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27 December 2001, 07:16 PM
(Here goes, anyone who wants `in`: check the OOC thread first, intro your character there, then you can get into the story here ;) ).

Tatooine, Mos Espa, a dark alley just off Mos Espa Way.
As the Gamorrean`s fists pummel your kidneys again, you all wonder if dumping that shipment of carsunium spice really was worth it......there were only six Republic Judicial cruisers afterall....

"Jabba doesn`t like it when hired help misplaces his belongings," says the Twi`lek calmly as the dozen-or-so pigboys continue the beating. You notice that Tozai`s helmet falls off, revealing his strange white face, with black markings.....he begins to cough in the desert air.
"HIS belongings?!" you think. The fact that you had to blast a freighter load of ex-Black Sun smugglers kinda indicates that it was never "His" spice at all.....but it seems Fortuna`s not in the mood to discuss Republic Laws of Possession right now....
"You bags of Bantha pudu have two choices...feed the Sarlacc now, or reimburse his Desilijic Highness the full one million credits within one month..."
The Gamorreans cease their rather un-theraputic knuckle-massages while you decide......

8 February 2002, 08:56 PM
As a tumbleweed ( :) ) skitters past on the evening wind, you spot a group of Elom pass the alleyway and enter a cantina across Mos Espa Way.
It seems Tozai saw them too, and you see his expression brighten....
maybe he`s got an idea...

14 February 2002, 05:37 AM
Nis picks himself off the floor, and spits out a stream of blood. He looks up at the Twi`lek inforcer.
"Are those the only two choices, huh? Are you sure we can't get on an instalment plan?"
Nis smiles a bloody grin, and the Gamorrean wipes it off his face with several shots to the head. Nis looks over at Tozai, and then at the Elom's down the alley way.
Jeez, Toz, if you got an idea do it before this pig takes my head off

15 February 2002, 08:01 PM
Not accustomed to the harsh desert air, Tozai coughs before wheezing out;
"Allright, alright! We`ll get the cred!"

A sly smile spreads across the Twi`lek`s face...clearly he doubts how a handful of gutter-crims (hey, dudes, that`s just how HE sees us! ;) ) can get a mill` together so fast.....

"Meeting adjourned!" he announces, and like a Judge`s gavel: a Gamorrean fist hammers down on the back of Loki`s head.

The Huttslime waddle out of the alleyway as you pick yourselves up and dust yourselves off. Tozai puts his helmet back on and takes several deep breaths.

As you look at him expectantly he jerks a thumb toward the cantina where you saw the ELOMIN (sorry chummers, I got my races mixed up!) go in.
"Let`s move. That was Shinrin Ginza; a gunrunner and old acquaintance of mine. He`s always looking for talent, though if he says the work`ll be `easy`....then expect the worst..."

Well barves......
Tozai Kameido,
Nis Aximus,
Lenny Hogarde,
you all ready....?

15 February 2002, 08:11 PM
(I thought I`d better shift things along a little...so we can get to some IC chatting too.......such as: whose fault is it we frelled up the slice smuggling..... ;) ).

As the five of you swagger into the dimly-lit, strongly-stinking cantina, Tozai nods to you and says;
"find a seat and relax, I`ll test the water with my `old friend` and then come and get you guys..."

There`s a selection of boothes around the perimeter of the tavern, and a few spare, thread-bare stools at the bar which is being tended by a rather aggressive looking Houk.
Off in the far corner you can see a heated game of Sabbacc taking place between a pair of humans, a jawa, a blue toydarian ( ;) ) and an elegantly dressed Elomin woman. You`re sure the beauty came in with the other Elomin...but she sure doesn`t fit in with them (all blast vest and vibroblades)....or the rest of the cantina crowd for that matter....

(there ya go!)

Matt Richard
15 February 2002, 09:10 PM
Ellyn Dar has seen the fiasco in the comfort of the dusty booth in the corner.
I know I've seen that guy somewhere... he thinks as he looks at Nis.

He sees the characters after being treated to a nice beating sit down in a booth while one [OOC: Taiz] walks over to another area. He decides to go and ask the guy if he knows him.

"Hey do I know you from somewhere?" Ellyn asks Nis.
Nis is obviously a little miffed, he seems like he is trying to concentrate on something. He gives me a stare and says, "Ellyn, is that you, you old scoundrel?" He stares and says, "Wow, you've really aged."

Ellyn, not sure if he should be offended says, "Youve really got yourself in trouble by the looks of things. Tell me, what's wrong."

Nis offers him a seat, explains the situation. Ellyn, an old, hopeful man says, "Maybe I can help?" "How much do you got?" Nis asks. "200 credits." Ellyn says, proud that he has so much.

The characters around Nis look around, someone get rid of this old man. Ellyn continues to smile as Nis says exagerating, trying to be nice: "Sure, Im sure we'll find a way for you to help us."

Emperor Xanderich II
16 February 2002, 05:26 AM
Lenny shoulders his way past the drunk at the cantina door. The man sprawls backwards into a small group of spacers who were on their way out.

"Watch what your doing budy!" one of them growls at Lenny.

With a mirless grin, Lenny pulls back his trenchcoat to reveal the heavy pistol resting on his hip. He then mearly pushes his way through them to the bar. The spacers leave quietly.

"Bar man! Corellian brandy if you will!" As he observes those others in the bar, Lenny beings to roll up his Wookiebakky slip.

16 February 2002, 07:50 AM
Loki eyed everyone; in a place like Mos Espa threats could come from everywhere. Drawing his black cloak about him he headed to the bar to order a stiff drink. Ill have two bantha shooters and Corellian Ale. Loki said. He was quite sore from the beating and his pride was equally damaged. He was sure that he and the group could have taken the beaters, but that would have been bad business. Loki drew a few creds from a small pouch on his hip and silently waited for his drinks.

Matt Richard
16 February 2002, 09:56 AM
After getting re-aquainted with his old pal, Ellyn decides to head back towards his booth. He cant bare the excitement of being able to go on an adventure, whats better: an impossible mission! He silently chuckles as he says to himself: A million credits in a month. Yeah right. After gathering his belongings, he decides to finish what is left of his drink. He watches and waits, hoping that some shooting will start soon. I dont know about a million credits, but I do know if anyone tries to get in my friends way, Ive got a blaster they can talk it over with.

19 February 2002, 04:20 PM
Kiniis strokes his bird, talking to it softly. "At least those PIGS left you alone." He wipes his bloody nose. "I told those guys that taking on this mission would be a bad idea. But they neevver listen to me. Do they Intrepid?" The bird eyes me and, as if he understands me, he gives a little chirp. "So what should we do, huh? Who's in charge here anyway?" He looks around the cantina and signals a bartender, "Hey, give me a glass of that Correlian Brandy, will ya?" He pushes aside his, now dirty, white cloak and fingers his credits. "On the other hand, um, just give me your cheapest." "What's the plan guys? Are we going to just sit around and wait to be tossed into a Sarlaac, or are we going to do something about it? I don't enjoy the thought of spending the next thousand years of my life being slowly digested!"

20 February 2002, 10:40 AM
Kiniis strokes his bird, talking to it softly. "At least those PIGS left you alone." He wipes his bloody nose. "I told those guys that taking on this mission would be a bad idea. But they neevver listen to me. Do they Intrepid?"
Does he have to bring that damn bird every where?
"The plan is to wait. Well, see what Toz can dig up with this Ginza guy. Other than that, do you know of a deep hole we can climb in?"

22 February 2002, 09:42 PM
After a short pow-wow with the purple-skinned Elomin gunrunner, Tozai waves you across (Ellyn; you may as well come too), as Ginza motions to the well-dressed, red-skinned female Elomin to also join the party.
She leaves the sabacc game with a considerable sum of credits...it`s only when she joins you (and sits on Ginza`s lap) that you notice the hefty Naboo S-5 blaster strapped to her thigh...this babe is packing serious heat!
Ginza`s bodyguards turf drunks from their seats and pull the seats around the table for you to sit.
Once everyone`s comfortable.....

22 February 2002, 09:56 PM
Tozai turns to you;
"This (he motions to Ginza) is Shinrin Ginza, gunrunner and general troublemaker..."
"Ginza, meet my associates; Kiniiss, Loki, Lenny, Nis and.....(Tozai tilts his head to one side, realising he doesn`t know the `new addition` ;) )".

Ginza grins and nods to you, "Tozai exagerates, I`m merely a businessman, shifting commodities around our fair galaxy. This is Atsugi Toei", he says. Since he has a drink in one hand, and a datacard in the other, you assume he means the lady on his lap.
She winks at you (KINIISS).

"Nice bird", comments Ginza....you have trouble not saying "likewise" as Atsugi sips from a glass of Soccorran raava. ;)

"Anyway, I hear you guys have had a little trouble with a certain fat overlord of this dustball.....?"

Matt Richard
23 February 2002, 08:17 AM
Ellyn starts checking out the situation. He has always had an eye for trouble. He saw the gun that pretty lady was sporting. His sure that means the guy who has the girl sitting on his lap has a bigger gun. He looks at the bodyguards.

(OK, this is OOC, I hope I can do this hear. What do I notice about the bodyguards? Any Guns?)

25 February 2002, 08:28 AM
This is Atsugi Toei", he says. Since he has a drink in one hand, and a datacard in the other, you assume he means the lady on his lap. She winks at you (KINIISS).

8o Kiniis smiles politly, hoping that he doesn't turn purple. (Kiniis' skin is normaly pale blue, for those that don't know.) He pets his bird to keep his mind off unneeded (at least for the moment) thoughts. :o

"Nice bird", comments Ginza....you have trouble not saying "likewise" as Atsugi sips from a glass of Soccorran raava.

Kiniis clears his throat, "Um, thanks.... So what do you have in mind to do? I mean 1 million creds is alot to make in a month. Or even ... steal."
Kiniis begins to envy Ginza, with such a pretty lady sitting on his lap. Just then he notices the firepower this pretty lady is packing. WOW! I better becarefull, if she is carrying that, no telling what these other guys are.

(Can I get a feeling of what these guys are thinking? Like an Empathy check or something?)

1 March 2002, 11:49 PM
Out of the corner of your eye you covertly study the bodyguards...
They don`t appear all that tough,....batons (complete with rusty nails) and basic blaster pistols....with openly-worn blast vests.

If you had to put money on it (and with our cash-flow situation....I wouldn`t suggest it!), you`d say that Ginza and Atsugi are probably the real dangers of the group.

Kiniis clears his throat, "Um, thanks.... So what do you have in mind to do? I mean 1 million creds is alot to make in a month. Or even ... steal"

Tozai slaps his forehead and a muttered "D`oh!" escapes his mask...

A grin spreads across Ginza`s face...
"One million credits, eh?! Tozai, tut tut, you`re getting sloppy!"
He returns his grinning face to the rest of you.
"It`s a simple job...and more importantly it`ll clear your debt, and leave each of you with ten K`s in your pockets."
Ginza motions to the holoscreen above the bar...

The screen shows the holonet news, at the moment showing footage seized by the Republic Judicials from the Trade Federation. It seems the Battle of Naboo`s been in the news non-stop since it took place less than a month ago. The holo-footage seems to be shot from one of the Trade Fed`s tanks, it shows dozens of the sandy-coloured tanks loosing volleys of laser fire into the Gungan army....but the shots are being stopped by a strange blueish energy field, like a dome over the primitive army.
"Impressive, most impressive ( ;) )..." you hear Tozai whisper.
"Notice the origins of the energy field," comments Ginza, his eyes transfixed on the screen, "the field is being projected from generators mounted on the back of those large lizards....`fambaa`s I believe they`re called. And the generators are fed by a capacitor mounted atop a second fambaa behind the first...."
He turns back to you as the footage changes to show the liberation-celebrations; the Queen of Naboo handing over a glowing ball-of-the-Force-knows-what to the chubby Gungan leader, as a handful of Jedi and a scruffy looking young boy look on...

"THAT is your target, gentlebeings. I want you to steal me a Gungan energy field generator and capacitor. I already have a buyer lined up, and the credit line is good. I`ve been running arms to him for months now and the money just keeps flowing.....I also gotta say I support the cause, but enough chit-chat".
He leans back in his chair.
Atsugi pulls out a keycard from a concealed pouch in her shimmersilk dress and hands it you Tozai.
"That`s the key to a Corellian Action-I transport. She`s parked out in the desert, awaiting you", she says.

Ginza adds; "Don`t worry, I`ve made some special modifications....a coupla quad laser turrets, improve shields....most importantly she`s got enough space to haul a pair of fambaa......"
"....what? You think you can carry those machines yourself? Well, I`ll leave the details to you guys. The ship`s registered as `The Expiditer`, out of Gelgelgar Freeport, and the transponder`s hacked enough so you guys can change it as you wish."
"I`ll be vacationing on Mon Calamari for a while, so get your asses there as soon as you blag the goods. I`ve got people there keeping an eye out for you.....once you arrive, you`ll be contacted with a time and place for the meet".
"Atsugi here will take you to the Expiditer in a speeder....any questions?"

Matt Richard
2 March 2002, 08:03 PM
The thought of an adventure fills the old blood of Ellyn Dar with excitement. He has, nevertheless, a question.

As he clears his throat he asks:"Yea I got a question. Where exactly would you find somehting like these creatures?"

(OOC: This might be a little metagaming, but my first initial guess is that the lizards would be in the forest where the Gungans hid in Ep. 1, but would my character know that? Personally, I dont think Ellyn would know something like that, but what do you think?)

8 March 2002, 08:58 PM
(hmm....not much progress.....everyone busy?)

"Well, my employer tells me that "diplomatic means have been attempted, unsuccessfully, to acquire the merchandise ", whatever that means.....basically you`re prolly gonna have to gut some frogs. Even after the Battle of Naboo, the frogs haven`t been too keen to share with the Naboo, nevermind `foreign interests`.....anyway, that`s what I`m paying you barves the big cred for.... I`d start looking where-ever you find floppy ears and irritating voices," he says with a grin.

"If that`s all, then shall we get going?" Atsugi says, sliding off Ginza`s lap, her shimmersilk robe concealing her blaster again, "If you`ll walk this way....." she says, her shapely hips swinging as she leaves the cantina...
(again, you have trouble not saying "If I walked that way, I`d see a doctor!" ;) )
She leads you out of the cantina and to a nondescript landspeeder-van. As you all strap in, she takes the pilot`s seat and accelerates off into the desert....

Matt Richard
8 March 2002, 09:54 PM
Being the sneaky old devil that Ellyn is, he searches for anything in the landspeeder that he could take and possibly use without the pretty lady knowing about it.

(OOC: Do I see anything in the speeder that is small that I may find useful for anything? Pretty much: is there anything in there that a old man with a dull life that has been given the chance for excitement would find interesting to keep?)

15 March 2002, 10:10 PM

While Atsugi is checking her rear-view holo, Ellyn quickly nabs the pine-tree shaped air freshener! ;) Of slightly more interest is a datacard that you manage to pilfer from the glove compartment....

As the speeder rockets out of Mos Espa and out into the desert, a calm appears to decend over the group, perhaps everyone is considering exactly how you`re gonna pull off this crazy job (OOC: in-other-words, "where the hell is everyone!").

After a good ten minutes of endless dunes, the speeder approaches a more rocky area, with sandstone plateaus dotting the dune.
"The ship`s just the other side of that rock," says Atsugi, pointing toward the largest of the rock formations.
As the speeder approaches, the calm whine of the engine is interupted by an ear-splitting...
"UUUUURRUUUK! Urk! Urk! Urk!", comming from the viscinity of the rockface....
(the ship is about 110m long, and maybe 15m high, so for an idea of the rock....think `Ayres Rock` in Australia...only bigger....)

Straining your eyes, you can just about make out silhouettes on the top of the rock...some standing, others prone...
(you`re currently about 100m out)
Tozai leans forward and scans the ridge with his helmet`s macro`s....
"Tuskan Raiders...I see seven of `em,....with slugthrowers....."

Atsugi slams on the retros as the first, badly aimed slugs thud into the sand about you. She turns to you.
"Well? Incase you hadn`t noticed: this speeder IS open-topped, and I`m not overly keen on chowwing down on a slug....any bright ideas?"

Matt Richard
15 March 2002, 10:53 PM
Ellyn quickly jumps out of the speeder, taking cover. He shoots everynow and then with his blaster. Blast! He was just about to see if there was anything helpful on the DataCard. He'll have to wait till later.

15 March 2002, 11:03 PM
The speeder`s bodywork sparks as a slug strikes it and ricochets off.
"Ellyn, you won`t hit drek with that pistol at this range!" mutters Tozai, shaking his helmeted head.
His `expression` changes as your next, carefully aimed shot nails a Raider in the chest, his body dropping a good thirty metres into the dirt...

Then...you notice a Bantha, complete with a pair of Raiders riding it, comming round the side of the rock...at a considerable pace!

Matt Richard
18 March 2002, 02:54 PM
"EVERYONE DOWN!!!" Ellyn yells. He figures the rest of the gang can take care of the six remaining Raders on top (if they actually would start shooting;) ). Ellyn figures his best bet is to start running backwards away from the bantha while he shoots on the Raiders who are riding the bantha.

So basically, Im taking two actions: Dodge and Blasters.

20 March 2002, 10:58 PM
"Fools" mutters Grimm to himself. "Don't they know anything? Quadro emin fia est, by thunder! He who runs lives to fight another day!" His scar beginning to turn slightly pink, Grimm runs arund the cockpit of the ship, preparing for takeoff.

(basically I'm getting the ship ready for take off. Can I also try to draw the others attention to the fact? Maybe start the engines and they'll hear the noise, or else flash some landing lights at them or something? Tell me when the ships ready, cos if they're not in by then, I've got a plan :))

22 March 2002, 10:07 PM
(Matt, Habuth: cheers! Where the frell is everyone else?!)

Grimm; you leg it to the cockpit of the Corellian Action I and press the, erm....ignition (?).
Nothing happens.
You thump it and mutter a choice Corellian curse, and eventually the generator is coaxed into live with a roar....

Everyone else;
as slugs continue to spang off the bodywork, the sound of your blasters, the crack of slugthrowers, baying of banthas and "Uurk"ing of Raiders is suddenly drowned out by a thunderous roar....someone seems to be starting up a BIG ship on the otherside of the rock.

As your combined fire takes down all but one of the Raiders sniping from on top of the rock, the bantha continues to close on the parked speeder....
Ellyn; a carefully placed shot takes out one of the Raiders riding the beast....but it`s getting awfully close.....

Matt Richard
23 March 2002, 07:39 AM
"BLASTED FOOLS, WHERE ARE YOU!" Ellyn yells at the others, knowing that they left him alone trying to save their butts. Hearing the noice of the engine and seeing his friends about to get crushed by a bantha, he decides to do the following: shoot and kill the bantha if possible, then run for the ship.

He fires a shot and it Hits! Unfortunately, thats a pretty tough bantha so it does nothing except make it even more mad (UH-OH).

Screw the rest of the guys, Ellyn thinks, as he runs to the ship.

Emperor Xanderich II
23 March 2002, 09:35 AM
Lenny was in the rest room when the others decided to leave without him - typical. Tossing the barman a cred for his services, he leaves and sees the speeder scooting away. Glancing around at his surroundings, he sees a small man starting up a swoop. "Perfect"

Lenny throws the man into the dirt and sets off after his 'pals'.

Matt Richard
23 March 2002, 11:33 PM
In the ship, Ellyn runs in looks around and yells: "GRIMM, DO THEY GOT ANY GUNS IN HERE?"

(Im using my search skill to see if there are any laser cannons that i can opperate so i can kill the rest of the guys)

5 May 2002, 10:58 PM
(sorry guys, Im sooooooooo busy at the moment. I`ll get things running again by next weekend. Promise!)