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24 December 2001, 02:12 PM
Is there an average level count for Jedi? Everyone freaked about Ani's!!!! Is Luke's high, Leia? How about others, Yoda's obviously, but Windu, Kooon, Mundi, Galaia and others? There was a Jedi in our game that met his match with a Sith Warrior at a GenLab on Myrkrr. He failed a constitution save that caused his death, and the playr tried to use aforce point for bouns die but had forgotten about the force pocket they were in.
The party dragged his body out ofter the battle was over and once the body left the pocket a force point was (automatically) spent and the constitution save made (he had only failed by 1), the body begins to shake, cough and live once again. The meddroid helped with recovery and once he told the council they tested him to find his mitichlorian count was much greater than before (no amount was given). I'm wndering what does that mean? Does he get any special force qualities (ie. Luke can use force points as if he were 3 levels higher.)? Would that efect any children he may have (16 yrs old during incident)? Once again the skywalker bloodline recieves force sensitivity feat for free!!!
Any ideas or home remedies would be nice to hear!!!!!!!!!

Donovan Morningfire
24 December 2001, 06:05 PM
There's no hard and fast rules for dealing with midichlorians in game terms. Seeing as how a large chunk of folks just skip over the whole thing, why bother writing rules that more than likely won't get used?

That and the fact the only count we have to go on is over Ani's 20,000 and that it's higher than Yoda's. It's darn hard to judge w/o ratings on the other Jedi.

As to near-death jump in midichlorian count, I'd say not bloody likely, aside from the fact it reeks of DBZ (Saiyan's getting stronger at near-death). Nothing against DBZ, just the whole shebang doesn't belong ins Star Wars. You're born with only so much mystic potential, and if the guy was in a non-Force pocket, he should be dead, there's no delayed effect of Force points. The Skywalker effect and the like should remain a Skywalker family bonus. If the GM is hard-core set on giving this lucky bloke a bonus, then a +1 to the resulting bonus of his Force dice and the fact he's alive when he should be all rights be a corpse.

24 December 2001, 06:55 PM
Yea I wasthinking the same thing more or less
I hate DBZ, kidswill come into my video store and go crazy over thinknig its the best anime ever. Of coarse they havenever seen good anime before.

It was a damn good idea at the time but now he is thinking of using it for momentum t othe story, and wants some ideas. His idea at the time is even if the force cannot act in the bubble it knows,it knows.

I feel the same way about the skywalker heritage but i'm afraid he is going to end up using that or something very similiar.

Kas'ir Faywind
31 December 2001, 08:49 PM
Originally posted by Kobayashi_Maru
Is there an average level count for Jedi? Everyone freaked about Ani's!!!! Is Luke's high, Leia? How about others, Yoda's obviously, but Windu, Kooon, Mundi, Galaia and others?

untill Lucas gives a more descriptives reason why mitichlorians even exist ignore the fact that they even exist. if your campaign is past the clone wars its even better since no one knows aything about them anymore (i dont recall yoda or obi-won telling luke anything about em)

8 January 2002, 01:59 PM
Kas'ir Faywind, I understand your position very well...

-DECADES trying (several years of gaming) to master my Force skills only to met all this midichlorian stuff! Trying to get Genetics involved in this subject seems a little bit desperate, don't you think so?-

(Maybe my next PC should eat more Flakes to rise his midichlorian count!) :p

FlipDog 2000
10 January 2002, 01:05 PM
Personally, I despised the whole thing about the midichlorians. Obi originally descibed it as a unseeable force that "binds the galacy together." Not a parasite that tells us stuff...whats up w/ that?

10 January 2002, 01:23 PM
In my campain they don't exist. Just as Ewoks and Gungans never leave their home planets. Pre-existing prejudice I guess. :)

FlipDog 2000
10 January 2002, 01:33 PM
Well, I have come to the point where I just got sick of thinking the whole reason that the Force exists was because of something that lived in your body...feeding off your very soul I can just see what the MC's do after a long day.

Sitting in the cerebral cortex..."So, Fred how'd you do today?"
"Well, for some stupid reason we were in this race and I was like telling the kid how to drive, and he wasn't listening, so I made him wet himself...good night, it was so funny, what'd you do today Bob?"
"That was you!!! I had to help the litle punk clean it up!!!"
And suddenly a fight breaks out and on the outside it looks a little like Fight Club.

Either that or there IS a MC Fight Club.

5 June 2003, 02:35 AM
I'm noticing some venom towards the "parasitic" concept. I think I may have a way to avoid that.

After checking my Power of the Jedi sourcebook and noting the conspicuous absence of any mention of midichlorians (at least, according to the index), it seems we're as far from knowing what the deal is with them as we were in 1999. So let me propose a theory about their nature that might satisfy those of us who want to kind of avoid the whole midichlorian issue, yet still play in the Prequel era.

My theory:
Midichlorians are an *indicator* of Force *potential*, and nothing more. They are not the *cause* of Force sensitivity, and someone with more midichlorians than normal might not necessarily be able to use the Force without exhaustive training (from birth, as it is typically done). They're more of a side effect, a symptom, of Force potential (but obviously a consistent, reliable, and quantifiable one). Thus, all that stuff Qui-Gon says about them being living things that talk to us? Pure Jedi mumbo-jumbo. He's been smokin' too much of the Living Force. Even Annie seems dubious: "They live inside me? Shyeah!"

In another thread, someone proposed what might be the cause of a person having no Force sensitivity, but a high midichlorian count:

Perhaps the person suffered some sort of trauma (physical, mental, or otherwise) that prevents him from connecting with the Force. Or maybe the midi's are selective about who is tuned into the power and who is notI like this explanation because it makes it possible that Shmi had a lot of midichlorians -- maybe even more than Anakin? Of course, that seems unlikely, as Qui-Gon surely would have tested her blood just to be sure, and that it was left out of the narrative suggests that it came up normal and therefore boring. But you never know.

Anyway, it's truly pointless to try to explain the virgin-birth business, because Lucas' sole purpose for putting it in there was to tie it to all his Joseph Campbell stuff. But the topic at hand, midichlorians, are (like it or not) established as canonical fact -- as evidenced by the fact that they've got instruments to measure it -- though we are still free to come up with our own decisions for interpreting the opinions of individuals talking philosophy with adorable urchins.

Of course, this all may be rendered completely moot by Episode 3, which is why I'm eschewing the Prequel era as a game setting until AFTER the prequels are done (and also why I'm avoiding buying any more big Prequel sourcebooks until then!).

OK, I'm done blathering. Anybody see any holes in my logic?

5 June 2003, 01:22 PM
Ok, from what I've seen on SuperShadow and some other sites. The minimum Midi count needed for Jedi training is 7,000. The average Jedi has around 10,000. Just to give you an idea of some other major characters, I believe Obi-Wan's is around 14/15,000, and Luke's is right around that as well. Also it gives Anakin's exact count as 27,700 (I believe); there also seems to be a drop when a permanent injury occurs; Vader's is 13,000 something and I believe Luke's drops a bit after losing his hand on Bespin.

Jake Sunspot
5 June 2003, 03:21 PM
As far as what should be done about this Jedi (who should be dead;)) and his increased MiDichlorian count. If I were the GM I would just create a new bloodline and have the Jedi PC be the first of the line. The actuall count is irrelevant, but what does matter is what effect the increase has on the Jedi, if any. I think the simplest way to solve this would be with the creation of a bloodline, maybe a slightly skewed bloodline like the Skywalkers (all bonuses and no penalties) as opposed to the Halcyons (balanced bonuses and penalties)

Just a suggestion, but it seems like a reasonable way to handle it. If your GM does decide to go with this idea they should remember not to make it too powerful.