View Full Version : D6 D20, new system

Toran Ironfinder
22 January 2014, 07:07 PM
D6 is still my favorite Star Wars system, and recently looking at open D6, may be my favorite system of all time. However, I collected many of the D20 resources because it had the huge advantage of being in print (though a copy of M&M 3rd fixes a number of the issues I had with D20 and is interesting as well), though I Saga pretty much ended my interest in most regards (I heavily modified the RCR with a 20 page doc of house rules over time, and I didn't want to start all over again, though a composite RCR/Saga/my houserules system might have been interesting).

If a game pops up online using D6, and my blogging allows, I may be in, if not, how does the new system compare? How are the force rules set up, vis a vi the force vs. the darkside? I'm thinking of doing some work on D6 for possible future use (updating to current lore and some items in Open D6 suggest useful modifications. . . ).