View Full Version : What do you roll for calling upon the Dark Side?

3 January 2002, 01:40 AM
At first I thought it might be Control or something. But, it notes non-force sensitives can do so. What do you roll to call upon the Dark Side?

And how are initiative rolls handled? I can't figure out how they work or where it says.

Finally, could someone post the rules for combining fire? You seem to roll once with a bonus. But do you also add the dice bonus to damage? Or what?

As an example. 10 Z-95s are firing on a Blastboat. They have Crew Skill 3D, Fire Control 1D, so they roll 8D to hit I believe (+4D to hit due to combining bonus)

Their blasters do 3D. Do I roll 3D and shields+hull 10 times, or 7D?

3 January 2002, 02:46 AM
For Calling upon the Dark side you roll your PERCEPTION or CONTROL (well I do).

I don't use Initiative except in vital moments, in which case I just use PERC.

Yes the dice bonus is added to damage when combining fire. Combined fire is treated as a single shot.

Troy Henist
3 January 2002, 06:49 AM
In the game I am currently playing in, we don't need to make a roll to call on the Dark Side.

For initiative we roll our Perception Dice with one being used as a Wild Dice.

Random Axe
3 January 2002, 06:52 AM
I handle initiative rolls by rolling DEX to see who declares & acts first.

Combining fire isn't quite like that, Jeremosh. When 2 or more PCs combine their skills for an action, they don't simply pool their dice. In 1st Ed, the supporting characters give +1 pip per die of their skill. For instance, three stormtroopers combine their fire. They are each at 5d skill. So the two supporting troopers would each add +5 to the lead stormtrooper's fire, who would then roll 5d+10 (or, if you rule that stormtroopers are hindered by armor [which I don't] then the lead trooper would roll 4d+8 for a combined shot).

In 2nd Ed, there is a table that compares a number of combining actions with a number of bonus dice. The 2nd Ed bonuses are less impressive. I think you were quoting that in your Z95 example.

Officially in the rules, damage is NOT combined in the same manner. However, my house rules say that it is, so combined damage is calculated the same way (ie, on a successful hit by the combining stormtroopers above, the GM would roll 5d+10 (once) for damage. Your 10 combining Z95's would roll one damage roll of 7d vs. the target's hull+shields.

Darth Bile
10 January 2002, 07:23 AM
Okay, for force sensitive people, they use their control dice or perception, whichever is higher to call on the dark side, but, each time they do it in an adventure, the difficulty goes up one step, so, very easy would become easy, then easy would become moderate, moderate to difficult, difficult to very difficult, very difficult to heroic, then, if he has called on it that much, he should become a npc, according to the books, since each time you call on the dark side, you get a darkside point.
And as for initiave, you roll your perception and who ever rolls highest goes first.