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17 November 2009, 02:09 PM
I would like to see maybe a larger mini of say:
An AT-TE (hey, why not. Got the Hailfire droids)
and the other droid army vehicles.
maybe have them released like the AT-AT? A "Not so mini" mini.

For Starships:
New transports and freighters, and why not the dreadnaught cruiser as well.
And more Clone Wars ships, like the early version of the Y-wing, The Twilight, and other ships.

And how about a Death Star Trench Run map? Is there one already and if so where?

For the sake of Pete, can we get more Yoda please? I get the fact that Vader was in 4 movies and deserves several versions. But Yoda was in 5 movies, and how many versions of him are there?

Okay, on to other figures:
I would like Rogue Squadron Pilots and 181st Pilots as Rare, Very Rare in a set. The actual named ones that are out there.

I could do with more Sith to go against the large amount of Jedi I have here.
Oh, and Mandalorian "Recruits", since I know from the article that they did recruit from other races, why not show that in mini's as well?

Are there any plans for the Galaxy at War vehicles being put into minis? Just wondering if there has been word on that or not.

Oh, and an actual Turbolaser Tower, now that would be sweet. Of course, would need a bigger map to pit that against the AT-AT.

Just a Christmas wish list from an old silly bastard that would like to see different minis available

18 November 2009, 03:51 AM
I'll add my two cents. I'd like to see some more modern era Mandalorians to go with the new Death Watch ones, perhaps Jodo Kast or Kal Skirata. I also wouldn't mind seeing some of the units mentioned in Galaxy at War produced, say Thyrsus Sun Guards or Republic Rocket Jumpers. Also, please, please, PLEASE, can we get some actual Imperial Army miniatures and a proper Palleaon miniature to go with the two Grand Admiral Thrawns. As for starships, those would be cool but I think the starships line is officially dead, as far as I know.