”

Jaina “How are we going to do this?” She asked.
Xander frowned. “Good question. Going around creating new enemies is bad, if you wanted to live long. “But we have to convince the owner to let any Earth humans he has to leave.”

He drank, the rave snored as the drink burned in his throat. “That’s spicy.” Shrugging he continued. “If I could I would free all the slaves. But that would mean a war I would not win”

Jaina “You have no idea have you?” she translated. Xander nodded. She hummed leaning back zipping her Rava. It was good but not her favorite it was a bit too spicy.
“First get the information where the slaves are and then look around. See what we can do to free them”
Xander nodded as they walked out.
The slave factory, where the slaves supposedly were worked to death under inhuman conditions, was different then he suspected. A tiny flying alien greeted them, beside him walked a human wearing glasses and a tattoo of spider- and super girl.

An educated guess would be that this man was from earth.
The alien “Greetings and welcome to our recycling and repulsor factory, where you can get old parts good as new and new repulsor coils cheap.” He floated up in the air “I am Addo, owner of the factory.” he said with pride.
Xander: “Um. Right, let’s talk inside“
Half an hour later

The human with the Tattoo was Thomas, an earthling. The flying bug guy was Addo a Tooderian. An alien race Xander and Jaina had no information about.

Addo laughed. “Slaves? No, I have no slaves not anymore, you see. I bought lots of slaves. They don’t work very well. I buy lot of slaves, give them small pay if they work bad and big pay if they work good.

If they want they can buy themselves after a year. Most have to work nine years. This year was good. Slave was genius.” He said looking at the tattooed man. “He tripled my income, he earned me big money.
Now slaves earned freedom in half a year or gain freedom by work in five years.
Now the two of us are boss of the company. We hire out workers to all of Tatooine. Farmers pay big money for many farm hands and small money for one farm hand. If not working as farm hands, they are working for me in the factory, earning small money.”

He smiled proudly. “Have fifty worker retired as farmers or move out. I buy more and more slaves. All of Thomas brothers and sisters from Earth I could find I bought.

Offer them the half year as slave then freedom if they can pay it or freedom without pay in 5 years. They worked hard and Thomas plan gave them freedom in five months. They still work hard for me and painted man is rich.” He said waving his hand at Thomas.

He buzzed around the room “We are getting rich, future in company. Company helps slaves buy farms. Company owns half farm and help farmer.

Company helps slave buy ship, owns half ship and takes half the pay but help ship owner find cargo to earn money.”

Jaina giggled. “Wow you became rich by freeing your slaves.” she said.
Addo nodded as he or she landed on a desk. “Yes. Painted man
Thomas helped me good.” He said smiling at his human friend.

Thomas grinned “Well, you have the connections to make it work. It is a team effort.” He said.

Xander looked shell shocked. “Um. Well, don’t I feel stupid.” He said in basic. Then switch to English. “I was trying to find as many slaves from home as possible and free them.” He said.

Thomas quickly switched to English “You know a way home?” he said with hope in his voice.

Xander twitched. “No. Not home. Just tried to find a way to free you from slavery” he said in English.

Addo “You from his home” he said in English. “Proud should you be, painted man made both of us rich.”

Xander snorted in laughter. “Yea I’m proud. Why do you call him painted man?” Addo grinned “In my home there are priest. Much respect much feared they are. They paint themselves permanent.
We called them Enarote. In Basic or English it would be painted man. It’s a sign of respect.”

Thomas shrugged. “Well, I’m satisfied with this. But you are free to talk to the other workers. Right now we have only fifteen slaves. All of them have earned the cost of buying them and will be turned free in five months.”

Rona giggled “You really know business.” She said.
Thomas nodded “I was a rich playboy at home. Old money never needed to do anything but party and I hated it.

This was, as strange as it sounds, a challenge to become something more than a shadow of my forefather.” He looked at them “My Great, great, great grandfather did almost the same thing with African
American slaves. He let them buy their own freedom, no tricks he even paid for their work.

The more they worked the more he paid. When the war came, between south and north, he escaped to the north rich as a dog and had a ship load of former slaves full of gratitude towards him.”
He grinned “He created a factory making saddles in New York. Later he invested in the shipyards”
The factory was just that. Xander really did not need to see anything he could feel honesty from Thomas. It was just. He felt stupid.

It was like he was riding in like a shining knight to save the poor princess from the evil farm eating dragon and she had married the dragon and they had become friends with the farmers.
He felt stupid.

He looked around in the factory’s cafeteria. It was full of workers they all seemed to know what he has been here for.

What was worse, they had heard stories from what Rona had told them and from what they had been told about both the famous Jedi knight like him and about the feared Mandaloorians that had armor like he did.

Now they where whispering about a real hero trying to save them. Even if he was late it was a real hero.

Xander stood “I came to a later gate. I was lucky, managed to escape and get training as a fighter, a Jedi.” He smiled. “As soon as I could I tried to find and help the kidnapped and enslaved people from Earth. 500 000 were kidnapped and sold illegally over the whole galaxy as slaves. I knew I could save perhaps 1000 of them.

I would have to risk my own life and be lucky to succeed and many would have died in my fight to free them.” He turned to Thomas, drawing his lightsaber: “He freed over 6000 of you and once again he proved that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword or a blaster.”

He said using the lightsaber to point at them. “I will always remember this and so should you. That man is a real hero.” With a click and a hiss later he put the blade away.

It was silence as they started to think about what he had said, then applause filled the room and they were screaming for Thomas to take a stand up. “Thomas Thomas” Filled the room.

Xander sighed happy. “Now I’m happy.” He said seeing Thomas blush looking discomfort able yet extremely happy.

Rona “Why did you do that?” she asked.
Xander: “Because a real hero might be late, but he is always in time.” he said confusing the 2 year younger girl.

Rona frowned “Ah I see, you have no idea why you did it either right?”
Xander frowned perhaps he had to do more to confuse her. Jaina giggled, the traitor.

Sighting Xander explained the truth. “It’s the tattoo. One of spider-girl and the other of super-girl, both are heroes. Something, I believe or feel, that Thomas wished he could be. But he already is a hero.” He finished.
He could feel a mix between envy and dream full longing leaking out from Thomas when they explained the duty of a Jedi to defend and protect.

Jaina smiled knowingly as she hugged Xander shoulder. “And that’s one reason now tell her your personal one.” Xander sighed. “I had come here to help the slaves and I was too late for that.But I was in time to help the hero understand that he is what he always dreamed off, a real hero.” He said. If he could not help the former slaves any more he could help Thomas.

Rona nodded “You felt useless and had to do something” she said rolling her eyes.
Xander grinned “She is a smart one.” He declared.
Inside the Enterprise Lowbacka activated the power core.
The hum of the engine was singing perfectly. “Growled.” He said in agreement to the engines sound. He wondered if Xander had discovered that the slaves had become free by themselves.

He had discovered it during landing by reading some old Tatooine news. But decided to keep the information to himself, he needed some time to work on the Enterprise power core. The power couplings gave them perhaps 5% more energy to use during combat. If he could turn that five percent in that would be Hyper as Jacen used to say.

Later on their way to Sevarcos
The file on the planet did not say that much. Not even updating the information on Alderaan gave much more.
Type: Terrestrial.
Temperature: Hot during the day, cool during night.
Atmosphere: Type B. Hydrosphere: Arid:
Gravity: Standard. Terrain: Plains,
Dessert, Mountains small sea.
Length of day: 26 hours.
Length of year: 378 local days.
Sentient Species: Humans: Others in Mining regions.
Starports: 2 imperial classes and 4 standard classes.
Population: Native Unknown believed to be around 5-6 million. Not including spice mine slaves and imperial personal.
Planet function: Home world, Spice mining.
Government: Council of spice lords, local Imperial governor.
Tech Level: Industrial with Vestiges of feudal.
Major Exports Andris and Carsunum spice.
Major Imports: Low tech. Space tech.

Capture: Sevarcos is known for its varieties of spice and its infamous spice mines. Although the native sevari have grown accustomed to the tiny granules of pure spice carried into the atmosphere by the wind. Visitors should wear breath masks or breathe filters to negate the effect.
See file: Spice narcosis.
Warning the tiny spice particles are known to enter weapons inside and cause explosions inside blasters when used.
Sevarcos is still under the imperial control.

Rona closed the file on Narcosis. “Uh, it’s like the planets air is full of drugs.” She said. If you enter a Spice Narcosis, that was a special overdose that airborne pure spice could cause one to fall into, you would fall into a coma like sleep that only a doctor’s treatment would wake you from.

While she was looking about the dangers of the atmosphere Jaina and Xander were studying the local space. It was not easy to fly in. Asteroid fields combined with an elite TIE fighter wing using TIE-Interceptors Mark2. The difference from the Mark1 is that it had shields.

Probes and satellites moved the outside of the system making it hard to enter without being detected. They did have a way pass that but it would be draining.

The Jedi files Luke gave them had information also, not much but interesting.

Andris spice was interesting, mixed in food and medicine to improve and protected them from spoilage. Andris was the common spice they sold and everyone wanted more of it.

See classified file: Andris spice medication advice. Open to healers only.
It can also be used to improve the natural strength of flavor in food. No side effects are known.
But drug and spice abusers claim mixing Andris with other drugs and spice protects the user from overdose on the drug / spice.
No evidence exists to confirm this.

Carsunum on the other hand was called black spice it enhanced the users physical ability and senses for five or six minutes.
Constant use caused a powerful addiction to evolve.
But used slowly over a year or two Carsunum created a permanent and improved protection against telepathy.

Uses of Carsunum improve physical development in a human. Strength endurance can be improved.

Warning, the addiction is powerful and cause rage, sadness and confusion. Andris spice can lessen the side effects of Carsunum addiction. A side affect of long term use of Carsunum is that the white of the eyes turns grey white.

Rona looked shocked “That Carsunum, except the addiction things, sounds useful” she said.

Xander “That why it’s a spice the side effects are often mild compared to other drugs. But the addiction can be severe. Glitterstim users have been known to remove their own eyes in pain if they have no glitter to eat.”

Rona nodded “It’s just the improved physical strength sounds good and the telepathy protection” she grinned.

Xander shrugged. “Your mind already has a strong protection. Not the strength of a Hutt but stronger then a normal human and from what I feel, its growing stronger the stronger you become.”
Hours later

The Sevarcos sun was burning in front of them as they created a bubble of Force Cloak around the ship and then quickly moved to the planet. Sweat was flowing down their faces as they finally landed.

Xander helped Jaina up, only to fall onto his knees.
Lowbacka was already sleeping in the sensor operator seat.
It was Rona that had to carry them to bed. Cloaking the ship about such a long distance had truly drained the three young Jedi.

The more skilled you became the less energy it demanded and the more power you could use and the Jensaarai leader, the Saarai-Kaar, had managed to cloak a 1600 meter long Star destroyer for an hour each day alone.

Rona looked out at the wind pained planes of the planet. What was it they were supposed to do? She mused. Right put up the camouflage net.

She hurried to pick up a breath mask then turned to the two droids. “Right R3, R6 it’s up to us to put up the net up. You two are in charge and I’m the muscle. Just tell me what to do.” She said hurrying out.
The two astromech droids looked at each other. They could whistle and beep. Not talk.

It took a long time and a frustrated pair of droids and Rona walked into the ship.
They had done it. “We did good guys.” She said to the two droids. They stared at her before beeping an agreement. She did well for a human that could not understand them.
It has taken an hour before she got the idea to use a data-pad as a translator.

27 September 2008, 02:24 PM
Knight away. 6-1
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

Next morning
The endless wind whipped the constant moving sand as a three pair of swoops flew over it.

With Rona sitting behind him on his Star-slinger, Xander enjoyed driving. Rona did not enjoy it. She had noticed early that Xander had his eyes closed the moment he piloted the swoop.

His excuse that he was too afraid to drive with his eyes open and the force was with him did not make her calmer. Even if it looked like he somehow did see or sense where they were driving.

Xander did have his eyes close most of the time. But he did open it to double check the swoops navigational sensor and to look at Jaina.
Sitting on that swoop with the armor on and the wind blowing thru her cloak she looked like a warrior princess. He hoped she would accept him as her king.

He had officially asked her THE question. She did say yes. But she also wanted Xander to stay alive, so any wedding would have to wait until her family could watch them being married.
But she had said yes.

Both of them felt a disturbance. Humans where moving towards them. Seeing Jaina and Xander becoming more alert Lowbacka stretched out his senses and there, humans were moving towards them.
They slowed down. In a distance they could see simple repulsor rafts equipped with sailing masts, they sailed in the wind, flying over Sevarcos sand as it was full of burrowing human eating monsters that was a good idea.

Four barges or rafts were sailing to them each had around sixteen passengers or warriors.
The sailing rafts, equipped with cannons in the front, real chemical driven cannons not so unlike something you could see on Earth, slowed down.

Apparently they could use the repulsor for drive also, but the wind moved them faster.
Inside were human barbarians, one of the local spice lord’s warriors sixteen of them, out on a patrol.

Xander stood up on the tiny swoop. “Hi. Mind if we come over and talk?” He said as friendly as he could, wearing the armor including hard chest pieces.

Annassa Agreel Driistal. Was a man and pride warrior that for this year carried the female name Annassa in tradition and gratitude, a female warrior had saved the life of one of his loved ones.

So for one year his name would be Annassa-Agreel showing all of them that he considered the female warrior of his tribe to be part of his family. A great honor, even if some of the less traditional were amused over his new name.

But he was not a soft person or a fool. He studied the three strangers, no four strangers. One of the swoops had a passenger.

The man had a strange armor in yellow and green colors. The armor protected the chest and stomach, the shoulder pads of the same material protected part of the over arms, the lower arms had were in dark yellow gauntlets. A dark green helmet hanged by his belt.

The other girls armor was less flashy but almost identical.
Then the girl sitting behind the now standing man, she had simple body armor. It would protect her against light attacks with knifes but not much more.

The last swoop driver was a wookiee, off all things a wookiee in armor.
Annassa “Then welcome on board strangers. If you have the guts and hope that the reason for violating my home world is one I approve of. I might offer you sanctuary.”

Xander nodded and pushed the button on his swoop so that it glided over and landed on the repulsor sailing barge.
Beside him Jaina did the same thing.
They looked at each other and smiled.

Rona was nervous.
Annassa “My name is Annassa passed and in the future named Agreel, of the Driistal clan. What are your names and reason to be on our home world?”

Xander leaned on his swoop in a relaxed position “I am Xander, Jedi knight and former defender of the New Republic. Innocent members of my people were sold as slaves to the spice mines on this world my reason and my duty is to save them and leave with as many as possible.”

Each of the spice warriors was difficult to sense. Their withes were darker than normal, on all of them and they all looked stronger then what would be normal.

Right this guys where used to enchanting themselves with black spice.
He could see a black bag hanging from each warrior’s neck.
Lowbacka snored behind the breath mask he was not afraid. If combat would come he would show them the old Wookiee trick, rip of their arms and beat them to death with it.

Annassa gave a grim smile. “You are going to storm the spice mines?” He laughed then stopped as the armored girl suddenly vanished in thin air.

Then suddenly she was standing behind him. “No. He is not going to storm the spice mines. WE are going to storm the spice mines.” She said.
His warrior grabbed their weapons.

Annassa waved to them “Calm down.” He was silence. “If you come in peace, I offer you and your friend’s sanctuary in my war barge.” He said quickly hoping none of his warrior would attack.

Xander “Gladly accepted. We only seek to save our friends then leave your world. Even if it’s a charming world, the spice in the air is a bit dangerous to outsiders.” He said in his breath mask.

Annassa agreed “It’s a world for the strong, weaklings die or become strong.” He said simply. The young man’s armor was flashy but he seemed to be a true fighter.
Later that night

Breaking bread and eating food with the warriors of one of sevarcos clan of spice lords was impossible as they also knew.

Too much of their food held pure black spice in it, so eating dry rations while the warriors were eating good incredible smelling food.
The warriors knew smart outsiders did that to survive. But it was fun to see them drool from the delicious smell of roasted hulifa.

Annassa explained where the spice mines where located and where you had to go to find information about the slave locations and also where one of many space ports were.

If too many slaves where still alive they would need to steal a ship.
They would also need spice to help the slaves with their addiction.

Andris could be used to slowly nurse away the addiction off black spice. The air itself was full of spice particles, both Carsunum the black spice and Andris the white spice. Spend some months living here and you could become a addicted spice abuser just for breathing the air itself.

In a spice mine the dose of black-spice was higher and more concentrated. Slaves either died or became addicted to the spice filled air.

Annassa explained to the three Jedi. “But we, our tribe, sells spice to the imperials. No matter how much they dig out, they always want more. We know where the real strong spice is located. We can offer you tons of Andris spice and advice on how to nurse off spice addicted slaves with Andris.”

They had not much off a choice, after talking between themselves Lowbacka and his translator-mistake, also called a Translator-droid, stayed behind with the barbarians, holding the money they would need.
At the next day they said farewell as they drove closer to the imperial garrison.

Outside city, the barbarians called it, with walkers patrolling around it the name fit.
In the Centrum, the Garrison was standing, big ugly and mass produced.

Unlike the mass produced town, the garrison hadn’t many ways to actually sneak inside. The pure number of sensors, including weight sensitive sensors could detect even Force cloaked persons, if you were unlucky.

Leaving Rona in a safe place the two Jedi sneaked inside the town and then moved to the garrison.
Finding the burocratic section was easy, as each garrison was build the same way. It was entering and leaving again that was hard.
The number of guards and patrol droids forced them to use cloak the whole time. It was draining.

Then they where at the computers, Jaina swore as the computers had updated files, the governor on this place apparently had a brain.
But the slave information was a low profile information. She grinned as she started to download.

A shiver danced down their back as the file clicked finished.
Suddenly the door to the computer room opened and storm trooper rushed in shooting stun blasts.

Jaina dodged as she pulled her lightsaber free, too late to cloak. It was difficult, almost impossible to cloak in the middle of combat.
Another fault she discover that the Jensaarai had not told them about.

Xander moved just as fast, instead of dodging he kicked a chair sending it flying in the path of the stunbolts, shielding him from the first attack as he pulled out his lightsabers and activated both the sword and dagger blade one in each hand. “Surrender now” He said.

Somehow he had managed to put on his helmet also. Not even Xander knew how he did that trick. The left hand picked the light-dagger, the right hand picked the Light-saber and the right foot kicked the chair. So how did the helm ended up on my head? Flew the thoughts thru his mind, beside him now, stood Jaina clicking her helmet visor down.

She had seen it. Xander in an incredible combination of force speed drew the light-saber in its double-bladed form in his right hand putt on the helmet with his left hand and as the hand moved down he grabbed the light-dagger part of the hilt. Then he activated both blades.
All in one motion, to other humans it looked like the helmet suddenly teleported on his head.

Stormtroopers never being co-operative switched from stun to kill and opened fire, as they called for re-enforcement.
Xander moved first, waving his saber in a coming low and cutting upwards motion on the first storm trooper cleaving him in half and at the same time cutting of the second trooper’s arms.

With the Light dagger he parried five bolts in one motion.
Behind him, Jaina acted. Sending a force push at the storm troopers and grabbing a pile of steel ball bearings, using Ballistakinesis she turned them into a deadly rain of missiles, just like a shotgun.

The stormtroopers hard armor protected them, but it hurt when the soft part between the armor was hit and before they could gather their wits or stand up, Xander was in front of them. Cut and slash in a single never ending motion and four stormtroopers were mutilated or dead.
Outside the door they could hear more troopers coming.

Xander “Let’s hurry” he said trying to cloak. It did not work. Well now he knew one weakness. You had to have calm around you to cloak.
The two rushed out the door. In front of them, to the right were fifty stormtroopers, a few to much, but to the left were only ten troopers, perfect.

The ten troopers were shooting all that they could, but it was not good enough as the Jedi walked thru them cutting slashing and stabbing.
“Hurry up” Xander screamed as the rest started too shoot.
Jaina nodded, as they rushed out in full Jedi speed, they where out of the corridor.

“What way?” Xander said as they entered a crossroad. Jaina, who knew the basic base maps better, frowned “Left down to the repulsor and walker hanger. The right path leads to the stormtroopers training area and the left to engineering. Right up are officers quarter.” She said looking at the different corridors and elevators.

Xander nodded. “Right what way DO you think we should go?” he asked.
Jaina frowned again then looked around pointing at a tiny opening in the wall. “Droid elevator, it uses powerful force field to push them up or sideways to where ever they need to go. Humans cannot use them or they get hurt.” She said.

Xander frowned “And?”
Jaina “Use to force to protect yourself, the armor does the rest.” She grinned.
Xander “Where can we go with it?”
Jaina shrugged “Anywhere.”

Xander: “Tie hangers.” He grinned “Wanton destruction and theft of tie fighter sounds good.”
She nodded as she explained what Xander had to do to activate the elevator, it was just a big open shaft, he was held up by a energy field inside it.

Pushing the button as he focused himself he was away, twisting and turning as he flew in rocket speed thru the base. Quick 90 degree turns almost knocked him out and then suddenly from full speed to full stop he was there. Rag ling out as he tried to collected himself.
Nothing was hurt, he did it.

Seconds after that, Jaina fell out of the elevator, it took her one minute before she could stand. “That was not good.” She said.
Xander nodded. “Right, never use droid elevators again” he said.
In the base the security tried to find them.
They had just collected themselves when security screamed out that the intruder is in the hanger.

Xander shrugged as climbed up on the catwalk and started to run and slash the TIE fighter engines as he passed them by.
Jaina did the same from the other direction.

Soon out of the 72 active TIE-Interceptors only 2 were unhurt.
It would take at least half a day or more for the techs to repair each fighter from the damage they had done, then the door opened and stormtroopers marched inside.
Between the shuttles and heavy equipment they had to split up in smaller groups.

Xander “Ready the fighters and keep the hanger doors from closing. I’m going to have a heart to heart with the guys in white” he said jumping down landing softly thanks to force jump.
Jaina nodded as she hurried to the hanger doors. It was not easy but she was greater at this then Xander was.
This of course made him the logical choice in who would talk to the troopers, she smirked.

Diving down, he discovered that these troopers were not that bad in fighting, they moved faster and they were stronger.
Also each of them could parry his lightsabers with the armor on their arms.
That was new.

But he did not let that stop him as he fought. Fast and controlled with no fury in his mind like a machine leaving nothing standing in his path.
As the troopers were regrouping and calling for backup and heavy weapon, he heard Jaina call him.
She was done. He picked up a stormtrooper’s arm and armor on his way to the fighter.

Jaina blinked seeing Xander carry the armored arm of a stormtrooper. “Collecting something” he said amused and curious she knew he had a good reason.

As they lifted off with the TIE-Interceptors the big cannons on the base started to fire. They where build to defend against capital ship attacks or attack against ground moving enemies.
Still both of them had a hard time surviving.

27 September 2008, 02:39 PM
Knight away. 6-2
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

The Next day at the meeting point
Lowbacka was back and part of the Enterprise’s cargo hold was stocked with Andris spice.

Rona and Lowy looked at the TIE-Interceptors they had stolen. It was an impressive craft. Four cannons, the speed was incredible and this version had shields, wow. Yet the X-wing was still the better craft.
The news was not good, the Earth humans were dead, only 2 remained out of over 8000 send here as slaves.

The huge group off slave bought by one single buyer on Tatooine and Sevarcos was his only real clue on finding and saving his earth brothers and sisters.

The rest were outspread all over the galaxy and space it is a big place.
But he had been too late. The slaves on Sevarcos had been earth soldiers, kidnapped by the gate machine. Naturally earth’s best did not like the idea of digging their whole life. They had made trouble.
Some hundreds or more had been sold as gladiators. To who knew were? Others transferred into the darkest most dangerous mines where black spice was mined out.

Jaina petted his shoulder.
Rona looked sad. “I’m sorry, too” she said. They were all alone in space.

His armored gauntlets smashed together. “Let’s save what we can and report back to the rest of the gang.” He said. “But first.” He picked up the storm trooper armor. “They parried my lightsaber with this part. The rest you can cut.” he said and then showed her.
Jaina snapped her fingers. “Remember what they said about cortosis minerals?”

Xander nodded “I remember. You can make fibers that short circuit a lightsaber or you can mix it with steel and get a alloy that’s brittle and can easy shatter, but gives almost 100 % protections against lightsabers and blasters.”

Rona looked surprised “Why not use it in the whole armor?” she asked.
Xander grabbed the back of his dagger and smashed it hard in the lightsaber protected part. Like glass a thin plate like part of the armor shattered like glass and fell of, leaving the normal stormtrooper armor visual under it.

Jaina “It’s too fragile to be used as armor and its heavier then normal steel. But put a thin protective layer over a chosen part of normal armor and that part can be used to parry.”

Xander “It’s an expensive combination, because it needs barrium to act as catalysis during the melting process and barrium has a tendency to explode.”

Jaina nodded “Thicker parts of the alloy can be installed on the back or side of vibroswords, to give them the ability to parry light-sabers. If it’s the back side reverse the blade.”

Xander “Sometimes they also made the vibroswords like a katana. But while working on weapons on armor plates it becomes too fragile.”
Jaina picked up the thin piece of the alloy “what they used on the gauntlet is way too thin, only as thick as a paper. Way to thin. But it can still protect against a lightsaber. The question is why they have it here?”
Rona nodded. It had a limited use in other words. Then she blinked. Why indeed.

Lowbacka growled out that he felt a growing darkness in the force. Xander and Jaina nodded in understanding. Xander frowned Yes he did it. “I can understand Wookiee. Sweet. Take that translator-mistake.”
M-TD Lowbacka tiny translator united sulked. He really did not like that human “I have updated myself to be fluent in over fifteen different languages and five different forms of military protocol” he said with a wounded voice.

Xander froze, seeing Jaina glaring at him about bulling the droid. “Um. M-td that’s actually useful and your own idea also quite that’s good, we should talk a bit about what you can and cannot do.” Perhaps the tiny-mistake calling itself translator could become useful. Perhaps.
Jaina looked proud at him. Giving M-td a wink she had help the poor droid finding useful updates and burning them into his translator unit. Making them a permanent part of the droids skill.

M-TD sounded happy “OF course sir. An organic can never truly be completely effective, unless he can speak or understand what is going on and a good translator like me is a treasure to be found.” Lowbacka sighed and turned him off.

Later next day
At the entry gate of the black spice mine.
Big security doors, guards, armored droids and cameras.
Joy. But also a nearby space port with a shuttle landed in case of an emergency.

Jaina frowned “We have to wait until somebody is entering or leaving. The slaves sleep inside. The moment we remove the slave chip they will know that one slave is on the loose.”

Xander sighed. “One inside and the others as back up would be wise. Could you prepare that ship for the slaves to use? Lowbacka can help you.
When the fight inside starts, create some chaos outside and secure that ship” he said and gave Rona his pistols.
Jaina did not like that idea butt nodded. “Right remember to get back alive or I kill you myself.”

Lowbacka frowned “Rhrrrr” he whispered. Their seemed to be a storehouse full of spice nearby. Perhaps they could see what is inside, load the shuttle up with Andris and take some black-spice for themselves. It had some medical and military use after all.
Xander vanished as he entered the guard station. There is his chance. A guard was entering the mine. He entered behind the guard, using force flight to minimize his weight.

The floor had weight sensors. He would have to fight his way out then.
Taking a deep breath inside his helm, he looked around.
It was dark and strangely moist as he walked further down.
He had to switch to Force stealth or he would have drained himself.
He walked around for hours, which felt like weeks, until he found the slave quarters.
Slowly entering Force cloak he entered the room as the slaves went inside to rest.

The security was not that good, but now he was locked inside with the slaves.
Two humans, nine gamoreans, one duros and fifty different types of aliens he had no idea about.
Hiding in the last shower both, the broken one, he relaxed as the aliens one by one entered the room.
Finally the two humans entered.
They where silently soaping themselves.

Xander used the force to make the soup jump out and glide on the floor.
“He Riley, you are way too tired.” The other said.
The man that lost his soup snored “Right, do I need to watch my back against you too Graham?” he said snoring as he leaned over in the shower to pick it up.
Suddenly a voice spoke in English. “Pretend to clean your feet.” It said. “I am here to save you both” he said.

Riley and the nearby Graham both heard the voice then saw a flicker in the air, just like a klingon warship decloaking on star trek. Then moving out from hiding in the shower an armored person was seen.
Xander decided to shut off his force cloak to make them believe him. It seems to work both suddenly had a look of hope again. No not hope but focused dedication. Hope had never left these two.
“Tell me everything about the security and then about your room mates.” He said. According to the file one of them was a traitor and would be freed from the mine after two months.
The room had over fifty aliens in it.

Xander nodded after a long story. “Right, tell only the ones you can trust to stay with you tomorrow.” He said pushing a chip remover in their hands. “The moment the slave chip is gone the alarm will activate. Tomorrow as you start to work use this and pass it along. First do only the ones you can trust then you can let the rest have it.”

They looked at him “What are you going to do?” Graham Miller asked.
Xander smiled “Right now? Rest and tomorrow my partners on the outside are going to take out the gate.” He looked at them “What? You thought I would be alone here on a hostile world?” he grinned. The ship was hidden nearby and if Jaina did what Jaina always did so would be the shuttle craft.
He ignored them as he leaned back, trying to meditate hidden in the broken shower boot.

The air was so dry that even with his helmet on he felt dried out. In the shower boot it was moist and he removed the helmet letting water drip on him before putting it back on again.
He could feel the black spice. It had entered his blood somehow. Crapp the breath mask protected his mouth and nose, not his gills. He had been driving around and standing outside a spice mine without a mask to protect his gills, just a moist cloth.

Xander tried to relax, if he would suffer narcosis he would have and attack by now and his helm protected the gills also. He had to remember this in the future.
The two enslaved humans from earth continued showering as the Jedi cursed his carelessness.

Soon a small group of twelve huddles together as they often did, talking about other slaves, problems and things they needed to protect themselves against, plots to steal more food and dreams of escaping.
The security did not care as they started to talk about the unsafe roof in corridor fifteen-ninety-one.
Then slowly they shifted and whispering to the others to stay close the next day.

29 September 2008, 03:22 PM
Knight away. 6-3
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

The next day came early Xander almost fell out of his both as the alarm screamed out “Morning, breakfast in one minute. Move it.”
The slaves jumped in their work cloths and stood by the door as a guard opened it and escorted them into the cave and away to the slave feeding room.

There were over 400 slaves sleeping in different slave quarters. But here they all are eating fast.
Xander looked around and could even see an enslaved hutt. There must be some kind of irony in that.
Wookiees and other beings were seen, hundreds of them. Lucky it was a large shuttle.

Then the work started. Xander waited under force stealth outside the guard quarters, until the alarm screamed out.
Each guard gun had an override. Only one with the correct code could use it. And every time the weapon shifted user the code had to be used. Or the weapon would de-activate.

They had primitive weapons, a Lightning gun that created a blast of a devastating electric charge, fired away in a bolt that exploded on impact, both electrocuting and burning the victim. Isolation would not work that well unless you had a full bodyarmor.

And even then its armor penetrating power was the half of a blaster.
The real down side with a lightning gun was the ammo or better the lack of ammo. It drained energy, yet gave less effect back compared to blasters. A lightning carbine held 40 bolts and a pistol around 8 before reload was required.

A normal blaster pistol could hold 100 bolts of energy. A heavy blaster pistol could hold 25 or 50 depending on the power back. Blaster rifles or carbines held 100 up to 200 depending on the type of gun and power pack.

But the Lightning gun could be used on Sevarcos, blasters could not and just like blasters he could parry the lightning gun bolts.
Somewhere deep inside the first slave removed his chip, then the second, the fourth, the ninth and so on and then the alarm broke out.
Guards inside the security post grabbed their armor and guns and started to run towards the slaves.

As they opened the door something moved towards them, with the speed of a racing swoop, something wearing a green dark yellow armor.
Snap: Hiss. Snap: Hiss. The being activated two swords of light as he dived into the guards.

With complete surprise he got them all, below him screaming in pain or just dead lay fifteen guards. Xander sighed he felt guilty but he was saving innocents, these were not. The moment they accepted the work as guards over a slave mine this is the risk they agreed to.
The big lightning turret in the roof was the first to explode as Xander had attacked. There would probably be another one by the gate.
With the force he lifted fifty of the guns and put them in a bag then he carried it down towards Riley and Graham. He could hear shooting between guards and the hiding slaves, using their plasma drills to keep the guards away.

Four guards and hundreds of slaves were shooting and screaming for re-enforcement. Soon their guns would be empty and then they would be dead.
The sound of an elevator made every one stop.
The guards looked relived, now the slaves would learn that an escape was impossible.

The door of the elevator opened and an armored person left the cabin, in his right hand was a lightsaber in the other a big bag full of weapons poking out. He dropped the big bag as he walked up to the guards. “Run or die. I do not care” he said.

One guard aimed and shoots at Xander, which just waved the lightsaber and sending the bolt back, barbequing the guard. The other three swallowed as the bag started to fly in the air behind the Jedi.
Xander looked at the face of Riley and Graham. He threw them a note “The code to make the gun work is this. Second. You two and one more can join us.

The rest have a shuttle prepared for you outside. ” He said to Riley. “I have to go and open the gate.”
He left them as he pushed the elevator to the top floor. Someone seems to believe they were smart. Suddenly the elevator stopped moving. Xander looked around pushed the button again. Nothing he could hear something like clams or locks being disconnected and the elevator shivered then started to fall.

Swish slash cut he attacked the roof then jumped out from the now falling elevator, flying up using Force flight.
Under him the explosion from the crashing elevator send dust up in the air. It was actually impressive of them most elevators were so secure that making them fall would be impossible.

Above, a lone guard, nursing a lightsaber wound, smiled at the gate. Guards had arrived to help them. “And that was the last of the Jedi” he said. They had all seen that the Jedi was trapped in the moving elevator and making it fall down had taken four seconds no more.
The other two paled as they stared at the door to the elevator shaft, a pair of lightsabers, one yellow the other green, were suddenly cutting open a hole.

The Jedi had survived and was angry, they shivered in fear.

Xander was impressed as he walked in, using the round opening he made in the door. Then he was no longer impressed he was amused. Shivering in fear were guards holding up their Lightning guns.
With one wave of the force he ripped the weapons free from them and then pushed them away using Force push. “I let you live, because you impressed me. Impress me again and I will kill you. Now run away.” He said trying to sound like a dark Jedi.
Apparently it worked. The guards squealed like pigs and ran for their life.

Shrugging Xander walked to the gate.
Five automatic lightning guns started to fire a rain of electro blasts against him. His armor would protect him against all, expect a direct hit. Using only his lightsaber he danced thru the explosions until he was close enough to use Ballistakinesis to send a rain of deadly pebbles flying at the speed of a gun.

The cannon seemed to be un-effected.
Shrugging he threw his light-dagger, using the force to direct it, he cut asunder each of the five cannons, then caught the light-dagger just as the guards opened fire.

Moving in full Force speed he dived in, dodging, parry and then attacking the guards. They were not good fighters or well trained, he concluded as the last guard died.

But what he really was afraid of was the Imperial forces. If they had gotten stormtroopers in here, they would use the guard door as protection and the cave would have been nothing but a shooting ally and he would be the target.
By the time the slaves had shot the rest of the guards and freed the other slaves, he was cutting the armored door open.
Turning around he talked, using the force to magnify his voice. “Listen. My team has prepared a spice shuttle for your use. Graham, Riley you come with us. Our own ship has room for the two of you, but no more than that”

He then turned. “As you fly out, try to avoid the imperial forces that will attack you. My team will drive the TIE-Fighters off and we will also give you the medical information you need. Working in this mine has made each of you spice addicted.”

There were mumbled sounds of anger. “A combination of Andris and calming medication will remove the addiction in less than two months.
We have Andris in the cargo hold. Enough for each of you” he said. Better too much then too little, besides they could sell the rest to the Mon-Calamari.

A roar of gratitude was heard. He glared at the hutt. Just out of principle he wanted to leave that snail to rot. Instead he said. “Most hutt move slow, see that someone is beside him the whole time and let nothing distract you from moving as fast as possible.”

The hutt nodded in gratitude, the Jedi was concerned about his safety. “I can be of more use then you know, lightning guns do not kill us. Just hurt like being streaked by a whip. Our skin absorbs the electric explosion and heat perfectly.” It said.
Xander nodded: “Alright if you can do that without being hurt. Then the two of us move first. The rest of you can use us as a mobile shield. If the hutt overestimated his skins protection, help him move”
The slaves nodded and the hutt crawled up next to him holding a lightning repeater rifle.

Side by side they crawled towards the gate.
Guards on the other side were fighting a battle on two fronts.
Jaina, Lowbacka and Rona were shooting and attacking them in close combat.

The Hutt was right the lightning guns electric charge did not explode instead his skin and body absorbed the explosion and electric charge. It seemed to bring the hutt great pain, far more pain than a whip would do but he struggled on.

Soon one of the other slaves took over the lightning gun as the hutt was moving but twitching too much to shoot.

Even Xander used the hutt as a living shield for a short moment before pushing the attack forward.
Finally they were outside.
The guards were falling back.
The 400 slaves moved, with the hutt as a living shield, to the Shuttle.
Xander “I am Jedi Knight Xander Harris. What is your name hutt?” He jelled.

The hutt: “Durga the Hutt. Once I am free, come to Nal Hutta and you will be rewarded” he jelled back. There would be blood spilled.
The Black sun had, in an ambush on his ship, imprisoned him here while pretending to be on more friendly terms. Once he told the other hutts about this treason there would be a crime war.

Lowbacka roared out to hurry up, holding his lightsaber in one hand and a big heavy lightning repeater, with a back pack generator able to hold over 1000 charges. A Blaster back pack generator the same size could hold more then 6000.

Rona was holding a lightning carbine, which she was firing in a rapid mode towards the guards protected position, around her jacket hung a rope with power packs hanging from it, for quick reload.
She looked like a short dark-skinned young Rambo. Xander giggled at the sight.

Riley and Graham frowned that was the rescue? Where was the ship they would use?
A roar of power full engines silenced them, as the Enterprise suddenly appeared from the sky.
R3 made a perfect landing.
Xander “Hurry up. Enemies are incoming.”

Jaina climbed inside her X-wing. ”I’ll be waiting for you” She said lifting of.
Xander quickly pushed R3 out of the way. “I’m sorry and thanks R3 you are a treasure. By the way I asked if Jaina could find you a back up memory and she did. If you like she can install it in you later.” He said.
The droid beeped happy.

Xander laugh. “No little guy. Jaina is better at droids then I am. But if you insist I can install it in you.”
R3 seemed to consider the idea, but beeped a confirmation. Jaina could do it.

A roar from the lower turret was heard, Lowbacka wanted to lift of.
Rona nodded from the top gun turret. “Let’s lift off then” She jelled.

Xander “Do not be hasty.” He said pushing the last buttons. The shields were fully charged and so were the guns. He was ready for a fight.

Then Riley and Graham suddenly burst inside and sat down, Riley in Jaina’s seat. “Off course you can enter. Just do not disturb me.” He said ironically.

Then frowned “Remove your hands or you turn the sensor of” He said in panic. “I do not want to fly blind” he said in irritation to Riley, who removed his hands from the control board.

It was full of levers, buttons, sticks and other gizmos that he had no idea what they could be.

Then the Enterprise lifted off.
With his headset on, Xander had Jaina on frequency 1, Lowbacka on 2, Rona on 3, both Lowbacka and Rona on 4 and all of them on 5.
R3 was logged in the communication control handling the radio and sensors.
He rocked off this planet.

3 October 2008, 05:38 AM
Knight away. 6-4
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

“Incoming” he said on frequency 5 to all them of them. “I see 12 Squints and no eye-balls in the atmosphere coming in high, aiming at me and the shuttle. X-wing dance with the Shuttle I dance by myself.” He said.

Jaina: “What? You don’t think I’m sexy anymore?” She whined as she moved over to the big-boy.

The long range shuttle was bigger than the Enterprise after all, but probably had shorter legs then it. (Shorter legs = Shorter time in space before landing was needed.)

Xander rolled his eyes, as he rolled the ship and opened fire with the twin auto-blaster. The pair of light but extremely fast cannons would probably not even hurt the interceptor, especially with its shields.

But they would wear the shields down and only one lucky shot was needed and each hit with them made it easier for his 2 quads of laser cannons to hit the TIE-interceptors.

They worked like a laser sight that could kill.
The 12 interceptors paired up, 4 attacked him and the rest attacked the shuttle and Jaina.

That was not acceptable. The targeting computers showed the lock on as he pulled the trigger. He fired one Concussion missile on a TIE-Interceptor.

In space the fighter could have dodged or even out maneuver the missile with luck and skill. In the atmosphere the fighters maneuver ability was limited.

It exploded and the shockwave pushed the other three fighters out of control, even his ship was rocked by the explosion.
“××××ing hell. Are we hit?” Graham yelled. Riley Finn “I don’t know just a big explosion outside” he said.

Xander ignored them as he dived between the fighters. Using frequency 4 to speak to both Rona and Lowbacka: “Two Squints coming low and the other is coming in high, make it fast.” He said.

The two gunners opened fire as fast as possible. A Rain of fire from the two quads of cannons was breaking loose.

Rona: “Hell yes.” She screamed as her interceptor was turned to a burning ball of fire.

Lowbacka growled out “Beginners luck” as he too put a Tie-Interceptor out of the battle with hurting its wing and sending it down to the ground. The last TIE on his side exploded as it turned the wrong way.
He grinned that shot would have missed but the TIE-Pilot dodged the wrong way. “Roared” he said.

Xander nodded as he jumped to help Jaina.
Of her eight fighters only four remained. In atmosphere the X-wing was so superior compared to the TIE that she outclassed them a lot.

Even then they were good and did manage to get a near hit on her fighter. Her shields were recharging and she could see a burn mark on the wing.

Her sensors translated the close presence of a big powerful transport too, with an angry roar as the Enterprise entered close combat with the TIE-Interceptors bugging her.

“I love my fiancé” she said as she drained the cannons to recharge the shield before joining him in combat.

The three ships shoot up into space.

Xander was nervous these pilots were good. “We have incoming. 60 squints closing in, coming from the asteroid fields” he said. The asteroid fields, he frowned these pilots were actively patrolling the asteroid fields. No wonder they were good.

Switching hi com over to the shuttle: “Leave the TIE’s to us and run like the sith’s were after you.” That was what he and Jaina were planning on doing.

Riley “Did he sound scared? He did right. That’s not good is it? It’s never good when the fly boys sound scared.”

Graham nodded “That was what they said during basic training.” He said wisely.

Xander “Would you two wise guys shut up or help” he growled.
Riley “Help how?” he asked.

Xander “Turn the second and lower of the blue switches. Then grab the stick. Use the top button to fire. That’s a twin auto-blaster it’s used like a laser sight.

Each time you hit an enemy, the sensor will improve the targeting-computer and gunners chance to hit. Remember you can also kill an enemy with the auto-Blaster.”

Riley was about to ask how he could see the enemy when the front screen suddenly blinked and small boxes in red and two in green were seen. “I get it. The red is the enemy and green are friends.” He said.

Xander “Correct, remember the pair of auto blaster are strong enough so that they can destroy a normal TIE-Fighter. The Interceptors hull and shield makes it almost impossible. So use it as a targeting aid.”

He nodded as he started to fire. Sometimes quantity was better than quality as each hit gave a distinct echo on the sensor, an echo the targeting computers could lock on to and the battle was joined.
The interceptors moved like a well oiled machine, blaster bolts raining down on them as they dodged and fired back.

With two quads heavy laser cannons, one double auto-cannon and two missile launchers on the Enterprise alone, they were a murder in space.
The X-wings superior ability to maneuver, the hull, the shields and weapons vs. the TIE-Interceptors superior speed and numbers, it was not a fair fight. 60 elite pilots against them, but they were note planning on staying.

It was more a distraction before leaving.
Dodging in the asteroid field with TIE-Interceptor after them Jaina and Xander were flying for their life.

Nine minutes later, which felt like five years, Xander arrived outside the asteroid field and was free to jump.

The shuttle was actually there before them. “Ready for first jump” Xander said holding up his thump.

The Enterprise had got some nasty burns. Real nasty burns.
Next improvement would be military hull armor like the Falcon.
Then the three ships vanished into hyperspace.
Behind them the elite team of TIE-Interceptors returned to base. Nine fighters had been lost to the enemy in space and twelve in the atmosphere. Ordering them to fly against a X-wing inside the atmospheric soup was idiotic.
Inside the ship Rona crawled down from the gun turret. That had been intense; she could smell something burning inside the Enterprise and R3 was putting out the fire. As she landed near Lowbacka she wondered, when she was in New York THAT day she was on her way to a school, a special school the watchers owned full of potential slayers, if she was the only potential slayer left.
Shrugging, she had needed Xander and Jaina’s help to access her powers, so perhaps they did not know that they were slayers.

At the same time far away.

Amanda pushed the sullustan against the wall of the building. “You said what? Listen creep. Either you get me the slave-control unit or I rip of you head.” She said in bad basic. Her blue eyes glittered dangerous and her face was hidden by her long blown hair.

The sullustan felt like crying, if he only had chosen the more expensive control unit instead of the cheep one. He gave the girl the unit quickly.
Amanda snored as she grabbed the unit and shoved it in her pocket before slamming the creep into the floor so hard it made and imprint.
Standing behind the wall holding a hand over her aching shoulder was

Chloe. “Did you get it?” She asked in English. Amanda nodded “Here” she said pushing the pain-Off button. Chloe sighed in relief. “I got his guns.” She said.

Both of them were now free. Pocketing the money they moved out. “So what do you think happened to us?” Amanda said.
Chloe shrugged. Both of them had become stronger, not extremely strong, but what had changed was the fact that they were healing faster, much faster than normal and their tolerance for pain was out of the roof high. “We are not super strong so were not slayers. But we heal fast so perhaps part of our blood line is active” She guessed.
Walking out in the foggy street of the planet oryon they walked away to the space port. Two gorgeous girls like they would always find a lift, even if it was with a creep.

Unseen by them, a dark shape removed himself from the shadows. Jedi Master Skywalker sensed something new and even if he had enemies on this planet he could sense help was on its way and those two were strange.

At the same time on a different planet.

The young girl bowed her head, fanatic joy burned in her eyes as she spoke “Lord Mandalore I bow before you as I take up my armor as a sister warrior”

Lord Mandalore, former known as Bobba Fett, nodded. Even being over 70 years old Bobba Fett was an impressive man who could defeat warriors more than half his age. “You have earned the right by combat to call yourself a mandalorian warrior sister Dana.”

Dana took the helmet and put it on as she turned around “I am Dana a warrior of the mandalore. Will somebody challenge me?” she said in the tradition of her new people.

Bobba looked on, as the new warrior was adopted as one of them. Dana had been nothing but a psychotic mess of abuse, pure luck that they had found her.

The slavers had sold the girl to them after telling them how strong she was. Testing they found out, that she was perhaps up to six times as strong as she should be for short moments. Normally somebody her size should be around twice as strong.

Doctors and healers had spent months trying to heal her psychotic mind. Eventually with the help of an empath and drugs they helped her forget and heal. Once she was healed, her real memory returned slowly to her.

Now Dana was no longer insane most of the memory that had made her insane was locked away until she felt she could handle them.

Bobba’s years as a bounty hunter did make him recognize something. The girl used the force, not like a Jedi Dana used it completely internally to heal and to run faster and longer and also to be stronger.
With his training the girl was around four times as strong then a normal girl her size. For short moments she could enter a stage of super strength doubling her normal strength.

Her healing was as good as a Jedi healing trance, almost regenerative. She could improve her own sense of sight, hearing, smell and even taste.

What Dana did not know was that they had stolen her eggs impregnated them using the seed of the best warrior he could find and now fifteen Children of Dana were growing and in nine months they would be born.

On the floor the fifteen year old strutted around in her first armor. She was a good fighter. Her skill in using long distance weapons was incredible. Even he was impressed.
Give her a year or two and she would be better than he was. Give her four years and she would be superior to the long dead Gallandro, the best gunslinger in the galaxy.
Dead because he shoot Han Solo in the legs, in a room filled with automatic blaster cannons which were programmed to kill anybody using weapons.
Perhaps he should clone her.

End of Chapter 6

Knight away. 7-0
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

The fog lifted as the Enterprise landed.
It was a sight for soar eyes. Burn marks over its whole hull, even a hole in the hull.

The Mon calamari shivered, whatever that ship had been thru it was a real fight and a wonder that they survived.

Han Solo hoped for Xander’s sake that Jaina was alive. He really hated to kill the guy. From the look of the burn marks they had been in a fight against TIE-Interceptors. How many he was not sure but the kid was good so probably a squadron.

Leia gasped, it looked worse then she expected. She was happy being force-sensitive, thanks to that she knew Jaina was alive and unhurt.
Chewbacca roared out a question.

Han “I don’t know. Why are you asking me?” “The big furball wants to know if he is going to rip of Xander’s arms or if Jaina is alive and unhurt.”

Leia smiled “She is unhurt and extremely happy, for some reason.”
Han “Hey, she is happy because now she is going to see her mom and her favorite dad. What else makes a young girl happy?”
Chewbacca roared out.

Han: “No I do not think uncle Chewie is making her happy. You smell buddy. I told you to take a bath and they have the shampoo you like. But you said no, the engine has to be checked. I could have done that”
Anakin nodded. “Uncle Chewie you do smell. A shower in the morning does not hurt.”

Jacen agreed. “Wookiee can be such cry babies about wet fur” he knew from both Chewbacca and Lowbacka.

Chewbacca groaned as he roared out his indignation. He did not wish

Lowbacka to brag about how good HE took care of the Enterprise. No way. Better smelly then humiliated and after a shower it took hours to dry the fur.

Then they exited the ship.

Jaina ran out with the speed, like a bullet fired from a gun. “Mom, Dad,
Jacen, and Anakin.” she screamed as she hugged them “Uncle Chewie uuuu you stink.” She said trying to force the big wookiee to stop hugging her.

Behind her Rona and Xander walked out. Xander did look nervous.
Jaina “Mom, Dad. Xander asked me to marry him”
Han eyes narrowed.

Chewbacca growled out something dangerous.
Han “I shoot him, you rip of his arms” he said menacing.
Leia and Jaina “You do no such thing” they said.
Both Chewbacka and Han hanged there head.

Chewbacka sniffed remembering the innocent young human child hanging in his fur. Now she was an adult and soon she would have pubs by herself.

Walking up from behind, Luke leaned on Mara as he walked up. “The boy works fast” Mara said. Luke could only nod. “Sense that girl?”
Mara nodded “She feels like Amanda and Chloe” she said in an amazing tone of voice.
Later in the house

Luke told them about his mishap. With the X-wings hyperdrive not working he had to sneak a lift on a cargo ship.

They had ended up far away from where he wanted to go and four ships later and five planets closer he ended up in trouble. “The shadow academy is back. It seems like one of Brakis Dark Jedi have found a new sponsor among the New Republic. But in reality the true master is among the Empire’s remains and the sith’s also back. I believe Dark Lady Lumiya is there leader” He sighed.

Xander frowned “Who is Lady Lumiya?” He asked. Luke sighed in sadness over the past.

Leia snored out “Shira Bree. Decorated Rebel hero and part of Rouge squadron and during a rouge squadron mission it happened. Luke and the Rouges were flying TIE fighters as a plan to infiltrate an imperial base. Then a TIE fighter was flying into attack and he sensing the attack responded.

Luke returned fire and the enemy TIE was crashed.” She said. “Later from the flight recorder we found out that it was Shira Bree’s TIE that

Luke had destroyed. It looked bad for Luke he and Chewie found evidence that proved that Shira was an agent of the emperor and her mission during the TIE operation was to shoot down Luke.”
Han nodded “What they don’t tell you is that Shira played Luke like a fiddle. They were a pair and Luke loved her.”

Xander twitched. “Ouch.”
Luke nodded “Years before you were born she returned as the dark

Lady of Sith Lumiya. Using a Force whip she defeated me, I survived by falling into a river. Returning to save my friends I had to use a Shoto or Light-dagger.

While a light whip is weaker than a Light-Saber fighting one without a second Light-blade is difficult. Only something a real master should try.”

Mara Jade nodded. “A Light-whip consists of a long flexible line that you project a coherent beam of energy into. The flexible line makes it move just like a whip.”

Xander “Sounds like a version of the Light-foil.” That too had a thin string that projected an energy field around it.

Luke nodded “It is, because they have a physical material in the heart of the blade or whip. A foil or a whip is unable to have the same cutting power a lightsaber has.

But the Light-whip is around 4-6 meter long and the glowing energy can cut anybody and it can capture and snare a light-saber. Thanks to the projector in the Centrum I am unsure if cortosis affects it.”

He looked at them “Jaina, Jacen and Lowbacka each of you will build a shoto as a backup weapon. If faced against a Light-whip using enemy, use the shoto to capture the whip and the Light-saber to cut off part of the whip. Then go in close and fight.”

Xander nodded. “You would not happen to have a whip lying around, we could train against?” he said hopeful.
Luke nodded “I repaired her old whip. If you like we can later have a go at it.”

Mara reminded them “Lady Lumiya is nasty and powerful. She was genetic engineered to be faster stronger and healing faster than a normal human. Combined with cybertech and her power in the force she is deadly” she sighed. “If you can avoid her, do so. “

Luke “Right that’s Lumiya. There is more bad news I’m afraid. The Republic has lost the correlian sector. It has declared itself independent. We have many free sectors suddenly claiming independence and the imperial remains have also come out from hiding seeing this.”

He looked at them “I suspect that in less than a year, war will break out in the galaxy, a big civil war.”

Xander “And we, the Jedi have to find a side and join them.”

Luke nodded but also said “That will not be as easy as it sounds. The Jedi are dispersed and not coordinated.” He said sadly.

Xander glared at him “Then you know your first mission. Call a freaking club meeting, a conclave or something. Just you and the more experienced Jedi-masters, discuss the problem not solve it. Just discussed it, then let them chew on the problem. After that, have a second conclave were the heir of the republic is chosen.”

Mara grinned “And that’s the idea Luke and me had last night” she said.

Xander blushed as Luke laughed. “Good to know that some of you kids have the guts to say your mind. But honestly even if they do come, it’s not going to be easy to convince all of them to join one side.”
Han nodded “But like we said last night. Just as sure as you get most of them the rest will follow”

Leia “What I want to know is about Chloe, Amanda and Rona.” She said.
The three girls leaned forward, finally something interesting.

Xander sighed as he explained how potential slayers were called by the slayer spirit. These girls are all of the slayer blood line and unlike in my birth universe, were the slayer spirit has only the power to activate one slayer at the time, the force has the power to activate all of them at the same time.”

Han “So they are slayers then?”
Xander: “No, absolutely not.”
Amanda: “Why not?” she roared out.
Xander: “I have worked side by side with Buffy the Vampire slayer. I worked with Kendra until she died. I know slayers.” He said. “Let me show you” he said.

And to everybody’s surprise he slammed his fist in Amanda face. “Evidence one. You got a bruise.”

Amanda roared up “What the hell” she said but Rona pushed her down. “Listen” she said.

Xander “I said you got a bruise, to give a slayer a bruise I would have to use a steel girder. I have seen Buffy being hit by a truck. Then just minutes later she was up running.” He said and then grinned. “Evidence Two. Your bruises are healing. But slower than a slayer would.”
Luke interrupted. “You do remember that you are stronger than normal yes?”

Xander nodded. “I know. But a vampire is about 4 times faster and stronger. Buffy and Kendra both had vampires hit them in the face without a single mark.”
Luke nodded “More then.” He said.

Xander “Well the last part is a bit difficult to prove. But Strength, Rona with training seems to level out at 4 times of normal strength and speed. For short moments I got her to move and show strength which doubled that. “He looked at them “Buffy is much faster and stronger than that.

Han frowned: “That’s good, hard to measure but good.”

Xander nodded “And that’s why I hurt Amanda. It’s hard evidence that I could measure. I have seen Buffy and Kendra get hurt. I know how fast they heal.” “Faster than I did that is for sure.”
He leaned back. “There agility seems to be similar. Reflexes are similar, too maybe even the same.”

Then he grinned “How you eat, the same. Buffy could eat more in one sitting then two adult males could. A healthy strong slayer needs more food than a normal girl. But a slayer can somehow survive on half as much food then a normal human for a long timme according to the watcher journals.

A slayer just becomes weaker, give a slayer food again and poff in a matter of weeks she is back into shape. Your need of food seems to be the same and so does the survival without lots of food.”

Chloe frowned “How do you know that?” she asked.

Xander “The way you two eat, like you are worried that somebody is going to steal it. I suspect they were starving you, yet you recovered fast right?”

Amanda “Took us a month to get our strength back” She growled out.
Xander “A difference but yet similar. Then come the senses, hitting a slayer using missiles, like daggers and even crossbow arrows is almost impossible. They just catch them in the hand, shoot guns and they will dodge.

It does not matter, if a vampire attacks from the front or the back during combat, as long as it’s in combat the slayer seems to have a complete feel of the surrounding area in battle.”

He looked at them “Rona had to be trained to catch fast moving objects with her hands and she can only do it, if she sees them coming.”

He took a deep breath. “Then come the dreams, all slayers have dreams of the future and about the past. Former slayers and much more, then we come to other abilities.

The skills: A slayer has natural instincts in combat. Generations of past slayers is carried over, giving a new slayer an incredible level of skills that only improves with experience. What they do not know or have past-skills about they learn fast.”

He gave them a smile as he said “You do not have that, but you seem to be able to learn fast and Amanda you bruise is healed, at the same speed as a Jedi using a healing trance.”

He grinned “You do seem to have improved protection against mind-control and the ability grows stronger as you grow stronger. That is an ability that seem to be stronger then in a normal slayer”

Luke nodded “Of course. Some Jedi are more advanced in that skill and some are less. Others are from species that have advanced healing which the healing trance improves.”

Chloe nodded “So what are we if we are not slayers?”
Xander took a deep breath. “I believe you are mutated slayers, the new Force guardians.”

There was silence.

Leia “Force guardian” she said.
Xander nodded “Slayers seems to have a need of protecting humans. In Rona that seems to be a need to protect her friends and innocents. She gets nervous around individuals that in the force reek after a urge to hurt for fun.”

Jaina nodded, while freeing the slaves from the spice mines they had discovered and freed some beings like that and they frustrated Rona she did not know why, but she distrusted them something awful.

Luke was silent then “So, Force guardians then.” He looked at the gang. “Then I believe you know what you should be doing then Xander?”
Xander “Um marry Jaina?” He said lamely. “Um Marry Jaina and repair the Enterprise? What? Give me a hint.”

Luke drained his cup “Why, you should be training the force guardians.”
Xander glared at him. “You are evil, absolutely evil.” He looked at Amanda “I’m sorry about hitting you, but I needed physical evidence that you could all see and I am sorry that you had to physically feel it as Luke the evil master mind said.

After I’m married Jaina and I are going to a honeymoon. Being the local expert in Force guardians, formally known as slayer, I expect that the evil master would demand that I start your lessen directly. Correct?”

Luke nodded. “Yes. Besides I would feel safer if you had backup with you on your honeymoon. The Republic as well as the darksiders is gunning after us”
Jaina nodded “It’s going to be fine.”

Xander nodded. “Well I need a place to repair the Enterprise. I might as well remove one hanger and restore the 10 passenger’s place the original design had.” He looked up. “I don’t believe I’m going to carry more starfighters then yours, darling.”

Jaina nodded. “But passengers we might. And with the two TIE-Interceptor mark 2 we can afford the rebuild.” she said.
Jacen that finally found himself a new X-wing felt like crying.
Anakin that found out about the TIE-Interceptors wanted to cry.

Han Solo nodded “But where to go?” he said frowning. Damn it. “Lando Calrissian. HE and his wife Tendra Rissant Calrissian are at Sluis Van at the ship yards. They have started a small luxury ship yard over there.”

Xander blinked “You are talking about that Lando?” Jaina nodded “Uncle Lando. He always is creating something big and expensive.” She said.
It was thanks to Tendra that he was rich. Lando had become rich and then gone poor again more times than anybody she ever knew about. But he always had the luck to create a new source of riches.

Thanks to Tendra’s care he was able to keep whatever he had created and create more, before the urge to build something new attacked him or something’s did.
“Luke we wanted a Jedi to marry us. But Xander asked if you could stand by his side as his best man. So could you get Kyle or Corran to do ceremony?”

Jacen: “Hey why not me as best man?” Lowbacka growled beside him.

Xander sighed. “Jacen, Lowbacka you both are my best friends? But Luke, he saved me when I was new in this universe. Hell he helped me get the bounty for the shipload of spice that was hidden inside the Enterprise when I got to Yavin.” He frowned “Right. That reminds me we have a shipload of Andris spice to sell.”

Leia nodded as she, Mara and Han continued talking about Lando. “He would do good work” she smiled. “And Sluisi is neutral in the conflict.”
Amanda “So when are we going to get the training?” She asked. Chloe frowned “Do we even wanted to get training?” She asked.

Xander shrugged. “To survive, the training would help you. I’m going to get a tutor droid to teach you everything else you need. From math to basic, Rona will be joining you in that.”
He said. “For physical accessing your powers, both of us are going to help you with, during the journey. Most of the sparring is going to be against me, Jaina, Lowbacka or each other.”

Last he said as he looked at them. “I’m not going to teach you to become a warrior. If you want to become a warrior you have to learn that yourself. We are going to teach you how to live and survive anywhere.”

He looked at them “But it’s not only me that’s going to teach you. Luke and Mara are going to help us, as they have experience with teaching. I’m to new and still learning. Jaina is also too young”

Luke nodded “I have already putted together a study package to Amanda and Chloe to learn from.” He smiled. “A tutor droid is an excellent investment. Xander, do see that it is multitalented in the more practical skills.” He reminded Xander.

Riley Finn frowned with him were Graham, two girls around 16 years of age, Rona, Jaina, Xander, the walking furball called Lowbacka and Anakin, a nice 14 year old younger brother to Jaina. The Enterprise was a tight ship.

They had put extra sleeping beds in the empty hanger.
In the Falcon was the rest of the gang and knowing that his older brother and girlfriend, mom and dad were all over there and his Uncle whit his wife and baby flew in their own ship “The Jade”, Riley could understand why Anakin had chosen to join them.

Accepting the overcrowded state, the Enterprise was a fun ship to travel in. His and Graham’s spice addiction were slowly being cured by replacing it with Andris spice.

It sucked that he had become addicted to a drug. But the mine was full of the stuff and only death would have stopped his lungs from turning him into and addict.

The perfect excuse every lazy drug addict was searching for. It was not my fault. Perhaps becoming an addict had not been his fault. But having the strength to remove his addiction would be his responsibility or fault.

He could already see the effect of the spice. The white of his eyes were grey white now and he was stronger. His muscles were more developed and in better shape than they had ever been in his life. Black spice gave the user strength. It was actual cool the way it improved the body.

But during the night when the shivers started, when he felt the need of more spice, when he could kill even murder for more that’s when he hated the stuff. Andris removed the edge of that need.

It was still there but growing weaker each day. According to Xander it would be there the rest of his life, always a weak need of more black spice. He was down too one dose of Andris each day now.

Graham the crazy stubborn never give up ass hole was forcing himself to take one dose every second day. By the time he took his dose he was shivering, trembling and in a bad mood. Nobody wanted to be near him by then.

But his method worked, he forced his body faster and faster to adapt to a life without drugs. He held up his dose “I’m going to start doing what Graham is. Give it to me tomorrow, same time” He said to Xander, the healer on the ship.
Xander nodded. “Will do” he said.
A month later, sending of Luke and Mara to the Harpes sector, to privately invite a representative of the royal court unless crown princess Tenel-ka could join them, they suspected that the court would not let their princess go, unless they had a backup in reserve. (Backup in reserve = Younger sister or brother)

Training the girls was fun. They were strong minded girls that never gave up. Being transported and having to survive as slaves burned away any spoiled left over that might live inside of them.

Yet you could see that Amanda came from a poor home, she had not much luxury to grown up with until the watchers had picked her up. She was 17 years old now 16 when she was forced away from earth. In her heart was not much innocence left.

It had been broken by her experience, yet she clinked to the side of good wanting things to get better and help others.

Chloe was different she once had been spoiled at home, where she was a beloved child. Her mother and father both had family connections with the watchers so they let her train and learn from them.
She still had a home and was spoiled whenever they could, which was often.

Then it happened, she was not even 14 when she vanished from Earth. Now at 15 she was a different girl, tough as nails and yet had a strike of innocence that never gave away. Amanda had decided she was under her protection.

Anakin, being fifteen in a month, was amazed by the girl’s ability to fight. He himself had a little Jedi girlfriend already but nothing serious.
From the look of things he really was not that serious about any girl yet. But he did like and was intimidated by Chloe.
“Roare” Lowbacka growled out to Amanda, before sending his fist out in a crushing motion.

The young girl dodged, all she could do was trying to kick the young Wookiee in the leg. She could have kicked a stone pillar and it would have worked.

Not Lowbacka he just kicked back, ignoring the tiny mouse poking him in the legs. He slammed his fist, while holding back quite a lot, down on her shoulder making her fall down.

Xander: “No, no. Wait Lowbacka, Amanda back down, both of you.” He sat down beside Amanda. “What happened?” he asked. Beside him Lowbacka leaned over putting his big, but soft hand on her shoulder giving her a massage to lessen the pain.

Amanda: “I, I just lost the contact.” She said. It was like she first was moving faster than ever, four times maybe five times faster, than puff it was gone.

Xander nodded. “Those happened to Rona too. Alright let’s get you up again. Never end a fight lying down or sitting down. Always see that you are among the fighters which are standing up. That way you will not end up in a bad habit of ending the fight not standing”
Amanda giggled. “Alright” she said standing up.

Xander: “Right. Now feel it inside of you.” He said. She nodded. “Right now, let’s fight.” He said backing down.
Lowbacka roared out encouragement, making those not knowing Wookiees feel intimidated.

The two started to fight again. This time she was holding it. “Stop” Xander said. “Excellent. Now Amanda, try to keep onto your connection. That will speed up your healing.”

Letting her end a fight while she still had the strength to hold on, did miracles for the girls trust in themselves. He turned to Rona and Chloe. Right you two now it your turn. “Remember, holding back too much will only hurt or kill Chloe in the future. She needs to learn”

Chloe swallowed. Rona smiled smudge.
Xander: “Right. Find your connection to the force. Hold it and feel it filling you. Now on three 1,2,3.” He said as the two girls started to fight.
Jaina walked up “You are good.” She said.

Xander shrugged. “You and Lowbacka gave me the ideas, me and you, after they are done.”

She nodded. “Do you like to do a team exercise with remotes?” She said. To her surprise Xander frowned. “Let’s do it with a twist. Let Anakin and Lowbacka join us and we use nine remotes instead of fifteen”

Jaina first wondered why then she realized. Teamwork, it would help them with their teamwork if they had to work as a team. “Great idea, I ask them.”

Xander “STOPP” “Rona are you alright?”
Rona shocked her head “yeah” she said frowning why did she see two Xander’s?

Xander: “Well, I do believe Miss Chloe has mastered this part of the exercise.” He said. This was interesting. Rona was better at using her improved physical speed and strength then the other two. But they had trained her longer. Her real skill was learning martial arts.

Any physical skill from dancing too fighting, they had to show her no more than once and she could do it. He suspected her strength and speed was about 4 times that of a normal human.

Chloe learned to keep her connection to the force up faster than the others. Her healing was good, not as good as Amanda or Rona and she also learned skills slower then Rona did.
He was not sure but it seemed like she had some extra sensory ability after all.

Chloe had yet to level out but he knew she would end up 2-3 times stronger and faster, no more. Her defense against telepathy and the defense against mind control were stronger than Rona’s. During a fight it was even difficult to detect her future movement in the force.

Amanda’s ability to improve her senses and physical strength, speed even healing was of the roof. She would end up 5-6 time as strong as a normal guardian and she was learning how to adapt to improve physical abilities faster than the other two also. But her ability to keep her power active sucked. She was also slower than the others in learning martial arts. Her defense against mind attack was the weakest.

They all could, for short moments, super boost their own abilities to become twice as strong and fast. In Amanda’s case that was a scary sight.

Now what the hell did Chloe do that made Rona fall that hard. He used a Jedi memory enhancement trick to replay his memory seeing if he spotted the move she made.

Right there it was. Chloe moved her hand into the right position. BEFORE Rona’s head began moving to that place. Precognition, the core that gave Jedi the ability to parry blaster bolts.
Oh’ boy. That would mean one thing. Would it?

Later in the evening

Riley and Graham were shivering of in their addiction fever.
Xander “Girls come here” He said. They ran over and like one said “Yes Master Xander what do you wish?” hiding their giggling.
Jaina giggled “Master Xander”

Xander rolled his eyes. “Just Xander, sit down.” He said.
“I have been studying your powers and they all seemed to be similar, but each of you has different strengths and weaknesses.” He said looking them over.

“Amanda. You have super strength almost twice as strong and fast as Chloe. Your senses are sharper and stronger than those of the others. You are strong and fast. Your weakness is in learning to access that strength and learning the skill to use them as a warrior.”

He turned to Rona. “You pick up skills in fighting, martial arts and dancing perfectly. Show you once and you know how to do it. It’s pure slayer speed. But your other powers and senses are only average, for a guardian. At least I suspect they are.”

He then turned to Chloe. “You on the other hand pickup how to connect to the force perfectly. Right now like Rona you are already constantly connected. But your physical powers seem only to be 2-3 times of the normal strength and speed, unlike the other you seem to have esp. Precognition. When you hit Rona, your hand started to move before she moved her head to the position.”

They all looked at each other. Then Amanda: “What? I’m worthless? Is that what you say?”

Xander: “No. I’m saying that each of you have different levels of power. Yours lies in super strength and super speed. Rona’s is to learn a skill at super speed. Chloe is using extra sensory ability as well as mind defense.”

Amanda seemed calmer. “Right, so what are you saying?”

Xander smiled “I’m saying you should focus on learning to fight correctly. Rona should try to become stronger and faster or see if she too can learn ESP. Chloe your powers are awesome, you have stronger mind defense then the other two have.
But teaching you to use the mystical powers is more difficult for us, but not impossible”

Jaina nodded. “It’s also something both Lowbacka and me have picked up. Both Rona and Amanda show some example of ESP powers. They are weak especially in Amanda but they are there and Amanda does not bruise as easy as she did before.”
Rona “What power?”

Jaina “Magnify Senses, the ability to improve the ability of your normal senses. Life detection, the ability to detect life forms hiding out of sight and hearing.”

Xander nodded. Of course they were using the force internally and mostly instinctively. Use of powers that mimicked what a slayer could do. The key word is mimicked not copied.

To reduce an injury was an old Jedi trick. Amanda was using a version of that instinctive during combat. Force speed and Force strength were the same but constantly active.
Other versions of Jedi powers cold be used also.

Their powers were hard-wired to do some tricks. All they needed was a power source. In the original universe the Slayer spirit, in this one the Force. What one slayer could do, another could also do or learn. But all slayers had specialties.
“I got it, your body is hardwired for some super natural powers, but it needs a power source.

In our home universe it was the slayer spirit, in this the force. So it’s using the force to mimic as close as possible what the slayer could do.
Watcher Giles said that what one slayer could do, another slayer could learn. But all slayers had a specialty that they were superior in.

We saw evidence of that when Buffy and Kendra were nearby. Buffy was th better all around fighter and her ability to predicted and enemy attack was superior to Kendra’s.

But Kendra was stronger and could detect vampires. Buffy just looked at how they were dressed”
Jaina nodded “Any idea on how to train them?”

Xander nodded. “Of course, all of us give some idea’s to teach them tricks. Then they teach each other the new tricks. Rona is the martial arts teacher and both Chloe and Amanda learn faster than a normal human. Amanda you have excellent skills and understanding about technology and computers.

You help the other two learn. Chloe you will help instruct the others in any mystical powers you have. We will help you find methods to teach the others.”

Lowbacka nodded, he made a new Shoto lightsaber (Light-dagger) and had to learn how to use it.

Jaina nodded, too. Her Light-dagger was not that big a deal she knew the basics from using Xander’s but her own was still new and she really did not like the artificial stone she used.

3 October 2008, 10:00 AM
Knight away. 7-1
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
DisclaImer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

Sluis Van Space Yards

The sluisi were a race of snakes with arms and heads. Their arms ended up in a four finger hand and the head looked more like something off a cobra. The snake like body was long and strong.

Being green scaled was most common in the race others colors were often seen among them.

The black scaled Sluisi had in the past said to have the most wisdom and the green the most talent.

The yellow was the most attractive and lust filled.
Red was the bravest but suffers the greatest of emotion.
The rare orange was said to be the most loyal but also short sighed.

That racism among the Sluisi had long ago vanished.
Now days, it was an amusing knowledge that they kept alive as historical information.
But the racism had turned to superstition.

Now day it was said that being surrounded by black kept your mind sharp. This caused many reading corners in a library to be painted black. A gothic would love it.

Green helped create ideas. Most restaurants and romantic meeting places were painted yellow and looked like a child fast-food restaurant.

Lowbacka, Anakin read the fact as the ship landed in Lando’s shipyard.

“aaa” Xander yelled at the combination of bright orange and bright green that he came face to face with as soon as the entry hatch opened. Everywhere he saw bright colors.

From the Falcon he could see the old gang move over. Each of them seemed to ignore the battle of clashing colors.

Xander having the combination of black, green and yellow on his armor had really nothing to complain about. But his armor was not bright. I’m flying the PCP airline sharp.

Lando watched the young kids, sorry the young adult’s, reaction.
The local Sluisi loved it, he hated it. But he earned money and the workers were happy. Give him enough money and he would make pink a fashion.

The five other from Earth could hardly believe their eyes. Surrounded by a fantasy land painted in green and yellow, bright green and yellow. That was, were starships are being build?

The ground was painted black and was stained with grease and oil.
Snake like beings crawled around carrying stuff or working. Some were standing still programming data-pads or talking with other snakelike sluisi.

It was painted like something from a child story, too bright.
Riley Finn “It’s got to be a side effect of my addiction” he said.
Graham nodded. “I need my fix now.”

Xander sighed they were having a setback. Hell he was having a setback. “It’s alright. The sluisi just like extreme paints, just calm down or use sun-glasses.” He finished and giving Graham his correlian-sunglasses copies.

Solo brought Lando over.
The older dark-skinned man studied the punk that was going after young innocent Jaina. So far he noticed that he was hanging around fare to many girls and they were too young.

Second the two men beside him showed signs of spice addiction. He better have a good explanation to let druggies near Jaina.
An hour later
Lando nodded it was a good explanation for the girls and he could accept the excuse the two druggist had, mostly because he did not want Tendra angry at him.

Han nodded “I know what you feel. But the kids have the heart in the right place. Get him talking about his ship” he nodded “You will see”
A day later
Morning had arrived. The gang had heard that Luke and Corran Horn with the half of rouge squadron, including some of wraith squadron had arrived.

They now called themselves the Slayer squadron. Where do pilots get things like that?

The Crest of the slayer Squadron was a sexy young 20 something girl dressed in a bikini holding a blaster in one hand and throwing a X-wing with her other that split up into 12 single X-wings. Around it was written. -Slayer squadron as good as any rouge-.

Somewhere behind him Xander groaned in pain. No, no it was a joke. Why damn it why? He then considered it, Buffy would love it, be insulted by the girl, but secretly love it. “Sweet they adopted my idea.”

Lando ignored it. Pilot aces were a breed by themselves. He had to figure out Xander now. He was a strange mix between Han Solo some young Luke Skywalker and with a dose of Chewbacca mixed in.

That furball had a strange sense of humor, once you got to know Chewie he could come with the best jokes.
Then there was something unique in Xander personality, something that he and only he had in him. Lando strangely knew what that was. It was the same aura of danger and competence that he only felt from Bobba Fett.

No wonder Jaina liked him, the kid was unique. Just like whatever his race of near human was.

His computer of near-human race had no idea what he was. Just that he was biological compatible with normal humans.
And that any child Xander had would have 65 % chance to be a almost a pure blood version of the same race as Xander. But that was normal in near-humans and human relationships. Always one side was genetic dominant over the other.

No Lando was not that emotional blinded. He saw directly that Han liked the fish. He had gills. Luke liked him. Leia liked him Chewbacca liked him. Even R2 liked him and that little guy was never wrong.

He grinned as he decided to like the fish. “Right, you said you wanted to rebuild your ship?” he said.

Xander nodded. “I have two TIE-interceptor’s mark 2 and most of my cargo hold is stuffed with spice, Andris spice to sell. What I wanted is this” he said.

Remove and change of hull. That was expensive but he needed a class 6 armor hull. That was perhaps the most he could get in any normal places. Lando confirmed it.

An improved hyperdrive if possible, if not an improved engine, class 9.
Remove the left hanger door. And Improve passengers from 5+1 in jail to 8 +2 in jail. Improve each passenger’s room a bit, but putt in an extra bed. That way we can take 8 passengers and Two in the cell room.

Lando nodded. Normally the 720 had 10 passenger “Why not make it the normal way and put up a place for a removable jail cell in the cargo area or even install a force field cell. They drain energy but take up almost no place”

Xander blinked “Yea. What do you mean with normal?” He asked.
Lando explained. “Normally the Ghtroc has a Crew of 2 and Passenger 10. The crew quarters are captain and copilots, 2 rooms and 2 premium bedrooms. One holds a bunk bed, for well paying passengers. Then the economy bedroom, it contains room for 3 beds. Two bunk beds and one normal. That equals 5 passengers in the economy bedroom and in the 2 premium bedrooms we have bunk beds. 4 passengers total.”

Xander frowned “The last passenger is where?”
Lando “In the Co-Pilot room there is an expendable bunk bed if needed. Total: 10 passengers.”

Xander nodded. “Right, just make it a bit roomier, perhaps one smaller passenger room and two normal sized passenger rooms. All passenger rooms can have two passengers each and a room with bunk beds for four passengers.

Then see that both the captain and the co-captain have room for a passenger, if needed.” He grinned. Jaina and he lived in the same room anyway. Make the captain room larger, Jaina normally sleeps there, the bubble bath and shower have to remain near the captain’s room.”

Lando nodded. When they put in the hanger they did increased the wide and length a bit, not much but a bit. The height at the side was also increased, so the engineers had more space to play with than expected.

If equipped with the right engine it could almost carry the same size as a medium transport, even if it was still on the light transport size.
A normal Ghtroc was 35 meters long and at the thinnest area in the back, 23 meters wide. In the front it was 35 meter wide and 6 meter tall at the highest point.

The Ghtroc was thicker and bigger then an Yt-1300 which was 34.7 meters long.

Lando and one of his engineers pushed the buttons, the money the kid had would be enough for a hull replacement and perhaps tuning his hyperdrive. If he had luck an older class nine ion drive could be found, but that would be blind luck.

Currently the Enterprise was 38 meter long. The smallest area it has was 26 meters wide, the largest area around 38 meters wide and seven meter tall at the highest point. Who ever had made the modification the sluisi engineer said had pushed it in time. Not that good work, we can do better.

Lando nodded “Remember the kid has improved maneuverability and would not like to lose it.”
The engineer nodded. Sluisi was known as one of the top races when it came to engineering, but they were slow. Each building was a work of art and art could not be hurried.

Tendra, his wife, looked at him. “So what are you planning?” Even if Lando and she had started their marriage as a pure business idea, both wanted to get married, she to get out of her families hand and Lando to have something or someone to anchor him down and give him a place to call home.

The business part of their marriage had changed almost from the beginning. They liked each other. It was like facing an old friend you never knew you had before. He walked into her life and Lando felt the same way as she did.

It was almost spooky how much they cared about each other and not long after the wedding they loved each other. “I know you are a romantic at heart, Lando” she said grinning. “What are you planning?” she asked again.

Lando shrugged, damn that woman knew him so well that surprising her made it so interesting. “A Wedding gift, for children of old friends” he kissed her. “Dark times are here, a war is breaking out. The second great civil war has started.” He sighed. “Once it’s done I’m giving the fish his money back, love.”

Tendra “That’s so sweet of you. Fish?” she said in confusion.
Lando “Stole some blood from Xander and did a detailed sensor reading. He is near-human, but biological combatable with normal humans and he has gills. Working gills, Han confirmed it.”

Tendra giggled. “Really? Now that sounds fishy.”
The two laughed as they read thru Xander’s rather expensive wishing list and compared it with the prize list.

That is what he could afford. That is what he going to get.
“And that will always going too piss of Han” He said with a smudge smile.

Tendra: “No way.” She said in surprise. Lando nodded “Yea. I’m removing the 0.75 hyper-drive from storage and it will end up in the Enterprise.”

Tendra “That is your baby” she said in awe. Lando shrugged. “I had an extra build. The Falcon once started with an older version of the 0.75 hyperdrive. Han improved it to a 0.5 hyperdrive.

The kid is going to get his change” With a class 1 hyperdrive, the best you could improve to without risking a meltdown was around 0.70. But a 0.75 could in theory be turned into a half.
The bad part was the prize. Only a handful could create hyperdrives that fast and to improve it, it had to have its energy output improved also and has to be in perfect harmony with the energy/material profile of the ship as it passes into hyper drive. Not an easy thing to do, without risking to damaging the drive.

Han Solo’s bragging that his Falcon was the fastest ship in the galaxy was not that long away from the truth. Lando knew only about four others with hyperdrive just as fast as Han Solo’s.
But each of them believed their ship was the fastest.
The second way to improve speed is by navigation. The shorter the route you take the shorter the time it takes to travel.
If you wanted you could go outside the hyperspace-routes, skim by stars and super novas to shave off hours or days from your journey.
All you would risk would be your ship and your life, but the death would be painless.

5 October 2008, 06:37 PM
Knight away. 7-2
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
DisclaImer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

The planet Sluis van was a wonderful place to be on a vacation, big mountains that rose majestically over the oceans and small forest.

And the sluisi were friendly and caring to guests. A huge colony of Bith also lived on the planet and he has seen some working at the yard. They had a huge head and they were incredible smart and were among the best musicians as they have absolute hearing.

The last group living on the planet was a minority and those were humans.
Most humans were not suited for life here.

The sluisi always took at least twice as much time doing anything then what a human would. The Bith were born pacifist with an evolved sense of patience. Humans were too much in a hurry to fit in on this planet.

But at least nobody would tell you to hurry up and move and both the Sluisi and the Bith just looked at the stressed out human with pity and kept doing everything in slow-motion.
It took 25 days to prepare the wedding, something that should have been done in a day.

But the two rings were above perfect. They had looked at the design and said how much they could afford to pay. The Sluisi and Bith jewelry-maker nodded and told them to comeback, the rings would be finished in time. If they disliked the rings they would get double amount of their money back.

Corran Horn had slipped inside and had given the master crafter a pair of crystals he said would be perfect for the two young Jedi. Seeing its ability they agreed.

The pair of rings was above perfect, a ring was half gold and the other half was out of electrum, a bright white yellow shine to the metal reflecting the light in some angle. The electrum had a bright white-brown color.

The gold and the Electrum were weaved together like two snakes on the top of the ring was a single crystal worked in. Luke identified it as a thaissen crystal. He wondered if they had one in the store or if the grinning look on Corran Horn’s face meant that he had sneaked one inside to the creator of the rings.

A crystal found on the planet Mimban, in close present to a force sensitive individual it glowed lightly. Blue or green for a lightsider and red in close proximity to a darksider, the illumination is so weak that it’s only visible to the naked eye in darkness. But it did give the crystal an extra blue glittering effect.

Xander did have fun finding out that electrum is a real metal in this universe. On Earth he told them electrum was a alloy made from gold, silver and with traces of copper in it.
The days they had to wait were long but thanks to Luke filled with a combination of training and fun.

Trying to hurry up a sluisi was impossible. Just go with the flow and relax and the Bith, living on this planet had gone native. So had the humans but compared to the Bith and the suisi they looked stressed out. On any other world those humans would be called lazy and slow.

Corran Horn showed up his new power.
Collecting the surrounding light and even the heat from the air, using a crystal as a focus, he could shoot a weak but deadly laser. It was like a hold out blaster in power.
He might not be able to use telekinesis but there are other advantages.
Xander also managed to include them all in his and Jaina’s favorite training, team fighting.

Something the Jedi were actually rather bad at doing.
All of them Kyle, Corran, Luke and Mara were fighting like individuals not really co-operating during combat. Leia was actually the best she has been used to fighting beside Han Solo.

But Luke and Corran took to the training like a fish to water and the two masters were soon better then Jaina and Xander in coordinating their defense and attack.
But Luke did say it was an excellent idea and he had no idea why he had forgotten to include team fighting. As a pilot he knew the value of just that.

Kyle on the other hand was good, as long as any other Jedi following him was following his orders. He was a loner and an alpha.
That training exercise soon involved all the Jedi and Force Guardians, even Riley and Graham got involved. It was fun but draining.
It was after that training something was discovered.

Lando walked by Xander holding a pair of cups. “Got it right here Luke” He said. Han sniffed disgusted with the brew. Hot mist could be seen rising from the hot liquid.

Jaina smiled, she liked it but it was rare to find any place that served it or even knew it existed.
Xander sniffed his nose. Then sniffed again, like a zombie he walked forward. Without a word he grabbed Luke’s cup and sniffed fro a third time, then drank it.
Lando “Hey t.” he was cut off from saying anything more as he could see the strange look in Xander face.

Luke frowned “That was my cup of chocolate. I’m sure Lando would make you one also, if you ask.” he said. “But as you already drank mine” he sighed.

Xander nodded and ignored the two as he spoke silently to the liquid inside as he starred into the cup. “I missed you. I missed you so much chocolate. You know, you never know what you miss until you never see it again.” He said drying some tears and having a big happy smile.

Lando blinked. The tears and the big happy smile scared him. Just because of a cup?
Jaina walked forward she could feel waves of happiness coming from Xander. “What is it Xander?”

He looked at her and said with a goofy smile “Chocolate. Hot chocolate how I missed it”
Jaina looked at Luke then Lando “What have you mixed in that?” she said.

The two shrugged “Just chocolate like the cups I sometimes make for you and Jacen in the temple” Luke explained. “But Lando makes a better cup”

Lando shrugged “It all depends on the milk Luke. Blue milk is best.” Even if blue milk was something most children loved and adult only tolerated. In chocolate it worked perfectly.
Luke shivered, he hated blue milk. The taste alone was disquieting even as a child he had disliked it.

Xander “You do not understand. Chocolate is something I drank on my home world. My best childhood memories had me Jessie and Willow curled up under a blanket drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies. When I was older and sick I used to get chocolate from mom or I made it myself. I love the stuff” he said then turned to Luke and Lando “Hook me up. Where ever you buy it from, I want in.”

Lando “It’s not like its illegal. Here I give you the coordinates.” He said hiding his smile, the fish sure overreacted.
Luke sighed. “And I still do not have a cup of Chocolate.” But it was fun to see the kids face.

Mara, seeing him whine said: “Make it yourself. You know how and I know you hate blue milk but Lando told you in chocolate its fine.”
He nodded and walked away as Lando gave Xander the coordinates to the planet were the legal substance called chocolate could be found.
At other times the Jedi masters, Luke Skywalker, Corran Horn and Kyle Katarn were training the young Jedi and checking the skills and power of the Force guardians.

Kyle offered to take Samantha and train her in using her strength and power.
Corran Horn offered to take Chloe and train her.
Xander kept his offer, they were free to stay or leave and he said so. But also told them that both Corran Horn and Kyle were genius at what they were doing. Kyle was the best in infiltration and Corran Horn was a genius detective, Pilot and force user.

Luke offered to take Rona or Chloe with him for training and Leia offered to let Chloe come with her.
Xander said at the end of the discussion: “Why don’t the three of you follow one of the others and get some advanced training in until me and Jaina had a honeymoon? If you want to stay with me you are welcome. But right now Jaina is all I want to see.

Finally they were by themselves.

18 days passed by like a pre-married honeymoon. While the others were running around Sluise wild land training and learning about there powers.
They sighing happy as the sluisie said the marriage ceremony would be tomorrow.

The guest had arrived.
He could see the armored body guards of Saarai-Kaar walking inside.
Both of them bowed down. “We were unsure if you could com Mistress” Xander and Jaina said together.

The old lady smiled “I nearly was unable too” she said. “I am happy that the two of you found each other at a young age. Many spend there life in such a hurry that they forget about the happiness you find only in love.”

Behind her Lando walked in. “Smart lady. But don’t forget the security of a partner that’s there for you, the economical safety that some marriages give and the knowledge that you have a place to call home. Happiness is fleeing but having a special friend is forever.” He said smiling at his wife.
They found friendship first love later, it was perfect.
The Saarai-Kaar looked Impressed and insulted by the man. “And you are?” She asked.

Lando waved his hands around “An old friend of the family. You have to be the Saarai-Kaar Luke told me about. A leader of the organization Jensaarai that he considered to be brothers and sister or something to the Jedi” He gave them a charming smile.

“But let’s ignore that, relax and come with me. I can show you a good hotel.”

Jaina smiled smugly “That’s hurricane Lando arriving.” She said. Seeing that somehow he managed to drag the Jensaarai away and they were talking widely and happy with them.

Currently it looked like Lando had a wild idea and they were involved. Poor guys they would never know what happened then they would be rich and have Lando as a partner.
Then the news said that a fleet of fifteen battle dragons, each ship around 600 meters in diameter and other fifty ships from the length of 300 down to only 50 meters had arrived.

Tenel-ka had arrived to the wedding, in style.
Finally the day arrived.
Meditating he managed to escape from being nervous after actually feeling Jaina’s emotions using the force, he was not afraid or nervous.
Samantha had visited him. She was interested in the training Kyle Katarn could offer her. Xander had hugged her then gave her a pair of gifts.

First a light-saber with an artificial crystal he and Jaina had made. “Kyle has to teach you to use it, before you even activate it or you might kill yourself.” He explained, she nodded but rolled her eyes.
The Second gift was an armor made by the Jensaarai. It was force attuned to her. It was more worth then most bounty hunter armors you could find on the market.

Chloe was fascinated with the training Luke and Corran Horn gave her, but she wanted to stay with them.
Xander nodded as he gave her the same gift he had given Samantha.
Rona arrived complaining that Kyle was a nutcase and Corran Horn was paranoid she was sure about that and Luke was boring. She wanted to stay with them.
Xander nodded as he gave her the same gifts he had given Samantha and Chloe.

Perhaps he was nervous and was just hiding it by meditating.
Finally, it was like a dream, a fairy tale to wonderful to be true.
Jaina’s dress was light as spider web and glittering like the stars.
It was “I do.” And the look in her eyes was all he could remember. Overjoyed from all the incredible emotion he felt. Jaina, the food, Jaina, his friends, Jaina, the gifts, Jaina, his new family, Jaina, the reception, and did he say Jaina?

R3 and R6 joined together with R2 to record the wedding.
He was married man. They had discussed it he had no real love of his old family it was just a memory from his past, one that he was not that found of.

So now he was Xander Lavelle Harris Solo, or short Xander Harris Solo, husband of Jaina Organa Solo.
Corran Horn had helped Xander find the perfect place to go during their honeymoon.
Lando’s ship the Lady Luck had taken them away to a honeymoon trip.
Xander Harris Solo it had a cling to it or perhaps it was just in his mind Xander thought as they were cruising down a river in a repulsor sailing skiff.
Flying half a meter over the water gently letting the wind pull them forward, it was dreamy.
If he had the courage to say it he would but he was too scared to do it.
Jaina was not “This is perfect. Nothing can go wrong now darling” she curled up in his arms.
Xander twitched as he held his 18 year old wife that brought doom down on them.
He just knew it.

5 October 2008, 06:44 PM
Knight away. 7-3
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
DisclaImer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

The plants on the river moved as a shadow walked thru them, his target was out there. He smirked as he waved his hand letting his partner hurry up. The Jedi weaklings they will learn, that the power of the dark side is eternal and all mighty.

Beside him, his partner grinned an evil smile. Finally he would taste the joy of battle again.
The sailing skiff was slow but steady as the two relaxed.
It was a strange feeling that made Xander peak up his head. “oHo” was his comment. “Jaina, watch out. Incoming” he said. From down the river they came in high speed as he used the force to grab the survival bag, filled with their armor, because you never know.

Jaina dressed in a tiny golden Bikini growled as she watched what Xander saw. Military Air-speeders were diving down on them, 24 of them. Each armed with heavy cannons able to hurt even a At-At in theory.

As the rain of fire came down on them, Xander put the bag on his back while Jaina was parrying the bolts as good as she could. He did not bother parrying the bolts as the skiff was crashing down in the river anyway. “Jaina, come with me” he said grabbing her and pulling her down under the water.

Deep they dived. Jaina felt the air was gone from her lungs when Xander suddenly kissed her and she felt fresh slightly used air being pushed into her poor lungs.

Grinning she eagerly and greedy kissed him back. Having a husband with gills was good if you were hiding.
Calmly the two of them focused on Force stealth as they put their armor on while they stood deep at the bottom of the river.

Gigantic waves came and explosions were felt painfully as the attackers started to bomb the river, trying to drive the Jedi out of hiding.
It was luck that they believed the two of them were hiding at the plants growing by the river banks.

Not hiding deep under the river in the middle of the river.
Xander focused his force senses. Looking at Jaina he spoke to her –I feel the dark side over there- he said using the force.
She nodded as she puts the helmet on. What a honeymoon.
She pushed the water out, using the force and emptied it off water creating a air bubble inside the armor.

Once the water was pumped out of the armor she closed the helm visor and had air to breathe again. Cleaning the armor would be a nightmare.

Xander had his armor on but he had the armor visor open. The water did not bother him.
They were ready to make a run for it.
Like a pair of fish they used the force to swim fast up stream.
While they moved fast upstream, the enemies were seeking conventialy down streams, except the dark Jedi seems to feel what area they were in.

As the night fell the two Jedi crawled up on shore. “We should have stayed on Sluisi Van. I should have listened to you” Jaina said.
Xander blinked “What did I say?”

Jaina “We should have brought more weapons and backup.” She said.
Xander snored out a laugh. “Oh that, darling, but we are the weapons.” He said from the shadow. He could see regular soldiers coming, mercenaries from the look of it. Snap, Hiss, Hiss and his light-saber activated in its double-bladed form.

He had planned on having sex tonight, wild wonderful sex as he worshiped the goddess he married. There would be permanent mutilation because of this, beside him Jaina stood up.

Eyes glittering in irritation, she was going to have wild married sex tonight. Someone, mercenary or darksider who cares, but they would lose their nuts over this.

Shivers of fear were felt among the male mercenaries. The females felt like they had made a big mistake. The males felt that their future fun was in mortal peril.
Not being attuned to the force only with greed they attacked.
But the rain of bolts was interrupted as Jaina and Xander suddenly stood beside them, waving those awful lightsabers in swings that were way to low to be good for their health.

In the distance the darksider watched in fascination. The Jedi were attacking low at the legs and groins. “They have already identified the cortosis alloy our hired guns are using on body, arm and the head for protection.” Marvelous these two would be a wonder if they could turn them.
Xander frowned as his lightsaber bounced on a helmet. “Cortosis alloy” he said calmly as he cut between the arm and chest piece.
Jaina nodded. “More are coming in air speeders. Let’s move” he nodded as they ran for cover.

The darksider grinned “The hunt is on” he said in a jolly voice. Using his skills in force tracking nobody could hide from him. Even if those kids did manage to confuse his force tracking skills for a short moment. His partner grinned their master would be pleased.
Later during the night
Crawled up in a cave under Force Cloak, Jaina and Xander had taken turns cleaning their armor and dress themselves in other things then the golden bikini and shorts.

“They know the area we are hiding in.” Xander said frustrated. Jaina nodded “Yes, but it seems that the exact location escapes them.” They knew what that meant “The darksider is using force tracking to sense our location.” Just like the gand Findman, a skill they had not been able to learn.

More mercenaries were moving around, sooner rather than later they would be found. Force stealth did not work on the tech the mercenaries used.

Force Cloak worked on living beings and machines, but it drained them and would leave them too tired to defend themselves and worse you and the area around you had to be calm or it was impossible to activate Force Cloak.

Saarai-Kaar had explained that some of her Jensaarai did manage to come around that limit, but those people that did it, had natural talent in just cloak. Both Jaina and Xander were unable to cloak during combat and the darksider would keep on showing his mercenaries in what area they were hiding.

Xander “Defense is not a real option here. He is trying to drain us. Attack is our only choice. If we remove and hurt as many soldiers as possible. Take out the air speeders should be our first target.”
“If we attack the ground troopers the air speeders would attack.”

Jaina “You attack the ground troopers. I use the lightsaber in a long range attack on the air-speeders when they come. Then we use Stealth and escape” she said.

Xander nodded. “Let’s do it” he said giving her a deep kiss before putting his helmet on.
Under Force cloak they sneaked out.
Xander dropped his cloak, the moment he could see that Jaina was hidden between two big trees growing on a stone cliff.

A snap, hiss, hiss, was heard behind a group of mercenaries. The nine soldiers froze. Was one of the Jedi, they were hunting, standing behind them?
As they spun around with their blasters Xander attacked. With cold calculated attacks he cut the legs and between the cortosis alloy. Sending arms, legs and even heads flying before he moved away.

Jaina sighed that attack was a bit too fast. They had no chance to call for backup. “No way, you asshole” she said realizing Xander’s plot. He was not going according to their plans. He was going to take all mercenaries down.

She knew Xander was something of a hunter and those mercenaries had volunteered to become prey. Killing to defend he could do without mercy or anger. It was just defending the family, defend the pack no evil in that.

Swearing over the bull headed fish she married she waited.
A second group came close and then he attacked.
They did have time to call for backup and they had two fighters using concussion guns. Dodging them was difficult, each bolt created almost a hand-grenade large explosion.

But his armor protected him against the rain of dirt and rocks. It was just the explosions and the risk of direct hits he had to watch out for.
Slash cut, stab. Stab, slash cut. He dived in slashing and cutting using his weapon in its double-bladed shape. He danced around it was like the candance training. Most of the mercenary vital areas were protected by cortosis alloy.

Sending another one crashing down with a force wave he saw a weakness.
They were not really protected just a thin film of cortosis alloy metal had been putt on the armor.

One single smash and it was cracking up like glass.
That would explain how they could use that much, because cortosis was difficult to find outside the small number of planets were you could find the mineral.
The Jensaarai used cortosis in a rawer form, making a weave of cortosis that they put above the armor.

These guys made a metal alloy.
The alloy ability was to reflect raw energy attacks. Normally if steel is used as metal it becomes too heavy and too fragile to be effective in armor.

There were ways around that by using other combinations according to legends.

The spun cortosis affected lightsabers different, it short circuits the blade. You would cut it perhaps a millimeter, then the lightsaber would deactivate.

And you had to push the activation button again, that took time, many seconds even.
In a combat between Jedi using lightsabers, it could cost your life.
As the last of the second group fell down screaming, Xander could hear the air-speeders.
He did it.

Jaina waited as Xander started to run.
A rain of blaster cannon fire erupted from the four speeders, right there. She hurled her blade in the air, using telekinesis to activate it.
It turned into a deadly missile that crashed like a spear right into the engine of the first air-speeder.

Jaina pulled the lightsaber back, let it rotate in the air and slashed a second speeder. This time it did only some surface damage.
Then airspeeder no 3 had a problem with a big rock which suddenly collided with it.

Xander was using telekinesis to hurl stones up in the air.
Jaina grinned, not bad. Difficult unless you are a master but right at that moment the fighters were confused over her attack.
She grabbed her lightsaber just as the last 2 air-speeders flew away.
Xander hugged her as he whispered “It’s hunting time. Jaina watch my back” he said. His eyes were glittering green and Yellow, the Hyena was on the prowl.

His ring glittered in blue and he could feel the evil of the darkside but refused it. Anger was like a horse forced obedience using the whip until it could not run away from him.
Jaina felt it, rivers of anger erupted inside of her husband, yet he refused the darkside completely. It held no appeal to him. Right, she would watch his back alright, side by side.
On the other side
The darksider grinned as he watched the mayhem “Soon my friends, soon its hunting time for us” those Jedi were a wonderful challenge. He was sure they were half darksider already.

The mercenaries would never hunt Jedi again after this night.
From everywhere they came, two of them danced in, slashed then vanished again leaving hurt and damaged fighters behind them and then they started to use weapons.
Their own weapons against them, blaster bolts and concussion bolts rained down on them.
Xander and Jaina agreed with Kyle, the force was powerful but it was a tool and using it was draining them.
When the dark was lifting and the morning came the two Jedi were hiding.
Even the pair of darksider had no idea. They were close but where?

6 October 2008, 02:04 PM
Knight away. 7-4
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

Inside the Mercenaries campsite, hiding in the back of a big trunk, Jaina and Xander were sleeping and resting. Three hours of sleep then the battle would start again.
Hakon the Dark Jedi growled. He knew that his true mistress had created him, trained him from childhood as an engine of destruction. He would not stop fighting or stop making others suffer until the day he died.

He had no choice. There were moments he dreamt of becoming a Dark Lord. He had the potential but there was his need to destroy and obey his mistress Lady Lumiya.
All she needed was point him to a target and he would go. If she angered him the bonds in him stopped him from attacking her directly or indirectly.

But eventually she made a mistake, tired and angered from losing a fight with Luke Skywalker, she gave him a loose but direct order. “Keep quiet and just get away from me. Go and kill some Jedi. Why don’t you do whatever you can to make them death? All of them.” She said tired angry and to wounded to kill him. So he did, just like she said.

He vanished kept away from her kept quite.
He knew that by himself, it would be useless, he needed a follower. Student after student he gathered and trained as weapons against the Jedi. He also told them there were more Jedi out there.

Lady Lumiya was screaming in anger over his betrayals.
He relaxed, the hunt was going fine, his two top students were hunting the Jedi right now and if they failed he would attack them. He said to himself as he leaned on the balcony at the hotel out in the forest. His two greatest student were fighting the Skywalker girl Jaina Organa Solo and the stranger Xander.
In the base camp
The morning mist had not yet vanished from camp as the box opened up.
A refreshed Jaina and Xander crawled out.

Ignoring the mercenaries they walked in stealth thru the camp towards the darksider.
In a big tent they found a Gand and a rodian growling angry to each other. Both had armor and Light-sabers and both of them were arguing.
The Gand said “This Gand knows they are near. Really near, almost next to us. But this Gand cannot find them. We must do something Neesh there have to be something Neesh and Khiir can do” he said in confusion.

The Rodian Neesh tried keeping his anger down. “Runeex what can we do? My tracking skills say the same sith spit as yours does. Yet where are they?” he said.

By using only his species name Runeex reviled that he felt as a failure. Whenever successful the Gand would use his first name.

Runeex khiir sighed, his insectoid like head leaned down in anger and frustration. “Gand wants to know where they are” he growled out feeling to angry and to worthless to use his name.

“Right in front of you” Xander said as he walked in, lightsaber still in duel-bladed shape. Switching off to a double bladed would work best in combat to confuse the enemies and then kill them.

Runeex and Neesh jumped in surprise and fear as the two Jedi marched in like they owned the place.

Neesh “I see you do” he was interrupted as Xander attacked.
Runeex was confused, normally Jedi always let the dark sider talk about how they were going to kill them and the Dark Jedi had to listen to the Jedi trying to convince them to surrender.
It was tradition.

This Jedi attacked first and he could feel the aura of a predator in him. “Why he attacked first?” he said in confusion.

Jaina shrugged as she to attack Runeex “Bad memory. The two of you and your idiot squadron attack first yesterday.” She slashed and he parried. “Now it’s our turn” stab he jumped. Force push and the Gand was flying out of the tent.

She cast a quick look at Xander, he was holding his own. “Love you” She said as she vanished after the Gand called Runeex.

Neesh the Rodian grinned as he parried another attack using his armor gauntlet. “So, a Jedi that uses a double-bladed light-saber, do you not know it’s supposed to be a Sith creation? Or are you a Sith?” he mocked.

Xander: “Like exotic weapons. Beside I think your head would make a nice trophie stuffed and mounted on a wall. At least until I actually killed a dangerous prey” He said mocking the rodian’s skill in battle.

So far they had held back testing each other. He had used Force push and the Rodian canceled it with his own force push.

Neesh “You will regret that” he said as he activated his own weapon.
The light-Whip slashed out, five cutting strings, three surrounded by energy like a Light-Foil or a lightsaber and the other two were leaving mist in the air. Extreme cold repulsor fields and the darksiders own force.

Skilled he held the five strings from colliding with each other.
He had combined a light-whip with a Rodian cryo-whip and the coils of the whip filled the air as he whipped his weapon towards Xander.

He jumped back slashing the tent open before he landed out of range.
Four meter range Xander thought and the weapon moved further out, it filled an area almost 3 meters wide with the slinging coils of the whip.
The Rodian “Who is scared now?” he bragged.

Xander frowned as he relished his shoto or light-Dagger. “Idiot, the light-whip is perfect against unarmored Jedi.” He said holding the dagger first ready to parry.

The whip coils could be cut off or ripped off using his light-saber. But first he had to capture the coils that would be the daggers or his armored gauntlets work.

Neesh frowned no way his whip would cut armor or freeze until it broke asunder.
They attacked.

Xander dived inside using the dagger to catch some of the cryo-whip strings. They were crackling as the cortosis alloy tried to keep it from breaking.
He slashed down hard with the saber, leaving one of the strings shorter.

The rodian roared in anger.
Xander knew this would hurt if he was mistaken about his armor or moved to slow.

As the whip slashed down he dropped his dagger moved towards the darksider and caught five of the whips coils in his hand.

The armor gloves sparked and flashes came from the glove as his cortosis was short circuiting the lightwhip and being burned up. Then he slashed down as hard as he could into the strings of the whip.
The light-whip cracked and was broken.

Xander grinned, his gauntlet was also broken. He could not even open the gauntlet anymore it was melted together.

Ignoring that he attacked, the Rodian dived for protection, sending rocks and even mercenaries flying towards Xander.

He parried with his blade and the Force and pulled of the Gauntlet and dropped it on the ground.
His light dagger landed in his unprotected hand. And he was armed again.

Neesh pulled up his light-saber. “You are going to die for that” he said.
Xander raised an eyebrow. “You were trying to murder me before and now you threatening to kill me, because I actually humiliated you? Am I supposed to be impressed or in fear” he asked.

He could feel the anger inside of him and he used it like a tame horse, refusing to let the anger rule him. He was ignoring the call of the darkside. He was not interested in evil.

The rodian Neesh roared in anger as he attacked. Like a man riding an untamed horse, blinded by rage the darkside controlled him. HE grew more powerful as he sends out a bolt of lightning towards Xander.

Xander parried it with his dagger and meet the attack perfectly with his shoulder pads. Neesh’s lightsaber short-circuited and died while Xander’s lightsaber slashed the rodian deep in its neck.

Neesh looked shocked, the Jedi used his shoulder to parry him and he could feel the burning inside his neck. He had a lightsaber driven deep inside of him.

Neesh felt the light end as he died.

Xander sighed “Idiot skill vs. power. I take skill and luck like now. I love luck.” Inside of him, the rage cried out like a tortured dog, desperately trying to take over, only to face the stick once again.

The rodian had been good. But using a light-whip against his kind of body armor was not that good idea.
His skill using force lightning was impressive unless he did it in blind rage.

He walked away. Jaina was fighting the gand, they were equal in skill as it seemed. No wait, Jaina was trying to talk to him, trying to find out more information. He rolled his eyes as he joined Jaina in combat.

There would be no quarter asked or quarter given in this combat, they all knew that.

Facing two Jedi at the same time meant he would die. But he wanted one or both of them to join him.

He used the force to activate his revenge-surprise, a thermal detonator. Using the force he pushed the button, now the moment he died it would explode. Letting go the self control he attacked.

Jaina parried and Xander attacked but the armor held. Xander slashed and attacked, Jaina used the force to slam a big rock in the side of the gand he almost dodged.

Xander dived in, dodged the gand’s light-saber and stabbed his own right thru the cortosis alloy and in the heart of the gand, just as the dying gand slashed his lightsaber down in a last cut to kill Xander.
Jaina force pushed the gand away from Xander.

Dying and flying in the air Runeex hoped he would not end up to far away from the Jedi.
Jaina “He almost got you in the neck” she said. Xander “Yes b” he was interrupted, instead of crash landing the gand exploded and the world turned white around them.
Fuel barrels exploded.

Repulsor crafts and some weapons exploded form the shockwave of the thermal detonator.
Xander and Jaina stood not in the Centrum, but way to close to the heat.
Hand in hand each holding and helping the other, the two armored Jedi, absorbing and dissipating energy to survive, were running for their life. Their armor, while fireproof would have been destroyed. Only Xander’s fireproofed cloak saved them.

As the camp was turned into a wild fire Xander and Jaina dived burning into the river.
Hours later
Xander’s cloak while fireproof had not been fire immune. It was burned down and fire damage was seen on his armor. Most if not all spun cortosis had been burned of his armor.

Jaina’s armor was just as bad and both of them had minor burn wounds over their whole body. A healing trance would remove that.
“Never going to get married again” Xander said. Jaina: “Good to know and why if I may ask?”

Xander “Love being married but the honeymoons are killers.”
Giggling at the stupid joke Jaina could only agree.
The two of them crawled down in hiding to eat then rest.
Near the hotel Hakon the Dark Jedi started his swoop as he drove into the forest. He could feel the death of his two powerful students. He would kill or turn the Jedi for this.
Later in the forest
The west side was burning, a greedy all consuming fire raged in the forest. A fire created by mercenary tools of war and the explosive death of a gand.

Safe on the east side of the river two armored humans were walking.
Their armor was burned, some of it was broken and they looked tired.
If this was Corran Horns idea of a good honeymoon they would have words with him.

But now they were finally safe.
“Look help is coming” Xander said as he spotted a swoop landing nearby.

Then the driver activated a red lightsaber as he started to walk towards them. His face was shivered up in rage. “Or more trouble was my second guess.” He finished lamely.

The two young Jedi activated their lightsabers.
“I am Hakon, weapon of destruction. Join me or die” he said. One look in the eyes of the two young ones and he knew his answer “I see. Then die fools.” He always felt a spark of something wonderful when he killed a young force sensitive person.

It was like he had murdered a life time of hope and joy in one single stroke of his lightsaber. He liked the feeling.

Hakon attacked directly, not wasting any time with bragging or convincing the light-sider of the superior strength of the dark madness he was serving.

As they got closer they could see his scared and pale face, his eyes were replaced by pale cybernetic eyes.

Hakon force pushed, slashed and cut while moving like a lightning storm. Even as he moved he sends objects flying against them.
Xander and Jaina were pushed back by the pure strength of the enemy.

Combining close combat with range attacks was difficult but Hakon made it look easy.
Slash cut stab Jaina moved as fast as she could, she was tempted to use her own light-dagger but that would not work.
She was faster using just one.

Xander on the other hand had the coordination to use two he just could not get a advantage on the guy.

Hakon was faster than the two of them even together he was forcing them back.

As Hakon cut towards him Xander dodged and jumped high and backwards. As he landed he used his strongest force push, not against Hakon but at the ground itself, making the moistly swamp like side of the river move like a tidal wave over Hakon.

It hit the Dark Jedi in the last second just before his blade slashed down on Jaina, as Hakon was pulled away by the wave of dirt Xander rushed forward to Jaina that swallowed nervously.
A moment she taught the darksider would have killed her.

An explosion of lightning destroyed the wave of dirt as Hakon climbed out. His robes were clean as the day he put them on.
Jaina “Something tells me we should run” she said.

Xander nodded. “I do believe you are right.” They looked at each other and vanished over the river into the burning west side.
They had armor and air supply.

The dark Jedi had not. He would have to use the force to compensate.
Hopefully that would tire him down or would make his robes dirty before they died.
A Rain of rocks was send after them, making burning trees crashing down over them. Xander and Jaina ran like hell was after them deeper into the burning inferno.

Hakon moved after them.
Cold wind formed around him pushing the heat of the fire away. “These young ones are not stupid.” He said they were trying to drain his strength. He had to move faster or be more careful.

7 October 2008, 12:23 PM
Knight away. 7-5
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

One Week later
A tired Xander crawled down near Jaina as they hid behind a cliff.
Near them they saw Hakon walking, both Jaina and Xander took remarkable joy seeing that his robe was dirty.

“Victory is ours.” He said silently. Jaina tried not to giggle. She was too terrified to giggle. But they did make his robe dirty. Hiding from his senses with Force Stealth was all they could do right now.
Hakon was silent, pushing his senses out trying to find them. They were hiding themselves; he had to constantly overpower their stealth technique, just to find them. It was irritating.

“I found you” he said as he started to run towards them. Pulling the rock of the cliff he created a rock slide just over them.
Jaina pushed her strength in the force to create a shield holding a big rock as armor against the rain of rocks.
Xander used his strength to carry them both out before it was too late.
One single move and the fight were joined.

Dodging slash cut stab they moved as fast as they could Hakon still moved faster or perhaps, Xander felt something was wrong with his speed. He slashed blindly, causing blood and a piece of robe to fly from Hakon. “He is using illusions to blind and confuse us. We are faster than he is” he growled.

Hakon smiled blood for the first time in years. “You really think so?” He growled. Running after them for a whole week had tired him out and here he was plotting on taking it easy. He started to move at full speed again.

Jaina and Xander felt the difference between the illusion and the real deal. Now Hakon moved like in their first battle and all they could do was defend them self.

This time Jaina reacted, using her skills as a Jedi, she put all her mental strength in her mind control skill. She did not need to control him, just distract him for a bit. “Left” she pushed the idea that attacking to the left all out was the right move and she prepared herself to parry and hope Xander could penetrate his defense.

Hakon obeyed, he slashed and attacked all out against Jaina.
Xander reacted. He slashed and stabbed his blades as fast as he could at the Dark Jedi.
Jaina crashed down as the attack almost killed her. She had light-saber cut marks over her chest between the breast and right arm now. Even with the armor.

But Hakon screamed in anger and pain as the light-dagger and light-saber attacked and stabbed him right thru his left shoulder and slashed his back deep.

He crashed down and had to dodge for his life as the Jedi kept pushing him. He sends one massive Force push, focused at the boys head to crush it. The boy did manage to redirect the wave of motion but it hit his shoulder, crushing bone and cast him away like a pebble in a catapult.
Hakon stood up. He was hurt and would need medical attention. But first he would kill both of them.

The whole forest fell silent as a massive ROAR filled it.
Two massive ships were flying above him, their cannons pointing down at him.

The Millennium Falcon and the Enterprise had arrived to save them.
He could already see Jedi Master Luke Skywalker jumping down from the Enterprise’s hanger door.
Hakon screamed at the unfairness of life as he turned and ran for his life.

Corran was feeling a bit nervous. Xander just kept staring at him. Like a predator measuring his prey.

Finally “Is she alright?” Xander asked the robot doctor. The robot doc answered without even turning its head. “Yes. She is responding well to our bacta and skin graft, by tomorrow she will be perfectly fine.”
Leia frowned but breathed out in relief. “Good to know. Now will my son in-law be fine” she said.

The robot doctor looked at her “He suffered greater damage from fire burns then your daughter did because his skin is more sensitive to dry heat then normal human skin is. But he too is responding well to our treatment.

Your daughter’s scars will heal over the night and could have been left untreated without further complications. Xander’s wounds were more serious, the bone in his shoulder was fragmented into splinters. I hate to operate and then glue them together.”
Han swallowed that was painful. As a swoop racer during his teen years he knew that from experience. “If that is so, why are you awake, Xander?” he asked with respect.

Xander wished he could roll his shoulder. “Doc over there said he glued the bone together. It’s as strong as normal bone. It’s the muscles and stuff that’s hurting. That’s why I have the bacta bandage around it.”
The doctor looked at them “The operation worked perfectly, as long as he has the bacta bandage around his shoulder and upper arm, it will heal better if walks around normally. But do not do any heavy lifting until I have cleared you for duty. It will take at least two or three days.”

Xander sighed. “Alright Sir you know best.” He finished, then turned to Corran and Luke. “I want to know who the hell that was. He said he was Hakon the weapon of destruction”

Luke sighed. “Then it’s thru. He is a renegade slave of lady Lumiya. She created him as a weapon, made cybernetic implants and psychological imprinting since childhood. He is completely unable to even disobey a direct order given to him from her.
Apparently she somehow managed to lose him and he has been going around killing any force user regardless of who they serve or what side, the dark side or the light side.”

Corran “I spend four months trying to find him last year. Nothing, just rumors that the crazy bastard is building himself a cult to replace the Sith as masters of the darkside. He just wants everything to burn. Each of his followers is as crazy as he is.”

Luke nodded “But Lady Lumiya is also trying to find and destroy him.”
Xander groaned out. “A nut case, Corran I’m never going to listen to you about good romantic holidays again.” He said as he limped away to sit in the bed near the bacta tank were Jaina was floating.

Leia smiled sadly as she hurried over to the worried young man.
Han turned to Luke “We need to talk kid” he said. Luke nodded when Han talked like that you listen or regretted it for the rest of you five second long life.
Jedi master or not Luke walked after him, planning to obey his older friend whatever he said.
Later in a small room outside the hospital
Han “So who or what is Hakon?” He said with anger.
Luke looked at the windows. “I first found out about him as rumor. Shira bree took genetic samples of me then mixing it with her own and Hakon was born, trained by her since his birth as a weapon of destruction.”
Han was silent.

Luke “If the rumors Lumiya told me are correct. She did not raise a child, she created a weapon of destruction that would follow every of her commands. Mind-programming since birth and cybernetic enchantments, but he somehow managed to escape.
That was the reason why I send Corran and Kyle out to find or destroy him, if they had to.” Luke was not sure he would be able to murder his own child, even if the child was evil and twisted.

Han “Let’s keep this between us right? But Leia has to know” he said. Luke nodded, only Leia and the old Jedi Masters and other than them.
Four days later, in the Sluisi space yard.
Xander shoulder still felt like it was full of ants. But the doctor droid said it was the healing glue inside the bone that was reconnecting the fractured parts.

The strength of the glue actually made his bone as strong as normal bone and in time it would heal perfectly. The glue would be absorbed by the bone itself like nourishment. That was what it said, but it still felt like he had an ant farm inside of him.
Jaina nodded, she broke her leg bone once. It itched for almost a month.
Xander’s shoulder bone had been fractured and the droid had to cut hom open and glue him together.

Lando grinned “We were going to test the engine when Luke said you guys were in trouble. So we decided that the best way of testing the Enterprise was to drive it there and save you. But now it’s finished. The girls Rona, Chloe and Amanda said I should write a number after the name. I hope you don’t mind”

In front of him was The Enterprise written on the bottom and the top was USS: Enterprise 1701-X. Xander blinked. It was perfect. The body looked longer somehow. “Is it longer?” He asked “And the name if I’m using a fake ID. Do I have to repaint it?”

Lando shook his head. “No, holo projectors write the name, just turn it off or write something else. And yes its two meters longer. They discovered that the two hanger doors had created fractures on the ships ribs. By removing one hanger door and extending the ship that problem will be gone.”

Xander nodded the Engineers at coruscant had changed from 35 meters to 38 meters long just to get the pair of hangers door in place. He could see that it could have damaged the ships stability.
But now it was 40 meters long. He frowned, it looked more graceful and was smother put together then before.

From 26 to 40 meters wide, depending if you measure at the smallest or the thickest place, the height was 7 meters and 10 meter from the ground if you stood on the roof.

The Sluisie had soften the former bulky parts and made it look more natural not like a re-build ship. It actually looked more like a Ghtroc now than before, except being thicker, wider and longer.
Lando watched the kid inspect the craft as he handed over a data-pad with a technical read out and how much money the kid had left. This was not a cheap rebuild.

But it was perfect as a wedding gift. Jaina and Xander got it for free. He grinned they would need it and being a business man he knew grateful costumers always returned and grateful Jedi on your side was never a wrong thing to have.

Class 9 military Ion engine
Type: 2.2 maneuverability, they had Improved it from 2.1 to a 2.2 that was sweet.
Class: 3. Military Shields. An normal ghtroc had a class 1 civilian.
Class 6. Military hull. Normally a ghtroc had class 3. The Enterprise had a class 5 before. The millennium Falcon had a class 6.
Type: 0.75 hyperdrive

His weapons were the same as before.
Thank to the extension of his ship the two separate cargo bays now had a connection and he could still carry two star fighters.
The second fighter had to move from the cargo-bay into hanger-bay and use its door to leave the ship.

So he could carry about 150 metric tons or twp star-fighters and about 50 tons of cargo.

All that and he got his money back.
“Holy ××××” Xander yelled.
Jaina who was inspecting the underside of the ship rushed over. “Look” Xander said.
Jaina studied and was more and more shocked. “Hyper Xander Hyper” She said in awe. “No way that we could afford this” she said.

Lando nodded “Think of it as a wedding gift.” He said. “Besides with the war going on, sooner or later I might need a Jedi to protect my family and future children” he said in a serious tone of voice.

They nodded to him as they walked into the Enterprise.
Lando showed them around “The captain’s quarters are extended with room for both of you.” He showed that it could be split in half to form a tiny private area for both of them to change in or have some privacy and a joined bigger area were the bed and even a sofa was. It even had a tiny shower in it.

Lando “We have the bubble bath installed nearby. But this is a sonic shower it’s a quick and fast way to get cleaned.” He smiled “Besides the room with the luxury bath also includes a washing machine. With the washer active the bath and shower is turned off. But the captain has his private shower.”
“Not quite luxury, but much greater than my home I had in Sunnydale.” Xander said.

The co-captain quarters were smaller and had a folded bunk bed inside, if they had passengers or something.
Normally that would have been Jaina’s room but with extended captain quarters it was for whoever joined them as crew and asked first. Seeing Lowbacka had already hanged some of his tools inside, they had a good idea who the first-mate would be.

Passenger quarters were different. The premium bedrooms were one smaller room with two beds, then two premium bedrooms which were slightly larger and also had two beds. But the smallest of the three premium rooms was closer to the washrooms and toilets and last a larger room with bunk beds for four passengers.

That made it 10 passengers and counting the extra beds in the crew-quarters 12 passengers and 2 in crew.
The galley had been equipped with a real kitchen with an extra sofa and table. It was just like a real living room, one where 12 people could hang out and considered too small.
But seeing that they did not have 12 passengers it was big.
But it was also build as a home and on the outside it was a warship combined in a unique combination.

Xander grinned he had a real Enterprise. Just like Captain Picard’s Enterprise could kick as yet be comfortable to ride in.
A knocking on the wall behind interrupted him.
Amanda, Chloe and Rona were standing beaming with joy. “Hi captain, hi Jaina” they said together.
Riley and Graham were also there, standing behind the girls grinning in amusement.

Amanda grinned “We decided to give you a gift” she said. Rona continued. “But we did not have that much so we asked around and did some extra work to pay for this gift” she said smiling.
Chloe “They helped and Anakin also” she said.
Together they pushed forward Graham that they had forced to carry the box holding the gift.
Jaina “I’m afraid” she said.

Xander nodded. “Me too, let’s see what they have given us.”
Inside the box was something that made Xander laugh in joy, a captain’s jacket and uniform that looked like Picard’s, except his was yellow and black not red and black.
A smaller box held communicators. Real ones, the same type Captain Kirk used.

Amanda grinned “We thought about asking them to make it like Captain Picard’s version, but all of you use armor so much. So we thought rip shirt Kirk’s communicator would be easier to use.”
Rona “And they said it has longer range and easier to use with bigger buttons.”

Jaina “Rip shirt Kirk?” she said in confusion.
Riley: “In the movie and the show, every time Kirk was in a man to alien close combat situation, the enemy was beating him until his shirt was ripped or cut. Then Kirk ended up the winner”
Lowbacka who had walked in roared out his hello and asked a question.

Xander looked at Jaina that nodded. “Yes you could be part of our crew. I thought you were going with Jacen?” he asked.
Lowbacka shocked his head and roared out an explanation. Jacen and Samy were helping Tenel-ka build a Jedi safe house and also helped her defend the border along Harpes sector.

Xander nodded. In many areas, old war ships were now patrolling space. That made his current mission more important than ever.
Jaina smiled. “Good to have you onboard. Xander and I are going to get to know our ship and fix her up. Then join whatever side is decided by our families.”

Xander “But first we have to find out who our crew is.”
Rona “Can I be part of the crew, Xander?” She asked.
Jaina smiled “If you want too. We be more than happy to teach you”
Amanda “I got an offer from Kyle to train in combat. Then Corran Horn offered me a place in the Slayer Squadron. They are working for the fish now” she said talking about the Mon calamari.

Chloe swallowed “I’m coming with Rona” she said. “If I can” she finished.
Xander and Jaina nodded “Remember it is as part of the crew. Work and training, no lazing around” Jaina remembered to say.
Riley “Can I come? I have one skill, that’s fighting and driving things. That’s it.”

Graham had found work with Lando as a co-pilot in one of the bulks ships, but Riley could not see himself in the future as a cargo train driver.
Graham apparently could.
They looked around. Lowbacka, Rona, Chloe, Riley. “Excellent. Was that all?” he asked.
“Not quite all” Anakin smiled as he walked into and hugged his big sister. “Mom and Dad said I could join you, but only if I follow orders and help with the ship.”

Xander nodded, so Anakin Solo, Lowbacka, Rona, Chloe and Riley, then Jaina and him.
Using the fake id as the Klingon, the USS Enterprise-1701-X lifted off toward Nal Hutta.
In the cargohold were 50 metric tons of high priced Sluisi wines.
Seeing Han Solo and Lando talking about the situation he came to them and asked if they knew where to get a cargo to Nal Hutta.
Lando frowned: “The Klingon? Can I trust them?” he asked. Xander just grinned. “The Enterprise is the Klingon” he explained. Lando grinned. “I do have a perfect first cargo. Sluisi spice wine. Hutt love the stuff” he leaned back. “Why Nal Hutta?” he wondered. Han smirked; he and some slicer friends of him had created the fake ID of the Klingon and Captain Rednax.

Xander: “I have a hutt that owns me a favor.” Han had helped him but also explained that to be truly invisible, whenever he wanted it he had to get fake ids, from many different groups. That way if they back tracked his ID from one group not all his ID would be reviled.
Lando grinned as he said he could fix it.
Xander had sighed “It’s a shame we don’t have a dummy cooperation to use.”
The old smuggler and the former conman looked at him, both grinning like sharks.

8 October 2008, 01:21 PM
Knight away. 7-6
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

Twelve days later they had started the journey and now they were in hyperspace.
He had to figure out what the crew would do, Pilot, co-pilot, communication, front-gunner, top-gunner, bottom-gunner and missile-gunner.

Jaina and her X-wing became the wing-man and scout and when she was in the ship co-pilot.
Lowbacka became chief engineer and top gunner.

Anakin was co-pilot/sensor and second engineer, also backup front-gunner for the Auto-cannon.
Rona was helping them with communications during combat.

Riley was a good gunner and the patient a missile gunner needed to wait for the right moment.
Chloe got the roll as bottom gunner.

Xander nodded, as he and Jaina sat by the small table in the captain’s room plotting the training.

Besides that each of them, even he and Jaina, had other duties, Chloe and Riley both were marvel in the kitchen. So they would take most of the turns in the kitchen preparing food, then washing, cleaning, repairing, log-book, teaching, learning and watering his tomato plants, lots of things to do in the ship.

With the Enterprises improved system and sensors the co-pilot and communication would be swarming with information to sort out. But his trusted R3 would fill in that role for now. Lowbacka’s translator droid M-TD would help Rona to do her duty as communicator in the ship. He got all of them working.

The moon Nar Shadda and Nal hutta hovered in space as they exited hyperspace.
It was luck that they traveled as the Klingon.

A Mon Calamari cruiser 1200 meter long named Diciipa was in space, the Diciipa was a republic craft.

Jaina sighed “Right, remember your fake id.”
Chloe “Um I’m Chloe” she said reading her fake ID. Xander nodded “Yes but remember you are a different and older Chloe that’s 18, not the Chloe that’s still 15.” She nodded.

Anakin: “What I’m Annie?” He said. Xander: “Hey that’s was your grandfather’s nickname growing up. If it’s good enough for him, its good enough for you”
Anakin nodded sore. “No wonder he turned into Vader” he mutter walking out.

Riley frowned: “Yelir” sounds stupid just turning his name the wrong way.
Xander “Remember Im Captain Rednax and this is my wife Aniaj”
Riley: “Ahaa. Why am I not surprised?” This would never work.

A short moment later the republic patrol shuttle had boarded to inspect the ship after Jedi or smugglers.

“This looks good captain Rednax” the Bothan officer said. The Duros next to him nodded. “Yes all things are in order. Unusual for ships in this area”

Jaina smiled “Our boss runs a tight ship policy. Worf Transports Unlimited considers smuggling to be unworthy of an armed merchant.” She said hoping the tiny fake company Han Solo and Lando had created to help them would work.

So far only 4 real ships were a real part of the Worf Transport.
But they had a tiny fleet of 16 decoy ships that consisted of other armed transports that Lando had hired. Most of them have no idea that the whole company was a fake front to hide behind and after Xander, Jaina, Han Solo and even Luke invested in the company it was running.

Behind the fake names and identities was also Ackbar, which saw the advantage of getting cheap information from the company and also a way to let his spies take fake identities without too much problems from the company owner.

Lando was plotting to make Worf transport into a real armed merchant firm.
Han Solo, as Deak Olok and his ship the Lady Rainbow was the first ship. Leia had fun playing the captain.

Lando Calrissian was known as Captain Quark, which had been Xander’s idea, and his ship the Lady Luck, as Queen of ace.

Last the ship Shadow Chaser an armed experimental shuttle that Jaina, Luke and Jacen stole from Brakis, a dark Jedi that created the first Shadow academy.

Each of them held fake names. Registered at a Freeport they could go almost anywhere.
Sure if they looked really close at the ids and ship they could discover who they were.
But so far it worked and the best part was that the company was already starting to earn its own way.

The speed that Lando and Han acted to create the firm told him two things first, they had done this before and second, both of them were planning something like that when he came and asked for idea, waving around a registered company and a fake name so that most security accepted it and moved on to the next ship took time.
It also helped that they had uniforms on them and looked professional.
Like Xander had said. “Like real Starfleet personnel.”

The Bothan Lieutenant nodded. “That is all Rendax, you can keep moving. Just remember, glitter spice wine might be tolerated in this solar system, but in most it’s illegal.” He growled out.

Xander nodded “Of course sir. It is against company policy to carry or smuggle illegal goods.”

The soldiers inspecting the ship slightly grinned, some illegal goods had been found like an extra pistol. But nothing they were searching after.
One of the guard frowned, that girl sure looked like Leia Organa Solo but younger. He ignored it. She was according to the paper Aniaj Levell.

Riley blinked as they left the ship. “They fell for reversed names” he said.

Xander “It’s a big galaxy and we did change some of our appearance.” He said showing his face which did look different like before now it faded back to normal. “A weak Force illusion did not work on you or the girl. But those weak minded believe we looked different then we do.” It was a trick Luke had taught them.
Paying Shug Nix to let them stay in his hanger and have his hacker’s create a second ID for his ship. “The Pickard”

Xander relaxed while reading up on the news. The Hutt and the Black Sun criminal organization were fighting each other.

The Republic forces were arming themselves and threatening the independent planets. Hapes and the Republic were ready to start fighting.
The Correlian sector had pulled out leaving a vacuum that needed to be filled and the Duros had jumped in to the chance to become a backbone of the republic.

Shooting wars had erupted against some small planets and Republic forces ships. General Pash Crackan, former Rouge squadron and now a general in the starfighter fleet had attacked the Republic ships.
It was a war that could consume the galaxy.

Imperial remains had taking the offensive against Republic ships to increase their borders and Luke was trying to unite the Jedi and find one group that they could call the heir of the republic.

Xander had an idea. It was bold and it was probably stupid. He would be forced to sleep on the floor if he told them about it.
But it could work. The Imperial remnant, some of them were rather interesting.
Most of them were nothing but separate groups of miniature empires ruled by a warlord.

The strongest was Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaon the ruler of the greatest and strongest group of the Empire and he had asked for peace between them and the republic.

Seeing Xander reading, Jaina curled up next to him with her own book. The other could have their adventure now was time to relax. After that honeymoon they sure needed some work just to relax.
Nar Shadda was the moon orbiting Nal Hutta it was also called the Smuggler moon.
It had been turned into a gigantic city, were smugglers from the whole galaxy traded.

It is said among the traders and smugglers, that there where honest people from Nar Shadda, but they moved away.

Letting two fifteen year old, (Chloe was soon to be 16) one seventeen year old, with only Riley as the adult and an 18 year old Wookiee walk alone or in a group was not unusual.

Many would consider that irresponsible but Xander was sure they would keep Riley safe and he would keep them away from trouble.
And he had equipped them all with simple yet effective body armor made by the Jensaarai.
The girls had more expensive then Riley and Anakin somehow managed to build his own armor, more advanced then Jacen armor and on the same level as Xander’s or Jaina’s.

Anakin had a skill with technology, Jaina skill was pure understanding. Anakin’s was instinctive feeling of what was right and wrong. Xander’s skill or was it memory or instinctive he was not sure. He just knew how to repair and use some equipment, almost like Anakin yet different.

Seeing that the small hands of Jaina were trying to remove his pants, Xander was forced to put down the data-pad, something more important was happening. He grinned.
Out in the town
Rona looked around, the gravity was lighter then on earth you could jump like forever. But gigantic shafts that separated the city blocks were so deep you could not even see the bottom.

Most city blocks had atmosphere shields and generators on the top floor or the air would leak out into space.
It was dirty and overcrowded, thieves and other criminals were everywhere.

Chloe held herself near Anakin, Lowbacka and Riley, smart girl.
Rona was not as fearful she walked alone in New York once or twice.
The roar from a huge monster like beast which was grabbing a green slimy alien larger then she was and with one mighty pull ripping of its head and the beast the started to loot the body, made her change her way.

Quickly she moved besides Riley. This was a bit more then you would see in New York.

Riley “This place is completely FUBAR.” He said looking around.
Anakin nodded as he stared at the beast like being. “-You will not hurt us. Let us move away-“he said.

The beast an Esoomian, one of the rare sentient beings stronger then a Wookiee and standing up 3.4 meter tall nodded, as he let them pass by, tricked by the force.

Lowbacka tried not to growl out a challenge to the beast. Esoomians were stronger and bigger then wookiee but they were strong and dump.

Riley “What are we doing here?” he said feeling intimidated by the monsters that existed around them. The pay check Xander gave them from the cargo they had delivered was not bad.

He was not that happy. In USA he was a soldier, recently recruited to a super secret organization called the Initiative. Even he did not know what it was. Only that the leader a Doctor Margaret Walsh was one of the many along side with him that was kidnapped by the aliens when they plundered USA’s Gold reserve or a small part of the gold reserve.

It had been moved and a big gold painted Atomic bomb was put in the treasure vault. Then they waited. The signs were clear, after the first 500 000 humans vanished. The aliens were after treasures first humans last.

The gold bomb and thousand of USA military guards vanished and reappeared in a trap. What happened to the gold or the bomb he had a good idea. It exploded in orbit inside a big bulk transport.

Anakin smiled “Believe it or not. But you can find anything out here. Some of the best weapon makers work from this place. Riley, you need a gun and so does Rona and Chloe. That’s why we are here.” He grinned.

“Also while the blast west, Xander gave you, are a good armor against grenade it’s worthless if somebody uses a blaster.” Anakin finished. “We are going to find you real material to make you some armor.
Perhaps we buy old bounty hunter armors and adapt it.
Some of the best bounty hunter armor started as old stormtrooper or clonetrooper armor. We could get one of those cheap.” He finished.

Parts of the hard plates on Xander’s armor were made out of the same material stormtrooper used, but it was improved of course.
Rona and Riley were interested now.

Chloe “I thought we just left because Xander and Jaina wanted to be alone and have sex.” She said.
Lowbacka roared out his joy over that.
Later inside a dirty old store, Rona looked around with distaste. Then she noticed the objects hanging on the wall were weapons, sharp weapons, vibro weapons, force-pikes and electro-staffs.
Anakin walked up to the man. “We need guns. I was told to come to you.” He said.

The man studied him slowly he started to grin. “Of course, young Solo.” He said pushing a button.

A wall section suddenly rotated around showing blaster pistols, rifles, carbines, concussion rifles, concussion carbines and even disruptors.
Riley “Well call me impressed” he said in awe.

The old man grinned; his green hair moved a bit as he switched position in the chair. “Now what kinds of weapons do you seek young Solo?” he asked. “Mr. Impressed. Call me Aghog.”
Anakin “That I do not know. I would like a standard DL-22 and Riley, he is good with the weapon he tried. “

Aghog grinned “Well Mr. Impressed or Riley what kind of weapons are you seeking and what have you used?”
Riley: “A DL 44 and a sporting blaster. Also some missile handguns, but they feel wrong to light or not me.”

Aghog “Let me show you around the more heavy handguns.” He said. “Does it have to be a blaster?” he asked.
Anakin: “As long as it’s not a disruptor and the girls are also getting guns perhaps even other weapons”
Aghog nodded.

Riley: “Why not a disruptor?”
Anakin “It is torture to survive a wound” he said.
Short moments later in the lower level, by the targeting range.

Aghog “Now this is the heavy blaster Thunderer, BlasTech T6, ammo 25. Fire rate: 1/Automatic. Class 6.2. Illegal In more systems then I knew existed.”

Anakin raised an eyebrow. “Class 6.2? Most carbines, rifles or heavy blasters don’t have more than Class 5 in damage.”

Riley eyes were like Death stars in size as he lifted the gun. It was top heavy and full of ventilation holes to cool the blaster coils down after each shoot. Setting one gave him one shot each time he pulled the trigger and setting 2 was full automatic. He could drain the magazine in one pull. “I like it. Could you show me some more?”

Aghog nodded. “A word of advice, the Thunderer, unlike most blasters lacks the stun setting. It would be good for you to have a back up piece with stun ability.”

But he knew he had sold a gun there. Riley had a hard time leaving the gun out of sight. It was love at first sight. “Good idea, could you show me a good stun blaster then?” He said, still looking at the Thunderer.

Aghog frowned, a good stun-blaster well “This Compnor Stun Blaster pistol. It looks almost exactly like a DL-44 but is smaller around the size of a sporting pistol and easy to carry. The ammo in only 10 and it only has one setting for stun.”

Anakin grinned he had seen lots of those guns. “Compnor was the Empires public relationship organization. They had a youth group the Compnor Youth.

They played soldiers and had youth officers training and all. That type of gun was designed by Compnor so that Compnor youth officers could carry a real but harmless gun. Most Compnor Youth Officers were school children after all.”

Riley looked at the harmless gun. “It’s like the bloody SS youth.” He said remembering how the SS in Nazi Germany had children clubs.
Organized like the scout movement but evil and military in its design, created as yet another way for Hitler to keep civilians under control.

Aghog had no idea what the SS was. “One of the biggest successes in stun guns, Law officers around the galaxy often used it as a backup weapon. Build by either BlasTech or merr-sonn on license.
After the war both companys kept building the stun gun, as a child-safe self defense weapon to protect home and family if needed.”

Riley nodded “I take one.”
Rona was difficult she did not like the big handguns, yet she wanted the damage and she was a marks-woman.

She wanted a small gun and big-damage. Two wishes that rarely worked well together.

Except, Aghog pulled it forward from the wall, it was a light and small weapon, more like a sporting weapon then anything really dangerous. “This is the Ltd Penetrator MB-450, sporting blaster with ammo of 100. Class 5 and fire rate: 1.” He said.

Rona: “Fire rate 1 and Class 5?”
Anakin “Class 5. That’s as much as a normal heavy blaster. Fire rate 1 is you pull the trigger you shot no automatic.”

Aghog nodded “It is expensive, the advanced blaster coils and energy reflector give it a power equal to heavy blasters. A normal sporting blaster has between classes 2-3. It’s a sport weapon made to hit a far away target and not really blasting huge holes in them.

The damage is like that of a hold-out blaster. The Penetrator name is fitting correct and like other sporting blaster pistols it is long rage. “
Rona: “I. I take it. She could afford it”

Anakin: “Wait a moment, Rona. That weapon will need twice or more care and maintenance then a normal pistol. Are you sure?”

Aghog: “I can sell her repair equipment and spare parts and I can also include a repair kit.”

Rona frowned then nodded “I’m sure. Come to momma baby” she said hugging her cute child. Um.

Chloe was difficult, too. She really did not like using pistols. “Could you show me a holdout gun?” she asked. “Or something other, I don’t know.” She fussed. She liked it close and personal in a fight.
A long time later:

Chloe “This one lookS good” she said.
Even Aghog looked tired as he answered “It’s a Merr-Sonn, 44. blaster pistol. Ammo: 100. Class 4. Fire rate: Auto/1.” That was so basic a blaster pistol that it existed in million of different versions all with the same ability.

Chloe “I like it” she said smiling.
Aghog “A good choice, it’s a basic blaster pistol that’s easy to repair and can last you a lifetime”
Chloe smiled “Thanks and sorry if I was a trouble” she said trying and succeeding to look cute.

Anakin “Give me six holdout pistols. Good ones which need little or no care, even if hidden away fully loaded. Like inside a ship.”
Aghog “SoroSubb Q-2s5. Scout pistol also called a biker holdout pistol. Ammo 15. Class 3. Fire rate: 1 it needs little care and can be stored in a vacuumed cargo bay.”

Anakin nodded “Thanks. Now let’s buy the other stuff and leave.”
Extra power packs, holsters and for Rona a quick draw holster, a sight macro scope for Riley.

Chloe wanted some Vibro-Shive, small throwing stars that vibrated so fast they could cut steel.

Each also got light-foils because they could parry lightsabers.
It was a tired Anakin, Lowbacka and Riley that escorted them to the armor shop.

In there the girls, with their armor made by Jensaarai were silent as Anakin and Riley were walking around. It came eventually to buying the chest armor from some stormtrooper armor and adapted it to Riley. He also got a helmet and a blast suite under the chest piece.
It looked acceptable. Not good but Lowbacka was sure they could make it better.
A rocket pack or jetpack they refused to buy unless they had the time to give them a lesson.

Writer add on.
Class 2 is in D6 RPG 2D in damage.
Class 6.2 is 6D+2

9 October 2008, 03:07 PM
Knight away. 7-7
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

Next day
Xander looked at the galley table in dismay it was full of weapon parts. Frowning he walked into get breakfast. “I hope you going to pick up after you” he said.

Rona nodded. “Yeah, it’s just that I have to learn about my gun.” She frowned “What about you Xander?” she asked.

Xander sighed. “I have decided to give up on my joy in using old fashion Earth guns. So I got myself a new blaster gun, a Bryar pistol.” He also had some other weapons hidden in the Enterprise.
Jaina walked out refreshed from the morning sonic shower. “Where is Riley?” she asked.

Rona “Out for a walk.” Seeing their worried look: “Hey he is an adult he can take care of himself” she defended him.
Xander nodded “Of course.” He said “Let’s make breakfast. Later today I’m going to contact Durga the hutt.” He said.

In the city of Nar Shadda
Bridges where over deep looking endless ravine like shafts between the different city-blocks, under some of those bridges star-ships were flying.

Riley shrugged as he moved forward. He got a good price for a speeder bike and was using it now to fly along with the traffic.
Parking in a lower level he walked out.

The town people here were tougher and harder then above but he found a pub or perhaps tavern, cantina would be a good description, no drinking hole would fit it nicely.

It was dark inside, the outside was lighted so that everyone inside could see the newcomer in the light of the corridor, while the newcomer would be blinded. Nice set up, Riley thought as he walked inside.

A white haired wookiee with nasty scars watched him from one side.
A creature wearing armor ignored him near the exit.
A female human or not studied him like he was prime beef.

Riley walked up and ordered something to drink. “Whiskey correlian” he said. The drink was almost like the real deal from earth. A bunch of credit coins later and the bartender handed him his drink.
The female glided over to him “Hi there stranger. Buriia shener” she purred out with a voice like silk.

Riley nodded. “I’m Yelir.” He said. “Always that much life in here?” he said looking around the place.
Buriaa shrugged “They come to forget. Why do you come?” she said.
Riley frowned as he felt a pressure on his mind. “Keep your thoughts to yourself.” He growled out holding one hand on his Thunderer as he pushed the Compnor stun gun in her side.

Buriaa paled as she felt a gun in her side and saw the big heavy gun in his other hand. “Please I mean you no harm” she said.
Riley frowned her face was changing before him. “You are not human are you?” he said pushing her away as he put the stun gun back, still gripping the thunderer ready to make lightning.
She backed away fearful as he pushed her. “I.”

Riley grabbed her shoulder “What were you trying girl?” he said intimidating.

Her face was melting away showing a pale grey looking alien with big eyes and a small nose. He could see she was young.

He let her go. “Trying to trick me, kill me or steal from me, correct?” he said. The girl shivered “Only steal sir.” She said.
Riley “××××ed up world. Watch my eyes. Sign of spice abuse. I’m immune to most mind tricks. Now get lost, girl” he said.

The girl stood there “Um sir, why do you help me learn?” she said.
Riley shrugged. “A short time ago some asshole captured me and sold me to a ××××ing slaver. I had to work in a spice mine, black spice. Boost you mind and body or drives you crazy.

That’s the reason why my eye whites are grey. I haven’t helped you, I warned you nothing more” he looked at her. “Now get going. The real money is around the spaceport. The tourists are not down here” He said.

The armored alien watched how the shifter rushed out. “Stranger, you method of warning sounds like helping” it said.

Riley: “Perhaps. She could get rich or dead up there.” He looked at it. “May I ask what you are and what’s your name? I buy you a drink if you just tell my your species”

The alien he could now see looked rat like, not so tall only about 1.5 meters. But it had some distinct differences. Its fur was white under its armor. It moved with a flexible dexterity that made him shiver. “I stranger am a Jenet” it said. Riley “Got to read up on Jenet’s later. Curiosity is a weakness.”

The Jenet smiled. He could now see that it was female. And for an alien rat-humanoid she looked good, tiny but good.
“What the Jenet lady likes to drink, do give her one” he said to the bartender, as he gave him some coins.

She studied him “I am curious what you name is. Not your fake name, but your real one.” she asked him.
Riley “I’m Riley, just simple Riley. What is yours?” he asked her. She seemed to blush.

“My people are rude and tactless by nature. But its one tradition we hold sacred, a name is always followed with an explanation of our greatness or lack of greatness.

No Jenet is allowed to tell there own greatness, only another Jenet may introduce us, as well tell about our merits. I am alone and telling you my name and merits would be rude.” She looked at him “Riley you may call me Jenet.”

Riley nodded. “Jenet it is.” He was silent. “I’m Riley. I came from a pre-space world, atomic-industrial level of technology.
Until some asshole kidnapped me and many others.

On my world I was warrior elite. But we were taken completely by surprise and were sold to a spice mine. I worked as a slave until I got rescued.”
He looked at her she was fascinated. “I have trained in the art of killing and that’s something like it or not I’m good at. Hell I do not like it but I am good as a fighting. After I got saved I had the chance to train under some of the best the republic ever had.

That’s me, what about you? Could you tell me without bragging?” he asked her.
Jenet “You are with the republic?” she asked. He just grinned. “No I said trained with the best they had.”

The Jenet nodded “You said something like that. Yes.” What could she tell him about her species? “Jenets like me have good memory. We can memorize hour’s worth of memory perfectly.

Such a memory will never fade and always remain perfect recall. Our hearing is extreme. Great ability in swimming and climbing and our flexibility is incredible.” She said bending her arms the wrong way then her head so she was looking backwards.

Riley: “Incredible.”
She leaned forward “I can also mention that we have a great sense of smell. You are attracted by me” she said smiling or something.

Riley swallowed “Sorry.” Damn spice mine and not having any female his age around for too long.

She shrugged. “No, I’m not. But you should be. I’m not interested in you and married.” She said bluntly.

Riley blinked. “Good. I have been without a human female far too long” He sighed as he walked away from Jenet.

Walking up to the Bike he lifted up, trying to find something worthwhile in this strange place.

Half an hour later at the higher levels he found something interesting.
Walking towards the club “Excuse me” he said to the guard. “What kind of club is this?”
The guard “It’s a sex club for short term partners.” He said.
Riley: “How much to come in?”

The guard took his money as he entered the club.
Inside Riley was face to face with a cross species swinger club. “O’boy and I just wanted to find a human girl”
The Twi’lek standing nearby frowned “Why not try something new?” she asked.

Riley started to smile “If I try something new I would need someone to guide me around the right curves.” He said. The Twi’leks female started to laugh as she took his hand. “You sound like an interesting person” she said and he looked dangerous o so dangerous.
Later next morning

The ship lifted off and headed towards Nal Hutta the large swampy planet the smuggler moon Nar Shadda moved around.
Rona had just in case changed her hair and wore armor.

Chloe dressed like a cute innocent girl, but she had two hold-out blasters. At her side was her blaster pistol hanging side by side with her light-foil. Other then that she looked far too innocent.
Between her big brown eyes and brown red hair she looked harmless.

Xander just knew something or someone would try something with her.
He just hoped that she did not start a war.

The palace was a big many level and building creation, with its own garden swamp in the Centrum.

The landing platform the Enterprise would land on was one of honor.
Durga the Hutt and twenty guards stood side by side. Durga himself was thinner and more well build then most hutt.

Having being forced to work in a black spice mine, his body was as physical perfect as the spice could force it to become. His eyes unlike most hutt were turned black completely, both the white of the eye and the pupils itself.

Durga unlike Riley could now survive without Carsunum or Andrise. He knew a way to remove the addiction he was forced on.

As the Jedi knight and his team walked out Durga the Hutt recognized Riley Finn as one of the slaves, a former trouble maker constantly trying to escape.

Xander he recognized and knew who he was and who Jaina was, impressive indeed.
Xander bowed in front of him “Greeting mighty Durga. From one warrior to the next I give also my respect for your strength in combat and offer you my friendship. May our path never cross in anger or war, may our weapons never rise against the other.” He said this time looking Durga in the eye.

Jaina frowned that was an old warrior greeting that Jedi and Mandalores once used against other strong groups.

The Hutt “Your friendship I accepted and offer you my own.
May our path never cross in anger or war and our weapon never rise against the other” He said. “Now young Jedi, how many archive did you seek to find a fitting greeting?” he said a big hutt smile on his face.

Xander “Lots of archives, but I never have seen anybody taken so many hits from a lightning-gun and survive or see anybody keep fighting under such pain, as the pain you must have been when the two of us walked side by side to battle our enemies. Even if I was most of the time behind or sometimes in front of you” he said grinning.

The hutt: “Hohoho. That is correct Jedi. But do not forget your own courage to fight your way inside” He nodded the Jedi had his respect. “Let us rejoin inside. The rain is coming.”

They walked inside and Xander snapped his fingers. “Right I have forgotten this. It’s a tiny gift for you Durga” He said letting Rona and Chloe handing over to one of the bodyguards a package.
The guard scanned the box, whispering something about a weapon or something.

Durga grabbed the box and like a school boy open the box and started to laugh “Great gift this is. I will have it mounted on my wall by evening.
Lifting up the inside they could see two lightning guns mounted in a X like position and in cashed in transparent plastic on top of a trope plate. Under it was written

-Owner of both weapons was killed by Durga The Hutt.-

Durga gave it to one of his henchmen. “You are not and artist Xander” He said. But that was one gift the Hutt liked. It was fun. It would show of his battle skill. And it would look good on the wall.
Xander: “No. I do have my weaknesses.”
Later they were drinking wine, listening to music and talking to guest and Durga’s business partners, who many were Hutts. Later in the evening Xander gave, with Durga’s blessing, a fascinating tale about the escape. He embellished both his own and Durga’s battle and the danger they were in.

The other hutt swallowed it with hook, line and bait.
A slimy near-human did try to grab Chloe when the time of dinner arrived. They were all amused seeing the big male near-human being sent flying with a broken arm and shoulder.

Chloe bowed “I’m sorry I made a mess” she said in a cute voice before sitting down again.
Riley did not like this circus performance. “Why not just talk with him and be gone?”
Rona: “No its status. Having being in a battle side by side with a Jedi, Durga must brag and show of or he risks losing the other huts respect.”

Riley sighed.
Later after dinner was done Durga asked the servants to escort the others to the guest rooms, while he talked to Xander: “It is good to see you again Jedi Xander.” He said using the title implementing that now was time for affairs.

Xander nodded “The same here, Durga the Hutt or was it Lord Durga Anjiliar Thokka, Master of the Kajidic Anjiliar and second oldest of the Thokka family?” He said. “And I also know that your new enemy Durga Besadii Tai is desperately trying to buy votes among the council of hutt.”

Durga shrugged. “You could have read that in any computer news.” He frowned. “Except about Durga being my new enemy”
Xander grinned. His knowledge came mostly from Rona who had served as a slave girl. Grilling her about the intricate of the Hutt families then reading news paper he could guess who would be Durga’s enemies.

Durga “Are you sure Besadii Durga is buying votes?” He said with venom in his voice.
Xander sighed. “No. Personal I would not trust my own source about the minor Durga. But in theory the information has a logic background.” If he were the second Durga he would buy votes.

He guessed that someone would buy votes. That would make him not a trust worthy source of information. But it did have a logic background.
Durga “Call me Durga. It is good to see humans interested themselves in the affairs of Hutt. But I offer you a reward and that is not something I will change.” He said spooked by the Jedi knowledge, if Durga the Minor was buying votes.

He would have to do that also, to make sure his opinion about the black sun would win and he liked that about calling the other Durga the minor. He decided that Durga Besadii’s new nickname would be Durga the minor, while he would be Durga the greater.

Xander was silent for a moment. “I would like help to create five fake ID’s, for my ship and my crew. As good as you can get them. That’s all” he said.

Durga blinked, he feared what the Jedi would wish of him, but this was down cheap. “It will be done, any suggestion?”
Xander grinned: “Oh yes, the Excelsior with Captain Hikaru Sulu.” He began his smile turned more and more sinister, eyes glittering in green and yellow as he contemplated what his long dead friend Jessie would say about him. But also how useful this would be as he planned to enter both Republic space and the Imperial Remnant.
Durga listen as the near-human listed the names. He began to feel a bit nervous, as the eyes started to glittering in a non human way and the smile of a predator grew just a tiny bit to large on Xander face. Whoever he was thinking about was a dead man walking.
A week later
Durga’s slicers and insider at the ship register did above and beyond work with the Id’s.
Being honored guests at a hutt palace was awesome. They knew how to spoil guests, but it was not really his way of living.
Both Durga and Xander knew they were on different lines in a battle Right VS wrong. But they did respect each other and in Durga’s case felt gratitude.

Xander had offered him friendship and hopes that they would never fight each other. So Durga decided to make sure the Jedi did not have a reason to fight him. Just like Xander made an effort to turn a blind eye to the fact that Durga was both drug and slave-trader.

It was not something he liked doing. But compared to the facts he had about the other Durga, this Durga was a breath of fresh air.
As they left Xander turned and gave him one advice. “I’m not sure. But I do believe you could make great affairs in weapons or in turbo-laser tech.

Hapes-sectors turbo lasers are twice as slow as the Republic turbo cannons are. If somebody would be able to get them a good design it could be worth something.” He said shrugging as they entered the ship.
So now he had set the ball rolling. Ackbar said that they were trying to ally themselves with the Hapes and the corellian’s. One of the condition the Hapes asked for was modern Turbo-lasers.
The Mon calamari and the corellian’s were reluctant to give them their turbo lasers.
If a hutt representative would arrive, selling the info the Hapes wanted, the corellian’s would then jump to the negotiation table, if he was lucky.

13 October 2008, 06:51 AM
Knight away. 7-8
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

Later in space
It was a most relaxed crew that joined together at the galley.
Xander putt his chocolate cup down. “Right, I have been on the lookout for a cargo we can take inside the Imperial remnant. Cause I want to take a look at them.”
Jaina nodded. “I know, but why Xander?” she said.

Xander sighed. “You are going to hate me, but I do believe that with Mon-calamari and the Hapes behind us. We and Luke could mould the remnant into something that could become the heir of the new republic.”
Jaina glared at him. She was silent.

Lowbacka was not, he roared out in anger. Anakin “Xander, do you not understand they are evil? They use the dark side.”
Xander “Yes, the dark side is evil. But from what I understand the greatest number of darksiders and sith are outsiders. The Imperial remnant does not trust them.

Remember there is a difference between the Imperial WAR-LORDS and the Remnants. So not evil perhaps grey, but if we get Jedi inside to mellow them out, we could save them from the Dark side and gain a powerful ally.”
Jaina nodded. “We can look around.” She said. “Besides its Luke’s and the other’s decision in the end.”

Xander grinned “To the deep core we go” he jelled. Then pulled up a pair of small packets and showed them around. “This is Yarrock spice.” He looked around “It’s a strong hallucinogenic drug. Used to often, you will become addicted and will suffer psychosis.”
Riley “Why the hell do you have that on our ship then?” he said. Riley did not like spice anymore. Specially after having a black spice addiction forced on him.

Xander: “Because, in the past Jedi and force shamans used THIS to help them find and explore their mental powers of the mind.”

He looked at Rona and Chloe. “The two of you, IF you volunteer will have the chance to do that and perhaps we will find more abilities locked away inside of you” the pack vanished inside his robe.

He then turned to Riley “I have a blessing and a curse, with greetings from Durga the Hutt.” He said. “He knew a way to remove the urge of carsunum from your body and mind, refined crystalline Andris.” Cost him a small fortune to buy. But he would not tell Riley that.

Seeing Riley’s eager face he continued. “It has a side effect. Raw andris is used as flavoring and keeping food and medicine from spoiling. It also keeps the pain of addiction down. It has many uses. Refined Andris is white and can be used as a sensory enhancement. The user senses are improved for a short time.”

He looked at Riley “But refined crystalline Andris that’s the beast. Not only will it remove the cursed addiction you have to carsunum, but as a side effect your ability to sense the world will forever improve.
It causes a slight mutation in the nerves of the brain, the eye and ears. Making your see and hear things faster and force you brain to adapt to the new experience.”
Riley “So far so good” he said.

Xander nodded “Yes. But you see. The size of the dose you need to take is an overdose and it could burn out your eyes and ears completely, even crippling part of your brain.
Cyber implants would work but even then your brain would have a hard time to understand what the new eyes are seeing because of the brain damage.”
Riley was silent he looked at the injector like it was a deadly snake waiting to attack him.

Xander nodded “I had a good feeling about that, but Durga the Hutt said that Grey Gabaki candles are slightly relaxing and makes the process easier if a candle with Grey Gabaki smoke fills the air.

Grey Gabaki is the only spices that’s not addictive or has any side effects at all. If the bad happens and you go blind and lose hearing, I’m planning on having a candle burning near you until we find a cyber-doc” He said.
He was wrong there were many forms of spice that were not addictive.

Lowbacka nodded then roared out a question.
Xander nodded “If it works, then we are going to use the candles as relaxation help.” He grinned.

Jaina “I also got some interesting things from the Hutt. Medicine Bactade it’s an edible form of Bacta. It will improve a person’s natural healing time. Not as much as a bacta bath but still greatly improved and yes these cookies are legal.” She said handing out a tiny sized package cookies surrounded by a transparent plastic material.

“I want each of you to put two cookies in your medpac. In case you get hurt” Jaina said as she gave out the Bactade. The rest she put in the ships medbay.

Riley “What’s my chance?” he interrupted. Xander frowned.
Xander: “The fact that you survived the black spice mine indicates that you should survive this without a problem or so the expert said.” He said looking at Riley before putting a single vile of crystalline spice on the table.

It was just ready to inject. “I was tempted to stay silent just to keep you safe from this choice. But I have seen you suffer from the addiction and it will never go away and it is constantly draining away your strength to fight the addiction.” He said and Riley nodded.

He often woke up longing for the spice filled air inside the spice mine or just some black spice to eat. It was a nightmare. He sometimes felt murdering urge, a rage inside of him against all those that stopped him from finding more Carsunum spice and eating it.

Those nights when the dreams were bad he, even hated Xander for rescuing him. He looked at the vile his eyes told the whole story as he read the instruction.
“I’ll be in my quarters” he said leaving them behind. He had and addiction to remove.
With a candle of on the floor slowly filling his cabin with the smoke of

Grey Gabaki spice Riley lied down on the bed and took one look around the room in case this would be his last time using the eyes before pushing the injector with the refined crystalline Andris in his body and then he fell unconscious.

Spices, there are thousands of different types of spice in the galaxy. One thing common about all of them is that they work across species. No matter what your biology says, it works. Bacta is in fact one type of spice.

Scientist have long come up with stupid explanations too explain this. Among the Jedi researcher they knew how spice works.
Spice in any of its forms is alive, microscopic life forms, which force you to feel an emotion or give the user abilities for a short while. Most of them are highly addictive.

Carsunum, the black spice forces physical development on the user, he becomes stronger, faster and more dexterous. Like a gymnast, if the use has been combined with hard work above normal limit, strength or flexibility can give. The last carsunum does, is shield the mind from telepaths and mind control tricks.

So far that’s the good part of Carsunum, the bad part is the rage, and the emotional swings the addiction gives the user. So strong that it will drive a user to madness, only with the help of Andris, could a person remove some of his own addiction. But it is always there pounding in his brain, because Carsunum is a spice that binds itself with the user, like a symbiotic or a parasite constantly wanting more and more of its own.

The high dose of concentrated and improved Andris, Riley pushed inside of his body, moved like a bull in Barcelona stopping for nothing.
Andris ability to fight addictions is respected. It can also temporarily improve a person’s sense of sight, hearing and touch above the normal limit, if overdosed it can make the air on the skin and inside the lungs feel like sandpaper.

Riley tried to relax but I was impossible, it felt like he was lying on nails and inside of him Andris and Carsunum came face to face. Both related created by the same type of being and they merged and mutated themselves and their host, as the Grey Gabaki (also a spice) filled air slowed down the process of the mutation.

Riley could not sleep or relax, the pain and the pleasure he felt from everything around him was too much. He feared his sanity and he feared his eyes and ears as he felt a burning fire raging inside of them.

Next day during lunch
Draggling out of the room was Riley with sunglasses on him.
Chloe squealed “RILEY” as she rushed towards him.

Riley fell to his knees. “Not so loud. My ears they are sensitive” He whispered. “The lights are so bright.” He said.
Xander looked at the light control and turned the room half dark. “Better?” he asked.
Riley nodded as he walked up. They could see that the eyes were completely black, glittering black like a crystal.

Xander nodded “Interesting. I can sense your presence in the force, but it’s difficult to pinpoint where you are. Just that you are nearby but not where you are.” Whatever the spice had done to him had made him difficult to sense.

Using his sense power he tried mind control “-Lift you right hand-” he said as powerful and focused as he could.

Riley just looked at him. “Why?” he said feeling nothing.
Xander smiled “I’m not sure. But it looks like Riley is extremely difficult to manipulate with the force. Perhaps he might be immune to force manipulation.”

Riley grinned: “Take that supernatural” he grinned. Then froze as he considered the drawback, his eyes and ears were super sensitive. HE would be able to get used to it, with time, right now he needed sunglasses and sound protection.

Somehow he knew Xander and Jaina with their Wookiee enforcer would help him with training/torture to speed up the process.
As the Enterprise landed on one of Lando’s investments, a trading post near the core worlds to pick up a cargo to the Imperial Remnant, they started with Riley’s torture/training.

Even with Riley complaining about the evil of the Jedi knights, he was training himself eagerly and coming up with new ways of testing himself.

He was strong, fast and dexterous. That had not changed. The black spice had turned him to an Olympic level of strength and speed.

But what was new was that his body’s ability to survive damage was indirectly improved, as his sensitivity to Bacta had become lower. It would work faster and has a stronger healing effect on him.
He was also difficult to sense in the force and on a distance more than 20 meters he would be invisible to any one trying to see him using the force. Closer they could detect him with the force but not know exactly were he stood.

Lowbacka, Jaina, Xander they all tested their skill in lightsaber combat, using training a light-foil against him. The Jedi had it difficult in sensing when and were he would attack. Only their greater skill in pure fencing allowed them to win.

Riley started to train close combat using his own light-foil. Which worked perfectly Rona and Chloe both were training with light-foils, too. Xander was thinking on giving the girls real lightsabers.
Jaina was forced to leave her beloved X-wing behind. But Anakin and Jaina managed to find and buy a pair of almost new defender star fighters.

The Remnant was different then the old way of the imperials under Palpatine’s rule. The Government of the Imperial Remnant was headed by the Imperial Council of Moff’s, an Oligarchy which governed a confederation of sectors.

The council also worked as commander in chief of there sector fleets. But the supreme commander could override any or all Imperial military assets including sector fleets with the councils blessing.
There seems to be some indication or rumors of an election of a new Moff taking place.

But the rumors were wild and most former rebels considered the Moff Council to be nothing more than a pack of rabid warlords.
Then he had to consider the Imperial Warlords. According to the Remnant they were traitors to the imperials. Yet the rebels even Jaina counted them to be part of the Remnant.
Old hostilities are hard to abandon.

The Remnant seems to have a more open policy in their armed forces. Even non-humans were welcomed.
The fighters they used were a TIE-Interceptor class anti starfighter.
I7 Howlrunner, a multi-environment attack-fighter and last the Preybird-class heavy-attack fighter.

The Preybird was like the B-Wing a heavy-attack fighter. But it was actually superior to the B-wing in terms of performance.
The I-7 was build, by the Empire loyal parts of Income industry. The same company that designed the X-wing space superior fighter and the E-wing escort starfighter. Thanks to that the Republic also used a small number of I-7 Howlrunners.

Instead of I-7 the Republic chose to use X-j and E-wings instead.
Howlrunners were superior and faster compared to the original X-wing, the later model X-j was just as fast and the E-wing was even faster. In space the X-J was superior to both E-wing and I7.
But the I-7 ability in atmosphere combat was greater than the X-J and as good as an E-wing. But its small compact shape made it easier to carry in a hanger.

Three different and good ships, the Remnant no longer wasted recourses and pilots. They cared for the life of their troopers.

13 October 2008, 03:42 PM
Knight away. 7-9
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

Later, five days until the Deep Core.
With a 0.75 hyperdrive it would take only 3.75 days or 90 hours instead of the normal 120 hour journey. He loved his hyperdrive.
Playing with the navcomputer, he plotted a course that would make those 90 hours to only 80 hour. He was the king.

Leaving the cockpit he entered the hanger / Cargo bay.
In piles after piles of boxes were grains and other food stuff stored. Nothing out of order, he continued into the hanger.

Where he found Jaina with her ass pointing up into the sky while her legs balanced her, as she was hanging over the engine part of a defender, he could see from the pair of legs under the ship that Anakin was doing something.

The two defenders were tiny close defense fighters.
Only 5.3 meter long and box shaped they were half the size of an X-wing.
They had class 8 engines, three laser cannons, shields and maneuverability type 5.
“So what are you two up to?” he asked.
Jaina managed to turn herself right side up as she turned red faced towards him “Fixing up these babies.”

She said. “Boosting the power in the engine we get 100 Mglt in speed, instead of the normal 80 Mglt.” She said grinning. Sure they had to steal power from one of the laser cannons, but it still had two guns. But the engines could handle it.
They were class 9 to begin with but the factory had so many complaints from users which wanted more fire power, that they installed one extra cannon and lowered the speed just to feed that extra cannon.

Anakin glided out from under the ship. “It would look strange if the Enterprise with a hanger door did not have a fighter to defend itself.”
Xander “And that is what they are for.” He said nodding. The defenders were dedicated defense ships.

Jaina grinned. “Not much right now but. A hyperdrivesled and I bet” Xander put his hand over her mouth “Darling. You have an X-wing at home.”

She blinked and then nodded. Xander removed his jacket as he grabbed his hydro spanner. “Right let’s see what we can do” he smiled.
They once again attacked the tiny defenders, boosting the small engines more than factory specification said it would and could handle.
70 hours later they were officially inside the deep core. 10 hour later they were at the gate system.

A focus point, were many but not all hyper routes into the core world passed by. Star destroyers and other huge battle ship fleets of lesser ships patrolled this system, a system containing nothing except a tiny white dwarf and a space station.

Patrol ships inspected each and every ship passing by.
If they could trick the imperials to gain legally a deep core traveling pass it would make the rest of the journey easier.

Xander “This is Captain Rednax on the Klingon, armed merchant from the Worf transport company, requesting permission to dock.”
The station answered directly, good discipline. “This is Lieutenant Krix Antilles. State your reason for seeking permission to dock.”

Xander “I’m seeking a Deep Core traveling pass for the use of trading gods and cargo. For now and in the future, is permission granted?”
The station was silent before “Permission granted. State your speed capacity now.”

Xander quickly stated that he had a Class 8 engine with 80 Mglt. Even if he had a class 9 Improved to 100 Mglt. The voice from the station: “Move forward and pass the Star Destroyer Dominion within space range of twenty before moving towards the station. Keep at all times at the speed of 40 Mglt. Have a nice day captain Rednax.”

Xander grinned “That sounds good. Speed adapted space lanes.” He said relaxing back in his chair.

Lowbacka growled out that the star destroyer could easily fire on them when they were that close.
Jaina nodded. “It could be a trap or they could use Dominion as a scanning ship.”

Xander nodded. “Right, just keep cool and fly casual.” He said grinning.
Jaina frowned. “How the sith spit do you fly casual?”
Xander: “Um. Fly like casual. You know like you have Leia watching over your shoulder.”

Jaina nodded “Right by the book and no funny stuff.” She said grinning.
Lowbacka growled as Jaina powered down the weapon systems completely.

Xander “I hope all of you have hidden any illegal weapons in the scanning safe hide out. That includes lightsabers” He reminded the Jedi.
Jaina handed out a data pad to each of them “And here something Luke and Chewbacca put together.

A light-dagger hideout disguised as a data-pad, easy to carry with you.” And most freighters pilots do have a data pad with them, hanging from the belt or in a pocket and it even worked. Jaina put her lightsaber inside R6, just as Xander had his hidden inside his trusted R3.

Then he frowned. R3 normally stayed on Enterprise.
Perhaps he could. He just had to survive with only his dagger.
At the same time on the Dominion.
“Captain a report arrived” a sergeant said as he hurried up to the captain.

Captain Shalla nodded her head. “Good. I see. Klingon is the Enterprise.” She turned to the communication officer “Send a messenger to command. Jedi Knight Alexander Harris and Jaina Organa Solo in the Enterprise are trying to infiltrate using the name Klingon. Ask for orders.”

The crew tensed.
In the Enterprise Xander sighed as they slowly moved past the Dominion. Its big guns were slowly following each of the many ships in the area.
He flipped a switch so that he could get an improved look at the ship. “It’s impressive” he said.

Jaina nodded. “Yeah, it’s a class Imperial 2 subtype Tector.” She said.
Xander “Tenclose. What that” he frowned before pushing a button on the ship computer file, dedicated ship to ship combat Star-destroyer.
The Tector had most of its hangers and troopers removed; instead it had an improved hull, improved speed and shields.

Jaina grinned. “Nice.” She said. That was one big bad boy that could eat capital ships even other star destroyer for breakfast.
The voice form the station spoke again. “Star ship Klingon you are cleared for landing. Have a nice day”
Xander grinned “See I told you nothing to worry about.”

Inside the Star Destroyer Dominion
“Captain are we letting the Jedi go?” her second in command asked.
She nodded “Someone above us ordered us to do that. Agents are already on route to spy on their activities. They claim to have a type 2 hyperdrive, so the agents should have plenty of time.” She was not happy, thank to the empires destruction they had lost almost everything and now chaos and war tormented the galaxy just because fools tried to recreate the republic.
10 hours later.

Sitting in the cockpit of the Enterprise Xander grinned. They now had a traveling pass to Bastion the capital of the Remnant and clearing to travel to other less guarded places, under the understanding that he was scouting after future markets for his cargo.

Vjun and Bast castle would be a place they had to visit. The Ghost of Anakin Skywalker said he could guide them to the hidden treasures only he as Lord Vader knew about, but first the world Bastion.
It had taken them two hours before the ships and defense system allowed them to land on the capital.

Security was tight, especially for strangers.
The world was full of hills, mountains, small oceans and big continents.
The capital city was impressive.
It filled an area the size of Europe and the starport they landed in had more cannons then he wanted to think about.
Later on the planet surface

Riley was doing whatever Riley was doing.
Lowbacka kept by the starport. Not trusting the imperials.
Chloe and Rona kept with Anakin but they promised not to cause any problems.

Good he was more worried about himself and Jaina causing problems.
It was just the type of luck he usually had. Especially as it seemed that somebody was using a robot remote to follow them.

Jaina felt nervous. Surrounded by enemies that had tried to kidnap or kill her since she was a new born child. She had a reason to be nervous. “So that is the best price our cargo could get?” she said in a slightly disappointed voice. On the inside she was completely uninterested.

The imperial officer, an alien with a long grey head that almost looked like a pencil, a Muun, blinked his eyes. “Yes. But do consider that the price is 2.7 above what most planets would pay.”

Jaina nodded “Of course it’s just. It’s a long journey here. With 2.7 we go with profits. But we expected more. But it’s not too late. I heard that Remnant have lots of high tech you sell for a good price. We do know places that buy that.” She smiled hoping the Muun would talk to a fellow merchant.

It did not work.
Xander interrupted. “Is that a good work, I mean growing up I heard from other kids that only humans could work as imperial soldiers and officers.” He showed off his necks. “Being amphibious near-human my dad was denied a place as a soldier. They said he was not what they were looking for” he sighed.

The Muun nodded eyes shining. “Yes yes. It’s a good work as officer. The Remnant offers a fair treatment for all members and the races and species living inside its border. Unlike the Republic, they offer order and safety” he finished.

Jaina nodded distressed. “I see. What about slavery? We have a wookiee, they were declared a slave race by the Empire before” she said.
The Muun Officers: “Past mistakes, I’m sure. Now anybody can become a citizen.” A new officer interrupted them, to remind the Muun it was lunch time. The new officer was bright blue with glowing red eyes. “I’m Officer Halnee’Rywtan. Is there anything more I can help you with?”

Xander: “Yes, we a searching for a outbound cargo. Expensive alloys would work. But I rather see if you have anywhere I could buy medication and high-tech parts. Our firm specializes in armed merchants. Most of our ships have limited cargo capacity but Worf Transport offers customers maximal security.”

The Criss Halnee’Rywtan nodded as it started to help them find out where different cargos could be found. Go directly to the home world was always cheapest, but not always practical.

Landing at a space port cost money. Fuel cost money and repairs caused by overused engines cost money.

A good transfer point was often used were cargo from many different places meet each other. Sometimes a cargo was so much worth that directly to the home words was the way to go.

Xander put up his wishing list of cargo. “I see that the power injector Sb-23 is build cheap here.” it fitted. Lando’s yard always needed those parts and the cost of Sb-23 build by Kuat-drive was four times as expensive.
Jaina relaxed as the two started to talk affairs, she felt spies listening and watching, but no malice or anger just watching.

Perhaps they really did not know who they were, they just kept a watch out after all hey admitted they were ARMED-MERCHANTS.
That meant trained warriors working as traders.

At the same time in the Admiral headquarters.

“So they are just doing affairs then” Grand Admiral Palleon said. Behind him one of the spies said “Yes sir.”
The general at his side frowned “What should we do? I can have troopers surrounding them with anti Jedi equipment in a minute” he said.
Grand Admiral Palleon frowned “No.
I believe they are building a spy web. Amateurs they are but smart. We will let them continue. Keep an eye out but let them do it” he said.

The general “Admiral, why?” he said in shock. He was not the only one.
Grand Admiral Palleon looked at him “If you know about an enemy spy working for the enemy among your own. Then that spy is also your spy.

While the ships of Worf trading will keep spying on us, we can use them. Show them exactly what we want them to see, in a way. They will be our loyal spy even if they do not know about it.”
The general nodded “yes sir.” He was relieved.

But the Moff was more perceptive. “There are other reasons, correct?”
Palleon smiled a thin smile. “The civil war that has started, it will soon bleed over against us.

The Jedi and the Skywalker’s could be useful allies or just as a shield against the darkside madness our Emperor Palpatine and his pet Vader created.” Saying something like that about Emperor Palpatine would have earned anybody death only a handful of years ago.
The Moff didn’t look that convinced. “What about our Imperial Knights?” He asked.

Palleon: “What about them? It’s a handful of children, half trained and easy to turn to the darkside. Out there we have Brakis, Lady Lumiya and her crazy pet Hakon and his gang of mad-boys.

Lord Flint may or may not be alive and last we have the surviving Dark side elite still loyal to Palpatine. Only the fact that they hunt each other and that the Jedi act as a shield protects us from them.”

He looked at the others in the room. “In the future our Imperial knights could well be the future vision of how a Jedi should be. But right now they are untrained and untested.” Eyes narrowing “The training our Knight have is what? One year? Two years? By trainers which had only limited training themselves.”

A guard at the side stepped forward. “Some of them have up to three years sir and I do believe you are underestimating them. The reports say that Jedi Knight Alexander Harris has around one year only.”

Palleon looked down at the table. “Perhaps it’s my age. But I feel they are too young and it’s too soon. In the past a padawan learner could stay between 5 to 15 years with their Jedi master before they were ready to become Jedi Knights.”

He was quite for a moment. “Arrange a meeting between the Imperial Knights and our impressive Jedi knights.” Looking at a star chart he said “Now If I was a Skywalker, where would I go? Any there strange reports from inside the Deep core, anything?” He asked.
From the side a computer officer saluted. “Sir some ships have been lost near Vjun”

The room was silence. Vjun had a long dark link with Skywalker’s.
Palleon growled. “Send out five Imperial Knights with five guards. Inform them that dark side adepts or worse are in the area of Vjun and also that there are Jedi in the area, too.
Seeking the same enemies, they are allowed to form temporal alliance while trying to learn as much as possible.” Bast castle, the Home of Lord Vader was build on top of an old Sith fortress.

Later in the ship

Riley looked relaxed with his dark sunglasses on, nobody could see his eyes scouting after problems. “So did you find out anything?”
Xander “The Council is an oligarchy. Most of the Moff’s are elected by a group of trustees. The trustees are in their turns elected by the people.” He frowned. “But becoming a Moff is almost a lifetime appointment and there might be only some families were a moff could come from.”

Jaina “He asked about the people.” She huffed. Xander shrugged. “This is interesting. They have changed much. Yet the Republic reports them as un-organized dictatorship ruled by feuding warlords.”
Lowbacka nodded. If they had organized themselves great danger they could be.
Jaina nodded. “Well from what I see. They have abandoned the use of slaves. War criminals can still become enslaved in mines and also something about Yaga Drones.”

Lowbacka growled out something, typical imperial always enslaving innocent.
Chloe waved her data pad “I found it. A Yaga Drone is a sexual-neutral version of the insectoid species Yaga. Unless sold by the Yaga, most yaga drones are put down before they are 18 years old.”

There was silence.

Lowbacka held his nuts, as he growled out a question.
Chloe “Yes they are born without nuts.”
Anakin decided to change subject quickly “How are we going to Vjun?” He asked.
Xander “We take the long way out. Just to watch things. According to official sources I have a type: 2 hyperdrive. As we pass the area we take a detour. Force cloak down to the surface and return to our normal journey. I think we could get 16 hours play time on Vjun before we would be missed.”

They nodded.
Jaina “Alright, let’s get ready. Lift off time is early tomorrow and if we miss that, is becomes expensive.” She clapped her hand as the meeting was adjourned.

Later in the evening
Jaina awoke by the feeling that Xander was not in the bed. “Xander what are you doing?” she asked opening her eyes she could see that he was dressing up in his armor.
Xander swallowed. “If I said there’s a space-fly in the toilet would you believe me?” he asked.

Jaina just gave him the stare.
Xander: “Um. You see. Kyle told me about the government palace here. So, it’s just in and out really.”

Jaina slumped her head down on the pillow. “Do you need help?” she asked.
Xander “I rather would like you would stay here, if it goes wrong you and Lowbacka would all need to stand together to help me.”
She frowned “Me and Lowbacka? What about Anakin, my 14 year old brother?”
Xander “Would you believe I need his help cause there is a space-fly in the toilet?” He tried again.

This time Jaina roared in frustration as she tossed a pillow at her husband. “You asked HIM but not me?”
Xander shrugged. “He discovered what I was planning first” he said in a fearful voice.
Jaina finally calmed down. “Alright, are you sure he can cloak?” Xander nodded. “And no fighting gigantic space-flies, unless you have to use the toilet.” she said smiling a bit.


Dressed up in armor the two Jedi force cloaked and Force stealth their way thru town.
Anakin’s armor was disturbing familiar, black on black but with a mandalorian inspired helmet. He looked almost too much like his grandfather. To Xander happiness the young man was planning on putting more color in the armor.

And there it was the government palace.
It was huge, covering several city blocks. It was a place that never fell asleep.
The guards were constantly guarding every entrance.
Cloaking the two sneaked inside.

Corridor after corridor, the computer image they had copied on there data-pad had guided them to this place.
The Military HQ of the Imperial Remnant, computers banks and security checkpoints everywhere.

Sneaking inside a minor computer workplace, the two quickly downloaded whatever information they could about important things and trying to find the real reason they were here.
Sneaking away still under cloak, they found the second area they wanted into.

Grand Admiral Palleon’s personal shuttle, a shuttle which once belonged to Grand Admiral Thraw, the access code was too difficult for Xander skills, which was the reason he took Anakin with him.

The kid seemed to have a way to talk or understand to machines like nobody else.
He could see that sweat was dripping on Anakin then a push sound of air was heard as the entry hatch opened.
They went quickly inside and then they closed the door.

Anakin “X are you sure about this?” Xander shrugged. “If I was Thraw I would have done it and if I was Palleon I would have made use of it.”
Anakin nodded, as they walked around the ship. His eyes were the size of death-stars as he looked into the engine room, just as Xander had claimed “Sith spit.” He said.

Xander just grinned. “I start to remove it. You go to the cockpit and find out any information we need about it.”
Anakin rushed away.

In the main bedroom of the luxury shuttle Palleon rubbed his eyes, as he walked to the toilet. He was just having such a wonderful dream.
Removing the gizmo was harder than expected. But here it was.
Xander eyes glittered in glee. Take that Han Solo. Carrying that thing was not easy, but he tied it as a big heavy backpack using the force to compensate for the weight then he sneaked away.

Palleon scratched his jaw. Did he leave the engine room open or not? He was too tired for this, quickly walking over he closed the door and walked to his room.
Time to sleep he would have a hard day tomorrow.
In the Cockpit Xander watched as Anakin was removing part of the sensor system. “What are you doing?” he asked.
Anakin “They have a miniature crystal gravfield trap installed, a CGT.” Xander eyes lighted up.

Now that was smart. CGT detected physical mass. Gravity distortion it was the perfect sensor to use, to detect a cloaked ship and a real cloak was double blind device. Only a cloaked ship with a CGT could see outside the cloaking field.

Xander grinned. “Let’s steal it. After all Palleon will not need it. I have his cloak on my back” he said grinning like a fool. He did close the protective doors around the cloaking shield generator.
So unless he did a diagnostic check up on the ship nobody would know.
They just had to do the same in here. “Would it be possible to make the diagnostic computer unaware of what we removed?” Xander asked.
Anakin nodded “Already done” he said grinning.

Next morning
Filling the cargo had gone easy. Boxes with power Injector Sb-23, it was a great design to inject lots of pure energy inside the ion chamber of an ion engine and it was also used to improve transports ion engines speed.

The Enterprise class 9 used 10 RZ-5 power injectors. They could inject perhaps 70 % of what the Sb-23 could.
“Are you thinking on doing what I’m thinking?” He said to Lowbacka and Jaina both were looking at the SB-23 and drooling slightly.

Lowbacka nodded and roared out an agreement and opened a box looking at hundreds of Sb-23 sitting stacked side by side.
Xander frowned. “Well get your own wife then.” He said making both Jaina and Lowbacka laugh.

Lowbacka slapped Xander over the shoulder, as he growled out something about not interested in hairless apes.
Xander grinned. “Right, if we hook these up the right way, how fast do you think the Enterprise would be?”

Jaina: “It’s not that easy. One mistake and the ion engine could explode.” She reminded them and the faster they improved the engine to be, the more maintenances and repairs it need.

They just nodded in theory the Class 9 ion-engine could be improved to equal a Class 13. But it was unlikely that they could do it without destroying the engine.

“Right now I have it up to a class 10. If we use these we could reach, without too much problems a class 11.” Xander said.
The two were drooling at the idea. That would make her as fast as an Xj-wing or a TIE-Interceptor.

And of course Lando would love getting his hand on the Sb-23.
Jaina sighed. She would have to upgrade her Xj-wing.
Finally the time had come and they lifted off. Up into space and away.
Xander looked at Anakin, the kid looked a bit tired, but the two of them had pulled and all nighter. “Did you finish it?”

Anakin nodded. “Yeah, did you install the sensor?” he asked in return.
Xander nodded as he switched it on. Unlike most sensor arrays that needed a reflection disk or a focusing antenna. The CGT could be installed completely on the inside of a ship.
The million credits worth CGT were now installed behind the nav-computer.

The other watched how different spots appeared on the sensor screen. “Right, the gravity of the planet is jamming us a bit. But look at that” he said in awe. Even a micro sized CGT as theirs had am extreme long range compared to normal sensors. Even if the details were not good.

It could detect a cloaked ship the size of a TIE-Fighter. Not identify what it is, just tell how much it weighted and what size it is.
Jaina looked at them.

Lowbacka looked at them. Then they turned to each other and started to whisper.

Lowbacka grabbed Anakin in a hard grip around the shoulder.
Jaina grabbed Xander neck “Alright listen you two clowns. What did you do last night? Or no sex for a month”

Lowbacka growled that he knew how to rip of a human arm and he would do it friends or not, unless he was told.

Xander looked at Anakin he had all the luck just loosing an arm. “Alright, I’m going to tell. I was told about Thraw method of using cloaked weapons and I found out that Thraw used a shuttle. Knowing bad buys I guessed he would have and advanced shuttle. Then we found out about Palleon being the former right hand of Thraw.

I suspected that Thraw’s personal shuttle was in Palleon hands now.” He looked at them “Now you understand what I stole, right? You don’t?” He said in a surprised voice.
He sighed. “A CGT-Sensor, it makes using our new installed cloaking shield more effective.” It was obvious.

Jaina was perplexed; once again Xander had done it. Gone from A straight to Z without stopping by B and C, he felt it logical but it was not logical. She suspected it was a force talent of Xander, some form of precognition or something. She could see Lowbacka had made the same connection.

They silently wondered if Xander knew or still believed it was logical.
Down on the ground

Palleon morning routines’ had just started. According to diagnostic on his ship everything was good. But better check one time to much then one too late. “Right, inform the planet off their flight path and keep an eye out where they go.” It was time for him to inspect his flag ship.

Normally he used a normal shuttle and a pilot but this was the best shuttle in the galaxy. A class 10 Ion-Engine and a type 0.5 hyperdrive, it also had class 4 military shields and a working CGT and cloak shields that nobody knew about.

As he piloted the ship up he relaxed. The sensors showed nothing unusual. That was good. Normally he had the CGT turned off to stop others from finding out that he had one.

IF he had activated it he would have noticed that something was missing.

Out in space the Enterprise vanished on its way to vjun.
Riley, Rona and Chloe watched in stunned fascination as Lowbacka was dancing and holding in a mighty wookiee hug both Xander and Anakin. While Jaina was laughing her head off.

It sounded like the young wookiee was singing we are the champions.
End of Chapter 7

16 October 2008, 02:41 PM
Knight away. 8-0
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

“Acid rain, barren landscapes and hostile life forms, that and much more can you see on the planet Vjun. Tourists form a line” Xander said in amusement.
This was a piss poor place to visit. “What the hell were you thinking?” he jelled at the ghost of Anakin Skywalker.

The other stopped a moment as they turned and looked at Xander.
A strange bluish light could almost be seen near him by the non Jedi. Riley saw nothing but he could see the other looked at something he did not see.

The Jedi could see a transparent image that Xander was talking to.
Xander rolled his eyes. “I understand evil. But being evil has nothing to do with being stupid. Hell sure you was incased in a cybernetic survival suite, right. Remember cloning technology? Why did you not clone replacement part and operated in them into your body?”
The ghost of Anakin said something.

Xander froze. “o. He stopped you from doing that with mind control.” He saw the ghost nod. “How, you were stronger than him? No I get it he used your own anger as a path to control and manipulate you.” The ghost nodded and it looked like it wanted them to hurry up.
Xander sighed. “Right, Anakin the old one said we should hurry up, a bunch of darkside cultist is trying to see if there is anything possible to retrieve.”
Chloe “I see dead people.” She said in surprise.

Xander shrugged. “They are everywhere. Sometimes they arrive at night trying to teach me. It’s kind of cool” he said but they could not see his smile as his helm was on.

Anakin the younger: “Thanks grandpa” he said. Jaina “Yes thanks grandpa.” She said smiling. It kind of sucked visiting the live was difficult for the dead. It cost them energy that could take years before they recovered.

But Xander was different, any ghost he accepted seemed to have no problem to come by and say hello.
Riley shivered. Seeing death people?
Wait a moment dark side cultist?

It was luck they had landed behind the huge tower like Bast castle.
Xander was forced to move first as he had a guide. At the walls of the castle a hissing sound came from the cliffs and swamps around them.
Anakin Solo hissed in worry, he had been here before. He pulled up his lightsaber; a weapon which once belonged to Jedi Master Kenobi and found on Vjun. “Dark side dragons” He said as they crept forward. At the shoulder they were the size of a pony but twice as long.
Legs longer then a crocodile but its jaws were similar but wider at the base.

Rona lifted her penetrator and prepared to fire. Then she froze.
A paralyzing fear froze her. She could not fight or flee.
Beside her Chloe was having the same problem, but her more advance skill in the force gave her increased resistance. She shook of the feeling as she lifted her Model 44 blaster pistol.

Beside them Riley held the thunderer in one hand and the weak stun blaster in the other. “I need an extra thunderer.” He said as he aimed.
Jaina “Do you feel that?” Xander nodded “They use the force.”
Anakin “The Dark side dragons can use the force to paralyze and put fear in their prey. Willpower and strength in resisting the force or the dark side can block it” he said holding his blaster gun and lightsaber.
Xander “You don’t say.” He said removing his helmet. Opening himself up as he found the alpha.
The two started to look in each other’s eyes.

Around them the other dragons pulled back.
Rona swallowed she never has been so afraid before. It were two attacks, one that froze the muscle in her body, no it orders her to stay still and not run and the other attack made her afraid unable to focus. She gritted her teeth.

They watched as Xander walked up to the dragon petting it. It slowly crawled away to find less dangerous prey.
Anakin Solo “How did you do that?”
Beside them Anakin Skywalker wanted to know the same thing, so far only the darkside could tame a dragon by force and fear.

Xander “It’s all about communicating with the beast. Explain that you do not taste good or are too dangerous to eat.” He said shrugging. The dragon was an impressive beast. Perhaps Jaina would let him.
Jaina “No you will not get one as a pet” she said to make sure.

Xander nodded. “You are right. They are to big anyway.” They needed something the size of a cat or a dog.
Both Anakin live and dead kept silent about the fact that this planet also had darkside lizards, cat sized darkside dragons.
Slowly with Riley and Lowbacka leading they entered the castle.
Xander was guiding them inside.

As Darth Vader he had many trophies, which he had hanged on walls for others to see, treasure rooms that would impress and mislead others.

Deep inside he had a room even he seldom enter unless needed.
There he kept his private treasures. Some were of his marriage with Amidala others were artifacts. Weapons he found and was planning on using on Palpatine. Once he was sure he could win and become the new emperor, but Vader died and Anakin Skywalker was reborn again as they killed Palpatine.
Now the treasures were hidden and most of them should stay hidden forever.

With darksiders around Xander and the other Jedi used a bubble of Force cloak to render them all invisible.
They saw one of the darksiders minions, a soldier with armor. Not a standard stormtrooper that was sure. His body was augmented by sith alchemy to make him a better warrior, Xander reflected as they passed him. Thanks to the Force Guardians and Riley experience with black spice he too could have said that he had augmented warriors beside him.

They were there.
A big wall in a repair bay, old TIE-Fighters were hanging on the wall. Weapon parts even holo-graphical technical prints of star destroyers in Darth Vader’s own fleet, were seen projected in the air.
Jaina “Is this” she said. Anakin nodded “Our grandfather had our love and understanding of technology” he said.

Xander kept silent but told them “It was in here, where Vader was when he wanted solitude. He build, repaired or improved starships, weapons, armors and medical equipment using only repair droids as help. It was meditation, a way to escape the constant pain he was in.”
Riley listen “What did he do with the stuff he build?”
Xander “Most of the things he build, he just gave away and he repaired whatever he found interesting.
Most were the TIE-Fighters. Easy to access and he loved small ships.

The first time he flew in combat, he was a nine year old that accidentally started to auto-pilot on the star fighter he was hiding in.”
Chloe giggled “What happened?” she asked.
Xander “He managed to get in the winning shoot at the enemy command ship. But he said that at the time he had NO idea what he was doing. He tried to survive, not win the battle at Naboo. The place his future wife was once the queen of.”

They were silent for a moment thanks to Luke and R2 they knew now about Naboo and Amidala, but not much more. Xander had more time talking to the ghosts, especially Anakin Skywalker.
Xander lifted his cloak. He had to be visible to do this and walked up to a wall used to project images on. Focusing his anger, but not letting the dark side take over, he pushed his hand on the wall and sends a strong wish into it.

Suddenly the wall seemed to melt in front of them and a great door was seen.
“Wait here. Riley you are with me” he said and the two vanished.
Jaina swallowed as the door closed behind them. Inside were darkside objects that could corrupt even a Jedi.
Riley was almost immune. But Xander? Could he take it? Could they trust Anakin the dead also know as Lord Vader?
Inside the door

It was big corridor leading to nine rooms.
“Remember do not touch anything, unless I say so” Xander said as they walked by room after room.

It was Room 9 and 8 they were after. No other room would or should they enter. O but the power that he felt. He would be able to bring peace to a galaxy if he just entered and use what he found inside.
A hand on his shoulder surprised him “Hey you said room number 9 and 8 not five” Riley said.

Xander blinked as he looked were he was actually walking. “Right, sorry almost was tricked there” Riley nodded. He could understand that.
Room nine was different, it looked like a shrine. Pictures of a young beautiful woman were seen everywhere. Sometimes she stood side by side with a young man.

Xander “It’s his wife, Queen Amidala and also picture of his own mother. He felt Luke and Leia should know more about them. Could you help me, pack away the pictures and journals for them?”
Riley nodded as he helped Xander put things away in the boxes they carried.

It didn’t take long to empty that room. Anakin knew that in fit of rages he destroyed so much of what was once inside of that room. Sitting left behind in the room was a tiny crib he had build long ago for his babies Luke and Leia so sleep inside.

Room No 8 was different.
Inside he had artifacts belonging to the light side of the force.

Headbands belonging to the Miruluka, near-humans, that were born without eyes and used the force to see with.

Artifact from the Baran Do Master of using farseeing and meditations to a degree most Jedi are unable to learn. Most Baran Do are unable to learn telekinesis or external manipulation of the force. Thru masters of Baran do wait until the exact right moment before acting.

Finds man the Gand masters of the Hunt. A strange and bizarre religious cult of force user that focused only on the ability to find what they were seeking.
But he seen it himself the Finds man methods worked. A Jedi that managed to learn it would gain a great skill indeed.

The Matukai if the Baran Do focused on there senses. The Mutakai focused solid on channeling the force to improve their own body’s way of moving. By years of hard training a follower of the Mutakai path could out fight any normal Jedi or Sith as long as no external force powers were used.

A small scroll with Training description of the Zeison Sha order, the Zeison were firm believers in independence and self-reliance. They believed the Force were means to defend themselves and their family, but also to aid others, but never for greed. They were suspicious of the Jedi and feared or hated the sith.

He even had a scroll once belonging to Dai-Bendu order. A order that during the first great schism over 25 000 years ago broke them up into the Jedi, The Sith, and the pacifist Monks of Bendu.

Last and most interesting for the non-Jedi would be his collection belonging to the Antarian Rangers. They were a group of volunteer soldiers, a paramilitary group that decided they would aid the Jedi order.
Luke already had a small group of lose organized followers.
Some were heirs of the Antarian Rangers that were dedicated to help the Jedi. With the training manuals and description the Rangers cold once more join the Jedi and protect the galaxy.

Riley and Xander walked in, the treasure room was big and filled with books scrolls even lightsabers and other weapons.
“That are training lightsabers” he said in awe. The technology to build those had been lost and in here they have real training blades and the blueprints. A training lightsaber or a stun blade caused a burning feeling if you hit skin. No more than that. It could scrape away paint but not harm anything harder than that.

Yet the Training-Saber had an energy blade so strong you could parry a light-saber or blaster bolts with it.
The children in the Jedi temple used these to learn under the watch full eyes of Yoda and the Jedi Masters.
Riley nodded as he opened the empty boxes. “More to carry” He sighed.
This room took time to finish. But by the end they had emptied it completely.

A pyramid of boxes, twice their height was stored by the exit door.
Xander opened the door as he quickly floated the boxes out. “Let’s hurry up.” He said.
Each Jedi focused as they lifted and carried boxes and cloaked the whole group.
It took them two turns before they had stored it all on the Enterprise.
As they prepared to fly away it happened.

Anakin was the first to notice it. “Did you feel that?” he asked.
Xander and Jaina were next. “Yea it’s a battle.” He said.
Lowbacka growled out. –Someone is screaming for help, it’s a Jedi or a lightsider-
They all nodded.
“Chloe, Riley you follow Lowbacka to the fight. Me, Jaina, Anakin and Rona are taking the short cut.” He said pointing at the swoops.

Lowbacka growled out and agreement. They had only 3 Swoops and 4 Jedi if Anakin was counted. The star-slinger swoop could carry 1 passenger. The other swoops could not.
Xander just waved his hand, as the swoop lifted up its repulsor engine and activated the twin ion engines to warm up. He jumped in its seat, Rona was behind him.

Jaina “I have to buy one of those. We going to do that later” she said.
Xander nodded as he closed his eyes. Rona “Do you have to do that” she whined. Having a blind driver always spooked her.
Riley frowned “He really drives blind” he said. Jaina just sighed. “He is afraid of the speed” she said sitting down on her swoop.
With a roar like a hungry dinosaur at breakfast the 3 overpowered swoops drove away.
At the top landing platform they found the battle.

Nine darkside users against five lightsider, he was about to say Jedi. But they had red armor marked with the symbol of the empire.
But they were clearly outmatched.
The battle stopped as the swoops came to a full stop, right beside a fallen stormtrooper.

“A party? Why did nobody give us and invitation?” Xander said as he jumped of his swoop. “Rona blade and blaster, stay alive” he ordered the girl.
Activating his light-saber he prepared for combat.
But the darksiders just starred in awe.
“Lord Vader you, you are alive?” One shuddered in fear as he backed away.

Standing on the fallen statue of Lord Vader, partly hidden by the smoke from burning weapons and wearing his night black armor and cloak stood the now 15 year old Anakin Solo.
He looked like a younger Vader as he lighted his blade.

The magic was broken as they could see his helmet mirror the light back.
“Die Jedi” one of the Darksider minions screamed as he attacked with his blaster.

A rain of deadly ball bearings filled his body. Jaina lowered her hand after using her skill to turn the ball bearings into a deadly rain. “Like my husband said. Why did you not invite us?” she said activating her saber.

The darksider was dismayed first the five, now four Imperial-Knights badly trained but still in their way and then three Jedi.
Two of the young Jedi they knew, Anakin and Jaina, grandchildren of lord Vader, powerful and dangerous, regardless of how young they are.

The last Jedi they were not sure about and he looked at Rona. That girl was not a force user, but something was strange about her. She had a deep feeling in the force, powerful but not Jedi.
One of the darksiders looked at his minions “Take the girl. We take care of the Jedi” he said.

Rona swallowed as she focused her inner strength. She had the skill, the know-how and was four times as strong and fast as normal humans. A speed and strength she could double for short moments.
It was like a flash and Rona vanished. Only the Sith and the Jedi force powers made them sense her as she rushed towards the group of soldiers.
Her Penetrator fired as fast as she could pull the trigger. And her light-foil started to cut the moment she was in close combat.
Around the room the battle started again.

Xander waved his hand, lifting the broken off head of lord Vader’s statue and send it like a missile against the darkside devoted.
The darksider squealed as he parried the gigantic head of lord Vader but it was too late.
A squishy sound his broken body made was hidden by the crunching sound the statues head made.
The leader of the darksiders attacked Anakin only to end up facing Jaina. Xander dived in, light-dagger and lightsaber in his hands, as he parried two darksiders at the same time.

Dodge, stab parry, slash, cut, Force push, and the three danced around each other trying to find and advantage. Xander was in trouble.
Then the four Imperial knights stood up and joined the battle.
8 against 7 it was a fair fight. But the Imperial knights were hurt, drained in strength and could barely fight.
Xander noticed that, as one of the Imperial knights failed to parry a flying rock and was down.
The second to fall dodged a lightsaber attack but got burned on the back. But just as that the Imperial Knight fell down, to hurt to fight any longer.

Jaina parried the attack and used her force push to distract him as she came in close. She parried his lightsaber with her right hand while driving her left hand hard in the darksiders face, as he stumbled back she slashed hard, cleaving his head in half. Just as the second Imperial Knight fell down, she killed her fist opponent in this battle.

Xander was next. With a crippling attack he removed both legs and one arm in one motion. An old Jedi attack Obi one Kenobi had told him about. Anakin Skywalker said it was remarkable effective, especially if you used two blades. He spoke out off experience.
On the side Rona was fighting the minions. Beside her she had the Imperial Guards, strong and power full warriors.

In a shoot it out match, they manage to slowly turn the tide of combat on their side.
It was not over yet, but Rona and one of the troopers hurried over to the wounded Imperial knights. Close by she could see that they were not storm troopers the armor was in a different grey and the helmet had bigger eye holes in it. “Here, it’s Bactade. It speeds up your healing” she said handing the two fallen lightsiders her bacta cookie from her med pack.

Both looked curios but swallowed the candy sized cookie. It did not look like it tasted well. Just seconds later as the guardian carried them to protection he could see that both of them had more color in their face and the pain from the bleeding burn wounds seemed to be less powerful.
He grabbed the closes med-pack and started to work. Bactade, his med pack scanner approved the use.

As the guard finished off the treatment Rona was in the middle of combat again. Her penetrator fired deadly accurate blasts of plasma at the enemies and she constantly moved, dodged, jumped and changed positions.

Were ever the battle was going bad for her allies she arrived shooting or cutting her way with the light-foil.
In surprise she even managed to parry some blaster bolts with her light-foil.
She hated to kill sentient beings but the feeling she got from the darksiders was evil and disgusting.

And these guys felt inflicted or something.
Just as she considered that, one of the minions, augmented by the power of Sith alchemy, jumped down just behind Rona and grasped her arms.
The man was strong, easily four times the strength of a normal man, just as Rona was four times as strong as a normal girl.
But just as he had, she too had improved speed and strength. But she also had improved flexibility.

As the brute managed to knock out her weapons and smash her face in the wall, Rona shivered in pain as she felt her nose ache with pain. The brute held her stuck, both of her arms were trapped and he was bigger and had longer range then she did using only his arms.

“Grreaar” She growled out, as she twisted her body, kicking up her legs and bending herself double she caught the surprised mans neck between her own feet. His head was trapped just as she was trapped in his arms.
She started to twist as hard as she could.
In pain the man dropped her and Rona’s arms were free, she quickly fell down, swinging crazy from the brute’s neck, his arms now holding her feet stopping her from breaking his neck.

Rona had no plans on doing that, as she was swinging around she reached out with her arm and snatch the man’s own blaster pistol away from the belt were it was hanging the whole time.

The brute noticed that she had stolen the weapon, he had forgotten about and with one powerful heave he forced her feet to let his neck go.
As Rona fell to the floor she landed like a cat, the brute was moving fast now trying to attack her before she pulled the trigger.
He did but was faced with a super power kick that send him flying backwards.

Before he landed Rona was standing and shooting with full auto until the power pack was drained by the blasts she put in his body.
The brute was dead before his body had hit the ground. She quickly dropped his weapon and found her own.
The battle was not going that well. Six against five, the darksiders were slowly pushing them back.

Xander wondered where Lowbacka was or if he was taking the tourist path.
Using telekinesis and sending force pushes Jaina and Xander were moving the fight away from the wounded and from Rona who was having more luck with her side of the battle.

She even had help from a group of stormtroopers, which apparently served the Imperial knights.
“Xander I can’t keep this up” Anakin said. He was too young and not trained enough.
Xander swore as he pushed the darksider, with a force push, away from Anakin.
The young man was on his knees.

Xander was not happy they had gained no victory and where was. Then one of the darksiders head exploded from a blast of aT-6 –Thunderer heavy blaster pistol.
The cavalry had arrived.
Now they were five darksiders against six lightsiders. Lowbacka had joined the fight.

Jaina “Go and help Rona, Chloe. And thanks Riley for keeping her save” she said.
Riley nodded. He had managed to get one free shoot in. Moving cloaked he noticed that he was unable to attack enemies. That was the nature of the force cloak itself.

But the moment the cloak was no more he fired his gun. He loved his heavy blaster pistol the T-6 –Thunderer.
With 5 against 6 the tide of battle has turned. Anakin still needed to regain his strength.

Xander “So what are you. Sith? Dark Jedi? Or just idiots that lost their ways” He said to one of the darksider.
“We are Sith Marauders.” He said proudly.
Xander: “Huu? There you see, I learned something new today.” He let the light-dagger shift position from a high shoulder to low, pointing down at the floor between them.

The first position was greater against powerful strong attacks on your upper body and the second one was an all around defense position, one with no real strength, but also not any real weakness, except against powerful attacks as it relied more on speed and evasion.
The lightsaber he held in a reverse position, pointing almost behind him. Good for a quick fast defense not attack.

Jaina looked at him. Xander was giving the darksider a bait. Lowbacka waited, he knew what Xander was doing and waited for his turn.
“Marauders? What do you do? From what I can see your strength is weak. Your skill is low. So, I get it, you are errands boys.” He said and somehow managed to snap his fingers.

The Marauders all five of them growled in anger as they attacked.
As the leader attacked, lightning surrounded his lightsaber while he rushed Xander.
Xander let the light-dagger help, pushing the first powerful attack away as he rolled to the side and send the darksider past him and right at Jaina which was waiting.

One quick slash from the dodging Jaina and the darkside marauder’s body was cut in half. They had trained in team combat, unlike the darksiders.

Meanwhile Xander’s lightsaber suddenly parried the lightsaber attacking Lowbacka. The Wookiee wasted no time as he, with his left pawn grabbed the marauders arm holding the lightsaber.
Using his wookiee strength he lifted the darksider up in the air, lightsaber and all. The he started to swing him around like a rag doll or a big club.

Xander dived for protection as he joined the Imperial Knights fight.
He came up between the two darksiders and his light-dagger parried the enemy on the left and the lightsaber on the right side.
The two Imperial Knights were stunned and too tired to act as the two marauders pulled back.

Xander “Give up and live.” He said to the two darksiders.
They stared then used a combined and powerful Force push against them.
Xander was pushed hard parrying that attack.
But suddenly the pressure ended as Lowbacka used his marauder-club attacking the two remaining marauders.
Lowbacka’s club by now looked hurt. His right arm ripped off by pure wookiee strength and his left arm did not look much better. But it was still attached to his body.

Being slammed down like a club in the floor had been the end of him.
Lowbacka growled intimidating at the two left over. –Give up or die- he said.

The two raged as fear and anger filled them “DIE JEDI DIE” they screamed as they attacked. Force push and telekinesis made the room explode as everything was turned into a weapon.
Jaina parried using the force as Xander and Lowbacka attacked close and personal.

As Lowbacka’s lightsaber slashed one marauders arm, giving him burn marks, the darksider lost control completely and he screamed. It seemed like hours but was over in just a second.
The marauder had lost control and a force scream was pushed out form him, around him the air exploded with malice and hate. Dark shadow like lightning burned every one within a radius of 50 meter.
Close by it was like standing in the centum of a fire bomb.
Xander tumbled back and Jaina and Anakin moved. Each of them grabbed their friends with the force and moved both of them away from the centum of the explosion.

Using the force, to shield themselves from the wave of energy, they crashed down behind a pillar.
After the explosion a large crater was where the darksider sat on his knees.
Empty eyes, he looked more death then alive at the moment. His own Force scream had burned him out. It would take days before he would recover, if he recovered.
With burned fur Lowbacka was happy that he had armor over large parts of his body.

The two Imperial Knights were hurt but alive.
Closes to the centum was the other darkside marauder, of him only a skeleton remained.

“What happened?” One of the knights asked in awe and confusion.
Xander: “Force scream, it’s not a darkside skill it’s a darkside mistake.” He explained. “When a darksider goes to deep in the darkside and gets hurt they sometimes lose control.
They completely explode with everything they have.”

He said walking up to the marauder, tapping him on the head with his finger. “Days, weeks or months, some darksiders never survive it or lose their ability to use the force permanent. It’s a power that darksiders always try NOT to use, as it uses them not the other way around. The worse is that Force scream is more deadly for other darksiders then those who are using the lightside.”

He finished looking at the bony remains of a darksider that had stood further away from the centum of the explosion then he.
The marauder just sat down moving back and forth like he was listening to music. Like Cancer that was the nature of the darkside.
Jaina poked her foot in the leftover of the other darksider. “So what now?” she said.

Lowbacka growled –I want to know who these guys are-
Xander nodded “Lets see if there is more battle left out there. Then we can talk” he said to the Imperial knights.

16 October 2008, 02:45 PM
Knight away. 8-1
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

Setting up camp the two groups exchanged food as a sign of peace.
They said they were Imperial knights, a light side organization that believed in order and co-operation on a galactic scale.
Xander nodded at that. Jaina frowned “And you believe the empire is the future light?” she asked.
Lowbacka growled irritated.

Xander shrugged. “Perhaps not, perhaps it is. But the Empire could become part of the future. That I believe in. The republic was swallowed up by greed to fast. The Jedi order needs to start from the beginning.

25 000 years ago the first constitution of the republic was formed. Yet the Republic according to history books was truly formed only 10 000 years ago after the 1000 years of darkness” He said as he ate.
The 1000 years of darkness was a period the Republic had been taken over by a religious sect that outlawed Jedi or force user? Many Jedi died fighting the fanatical President of the Republic. In the end freedom had returned.

Ynnes, one of the female Imperial Knights frowned “What that’s history” she said.

Xander nodded “Yes but did you not listen? It took 25 millenniums to form the first republic. The whole time it was guarded by Jedi to stop it from falling over by corruption. Then 4000-5000 years ago the big sith war happened and the Sith moved into the open again and it was ending in the Jedi civil war.

The Jedi order was formed in a more focused form then, to stop the risk of a returning of the Sith and to keep their knights under control. 2000 years ago the Sith did return, the big war that ended in many dead.
From that point the Jedi Order tightens its grip and started to control who could and who would become a Jedi. Training started the moment they could walk and Jedi could no longer get married. Some did violate the directive or had dispensed. Like the Correlian Jedi.”

He looked at them. This was one thing the ghosts and he had talked about. “The number of Jedi shrank and corruption grew out of control. In the end Palpatine just had to push.”
Helak Antilles frowned “So too create order in the galaxy you have to start slow?” he guessed.

Xander nodded “Yes. This is a start. But Jedi have to cooperate with other lightside organizations and they have to work with us. Control and complete order is an illusion. There are too many species to ever completely unite. Compromises like the Republic are a good solution.
Start with a small group, joined together with Jedi and Imperial Knights protecting them and let it grow by itself.” He grinned “The trouble is finding who the Heirs of the Republic are.”

The two groups were silent. Eating as they contemplated what Xander had said. It did make sense.
The Imperial knights could not give the Jedi the coordinates to their home base, but they did give away a contact so they could talk to them.
But they both knew that there were two sides of a future war and they could be forced to fight each other.

Xander “Right what should we do with the darkside coma guy and Mr. stumpy?” He said about the last surviving marauders. Stumpy was the one that had one arm, both legs and one arm was missing after Xander tried a deadly attack.
One of the Imperial Knights: “We can take care of them” he said.
Xander frowned then nodded. “I am not sure. But he might be permanent force blind after that explosion.”

The most experienced of the knights nodded, he believed so too. But you never knew, he could have his power suddenly return.
As they walked away Xander cloaked them and made them vanish from sight leaving the Imperial knight that followed them surprised.
Later in the ship
Decloaking on a far distance to Vjun the Enterprise rocked into hyperspace.

Chloe was on a sugar rush. The battle was awful but yet she felt it was the right thing to do. Protect others.
She had the power and with great power comes great responsibility. Like the comic spider-man said. “Jaina, Xander” she said looking as cute as possible. “Can I join the Jedi order? I. I have powers. Not like a Jedi but I do have powers.” She said.

Xander nodded Chloe’s talent in precognition gave her the tool she needed to learn lightsaber combat.

Rona showed no signs of that. “We have to talk to Luke about that. But why not create your own order? Any great traditions have to start somewhere.” He said smirking. “This way you guardians could be helping the Jedi, like the Watchers helped the Slayer” he picked one of the boxes open “This is a book about the Antarian Rangers, normal humans that stood side by side with the Jedi for hundreds of years. It might give you an idea.”
Chloe nodded as she picked up the book.

Xander waited as she exited the room. “We found real training lightsabers, unless you or Lowbacka have a protest, I’m going to start teaching the two of them lightsaber combat.
“I’m sure Chloe can learn it, Rona would take more time and Amanda as well.” She was super strong and fast and had the paranormal talent of a brick wall.

Jaina shrugged. Lowbacka nodded his agreement.
Xander smiled, they would start the training with sensitivity as they journeyed thru the deep core.
Two weeks later outside the Deep Core.

It had been an illuminating journey for them. The Remnant had not been that evil to begin with, even if they still considered Luke to be evil and hated him and Leia. They were not truly darkside anymore.
Lowbacka had to agree that it could be possible to form an alliance with them, but only if the Imperial knights helped to make it solid.

They landed at the meeting point at Ruusan and the Valley of the Jedi.
It was Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors, followed by Amanda which meet them at the landing platform.
Xander and Jaina hugged their master. It seemed that the old fighter was just as happy to see them.

Amanda talked vividly to the other girls about her training.
As they walked to see Luke, Xander and Jaina kept close to Kyle. “Why here?” he asked.
Kyle: “It’s a good way out of the way from everything and I took Amanda into the force nexus.”
Xander “What happened?” he asked.

Kyle shrugged. “Her ability to sense the force seems to have improved somewhat. She is still unable to use it for external manipulation.” He frowned. “And what she can do or not seemed to be limited. It’s like she is hardwired to do only a small but impressive number of skills, some better than others. If you like go there and take Chloe and Rona into the nexus and see what happens.” He shrugged looked at them “Luke has been calling the Jedi in for a meeting.

All of the Masters are going to give a vote about where the Jedi are going in the future.” He looked at them. “There is a schism among the Jedi. Some like to recreate the Republic. Others want the Jedi to keep out of politics.”
Jaina “Where is the vote going?” she asked.
Kyle “So far most of them are following Luke. But the question is, who will be the heir of the republic?”

He sighed. “That will be a different meeting.” He looked at them “Following your idea with Worf trading we have send ships inside the Deep Core to see what the Imps are doing. It looks like they have potential.” He frowned remembering that Xander had hinted about something like that before.


Jaina was away petting her X-wing finally they were re-united.
Xander was meditating, the future was moving fast in front of his eyes, potential alternate paths, too much to grasp.

The time of choice was coming closer and closer. The champion was not Luke. He could see that it would in the end hang on the shoulders of Corran Horn or Kyle Katarn to make the right choice. To convince the other Jedi masters in a battle of words.

On their vote the future would hang the difference between a millennium of strife and war or a decade or less. Before peace and stability would return inside a new baby republic that would slowly start to grow.

“I wonder if I should tell them or not” he said describing the situation for his friend R3. He did not know if it was the conviction of Corran that would lead to a war of destruction or if it was Kyle’s iron hard belief that would doom them to a millennium of war.

The droid considered the situation before shaking his body negative. Xander nodded “I agree. Let them sort it out.” He had no idea what the correct answer would be.
But he knew the two Jedi masters would face of in a combat of words. One idea would lead to a millennium of war and the other to eventually peace.

He shrugged. Even if things went wrong, the future was not set in stone. You could change it sometimes, with the greatest difficulties but it could be done.
Nothing he could do right now from what he understood. Now it was up to them.

The next day at lunch

Xander tried not to look too much at the two Force Masters. They had spent the morning inside the force nexus feeling a new level of clearness in the force.
Chloe and Rona also felt it, but not the same way.

Xander was convinced as he called them Force Guardians that the two of them would never be able to use the force as he could. But they had ability skills hardwired in their bodies. The Slayers ability to dream of future had become an ability of precognition seeing the future.

The slayers ability to sense demons had become and ability to sense force users and evil force users. They seemed to like lightsiders being around them and helping them. In theory an evil Force guardian could be attracted to darksiders.

The slayers heighten sense of vision and hearing had transformed in the ability to enhance their senses.

It was all there in some way. The Force guardians were stronger then the Jedi. In other ways they were weaker.
The last thing he had discovered as the other Jedi masters arrived,

(Jedi masters = Luke first and his most successfully students) is that the Jedi had discovered or been pulled towards other potentials. They had now nineteen girls all from Earth and all of them potential Force guardians. They had even found a former Watcher. Robin Wood his own mother had been a slayer.
Somehow Luke “the evil asshole” had forced him to arrange training and coordination for those girls.

He had a long argument with Luke about that. In the end they had come to some agreements. How the situation should be handled.
It had taken a long time to convince Luke about the Guardians. He somehow was convinced they were a dark-side problem waiting to happen.
Perhaps Master Skywalker had been too stressed lately, not being able to see the thru nature of the girls.

Xander was not stupid he knew that here he was the expert, especially on how the Slayer had changed in this new universe and now he would be a teacher.

Entering the room, in the old temple ruin they had made as base, he was surprised seeing the whole pack of 22 former potential slayers. (19+ Chloe, Rona and Amanda) the youngest was only 12 and the oldest 24.
Robin Wood was there but he had more or less demanded his presence.

What surprised him was that most of Slayer Squadron was also there, former members of Rouge and Wraith that defected from the republic and that was not all. About twenty Jedi from student to Knights were also there, sometimes sitting near a Force Guardian.
“Alright, this is more than I expected” he said.

Right how to start? He waved his hand causing a nearby chair to fly to him. “Is there anybody who needs to know my credentials?” He saw a hand of arms rising, mostly from the force guardians. “Alright, is there anybody here that does not know where these young talented girls come from? Raise your hands.” He saw once again the forest of hands.

Right this was one tuff audience. “Let’s start from the beginning.” He said putting his hand on a crystal.
A huge picture was seen of an artifact used by a Hutt. “This was a transdimensional gate old as time itself. A greedy Hutt used it to plunder our world Earth.” He showed them pictures of the mighty angel and demon asking him a normal human to save earth.

“Every time it was activated Earth risked destruction. It is now destroyed. I made sure of that.” He looked around “If you liked to return home, forget it. Earth surviving is more important. We will survive.”
There was silence, the mighty Images he projected could be imagined, but they all felt the illusion were memory, his memory.

Xander sighed “That was where the slayer came from, now my credentials.” He said as a picture of him, fighting side by side with Buffy, Kendra and even Angel against vampires. He showed how he and Angel had fought side by side to save a drown Buffy.

“I know Slayers. I have been fighting side by side with them since I was fifteen. The only guy in here that knows more is Robin Wood. Stand up Robin and come forth” he said.
Robin swallowed and walked up to Xander. “I’m going to hurt you for this” he whispered.

Xander just shrugged. “The last credentials I have are Chloe, Rona and Amanda. Do come forth.”
The three girls walked forward waving their hands.

Xander “Right that’s that. I have been using the force trying to learn as much as I can about how they work. I know this. I might be wrong but not likely. The power of the Force in this reality has changed the potential slayers. You are no longer potentials or slayers. You are guardians of the force.”

He looked around. “All of you girls have been pulled together with a Jedi by the force. How do you feel about the Jedi you have met? How do you feel about darksiders?”

He studied them. “Let me try to explain your own feelings, about Jedi and lightsiders you feel protective.
Like the force user is a light that you wanted to guard, protect and help.
Around darksiders you feel disgusted even angered by the foul nature they have.

If any one of you feel if am wrong do protest.” One girl looked angry “You speak like we have no choice.” She said angry.
Xander shrugged. “You do have a choice. All you feel is a need to protect. The lightside could just as well be our own family against criminals. It does not need to be a Jedi.” The girl huffed and sat down.

Others looked fascinated or intrigued.

Xander nodded “And that’s why I call you girls Force Guardians. I suspect that Guardians that turned to evil could be attracted to darksiders.”
He looked around “Any questions?”
One of the pilots raised his hand “What ability do the Force guardians have?” he asked.

Xander smiled “Amanda. Could you lift the chair and me without dropping me?” Amanda nodded as she lifted the chair up in one hand.
Xander grinned as he stood up on the chair. “Each of the Guardians has improved strength, speed and flexibility compared to normal humans. You can put me down now, careful and thanks for the lift.”

He looked at the crowd. “But they also have an internal use of the force. Some precognition skills”
He said throwing a stone against Chloe that dodged. “And a ability to heal wounds faster and they also learn physical skills faster than normal humans.”

He walked over to the three girls “Each of the guardians has different strengths. But what one guardian can do, other Guardians can learn how to do” He gave Amanda’s shoulder a one hand hug.

“Amanda over here is, I believe, around 6 times faster and stronger then a normal girl her size. During training she and the other Guardians have proven that they can double their normal physical ability. Amanda’s power when she does that is incredible. Her special ability is strength and she even heals faster. But her ability of precognition is weak.”

He walked over to Chloe “Chloe on the other hand seems to be only double the normal strength of a girl her size, but her ability of precognition is great and she even can learn to use a lightsaber. Equal that of a Jedi. But the rest? Her physical strength and flexibility is low for a Guardian.”

Some Jedi looked upset that he had taught a non-Jedi lightsabers. “Listen I’m a knight and I had the support of Jedi Knight Lowbacka and Jedi Knight Jaina Organa Solo.” He saw Jacen and Tenel-ka wave their hands. “And I also had it of Jedi Knight Jacen Organa Solo and Tenel-Ka of the Hapes Consortium in teaching them to use a lightsaber.” That ended the protest.

Xander “But as I said. Chloe’s level of precognition is not the norm. It’s her talent.” He walked over to Rona. “She has four times the strength a normal girl her size have.
Her special skills seemed to be learning. Show her a move, be it martial arts or dancing and she masters it. In other areas she seems to be average for a Guardian. Another discovery is that the stronger or well trained a Guardian becomes the stronger her resistance against mind control becomes.”

Xander turned towards the room “Now give the girls applause, as they sit down. The idea of forcing the training on any of you girls feels wrong. But we can offer the training and when it’s finished we can offer you a position to help and be helped side by side with us Jedi knights.

He looked around. “I talked with Luke which is possible why there are so many people in here that’s male.
The position as a Guardian of the Force is something you have to be born to do.

But the position as a force ranger is something anybody can do and that’s where you normal come in. The Jedi and the Guardians need normal beings, pilots, guards and Force rangers who are willing to help support both Jedi and Guardians as equals.”

Seeing some unsure looks he said. “Han Solo, not force sensitive. Lando Calrissian, not force sensitive. Being force sensitive sometimes blinds us and most of us sacrificed too much time learning only Jedi skills.”

“So Luke with the others has decided to recreate the Antarian Rangers, a Jedi support group and for now we call them Force rangers.
Any one of you, who wants to be part of this please think about it and then come to me.” He said cursing Luke. “But for now most of what I’m going to do is start showing the Force Guardians how to learn their powers, as there are so many of you, you will have help of my lovely wife, Jaina, Lowbacka, Chloe, Rona and Amanda.” He looked at Robin “You will come with me. I think I have a line of work for you” he said smiling. He would let Robin listen in on his journals about training the girls. They were recorded 3D by R3.

17 October 2008, 01:19 PM
Knight away. 8-2
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

A Week later in the evening
He was brilliant. “Robin Wood you are a genius” Xander said and it was not the first time either.

The former watcher had soon catalogued every important information and with the droids help created a simple but brilliant training manual.
With ideas taken from Robin’s own experience as a watcher it was brilliant.

Copying this and giving one copy to Luke, the rest spread out to the different Jedi knights that had found and saved the Force Guardians.
He would trick the others to do his work for him.

Talking with volunteers to become Force rangers he soon recruited competent personal, former officers to arrange things. After all it was a Jedi support organization. Not an organization ruled by Jedi and they needed somebody in charge that knew what they were doing.

The Antarian Rangers manual literally made most of the work.

Including the Force guardians into the Jedi order or the rangers would be a different question. They belonged in both camps.

Luke made it simple, as the other Jedi master question the girls place. They would be considered equal to a Jedi Knight but serve with the Rangers.

In the future an older Guardian would also serve as a Master Guardian on the Jedi council. It would help keep them connected to the Guardians.
Xander organization was approved by Luke. The foresight to let people, that knew what they were doing, help them was also a trait of a true Jedi.

Xander nodded. “It was a test right?” he asked Luke.
The older man nodded, indeed it was. “Yes. Yes it was. You have barely begun your journey as a Jedi but you are a Knight already. Your knowledge in the force is larger than mine was at your age.”
He looked at Xander “You have much to learn, much strength to gain and experience to find.

But because of the Force Guardians we the other Jedi Master had a talk about you. Thanks to your experience not just with the Guardians we have voted to accepted you as a Jedi Master.”

Xander: “What???????? I. I. I can’t be that. I’m to young, to inexperienced and”

Luke nodded “That you are. But you also have inside information about the Force guardians that none of us has. They trust you more than any other Jedi and the Guardians need a voice that can speak in their interest among the Jedi masters.” He smiled “I believe, if it comes between those girls and us Jedi. You would protect them.”

Xander was silent, he always protected his girls. “But my skills and powers I”
Luke shrugged. “They are growing faster than of any other young Jedi knight. Your lessons with the dead, is a source of experience and knowledge that’s incredible. Tell me, do they still visit you during dreams and meditation and do you meditate every day?” he asked.

Xander nodded. “I do, one or two hours. Sometimes only fifteen minutes and yes they visit me in my dreams. Anakin said it’s my disgust of the darkside and dedication to the light that is shielding me from darkside spirits.”

Luke nodded. “The rank Jedi Master is traditional the second highest rank a Jedi can get, the highest is being grand master or part of the council. Right now we do not have a real permanent Jedi council, but we are creating a new Jedi council.

Don’t worry we are not going to repeat the mistakes of the past. I’m sure we are smart enough to make complete new ones” Luke said with a smile before he continued.

“To be a master the requirements are exceptional devotion and skill in the force. Before the clone wars, one of the tests of a Jedi Master was training another Jedi. In your case the training of two Force guardians”

He looked at Xander “Most became Jedi master at the same time there first Padawans became a Jedi Knight.” He explained. “The second test was to understand complex situations and finding a solution to them.

Something you have done many times and by co-creating Worf trading you gave us a good source of information. Among other things our argument or discussion about the Guardian situation solved many problems.

I was on purpose more difficult then I normally would be. Just to test you I acted like I was worried that the girls were drawn to the darkside of the force and your arguments were good.

Especially the one about that an evil minded Guardian would BE drawn to darksiders. You also gave me some important ideas to think about.” Luke Skywalker said.

R2 had recorded the whole argument and the other Masters had watched it and had been impressed. They have also monitored his lessons and the way he taught.

Xander “You tricked me. I was beginning to believe your wife kissed you to deep and sucked you brains out.” He said.

Luke smiled a bit. “I hope Jade did not hear that or she might try. On other hand, I do hope she heard it and is willing to try” he said making Xander laugh.

The two married man walked side by side.
Luke “So do you accepted the title as a Master.” He asked.

Xander frowned “On conditions. First I feel that I am too young. I need more experience before I can truly call myself a Master. So I should limit myself to areas of my expertise until I reach a greater understanding of myself and the force and feel I am able to fully be a Jedi Master. That’s the first condition is that acceptable?”

Luke nodded “You are going to make some of the other masters extremely happy. They wanted that condition to be forced upon you.” He said smiling. “We accept. What is the second one?” he asked.

Xander “This is a dousy. The Jedi order has many times faced destruction, most of the times it was because the order has been too centralized. First Ossus and then Coruscant. I know that you are planning on recreating the Jedi Order and the Jedi council. What I wish is, that you and the other master’s talk about this idea. I have meditated over it. See if it would work or not. That’s all”

Luke “Not going to ask us to just accept it, just meditate over it?” he asked.
Xander: “Yes. The idea is this. Two separate main temples on different planets. Both under the same councils command.
At last a hidden Jedi library is created were copies of every scroll or computer file is stored.”
He said. “This is a work that would take generations. But what do you think of my idea?”

Luke nodded “We are going to meditate over this. It’s different but useful.” he slowly walked away then turned “Expect us to summon you early tomorrow, we have lots to talk about” he said before he vanished.

Xander’s idea could work. They had planed on returning to older arcane methods with Jedi master creating their own Jedi academy for force sensitive seeking education and one main temple were strangers could come from far away to seek training. That way the number of Jedi would grow faster and the order would become stronger.

But two main temples would work even better, especially if you combined that with the Jedi Academy controlled by a master trusted by the council and put up on different planets.

Xander “Wonder what Jaina is going to say”
A Short moment later
“YOU ARE WHAT?” screamed Jaina in shock.
Xander smiled he suspected she would say that.

Next day

The meeting was long and boring but they got lot of things done. From the more boring things like Jedi appearance, how a proper Jedi should dress during formal meetings or diplomatic functions.

He could see the use of that.
To a talk about Jedi armor and re-create and spread the knowledge the Jensaarai had and then a vote which would earn a place for the Jensaarai on the future Jedi Council. That had been Xander’s idea, which he asked them about as they were talking about armor.

Surprising most were intrigued and approved. That way the Jensaarai would be closer allied if they accepted.

Xander was about to scream in irritation but with that done they changed into more important areas.

Six hours later, the new Jedi order was created. Lead by the council of Jedi masters.
For most of those details Xander was silent, as the talk came about his ideas he explained himself and why he felt it would be in the orders best interest to spread out not put all the eggs in one basket.

The Jedi Masters nodded as they meditated on the question. Most were for the idea as it would help teach more Jedi.

Half the Council would consist of masters from both temples.
The library idea was splendid but not practical in theory.
The pure size of the information the Jedi had collected would fill a planet.
Even now rebuilding with generation of information stolen or destroyed they had so much it would take a life time to read.
But they did agree that smaller Jedi knowledge outpost could be combined with Jedi Academies.

That way trusted Jedi masters could keep important knowledge safe.
It was time to take up some information that was his specialty.

“I have some information and a suggested solution I need to talk about. The Force Guardians are not Jedi that is clear.
But they can learn some limited number of Force skills, among that is Lightsaber combat. Not to the level of skill a Jedi is able to, but so good that they can parry blaster bolts.” He could see the other masters listening.

Xander “I got permission to teach and give some of my students lightsabers, but even I feel that it’s not the correct tool for them. In the fortress of Vjun I was guided to a treasure of old lightside tools and knowledge. Some came from now extinct Lightside force user.”

He lifted a gauntlet from his back pack “This is a Killian Ranger Shield gauntlet. It uses a powerful generator that creates a shield that’s around a 30 cm in radius.” He puts the gauntlet on his hand, activated it and a round transparent shield of 32 cm in radius was formed.

“This shield is able to parry, not reflect blaster bolts. It even works against lightsabers. The technology is similar to a lightsaber but not as focused or strong.” He deactivated the shield. “Why don’t you all check it out” he said handing it over to the closes Jedi.

“The force guardian’s precognitive ability is not as effective as a Jedi. Their ability to parry with a lightsaber is also not as good.”

Tionne frowned as she tested the gauntlet. “I am sorry, but is it just me or does it not have the same deep feeling in the force that a lightsaber has?”

Xander “It’s not just you. The shield gauntlets are more difficult to imbue with the force then a lightsaber is, but a Force guardian is unable to imbued objects with the force. So the gauntlets are a perfect tool for them.”

He could see the Jedi nodding around the table.

Xander: “I’m already having Wood and the others helping the Guardians learning about the shields. As Luke said it was my duty to train and help them.

But I feet, it would be better if I got your blessing to let gifted Guardians to also use a lightsaber without protests coming from Jedi that feel it’s a Jedi only tool.”

A short vote and it was accepted as most believed the Guardians would fancy the shield above the tricky and difficult to master lightsaber. Obvious they did not know the love of shiny cutting object slayers or Guardians had build in them.

Xander was bored again. If this was what Jedi Masters did he rather be a student again.
“It seems like our young master is falling asleep” Dorsk 82 said from the other side. He was himself one of the younger beings in this council and was highly amused.

Xander sighed. “Na not asleep, I’m listening but honestly I feel like I have little or no real input in this.” He shrugged. “The only thing I feel should be covered is where are those incredible temples and the majestic academies going to be? The Jedi order needs a sponsor to have a real Jedi temple and once we have that, we have tied our future together with them.”

He looked at the other Jedi. “That’s something you guys have to talk about, from what I sense that has already happened. Am I right?” he asked.

Luke nodded “You are indeed right. We have talked about opening discussion with the Hapes, Mon-Calamari and the Corelians. So far the Hapes and the Mon-calamari are welcoming us. The Corelians are voting about it now, but we expect them to welcome us.” He looked at Corran Horn.

Corran Horn nodded. “The Jedi are rather popular on Correlia. It’s more a formality then anything other”

Kyle “You forgot about something” he said. “We were arguing about opening discussion about alliance with the Empire Remnant. What is your opinion about that?”

Xander swallowed. “O. I think it’s a good idea. Right now they are weary of the darkside and stand on the balance between light and dark. If we are careful we can turn them to our side and gain a powerful ally at the same time. Short explanation, I’m for it.” He said.

They nodded.

Luke “That was what our order agreed on also. We are opening discussion with them as of now. But we are going to keep an eye out in case something happens” The arguments between Corran Horn against and Kyle for was one that would be legendary.
They all felt the decision to open dialogue was momentous.

Xander nodded. “Before I once again fall victim to sleep, I would like to take up one thing with the council.”
They all nodded and told him to speak up.

Xander “A concept: The Jedi word of honor”
He could see confusion about that.

Xander explained. “There are two types of beings you never should trust. Liars and those that every one claims speak only the truth.” The

Jedi masters blinked in confusion. Others smiled nodding their head.
Luke smile warms the room “Because a person that never lies, will always be believed when he does tell a lie.”

Luke had noticed that most of the more advanced Jedi often tried not to lie, as their own skill in sensing and detecting lies became more advanced they often stopped lying. Knowing how easy it was to detect a lie, they prefer to twist the truth instead.

Xander snapped his finger “Exactly. I would like that information or training be instructed to all Jedi masters to begin with, then slowly help the younger understand that truth is a shield and a weapon if used correctly at the right time.

Jedi masters like you guys should be able to use the truth to mislead if needed and avoid answering a question if no half truth exists. There by nursing the feeling of trust between civilian and the Jedi order.” He frowned there was one more thing.

“Unless anybody has suggested this, one of the Jedi temples should be near the core worlds the other further away, perhaps in the outer rim.
I suggest we ask the Hapes if we could put a Jedi Temple there. The second temple I believe should be further away from the core worlds.

Perhaps the Minos cluster, they have some worlds I have seen that are empty and ready to move in. Alternative Tatooine but that would put us in trouble with the Hutt nations.”

Luke “Motion is heard, one temple near the core worlds and the other in the outer rim. Against and for?” The Jedi Masters seemed to sink in meditation then one by one they voted, some against other for the idea.
It became like he suggested. It was logical
Even If no temple would be built in Minos he would build an academy there.

Another Jedi suggested they would look around in the three main groups they had allied themselves with.
Mon-calamari, Hapes and Corellia (Pending on the vote) in all those areas of space Jedi were now recognized as protectors and guardians of peace and order.

Now they just have to make the three groups join together in an alliance.
How they would create a republic from them was the question.

“Federation.” Xander said suddenly. They looked at him “The republic took 25 000 years to create. Stop thinking you can re-create over night. Start with trying to create a federation of independent star nations which joins together for joint protection and alliance.”

Kyle grinned, the kid was smart. “The Federation would essentially leave room to become a new republic in time. Correct?” He asked.

Xander nodded, thank you Star Trek. “Exactly and it’s easier to lure them into a Federation of independent star-nations. They trick the rulers to give up their own laws and right of self rule.”
They started too argue about the idea. But once again he said the right thing. It was a new and fresh idea that could bring stability to the galaxy.

As they started to talk about how to make that happen, Xander relaxed and let the other guys talk.
He picked up his data-pad and spend some time drawing a funny comic were all the Jedi Masters were in a cantina trying to get a malfunctioning bartender droid to serve them the correct drink.
He grinned that was fun.

Sitting in the opposite corner Jedi Master K’Kruhk, an old huge whippid Jedi that survived Vader’s Jedi purge mostly because he was left for dead twice, saw that the young Master was writing something on his data-pad and seeing that it was connected to the room’s computer, he quickly entered his own and tried to connect it to Xander.

Laughter started to spread as Master K’Kruhk attempt was more successful then he planned.
In gigantic 3D holo Image the cartoon was suddenly projected in the room. With a tiny text image send by K’kruhk.

Xander was trying to crawl down a non existing hole.
Kam Solust smiled once he finished laughing “Well if you like to go and have a drink just say so.” He said giggling at the cartoon image of a drunken Corran Horn trying to fly a music machine like it was a X-wing.

K’Kruhk laughed silently. “I am sorry. Fellow Masters. My only mistake was to sneak a peak of young Master Xander work of art. But I do hope he will give us more words of wisdom and cartoons.” His smile was large enough to hide a four year old inside.

Xander blushed “Sorry.” he said in tiny voice.
Kyle raised his head he had been laughing so hard. “Just so you know. Not even drunk would I mistake a bottle of whiskey for my gun.”

Eelysa, one of the female Jedi Masters which often argued against Luke Skywalker, had become a close friend with Mara Jade Skywalker and also one that Luke himself often asked for advice, he did not always agreed or acted on the advice but he listen. She original had been against a young man like Xander, but now…

They could need some more life like him.
She frowned perhaps in the future younger Jedi would have to serve time among the masters to function as a fountain of ideas and inspirations.

She looked at the other masters and spoke in a clear voice “With age came experience and wisdom. But youth has creativity and endless energy to test new ideas.” They all blinked.

“I suggest that in the future at least one young Jedi Knight is made an honorary master. Serve as a link to the young members of our order. He or she is not permanent or a voting member.

But to any idea he or she may give are the other members are supposed to listen to. Wisdom comes with age and experience, but also the danger of becoming trapped by tradition. It would also serve as a reward and help teach the younger extra talented Jedi how the order works.”

There was silence as they voted. Her idea was strange but even Luke agreed. Something must be wrong with her idea. She frowned. No it was perfect.

Perhaps even Luke –I’m blind- Skywalker could see that. She looked at the caricature of herself dancing on a table swinging her lightsaber around declaring herself to be the dancing queen.

Eelysa nodded. “Indeed you are right. I was the Dance queen twice as a teen, Xander.” She said grinning. She was not that much older than Xander himself. Not that he knew about that.

She started to learn at the age of 12 and managed to learn everything Luke and Mara could tech her. By the age of 14 she was declared Jedi Knight against what Luke considered a wise choice.
And now at 21 she was and experienced Jedi master.

19 October 2008, 11:58 AM
Knight away. 8-3
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

Later much later

A tired Xander walked out and was almost rundown by a walking mountain.

In his path stood a huge lizard Barabell, it was a female barabell. Her black armored body glittering under the Jedi robes as she looked down on the human that almost collided with her.

A surprising female voice was coming from the mountain of armor “I’m sorry. Are you a Jedi Knight? I’m Saba Sebatyne” she said the voice sounded like it would come from a tiny human not a huge mountain.

Xander “um. I’m Jedi Knight Xander Harris Solo, Miss Saba Sebatyne. I was just surprised and did not expect to see anybody here” He said. Trying to remember what he heard about Barabells. Right, don’t shoot the barabell they only get angry.

They combined great strength and had the ability to take damage without dying. With a natural armor that made most missiles weapon useless and even energy weapons had difficulties to penetrate it.
Its natural bony armor had weak points, but not many.

She giggled. Again Xander wondered were that voice came from. It was wrong on such a big creature.
“I see you have met my apprentice” Eelysa said.
Xander: “She is your student?”

Eelysa nodded as she petted Saba on the back. The Barabell was almost twice her size. “Yes a bit young but she is a smart girl.”
“Master you are flattening me” Saba said.
Xander: “Um.”

Eelysa grinned: “So Saba how long have you known Jedi Master Alexander Harris Solo, also known as Xander?”
Saba twisted around and looked at him with stars in her eyes. “You are master? That is so hard.”

Xander blinked it is. What is hard? O she, it was like saying cool or hyper. He hoped. “Um thanks. Ladies I have a wife that asked me to return so I have to go”

Eelysa grinned as he vanished “Keep an eye out after that young man Saba. He brings change were ever he goes and he is one of the fastest improving Jedi we know about. He has a special gift, which let’s ghosts of dead Jedi talk to him and whisper their secret knowledge to him”

Saba looked at Eelysa with awe. “Is that true?” she said seeing her master nodding she could only say one thing. “Rock hard.” It said it all.
Xander was moving as fast as possible with luck he would be free. Free to go home to Jaina.

No the evil overlord blocked his way.

“Hi master Luke, could we talk and walk? I am in a hurry.” Xander said trying not to draw lightsaber and attack.

Luke: “Of course. I sense you are upset over something?” he asked.
Xander “Naa. Me upset, just because the world seems to conspire to keep me away from Jaina? Perhaps I should fight the evil that’s blocking my path” He said glaring at Luke.

Luke actually smiled “Well murdering her favorite Uncle could create difficulties in your marriage.” He defended himself. Xander snorted “They would never find your body” he said.

Luke smiled “That’s the attitude. By the way, do you really feel that Rona is getting the best training from you or perhaps it would be wise to show her an alternate path she could use to improve her skills?”
Xander stopped walking. “Why?”

Luke “It’s just. She seems to know her own limits and how to overcome problem she has. I feel that perhaps another Guardian posted on your ship would be more effective.

Alternative I have a Jedi in need of a master. She would do well under your teaching. If not that poor Jedi student is without guidance.”
Xander slapped his head in the wall. “You are evil. Evil I say.” He smashed his head. No that did not work Luke was still there. “Evil” He sighed. “I talk to Jaina and Rona later. What more?”

Luke: “O nothing. Feet week is coming up. Family dinner and that sort of things, it’s also Life day, so Han and Chewbacca would like you, Lowbacka and especially Jaina there.”

Xander frowned. Luke used galactic week standard which was 5 days.
Practical called Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5.
Feet week was next week. This was day 2. So 7 days.
No problem, then Feet week, which was the first five days of the New Year, a festival week.

Most of the civilized galaxy celebrated Feet week and most work places worked only half days. During the three festival days most places are closed.

No wonder Jaina had been stockpiling food. Everything good would be gone from the store.
The three festival days were at the end of feet week.
Remembrance Day was day 3.
People’s day was day 4.
Labor Day was day 5.
Xander “Life day come after Peoples day right?” he said.
Luke nodded, right. People’s day was equal to a huge happy birthday to us.

Life day was a wookiee holiday that somehow infected huge areas of the galaxy. It was celebrated once every 3 years.
And it was celebration of life, friends and those that have died.
What more did he need to remember? “I feel like there is something more I should know” he said.

Luke nodded “Wookiee’s from the whole galaxy are coming home to celebrate life day. If you want to be there, be there in time. Move fast” he explained. Life day and the Peoples day are at the same time for the first time in over 400 years. It would be big.

Xander: “Right. What about the Jedi runt?”
Luke handed him a memory stick. “Find one in here” he said before leaving with a smile.

Reading the information on his trusty data-pad/light-dagger hide out Xander had only one thing he wanted to say. There was only one name and a long explanation why. “I’m too young for this ××××” he said as he walked back to their quarters.

It was quite a crowed that waited for him.
Jaina, Jacen, Anakin, Lowbacka, Rona, Chloe, Amanda, Riley, Graham, Han Solo, Leia Organa Solo, Chewbacca, Mara Jade Skywalker and Luke –i am evil- Skywalker.
Xander frowned: “How did you come here before me?” he said in a suspicious voice to Luke.

Luke just looked at him and said with a sage like voice. “A Jedi master never tells. Learn well young master.”
Xander looked at Jaina and begged “Honey can I kill your uncle? Please?”

She hesitated a moment before. “NO absolutely not. What are we to do with his body?” she said trying not to laugh.
Han grinned “Don’t worry they never find his body.” He said earning a smack form his wife.

End of Chapter 8

20 October 2008, 03:46 AM
Knight away. 9-0
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

The greater speed you wish to gain in hyperspace, the more difficult it is.
The ships hyperdrive must be fine tune and create a streamlined field around the ship that pushed thru time and space without tearing the ship in tiny parts.

Part of the hyperdrive can do that. But the nav-computer also has to help. The further down you get from an x2 the difficulty double and quadruple for each step you take.

X0.5 like the Falcon combines a fine tuned hyperdrive that is linked with the ships shape and form by an expert. To create a strong hyper-shield around it with just the right profile.

But part of the work is done by the nav-computer adapting the hyper-shield to the currents in hyperspace.
The Falcons nav computer must have been build and programmed by a genius.

The hyperdrive alone would never be able to make the Falcon survive a x0.5 speed without the constant input and help from the Nav-computer.

Xander had realized that. He had a 0.75 hyperdrive and he needed a new nav-computer. Problem was he had the best he could find thanks to Lando. More advanced existed. But none so advanced they could make a ship survive x0.5 speed.
“Were the hell did he get that nav-computer. Or the program inside it that lets him drive that fast” Xander said.

Lowbacka growled angry beside them.
Jaina looked down from the tech analyze. “I believe and old outlaw tech has built it for him. He was a genius in hyper space theory.”
Xander sighed. A genius, well we have a Cloak Han does not have. Take that you old smuggler.

The Enterprise was stock filled as usual.
Jaina, Lowbacka and Anakin was his normal crew. But he had the feeling that Leia and Han wanted their youngest child back home again. Also Jacen and Samy had joined them for the short journey.

Chloe was there and Rona had accepted training as a ranger. She wanted to be a real Force guardian and eventually work side by side with a Jedi. At least she would have Amanda nearby.

Xander had built her a lightsaber it had a synth crystal with a blue blade. Rona finally had started to be able to parry, using only her precognition instincts. She had taken to use the shield gauntlet with much more speed and ease then the lightsaber.

Chloe was much faster in learning how to use the paranormal parts of lightsaber combat.

Amanda was just beginning to sense attacks in advance. The ESP was just not her thing. But she did get some training in Wookiee style combat.
She was perhaps the only human strong enough to actually use it.

To her the Shield-Gauntlet was just what the doctor ordered. With it and a bit of luck she could parry blaster bolts.
Seeing Amanda throwing a wookiee around the training room was a sight to behold.

The way the Guardians could double their strength was similar to a Jedi using Force to enhance an attribute, but the guardians did it automatically. While for a Jedi it was a difficult skill to learn and you always risked hurting your own body if you made one mistake.

Seeing and helping the other Force guardians train was an eye opener.
Rona strength of 4 times the normal did seem to be the standard strength.

There had had been a girl whose talent was at long distant weapons. With any form of throwing weapon, missile weapon or even a blaster she was deadly. She never missed unless somebody parried.

Then one girl did spook him, she was able to channel the ghost of a Jedi knight. And for a short moment use any skill, even skills using force power the ghost knew when it was alive, as if it was her own skill.
Of course with her own strength in the force not the ghost’s strength.
Anakin Skywalker and the other dead Jedi ghosts had said from what he saw that the girl was difficult to control or take over for a spirit but not impossible.

He advised her to form a co-operation with a force ghost and work with that ghost only. That way she would have a second shield against evil ghosts.

He hoped that she listens.
Then he had a padawan or a Jedi learner. Luke must have a sense of humor, an evil sense of humor.

With her role as an ambassador and diplomat at the Republic over and gone Princess Leia Organa Solo also known as Mother in law, planed to focus more on her career as a Jedi knight.

But she refused to let her name carry her reputation or her career as a Jedi Knight. She wanted to learn like every Jedi did from a master.
They were rather short on Jedi Masters.

Luke said that Leia had some advanced skills in battle meditation, but her other Jedi skills were below standard. So all he had to do was bring her up to speed to where she should be or as close as he cold.


Leia listened and was silent before agreeing besides she would spend more time with her daughter and son which always was a good thing.
But with Leia came her body guards.
Guards that Leia tried and tried again to get rid off, but the Noghri, small and grey skinned they moved so silent they made cats sounds like drums, Cakhmaim and Meewalh looked at Xander like they were judging him. So far they were not sure they liked what they saw.
The Enterprise had landed in a forest outside the city of Shesharile.
Jaina followed him while the rest of the gang took time to shop for food. Feet week was coming and everyone was stockpiling food for parties. It was tradition.

They were here for one thing and one thing only, to buy a star-slinger swoop.
Later again

Side by side the two over powered swoops hanged from the wall. Xander’s was black and silver chrome, Jaina’s had hers in black with gold chrome.

Leather seats out of real nerf skins. It was cheap, easy to get and made good leather. Actually nerf leather looked better than the more expensive Rancor leather.
Like Xander she had a place to hang a rifle and put her lightsaber away in.

Leia did not say anything, but she did not look approving.
Xander smiled “Is there anything wrong Leia?”
Leia “I told you, call me mom. It’s the swoops they are extremely dangerous to drive.”

Xander nodded “I know they are dangerous to drive, but they are also effective and less sensitive to planetary disruption. They are also easy to carry in a small ship.” He finished off.
Then frowned: “And I try to call you mom. But it’s hard so just work with me.” He said. Once they lifted of the lightsaber training of hell would begin.

Leia nodded “That’s true I recon. So when are we going to start real lightsaber training?” So far only the Cadance, a strange destroy ball bearing exercise and empty a bottle of air was the only training they had given her.

Xander smiled “The Cadance is an advanced training in control of your lightsaber. I myself am on the second Cadance.”

Jaina “Luke tried the Cadance after Kyle showed it to him. It took Uncle Luke a month before he was on the fourth. But Luke is a master.”


Leia did not really know what to say, the Enterprise was a unique ship with a special young man as its captain.

Each of the kids, for that is what they were, was more skilled then most twice their age and Xander was driving them forward. Egging them on, supporting them and inspiring them to improve. She too felt affected and she would improve.

Her husband asked her to spy on whatever modifications Xander had made. Han was helping and competing with Xander. The Falcons incredible speed and ability to pretend to be another ship was one of its many talents.

The Enterprise did it from a different method. It used stealth and also faked identities, but it was much easier to detect the real identity to a ship that was as obvious rebuild as much as the Enterprise was. Even when using a fake identity.

The Falcon still looked like a real beat up old YT-1300 should do, except the 2 quad laser cannons and most old YT-1300 had improved weapons.

Quad-Laser cannons were a favorite among smugglers and traders, sure not that many had HEAVY Quad laser cannons, but somehow Han made those cannons look like medium sized laser cannons.

The Enterprise looked like a warship and it behaved like one, the Falcon did not look like a warship but it behaved like one in battle.
As she mused about the two ships Xander entered the cargo hold. “Right let’s see your moves mom” he said.

Leia nodded as she turned her lightsaber on. “Bring it on boy” she said.
On the side her children were watching, it was humiliating. Luke said she was good but Xander kicked her butt.

Jaina shook her head. “Mom, five years ago you were twice as good. What happened?”

Leia “I have not used the lightsaber in four years. Not even training. You know I have always put my work as a diplomat first. Even before my family sometimes. The Jedi things, that’s Luke. I just dabbled in it.” She blushed that was a shame of hers.
Somehow the need of the galaxy always came in the way of her family’s need.

Lowbacka roared out a protest. She was good just not focused.

Xander nodded “You are right Lowy, Leia, you are not focused right and the style you use feels wrong for you. Luke is bigger build and stronger then you are. Yet you use the same style of fighting as he does.

I think we will go thru the lightsaber combat style with you and see if we can find one that fits.” Kam Solust would be greater at this then he was. Some of the styles he abused, whenever he tried to use them.

Jacen nodded “One with speed and grace I think” he said.
Xander nodded “Right let’s see how you’re Form 1 Shii-Cho is.”

Leia blinked, nobody really gave her the name of the forms they taught her.

Xander hanged his head. “Let me show you.” He said as he began moving and talking. “Shii-Cho is slow and predictable.
But it’s an effective form against multiple opponents and a good form to fall back on, if your current style is not effective. Shii-Cho could save your neck” Leia’s eye lighted up in recognizance.
It was the basic stand, she knew them. But she never knew that much about the form.

Xander changed from lightsaber to a light-foil with a crocked hilt. “This is Form 2: Makashi a form of fencing stabbing and slashing more than cutting. Foot work is essential, you move in and out or away during your attack. Balance is what Makashi is based on, dodging more then parry.”

Leia looked at how he moved, it was elegant.
Yet she could see some hesitations now and then.
Like he was pretending not really doing the form or like it was an unnatural way for him to fight.

Xander “Makashi is an effective form and an elegant way of fighting. The user has to be precise, calm and confident, almost to the point of arrogance.
A true master in Makashi always knows that he/she will be the winner.

It does have a weakness, it’s difficult to block blaster fire with it and against multiple enemies using lightsaber it’s less effective. It’s also weak against powerful strong lightsaber using enemies.
This form Leia is one I believe could work for you. It might be a wee bit difficult for me to teach you, as the style feels wrong for me.” He even blushed.

Leia smiled he was a good boy. Her Son-in law was so cute, if he only had been her real son.
Xander shifted into a more pulled back form, feet in balance knee slightly bend “Right, Form 3 Soresu. Defense and control, it was created to fight blasters.

It’s good in any form of self defense, but it demands focus form the user. Its weakness is that its created more to ensure that you survive a battle, not that you are the winner.”
Leia watched how he moved the stands. Somehow she had the image that he was moving in a circle or standing inside a ring.
Xander “The key is to focus you battle around a circle of defense, the Soresu shield.” He finished.

Leia “How many forms are there?” She asked.
Xander “There are 6 accepted forms that I can show you and that a Jedi must learn the basics in. Then 11 accepted free forms.”
Leia “Six forms” she asked with incredibility in her tone.
Xander nodded “They complement each other. Most of the forms improve your fighting ability in one area of combat but sacrifice some of your strength in another area.

Most Jedi learn the basic of them all then find their favorite and keep improving on that. Most also learn some of the free forms. Don’t worry, once you got the basic of them in you, we can try to see what you really like.”
Leia nodded “So what do you like?”
Jaina grinned. “Xander is special.” She said.

Xander: “Like my wife said, first my favorite is Jar’Kai one of the free forms. It’s a sub form of Niman were you use two light-blades, one to support the other.
It’s extremely hard to master and most Jedi use only one blade. That’s all they need. But if you do master Jar’Kai you can have a strong offense at the same time as you have a strong defense.”
Form 6: Niman. The Niman balances all elements of combat. It’s a combination. It’s however a weak form. The other forms help boost the wielders ability in one area, while leaving him vulnerable in others. Niman is balanced in all situations. It has no special weakness and no special strengths.

Form 5 is Shien Djem so. It’s a form that takes advantage of strength and power. It is the opposite of the Makashi. It’s good against weaker enemies like one using Makashi or against a group of enemies, but against one skilled enemy, which knows the secret weakness of Shien Djem, he or she can easily take advantage of them. Luke is a master of Shien Djem so.

Form 3, Soresu. I told you about that one.
A Double-bladed form and also one of the free forms, double-bladed forms favor strong and fast users. It demands lots of space for movement. If faced against a darksider using a double bladed lightsaber, move inside a corridor.

Shien unorthodox free form related to Shien Djem so: In this you have to hold you blade in a reverse grip. Like a large dagger with the blade pointing backwards alongside your body. The strikes are made long and sweeping. You sacrifice control for space. It’s especially useful against enemies that do not have lightsabers.

If Shien is used in combination with Jar’Kai by having a second blade in your free hand, it’s a deadly combination. But difficult to use if you have allies in the area.” He grinned against large numbers of enemies it was perfect and using his dagger in a reverse grip he could use it near friends and allies.

Leia swallowed. “Right, Jaina what forms do you use?” She asked.
Jaina grinned. “Me? I like form 1: Shii-Cho during training or to meditate. During combat I start with Form 6 Niman.

If I have to I use Form 2: Makashi, it fits me. I’m fast, small and have a good balance and I also use Soresu Form 3 to protect myself against blaster attacks. Soresu is my favorite and I’m really good at Soresu.”
Leia nodded and turned to Jacen. “And you son?” she asked.

Jacen: “Form 6. Niman until I understand my enemy then Form 4. Ataru, it’s an aggressive style that used force assisted acrobatics. I also learn Soresu form 3 Sith spit its good against blaster weapons. Xander may not admit it, but he borrowed moves from Ataru.”

Leia “Watch your tone young man, so Niman and Ataru?” She turned to Lowbacka. The wookiee held up his fingers as he growled out the answer. Form 3 and 4, with Form 6 that’s he currently learning.

Xander “The best part of the six forms is that you can actually use them unarmed. You do not need the lightsaber unless blaster weapons are involved.” He looked at Lowbacka. “Let’s rumble.” He said.
Lowbacka grinned as he roared out a wookiee battle scream. Then he attacked Wookiee style.

Xander stood ready in Soresu position. The two fought aggressively. Leia could see Xander switch to a new form and Jacen whispered “Its Ataru. It’s good in unarmed combat then to Niman. “

At the end Xander was black and blue and Lowbacka looked like had fun. But he did keep up with the Wookiee in unarmed combat.
Cakhmaim and Meewalh, the two Noghri bodyguards watched with more and more approval.

Xander flexed his arms. “Right, Leia we are going to get you in battle shape and skills and then we are going to see that you get a real armor. Now something more… right the tiny grey guys.” He said turning to the two Noghri.
“Hey you two are elite bodyguards right?” They blinked. “You believe it’s your duty to help keep Leia and the house of Solo alive right?”

They nodded. Xander smiled “Perfect. I have training lightsabers. They are supposed to be impossible to kill somebody with. You two are going to protect Leia by helping her get better. All of us are me especially.
But you also will help all of us, including Leia, to improve our unarmed combat skills. In return I’m going to teach you how to fight an enemy which is using a lightsaber against you.”

Cakhmaim and Meewalh looked at each other and thought about the deal. Train to fight against a Jedi was a good idea, especially as the darkside existed. “It’s a deal” one of them said.

Xander grinned. “Sweet, let’s see what you can do. Just remember this is just a test” He said. Picking up a training blade and demonstrating it.
The Noghri felt the blade burn but it made no real damage on the skin.

Xander turned to Leia “Let’s pretend that I’m Dark Lord Asshole and I’m attacking Leia.” he said and jumped the training blade aiming at Leia.
Puff. Was heard as a blaster bolt hit Xander and he Xander fell down unconscious.

Cakhmaim putt his blaster gun away. “What?? I put it on stun only he will be fine. Beside Dark Lord Asshole was so focused on us attacking in close combat that he forgot about long range.”
Jaina, seeing that Xander was fine just sleeping with a bruised ego, could not help her from giggling.

Meewalh “Your husband is a good warrior young daughter of Lady Vader. We would be happy to teach and learn from him.”
By now Leia and the rest were laughing.
On the floor Xander started to twitch and return to consciousness. “What happened?” he asked.

Meewalh “Dark Lord Asshole was too focused on close combat. He had forgotten about blaster weapons. In a real combat it would not be on stun” The Noghri was impressed, the young man was skilled and had the right instincts. He just needed to learn not to under estimate his enemies.
He would never call them tiny grey guys again.

Xander: “Huu? Now I remember.” He must have looked like a fool.
Well they would train more it was still two days to Kashyyyk, home of the Wookiee.

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Knight away. 9-1
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong


Kashyyyk homeworld of the Wookiee, there is a saying that you never have seen a forest until you saw the forest of Kashyyyk. Xander agreed on that.
The second saying was that you never have seen a tree until you saw a Wrohyr tree.

Xander really agreed on that. The Wrohyr tree with over 1000 different varieties had adapted to live on the planet from pole to pole. The smaller Wrohyr trees reached a size up to 300-400 meters, but in the temperate regions they reached sizes of 2000-4000 meter. 2-4 Km.

Huge cities and spaceports were supported between the gigantic trees. A single branch would form a natural road you could drive trucks on, many trucks going in different directions.

Xander felt over whelmed by the size and the pure strength of the forest. It was bubbling of life, pouring out and demanding strength from any one daring to walk below the highest branches.

Kashyyyk ecology was known as a layered deathtrap. Highest up were the smaller less dangerous animals.
The Wookiee said there were seven levels of environment with slightly different ecology.

The higher up the less dangerous it was. The Wookiee lived on the top. Xander had hard time seeing a wookiee as something tiny and defenseless.

But Lowbacka confirmed it. Forth level was the place young wookiee had to journey to prove there adulthood. It was extremely dangerous. Wild Katarns hunted the place.

The ground level was known as the shadow lands or as a death trap and for some reason there was a gathering of fur-balls when they landed.

The family
Han Solo who hugged his wife and started to talk to her.
Luke and Mara with baby Ben who was in a flying baby chair beside them.

Mahraccor Lowbacka’s father, a skilled worker at the computer factory, Kallabow sister of Chewbacca also a computer worker and Sirrakuk Lowbacka’s younger sister.

The moment she saw Lowbacka she attacked him with a bone crushing hug. She directly started to growl out question about the Enterprise and its speed, its weapons and if she could fly it.

Xander heard and understood one word.
Chewbacca and his family were also there. Falcon traveling directly gave it the chance to come first.

Attichitcuk Chewbacca and Mahraccor father, Chewie’s wife Mallatobuck and Lumpawaroo Chewbacca’s son.

Lowbacka growled out a question wondering why the whole clan was there. He was a Jedi knight and an adult. Surely he could have escorted them home and Mallatobuck and his mother Mahraccor could have waited at home and prepare a barbequed Trakkrrrn or a Wasaka-Berry pudding. They could eat it directly.

Aunt Mallatobuck smiled as she growled out that he was always thinking with his stomach.

Mahraccor growled out that the reason all of them came was because he was a Jedi. And it’s both life day and peoples day. It was the first time in 400 years that it happened on the same day. Lowbacka blinked he had forgotten about that. Feet week had not begun yet.

It was still day 4 on the week before Feet week. Tomorrow would be the last day of the New Year.

Then the week long celebration would start and day 4 of feet week was life day and people’s day.

Life day was celebrated ones every three years. It’s a big wookiee celebration. Both people’s day and life day celebrate life and family and with feet week he had forgotten.
He growled out a question. Mahraccor nodded as she petted her nice on the shoulder. Mahraccor hugged him.

It had happened, they knew, all of them knew now that he was a Jedi knight.

A wookiee Jedi is rare, extremely rare. In over a millennium there had only be 4 Jedi wookiee and he was one of them.
In other words he was famous over the whole planet. Every wookiee in the galaxy would know who he was.

As they walked out he could see a holo graphic picture projecting pictures shifting between different famous wookiee that had returned home to celebrate this coming Life Day/Peoples day after a long journey away. Suddenly it changed and was showing his face.
Xander blinked “You famous?” he said in wonder.

Sirrakuk, Lowbacka’ younger sister, growled as she slammed her paw into Xander’s shoulder:
–Of course he is. Lowbacka is the greatest Jedi in the galaxy. So there-

Lowbacka wanted to hide, as he explained that was Alexander Harris Solo. Jedi Master Xander
Sirrakuk swallowed as she roared out a silent question or statement.
–But he is your age right?-

Xander “It was because I had special knowledge in a area most Jedi have no knowledge about.”

Sirrakuk nodded, it was then that she noticed it. “You understand shyiiwook?” She growled out.

Xander answered in basic “Only if you talk slow.”
Leia sighed she never managed to learn what was said in wookiee or shyiiwook.

Jaina did not really understand but thanks to team training she found a way to extend her understanding using the force as a translator.
It worked well, as long as Lowbacka did the same thing.

Outside were Wookiee tourist and the rumors made them run. Lowbacka the Jedi knight was here.

Soon the whole clan was needed just to create a safe zone.
Later in the Chewie clan house at the city of Rwookrrorro
Attichitcuk explained that it was not their real home.

As they would have too many guests they had hired this place. But it was close and they could easily visit their real house.

Cakhmaim and Meewalh the two Noghri body guards created a safe zone were they patrolled around the building.

As luck was Wookiee believed in privacy of a home. Only when on public places would they pester Lowbacka.

Later next morning
It was early in the morning when Lowbacka awoke the rest of his family. This was something they needed to see.
Even Han joined them.

Out on the big wooden terrace stood Xander with a blast helmet in his hand, with Jaina’s and Leia’s help he had set the steel ball bearings all 2700 and each of the 72 wax cylinders. At different heights and distances from each other.
Some of the ball bearings were on the floor others on top of the wax cylinders.

Xander took a deep breath this was second try this morning. He put the helmet on and the world turned dark. He ignored the watchers.

This practice was difficult if not impossible to do in the cramped location of his ship.

Both lightsabers activated with a hiss. Attichitcuk turned to his son “Chewbacka what it the young Jedi doing?” he growled out.

Chewbacka shrugged. But Lowbacka answered. “It’s a lightsaber combat exercise, one of control. He has to strike the steel ball bearings without hurting the cylinders. 2700 ball bearings 72 cylinder surrounding them and all in one continues move”

It was silent for a moment then Sirrakuk growled “That’s not possible.” She said looking for confirmation from her big brother. Lowbacka looked down “Its possible just watch.”

Then Xander was gone in one move he started to dance, spin around, jump and constantly striking from two directions at the same time. Not once could he slip up and make an uncontrolled move and just as he started to move he stopped.
The smell of burned steel filled the balcony a moment before the wind removed it and brining more fresh air.
The two Noghri watched in fascination.

Xander removed his helmet. “How many Jaina I got it to 2400 balls before I missed.”

Jaina nodded. “The same” She said with pride. Xander’s skill in this was moving faster than hers. It was not really a combat exercise. All the cadence did was making you able to control you saber better.
Strike with increased precision and it made master combat method easier.
Xander sighed. “2100 or 2500, I just cannot seem to move over that limit yet.” He said.

Han Solo turned to Luke “Can you do that” he asked. Luke nodded. “Yes. That was the second Cadence. The third Cadence is what a Jedi lightsaber master should be able to do.

Forth Cadence is what most Jedi lightsaber masters might be able to do. Fifth Cadence is the mark of a true master of lightsaber combat.”

Luke looked at Han. “Using two lightsabers as Xander does makes this exercise harder. As it is about control not multiple cuts. If you hurt one of the cylinder or miss one ball bearings the practice is over. Start from the beginning”

Indeed. He himself could do this using one lightsaber, but with two? Not likely, to difficult to keep both under control at the same time.
The wookiee were silent.

Lowbacka growled out to his sister “That’s why he is a Jedi master and I am a Jedi.”

The two Noghri nodded, wise words.

Xander with help of Jaina and Leia soon had the balcony set up for the first cadence and Leia started to train.
Han and Xander sat beside each other and watched her moves in the first cadence.

Jaina was sitting on the floor doing a telekinesis practice, using a hollow hemisphere the size of a salads-bowl. Inside was one marble-sized ball, the type school children often played with. Inside the hemisphere the ball was rolling around and around even balancing on the lip of the hemisphere. Jaina was sweating this was difficult as the flat surface made the hemisphere wanting to move. She had to hold it still with the force while rolling the ball.

Chloe wanted to murder Xander. Why? Because he managed to convince the Noghri to help him train her and they agreed.

They were small, about her size perhaps a bit smaller but not much. They were stronger then a normal human, around her strength. But she was faster. The Noghri ignored that the skill they had made her look like an amateur.

But they liked training her, even if she did not learn physical moves as fast as Rona did. She still mastered physical combat faster than a normal human.
That was something the grey assholes approved of. “I really hate Xander right now” she whined.

The Noghri nodded. “When you are in combat life or death you will remember and change your mind” it said.
Chloe nodded. “I know. But right now” the Noghri grinned “You are wondering were to hide his body.” it said remembering his time in training.

Both of the Noghri liked Chloe, she was a fighter yet she acted more like a child. Rona on the other hand deeply impressed them. The girl was learning faster then the two could teach her. Combined with her speed and strength it was scary.

Xander had watched Leia a bit as she tried the first Cadence twice and had not yet mastered it. But she was on her way that was good. “Let’s go over the forms.” He said gripping his own lightsaber.
He knew what she needed. “Leia, after Feet Week you are going to build a new lightsaber. That one is not right for you.

You have outgrown it. Meditate on that and try to imagine how it really should look like. But now go over form five again.”
Leia sighed “Slave master” she said.

An hour later as Xander and Jaina walked inside to shower and then take a tour into the town.
Han helped escort a tired princess to rest. “How was it honey?” He asked her.
Leia: “He is a slave driver, but good. What he cannot do himself, he finds a way to let teach others instead.”

Luke coming up behind them nodded. “I know this is something master Xander should say. If he has not said it, I think your lightsaber is wrong. You have your”

Leia waved her hand “My son-in-law mentioned that. After Feet week, until then he wants me to meditate and imagine how it really should look.”

Luke smiled as he walked away. The kid was good.

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Knight away. 9-2
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

And so it came, the first day of the feed week.
Markets and carnivals filled the town.
You could buy something, everywhere.

Xander was surprised over the variety of things you could find, computer and droids of all sorts, especially translator units were common. From easy to carry like M-TD to big like C3-P0, from repulsor to ion engines, wood craft and weapons.

But as it was a market most of it was food, candy and gifts of all kind for the civilians and jewelry. Xander mention it to Leia, twice before she understood. “Jewelry, perhaps you should look if they have anything.” Seeing her blank face he said: “You are supposed to build a new lightsaber correct?”

Now she got it and pulled poor Han Solo away, followed by her Noghri body guards.
Jaina “Let’s get some candy.” she said and pulled Xander away.
Eating candy while watching young wookiee testing their strength against each other was a fun thing to see, a 5-6 year old Wookiee child had the strength of an adult human. They were smaller, about the same size as a 7-8 year old human child but stronger and seeing the young wookiee run around jumping and playing among the branches truly showed how strong they were.

“Look” Xander said as they watched a pair of younger teenagers, older then Lowbacka but younger then Lumpawaroo who was around 26 years old.
Considering that an average lifespan of a Wookiee is around 600 years, Lumpawaroo was considered a young man not really ready to settle down yet. A wookiee normally marry somebody after he has been alive 50 year or more.

Chewbacca the father of Lumpawaroo was around 220 years old himself.
These teens were just children like many considered Lowbacka to be, a child Jedi. Powerful and famous but still a child.
Lumpawaroo was a young adult and kept a close eye on his cousins who were, thanks to an honor depth, the whole Skywalker and Solo family.

Jaina and Xander were a bit young.
Seeing the teens coming closer to the two humans, that so far seemed to be unaware of them, Lumpawaroo could hear from their voices that they were planning on scaring the two humans.

Lumpawaroo growled irritated, punks. Then both Xander and Jaina vanished in thin air. The punks were just as confused and afraid what if the adult would blame them for the two human tourists that had vanished. They quickly ran away.

Lumpawaroo looked around and could not see them, when suddenly he heard Xander’s voice behind him. “Thanks for the help, Lumpy. Do you know any fun place to go?” he asked.

Lumpawaroo sighed they had picked up Han’s nickname for him. “What do you like to do?” To his amusement the two Jedi were confused.
Xander: “Um. All I do is train or repair and rebuild my ship or relaxed with you darling. Why don’t you come up with a good idea?” he said.
Jaina looked just as confused: “Um. I know a game arcade.” She said.
Lumpy growled out he knew just the place.
Later at the game arcade
Computer games of all sorts, even dance games.
Xander blinked “That’s dance revolution. How the hell was that possible?”

The others nodded it was popular with younger children and teenagers.
Xander sighed, a dimensional evil twin mirror version. That would explain it.

It was fun relaxing and eating at the game arcade. Lumpy was fun to hang with. More relaxed then Lowbacka but also more easy to anger.
Later at the home
Xander opened his eyes as he interrupted his after dinner meditation. “Luke, do you feel what I feel?”
Luke nodded carefully “Yes I think I do” he said.

Xander lips twitched. “Just remember Mara is your wife. Jaina is mine.”
Chewbacca roared in laughter at the joke.
Luke rolled his eyes. “There is danger in the air. Has anybody of you felt something?” He asked.
Jacen nodded and so did Jaina. “We cannot pinpoint it.” They both said in twin speak.

Anakin frowned “I just feel jumpy” he said.
Leia “It’s like darkness is focusing its anger towards us.” She frowned.
Chloe shrugged. Her ESP was not that exact.

Luke “We should wait until the right moment comes then we will defend ourselves.”
Xander “We can wait and let whatever it is endanger the family or we can do a preemptive defense of our family.” He said looking at Luke, master to master.

Luke looked back. “Attack is the darkside remember that.” Xander: “Its not attack, its preemptive self defense. We know something is aiming its anger at us.”
Luke agreed. “But it might only be their anger, nothing more.” he defended his point.

Xander: “Right. But a preemptive scouting trip to find out if they are planning on attacking or are just angry at us for some reason.”
Luke smiled “That’s the way a Jedi should act.” Preemptive scouting was a peaceful yet preemptive defense move. “But if they are planning an attack. We should teach them why that’s a bad idea.”
Xander agreed on that. Jeep preemptive self defense was best and he faded into the air.

On the balcony the Noghri looked with envy he too wanted to fade in the air and he faded away into the darkness following the tracks the young Jedi left on the rock hard wood branch that was the road outside.
Sensing the anger the focus feeling of malice was hard.
But he found it. And somehow a Noghri had followed him. He extended his cloak around the Noghri.

It did not even jump. “Hi there, don’t worry nothing can see or hear us inside my cloak, but its draining energy.” He explained. The Noghri nodded. “But your footprints still smell and you leave tracks a blind and drunk Gamorean could follow”

Xander blinked. Was Meewalh angry with him and why? He felt envy from the Noghri and for the life of him Xander could not figure out why the super ninja life form beside him was envious over his super invisible trick.

Inside the room were 25 mercenaries Mandaloorians and 15 Republic special commandos. RSC were the best of the best created by Crix Maddin himself. Small cages like backpacks were holding Ysalamir.
One was studying information on Luke, him, Jaina and Jacen. They had bombs, Robot bombs. They were talking about sending the bombs at the home, taking out as many of them as possible when they believed they were safe.

Once Luke would crawl out of the building the Mandaloorians with the Ysalamir would weaken him and any other Jedi that was alive and let the RSC arrest them.
They did not care about Chewbacca’s family. He frowned as he looked around.

Meewalh look angry at the way these creeps were planning on attacking. Innocent life would die, that was no way for a assassin to work. Assassins should be a scalpel, a knife not a clumsy bomb.
He saw the solution, the building itself. If it comes to a fight he could take them.

“Go back. Tell the others. I wait here and gather information. We have to act fast and put the innocent in a safe place. Especially baby Ben.” he said. The Noghri’s eyes lighted up.

Protect the Baby Vader, Meewalh thought as he vanished. Behind him Xander picked up from his armor pocket small steel ball bearings.
Filling his hand with them he took one on each of his fingers except the thumb. He removed the Force cloak. Standing in the shadows he was invisible as nobody looked his way.

Aiming more with the force then his eyes, he used Ballistakinesis.
The Ysalamir created a bubble that repressed the use of the force inside said bubble. The more Ysalamir you have the larger the bubble.
Ballistakinesis accelerated up a tiny object to the speed of a bullet or more.

Once the bullet was air born it was only normal laws of physic. He aimed the ball bearings, using the force like the pipe of a gun, on four of the five Ysalamir one of his four ball bearings would hit.
He suspected as one of the Ysalamir cages was in front of the one he could not hit that lizard might get hit anyway. At the speed he shoots, the ball bearings would go straight thru the Ysalamir and penetrate the wall on the other side of it.

PLOF. CRUNSH was heard as 4 Ysalamir died and 4 tiny holes were created in the wall.
The fifth Ysalamir screeched in pain before dying.
Snap. Hiss. Snap. Hiss.

He walked into the room as calmly as he was the king of the world. “I heard you wanted to murder a family of Jedi and Wookiee” he said.
The Mandaloorian mercenary, only a girl, reacted first she drew her gun so fast Xander could almost not follow her.

He was lucky that his attack involved him bending down and cutting asunder the roof and the carrying branch that held this whole house up.

Just as the Mandaloorian girl pulled the trigger the Jedi dived down pushing his lightsaber into the floor cutting it up.
She frowned, what is he doing?

Then the room started to tip over.
And they were falling down, over the edge down into the wilds below of Kashyyyk.

As the house crashed into a branch lower down and bounced of, Xander swished his lightsaber and lightdagger around, creating a circle of death and broke open a window.

Using Force flight he jumps up, landing in the broken window looking first out then in. One of the Mandaloorians, the girl again, attacked him and almost catches him. She was way faster than a normal human. He forced pushed her way.

Dana swore as she slammed into the wall. The building was rotating in the air. Roof and floor were sideways now.

“Dam it.” The rotation of death the Jedi had made damaged one of the thermal detonators. “GET OUT. It’s going to explode” she jelled to her fellow Mandaloorians. Then using her mystical powers she speeded up. From her normal 4 times as fast and strong to the incredible 8 times as fast and strong. The Jetpack on her back sends her flying like a rocket out of a second window.

She could see the Jedi was floating away. Not towards a tree.
“You want to play tough? Well here to you bright boy” Dana growled as she pulled the trigger, sending one micro concussion rocket towards the Jedi.

Xander was just about to reach the tree when he felt danger.
A missile was coming, one he could not parry and he was not fast enough to push it away.

Only one solution
He stopped flying and pushed himself down. The missile missed and exploded in a distance.
As fast as he could he passed the bouncing and spinning house just as that do exploded and both Dana and Xander felt how everything turned dark.

Above Meewalh watched. He had not come a fraction of the way when he heard a crunching sound and the house the mercenary were hiding in fell over and down in the forest below.
They were on top of the huge tree over 2 km of branches, animals and objects that could break your fall if you are lucky.
If not you are dead. Even if you survive you are dead.

A huge explosion interrupted the Noghri. “Crapp. Lady Vader and her daughter are so going to be upset.” And he liked the young Jedi Master Xander. He was sneaky and a good husband to the young lady Vader.

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Knight away. 9-3
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

Darkness and pain, Xander shivered as he used the force to lower his ability to feel pain and to analyze his own body.

Nothing broken, pieces of something managed to pierce his arm.
He got knocked around slammed in hard stuff and overheated.
The new heat protection had stopped the armor from burning. But the cooling system had broken down from the heat. But it had kept him alive, when the fire was at its worst.

He opened his eyes. Yapp he was surrounded by burned fragments of a building. Perhaps a fire bomb had exploded around him. Looking down a broken sharp piece of steel or something had pierced his arm, straight thru his armor. He pulled it out, ate a bacta cookie and activated a healing trance.

This feet week sucked. At least vampires don’t attack during Christmas.
With his healing ability active he pulled of his armor and grabbed the med-pack.
Nine minutes later he felt better. Using the water cleaner he got fresh clean water from a hole in a nearby tree were dirty water once had been.

He was back in business.

But looking around he lost his joy. He could not even see the Wookiee City above him, to high up for him to fly anyway.
The lower branches he fell thru hid it completely.
In other words he was deep down were even a Jedi master was only a tiny being that tasted good with ketchup and on some worlds you actually go down in the forest to camp under the tree.

A roar of anger nearby got his attention and he crawled below a bush. There a huge monster walked by, four feet, a big horn and teeth of an omnivore. The pair of horns on its head was dripping with poison. “Jolly a cow with poison horns” he whispered inside his helmet as the beast walked away.

There he felt a movement Snap: hiss he lighted his lightsaber and parried the rain of bolts coming from his side. It was not plasma bolts charged particle bolts.

There looking almost as banged up as he, was the female Mandaloorian. She held her gun aimed at him as she switched a button.
Xander frowned as he recognized the heavy pistol she was holding, a concussion gun.

Rapid non explosive bolts. Single fire explosive bolts.
The Mandaloorian started to shoot. Each bolt created an almost hand grenade like explosion when ever she hit and she was an expert at shooting. No one her age should be that good.

Bouncing between the trees in full Force speed was all Xander could do to keep the explosion from killing him.
Every counter attack she dodged, like she could feel him in advance.
Then it clicked. The feeling he got from her. She was a Force Guardian, a potential slayer from Earth.

“Wait I’m from USA, old Sunnydale in sunny California.” He screamed in English and then sang “Coca Cola is it. Can beat the feeling you get with a Coca cola.”

The girl finished the song “Cant beat the feeling” she singed.
Her hands trembled as memories of doctors trying to help her in the end just locking her away. Memory flashes of being kidnapped and experimented on used to create new drugs.

She shook her head. So he was from earth. She was a Mandaloorian. As the Jedi stood there believing he had reached her. She reloaded and pulled up the blaster gun.
“××××” Xander screamed as the girl started to fire again, now with two guns.

Die, die, die, die, echoed in Dana’s mind as she fired full automatic fire from the small but powerful disruptor gun in her left hand. The concussion gun in her right hand fired slower but each blast created small craters the size of a human grave.

Then from the ground she just created something stood up. Seven meters tall it was big as a rancor but had a longer nose and jaws. From the side of the head two gigantic tusks over two meters long pointed forward. Its fangs and teeth were too big and too sharp and way too many for anyone to look at without nightmares.

The arms were longer then a rancor’s, like a gorilla they reached down to the ground and ended in hand like paws, which had huge over meter long claws.

The legs were short and stumpy with the feet full of short but powerful claws.
As it shook of the dirt and dust that had collected on top of it under its millennium long sleep the beast shrugged to get the last of the dirt of.
Somebody had awoken it and hurt its sensitive ears. Somebody would die. It sniffed and yes somebody nearby was strong in the light side of the force.

Xander swallowed, his data-pad with info of dangerous life form was melted. But he knew, thanks to the ghost he knew.
It was a real Terentatek. Like the old ghost of Deesra luur said: “The Terentatek is a predator, and we Jedi are its prey.”
Xander shivered.

If it was still sleepy they could sneak away. No way was the Mandaloorian was stupid enough to anger it.
Dana aimed her concussion gun between the eyes of the beast. “Die ugly” she said and pulled the trigger.

An explosion on top of the Terentateks head ended all hope of sneaking away while the dark side beast was tired and confused.
The explosion on its head made it stumble back, but it soon roared back a ear defining of anger as it attacked the mandalorian female.

Dana “eeep” as she fired both guns, the disruptor did not even penetrate its skin, it just caused the beast more pain and created more anger.
The explosion from the concussion pistol did hurt the beast but the wounds were tiny and hardly visible.

She fired up her jet back and flew to safety in the last second as the beast claws ripped up the ground were she once stood.
As she landed behind the beast and reached for a reload it had suddenly turned around. In its hand was a gigantic stone, it held it like a club and not like a missile.
It throws the rock with deadly aim. Dana dived to the side in the last second.

The beast had reloaded and held a second rock it was aiming at her.
Then from nowhere came that blasted Jedi and landed on the monsters nose.
He slashed and cut with his light sabers doing almost no damage to the beast skin, but must have hurt the monster. It used the stone and smashed it hard into its own head.

The moment he landed on the Terentatek head Xander cut, slashed, stabbed as much as he could focusing the force to cut deep. But the powerful field around the beast protected it against pure force attacks.
In the corner of his eyes he saw that his plan worked, the beast raised its arm holding the rock and slammed it down hard.

In the last second Xander force jumped away, landing near the Mandaloorian girl, picking her up and jumping away with her in his arms, behind them the monster fell to the ground wobbly from the smash in its head.

“Let me go Jedi” Dana screamed as she started to aim her weapon. She could not believe the stupid Jedi managed to kill that monster.
Xander agreed and dropped her in mid air. Dana screamed as she fell down “YOU Bastard” as she landed hard on the soft ground.

Xander landed nearby. “Silent the Terentatek is still alive and its hunting us now.”
Dana froze as she heard a roar of anger that could only come from something big and dangerous. “You know what that is.” she said.

Xander nodded. “Terentatek if you anger it, it will follow you to the end of the world to kill you, there are only four ways to make it angry.
1 you hurt it,
2 Surprise it,
3 you are a Jedi.
And number 4 you taste good.
It’s a failed weapon made by Sith long ago.
They made a terrible mistake.”

Dana frowned “What is the mistake they made” perhaps that would be a clue on how to kill it.

Xander “The weapons they created got hungry.”
Dana “That the mistake. Perhaps I should feed you to the Terentatek Jedi.” She hissed.
Xander was about to answer when they felt a shadow move above them. “RUN” he said.

Dana followed in the last second before the beast landed where they just had been. “Its moving fast for a big monster” she hissed. She was sure her Mandaloorian armor would not slow down the monster. Only make it more painful as it slowly chewed her apart.

Firing her gauntlet blaster at full power and aiming at the eyes trying to blind it. She swore the beast looked like it was blinded by a flash.

No burn mark on its eyes or head. “What the hell did they make the monster out of” She screamed.
Xander “Anger, Hatred, and everything bad are what young Terentatek are made from.” He said in a rhyme.

Dana shivered. “I thought it was sugar and spice and everything nice is what little girls are made from.” He tried not to grin that was an interesting Jedi. The monster roared in anger, grabbing a log the size of a Y-wing around 16 meters long. He tossed it like a spear against them.

The two dodged as Xander pulled up his bryar gun and started to fire. “Listen the ancient Jedi did kill these beasts, during the Great Hunt.” Xander said. “So there has to be a way.”

Dana: “How? My blasted hardly hurts it” She zoomed in using the helmets macro binocular. “The ××××er, he healed the wounds I gave it.”
Xander “Crapp. It’s big and almost invulnerable to hurt and it can do a Wolverine. Now I understand why they had to cancel the Great hunt.” The Terentatek killed more Jedi then Jedi killed Terentatek.

At least it was a monster that liked Jedi and Sith equally as food.
Dana swore. “Right must be sensitive to something. Don’t tell me you were a comic geek.” She wanted to scream, the monster and a comic geek.

Xander frowned as the monster came charging at them. Using the force he sends deadly rain of steel ball bearings. “Crystals. You could harvest crystals from their body, crystals that gave a lightsaber a unique ability.”

He said. “One has to hurt it. The other has to cut it. Repeat until its dead. The Jedi were small and taste good with ketchup. So they stopped the Great Hunt.

It can even block direct attack from the force. Force Push, Force lightning nothing like that work on it.” He screamed to Dana as he jumped away slashing the Claws of the Terentatek.

It roared in anger as it followed him, slashing its claws destroying everything around it. An explosion in its back made it turn around looking after the Mandaloorian girl. Xander yelled back: “And nothing wrong with comics, they are fun.”

Dana crawled behind a group of smaller trees. The Terentatek could not reach her right now. But it was rapidly destroying the trees that were shielding her. “Are you kidding me? Bait and attack that’s the ××××ing plan?”

Looking at her ammo she was almost out of concussion ammo packs. “How the hell am I supposed to do that?” She said. She saw the Jedi jump down and slash the monster behind its knee.
A weak spot, the monster started to bleed. Then she saw it, a green fluid oozed out and healed the wound. The Terentatek was again focused on the Jedi using a fist full of gravel stone dirt it throws at the Jedi.

Dana sighed “Comic are kids stuff.” She said. Not that she really knew. Between being used as a drug test lab rat and a ×××× toy of a sick group of criminals that used children to test the new drugs they created. Then complete insanity in a mental hospital she really never had the time to read comics that much.

Xander dodged the rain of dirt and rocks the size of his head as he freed his lightdagger. It has a special crystal that focuses the ray sharper and cuts better. The down side its short. “Here.” He said throwing her the blade. “I bet you loved soup operas.” He said sounding sad.

Dana nodded, gun in one hand lightdagger in the other. “Here” she said throwing over something to Xander. “When it’s hurt and is bleeding then green slime oozes out from the wounds and it seems to patch it together again.” She aimed her disruptor at the eye. The Terentatek screamed in pain as it was blinded for a short while and then it attacked the armored girl.

24 October 2008, 04:18 AM
Knight away. 9-4
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

Dana backed away as the Jedi prepared his attack.

He grinned and holding up a big T-6 Thunderer. “Thanks. My friend loves his T-6 let’s see what is so special about you.” That gun could perhaps even hurt the beast. “Saw the slime myself.” He said aiming at the other eye.

Sending a short blast in the eye and the Terentatek was blinded. They could see the slime repairing the eye almost as fast as they could hurt it.

Dana: “Right. It always focus first on whoever it was that hurt it last time” She turned to Xander “Did you also see that?” she asked him.

Xander “Yes I think I did. I go high you low and remember the first rule of Xander’s book of combat. Don’t die, let the enemy die instead.”

Dana grinned: “You are singing my song Jedi.” she said as they turned to the beast. It was fair, she had the greater long distance weapon, armor and she was a greater warrior.

The Terentatek was healed now. Roaring in anger under its millennium of life it had never been hurt this bad. Now it wanted to feed.
A blast of concussion blasts in its head rocked its body as it turned to destroy the girl, as it rushed her something landed on its nose.

The moment the monster rushed the Mandaloorian girl, Xander jumped down driving his lightsaber into the tiny open wound she had created, swirling around the lightsaber as much as he could, before he had to dive for protection again.

The monster roared as it had a burning feeling inside its nose and mouth. An open wound that quickly healed, it turned after Xander slashing at the ground were the Jedi just had been.

Xander rolled for protection and slashed at the monsters knee cap as he ran under the legs of the beast.
The Terentatek was fast, even using force speed he was pushed one mistake and it would catch him.

Before it had the chance to turn, Dana blasted the knee cap with her concussion rifle and the moment she spotted the slime she fired the disruptor full auto into the wound.

Dirty smoke filled the air as the green slime crystallized in the wound.
The monster stood up, now limping, it looked confused. Why was the wound not healing?

Xander landed near the girl “you are a genius. Only two things stop me from kissing you, my wife and our helmets.” He could feel the Mandaloorian girl smile under the helm.

They had to burn or use the disruptor to disrupt the slime on molecule level. He could think of easier things to do.

“I attack and create an opening then you attack and I cauterized the wound.” Dana said. “And be careful. I’m Dana.” Without the Jedi she knew she was dead. She humped over the lightdagger. He would need both.

Xander “Im Jedi knight Alexander or Xander. Jedi Master Xander” He said with a grin. Waving his hand he made a powerful force push, creating a tidal wave of dirt and plants.

The wave of dirt look tiny compared to the Terentatek, but it made it loose its balance and trip.

Dana wasted no time as she fired her gun into the back of the left shoulder of the beast. It roared out of anger as it jumped up to attack her.

But Xander was there in time, as he slashed down with both light blades cutting and slashing the monster as deep as he could.
It roared in anger and turned around so fast it send Xander flying.

Dana pulled the trigger on the disruptor and more crystals were formed. Looking she could see the Jedi float in the air as he landed. He did say Jedi Master.

The Republic only paid them to attack ONE Jedi master. She could break the deal without giving the money back. “Its working” she said the beast had difficult moving its left arm.

Xander nodded. “Yea, but look at it” he said the monsters eyes were glowing in anger. A mighty roared and it attacked faster than they ever seen it.

They dodged the attack in the last second but the follow up attack send rocks and dirt flying at both Xander and Dana.
Xander was send flying as rocks hit him in the back.

Dana crashed down dirt and rocks larger then her head hit her.
She could see the monster had used the claws to dig up rocks and dirt and send them as a rain of missiles towards them.

The Jedi was out of it. Only her super human physic and Mandaloorian armor saved her from being groggy. She could see the Jedi was recovering faster than a normal human.

But the Terentatek would not let him. She opened fire in its jaw using her gauntlet missile, the last one.
In close range they were dead unless the body of the Terentatek was harder than they expected.

The explosion inside the mouth of the Terentatek made it look like a Dragon as flames 8 meters long came from its mouth.
It fell on its knees feeling groggy.

Dana rushed over and lifted the Jedi away.
She could see behind her that new fangs were growing from the Terentatek.

Xander “What happened. I feel like a pair of Wookiee decided to kick me around.” He could feel a crack in his shoulder blade. Not broken yet.
His head were spinning from the hits.
His neck was hurting. His armor helm had protected his head.
But the neck armor was soft.
Only luck had saved him from a broken neck.

Dana “We got caught in a rain of stones.” She said. The Jedi: “yea. It’s good that you Force guardians are difficult to hurt.” He said trying to use reduce injury to regain his ability to fight.

It was a bad thing to do. Reduce injury would let a wounded Jedi fight like he was uninjured. But after the battle he would become more hurt as it aggravated his wounds.
Dana knew the Jedi did something as he stood up by himself again. “Force Guardians?” she said.

Xander nodded “Long story. A group of girls like you, all of them from Earth. Arriving here their potential powers mutated and activated.”
Behind them the Terentatek was standing again. Its knee and shoulder was hurt but the wound in its mouth she created had healed now.

“It’s still groggy” She said aiming at the right eye. ”Do not let it regain its sight again”
Xander nodded. “Right” She opened fire and blasted with her gauntlet blaster. A tiny wound in the eye was created it was a less armored part of the monsters body.

Xander arrived seconds later driving his lightsaber as deep as he could and driving his lightdagger in the monsters eyebrow.

It screamed and started to trash around, but Xander had jumped down rushing for protection as Dana started to fire her disruptor into the destroyed eye, stopping the green slime from rebuilding it and the eyebrow.
They did it.

It was blind on one side.
“Dana good thinking, let’s take the shoulder first. Then the left eye.” Xander said.
He could see that the monster was holding his wounded left arm protective over the working eye.

Dana nodded. “Not an easy target, in its back gut high.” She was not sure, but it looked like a good target. Most alien lizard like species had important organs or something that if hurt would create pain in that area or even kill it.

Even Rancor’s had that weakness and Rancor’s are reptomammals. Mammalians with traits of reptilians or reptilians with traits of mammalians, she was not sure.

Xander shrugged as the Mandaloorian fired in a strange area of the monsters back.

As the explosion made the monster turn and sending rocks at Dana. Xander attacked close driving the lightsaber as deep as he cold and twisted it around.

The Terentatek roared in anger as a vital body part was pierced on its inside. The moment Xander had moved out of the way Dana send blasts of disruptor energy cauterizing the wound.

It roared in anger and pain, it was dying and it would take days of pain before it was dead.
As it roared in protest and pain Dana opened fire again with her blaster gauntlet.

The beast roared, as its left eye was gone. But this time it shielded the wounded eye. Dana opened fire at the neck with the concussion pistol.
The monster roared in confusion. What would it protect now eye or neck? Then Xander attacked, driving the lightsaber deep into its neck twisting it around making it hurt.

The beast answered the attack with a wild swing of its big paws.
Xander felt the armor breast plate crack from the smash as he flew away.

Dana fired again, this time with the concussion pistol right in the wounded eye. Green slime was rebuilding it and it exploded sending green slime and skin parts around.

The Terentatek roared in pain green slime were leaking out rebuilding the wounded part of its head. But Dana was forced to run as the blind beast attacked her.

Xander groaned in pain. He would feel this in the morning. Standing up, he used force flight to land up on the beast seeing a huge hole where the eye was he slashed his lightsaber, both blades cutting and cauterizing the wound.
Flipping a switch he made his light-saber grow in length to its full 2 meter length. Inside the wound he twisted the blade making it cut around deeper and deeper.

The Terentatek stopped, its body shivering in pain.
On the head Xander had both his arms tucked inside the eye pushing the light blades deeper and deeper inside. Slashing and wiggling the now 2 meter long blade burning everything he could on the inside.

He found the Terentatek brain, deep inside the head. Its 7 meter tall body was shivering as if fell down.

Xander pulled and pulled the green slime had trapped him. It formed crystal like manacles around his arms. One mighty pull and he got the arms free from the monster.

He looked at Dana. “Need some help here” he said. Both his arms were chained together by green crystal. The still active lightsabers tucked out from the crystal manacles that were hiding his arms.
Dana took a deep breath to calm her. “Right I.” She frowned.
Repulsors “Looks like help is coming. I have to go” she said.

Xander: “Wait. No don’t.” The Mandaloorian girl, a force guardian vanished into the forest at one of the most dangerous places in the galaxy.

He suspected that if the normal monsters and beast were careful Dana would let them live.
He too felt the presence of Jaina, Jacen, Lowbacka and Luke coming closer and closer, nice to be saved even if it was late.

But standing next to a dead monster with both his arms trapped in a crystal was a bit strange. He slammed the arms hard five times in a tree creating cracks on the crystal and he broke free.

The repulsor raft was armed with heavy cannons and Wookiee were ready to fire as it flew closer and closer. Around him and the monster was a area of burned forest, craters, destroyed rocks and damaged trees.

“I so needed the cannon just a moment ago” Xander said from his position sitting on the Terentatek nose.
Jaina jumped down “Xander” she yelled hugging him. “I was so worried. I thought you died. I felt I” then she started to cry. “Why did you do it?” she said angered.

Xander “Calm down. I had to. One of the Mandaloorians was a Force guardian. Nice girl by the way.” He saw them look at him. “O don’t worry she ran away somewhere. I’m sure the nature life will survive her if the run away.” He could see Jacen and Lowbacka were poking the dead monster.

Luke and Leia walked slower up. “What is that” Leia said.
Xander “From what I suspect. It’s a Terentatek. An ancient dark beast created and spread out by the Sith. But they made a mistake. The Terentatek liked to eat force user.

Do not matter if it’s a darksider or a lightsider and its always hungry.” He said.
Luke nodded “I read a bit about them. The Jedi tried to kill them all, to exterminate them.” He frowned.

Xander slapped the beast were the eye had been grabbing one of the crystals “Look at that.” He said.

Luke grabbed it watching the crystal. It felt like. “Its. It could be used as a lightsaber crystal.” He said in wonder.

Xander nodded. “Yea, the old ghost said so. Each successfully kill during the Great Hunt gave them lots of small fortune of crystals and dead Jedi for each Terentatek they killed.” He said.

Leia smiled. “So I can find my crystal here” she said.
Xander yawned. “Yes. Yes. Mom you will. But Jaina, Me, Jacen, Lowbacka, all of us are going to grab a crystal.

They create special abilities in a lightsaber if you focus the force inside of it during combat.”
He grinned_ “The rest I’m going to make a trophy out of.” Wonder if he could turn the head upside down and make an armchair to relax in out of it. No a small love seat. He smiled as he fell into a deep healing sleep.

Luke helped them load the beast on the repulsor skiff before it lifted up.
They looked around the battle ground. It must have been a hard fight.

26 October 2008, 04:07 PM
Knight away. 9-5
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

The bactate cookies in his body were working hard and with the help of Jedi Healing cracked and broken bones were knitted together, bruised and hurt parts, exterior and interior, were healed as he slept.

It was late at day 2 of Feed week as Xander walked out of his and Jaina’s room.
They all starred at him.
Dressed in his boxer shorts and nothing more he was a bit underdressed.

The scars he got from hunting vampires were seen and also the cuts from vampire claws and the ones his dear mom and dad had given him and the gills do not forget the gills.
They always made others stare at him once they saw them.

Chloe was drooling, now that was how a man should look.
Jaina thanked the force that she married him.
Mara Jade wished she was younger and unmarried.
Samy smiled as she leaned into her boyfriend and whisper. “Jacen have you ever consider a threesome.”
Jacen dreaming of both Samy and Tenel-ka nodded “Yes, many times my love.”
Samy’s smile widened “I have to ask him then.”

With bacta present in medical centrums, real bad scars were not that common. “Good morning. Jaina I love you, but anybody who gives me food now I love more.” He said sitting down by the table.

Kallabow, Lowbacka’s mother, hurried over, the young human was hungry. She knew the young man was eating almost as much as her own boy Lowbacka. It was good to see a near-human with an healthy appetite.

Xander took one look at the feast she gave him and said only one thing. “I love you Kallabow. You are my hero.” He said with a smile. Jaina voice purred in his ears. “More than me?” She asked.

Xander looked at her “She gave me food.” He said before kissing her as deep and with as much passion and emotion as he could, leaving a slightly drooling and smiling Jaina behind as he continued eating. “But perhaps I still love you” he said.

Mara turned to Luke “Listen farm boy. Jedi Master or not you better start kissing me like that ore you regret it.”
Luke nodded “Lets train later” he said.

A big breakfast later, the others were having a late night dinner.

Luke turned to Xander and handed over a bag of gems. “We found these inside the monster. The green slime was crystallized into gems, perfect for lightsabers.
Even the crystals formed in the wound will work. These gems have powerful presences in the force.” He said.

Xander nodded while feeling the weight of the bag. “How many are there?” he asked.
Luke: “Over 50 gems.”

Leia “I decided not to use one. I can use the gem I have in my old lightsaber. It’s a combination of a powerful karribur crystal Luke gave me and emeralds from Alderaan.”

Xander nodded. Feeling the stones he picked up a pair for himself. “Jaina you choose first then Lowbacka, Jacen, Samy and Luke can pick one for themselves. No not Luke or Leia.” He could see the older were happy with what they had.

But he seen the fragmented part of the karribur crystal it was powerful and it became more powerful the closer you where to its home world.

The rare lightsabers build with a karribur crystal in them served there owners better than any other gems would. His lightsaber had two gems. He would have to see how he would do it.
A lightsaber with a length shifting blade needed 2-3 gems.

If he increased the length of the lightdagger hilt he could put 2 gems inside it and make it possible to turn the dagger into a lightsaber length blade or he could remove one of the two Adegan crystals in his lightsaber and put one of the monster crystals inside and the opila gem from his dagger.

That way he would gain the bonus of focus ray from the opila, the deeper connection the Adegan gives him and whatever the monster gem would give him, also the size changing ability from 1-2 meters would remain inside the blade.

Then extend the hilt of the Light-dagger and set one monster gem and the last Adegan crystal inside. He could make the blade turn from a tiny 30 cm blade to a full 130 cm blade just by switching a button.

It would work.

Eating and thinking made him tired. “I’m going back to sleep.
Jaina put the gems in my box, please. They all have chosen one to use right?” She nodded as her husband walked back to sleep.

The next day started. It was day 3 of Feed week, Remembrance Day.
A day dedicated to remember those that work hard to make your life easier, a Day where songs of heroes long gone were sung.

Knowing tomorrow was Life and Peoples day the wookiee were preparing for the celebration of the millennium.

In the home

Xander was gently drilling Leia in the 6 forms. To his surprised Luke and Mara joined them. Luke was good, mostly self trained with his own style of fighting and only later did he have a chance to learn from Yoda which trained him especially to take down Darth Vader.

Getting the chance to improve his skills in the forms was not something he said no to, Mara was much the same in her style of fighting.

It was something Xander enjoyed. Luke trained them as much as he trained Luke. Giving them tips and correcting their fighting stand.

In real combat Jedi VS Jedi Luke would kick his ass, but fact is Luke was powerful and skilled but he also was a bit sloppy in his forms and self trained to the level of a master.

The unpredictable moves and his less then stellar skills in the forms made him deadly.
For Luke it worked he was a master of lightsabers.

Mara showed them a way to sneak the blade past the enemy’s defense by gliding your own lightblade on the enemy’s blade.
If you succeeded the enemy would lose some fingers, if you failed the enemy would have at worst learned that trick.
It was a sneaky trick she learned as the Emperor’s hand.

As the party in town grew wilder they joined the celebration.
Wild drums were beating, flutes were played and the singers were growing out the song in tact of the music as a Wookiee band played a song at a nearby place.

“Why don’t you buy me a beer stranger?” a teenage girl said as she leaned against the table near Xander and Jaina. Jaina frowned who was that hussy?

Xander: “Perhaps. I do Dana. Perhaps I do” He waved the bartender closer “Two lum, thanks” He turned to the Mandaloorian girl. “I’m surprised over you age, I suspected that you would be older.”

Jaina frowned that was the bounty hunting Mandaloorian Xander told them about?
Dana shrugged. “I’m not sure what age I am. Extremely bad childhood ended up with a fragmented mind.
The Mandaloorians found me and used mind healing tech to repair my sanity. We believe I might be between 16 or 18. Being natural short does not help.”

She said with a smile. “So, now you know why I’m loyal to the Mandaloore. What was that, you said about Force guardians?” She asked as she took one of the lum.

Lum was an acquired taste but it was an unique mix that made it impossible to overdose on it. No chance to get alcohol poisoning if you drank too much and the hang over the next day was mild.

Xander took his lum.
It was like beer but with more taste in it. “Right lets begins with Earth, the hidden shadows of Earth.” He began his story which gave him one surprised “No way.” And an angry “Are you ××××ing with me?” from Dana.

Jaina was with them as they talked, trying to get the girl to join them as a Force guardian and not as an expensive Mandaloorian mercenary.

(Mandaloorians are many things, but not cheap.
Even if Bobba Fett once killed a hole army of slavers for the price of 10 credits. But that was to prove a point and considering the economical situation his customer the last living example of his species lived in.
10 credits was all the treasure that being owned.
10 credits The full treasure of a whole race of aliens, in the end most Mandaloorians considered that well paid indeed.)

Xander was trying to think about fish, ice, Durga the Hutt as Dana and Jaina was twisting their bodies around him as they were dancing to the rocking music of the Wookiee party.

It did not really help, as his weapon was armed and ready. He hoped he could sit down without anybody seeing it.

From the giggling of both Dana and Jaina it was too late.
Even the woofing sound from the bartender as he got more lum to drink showed him that even the wookiee knew.

His wife was evil. He then looked at her, a perfect body and eyes in which he lost himself every time he saw into them.

Dana watched the two Jedi, just looking at each other eyes and they lost contact with the whole world. She felt like a pig, a fairytale love that she tried to destroy.

If she returned, Bobba Fett the Mandaloore of the Mandaloorians would be angry, but he would understand. The risk of failure is part of any war.

Besides she found indication of betrayal during the mission.
Taken a medical checkup after fighting the monster the doctor said there was evidence that eggs and blood samples had been stolen from her body.
If she ever wanted children in the future cloning or DNA mixing would be her only option. Only the slavers or the Mandaloorians could have done that.

“Lets dance.” she said to the two Jedi and pulled Xander up to the dance floor again.
Jaina shrugged as she took a sip of her lum. “Hi Jacen, Samy” she said to Samy and Jacen as they sat down.

Samy frowned “There so much pain in that girl.” She said. Jacen: “Who is Xander dancing with?”
Jaina “Remember the girl Dana he told us about?” Jacen nodded. “That’s her.”


The sun, shining in from the fake window into his cabin at the Enterprise, told him where he was.
The mass of brown and yellow-red hair on his shoulder was new. Frowning, right let’s see, drinking, party, Mandaloorian girl named Dana, dancing, more drinking and Jaina and Dana becoming friends, bragging about his ship, showing off his ship and more drinking and singing old earth songs with Dana, while Jaina was giggling.

They were sitting and talking on the bed. Dana fell asleep and then. He must have fallen asleep after Dana.

Checking under the blanket he saw that he was still dressed up in his fine clothes.
Dana the same fully dressed. Jaina had stripped down to bikini. He loved that Golden Bikini of hers.

Jaina said she found it in a store, when Mom saw it she started to giggle and laughed but refused to say why. But it looked good on her.

Dressed up partly in armor, Xander and Jaina in their flexible armor and Dana in part of her Mandaloorian plated armor they locked up the ship and they walked separate ways.

Jaina was having so much fun over the panic Xander had felt discovering that they were sleeping in the same bed.

Dana had actually been surprised that nobody had taken advantage of her.

27 October 2008, 08:21 AM
Knight away. 9-6
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

In the wookiee home, the morning of Life day

Xander and Jaina were carrying over the gifts and present they would give each other, storing the gifts under a small decorated tree inside the building.

Xander felt almost a Christmas like feeling.
The breakfast was like always, plenty of food. But this morning it was salads and fruits. No chance to spoil the dinner appetite.

Sirrakuk being the youngest wookiee was like on needles, so many gifts. She would get so many gifts.
Lumpy always got boring but useful gifts.

Lowbacka, her brother, always gave her something exotic from some alien world.

Han Solo, who she met before 3 years ago during Life Day celebration, was a master of useless but extremely amusing gifts.

Luke he was a question mark.
His gifts were strange and always became useful later.
Like he knew and of course he knew. He was a Jedi.

Mahraccor grabbed his youngest child. “No, leave the gifts alone, after dinner.” He reminded her.

Han snorted as he set down near old Attichitcuk “Well itchi how has the year been?” he asked.
The old timer, Chewie’s father, was near 400 years old. “Good Han. With the Empire banished our freedom has been good. But the weather is not kind on my old bones.”

Han nodded. “I know all about that feeling.” He said. Middle-aged Wookiee were about 300 years.
Chewbacka was over 200. He himself was over fifty now.
Humans he knew had an average lifespan to around 100 years.
But it was not that uncommon to see 110 years old humans, on some worlds with an great environment and health care normal humans had a lifespan to around 200.

But People that lived as much as he had, usually did not survive pass the big double zero.

Force sensitive were different, the average lifespan depended much on their strength in the force.
He remembered the old witch of Dathomir she was over 400 years old, the oldest human he had ever seen.

But an average was around 200 for a force user.
From what he had read and could see in Luke, Leia and Mara they would be old. Their aging was slowing down already.

Still he was stronger faster and more powerful than most half his age.
Luke said that he left a deep imprint in the force.
The kid never explained that to him. Xander said he was favored by the force.
He could live with that.

Leia sighed “Mmm sitting and gossiping with Itchi.” She said as she sat on his lap.
Han nodded “Just relaxing. So when are we going out then?” he asked.

Normal tradition said they would go out wishing the neighbors a good year in the local festival hall.
The families and clans would meet each others.

It was strange the first time Chewbacca had pulled him in.
That time he was just the human Chewbacca owned a life depth to, later Chewbacca had made him a honorary family member and it became less strange.

Still it was fun. Often, not always, you buy candy and drink no strong drinks but sing songs and talk, then walk home. Chewie’s family often started the walk home early.

“Yo. What’s up?” Xander said. Itchi, Han and Leia all pointed at the roof. “I meant what is next.”

They explained it to him. It sounded sweet. “Itchi, that’s your nickname, right?” The wookiee nodded.
Xander smiled “Sounds fun. I felt like part of the family here.
Your Life day reminds me of Christmas.” He started to tell the old tale of X-Mass to the listening Wookiee and Solo’s.

Soon the others had joined him.

With a crystal ball and the force as a projector the family watched his memory of great Earth movies and with C-3P0 and M-TD as translators.

They watched –It’s a wonderful life- and Charles dickens Christmas carol and of course Star Trek the movie, some of the movies.

When they arrived at the meeting hall it was unusual late. But everybody knew about the criminals plotting their death so nobody said anything.

Xander enjoyed it. All thanks to the Terentatek he found a perfect gift to give Durga the Hutt, including a recording of the size of the monster from his armor.

He gave the Hutt a pair of gems and the gigantic fangs of the monster. One of the Fangs he had a Wookiee help carve into a pipe as he knew that the hutt smoked.

The holiday kept going in a relaxed and wonderful way until the end of Feed week.

End of Chapter 9

31 October 2008, 03:56 AM
Knight away. 10-0
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

The Enterprise was on its way. It felt strange in the ship, its spirit had shifted somehow.

Lowbacka had left them. He had other places he was need at. Anakin had to go back with Luke for more training in being a Jedi knight.
Jaina was with him.
Chloe was there.

Riley was also with them.
The guy had taken some lessons in piloting and gunnery. He was good in gunnery and could be a professional copilot. His skills in sensor and shields operations needed some work.

Rona was also back. Basic training was easy. See a move, do the move. The other education she also had mastered, so they said. She was a trained Force Guardian and asked were she wanted to go.
What Jedi she wanted to work with.

Rona said simply “As long as it is Xander, Jaina or Lowbacka. I don’t care.” She was one of the first guardians to be posted together with a Jedi.

Then there was Leia with her two Noghri bodyguards Cakhmaim and Meewalh. He liked those two. They had a sense of humor that worked like and assassin. You never noticed the joke until it was too late.
Making a funny joke behind somebody’s back was common and a respected way of joking.

Especially Cakhmaim was a joker among the Noghri, if they had stand up comedians, he would be one.
So with Jaina, Chloe, Rona, Leia and him the Enterprise felt something missing and they were on a mission.

The Minos Cluster had left the Republic and joined up with the free sectors.

Eliad, Adarlon. Yelsain and the Shesharile system wanted Jedi watchmen. They asked for the two young Jedi that had helped them so much and in such a short time had become popular especially on Adarlon and Shesharile.

Luke had listen and heard their arguments. Then he came with counter arguments and had listened again, then agreed.
The Minos cluster would get their Watchmen but they had to remember even as Watchmen the two had duties outside the cluster.

Shesharile 5-6, he liked the twin planets.
But first he let the controls free. “Take over would you” he said as he walked out from the cockpit.
Jaina nodded. “Yo, Riley in the seat please” the former earth soldier jumped in.

Xander walked up and knocked.
Inside Leia was watching different pictures, pictures of lightsaber hilts. He could see that she was watching the curved hilts.
“It’s so hard to choose.” She complained.

Xander turned the computer off and put his hands over his mother in-laws eyes. “Now don’t let your eyes deceive you, feel. How do you use it? What type of combat form do you like to use?” He said, removing his hands he could see her eyes were still closed.

“Now what form do you like to use?”
Leia: “Form 2 Makashi and Form 6 Niman. It’s Form 3 Soresu that I really like. It gives me and advantage during long range attacks and it’s good for defense.”

Xander nodded. “Good. Let’s think about hilts. A long hilt you can easier use in a double handed grip. Its drawback is that you often lose a bit of control, because it’s unbalanced unless you hold it in the Centrum or using both hands.

A short hilt is the opposite, it gives an advantage of control but it’s more difficult to use with both hands and gain extra strength.” He said.
Leia nodded as he continued.

“Then there are the curved hilts. It sacrificed strength for precise movements. Great if you use Form 2 Makashi. But some techniques get more difficult. Like parrying blaster bolts because of the strange form of the hilt.”

Leia nodded. “How curved is a Curved lightsaber hilt?” She asked.
Xander: “Oh boy, that’s different. Some are hardly curved at all and others are curved looking almost like a pistol. In combat you hold it like a pistol and get extra range during your attack and you stab the enemy not cut or slash them. The drawback is lost of strength.

Most but not all Makashi attacks are short and fast with precise moves being the key. Curved hilts give you a bonus in that.”

Leia “It’s so hard to choose.” She whined.
Xander grinned she sounded so much like Jaina right now. “I know. Just think, are you specializing in Form two Makashi.”
Leia said no. “Then the curved hilt is out, unless you feel it should be the one or is it your sense of fashion that is interfering?” Some of those curved hilts were impressive. Like a work of art.

Leia looked irritated, then nodded. It was the stylish grace of the hilts that attracted her.

Xander nodded. “Form Five, Shien Djem so. The style you’re Brother and your father were experts in, user of that form of combat favor a solid hilt with ridged thick hand grips, as the Form 5 demands hard attacks and a firm grip on the hilt.”

He smiled “Your old lightsaber is much like the one Luke uses.
Form 1 uses two handed grips they favor long and often thinner hilts, as the hilt is between the fingers on the bottom hand.” He demonstrated.
Leia nodded and understood why.

Xander “It gives them a good balance between speed, control and strength. Form 1 is a strong and fast form.”

He then explained “Soresu form 3 demands speed and maneuverability over strength or control. You often hold the blade and hilt close to the body to easier create the circle of defense.
A one handed hilt is standard.
So the hilts are short and have an average thickness.
The hilt often has leather or grip-plats tied around the hilt to improve the grip.” He said.

“Then Ataru form 4. Its and acrobatic form and two handed grips are often used, but one handed is more common. The Jedi have to move fast, jump, run and spin using the force. Yoda was apparently a master on this.
The Hilt is lean no ridged or to thick hand grips.
Often leather or grip-plastic are tied around the handle.
The size can be short or long one handed is common, just lean and soft, to improve the speed of changing your grip on it during combat.”

Leia nodded “That’s the one that Jacen likes” she said. Xander nodded. “I use some Ataru moves myself but it’s not my favorite. Last Niman that form favors no special type of hilt.”

Leia nodded. “Thanks. I have to meditate on that.” If only Luke had been that precise in clearing up the different type of hilts. She could use a curved hilt. No, if she was honest she favored Soresu form 3, the defense form. After that it was Niman form 6 and form 2 was when she was going for the kill.

So Niman favored no hilt over the other. But Soresu does, a shorter hilt with leather tied around it for improved grip. That sounded right. Grip-plastic would be better but it looked ugly.

She started to meditate trying to see herself in combat using different type of lightsaber s in different sizes and with different hilts.

Next day
The Enterprise had landed.
It was a strange place.
“Where are we?” Leia asked.

Xander “This is the ass end of space. We asked the locals on Yelsain for a place to do some Jedi meditation and training. A place nobody would disturb us and we could hurt nobody.”

He waved his hands around “This is it, a rocky island in nowhere, grass birds and fish in the sea that’s it. We are going to help you build the lightsabers different parts, then once that is done. It’s up to you to assemble it.” He said.

He had arranged for a cargo container to be putt on the island. Inside he carried whatever Leia would need during her isolation.
Leia nodded. “Right, what are you going to help me with? Luke let me do all things myself last time” she said.

Xander “Did he really? Did he let you shape the form of the hilt or the superconductive cables?”
Leia blinked “Um no. He had those pre-made. I just assembled them myself. But I have to find the correct part from a box of parts and imbue it with the force.”

Xander “That’s one way to do it, if you have plenty of pre-made parts. No we are going to use the repair shop on the Enterprise to make you a hilt from scratch. What you are unable to do, we are going to help you with.”

Leia nodded “I have been around repair shops before.” She said. Being married to Han Solo flying around in that ship, she had to be good at repairs and they started to work.

Xander carefully reminded her that once she started to build the lightsaber she could not eat or drink that much. Only one hour of sleep each day and nourishment drinks or bread and water would be what she would survive on. She better takes the time and rest and eats in advance.

It was a difficult ritual to do. It could last a full month or only a pair of weeks or even days depending on the skill and strength of the Jedi.
If the Jedi became too tired or weak he could break of the ritual and continue later. But that was not recommended as it was more likely to create a blade that would fail them.

Leia nodded she knew. Her son in law could be such a mother sometimes.
The work was done fast yet with extreme precision. Leia gave the orders while Jaina and Xander did much of the work, not that Leia herself was not skilled in the art of repairs herself, but the two teens were truly artist.

It would be an elegant weapon with a small but not a tiny hilt.
She was not the only one that made a lightsaber, so was Xander. He was rebuilding his own pair.

Carefully removing the two Adegan crystals from his lightsaber and then the Opila in his Light-Dagger after that was done, he had to make more room inside the lightsaber that was not that hard to do.
Once it was done he put them back inside, the green Adegan crystal, the yellow Opila gem and a green Terentatek gem.

He was nervous as he held the blade. It felt more connected to him now. More precise like it was part of him, part of the force itself. Then he activated it and a green extremely focused blade was seen.
It worked. He flipped the size control.
With two gems he could make the blade grow longer. With three gems he could make it grow shorter also.

The lightsaber blade shrank down from 100 cm to the size of a dagger with 30 cm. Xander flipped the size control and it returned to 100 cm, then grew to the size of 200 cm. Not really that practical to fight with.
But it had been the fact that he had a long blade that gave him the reach he needed to pierce the brain of the Terentatek.

Now he did knew what the gems of the Terentatek do. It helped the Jedi to connect with his or her lightsaber. That would make it more easy to use the blade and the force at the same time.

The lightdagger hilt was too short. He had to make a new hilt. The moment Leia was in isolation to create her hilt, so was he.
His advantage was that it was only the casting that was changed. Most of the daggers inside remained unchanged.

He chose the yellow Terentatek gem and the softer green Adegan crystal as he rebuilds his lightdagger
It worked. The blade was yellow-green and he could switch between a 30 cm and a 100 cm long blade.

Perfect. In less than four days had he had rebuilt both of his blades.
Jaina and Leia were still inside rebuilding theirs.
Xander took the opportunity to reacquaint him with the new blades. Chloe, Rona and Riley were glad to help him.

Using two lightsabers in combat was a bit different, then using a dagger and a sword. He learned the tactic fast but he still preferred to use the dagger sword combination.
He had removed the connection between the two lightsabers. He no longer would use it like a double-bladed lightblade. He felt he had outgrown that method of fighting.

From now on it was two blade fighting he would do. Dagger-sable, dagger-dagger and Sable-sable and he also trained in using the long-bladed lightsaber. He really found only one use of that, when riding the swoop to make ride by attacks more safe.

Cakhmaim and Meewalh, Leia’s Noghri bodyguards, seemed to like having Leia locked away in a safe place. Cakhmaim said he had to learn from Xander’s method to lock the student away in a safe box.

He was sure it could be used to keep the target safe. Xander was confused then he smiled but Meewalh was shaking in laughter and could not stand up.

He realized Cakhmaim’s Noghri humor was strange, but other Noghri liked it. Days after that Meewalh still started to giggle if you said lock away or safe-box.
It was a sneaky strange ambush humor.

Both of them helped him understand the advantage a dagger combination had, especially in tiny tight areas. It was the lightsaber-lightdagger combination he really liked. It was him.
Then Jaina was done with her blade, it only took her five days to rebuild her lightsaber. It looked much the same as before, a bit longer but not much. She, like him, had given the lightsaber the ability to turn into a lightdagger. In tight areas she had found using a lightsaber was clumsy because it was too long.
Two weeks later Leia was done and they could finally leave this place.

31 October 2008, 04:01 AM
Knight away. 10-1
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

Days Later on Shesharile 5
Han Solo had picked up his wife; both Luke and Xander agreed that there was not much more he could teach her. She would need self training and a more experienced teacher.

But Luke was happy with his sister’s improvement in lightsaber combat it had sky rocket, also her focus and ability to sense the force was way up. He always felt that her awe of him had held her back.
Leia had finally becoming the Jedi she was born to be.
Xander Harris Solo and Jaina Organa Solo, Watch men of the Minos Cluster
It sounded so incredible and it was, but it was also hard work.
The people of Shesharile gave the Jedi order a building with a training area and landing space for starships.
It also had around fifty sleeping rooms and a swimming pool. It had been the house of a rich Imperial officer once.

Now it was the Jedi orders house at Shesharile, the home of the Jedi watchmen.
It was hard work helping them solve problems and meditate diplomatic disputes between the planets in the cluster.

Sometimes they were called on to work as judge and jury.
Old Shesharile laws said that a criminal could call on the mercy of a Jedi knight. The Jedi alone would listen and judge the criminal and with the wisdom of the Force make a fair punishment.

Jaina and Xander had to be fair but not to soft or all criminals would scream for Jedi judgments and last weddings.
The Jedi like a ship captain or a priest could marry a pair.
On the worlds of the Minos cluster were millions of young people that wanted Jaina or Xander to be the priest on their wedding.
Some important people and some friends got the honor.
They got paid for the extra service as priest.

Luke had sent them another Jedi. He was an Bith, a complete pacifist and spend most of his time talking to the Quockrans on Quockra-4, he had a Bith genetic disorder that made him biologically unable to willingly hurt another sentient being. Even among Bith he was extremely peaceful.

Four wonderful months, then it happened.

Xander had felt twitchy the whole day, when Admiral Amos of the Shesharile navy defense stormed in.
The republic had declared war on the Minos cluster and all forces not loyal to them.

Right now a fleet had assembled and was attacking the Correlian sector.
Jedi Master Luke Skywalker had send massages to all Jedi Knights to prepare for combat and those that can join the Correlian forces in defense of the Correlian sector.

The Admiral put down the paper. “That’s was it said Master Harris Solo.” He said.
Xander hanged his head. “R3 ready the Enterprise, we are leaving in the morning. Admiral while it’s always nice to see you come by this is one time I wish that you had not done so Amos.” He said.

The Admiral grinned “I understand your feeling Master Harris. Alexander.” The Jedi and he had a strange relationship. He was fascinated yet scared by the powers they had.
Being the Admiral of a planetary defense force the two young Watchmen often talked to him.

“Who is going to be the watchman when you are away?” He asked.
Xander looked at the man,
Amos was a man that constantly moved like a hungry tiger.
He either stood perfectly still like a tiger waiting to jump his prey or walked so fast it looked like he was storming forward like a hungry tiger on the hunt.

Biije, the Bith walked in. “I overheard and I will use my skill to help keep others calm and take over the weight as a Watchman.
But I have to warn you, I suffer from a genetic Bith defect that affects my brain. It makes it impossible for me to hurt another sentient being.
I rather die then take the risk of hurting another.” He said.

Not that other Bith were aggressive no they were friendly and peaceful.
Most were pacifists and friendly but his disorder made it a whole other level of pacifism he made a normal Bith sounds aggressive.

The admiral did not like that, but if it was a defect, poor big head. “I will see that they know about that Knight Biije”

Riley smiled, as a Force ranger he worked with the gang keeping the Bith safe. “Don’t worry Admiral. I’m keeping Biijejque safe.” He never managed to say the Bith name correct.

There was this Jeuq sound humans just could not do. Most gave up and called him Biije. He was still trying, to Biije’s amusement.

Biije nodded “Impressive, you almost got it” he really should tell the human that part of his name between the I and J was in ultra sonic frequency’s humans could not hear or talk.

Amos ignored them. “Good, I wish both of you good luck.” Chloe waved her hand pointing at her and Rona. “I wish the four of you good luck” Much better.
As he left he was storming away like a hungry tiger.

Silence fell in the house. War.

The republic was much more powerful than any single group the Jedi were allied to.
Next day in space
Rona smelled at the tomatoes “They look ready now” she said, amused over the tomatoes that Xander grew in the ship and in a small garden at home. Her hand twitched, she could steal one.

Chloe “Don’t even think about it. He counts each of them.” She knew Xander was trying to make Ketchup and sometimes he gave out a tomato to eat as a reward to those that liked them. Like Rona.

Rona sulked as she sat down inside the love seat, made from the jaws of a monster Xander killed, looking at the tomatoes that grew around the galley room’s side. They looked so yummy.
Chloe “Why don’t you ask him for some seed and grow tomatoes yourself?”

Rona shrugged. “More fun stealing them.” she explained. Soon Xander would be asleep and master thief Rona the black cat would sneak in and steal the master ruby called the tomato, she giggled.
Chloe “Uhuu, if you say so.”

Jaina came in from the cockpit. “We are on our way. It’s a nine hours way for the Enterprise to the gathering point. It would be best if we got some rest before that.” She said.

War. They would be fighting humans.
Jaina thought to herself taking the chance to check up her X-wing. Updated and improved with a class 11 engine which had 110 mglt in speed and a SLAM overdrive, activating that her speed rocked up to 600 mglt for 40 seconds. Then the SLAM turned off and it takes two minutes for it to be recharged.
Type: 7 maneuver ability, improved from the old type 4. During SLAM the maneuver was only type 1.

It was one of a kind. She had less room for proton torpedoes as she had improved the cannons and installed the SLAM, improved shields and armor. She petted the X-wing “Don’t worry Star-sable. I’m not going to let anything happen to you or the Enterprise.” She said before leaving the hanger.

In the cockpit Xander brooded. If Angel saw him now he would have a fun, brood boy no 2.

War, he knew it would happen.
He knew he would have to fight and all he wanted to do was run away.
Run fast and hide somewhere. It was madness. The Republic was dying but those that ruled it refused to let it die alone.

He pushed in a data-stick and music started to play in the cockpit, Earth music. Durga had given him a gift. When the other Hutt used the machine to steal from earth lots of things he considered garbage also arrived. He dumped that and Durga found out where.
Among that were CD’s with music that Durga saved and gave him.
16 000 hours of music, story books and more, even DVD’s anything recorded on disks was in that data stick.

Pushing random playing he settled down and relaxed as the Ghostbusters theme song played in the background, he wondered how difficult it would be to fight a war.
Nine hours later.
They had arrived at the gathering point.
Jedi, Force guardians, Jensaarai and Imperial Knights, they were all here following the call of war.
It was time to defend those they served and to help their allies.
The second galactic civil war had started.
The Jedi Masters were called to a meeting.

2 November 2008, 04:04 PM
Knight away. 10-2
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

Later in the Enterprise

Jaina “So what is happening?” She asked eager to know.
Xander “We are being posted to a war group.
The Republic has occupied a world in the Correlian Sector.
Our work is to go thru the blockade land an army of soldiers, then remove the Republic army without causing too much damage to civilians.”

Chloe “So space battle and then ground” she asked.

Xander nodded. “Exactly, they have a blockade made mostly out of frigates, cruisers and hanger carriers. Bombing the planet is out of the question; both sides want the industrial Centrum to be taken intact. Currently the locals are holding it and the city were protected by a shield.”

Jaina nodded “So its fight the enemy in a city landscape with civilians around.” Xander nodded. At least she would have a chance to fly her Star-sable the XJ-wing.

“Besides that, we have two more pilots that volunteered to fly our defenders and a co-pilot to help me in the cockpit when you use the Star-sable.” He said with a grin. “Deak and Dean are our fighter pilots and I’m not sure if you know our Co-pilot.” He said wondering as Anakin, Jaina brother, walked in.

Chloe and Jaina squealed out “ANAKIN” and attacked him with a hug.
Two guys where behind him, a pair of Devaronian, which called them self Deak and Dean. It was shorter then Deakhor’amirate and Deanij’arishiba that humans had hard time to pronounce anyway.

Chloe “Their names are Deak and Dean?” The two gave her a predator like smile. The redskins and horns on their head looked intimidating.

Deak “No my real name is Deakhor’amirate. But it sounds better if you just call me Deak, less humans which are insulting my name then.” He said knowing that he looked dangerous. Sadly the girl was not intimidated.

Dean being more relaxed. “So where are the Defenders we are supposed to fly?” He really liked the small escort defense fighter. Only 5.3 m long and 4 m width at the rear end 2 m in the front with a height of 2 m. It was almost a box shaped craft, an ugly fighter that even small transports could carry.

The new idea of transforming transports into pocket carriers had given the Defender star fighter a revolution.
From something obscure to a craft that were sold in bulk.
Every cargo caring ship wanted one if they could and those that piloted the small craft were a breed by themselves. Extreme maneuvers, with hull as strong as a TIE fighter and shields, it could take a beating and keep on kicking.

Xander showed them the craft. “We improved the speed by removing one of the cannons. You have less fire power but greater speed.
It’s a Class 11 right now 110 mglt cruising speed and all out 440 mglt.

My ship is also capable to move at those speeds so you need it to keep up.”

Standard Defender tactic was stay near the transport ship. Let the enemy come to you. The real starfighters like X-wings or TIE fighters they moved away from the mother ship.

They nodded as they crawled inside the tiny pilot cockpit and looked at the controls. Both felt they were at home in the cramped area of a suicide machine.

Seeing them playing around, Xander left them leaving R3 behind to guard them.

Jedi master Luke –Still evil- Skywalker had politely asked (demanded/forced/emotional blackmailed)
him to take a student or the poor student would have nobody to learn from.
In the meeting room

He felt worried.
Jacen sat there looking amused and with a smudge look on his face.
He was up to something.

Inside he saw Luke, almost hiding behind Mara Jade.
That was always a bad sign.

“Good day Master Skywalker. How can I serve the will of the council?” He said in a formal greeting. Not that he actually cared that much about formal greetings.
It would help to spook Luke even more and it worked.

Jedi Master Luke Skywalker studded. ”G,G, Greetings Master Alexander Harris Solo. The will of the council is that you take on students.” He said following an ancient greeting, which most living had forgotten.

Luke eyes were twitching in a direction inside the room.
Xander thought it was time to go normal to keep him twitching,

whatever it was that scared him. “So Uncle Luke can I see my new student then?”
He felt the smile from Jacen behind him before he could see the movement.

Something red and soft moved with surprising speed.

“He is cute” said a female red skinned and red haired female Zeltron that was hugging him.

Xander: “And Married” he said with dry tone of voice. T

he female Zeltron was obvious not aware of his irony, as she purred in his ear before licking it. “I don’t mind I’m Bi-sexual.” She said. “I hope your wife is cute.” She said as she tried to get a test feel on his personal Jedi weapon.
He was so yummy and the force was singing around him.

Luke sighed he was safe.
Mara: “Men.” “What my brave husband should say, is that this is Danni she is 19 and quite a powerful Force sensitive. She is trained in Zeltron Force traditions, most about healing and personal things.”

Danni whispered in his ears. “And sex. The force is life it brings pleasure and joy.” She finally found his personal Jedi weapon. It’s felt big and nice in her hands.

Xander blushed.
She was feeling him up. No way.
Absolutely no way that he would look like Jacen when he met Samy. “Right, I’m nebi Master something. Jedi, Jedi not Nebi Xander.” He said pulling the female Zeltron’s hand away from his pants. “Xander, right I’m Xander you Danni. Find Jaina, need help” He rushed away.

Danni stood forgotten in the room. “He is shy, that is so cute.” She said.
Samy nodded “All Jedi are shy, it’s so cute.” She said beaming a smile at her older half sister or something.
Danni was the daughter of her father’s second wife and husband.
Not Samy’s birth mother and biological father.

A short moment later

A stressed up Xander walked in, almost carrying Jaina “I got an apprentice help me” he said.
“Ooo she is cute.” Danni said as she hugged a spaced out Jaina. “Can I keep her?” Jaina blushed “NO I’m married.”

Danni “Is he cute?”
“She is MY wife.” Xander said.
Danni grinned “You both are cute.”

Jacen fell over laughing.
Danni knew by holo-photo exactly who Xander and Jaina was.
Samy and she had talked about them at his home.

He had no idea if he was lucky or unlucky that Samy and Danni considered themselves to be sisters and they felt incest was wrong.

One of the rare numbers of Taboos that existed on Zeltron, even as far as he could understand no blood relation existed.

Xander “She is My wife” he defended Jaina.

Danni giggled “I know. Jedi Master Skywalker, they are cute I accept both of them as mine. Do you agree?”

Luke um... If he said yes would she leave? Zeltron’s made him afraid. “I agree.” He said. Hoping this younger Danni would leave him alone.
Last time he had a Zeltron named Danni following him around it ended badly.

Mara slapped her face. That was not a master student acceptance ritual. That was the short, short Zeltron marriage ritual.
Now holding herself from laughing was hard but she was an expert and she was turning green form the pain of not laughing.

Danni turned to Jaina and Xander “Do you accepted me as yours?” she said grouping both of them.

Jaina: “What? Stop that. Yes of course student.” She growled out.
She was afraid something about what that girl said was off.

Xander: “Um, I yeah” how did that girl manage to touch more places at the same time with her two arms then a 10 arms squid.
He was confused.

His danger sense was giggling ?

Danni hugged both of them. This would be so great.
A Jedi in legend was the greatest husbands you could get.
The only down side was they demanded fatefulness.

Samy screamed in joy “Jay congratulation. May the force be with you.” she was so happy. She was sure that in time they would accepted each other.

Luke: “Congratulation about what?”
Mara “Good going farm boy, you just married your nice and her husband to that Zeltron using the old short marriage ritual.”

Jaina and Xander “HE DID WHAT?” Snap: hiss, Snap: Hiss, “Get back here you stupid excuse of a Jedi master” Xander said as he attacked Jedi Master Luke Skywalker.

Jaina “I help you hide his body” she said following.

Mara “Do you think I have to worry?” she said looking at Jacen.
He shrugged. “Just remind Jaina and Xander that Luke has to explain to Han and Leia about that mistake.”

Mara nodded. “I don’t know what Luke fears most.” She walked out to save her man. By now she was shaking in laughter.

4 November 2008, 01:44 PM
Knight away. 10-3
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

Finally they could enter space again.

Up there waited a fleet of ships. Most were corvettes and frigates like the Nebulous-B. But also one of the new knight class dreadnaughts.
600 meters long, with a class 6 engine. A thick hull that could make it up against even a Star destroyer, the energy-shield was same class as the old Victory Star-destroyer. It was a monster in space.

Its only weakness was that they limited the number of heavy turbolaser cannons. It only had six heavy turbolaser batteries, eight turbolaser batteries and twenty-four light quad turbolaser batteries.
But it had the new super heavy turbolaser cannon, 2 mounted on the front.

Each with the fire power of 8 normal cannons, the slow speed of recharge and the size made the super heavy turbolaser cannon less then popular.

It carried only one squadron of fighters like X-wings or E-wings. Normally they used Defenders as they could squeeze in double as many fighters.

The knight class Dreadnaught was still able to fight head to head against a star destroyer with a chance of victory.

Xander was impressed with the ship it was a good design. Jaina nodded “One question. I noticed that you have light turbolasers as anti star fighter defense. They are a bit slow right?” She said.

The captain nodded. “Yes. The Knight class is vulnerable to star fighter attacks, specially using missiles under the shields.” He said. “Combine that with the lack of good starfighter hangers.

The engineers created this as a dedicated capital ship killer.
The Knight Class is supposed to fight ships from 200 meters up to 900 meters and be victorious or survive.
Our arms are big and powerful and our skin is tough, but we are clumsy as hell.”

Xander nodded. “That’s good to know. I hope you put lot of defenses around you. Captain Welar”

Seren Welar Agreed. “We have defenders. Let me show you the battle plan so far. They have two Mon-calamari MC 40 Cruiser in orbit, both 500 meters. One Golan space defense station, the Golan might be operational or destroyed.”

He pushed a button “That is the Mc 40 they are using. Both are old and the Republic managed to keep the Mon calamari from getting them back. They use a pair of KDY Gunships 105 along as anti starfighter support and the fighters are I-7 Howlrunners and A-9.”

Xander nodded, FreeTech had joined the rebels against the New Republic. With them came the latest design in A-wings and X-wings, the T-65XJ or XJ-wing.

But that would not stop the republic for long. They were already creating the T-65XK XK-wing.

It was important for both sides to have a good X-wing. The ship had become a symbol of freedom fight and the New Republic wanted to look like the good guys.

But they had abandoned the A-wing mark2 and started to use the A-9 Vigilance interceptor.

A-9 had more powerful cannons, two class seven laser cannons. Equal in speed with a class 12 engines but greater maneuver ability then the A-wing had, the A-9 had type 5 maneuver ability.

The A-wing had type 4.2 maneuver ability and two class five laser cannons.
The A-wing on the other hand had greater armor, class three armor and shields type 1 military.

The A-9 had Class 2 armor.
But the A-wing could enter hyperspace by itself. In battle the A-wingM2 and A-9 was equal in combat. What one lacked in something it made up in another thing.

XJ-Wings against A-9 it was the XJ. The XJ had greater armor and shields but a bit less maneuver ability
Xander nodded “Do you know how many squadrons they have?”
(One squadron = 12 fighters)

Seren Welar nodded. “Yes, three squadrons of I-7 howlers and four squadrons of A-9 for ground and space defense and attack.” He said. “We on the other hand have four XJ-wing squadrons, two A-wing squadrons and also two squadrons of Defenders.” He explained.
The big ships

They had the Knight class, five MC-10 corvettes and two Nebulos-B2 frigates against three Golan’s and two MC-402 KDY Gunships.
Jaina frowned “That’s nothing. What’s the catch?”
Seren “The catch is that they also have a field of space mines. As we shoot at them, they and the mines are going to shoot at us.”

Xander nodded “That could equal things out. Anti-starfighter and anti-capital ship mines I guess.” The captain nodded.
Space mines were small, which made them hard to spot.
They were armed with powerful turbolasers or missiles system combined with an advanced ship recognition page.

The space-mines would fire against any ship not accepted by home defense and your own fighter could fly undisturbed right among them. Once they had fired you could identify their location and shoot back.
But a mine field normally held many thousands or more mines.

Xander and Jaina looked at each other then nodded. “We might be able to scout the area, using our skills as Jedi.
We go in and out fast so that they never notice us.” With help of force cloak and the stolen cloak no problem.

At the same time on the ship
Chloe and Rona were sitting and watching the new part of the crew with suspicion.

Danni ignored them. She knew that they were suspicion. Any empath would, but once they gathered their minds they would ask the question.
Chloe frowned “Why? Why are you messing up their marriage? And why keep pestering them?” she said.

Danni smiled that was a good question. “Why? Because I care about them, both of them are too much Jedi to understand about love and joy unless they have help.”

Chloe and Rona were confused. “What are you talking about?” They asked.

Danni “They need help, too much of the old dusty path of keep emotion hidden remains. It’s not good to keep your emotions away.
It only weakens your connection to the light and if that happens, the dark side can more easily take you over.”
Rona raised an eyebrow “You’re ××××ting me.” She said.

Danni blinked. “No. The force is more than just dark and light. The Light is the power of creation.
The dark is cancer the destruction of life.
Both sides are connected and part of the Force itself but they are not good or evil.

Living beings are good or evil.
The Jedi seem to forget that.
They see the light as good and the dark as evil.

They are so desperate to keep away from dark emotions and that leads to the dark side and evil, they hide the feelings of life they have, love, passion even joy from themselves.” She smiled “That’s why the lightside is so difficult to understand, most Jedi only use part of the light and that’s why the darkside seems so alluring to them.
They have forgotten, that part of the lightside, are joy filled emotions.
Then comes a moment of anger and the darkside offers them a chance of emotions.

Dark emotions but still they are living beings in need of emotions.”
Rona: “Uh. So you consider the darkside only to be destruction not evil. Not much difference in my book.” She said. Evil was destruction and death according to her.

Danni: “Perhaps not. The Darkside is something awful that all Zeltron’s avoid, even if we are a race of passion. There has been no real darkside Zeltron in history.
Well one but she changed her way in time.”
Chloe “That still doesn’t explain why you’re after Xander and Jaina.” She said with irritation.

Danni blinked. “But sure it does. They are Jedi. They make my emotion burn with pleasure. Every time they feel joy it’s like a volcano of pleasure I feel echoed inside of my empath connection.” She said shivering at the pleasure she would have them all feel in the future.

“That is why young Zeltron’s get all clingy and exited the first time they are around a Jedi. They feel so yummy in the force.” Especially Skywalkers and Harris for some reason, from both it felt like the force itself has touched them deeply she could not understand or care why.

(Anakin Skywalker was created by the force. Xander was re-powered/rebuild by magic and the force)

Rona hung her head. They had a crazy red skinned and red haired female around. “What about Jaina? Do you think she enjoys if you keep on humping her husband?”
Danni smiled “That’s why I’m going after her first.” She said grinning.

5 November 2008, 05:19 AM
Knight away. 10-4
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong


The short trip into the enemy mine field was informative. It was big and filled with some anti-capital starship mines and standard space mines.
The enemy had also rigged fifteen old junked starships as missile platforms. That was sneaky.

Decloaked they sat silently in a dark corner of space using silent running, before cloaking and flying to the next listening post.

During cloak only the CGT sensor or the force could see and detect anything outside or inside of the cloak. The cloak was a double blind system. Nobody could see them and they could see nobody.

Jaina frowned as more sensor information kept popping up on the sensor screen. “What the? Have you installed a new sensor system?” She asked. They were going silent on the active sensors.

Xander: “No just passive. That’s lot of information almost like what 3 ship would be able to gather using passive sensors.” That was confusing. “Anakin did you?” he asked Anakin.

He was currently using the radio communication equipment to listen into what the enemies were saying. Somehow his equipment worked better now. “No nothing. I installed a new holo theater in the galley.

It’s a more effective holo-equipment” he explained. If they were going to war they needed a good holo theater to show detailed tactical pictures on and to see movies on a real big screen and I also got it for free.
I just had to repair It.” he said.

Xander “So he is still in the holo movie dream world. So what happened?” he wondered.

And boy was he tired of the old action Holo movies they had. Jaina and Jacen loved action movies they were like earth Kung-fu movies that showed off the Nunchaku as a invincible weapon.

In the star wars version it was the Lanvarok, power full fighters using old sith Lanvarok and beating enemies that were using modern weapons or lightsabers vs evil Lanvarok user.

He had not found any movie that he really liked yet or perhaps it was just those Lanvarok that pissed him of.

The cockpit door opened as Danni walked in “Hi. I linked up the XJ-wing and the two Defenders to your ships computer system. That way you should get more detailed information on the sensors. Right?” she said.

Jaina and Xander looked at each other. “Um that’s not possible right?” she said and Xander nodded. “The hull is to tick and besides we would need an interface to read anything.

Danni “I asked R3 and R6 to work as interfaces. I pumped out the air in the hanger and cargo bay and opened the doors, so no interference for the fighter’s passive sensors. Deak and Dean are working as interface in the Defender.”

Xander blinked. “Um... Could that actually work?” He said. Jaina: “I. It must do, you are good.” She said to the Zeltron that had invaded their home and tried to invade their bedroom. So far they managed to keep her out.

But the blasted Empath was slowly softening them up to the idea of a threesome and sooner or later she would find her lock picks again.

Xander swallowed this would take courage. “Danni, I know you tricked us into marring you and according to Zeltron tradition it is real. But none of us feel that it is real. Is there any way to make it undone?” He asked.

Danni nodded happy as she leaned over the closest chair and accidently started to massage Jaina’s neck. “O yes there is.

All the two of you have to do, is resisting my temptations during half a year and the marriage is no more or if all of us clearly state with a priest or a Jedi Master as our witness that our marriage was a mistake.” She explained.

Jaina shivered. Half a year? That’s was so long. “Stop it I can’t concentrate.” She said pushing away Danni’s hand from her neck.

Danni smiled as she settled down by the sensor control helping them sort out the information.

O yes they would be hers both of them.
She would show them the power of joy, the strength of pleasure and nothing would stop her. –Insert evil laughter- But she was not yet sure if she wanted to keep them. Part of the fun was the hunt. Being married demanded being faithful, something that was fine and good, if the people you were married too was interesting.

She frowned. Did she know any good Zeltron, in the age from 14 to 16? Anakin did look all alone, she was sure he could need some red love.

She was not sure if Xander and Jaina would be that interesting, attractive yes, but would they make her as happy as she would make them?
About the same time in a different place

Luke squealed out “Oomph” as he was pushed against the wall by the hands of Han Solo.
“Right, explain it to me again Kid” Han said to the mighty Jedi Master. He turned and looked at Kyle Katarn “Back of special force guy” he said in I can and will hurt you voice.

Kyle the Special Forces turned Jedi master turned around and walked away. There are things you do not mess with. Rancor’s and angry Han Solo’s were apparently on the top 5.

Luke “Lets calm down. Please I have a good explanation.” He stuttered out. “She was a Zeltron.”

Han growled “I’m so going to hurt you. Nobody messes with my kids.” He said then the Luke screaming began.
Mara giggled “You should have seen the terror on Luke’s face. He was scared silly of those Zeltron’s.” She said to Leia while drinking some coffee.

Leia nodded “I can understand his fear. They are a bit difficult to say no to.” She said.
Mara “Prude, you are such a prude”
Leia “I am not. I’m trained in diplomacy and worked with Zeltron’s before.” she said.

Mara grinned “So how was it.” She said and could see Leia blush. “You enjoyed admit it.”
Leia nodded. “I had four male body guards. They were nice” She said blushing.

Mara giggled. “And you see. They are not following you around. That’s the secret. Once you give them a taste. They go away. Give them some loving and they leave you alone. If you tell them to go away, being prude and Jedi just attracts them.” She grinned.

Leia nodded “I hope Jaina and Xander figure that out, before it is too late.” she said. If it goes on for long instead of a short hot passion it could turn into a fanatic Zeltron stalker.

Mara shrugged. “They are nice kids. I’m sure they figure it out. Besides if they are smart why not just accepted Danni?” She waved her hand to Leia “Don’t go, what about Jaina? I trained your daughter. She denies it, but she is attracted to both sexes.” She said with a smile.

Leia was about to protest. “Perhaps, but if she is bi-sexual why should she try to deny it? It’s perfectly natural.” She said.

Mara watched like she was stupid. “Alderaan, old Alderaan tradition does not accept cross gender relationships.” She said to Leia.

Leia looked honestly confused. “But that was generations before I was born. Why would that? Winter…” She said in irritation.
Her old childhood friend that helped them so much and in many ways was more of a mother to Jaina and Jacen then she had or could be.

Mara nodded. “Exactly: Winter, she is a prude. Old fashioned like Luke.” She said sadly.

Leia nodded “I cannot be angry at Winter she suffered too much in her life.”

Winter’s perfect holografical and audiografhic memory made her remember everything she had felt and seen in her life, even emotions, in perfect recall. She had to relive every day the destruction of Alderaan, like it happened that day in perfect memory.
Each moment of her life was constantly saved and equally strong.

Not many humans with Holografical memory survived as long as Winter had done. Most became crazy or killed themselves.

Her inability to even have children by herself was another pain Winter had to suffer. Leia and Winter had grown up together, side by side on Alderaan like sisters.

More than once Leia felt, it should have been the perfect Winter that should have been the princess, not the wild haired tomboy that she was. But Winter was her friend and like a sister to her.

The times Winter spend as spy during the first rebellion and her time in New Republic Special Forces and intelligence had made her a guarded and now wanted dead by the republic and wanted by the enemies of the Republic for the information she held secret in her memory.

She knew too much and was loyal to the wrong people. Only Luke and the Jedi order stood between Winter and a sure death.

But Winter was old fashioned in some areas specially sexuality. Heterosexuality is accepted not anything other than that.
Mara nodded, she had read the file on Winter. “I heard she and Thycho were researching alternate ways of helping her to forget to painful or dangerous secrets.”

Leia “No, it was after she found out about her inability to have children. She used some drug that created amnesia to forget and got hocked on it. She is free from that now we hope. They are seeking effective sleeping medicine that can help her keep the nightmares away.”
She hoped.

Her family and Thycho was a life line for Winter. The years of war, terror, death, torture and also the drugs she experimented with were catching up to Winter now.

Mara nodded “I see. I was not sure what it was.”

8 November 2008, 05:34 PM
Knight away. 10-5
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

The sensor information of the solar system was good. Not perfect but good and the attack could start.
With the Knight class leading the attack the small fleet jumped into the system fire raged as they cleaned out as much missiles as possible.

Xander, with Anakin beside him as co-pilot, Danni as sensor ops, Chloe and Rona as gunners was moving in full speed. Dean in one of the defenders, his call sign was D1, was following close covering his rear.
Jaina was flying beside Deak as his wing-man. His calls sign was D2 and Jaina was Star-saber. Her improved XJ-wing had the picture off a swinging lightsaber on the ships body.

A-9 and I-7 Howlrunners rained down on them from the enemy base.
The space-mines fired from everywhere.

But they had good sensor data where the mines would be.
Xander pushed the stick hard rolling the ship as a pair of A-9 passed over and firing their guns. This was a real fight.
“Get ready Ani, mines coming up. D1”

Star-saber (Jaina) “Break the lucky-bones I grabbed the mines” she said telling them to attack the A-9 while she took the space mines.
Xander: “Top takes lucky-bones. Bottom follow top for leftovers” he said to Chloe and Rona in top and bottom-gunner position.

Rona, sitting in the top gunner spot, fired at the pair of A-9, the two quickly dodged her rain of fire. She nicked one but the other dived under below the Enterprise to the waiting opening fire of Chloe.

Her Protector reflexes served her well, as Chloe’s rain of fire destroyed the damaged a-9. The last dodged but was hit and destroyed by Dean.
Danni “Incoming” she jelled the mines had opened fire with a rain of turbolasers.

Xander listen but said nothing as he shifted the stick sending the Enterprise in a wild spin, protecting Dean using the Enterprise’s shield as armor.

Before the mines in front of them had a chance for a second rain of death Star-saber cannons had finished them up.
Ani: “Great flying Saber.” He said holding code name.
Jaina: “Just keep up with me Turtle and I’ll be happy.” She said as they attacked more mines.

With Xander’s group leading the way, blasting away mines around them the other fighters could better handle the left over mines and fighters.
It was a pure and deadly strategy.
Xander’s team focused on mines and self defense.

Two of the X-wing squadrons and the two A-wings squadrons attacked the enemy fighters.

With the big ships followed by two squadrons of X-wings bombing the enemy big ships it was a surprisingly fast battle.

The enemy’s superior defense had been negated once they knew where the mines were and between Xander and Jaina shooting the space mines, they soon were a danger no more and the tide of battle turned quickly.

They were winning. Enemy forces were destroyed or ran away.
“This is Slayer squadron to Turtle thank for the assistance and clear space” one of the XJ-wings said as it flew back into the hanger ship.
Xander opened the hanger door. “D1 and D2 mother said dinner is ready, stop playing with the neighbors.” He said to the two defenders pilots.
Dean laughs. “But mom, I’m not hungry.” He said even if he could see that his Defenders fuel was low.

Xander: “Now now boys. You can go out and play later, dinner first.” Deak was laughing as he flew inside the mother ship.
Jaina followed with a smile. “Well I’m a good girl, I come home and eat.” Her XJ-wings cargo of fuel was much greater than that of the tiny Defenders so her fighter could have kept fighting much longer.
Later in the galley

Xander “Dean, Deak anything to report?”
The two looked at each other. “No, the extra speed makes the Defender a bit jumpy. But thanks anyway mom.” He said with a grin worthy of a devil.
Xander rolled his eyes. “Good. Jaina same question” she smiled “Not even close honey.”

Anakin “The landing ship asked if we are ready to land the troops. They cannot stay here too long or more Republic big ships may arrive.”

Xander “Tell him we are ready and may the force be with us.” He turned to the two devorians “Now boys, we are going to play in a rough neighborhood see that you carry big guns and armor and remember it’s not your duty to die. It’s your duty to make the enemies die.” He grinned and so did they.

He enjoyed the humor the defender pilots had. The Defender class was a close support defense starfighter, created to defend other starships from star-fighters. It was short ranged (Not much fuel = short combat time) tiny small weapons but even small ships could pack away a number of these crafts.

Thanks to their extreme maneuverability they could outfight the larger TIE-Fighters. (The TIE was faster, had more fuel and so more time they could fight before the generator was out of fuel.)

A defender like any small child should always stay close to their mother. But the Defender was a kid that could handle himself against even the big bad neighborhood kids and the standing joke about mother kids and time for dinner was born.

Dean and Deak liked the Defender it was small, but had a deadly bite. Both were also trained in ground combat and now the other half of their mission would begin. “See you later, with luck sir.” They said.
Xander nodded “I hope so too. It has been an honor to serve with the two of you. I hope we have the luck to do so again.” A luck, he knew, would not be great.

Defender pilots had not a long life expectancy especially in combat against real fighters. Like TIE-Interceptors.
Outside fifty landing ships were gathering as they prepare to land troops on the planet.

“Let’s rock and load” he said as the order to go was given.
With Jaina by his side in the cockpit they entered the atmosphere.
Outside they could see the Republic had left most of the industrial parts intact.

But they had blasted and even bombed the non-essential areas. Like cities far away from the important Industrial parts of the planet.
“Bastards” Anakin said from behind.

Jaina “Remember we have the same order. We can use big bombs to take out Republic forces as long as we don’t hurt the industrial Centrum.”

Anakin was silent. “I know” He did not like that. Xander and Jaina joined forces as they force cloaked and then activated the REAL cloaking shield.
To any force using a spy it would look like they used force cloak not technology.

Using the force to guide them Anakin had found a cave near the sea were they parked the Enterprise.

Deak and Dean helped them put up a camouflage net. Soon you would have to stand no more than four meters from the ship to see it.
A short time after the two Devorians lifted off they got ready to get away on speeder bikes.

Xander and Jaina were sitting ready on their Star-slingers racing swoops. Anakin and Rona were sitting on normal swoops and Chloe and Danni were sitting on repulsor-bikes.
With a burst of fire the six young warriors were gone.
Later in a nearby town

The alliance troopers had problems, the Republic was pinning them down with heavy fire from repulsor tanks and with five or fifty he could not see how many snipers nest spread out the whole length of the street, hidden by sensor baffling material and camouflage shields. Around the area they had spread sensor jammers to even further confuse enemy sensors.

They were as good as cloaked. Using low-light blaster gas, the bolts of fire they shoot from the heavy F-web repeaters were almost invisible also. He did know where the jammers were, the sensor confusing signals they were transmitting made it easy to detect them.

But to reach them, they had to enter a position where at least five sniper nests could kill you or the two repulsor tanks could.

Hiding here would not work, the repulsor tanks were slowly pounding there protection down. Blast by blast from extreme long range.
“We need reinforcement.” The captain said. “I know that. Why not let the X-wing bomb the place?” He listened.

Joy it was near important fuel lines. If they bombed them it could go boom and then the factory west of town could be damaged. “Right, so no bombs, any help on its way? Jedi right, and they are here when?” he asked in a stressed voice.
“Stress is bad for you” a voice sitting near him said.

He twisted around seeing a smiling man with armor. He was about to scream for guards when he saw the lightsaber he was holding. “You the” He was interrupted.
“We are” a female voice said from the other direction.

Jaina smiled standing up. Beside her were Rona, Chloe and Danni. “Jedi knight Jaina Organa Solo, Reporting for duty.” She said Rona stepped forward “Force guardian Rona ready to serve.” She said.
Chloe: “Kick ass ready.” She said, then “um I’m Chloe.” She shrugged. “Sorry.”

Danni smiled “Hi I‘m Danni, I’m a student.” She said.
The captain nodded. “And you are?” he said to Xander who slowly stood up from his sitting position. “Jedi Master Xander Harris Solo, at your service” he said with a deadly calm voice.

The Captain nodded. Nothing in his mind protested these were the real deal. “Good. We need help. We know five sniper nests. But as hidden as they are. It could be fifty and there are also two repulsor tanks. If we could take the sniper out we have the weapons to deal with the tank.”

Xander nodded as he looked at the map. “Get me a big gun. E-webb or F-webb if you have it and I’m going to teach you guys a child game called ‘Follow the leader’” he said.

The army captain blinked. “YES sir.” He said with awe.
Jaina smiled as she followed Xander out. “It really did work. I believe we would have to argue an hour just to get him to trust our skills.” She said.

Xander “They said he was distrustful of young persons, but had a great belief in the force. A demonstration that looked impressive and boom he would follow us to hell and back.” he said.
It was luck they had asked for the information about the command officer in the unit they would help.

The short number of Jedi made it necessary for them to work as problem solvers, arriving as fast as possible to help different units with different problems.
A short moment later behind the armored duracreate protection
F-webb, sweet they are good.
He leaned back “Right. The rule of the game is this.
Were ever I fire is a hidden sniper nest.
Once I fire, you all fire. I go to next nest and fire.
You follow. It’s a simple game of follow the leader.
Are you guys ready to play?” the soldiers started to grin as they saw the nodding and almost worshiping face of their captain.

Xander hunched down behind the F-Webb. This was a big weapon, just like small tiny cannon.
The gun itself was around 3 meters long two men could carry it into the combat.
A tripod carried its weight; behind it was a big box with a power generator and a computer fire-control unit.

Normally was a crew of 4 men handling the gun, when they moved it, during combat only two was the normal crew, but one could handle it alone, one to fire and one to handle fire-control was normally needed.

Xander did not need an extra fire control solution to improve his targeting ability. He used the force as he closes his eyes and focused, he could sense the snipers.

He started to fire, full automatic fire in the first nest, then quickly over to the next and the next. Nineteen snipers nest not five or fifty.
One by one they were taken out by combined fire of grenades and E-webbs.

The captain grinned “Right. Get to your position” he said as the missile men hurried forward without the snipers the missile men could sneak forward protected by the ruins all around them. “Thank you” He looked around but the Jedi and their friends were nowhere in sight.

“Sith spit” That was spooky. He frowned what was that, bactate, healing cookies? “Get me the healer, our friends gave us a much needed gift.” he grinned he liked Jedi they were good.

11 November 2008, 09:31 PM
Knight away. 10-6
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

Later in the capital
Jaina sneaked silently inside the big government building as they had information about a team of Republic Special Forces which were hiding inside. Using the buildings advanced communication network they had a base of operation the enemy could not listen into.

They were correct. She could sense not see the hidden cables connected to the main communication computer inside the central. Connected to that computer they had a complete connection to every satellite and communication tower on the whole planet.

Even Aqua-wako the underwater twin city to Wako, the floating city and Sub-Talana the underground city was within their line of communication.

Sneaky, then somewhere inside a building twice the size of a star destroyer they were hiding their main communication central.

Following the cable from down the cellar level of the building and into the corridor she was, she frowned. The corridor just ended, extending her senses she found it. They had build a fake wall

Inside she felt fifteen beings, each with an improved sense of their own intelligence, communication officers and tactical specialist.

Now that was sneaky, the alliance troops had searched this building twice without finding anything and here they were the leader of the invasion force. Bunkered up and hiding.
Jaina sneaked out. Xander would be so irritated. He believed they used Sub-Talana as the hide out.
At the same time in Sub-Talana
Xander frowned: “The invasion force, the Correlian independence.”
The native looked shocked. “What invasion? What independence?” he said in confusion. What happened upstairs never really concerned him.
Xander groaned. “I bet Jaina was right.”

Danni smiled “Look it that a real volcano?”
The native smiled “Yea that’s our pride. Using geo-dampener we tamed the old guy.” Of course the geological activity on his home world was low. But fact is they tamed the volcano and now they could tell exactly where and when an earthquake would happen, small earthquakes they could even stop.

Xander looked, a real flow of lava lighted up the lower part of the city. “Nice.” He said worried. He should have brought something to barbeque. Fire and he were not on speaking terms.
Two days later
Xander relaxed on top of the Enterprise’s hull, he was meditating. The planet was secured and now only small fire fights between Republic terrorist and Alliance troopers broke out.

The Local Corellian’s were crawling out of their hiding holes and bunkers.
They were free.
But deeper into Correlian space the battle was still raging, Starship battle.

He knew he and the Enterprise would be useful, but not that useful. He felt he was needed to go to other places.

Time and space were whirling possibilities futures around him.
Changing, destruction and life

Future paths with Jaina and Danni,
Danni and no Jaina or Jaina and no Danni, the future was changing constantly between the tick and the tack of the clock.
Normal future hard to see it is.

Yet a small number of paths to the most likely future he could feel.

Every now and then one would vanish or a new was created.
Choices, so many potential lives were gone as a potential future vanished by a simple choice between do or not to do and just as many were born from a simple choice.

He mused as he exited his meditations.
Anybody seeing and changing the future are the worst murderers in existence.

We kill and destroy what is not yet born and save what is not yet in danger.
Jay to us!

There is no emotion: There is peace.
There is no ignorance: there is knowledge.
There is no passion: there is serenity.
There is no chaos: there is harmony.
There is no death: there is the Force.
After saying the Jedi code to calm and collect himself he walked inside the ship.
He was calm, he was ready.

“Danni are you ready?” He said. The girl nodded. It was time.

Xander walked up to her. “Then it’s time to see your Zeltron force skills.” He said.
Jaina nodded and Danni smiled “Really?” she started to focus as she danced in front of them.

Xander frowned, a mild mind control. No not mind control, emotion control. He felt lust and passion as he watch the red skinned Zeltron dance in front of them, eager to please, seductive and sexy.
Jaina grabbed his shoulder. She did not look happy.

Xander nodded and keept himself calm. “Anything more?” he asked her.
Danni “That’s the dance of lust. It’s a party trick, but can be used to lure enemies away.
I have other skills of curing the sick, where I focus the force thru my whole body, sending it inside the wounded or sick person and healing him or her.” She said. “If you strip I can show you how it works.” She said ready to start stripping.

Jaina sighed. “Let me guess to do the curing trick you have to be nude.” She asked.
Danni nodded. “Yes. It’s really fun if you like the person you are helping.” She said somehow hanging on both of them, lightly dressed.
Jaina “I bet it is.” She said.

Xander groaned. “Danni, you know if you just learn to focus the force the right way, you could use ONLY a hand to do the cure the sick skill.” He said.

Danni “That’s why I’m here to learn.
But I still believe my old ways are more fun if I like a person.
Snuggle up together and our body heat will warm us up. As we come closer together the force will pump in harmony within our hearts.”

Xander “So all your skills need sex or erotic feelings or am I wrong?” He asked.

Danni looked insulted. “Of course you are wrong.
I have tricks that help children have fun, tickling to make them laugh or mental tricks that help a depressed find something joy filled in his life. None of them have anything to do with sex.” She looked at them before she started to quote the Zeltron witch code.

“The path of happiness leads to love and passion. It’s an old witch saying and our sacred code of the love Witch of Zeltron is.”

“-There is no regret there is happiness.
There is no lust: There is passion.
There is no hate: There is love.
There is no order: There is Life.
There is no Death: There is the force.-”

She said looking extremely happy and relaxed.

Xander realized “Huston we have a problem.” “I see.”
Danni nodded “You Jedi have forgotten. The light side of the Force is LIFE. Its emotions like joy, love, compassion, passion and friendship. The darkside is DEATH. It’s the emotion of hate, anger, fear, lust.”

Jaina: “One question. What the difference in your opinion between lust and passion?”

Danni “Lust is selfish. Somebody after lust wants only to make him or her happy. Passion is somebody who wants to spread joy to both himself and the person he or she has fun with.” She said with a smile.

Xander nodded to himself, Huston we have a problem. “I understand.” He thought. Either the Zeltron’s were immune to the darkside or the Jedi controlling their emotions made a big mistake.

Danni “A person should be master of his emotions not be master by the emotions. You Jedi suppress your emotions. No wonder there are Dark Jedi.” She sniffed.

Xander nodded perhaps, but then he felt most of her ability to focus the force was using a tiny crystal around her neck as a medium and using dance movements as a ritual aid.
Without the tricks of her crystal and her dance skills the force would be useless. They would not work and lacking the deeper connection to the force a Jedi has would also protect her from the Darkside.

Jaina: “No its not. Your lack of connection is what protects you from the darkside.” She said. Jaina knew she was powerful; her ability to sense things in the force was incredible.
Xander and Jacen powers were her equal.
So was Anakin and he was perhaps even stronger then she was.

But Xander had help. The lesson he got from the ghosts of long dead Jedi gave him an advantage. Sure he shared the skills with her, but he got a lesson from experienced force masters.
She got her lessons from Xander.

But compared to her, Jacen was as strong as she was but had not her skills. She could beat him black and blue using only the power of the force.
If she used the lightsaber, Jacen was a joke.

But with power does not wisdom come. She knew that. “Xander what do the ghosts say?” she asked.

Xander they did not say much. “I have to meditate and ask them” he said leaving the girls alone.

Danni smiled “Let’s have fun and talk” Jaina looked nervous.
Xander felt now was a breaking point in the force. A personal future would die and a new one would be born. He hoped it was a good one.

One day later

Jaina frowned. “So what did they say?” She asked.
Xander blinked as he sat down and took a cup of cold chocolate. “They said that we Jedi were correct, from a certain point of view.”

Jaina looked smudged at Danni then her face feel. “What do you mean?” She asked.
Both Danni and Anakin had joined them.

Xander’s face was troubled. “Some humans, all Zeltron’s and especially humans of Skywalker blood and mine, are able to follow the Zeltron’s path of light emotions.” Drinking a bit before he continued: “But most humans are unable to.
The same with most aliens their emotions would lure them away as they are unable to separate there light side from there dark side emotions.

But Skywalker’s, can they are humans of emotions. Leia, Luke, Anakin Skywalker, Jacen, Anakin Solo and you my love.
All have strong emotions yet they are separate in a way most humans emotions are not.
You can feel fear without anger and anger without hate.

That’s why Luke was able to first free Anakin Skywalker from the mental cage of anger and hate Palpatine or Sidius had used on him to make him his weapon.

Then return him to the light before he died and that’s why Luke after being turned by the reborn Palpatine managed to return to the light himself. Skywalker’s are the humans that bring balance to the force.
Me I brought change as I arrived.”

Jaina shivered. “What does that mean?” She asked.
Xander was silent. “Anakin Skywalker never had a father only a mother. Dark Plagius, the master of Dark Sidius or Palpatine experimented with creating life from the force itself.
He succeeded and then he and the child created was murdered by his apprentice Lord Sidius.

But half across the galaxy a twin brother was created and his mother Shmi Skywalker suddenly was with child and named him Anakin Skywalker.”
Jaina swallowed wondering what this would mean.
Were the Skywalker’s borne to be doomed to darkness?

Xander “The Skywalker’s are born with the gift to walk back and forth between the dark and the light, as long as they do not surrender themselves to the darkside.
A thru Skywalker would be able to call on the darkside without becoming consumed by it.”

Both Jaina and Anakin looked nervous. “Are you sure about this?” Anakin said.

Xander shrugged. “No. Fun right? Then comes myself from a dimension under alien laws of nature, using magic a different power type.
Super powered angels and demons changed me so that I would be able to survive here and save earth in a fight.

They gave me the skills I would need and modeled my body parts with powers I already had dormant inside of me.
But also fused me with the latent strength of the greatest of all warriors THIS universe had and as I was reformed in this universe the Force answered blessing me, cursing me.

It adopted me.

Like Anakin Skywalker, I am now a child of the Force.
I bring balance to the force.” He said.

Focusing his anger in his hands lightning started to spread as he focused the dark side.
His soul was surrounded by the foul madness of anger, hate and the lust for destruction. Like a single candle in the dark, his anger lighted his path deeper into the darkness.

Jaina held her arms protective over both Danni and Anakin. They looked in fear.

Then it stopped.

Xander let the anger die and so did the lightning. “It’s dirty and disgusting, a constant feeling of pure destruction and sickness but also the lure of destruction and the power of death.“ he said shivering as he focused his feelings of love, compassion and friendship and let them all feel it projecting it with the force, projective empathy.
Normally used to calm animals and aliens unable to understand what you said.

But Xander was not showing just one, he spread it around like a force field it slowly turned to a spooky light like love. “Force Light. One of the most powerful yet dangerous Jedi skills there are.

The light side mirror of Force storm.
You could destroy a Force wraith or remove sickness from a world. But the price you pay can be high, a mistake and you are dead.
Try to affect to large an area and you are dead.
Just like Force lightning or Force storm it can consume the user.”

He let the Force light vanish. He almost collapsed. Force light was one of the most powerful skills. Yet even a beginner could learn to use it.
It would kill him if he did use it, but he would be able to learn it.

With the light you could bring life to a dead world or like a ghost vanish from one planet and reappear on another.
That was according to the ghosts, but he had not know, how to use Force light to do that.

But Force light was the ultimate power of the lightside.
The stronger you became, the stronger and more effective Force light would become.

The darkside Force storm demanded a master of the force.
You could ravish a world or teleport someone light years away, just by the power of the storm.

The darkside storm demanded a master and even then it was a difficult to control. The light sides Force-Light, even a weak beginner cold learn. But only a master could use it without death and one mistake in either of them and you would be dead.

Skywalker’s could learn and master each side, life and death. So could he.
It was a power he did not want and there was the danger of being consumed by the darkside.
The ghosts said for that to happen he would have to surrender himself to the darkside. But could he trust it?

Danni: “Um so wow. That does explain why you and Skywalker’s are so, so jummy” She said with a smile.
Jaina frowned “Was that Force Light?” She asked. “Luke warned us about that” she reminded him.

Xander nodded. Years before, Luke’s first students lead by Dorsk 81 had combined their powers and Dorsk 81 had used force light to push back a fleet of Star-destroyers.
But Dorsk 81 had not had the skill or the understanding of the power he used and he died by the power of light.

Using that power, they had pushed a fleet of star-destroyers far away out of a star system and damaged the engines so much that they were unable to return and had to sneak away trying to repair themselves with the Republic warships following them.

Jedi Master Dorsk 82 is the clone of Dorsk 81. They are a race of beings that use cloning instead of having children.)

Anakin “You got to teach me that.” He said in awe. There was silence.
Xander could feel his curiosity. “Jaina and I will tech you, but first I want you to ask Luke, Kam Solust or Tione. Ask them about Dorsk 81 and what happened to him. I want you to write a report about Dorsk 81, use at least four living Jedi as a source of information.”

Anakin looked confused. “Why?” He asked.
Jaina smiled. “Because Force light is the most dangerous power a lightsider has. You become one with the light as you use it.
But not many Jedi have the skill to survive using it.” She and Jacen had been only 5 years old then.

But she remembered Dorsk 81.
Never having been a child born in his early teens and pre-programmed any school knowledge he needed.
He was fascinated by children that young.
Kam had told her later that Dorsk 82 often wondered how it would have been if he had grown up like a child.

Anakin nodded. “I understand.” He said.
They were winners in this place. But the war had only begun.

Later in the Valley of the Jedi

Luke had listed as he described the information he had been told by the ghosts. Anakin himself had confirmed it, it was troubling.

Xander did not seem to care.
Jaina was still spooked by the information Luke could tell that.
She and Leia were talking about it.

Perhaps it made no real effect. They were who they were and being the grandchild of the force was perhaps not that bad.

Xander’s feeling of wrong and being needed somewhere was disconcerting.
The Enterprise was being loaded and recharged with fuel as they were ready to return to their watchmen duty.

The Minos cluster had more pirates moving around them.
They also had problems, the New Republic was moving in nearby sectors.

Troubled the future was. Still he had the feeling they were on the right track.
Later, the Enterprise lifted off and vanished into space.
Jaina “What is it?” She asked.

Xander “I could make us return home to Shesharile or use the force to guide us. To whatever it is that I feel I’m needed to be.” He said. His hands were shivering. “It could be dangerous. Anybody who does not wish to join me can go down to Luke.”

Jaina hugged him. “We go together. I go with my man.” She said in self confidences.
Chloe “We are with you boss.” She said,
Rona just grinned and Danni smiled “Where ever a cute and sexy male master and his sexy female Jedi Knight travel the passion filled student will follow.” She grinned.

Anakin nodded “I agree. I’ll go were my masters are going.” He was happy by asking nice (aka begging) and following logical reasoning Luke and Leia had agreed that Xander and Jaina would make good Jedi teachers for him.

The dark haired young mercenary Zeek was 20 years old, 2 years older than Jaina and 1 year older then Xander.
He was a person Luke had asked to follow them.
Both Zeek and Xander knew why.
The young man had first wanted to be a Jedi growing up in the poorer part of coruscant. He somehow managed to become a friend to the rich Jaina and Jacen.

But he made the wrong move and ended up as a Dark Jedi apprentice to the Dark Jedi Brakis. It was Jacen and Jaina which freed him.
Luke offered him training as a Jedi, but the young man eventually refused in fear of his own darkness.
Now he worked as a professional solider for the Force Rangers.

It was a bit awkward he could feel that Zeek cared perhaps even had loved Jaina once. But he was good at gunnery and weapons. “I will follow. Were the Jedi walks, the Rangers will follow” He said simply, but with a found smile.

The only man Zeek was fooling was himself in Xander’s opinion.
Zeek was a Jedi in his heart.

With a blink the Enterprise vanished into hyperspace.
Xander’s eyes were closed as he navigated space as only a Jedi could. Corran Horn and Luke Skywalker are masters at this. Luke had done this since the battle of Hoth.

For Xander this was the second time he had ever done it, instead of using the nav-computer to follow establish safe paths in hyperspace.
He used the force to detect were it would be safe to drive.

Like the first hyperspace navigators from a time when hyperspace was new and dangerous, when only the priest of Bendu could safely guide a ship thru the endless dangers of hyperspace.

It was really not that dangerous if you were well trained. Xander was well trained. But he still felt nervous.

Jaina looked relaxed as she saw the blinking light of the stars race past them on the outside. “Open your eyes. Xander the course is set.”
It was.
“Darkness and danger awaits us. We have to prepare the Enterprise for battle. This time I have a feeling we need no fighters.” He sounded confused.

Jaina nodded. “I go and tell the girls.” She frowned she got a feeling that it was a danger Xander should know.
Old and new mixed together in a new shape.
“Alright girls let’s get our things together.” She said ordering the gang.
Anakin looked insulted and Zeek looked amused but they both agreed.
Chloe grinned as she petted Anakin head. “Com now Ani, a cute girl like you should not look insulted.” She said giggling at the shocked and irritated look of Anakin’s face.

Two days later

To the irritation of every one, Xander had inspected equipment and weapons.

Rona had been forced to carry a second gun besides her loved Penetrator, a Bryar gun as backup.

Xander “Your Penetrator is smaller and a more powerful class 5. But it has a slower rate of fire. The Bryar blaster pistol fires at Class 3 on full automatic. The Bryar can also charge-up a blast which takes a second to do, but that singe bolt of plasma is at Class 6.” He said.

The Bryar normal bolts were small, the size of a normal sporting gun with a high rate of fire and huge ammunition 300 shoots before reload was needed. But the single charged up bolt was extremely deadly, each charge up used power worth of energy of 10 bolts of normal level.
Rona nodded as she put it on her back. She liked her smaller Penetrator more.

Chloe also got a Bryar gun.
It was a great compromise between small size and power.

Zeek: “What about you Jedi then?” He asked.
Xander guns were useful, one Bryar gun and one Thunderer. A small concussion pistol and a chemical missile weapon, he called an improved Eagle.

Zeek artillery was good also.
One concussion carbine able to fire automatic blasts of charged particles, anything it hit was smashed like a bullet and burned like a blaster from the bolt of charged particles or in single fire it fired charged particles that exploded with the power of almost two hand grenades.
It was a weapon that lightsabers were unable to parry.

Kyle had told him after his first fight against Dana that a skilled Jedi could use telekinesis to push the bolt away.

He also had a back pack full of sequencer charges.
The small disk shaped bombs had three settings, one worked as land mines, the other as hand grenades and the last set it to explode at a given time.

Jaina and Xander were surprised at the arsenal Zeek had. “Your friend Kyle Katarn involves himself with the training of the Rangers he said. Those babies make any storm trooper look like a sick puppy.”

Jaina shivered. “Let me guess. He tipped you off to the concussion gun?” Zeek nodded. “Yeah, like to see a Dark Jedi parry this.”
As a side gun he had both a Bryar gun and a BlasTech DL-44 heavy blaster pistol a weapon favored by Han Solo, Mara Jade and many smugglers and often used by Kyle Katarn.

Xander nodded “If I’m correct Hutt mercenaries might be there. But most likely there will be a darksiders. Anakin, Chloe keep moving, do not let him catch you. Danni you work as medic. Zeek and Rona as back up. Jaina we have to tango with the big guy.”
Jaina nodded “It’s him right?”

Xander nodded, his eyes looking far away. “Yes. Hakon is calling us, but he is nothing but a minor disruption, if what I feel is correct.” He said. Rona and Chloe paled a dark Jedi master.
Anakin grabbed his lightsaber.

Zeek nodded taking a chewing gum from his mouth. “Let’s get it over with. I’m almost out of chewing gum.” He said.

Xander laughed. “There is saying where I come from. –I’m here to chew gum and kick ass and I’m all out of chewing gum.-” He said as he walked back into the cockpit. “We will enter normal space tomorrow by lunch, if I’m correct given or take an hour.
Hakon has opened a dimensional gate and invited us to fight him or he will use it.”

Zeek nodded “Kick ass.” He said chewing his gum.
Rona “did you bring some extra sequencer charges? I might need them.” she said.
Zeek nodded. “Do you like thermal detonators?” He had some in his cabin.
Anakin shivered. “I don’t know what I’m most afraid of, the dark Jedi or Zeek blowing them up.”

Later in the cargo bay, the two defenders were gone. They had to leave them behind as Anakin’s interceptor and A-wing Mark 2 Star-fighter was parked inside.

Even with the fighter parked inside, there was still room and Jaina and Xander took maximum use of that.
Hiss, Hiss. His two blades sounded as Jaina single blade parried them. Then Snap hiss. Jaina pulled out her lightdagger a backup weapon she had made on Luke’s order.

While not good at Jar’Kai she could kiss ass. “Not as lucky, are you?” She grinned attacking and fiercely driving Xander back. Only a Force jump saved him.

The two battled wilder and faster around.
Zeek was awed how far Jaina had come. But her husband was something else.
A natural lightsaber user if he ever saw one, shifting between different forms as easy as fish could swim.

Rona: “Impressive, right?” He nodded. “Right none of them uses stun sabers. So they are holding back.”

Zeek “Stun-sabers? I heard he is strong?” He asked.
Rona nodded. “He is. Unless he uses the force Xander is stronger than Chloe.” Zeek blinked and looked at the shorter 16 year old girl standing besides the 15 year old Anakin. “I’m so impressed.” He said.

Rona: “Ha ha, Chloe is a force guardian. Most of us are four times stronger than a normal human. Chloe is two times as strong and I’m four times.” She looked evil “What about the two of us have a simple martial arts fight, just for fun?” She said.

Zeek “I don’t know. I’m rather skilled.” He said worried. Force guardian or not. He was trained by the best.

Zeek was humiliated “You are good.” He said to a beaming Rona. “I forgot that Force guardians learn the art of fighting faster than a normal human.” He said looking at Rona. “And they said something about special abilities. What is yours?” He asked.

Rona shrugged. “Most Guardians seem to believe it should be a guarded secret. But I don’t care. Mine is learning.
I learn any art of dancing or fighting almost the moment I see it.
Unless something like the force or cybernetic powers is involved I can repeat it perfectly the first time I try.”

Zeek swallowed. “How good are you?” He asked. She shrugged.
Jaina “She can keep up with me and Xander using lightsabers. As long as we do not cheat and use the force as a weapon.”

Xander “She also masters some wookiee brawling art.
A pair of Noghri trained her in their martial arts. By the end they said she was close to be a master herself. Classic Coruscant police self defense art she has mastered and some Slayer kung-fu that Robin Wood taught her.” He said.

Rona was blushing. “I also know some Judo and blaster-fu or whatever it’s called.” She said trying to describe the art of using a blaster pistol the right way.
Jaina nodded. “She is our friend. Hurt her and we will hurt whatever is left of you after she has hurt you back.” She said looking at Zeek.
He leaving her and vanishing had hurt her years before.

Rona smiled. Zeek was strong and mysterious, dark yet a good guy.
Danni looked around “We should go to bed it’s going to be a hard day tomorrow.” She said as she began to walk into Xander and Jaina’s bedroom.

Xander raised his hand to stop Danni but Jaina grabbed it. “No. Let her. She only wants us all to be happy and I’m tired to fight her.
Let her join us tonight let’s see if we can make it work out.” She said.
Xander felt dry like a fish on land. “Yes honey.” He said.
Zeek blinked “That lucky bastard.” He said.

Next day
The Enterprise entered normal space cloaked and unseen by all.
Zeek was surprised they had a real cloaked ship.
He decided to keep the secret as they raced down.

The Enterprise was a strange ship indeed.
A bubble pool in the bathroom with the written on the bottom clear to see for anyone taking a bath was

- He who fights monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster -

wise words he had a feeling that Xander put them there for fun or to remember.
A short time later they parked on a nearby moon to hide while they used the sensors.

In orbit was an old Carrack light cruiser, a 350 meter long ship. Regardless of its name it was nothing light about it. The old ship had safe sections build like an old earth submarine and armored walls everywhere.

To truly destroy it an enemy would have to destroy more than half the Carrack and even then survivals could be found among the destroyed leftovers drifting in space.

Combine that with Class 8 speed it was a difficult ship to defeat. Its weakness was the fact that thanks to the interior sections walls and armor, it lacked room to have many weapons.

The 10 heavy turbolasers were to light and not enough for it to hurt big ships and the 10 light turbolasers were to slow to fight star-fighters and also powerless to hurt big ships.

But against ships its own size class (100-400 m) it was a nightmare to fight.
Anakin “That’s an old ship.” He said in awe. He had never seen one before.

Jaina nodded “Yeah it’s a good ship. I just hope it does not have fighters.”
Xander: “No hope for that. It looks like it has a hanger and it’s the updated version. They replaced the 10 light turbo lasers with 10 smaller quad anti-starfighter cannons.”
Right now Xander hated smart enemies.

Hakon was there and something more. “Do you feel that?” he asked.
The others sensed it like strange feelings of pain slashing its way thru the solar system.
Jaina “What is it?”
Anakin “I don’t know but whatever it is, is making the sun unstable.”
Xander answered him. “It’s a dimensional rift. Down there was the gate machine I destroyed. If Hakon has managed to repair it...” He was silent.
Anakin “This is” he asked. Xander just nodded.

Jaina “There is a Correlian gunship down there, most likely one of his.”
Xander switched the cloak on. “Let’s go down there and have a talk.”
Anakin frowned. “I. I think Hakon has connected himself to the machine somehow.”
Xander “This is the last chance, if anybody wants to run. The A-wing and the X-wing have hyperdrives.” He said. Jaina and Anakin smacked him. It was their crafts.
Nobody wanted out.

Let’s get down there. Nobody said it but they were thinking it.

13 November 2008, 06:25 AM
Knight away. 10-7
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

Later on the surface
Mushroom like trees just like he remembered.
The others had their armor and helmets on.
But not Xander it was something he noticed, in a misty atmosphere he could use his gills to sort out poisonous gas that would otherwise make the air not breathable.

It was just like last time. Except this time he knew that the atmosphere was actually deadly to humans. Mushroom tree spores filled the air and lungs on anybody trying to breath. Not him, his gills somehow removed them.

“It’s just as I remember. The ruin is over there.” He said. They had not landed far away. R3 and R6 were linked up to the Enterprise ready to come and save them with the ship.

“Rona, Zeek you come from the east and be the surprise.
We take south.” he said and started to walk with Jaina beside him.

Rona and Zeek activated their speederbikes and vanished.
Anakin nodded as he followed them with Chloe beside him.
“What are you doing?” she asked, as Anakin was fingering his lightsaber with his multi tool.

Anakin “Just fine tuning it. I’m not happy with the focus of the ray yet.
It keeps getting unfocused over time unless I fix it every week.” He knew the others did not have that problem but he decided to make a high pristine blade. More cutting damage but constantly in the need off more TLC as Xander used to say. (TLC = Tender, Love and Care)

Chloe nodded, removing part of her shield gauntlet. “I know what you say. It took forever to get this to fit me correctly.” She said. Anakin was about to say it is not the same but said. “Thanks. I hope so too”

Chloe smiled. “Did you know? For a geek you are cute.” She said.
Anakin laughed. “Thanks. So are you. I mean even if you are cute you are a protector or. I’ll be quite” he said.

Chloe giggled “Thanks. I think.”
Anakin nodded he could perhaps help her with her armor. “You know if you remove what you have on you I could help you make it better.” He said then blushed. “I. I was talking about the armor I’m good at that”
This time Chloe was blushing too.

In front of them Jaina’s Jedi meditation was stopping her from laughing over her clumsy little brother.
Xander had spotted the enemy and could hold himself from laughter. “There they are.”

Down in the valley they could see them.
AT-ST and TIE-Tanks (TIE-Tanks are also called. Centurion tanks) Build from the frame of a TIE-Fighter. The TIE-Tanks used tracks instead of ion engines. They are light and quick one man battle tanks.

The TIE-Fighters original ION engine and Repulsor engine was removed and a lighter Repulsor engine was installed, giving the TIE-Tank the ability to jump over anything the tracks get stuck on and fall from great heights without damaging itself.

It still had the same crappy cannons a normal TIE had, but also often installed a double heavy-repeater gun (like an E-webb or F-webb) on the roof in a turret mount.

“A lot of enemies” the troopers were hired goons, a lot of them.
Zeek was in place. He knew that.
Jaina “Walk in and fight or sneak inside?” She asked. Sneaking would be best.

Xander frowned. “No, no sneaking. He is prepared for that. Look cameras. That camera keeps special care watching that piece of ground.”

Jaina: “Yes. Why?” she asked then “Trap but how?”
Anakin: “A weight sensor combined with a camera. If the sensor senses anything and the camera didn’t see it a bomb explodes.”

Xander nodded. “Lots of places like that. He wants us to run a gauntlet for him. Just like last time. Anakin most seem to be humans. When I or Jaina fights them, could you, from a distance, remove their breath masks? Chloe you get sniper duty.”

Chloe nodded as she packed up her sniper blaster rifle. A gun assembled almost 180 cm long. It was longer then she was. But it could destroy most speeders and even military armored crafts.

Not AT-AT walkers they were too heavy, but it could destroy an AT-ST if you hit it at the right spot in the engine resting between the legs and the cockpit.

Danni watched, her training in the force was not that advanced yet. Using the force without an artificial link or aid was hard to do, so much to unlearn.

She had the Crystal of seduction used together with the dance of focus and she could use the skill of emotion manipulation. All her force witch skills depended on primitive magic to use the force and she had to unlearn the need of those focusing tools.

That was all they were, primitive tricks to help her access and use the force in a special way.
Chloe was ready. The sniper gun was quick to assemble. It only had three parts that had to be mounted together.

She climbed up on a tree and started to aim. She had to be careful with this. She could probably shoot four humans with one blast. It was a more powerful and elegant weapon then a barbaric lightsaber or a random weapon of death like a concussion carbine.
The sniper blaster rifle was a weapon of elegance in the hand of a civilized person, she mused.

Side by side the two Jedi walked down.
The first At-St that challenged them was faced with a power full force push from Xander that tipped it over.

Then send crashed down from Jaina’s force push.
Now they knew trouble was walking inside.

Both AT-AT’s turned and started to fire, but the Jedi had already moved.
Running at high speed Xander rushed towards the big walker using Force flight he landed on its left leg above the knee.
Extending his lightsaber to the full 2 meter length he pushed the blade in the knee, welding the left knee together. Then he jumped to the neck.

The troopers inside were surprised, as one of the Jedi they were shooting at was suddenly standing on the window screen swinging a gigantic 2 meter long blade straight inside the cockpit.

With a flip of a switch the lightsaber shrank down to 1 meter again, as he climbed inside, slicing up the screaming pilots and equipment before jumping out and drifting down.

Soresu was Jaina’s solution. Using her skill in the defensive art of lightsaber combat she parried and blasted the bolt right back at the AT-AT Walker causing damage to one cannon.

Seeing more At-ST in the corner of her eye, she ignored the big walker. Moving quickly she rushed away from the incoming grenades.
Chloe fired ones then twice and two of the AT-ST stopped walking and parked sitting, with the engine down, they were crunched down in a sitting position.

Just as Jaina sliced open the fuel pod on the last AT-ST Xander jumped to the second AT-AT.
It was over in a minute.
The troopers were calling for the TIE-Tanks.

The fast moving small and heavy tanks were difficult for a Jedi to fight.
Jaina and Xander had to dodge and parry the rain of blaster bolts they attacked with, moving closer to the ruin for protection.
A sequencer charge, flying like a discus, landed under one of the centurion tanks and the explosion took out its engine.
A second tank got hit by a thermal detonator.

Then concussion blasts started to tear down the soldiers in their way. Huge explosions erupted from the area Xander claimed was mined.
Zeek: “It’s mined alright. Better I take more of those places out. Before somebody use them to take out Jaina and Xander.” He said with a grudging grunt. The guy was good for his princess, no Jaina, he made a choice and now she was no longer his princess.

Besides he kind of liked Xander, he was a nice guy. He pulled the trigger creating more explosions.
Now where would I be, if I was a dark Jedi? Of course, I would be inside the temple.
Xander: “He is up there.” He said.

Jaina nodded “Do you feel it? He is amused and something dark. A force storm is coming.” She said in worry.
Only Palpatine had been able to tame the power of a Force storm.
No wonder Darth Vader had called the Death Star nothing but a technological terror.

Xander agreed. “He is using what is left of the machine, to create a force storm or no, he is creating rifts which act like a force storm.”
Jaina “We have to stop him” she said. The two hurried inside.
At the same time in space.
It started small, the size of a tiny apple sized rift in space glowing white and pulsing in strength.
Seconds later it was the size of a big apple,
the kind of apple you call a city like New York.

It was moving.

Planet 1 in this solar system was the first to face the power of the rift. Crackling it fell asunder in million asteroids which the rift consumed and it was moving towards planet 4.

Inside the carrack in orbit the captain, for the first time ever, ignored a direct command. He ordered them to move out of the solar system.
At the same time on the surface of planet 4.

Xander and Jaina rushed into the temple.
There holding a strange metallic cube was Hakon.
“Welcome soon I will be almighty, a god in this galaxy or I will destroy the universe.” He looked at them. “Either way sounds good. Right?”
Click, Hiss. Click, Hiss.
Click, hiss.

Jaina and Xander activated their lightsabers. “Not if we kill you first.” they said together.
Click, Hiss and Hakon stood ready with his blade.
The three looked at each other then they attacked.

Xander was sneaky, as he used the concussion pistol, but Hakon just waved his hand sending the charged particles in a different way. Picking up his lightdagger Xander shrugged, it sounded like a good idea.
Jaina was confused something about Hakon felt familiar, like he was blood and then he attacked.

Jaina parried as Xander cut and slashed in at Hakon who dodged, parried, kicked his feet, then slashed and stabbed his lightsaber.
Xander dodged the kick, parried the blade, then parried again with the dagger before slashing hard drawing blood from Hakon.
The Dark Jedi looked as surprised as they did.
Then hell broke out.

Forced push away Jaina flew out of the temple, leaving Xander alone.
Hakon “Now it’s only the two of us.” He said.
Xander nodded “One question. Why do you feel like a Skywalker?” he said.

Luke had said things when he asked him in a private meeting. If what he suspected he pitied both Luke and Hakon.
Hakon smiled “Lady Lumiya wanted a perfect weapon. She mixed the blood between the two most dangerous and powerful beings she could find. Shira Bree and Luke Skywalker, my real father Luke never knew I was born and my dear old mommy is dark lady Lumiya herself.”

Xander “I see.” He said while he was parrying, dodged, slashed and then stabbed. No mistake, then kick. Force jump away and land. He hated when he was right some times.

He could not be ignored now. Hakon’s attack was faster than he could see, even as he parried and dodged the Dark Jedi just kept pushing him back. It was time for the offense.

Letting anger play, he dived closer, force lightning danced around his lightsaber and lightdagger. Hakon backed away in shock as he was electrocuted and send flying from the shock.

Xander stood still. It worked. He took a deep breath. Calming himself no way he would take the chance of being consumed.

Hakon stumbled up with burn marks and yet another scar from Xander’s lightsaber. “How did you do that?” he asked. For a moment it felt like fighting a darksider. Now Xander felt like a Jedi again. A shimmer of Force light surrounding him.

Xander “You can to. That IS the power of Skywalker blood. The gift all of us have which are direct children of the force. Unlike normal Jedi or Sith the dark- or lightside can only enslave us if we chose to let it. Join me. Surrender your hatred give up on your anger Hakon.” He said, sending calming waves of light around him and using emotion control to try to keep Hakon calm.

It did not work.
Force lightning danced out from Hakon lightsaber as he attacked.
Xander swore as he used his dagger to parry the force-lightning.
The two started to move faster and faster.

Blood and part of armor were slashed away from their bodies. The stank of burned flesh filled the room as they battled against each other.
Hakon was better trained in combat then he was and stronger. Implanted cybernetic and bio-tech had made him super strong.
Xander was losing bit by bit.

Then Jaina jumped into the combat again with Rona at her side.
With her shield gauntlet activated and a lightsaber in her hand the two girls attacked moving at full speed.
Side by side Xander, Jaina and Rona were fighting Hakon. Raged filled him as he used the force to speed himself up and to attack with telekinetic.

The three of them were pushed back bit by bit. He was to powerful and skilled.
Then suddenly Hakon backed away.

The speed he was moving in had started to become too much, even for him and worse Xander and Jaina had started to become accustom to the speed. Between the two of them they were almost his match.
Then he saw it in the door, two more Jedi, Anakin Solo with his lightsaber burning and Zeek holding a concussion carbine in one hand and an active lightsaber in the other.

Behind them, still visible was Chloe. Her shield gauntlet’s energy shield was glittering and her lightsaber glowing.

Hakon growled in anger as he sent out an explosion of Force push before force jumping away out of the building. Not that he was scared. In a real duel 2-3 skilled fighter against one enemy would work, anymore and they would just be standing in the way of each other, unless they use the tag-team method. He jumped past the window. He slashed out at the roof with his force lightning, at the right spot and the old stone roof cracked and started to fall down.

Xander and Jaina swore “He is getting away.” They had to run the wrong way as the roof fell down at them.
From their radio they could hear him speak to them. “It’s too late Jedi. I will kill you all. The moment I enter the rift the power cube of the old machine you destroyed will protect me from death and I will be like a god of destruction, greater then a death star. Once inside the rift it will give me the ability to use force storms.”
He cut the transmission.

Xander “Where is he? Let’s get him before it’s” he suddenly saw a TIE-Defender fly away. “Is that what I think it is and how fast is it?”
Zeek nodded. “Yeah, the fastest space craft, engine class 16, speed 160 mglt at cruising speed and 640 mglt all out.”
Jaina: “What Zeek said” She said.

Xander “Enterprise come and get us now” he screamed into the comlink. The engine of enterprise was a class 9, but his was improved it was a bit faster than normal.

Anakin: “If he is correct. We ××××ed right?”
Xander: “No, I can close the rift. I just have to be inside of it. You guys and girls should stay here. It’s not safe.”

Anakin “No, we are going if you are. When our powers combines, Force joined like Dorsk 81 and the other student did, each of our powers is multiplied by the number of Jedi involved.”

Jaina paled. “We go.” If Xander was to close the rift, they would have to channel their powers thru him. Each of their powers would be multiplied by how many they were.

Four that could use the force and join up, that would mean that they all would be four times stronger and Xander would have 32 times as much power then he was used to. If Anakin was correct. It could just as easy be 64 times as much.

None of them was sure how the force multiplying worked during a joining and if Xander was too weak, she would be a widow.
A roar of mighty engines told them that the Enterprise was there.

Using force flight and telekinesis the whole gang was soon inside.
They dumped the weapons in a casket to make sure nothing was rolling around and causing damage by accidently fire inside the ship.
R3 beeped worried to him.

Xander “Yeah I know and it gets worse. To save us all, I have to stop the darksider by entering that storm. If you don’t want to come with us buddy, use the escape pod.” He said to his R3.
The little droids peeped angry at him.

Xander: “Sorry. Just wanted to give you the same chance I gave the others to escape what might be certain death.” His R3 started to peep again angry. “I’m sorry I said it.” It did not stop the angry droid. “What do you mean I have to say I’m sorry to my friends?” He said in surprise.
R3 just kept peeping angry.

Xander blinked then turned to his friends. “I’m sorry that I asked you to leave me alone and to fight by myself.” He turned to his R3 unit. “Now do you forgive me?” He said hoping the bucket of rust would.
R3 peeped happy, his owner was forgiven.

Jaina blinked “You are so droid-whipped.” She said hoping her R6 was not listening.
Chloe: “Is it just me or do you find it scary too, that there is a word like Droid-whipped?” Rona could only agree.

The Enterprise raced up in full speed of 440 mglt. At full speed his maneuver ability would be almost nothing.
At 440 Mglt the border between planet and space just raced by them, as they entered space flying faster than a comet.

This was Xander first time using the full speed of the ship. He tried 400 mglt to test the engine, but never the full speed. The groaning sound of an overheating engine was not good.

Jaina “Slow down or we break something.” The engine was going into critical.
Anakin “We are gaining on him. No wait he noticed us.” The darksider speeded up.

Xander slowed down to 320 and the engine stopped protesting. It was still in red but not critical.

He was holding what the builder of the Class 9 engine claimed was the maximum speed the engine could handle and there it was. “It’s huge.” The rift or force storm was big. The size of a small planet and it was racing towards them.

Anakin “Zeek, Danni, Jaina lets join up and help shield the ship with the force. Xander join up and once we are inside, we give you the power you need.” He said.
The three force user joined up, linking their mind and soul as they pushed back the deadly energies leaking out of the rift.

The Enterprise rocked back and forth from the tidal waves of energie that hit them. It was difficult to navigate his big ship.
The sensors were dead, overwhelmed by the pure raging storm of energy outside.

Flying by force sense alone he could sense that Hakon had the same difficulties, his ship was smaller so he could navigate more easily. But the tidal wave of energy hurt his TIE-Defender more than the Enterprise was hurt.

Then the storm stopped and they were floating in a black void. The engines did not work in here. The laws of nature were different here. Ion engines did not create motion.
He flipped them off.

Out there, like a tiny speck of light, he could see the TIE-Defender and Hakon was using his powers and the box, reaching out claiming the power of the void for him.
“I need you power now” he said and they gave it to him.

Xander was drowning as his power climbed up more and more. “Force LIGHT” he said and exploded in a burst of light that blinded them all.

Chloe was first to see Xander standing in the middle of the cockpit glowing like a torch even burning.
Everything inside and around her looked white from the purity of the light Xander was producing.

Rona was white, she was white, Jaina white, Anakin white, Zeek white.
Only streaks of black shadows outlined their bodies in the all consuming burning white light that had swallowed them.

“We look like bloody cartoons.” She said in shock or awe.

Xander did not hear her as he fought Hakon for control over the void. Hakon had the cube. He had his friends.
Hakon cube gave him more powers. Xander stopped fighting. Instead he attacked the cube.
In Hakon arms the cube suddenly cracked and Hakon screamed in pain as the void exploded around them all.
In the bridge of THE Enterprise Xander screamed as the void attacked him, he pushed it away but it was too strong. Then everything exploded and then the force storm vanished.
No sight of the Enterprise or Hakon’s TIE-Defender was seen.

End of Chapter 10

13 November 2008, 01:40 PM
Knight away. 11-0
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong

The reentry to normal space was violent, the Jedi were knocked down and drained of strength from the joining they had done.

Chloe and Rona leaped to action as they jumped into the pilot- and copilot seat.
“Activate the cloak” Rona screamed, seeing a planet that could have life on it, coming closer and closer.
Chloe “How the hell do I do that?” she protested.

R3 peeped as he pushed a button, activating the cloak and the ion engine. He then rolled over to Xander.
His life readings were weak.
The tiny droid activated his medic program, he asked Xander to buy him and had Jaina had installed, he was not a medical droid by any means, more like a simple doctor specialized in humans and near-humans, with subroutine fist-aid on helping Wookiees.

A real doctor droid would have known million of alien races. He knew humans and near-humans.
But the medical doctor programs, now hard wired (permanent burned into him) made him super great at first aid and he knew one thing from his med scanners.
Without help Xander was dying and only he the trusted R3 could save him.
R3 peeped nervous he was not even sure that he COULD save his master.

Rona “I did something, the cloak activated.” Chloe “No R3 saved us. What do we do now?” She asked.

The CGT device gave the some sensor data of the outside. Not much but with luck they might be able to fly closer to the planet then de-cloak and actually see what they were doing.

Rona “Let’s try to land on that planet.” Probably would be best to have solid ground under them.
Chloe: “What about Xander and the others?” She was worried. Xander looked dead.

Behind them R3 injected a deep sleeping drug into Xander to slow him down. Then injected an energy rich nourishment solution and force feed him a bactate cookie.

Xander felt in a deep healing coma, his energy was slowly recovering. R3 was happy. His master’s body was now sleeping and recovering. He peeped happy. He did it. He saved his master.

R3 turned to the others. Except being tired and drained nothing was wrong with them. He looked at Danni and peeped with disliking. She did not respect droids like master did.

Just to be safe R3 put and injection of nourishment solution into them. His doctor skills told him that would be best.

That was the correct action his med-scanner confirmed.
They shifted very fast from unconscious to deep sleep. Except Xander, he was still in a healing coma. He looked at the girls flying down to a planet.

With the cloak active he had no idea where they were. But he could, from the vibration in the hull, confirm they were flying in atmosphere. The crystal gravity trap sensor or CGT-sensor was useful but close to a planet it was jammed by the planets gravity field.

Rona “Right turn of the Cloak, I think we are close to the ground now” she said. Beside her Chloe reached out to punch a button when the Enterprise slammed into something hard.

The ship tumbled around in the air, crashed into something more than the cloak was turned off by R3.

They could see sand spraying the cockpit window as the Enterprise was digging its grave in a desert somewhere.
Rona turned the ion engine off and put the repulsor to maximum, to get the ship to stop moving.

It glided thru the sand another km before stopping.
The repulsor lifted the ship slowly before Chloe activated the landing gear and Rona put her down.

They looked at each other, then at R3.
Rona “If we tell him the Enterprise just crashed would you rat us out?” she asked.

Chloe looked at the droid with puppy dog eyes. “Please don’t tell him, he would murder us.” She begged.

R3 sighed. Why was he such a softy? Peep beep he said waggling his body in confirmation. Rona read the translation on her data-pad.
He would keep silent. They just crashed.

The two guardians let out a breath of air. They were safe.

Two days later

Xander frowned as he drifted between dark and light.
Something was wrong. Looking out he found it, the void.
Part of the void was inside of him waiting to be called up on.

What was more wrong was the force. It felt weak, unused yet it was studying them, in a spooky way Xander knew their presences here was giving it ideas.

He opened his eyes. “Hi cutey do you often sleep in the bed of strangers?” He said to Jaina. She squealed “Xander you are awake.” She hugged him. “I was so worried. You slept for so long.”

Xander nodded “I feel better now. So let’s gather everybody and let see what has happened.”
Jaina nodded looking pensive. He would not like what happened to the Enterprise.
Later in the galley

Xander was not happy. They had hurt his baby. “At least nobody died. So I have no real reason to be angry.” He took a deep breath. “So while I was sleeping, what did you find out about the planet we are on?” He asked.

Rona spoke up. “We are on Earth, Sahara desert in Africa close to the Atlantic.” She saw Xander’s surprise. “I had R3 and R6 check up. It’s not my world. My mom died four years ago. I was never born, instead they had two twin boys.” She sounded depressed yet happy.

Chloe “Never found any trace of my father. My mother seems to be in the military, we did not find anything more on her.” She said sounding a mix between sad and happy.

Xander “Did you find anything about the Watchers, Slayer, vampires anything?” He asked in English.
Did the powers that be, lied to him?

Chloe nodded they did indeed. “Watchers USA, a civilian organization with military sponsors, they keep a close eye on children of the BMP soldiers. Watchers, Great Britain, a historical society that records history as it happened without getting involved.” She said.

Rona: “We.” A peep “R6 hacked the primitive database.
Watchers England is apparently a secret society involved in sponsoring correct political persons on a global scale.

R6 had to hack by thousand different dummy corporations and false leads before he got into theirs. They are decades more advanced than normal Earth tech is.” She was silent, then continued.

“Current leader is a man named Rupert Giles. He has a body guard named Robin Wood a second generation BMP. From what we read Wood and Giles are involved in assassination and created a war between Greece and Egypt to hinder the militant PSI movement in those countries to grow strong.”

She said. “Most of the Watcher black operations are done by the Illuminati another fake front of the Watchers.” Rona watched Xander face as he frowned, meditating over what R6 had found out. From what she read the Watchers sounded evil.

“What did you find about Slayers?” he asked.
Chloe “R3 helped me. Slayer or Slayers are an old English name given to animals that suffered from the eximius syndrome. It means” She was interrupted by Xander.
“Super. The super syndrome, what does it do?” He asked.

Chloe: “It causes the animal to gain improved strength, speed and size, but the eximius also become unstable, especially predators.
There are rumors on the web that the eximius animals have almost human level of intelligence.” She was silent.

Xander nodded “This is not our world then. Anything more we need to know? Did you find out what the bmp are?”

Rona nodded. “O yes we did. It was the Bio Military Program. Started primitive during World War 1, by injecting powerful doses of blood from animals with eximius, the result was often dead soldiers.

But 10% gained directly improved strength and speed. 25% gained sometimes year’s later improved physical ability. 30 % died directly. The rest lived many died by cancer years later or became criminals.
The successful were called the super-soldiers or BMPs”

Xander swallowed “They continued in WW 2?” He asked, but already knew the answer.

Chloe nodded “And in the period of peace. Twenty five years. Then Stalin started the war.” She could see Xander’s surprise. “I know, but apparently in this universe Hitler became a half famous artist until he died from drowned drunk in his villa in Paris. “

Xander blinked, than blinked again. That was actually fun. He wondered if he had a better childhood then the evil monster that lived his universe. “Um was it the same guy?” he asked.
Rona: “No idea. But this worlds Hitler look bigger, a bit fat and happy.” She said shrugging.

Xander nodded “Perhaps it was a different Hitler then.” He wondered. Not knowing that in this universe Hitler’s father Alois Hitler had married a Loise Noliare from France. Not Klara Polzl and thus he became a complete different human.

He frowned. What were they talking about? Yes. “The BMP what happened during WW2.” He asked.

Chloe “They refined the method. Using direct injection of eximius to infect cells was one method another was using a bacteria that carried the eximius DNA. Modern scientist identified the source of the eximius as a virus that a human should be immune to. The number of surviving rocked in number.”

Xander frowned: “If it created genetic Mutation what about second generation?” He asked.

Chloe “That was the thing. With animals, if an eximius mated the second generation was normal and had an improved tolerance for eximius infection. But in humans the children were changed.
It was discovered that they had paranormal ability, psionic powers.”

He frowned 25 years. The kids of the first generation of super-soldiers would have been grown up to fight then.

Jaina interrupted. “Right tell him what the psionic can do” she said.
Chloe, “Right. Each psionic has different types of powers. From ESP, sensing the future, danger sense, radar vision, PSYCHIC HEALING, healing, regeneration, regrowth, PSYCHOKINESIS, telekinesis, flight, kinetic shield, TELEPATH, empath, mind readers and mind talking.

It was a skilled PSI healer that made civilians accepted PSI in some countries. In others they are hated or feared.” She looked “On the internet they say there are rare forms like PYROKINETIC and TELEPORTERS.

But Pyrokinetics are considered living bombs, most countries force them to live in isolation and nobody has seen a living teleporter since the Australian border war in 1967. Rumors say that the government assassinates them.”

Rona “it said that most PSI’s have only one power that they can use and learn from, but it’s not unheard of that a PSI has one strong power and a second weaker power.” It was fascinating to learn mind-reading the PSI-TELEPATH would first have to learn empathy, mind-shield an animal empathy then mind-reading.

Each skill was related in a path that they needed to master before learning the next and most powers had one or more path of skills they could master, starting with a simple weak skill.

Xander “I am tempted to fix the ship and move away. Hakon is still alive and this world has powerful humans living on it.”
Jaina “Move away? Where too?” she asked.

Xander looked up. “Home, of course, Hakon was correct. The void did give me a power.” He focused and they could see a tiny crack forming in the air above his hand, then vanish. “It’s inside of me now. Anytime I want to take the risk I can open a gate and rip the fabric of time and space open. We can go home Jaina.”

Rona was silent but Xander smiled “If you wish. If you or Chloe wish you could stay on this Earth. R3 and R6 could easily give you and identity or you could come with me and Jaina. Take your time and chose.” He smiled.

Zeek was not smiling on the other hand. “What about Hakon? Do you think he has the same powers?” He asked.

Xander nodded. “Yes, yes he has. If I understand him correct he will try to find a way to return, but the moment he learns about the PSI-powers on this world. He will try to gain them for himself.”

Danni “We have to stop him” she said. The darkness in that person had scared her.

Xander hugged her arm. “Don’t worry we will. Indeed we will.” He said before leaning back to meditate sensing his enemies. “Right now Hakon is captured. Military black ops are holding him and his TIE-Interceptor.

He is in a coma far away. Where? I have no idea someone is actually blocking me from finding the exact location. But he is gaining strength and so shall we do. Zeek, Anakin, Danni prepare to face a hell called Xander’s elite training of Jedi.

Correction, all of us will enter hell training. In there is no mercy.” His eyes glittering for some reason, he wished that he had a white kitten to pet right now.
Later inside the cockpit
Anakin and Jaina wondered why he called them there.
Xander “I have to explain Hakon’s origin to you. Shira Bree or Lady Lumiya, as she calls herself now days, wanted a weapon.
So she used blood samples from herself and the greatest force user she had found. Luke Skywalker.”

Jaina and Anakin were silent.
Xander continued explaining things he heard Hakon say and later things he had seen in his coma flashes from Hakon’s own life.
But most from his talk with Luke and Hakon. “Lumiya did not want a child, she wanted a weapon. So the moment he was born he was improved with bio-enchantments and cybernetic implants.

Even part of his brain was removed and replaced with a cybernetic implant. A cyber-brain, which would make him enslaved to Lumiya permanently. But she told him to get lost and he did.
But his first program was to kill all Jedi. He hates Jedi and Sith so much it’s scary. But at most he hates and fears Lumiya and Luke.

He is planning on destroying the legacy of the Sith- and the Jedi order. Any Skywalker or Solo is a person, Hakon wants to see dead.
He is beginning to hate me and Jaina more and more now.”

Anakin: “He is our cousin.” He said in surprise.
Xander: “No, he could have been. He is a monster, part of his brain is cybernetic and programmed. Hard wired to hate Jedi and obey Lumiya.”
Jaina: “Why? How could Lumiya do that? Where did she get Luke’s blood?”

Xander “Not sure it was blood actually. Lumiya was trained by Palpatine and Lord Vader as a Sith. She was a master at infiltration.
On Palpatine’s order she joined the rebellion and flew side by side with Luke as part of Rouge squadron and as Luke’s wingman and girlfriend.

Until the order to kill Luke came, then she attacked without mercy.
She had the order to get a sample of Luke, for cloning from Palpatine.
I believe she kept safe another sample of sperm from Luke.
In case she needed it.”

Jaina looked sick. “That’s awful.” She said.
Xander nodded.

Anakin “Could we save Hakon?” he asked.

Xander frowned. “Not without killing him or take over the slave part of his cyber brain. But then he would be nothing but a simple robot, unless we do a complete mind-wipe. Then operate out the cybernetic slave control in his brain and then give the cyber-brain a reprogramming.”
He looked at Anakin. “Unless you are willing to do that, killing him and then make a clone of him would be much simpler and the end result would be the same.”

The younger man, he was 15 year old, but Xander had a hard time calling Ani a boy, looked uneasy but nodded. “I don’t want to be a monster Ani. Give me an option, give me a possible way of saving him and we do it.” He sighed “But until then he is dead.”

Jaina nodded “Why tell us?” She asked.
Xander “It is something you need to know. If not, Lumiya could use it against you. Claiming Hakon was Luke’s abandoned child, which he is not and yet he is.
He was born years after Shiira had left Luke to become Lumiya.” They nodded.

Anakin “Does Uncle Luke knew?” He asked.

Xander nodded. “He does? I asked him about Hakon after our first meeting. He did not say who he was. But I suspected it. Luke said Lumiya had created Hakon by stealing a genetic sample from what she considered powerful humans.” He looked out the window desert dry land. Not his kind of land. “He also told me all he could about the training and improvements Hakon has suffered in his life.”

Jaina “That’s so wrong.” She said sulking.
Xander nodded. “Yes. But remember Hakon is a monster. Lumiya made him into a monster. What’s left of his Skywalker body is possessed by a cyber-brain. Tormented by training and mind-influence and skill imprints since the moment he was born.” He stood up. “I think, you two need to talk about this together.” He said.
He walked out leaving the two Solo’s alone in the cockpit.

17 November 2008, 02:34 PM
Knight away. 11A-0
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a
whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a
strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not
like the Yuuzhan Vong

Outside in the evening

Rona shivered from the cold wind, which was coming from the Atlantic

The desert was just a short bit away and was surrounded by a tiny
green border of plants around the ocean.
The beach was wonderful, sand beach only and the saltwater crocodiles
could be seen resting on the beach.

Rona was not sure. But as far as she remembered saltwater crocks did
not exist in her version of Africa.
But then eximius did not exist in her world also.

The information said that the virus creating the super-animals
effected reptiles differently than it did with mammals. It made them
super fertile.
This world probably had a lot more reptiles in it. Lucky that snakes
were immune.

From the ocean she could hear a strong, almost musical sound coming
from under the sea.
Then snoring out the water from his nose, Xander walked like a sea-
monster out from the Atlantic Ocean, he continued as he walked up
carrying a big bag full of crabs for them to eat.
He had been fishing.

Now Rona could hear what the sound was. Xander was singing.
Where ever he managed to get the sound of drums and guitars to come
from Rona did not want to know.

-Down here all the fishes are happy as after the waves they roll.
The fish on the land aren't happy.
They are sad because they are in the bowl! But fish in the bowl is
lucky because they are in for a worse fate.
One day when the boss gets hungry guess who is going to be on the

Who-no, under the sea, under the sea, nobody beats us, fry us and eat
us in fricassee. We want the land folks love to cook.
Under the sea we are off the hook. We've got no troubles.
Life is the bubbles under the sea, under the sea.
Since life is sweet here we got the beat here.
Dum dumdum, under the sea –

By now Rona could not hold it in. The sight of a singing and dancing
Xander dressed only in shorts and a belt holding his lightsaber and a
bag full of sea crabs of some sort.
His singing and dancing was to amusing.
She started to giggle but continued with full blown laughter.

Xander stopped his dancing and singing and let the music he created
by vibrating the air stop. "Hi and that's the end of the show for
tonight." He said ignoring the lizards that were looking at him.
He walked over to her, calmly stepping over a big crocodile that
looked hungry.
"Up late?" he asked.

Rona nodded. "I want to see my dad and my twin brothers." She said.
Xander nodded. "I understand. From what R3 said I have a sister,
Alexandra. She is younger then I am." He sighed. "From the record it
seems that even without the hellmouth my dad is a drunk just like my

Rona swallowed. "So are you going to save her?" She asked.
Xander smiled "If things were that easy." He sat down on the nearest
chair. "Sit with me." He said.
The crocodile looked insulted but one affect mind later it ignored

Rona nodded, the crock looked friendly now.
"She has never seen me. Nor did she ever have a brother before.
If I'm saving her, what and where would I take her? Forcing her to
leave her own world? Join me in a galaxy of war? Is that fair to
her?" He asked Rona.

Rona looked down. "She should have the right to chose don't you
think? And having her whole world changed by seeing a brother she
never had, may be better then living with drunks." She looked

Xander: "Then you. What are you going to say? Hi dad, it's me the
daughter you never had."
Rona nodded. "I know. I was planning on, on seeing them. Not telling
them who I am." If she did they would believe she was crazy.
Xander had those awesome Jedi powers as evidence. But they could just
as easy be a PSI power.
Then of course his green yellow, not that human looking, eyes that
were glittering with and inner light and during combat glowing
hypnotically and the gills could be counted as evidence.
She was of course so used to them so she had forgotten about them.

None of them had real evidence of whom or what they were, except the
Enterprise. This really was not their world.

Xander "We are going to train a month. Then head out to USA.
Hakon is in a coma, the government is trying to heal him and find out
who or what he is." He frowned. "If Hakon is smart he is going to
wait until he learned English before running away." To help with
communication the Jedi and Sith both had training methods that helped
them learn new alien languages.

By using the Force to translate what other said they could quickly
master an alien language.

Jaina inability to learn Wookiee was confusing.
But he suspected that some of the higher pitching sounds in his
growling made it difficult.
That translation learning trick made this one of the most dangerous
Jedi/Sith powers that existed.

A legend said that during the old time of the Sith Empire a Dark Lord
of Sith captured a young Jedi that had master the Jedi translation

Seeing that in action the Dark Lord offered the Jedi freedom if he
showed him how to do that.
It was according to the legend a deal the Dark Lord did and mocked
the Jedi over how much more dangerous they now were.
If that legend was correct. Xander wished the young Jedi had killed
himself instead of accepting the deal. The suffering and war the Sith
created using this translation and learning skill was impossible to

He nodded to himself, well Jaina and Danni said he should hurry back
and if he was right they wanted to do something nice with him.
A crabs dinner some wine and then who knew what would happen.

He pushed out with the Force again.
Tonight he would have a fun time with Jaina and Danni.
He started to walk back to the ship singing and dancing, ignoring
Rona still sitting there on a peaceful crocodile that he had
convinced to be a chair, at least for a short time.

-There you see her, sitting there across the way.
She doesn't have a lot to say. But there's something about her and
you don't know why. But you are dying to try.
You wanna kiss the girl.-

Xander jumped up in the air spinning and as he landed he continued

-Yes you want her. Look at her, you know you do.
It's possible she wants you, too. There is one way to ask her.
It doesn't take a word. Not a single word. Go on and kiss the girl.-

Xander vanished in the distance on his way back to the ship. Singing
and dancing.

Rona just stared after him. "And that is supposed to be a Jedi
master." She said with lacking awe.

Zeek snored out from the bushes he had been standing behind. "He is
something special alright." He said as he walked down to Rona. "Did
you know that Jedi Master Skywalker said I could learn much from
him?" he said.

Rona nodded "I believe that. Xander is old. Much older than the years
he lived. On some days he is like a child and yet he carries more
wisdom in him then people much older than he is." She said.

Zeek nodded to himself "I'm beginning to see the child in him." He
gave her a smile as he too used the crocodile as a chair.
It did not mind. Not yet anyway. "I'm afraid off my own power.
Like a fool I fell for the bait and joined Brakis.
I was his first knight, a Dark Jedi.

But somehow Jaina and Jacen returned me to the light.
Perhaps I was never really a darksider.
Brakis Dark Witch complained that I was not real.

That I had not yet given myself over to the power of the darkside,
that there was still a weakness inside of me, a light that yet had to
die." He said as he looked at the sea.

"She was right. The Solo twins saved me. I was too afraid to continue
with force training so I left, became a mercenary guard and then a
force ranger. Luke wished that I join them as a Jedi this time."

Rona put her small hand on his shoulder. "We'll be there for you and
if you ever turn dark we kick you in the ass, right back to the light
so fast your face is going to show the bumps."
Zeek laughed.

That's it. HE had enough of humans using him as a chair.
With a roar the crocodile turned and attacked.
"aaaa. He is biting, he is biting." Zeek screamed in fear as the
monster had a firm grip over his armored gauntlet and it was crushing

Not even Rona's full Force Guardian strength could force those jaws
up. "Use the Force stupid asshole" she said holding the angry
crocodile still and not biting of his hand took all she had.

Zeek "Open your jaws" he said trying to give the primitive animal the
idea. It was a hard thing to do.
Then it opened its jaw and roared in anger.
The two quickly hurried away.

Rona: "Right. Never use a crock as a chair again." She said knowing
Zeek was beside her and he agreed.
Zeek aimed his concussion carbine. "Get back into the sea. Now" he
ordered the monster using the Force.
Slowly the crocodile crawled back into the sea.

Rona giggled. "Let's get your arm checked up." She said.
Zeek nodded. "Can you eat those things?" he said.
Rona blinked "Yes, Grandpa said they taste good. But why?" she asked.

Zeek "I'm trying to find more than leather boots as an excuse for
killing one. That's all I needed" He said before pulling the
trigger. Now he would have crocodile boots and dinner.

Rona sighed. Perhaps his time as a darksider gave him a dark side.
But he was still a good guy, even if he was laughing and talking and
saying to a dead crocodile. "NOT so tuff now. Are you?" Zeek was
still a good guy.

At the same time deep in the African savannas.
The A-wing did not have a cloak like Xander's ship had.
But it was small and that would let Anakin himself use Force cloak to
hide it while flying and it had sensor bafflers, a sensor absorbing
energy field that would make it invisible to most primitive sensors
like those on earth.

At home it would only make it more difficult to detect his A-wing.
The A-wing normally could only hold 1 pilot. No crew.
But Anakin knew that for a short journey you could let a girl sit on
top of your lap and fly like that. It was not a safe way of flying
but it worked.

It was beautiful out there.

Endless grass landscapes, mountain towering above it and hidden by
mist and clouds, then the big animals stomping around in massive
herds. "What are they?" he said in awe.

Chloe who had joined him smiled "Elephants, grass eaters." She said.
Anakin nodded he had seen many bigger animals some carnivores.
But these had a special feeling of wisdom around them.

Anakin left the A-wing. Whit Chloe hand in hand he walked up to the
leader beast, a female elephant-cow.
Extending his powers he used animal domination to show the animal
that they were friends unless she wanted to be hurt.
It buckled up. No posturing, no fighting.
She accepted those humans were friends.

Chloe giggled as she felt the big animal sniff them.
It smelled strange, not good but not really bad either.

Anakin petted the gigantic trunk on it. "Hi there old one" he
said. "It's really an incredible animal."
Chloe nodded, that they are.

The two smiled as they left the Elephant heard alone.
Ignoring the lone lion watching them they returned to the A-wing.
It was time to return to the Enterprise.

They just had to remember what Jaina said. "Be quite leve me, Xander
and Danni alone tonight or I use your spine to flush with.
Understand?" Zeek, Rona, Chloe and him had all agreed it was a fair.

They make noise, she would use their spine to flush with.
Landing carefully, he saw Zeek and Rona coming up from the sea.
Zeek looked at them. "Do you think we should go back inside?"

Anakin "You're the ranger, you first." He said. Zeek turned to
him "No way you're the Jedi."
Rona sighed boys. "I go first. I'm the Force guardian. Come on Chloe"
she said as she stared to walk. "Chloe, what are you waiting for?"

Chloe "Too see if you have a spine after entering the ship." She said
trying not to smile.
Rona growled at idiot friends as she walked inside.

The galley had lights still burning, a dinner of crabs and expensive
delicious things from Correlia and other worlds were still on the

From the captain's cabin she could hear giggling and sound of well.
It looked like Xander was having lots of fun tonight.
"It's clear just be quite." she said to the others.

They sneaked in it was time for them to eat.

22 November 2008, 06:16 AM
Knight away. 11B-2
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story, one that hopefully will be a
whole story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a
strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars. PS, I do not
like the Yuuzhan Vong

One Month later, a month spent training like crazy and if you were
lucky helping Xander repair the Enterprise.

But fact was they were in better shape now than before.
They had refreshed their skills.

Rona had been a great source of training for them all.
Her level in martial arts was out of this world and the scary part
was that she still was improving.

With help of R6 she managed to log into a television program ¡§Martial
arts expedition¡¨. A full contact martial arts tournament, any form of
unarmed combat fighting was there, from boxing to judo.
R6 recorded hours, worth of recording and she was studying it,

learning by watching then copying the movement, perfectly each time.
Just like Buffy, Rona was a bad teacher in physical skills, the fact
that normal¡¦s were unable to learn by doing once seemed to frustrate

Chloe was the only one that could learn from Rona and even Chloe who
also had an improved learning curve in physical skills was so slow
Rona had to struggle with herself not to be irritated.

Xander said Rona learning curves in physical arts made it difficult
not impossible to relate to us slower learners.
She just had to remember how difficult it was and is for her to learn
piloting or mechanical skills and then calm herself. It worked.

She was slowly improving her own skill in teaching and discovered by
teaching others she was learning new moves and tricks she could use
in combat.

Zeek was retrained in using the force to translate English so he
would understand it.
Jaina already knew English so did the rest of the crew except Danni.
But she was red skinned.
Only by using a massive dose of makeup or the use of a holographic
imaging device that gave her a normal almost African-American look
according to Xander, Rona and Chloe she could go out.
Danni used a mix of both methods.

It worked.

At the same time in a top-secret military base Hakon became
He did not open his eyes.
Yet he did not need them to know that he was weak.
His body drained of energy, part of his ribs, arms and legs must have
been broken, they were still mending.

He could feel the power of the rift inside of him and he knew Xander
also had the power of dimension travel, a power that should be his
and only his.

Calming himself he was still weak and wounded. Where ever he was, he
was surrounded by beings urging to gain the use of his ship and
knowledge. He was safe as long as they did not know how dangerous he

Hakon opened his eyes and crocked out on Basic ¡§Water¡¨ A nurse
followed by a military guard arrived. No droids he could see and
strange sensors connected with wires were connected to his body, how
utterly primitive.
¡§agageage¡¨ the nurse said in English. Hakon did not understand
anything. He focused and used the force to translate.

The nurse spoke again ¡§agageage¡¨ but now Hakon knew she said. ¡VHow do
you feel- or something like that.
He had to learn. ¡§Water¡¨ he said again mimicking a drinking motion.
The nurse understood.

The flight with Enterprise over the Atlantic, in cloaked form, was

They landed briefly in New York to see the Statue of liberty.
Zeek, Danni and Jaina had been incredible impressed not by its size.
No by the pure power of emotions he could feel from the statue
itself. Generations of Americans and emigrants had seen it and their
emotions had left a permanent imprint force users and empaths could

It had a taste of hope and freedom.
With their inner strength recharged they lifted off again.

A roar of 3 Harley Davison motorcycles revealed their arrival as they
entered LA.
(The bikes and their money had been a gift from a gang of criminal
bikers they just had the luck of finding.)


Later in Los Angeles

Zeek scoffed, the stench of gasoline was irritating. It reminded him
of his childhood living on the streets in the lower level parts of
Corusant. ¡§So this is your home world? Not much to see.¡¨ He said.

Xander, Jaina and Danni were hours away, leaving them behind as they
drove away to whatever they were doing.

Rona: ¡§Huss you. We are primitive not stupid.¡¨
They were sitting outside the university, in their flexible armor and
normal biker jackets they looked like professional bikers.

The students walked around them not daring to make them angry.
Zeek just smirked. Then he stopped ¡§I found them¡¨ he said.

Rona tried not to stare, her brothers or what could have been her
brothers IF she was born here. They were 19 years old, the same age
as Xander and two years older then she is.

She remembered that her own father had told her that mom suffered a
miscarriage, thanks to a drunken driver two years before she was
born. It was twins. One of the children survived almost a week before
it died from the damage and being born almost 3 months before its

In this reality her mother died 2 years later pregnant with a child.
A drunken driver killed both her and a child that could have been

Her brothers looked so handsome and happy. She blushed as one of them
winked at her and from what she could see they seem to be real

Zeek laughed. ¡§I think your brothers have less then brotherly
feelings for you.¡¨ That was so fun.

Rona ¡§They do not know who or what I am.¡¨ She defended her family,
even if it was not her REAL family.
Zeek nodded ¡§Let¡¦s go and talk to them.¡¨ He said. Rona: ¡§What?¡¨ She

Zeek just grinned as he grabbed her jacked and lifted her to her

The two twins paled as they saw the big burly dark haired and well
trained man (even they could see he was a fighter and dangerous with
don¡¦t piss me of oozing out from his body) walked to them while
holding the cute girl hanging from her jacket in one of his hands.

Rona growled from his grip on her jacket both her legs and arms were
hanging free and he held her on distance so she could not reach
him. ¡§You are dead Zeek, DEAD.¡¨ She was threatening.

Zeek ignored her as he walked up to the twins, while giving them a
smile that was all teeth ¡§Hi there. My we join you? My friend and I
are strangers here. I was wondering if you two could show us around.¡¨
He put Rona down again and quickly dodged a kick to the head. ¡§Calm
down Rona, calm down¡¨ he said.

Rona growled angry at him.
Zeek just smiled ¡§No fighting on the university ground. It¡¦s the
law.¡¨ He smiled smugged.

The twins almost laughed at the face of the girl. It looked like she
was going to explode in fury.

Zeek turned to them. ¡§Rona over here has two older twin brothers. She
misses them terrible. I wondered if you could show her around the
place. We are going to be in town for a while and I have other
affairs I have to do.

Perhaps you¡¦ll be her honorary big brothers.¡¨ He said finishing in a
voice OR I get angry.
The twins blinked. ¡§I¡¦m Ronald¡¨ and the other ¡§I¡¦m Arnold.¡¨ Together
they said ¡§And we are the Freeman brothers.¡¨

Rona giggled. ¡§I¡¦m Rona.¡¨ She blinked then lied ¡§I¡¦m Rona Jackson¡¨
she always wondered why they named her Rona. Now she knew it, the
twins that almost lived.
¡§Call me Ronald Rona. I¡¦m the smart one¡¨ Ronald said smiling and
flirting with her. His twin interrupted. ¡§You have to call me Arnold.
I¡¦m the good locking one.¡¨ He said.

Zeek grabbed both twins. ¡§Take care of her now and be careful she
knows more about combat then I do.¡¨
Ronald and Arnold watched the dangerous man walk away. ¡§He is kind of
strange, is he not?¡¨

Rona nodded. ¡§You have no idea and he the least strange of our
Arnold ¡§So what do you do anyway?¡¨
Rona quickly pulled up the fake id they had made and showed it to
them. It would probably fool most police officers. ¡§Licensed bounty
hunter and private detective¡¨ according to her fake ID she was 19 not

The boys starred at the id. She had a license to carry hidden
weapons, so cool.

Rona ¡§Zeek just wanted me to have some fun with people my age. I¡¦m
one of the youngest.¡¨ She lied again. Chloe and Anakin were younger.
Ronald ¡§And if we do something stupid you shoot us?¡¨ He said with a

Rona ¡§You bet your ass I do¡¨ she grinned and started to giggle.
Arnold ¡§So, why are you in town?¡¨
Rona ¡§Would you believe it¡¦s a conference?¡¨ And she did not even lie
there was a weapon conference in town.

The twins just looked at her ¡§NO way.¡¨ There was something odd about
the girl. She looked like. She looked almost like the picture they
had of mom.

Arnold ignored that, but Ronald wondered. There had been
irregularities with the body of their dead mother. What if the child,
she was carrying, had survived and was stolen? It was an unborn girl.
She nodded. ¡§Boring, so let¡¦s do something normal¡¨ She said.
Something in the eye of Ronald was strange it looked like Dads when
he tried to piece together a puzzle.

Different place at the same time
At first Anakin had been less than happy, that Xander, Jaina, Rona
and Zeek had left them and gone to LA without them, but now.
¡§Wheeee¡¨ he and twenty others screamed as the water splashed around

Disneyland rocked.

¡§Can we go to the magic kingdom later?¡¨ he asked Chloe that was
screaming just as much.
The two 15-16 years old relaxed and had fun as only teenagers could
do in Disneyland.

At the same time in Sunnyvale.

Where the school and most of Sunnydale should be, was a peaceful
lake. A natural canal connected it with the ocean further away.
Xander liked it. No Hellmouth. The lake was a natural creation made
form an earth quake.

Danni ¡§So this is where you grew up. It looks different than from
your memory.¡¨ She said. The holo and the makeup made her different
form her normal appearance. The normal red-skinned Zeltron looked
more like an African-American.

Xander ¡§It is different. MY Sunnydale does not have a lake like
Sunnyvale has.¡¨ He said.
Jaina smiled its nice and she liked it. Strange fruits were growing
in rows after rows outside town in farmers places. Xander had said
that were grapes. They made earth wine from grapes.
Then they saw her.

Alexandra Harris, a black haired tomboy with bruised knuckles and a
black eye.
Danni gasped ¡§She looks just like you¡¨ she said. The girl was younger
then Xander was. Only 15 compared to his 19.

Jaina nodded. ¡§Perhaps you were right to worry about her.¡¨ She could
hear Xander sighting ¡§There is not anything I can do anyway.¡¨

The girls were confused.
¡§Why?¡¨ Danni said. Jaina nodded ¡§Yes why?¡¨ she asked.
Xander ¡§This is her world. The only way I could help her would be to
kidnap her and that would be wrong and what if I read the information

Mom and Dad might not be drunks or abusive. Perhaps there are other
reasons why they can¡¦t find good work.¡¨ A deep breath: ¡§and even if
they are. How can I help her? She would never believe me if I told
her I was her brother from an alternate reality and why should she?¡¨

Danni nodded, what Xander said made sense. ¡§If you believe in logic
what you said is absolutely perfect. Its luck I don¡¦t believe in
that.¡¨ She smirked. ¡§We can easily investigate. Between the three of
us we have what we need to find the truth.¡¨ She grinned. She was a
fully evolved Empath and the Jedi could copy that and even read minds
if they were skilled in the mind arts.
Xander ¡§Right, let¡¦s investigate then.¡¨

Two days later
He did not expect that, PSI town. They lived in PSI town.

His family was a PSI and forced to live in a ghetto for second class
citizen. R3 was sending back information he had found from the
Tony Harris in this reality was as respected as a PSI could be.
He had the psionic skill of PSYCHIC HEALING, the skill of healing
himself and others.
Detech disease, poison.
Healing both himself and others, he even had minor skills in
regeneration and was training hard to master the skill of
regenerating others.
His skill in metabolism control of others had made Tony a master of
helping the sick survive poisons and it had also made him immune to

Xander was shocked.
His dad the worthless drunk was a doctor, a psychic healer but still.

Jessica Harris on the other hand was a weak TELEPATH, forced by the
law to carry a sign that she was a Psi telepath. Jessica lived almost
isolated in the Harris home.
She was so weak that the government did not even hire her in their
telepath units. Nor did any of the big corporations in need of
telepaths hire her.
Instead the government just kept an eye out on her.

She sometimes worked with Tony using her empathy to help children in
the hospital.
As a mind reader she was feared and people did not like the idea of

Jaina returned from her mission. ¡§I managed to corner some of
Alexandra¡¦s friends. From what they said and I could sense.
Alexandra is often fighting in school.
They insult her mother and Boom.

She normally hanged out with a pair of older students, Jessie and
Larry Blaisdell both four years older. They tried to keep her from
fighting, but they graduated last year.¡¨

Jaina looked up. ¡§Apparently Alexandra is a latent psionic.
Her skills so far indicate that she has a psycho kinesis power.
She has mastered the psycho kinesis skill of damage resistance to
physical damage and is training hard in learning to use it.¡¨

Danni came back ¡§Your dad is a real charmer.¡¨ She said with a
smile. ¡§I had a long talk with him. He really is worried about Alexa
she constantly gets into trouble and doing dangerous stunts trying to
master her powers. He worries and she is hanging in the wrong crowd.¡¨

Xander ¡§What crowd?¡¨
Danni: ¡§The PSI freedom unity. They are a terror organization or so
the government claims.¡¨

Xander sighed ¡§We should go. Nothing we can do or help them with.¡¨ He
Jaina frowned. ¡§Are you sure?¡¨ She asked. Then ¡§You are not sure.¡¨

Danni ¡§Lets call Zeek and Rona and tell them we will stay here a
while. I¡¦m sure Anakin and Chloe have fun in the park land.¡¨

Later in Disney land

Chloe: ¡§Yes we have to stay longer.¡¨
Anakin grinned: ¡§Party time¡¨

At the same time in a military base.

Hakon was amused and also impressed.
Not by the military might they had, but of the Psionic humans they
As far as he knew of Psionic there had been a hand full of normal
humans able to use psionics, among near-humans there were more.

The Zeltron¡¦s were working empaths and with training they could
evolve their powers. Most never did, instead they party away their
But on this Earth, there was a wealth of powerful psionics that were
treated like secondhand citizens and in some countries as slaves.

The military mind talker was strong and skilled. But Hakon had been
able to keep him out of his memory.
Thankfully they all thought the cybernetic implants inside of him
were the reason.

Using the Mind-talker as a translator he claimed to have suffered a
serious accident as a young man and part of his brain was replaced.
They believed him. They had o so many questions about his ship.
Naturally he offered to help them and help them he would.

They had asked about his lightsaber, he claimed it was a ritual
weapon only he could activate, worthless in real combat but an
emotional memory for him.

It was good that he had the activation button on the inside of the
hilt. Unless they welded it open and destroyed it only the force
could open the hilt of his lightsaber.
The screw heads were all on the inside.
Without telekinetic nothing would open or activated it.
After seeing it was only a blade of energy they let him keep it.
What good would a blade do against guns?

Rona frowned ¡§I hope Xander has not found trouble¡¨ she said. Zeek
shrugged. ¡§Get ready, the twins asked us to come home for dinner.¡¨ He
looked at Rona ¡§Remember it¡¦s not your dad.¡¨

Outside Ronald gasped. Asking his friend in the technology club to
bug their room was a good idea. His sister was alive.
But who was Zeek and what should they do now? Both of them showed
signs of being super-soldiers.
They were faster and stronger than normal humans.
Whoever stole their sister was involved in something big, perhaps a
secret government organization or organized crime.
He had to tell Arnold.

It took a day before he could fix a meeting with Alexandra.
Xander, with Jaina beside him, watched the girl sitting in the bronze
watching a game of dart being played. ¡§Is it not boring just
watching?¡¨ he asked sitting down.

The girl looked up ¡§Hey why are you sitting at my table?¡¨ she growled
up. The shiny necklace, with the mark of a PSI-Kinetic, she always
had to carry glittered in the light of the room.

Xander shrugged. ¡§Not many tables. I was hoping you would not mind if
I and my girlfriend shared a table with you.¡¨ He said trying to sound
friendly, but also using the force to push the feeling of trusting

He hoped they would not detect his powers or mistake it as psi
powers. ¡§I¡¦m Alexander but please call me Xander. My girl is Jaina.¡¨
He smiled.
¡§No ××××? I¡¦m Alexandra. They call me Lexa.¡¨ She said. ¡§Do you have
an id?¡¨ She said suspicious.

Xander nodded as he gave her his bounty-detective license.
Lexa looked pensive ¡§What are you here for?¡¨ she asked suspicious
again. They always blamed Psionics, whenever something has gone

You were driving drunk: ¡§The PSI forced me to¡¨. Someone was
murdered: ¡§The PSI DID IT.¡¨

They always blame the psi, ××××ing cops.

Xander swallowed. ¡§I¡¦m just looking around. I might have blood
relatives in town. I¡¦m searching after them.¡¨
Lexa nodded, right. ¡§So why are you talking to me then?¡¨ she asked
clearly hostile.

Xander sighed, time to take a risk, he removed his glasses and his
eyes were glittering yellow and green.
He used a weak force push to push Lexa backwards in the
seat. ¡§Because your family might be related to me¡¨ he said.

Lexa was silent. He was a PSI, a rouge PSI. No he had a license as a
bounty-hunter and detective. Nothing said he was a PSI in that
license. Either it was faked and he was rouge or he was government

But he did not look like government ops.
She was not a scared young girl. But this could end badly, really
bad. ¡§I see.¡¨ She said. ¡§What do you want with us?¡¨ she said.

Xander took a deep breath. ¡§I just wanted to see if my relatives were
fine. If not I wanted to see if I could help them.¡¨ He
smiled. ¡§Nothing more¡¨ looking around he could see two big men his
age walking up to them.

Lexa grinned: ¡§Jessie, Larry¡¨ she waved her hand making them come
The two were not looking that friendly.

Jessie ¡§I hope you are fine Lexa? Is that guy giving you trouble?¡¨ He
was so tired of punks messing with Lexa.
What the ×××× does it matter that she is a Psi? She is just as human
as the rest of them and nobody messes with Lexa.

Larry nodded. ¡§Yeah, say the word Lexa and I¡¦m going to give them a
new face.¡¨ He growled angry. He hoped nothing happened, he was on a
double date with Jesse and his date was so hot the guy was a dream.

Lexa smiled. ¡§It¡¦s nothing Larry. Jessie they are friendly. I¡¦m sure¡¨
she smiled.

Jessie smiled as he ruffled her hair. ¡§Sure sure.¡¨ He turned to

Xander and Jaina. ¡§Listen I have no idea what you two are doing. But
she is under our protection.¡¨ He growled out before leaving, he had a
date and the girl, the sister of Larry¡¦s boyfriend was a fox.

Lexa wanted to sink under the table. ¡§Go you. Big lummox¡¨ she said.
The two older guys nodded as they walked away. ¡§I used to hang around
them and followed them around when I was like 5 and they were 8 years
They became my older brothers, overprotective older brothers.¡¨ She
said blushing.

Xander nodded weakly. That was so like his Jessie that it was scary.
He blinked seeing Larry kiss a guy and Jessie hug a girl that had
been beside the boy Larry was kissing.

Jaina smiled ¡§I think it¡¦s sweet. I have a twin brother and a younger
brother myself.¡¨ She said. Not talking about Uncle Chewbacca.
Talk about over protective furball.

Lexa nodded ¡§Brothers can be a pain.¡¨ She said.
Jaina nodded. ¡§Remember how embarrassed Jacen was when Samy decided
that she would be his girlfriend?¡¨ She giggled.

Lexa ¡§What happened?¡¨
Xander frowned. ¡§You have to understand Samy. She is a force of
nature. She walked up to him and started to kiss him and try to
remove his pants. It was quite fun to see.¡¨ He explained.

Lexa blinked. ¡§Um she sounds crazy.¡¨
Jaina: ¡§Really, she is not that bad. Besides Danni, Sammy¡¦s half
sister, decided she would become our girlfriend. Even If the two off
us are married, we failed to escape.¡¨ She grinned.
Lexa giggled.
Xander shrugged.
Two days later

They had talked to Lexa for a long while. She wanted out of USA.
She heard that Japan was the friendliest land to be if you were a

But to get a travel license outside the country was difficult.
Each and every PSI was considered a potential weapon during war.
The day after their meeting she had invited them to her home.

Jaina, using a small sensor, detected four listening devices. She
quietly told Xander that and then prepared to jam them.
Tony was confused. His skills in healing gave him a sense of biology.
That boy was not completely human.
Yet part of him was related to him and Jessie.
He could have been a brother to Lexa.
Jessie¡¦s senses were confused as they started to talk.

It was a nice dinner.

Xander was impressed as Tony showed him the rewards he earned as a
professional healer. He was still improving his skills.
Learning to focus his psionic powers and growing in skill.

Later that night the question had come.
Xander nodded, as the bugs were silenced by Jaina jammer, he showed
them his gills. Then opened up to the force and used telepathy to
talk to them and showed them a demonstration of his power.
Telekinesis, telepathy and even letting lightning dance around his

Last he showed them the strange rift he could create.
¡§I¡¦m from an alternate reality. A reality I can return to.
But I found out that I have people here who are related to me.
Dimensional twins, so I¡¦m offering all of you a chance to join me and
become free.¡¨

He started to show them the place he came from and even showed them
his lightsaber.
A healer like Tony could easily become a rich man or at least a well
paid person.

They were overwhelmed.

Tony: ¡§Why are you staying here? Why do not return home?¡¨
Xander ¡§A criminal named Hakon arrived at the same time we did.
He is powerful, even all of us together would be hard pushed taking
care of him.¡¨

He flashed, moving in full force speed to the other side of the room
and like a blur he vanished, then reappeared. ¡§He is faster and
stronger than anything you ever saw. Hakon is also a mad man with the
same ability I have of traveling across the voids.¡¨

Tony and Jessica, after seeing memories from his life, were
impressed. Jessica hugged him saying she was proud even if she was
not his son.

Tony nodded ¡§I¡¦m proud of you son.¡¨ If his wife said the boy¡¦s memory
imaged were real then it was real. Telepaths like her was difficult
to lie to and healers like him cold sense the blood pressure inside a
person and detect lies sometimes.
Combined with the strange technology and powers the young man had
showed, powers that felt different than those form a PSI, he had to
believe him.

It felt like a wound inside Xander¡¦s heart suddenly healed.
Those words from somebody that sounded like his mom and dad were
wonderful to hear.
Even Lexa was impressed and the potential to be free. Could she?
Would she?


Something had gone wrong. Danni was running for her life.
PSI hunters were following her.
Somehow a telepath discovered her and send the hunters after her.
Dodging the stun guns the Zeltron Jedi student rushed down an alley.
It was a dead end.
The hunters, four of them, came after her.

¡§Right, calm down and no funny tricks here¡¨ One said aiming the stun
Danni swallowed as she activated her lightsaber. Click hiss. The
purple glow of the blade made the hunters stop. ¡§Go away now or you
will regret it¡¨ she said.

One of the hunters fired his gun, shooting stun arrows at the rouge.
She waved her lightsaber sending a Force push to parry the arrows.
The Hunter was calling for backup.
Five more joined them with real guns.
She would have to use her blaster pistol now.

Then help arrived.

Xander landed in front of her. He removed his glasses and looked at
them eyes glowing yellow and green. ¡§You wish to be somewhere else.¡¨
He said using mind manipulation.
Two walked away. Weak-minded they decided to be somewhere else.
The others screamed ¡§ROUGE Telepath¡¨ and activated a Psi scrambler.
The primitive tool could jam psionic powers. Danni blinked a bit and
wondered that her empathy skills were jammed.

Xander raised an eyebrow as he raised his hand. The officer lifted up
in the air with invisible hands at his neck. ¡§I said. Be somewhere
else.¡¨ Then he dropped him.
The hunters had now pulled their real guns.

Xander sighed. ¡§I did not want to do this.¡¨ He said as he activated
his blades, Click, hiss Click, hiss.
The bullets started to fly only to be stopped by the power of the
Cutt, slash, cutt slash.
Cut of hands and cut off weapon parts started to land around Xander
as he now stood behind the hunters.
Screams of pain filled the alley.
¡§I told you to be somewhere else.¡¨ He growled as he nodded to
Danni. ¡§Let¡¦s get out of here.¡¨ He said simply.
She nodded.
Behind them the hunters were screaming for backup.
Once it had arrived Xander, Jaina and Danni were walking away cloaked
and unseen.
They had one more place to go before they left Sunnyvale.
A week later

Hakon had made his move. The time to fight or die was now.
Jessie and Larry stared in awe at the star-ship that lifted off in
front of them.
They had experienced 60 minutes of the worse world changing
experience in their life.
Xander Harris, near-human from an alternate dimension and a mirror
version of their Lexa.

According to Xander, Jessie and Xander had been like Jessie and Larry
were, brothers in all but blood.
The images and the story Xander had told them was spooky and weird.
But Jessie said it was thru. Her empathic ability told the difference
between a lie and the truth.

Xander then told him about the vampires in his birth reality. How one
of them had taken over his body and they made him attack Cordelia and
Xander had to dust him to save the girls, he could understand why

Xander would dust a vampire to save Cordelia but why ANYBODY would
want to save queen ××××× Willow he could never understand.
It was a scary story, but he believed him, perhaps the fact that he
had a RED girl behind him and a starship and yes the gills were also
a good reason for him to trust Xander.
¡§One question, are all the girls in the space universe that
beautiful?¡¨ He said looking at Xander¡¦s crew.

Rona, Chloe, Jaina, Danni all foxes pure and simple, woof rating of
20 points on a 10 point scale. He ignored Anakin and Zeek.
Xander had laughed. ¡§No Jess, but some of them are. I had to say
goodbye, even if you are not my brother. Its¡K I had to say goodbye
and I¡¦m glad that you watched over Lexa. When the vampire-Jessie came
I almost failed. The girls almost died because he was my brother.
Then I dusted him and it was a nightmare seeing his or your face turn
to dust in front of me. I just wanted to say I¡¦m sorry that it
happened. I¡¦m sorry I was too weak to save you¡¨ he said.

Larry dried some tears. That was so tragic.

Jessie swallowed. ¡§I. I think if your version of me was anything like
me, he would have kicked your ass right now.¡¨ Xander blinked, his
eyes screaming WTF ¡§It was a vampire, not him you dusted. You saved
Cordelia.¡¨ He said with emotion that girl is an angel and added ¡§And
Queen Willow¡¨ with less emotion. ¡§Get over it. He would have been
proud that you did it.¡¨
Xander took a deep breath. ¡§I hope so. Thanks it¡¦s been like a stone
weight on my heart for such a long time now.¡¨ He looked at
Larry. ¡§Good to see you also. In our reality we hardly knew each

But my version of you, did more than once watched my back.¡¨ he said.
Not telling it was only during shower Larry had watched his back.
Larry: ¡§Great to know.¡¨ He smiled, wondering if that Larry had helped
Xander fight vampires or just watched his back during showers in the
gym. He liked doing that.

Lexa hugged them as she climbed on board, followed by her family for
good or bad they were leaving to join a more accepting world.
The alien star ship shivered as it cloaked and vanished.
Jessie ¡§That¡¦s so star trek.¡¨

Larry ¡§Na, this is more like Dr Geels ship form ultimate space.¡¨ He