View Full Version : T3: Rise of the Machines (spoilers)

3 January 2002, 10:42 PM
I just checked out CNN on my mobile and found out some news about Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.
Scheduled to start filming soon, for a July 2003 release.
Arnie and (I think)Ed Furlong are back, set 10 yrs after T2, and there`s the TX female "terminatrix" 8o :? (I soooo hope they change that name!)
Apparenly Linda Hamilton turned down returning, since her part is very small....

Jonathan Mostow

Mario Kassar

Andrew G. Vajna

Tedi Sarafian

anyone know more?

3 January 2002, 10:50 PM
Possibly T3 deals w/ the start of the war, and
T4 (!) will deal with the end.....

Hamilton definitely ain`t back.
Some confusion as to whether Furlong is gonna be in it, or if they`ll get someone older (Ed Norton has been suggested)....
damned rumours! ;)

Premises: This third film will tell the tale of the first battles between humans and the artificial intellgences of the SkyNet network. John Connor (played by Edward Furlong in the 2nd movie) will be the star. (7/12/00) The advanced android that Schwarzenegger will be going up against will be female this time around. (11/20/00) Arnold told The New York Post that the female cyborg will have several new powers, like being able to disappear, mold into someone else, or even turn into an energy form. (11/30/00) Famke Janssen is in talks to play that advanced female android. (5/22/01) The producers are continuing to tweak the script, with word from USA Today that the famale cyborg might now be a "good guy", and the villain would be a male (Vin Diesel was mentioned as a possibility). (7/18/01) Vin Diesel may have signed on for that role. (12/3/01) Michael Fleming confirms that the villain is still a female cyborg, and that the story is set 10 years after T2, as Connor and his cyborg buddy fight off the all-new, all-dangerous T-model. (12/15/01) A replacement for Edward Furlong is being sought.