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Vanger Chevane
31 December 2010, 04:26 PM
We've seen a lot of material about Officer rank structure and insignia, especially Starfighter Command, but what about the Enlisted who make up the majority of any Armed Force?

Seems to me this vast majority has been throughly, and almost totally, ignored by Canon Sources.

The RPG sources show a 9-step Enlisted rank structure, similar to many military structures we're familiar with IRL.

I've tried to make it a bit more solid & SW-ish here (http://holonet.swrpgnetwork.com/showthread.php?postid=809076#post809076).

We never really see any Enlisted Rank Insignia in Canon Sources, especially the Rebellion.

Instead of rehashing the Officer style dot-pattern, which could easily get confusing(someone mistaking a buck Sergeant with 5 dots for a flag-rank Admiral or General would be really silly) without doing something like substituting green and yellow dots for blue & red used by the Officer Corps and/or changing the shape (triangles maybe?).

I decided the Rebel Alliance would want to distance itself from the Imperial System as much as possible. What I came up with is something similar to the more Earth-traditional stripes/chevrons. I shooped this together from a RL patch, intended for duty fatigues / jumpsuits. It's intended to be a cloth patch, held on with a Velcro-like gription panel so it's easily pulled off & ditched in case the Imps stop by.

For the green dress uniform jacket from the X-Wing Alliance video game (not the NR Ceremonial Whites described in Starfighters of Adumar), or if the general preference would be for a hard plate similar to the Officer's dot-plate, IMHO metal bars could be used.

The .PSD I have also includes blue background for Navy, and I've debated on tweaking it to have silver stripes/bars for that service. The center Crest could be left out except for Command Variants of upper ranks (providing the US Army double-standard of Master & First Sergeant E8, & Sergeant Major & Command Sergeant Major for E9), but IMHO the crest provides a nice visual center - especially for E1 & E2.

I'd like your opinions on the attached thumbnail pack (Labeled T for Thumbnail instead of the usual E for Enlisted - originals are 512 pixel), and where on a "standard" Rebel Duty Uniform they'd be located.

I can think of 3 locations, all used by the US Army. WW2 - '70s style on-the-sleeve patch, late 20th Century on-the-collar patch or hard bars, or the 21st Century over-the-breastbone patch/hard bars.

I've also had suggestions that Enlisted Duty Uniforms should include a nametag. It wouldn't be symmetric as there wouldn't be some other label like "Police" or "Rebel Army) to balance that, so I'm not certain where it would be located.

Again suggestions & comments are more than welcome as I'm kinda trying to pick the best brains on the subject I can think of - y'all. ;)


1 January 2011, 02:34 PM
I think that's a pretty sound design style. I can just imagine... "What does three up and two across mean to you?!":D

I definitely think, if they were to use rank insignia in the rebel army (which I think would be a more loose idea than a requirement) they would use a soft patch rather than a hard plate.

The one thing that I had pop into my head was something that you mentioned...variances in the center symbol to indicate differences in specialties or branches. So maybe the alliance symbol you have in there now could be for the army. A slightly different symbol could be for the navy, another symbol could be used for Special Ops team members.

I definitely think you're on the right track, though.

Vanger Chevane
2 January 2011, 01:11 PM
Thanks Grim!

I've had this idea bouncing round my head for a while, finally cranked it out as I've been working up a 3D 3-panel comic related to Ardent's Foster Corps game. I've managed to find enough standardized (Poser/DAZ Studio/Carrara-type) stuff to fudge up a set of Fatigues.

IMHO for the green Dress Uniform the shoulder rank pips/bars, if not the entire panel on the shoulder should be metal. I've been thinking of a way to get that kit put together for 3D as well.

For a set of fatigues, flight suit, coveralls, etc. a cloth patch works best.

I've already retextured a purchaseable Flight Suit to mock up a Snubjock with other bits swiped from an old SWMA model I can't find on SciFi3D. There's also a freebie Snubjock Kit on ShareCG that can also be used.

The Center Crest is sort of a Generic Placeholder, so if you've ideas for centers, I'd love to hear them.

The Rebellion / New Republic also has some contingent of Marines, so for them I could either go with red stripes / green background or gold & red backer.

If you want something specific, let me know & I'll see to working it up.

I'm kinda surprised that I just might've come up with something actually SWAG-worthy, once I've enough input to post up something reasonably complete & useful.