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3 March 2002, 08:55 PM
Ah, I see my comment I left months ago has been removed...

3 March 2002, 08:55 PM
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3 March 2002, 10:26 PM
We couldn't transfer over the comments from the old site to the new.

16 April 2002, 08:41 PM
I see...
I wish I could transfer what I originally envisioned my SuperNova cruiser to be like to rpg... Given time, it could be done, but it'd end up being lumped in with ships like the Eclipse.

21 June 2003, 01:36 PM
Wow! Decently accurate stats on Hapen Cruisers...I had a friend once who tried to convince me that they had a hull stronger than the Executor...

Lord Darth Vader of the Sith
29 September 2003, 02:56 PM
the battle cruiser is one powerful ship which would be pretty nasty to run into like han solo once remarked he had been a part of a gun running operation crashed by one of the battle dragons and out of the 20 origanal ships only 3 survived so I think those would be pretty intimadating too

17 November 2012, 01:20 PM
You can view the page at http://holonet.swrpgnetwork.com/content.php?180-Hapes-Supernova-Battle-Cruiser