View Full Version : Ever had a General Jar Jar moment?

12 December 2008, 03:28 AM
With my car undergoing repairs I was forced to play online using Vassal last night. Sure I have my excuses, I had been up since 06:30, worked a longer than usual day and was struggling with the 2D on screen board. Anyway...

Neither mine or my opponents squads were bad. We were playing on the custom Nar Shadda map - I love that map it's beautiful.
I was running Thrawn, Mas, Boba Merc, Genoharadan, Jawas & Shadow Troopers.
He was running GG DAC with BDO, IG-86, Heavy SBD and BDs.

My tactic should have been a winner. Win Initiative with Thrawn, Intuition Boba. Boba takes two Cunning attacks. Thrawn swaps out Boba for the Genoharadan who cannot be attacked because of Cloaked.

Yet somehow I managed to fumble the whole thing. I had an Uggy who I left as a target in the second round. And then a few rounds later I go and move Mas from a safe room into LOS for his Heavy SBD! By this point my pieces are spread and now stranded as I was relying on the swap. A total goof-ball moment. I played a couple more rounds then my game just collapsed.

Not upset at losing, I just couldn't believe my stupidity.
Next time I go back to my more sensible tactic - daylight charage across the minefield :P

Anyone else ever have brain-freeze mid-game?