View Full Version : Should Rancors be Speeder Scale?

Kayle Skolaris
2 January 2002, 05:29 PM
Jabba's Rancor was a half-grown mentally retarded psychopath as far as Rancors go. Or at least in comparison to Dathomirian Rancors. Even so, Jabba's favorite pet was ~5 meters (16'3") tall. An adult Dathomirian Rancor stands 10 meters (32'6") tall and I've heard that there are some sources that indicate that some Rancors are even larger, up to twice this size (which would make them larger than King Kong's stated size of 50' tall).

But all stats for Rancors that I've seen place them at Character scale. There are other examples of very large creatures that are Character scale when logic seems to scream "SPEEDER SCALE!!!" The best example of this that I can think of is the Thevaxan Marauder of Gorsh from the Planets Collection. It's a Tyrannosaur-like creature standing 8 meters tall and measuring 20 meters from snout to tail tip yet it is listed as having a Strength of 5D Creature (Character) Scale. The humble Bantha even seems to defy logic by being 2-3 meters (6'6"-9'9") tall at the shoulder and roughly 8 meters (26') long and having a strength of 8D Creature Scale.

Any thoughts on these seeming incongruities?

2 January 2002, 06:03 PM
My thoughts tend to harken back to something someone said on the Dinosaurs thread. The reason why some (a lot?) of these creatures are character scale is game balance. If you start slapping higher scales on the creatures, or even aliens that could possibly be run by a player (I know some have mentioned aloud the desire to have a player character of a Dathomir Rancor), you have problems with game balance. The normal weapons used by the GM to deal damage to the players become less effective if the creatures are at a higher scale. Same applies for the players having to deal with such things.

Then you also have the problem when such a creature starts getting into battles against vehicles, be they landspeeders or walkers. Knocking things up to Speeder scale without testing to see how they work in relation to other things could lead to disaster in a game when the Rancor player pops a Force point and starts tearing apart Imperial Walkers.

I'm not saying that any particular GM would allow a player to play a Rancor, but just in case, you still need game balance.

Increasing the scale to Speeder would work great if you only ever had to worry about characters and an occasional vehicle involved, but once you start getting into higher scales with vehicles and tanks and stuff, you start having problems.

So while it might "make sense", I don't think it would balance well with the rest of the stuff in the game, and just lead to a lot of other problems.

There IS one alternative, but it requires some testing. Remember how we created the "Battleship" scale, Kayle? Perhaps creating a new scale in between Character and Speeder scale would work they way you want it to. Makes the bigger creatures stronger how you want, but doesn't quite put them up with the rest of the vehicles and within easy reach of Walkers and stuff. Call it the "Beast" scale or something.

Kayle Skolaris
2 January 2002, 06:10 PM
Hrmmm... Make the oft-mentioned, but otherwise meaningless "creature scale" an actual part of the scale progression? Makes sense.

And I wasn't suggesting just changing the scale and keeping the attributes as is. I meant an actual conversion that accurately reflected the creature in the new scale. For instance, that Thevaxan Marauder might be actually be 5D Speeder Scale while the Rancor would be 1D+2-3D+2 Speeder Scale w/ 1D+1 worth of armor.

2 January 2002, 07:15 PM
At some point, I broke down 'creature' scale to vary with the size of the creatures. Just like other scales, when lower attacks higher, the modifier is subtracted from STR for delivering damage. When higher attacks lower, the lower adds the modifier to the defense roll, but if hit the higher adds the modifier to its STR roll.

Size of Modifier
Insect 3D
Small Rodent 2D
House Cat 1D
Ave Dog 0D
Gorilla 1D
Horse 2D
Elephant 3D
Godzilla 6D

So, the stats for a Gnat, say, would be
A gnat getting swatted by a human would gain 3D to any defense roll, would lose 3D from its STR when attackign (thus rendering a single gnat incapable of harming a human), and if swatted successfully would lose 3D from its damage resistance (at 0D, it takes all the damage you can dish out, and is more than likely gushed).